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Dan posted in Child Care Dec 23

Holiday gift for daycare?

Our infant has one main teacher and 4 other teachers that help out with him. There are also 2 support staff that see him and help out it seems often. How much should we gift in gift cards given it’s quite a lot of people.

Best hikes mini excursions with infant for summer?

We have a 4 month old and wondering what are the best mini excursions for the summer? Maybe shorter hikes or half day trips? Anything longer and he tends to have a meltdown unless he’s in the car to sleep. Ideally I would love to bring our dog with us too.

Air quality/temperature for nursery

Does anyone here recommend an AC or air purifier for the nursery? We don’t have air con currently in that room and I have read that it can be overkill and too much for an infant. Wondering if a fan would be good? Also does anyone else use an air purifier instead of or in addition to a humidifier??? So many ways to go with this it makes my head spin.

Photo/video equipment musts?

We are expecting our first child and I want to make sure I get a ton of pictures and videos and at high quality. I already have a Nikon DSLR with the kit lens but want to upgrade to a good portrait lens. Further I’m wondering if I should buy a camcorder or not. I figured I would get the latest and greatest iPhone in September for spur of the moment videos/photos. Does anyone have any recommen... More

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