San Mateo, CA

Daycare full time for 4 month old, San Mateo region

I’m having a hard time finding daycare that will accept children under 2yo in the region. Have contacted everyone that has been listed or recommended but none of them take babies that young. Any tips?

Did you get the LoveEvery play gym for your new born?

Does it justify the price? For how long did your baby use it?

Willow pump

Have you tried it? Thoughts?

Sequoia Hospital

Have you delivered at Sequoia in Redwood City? Would you recommend it?

Karla posted in Clothes Oct 15

Maternity + nursing cozy warm PJs?

I don’t fit my PJs anymore. Any recommendations on a warm (winter baby), cozy pajamas that will fit 3rd trim bump and also not be in the way when nursing in the near future?

Montessori bed for infants: bumper pads or no bumper pads?

Do you use bumper pads on your Montessori bed? Specialists say we shouldn’t use it on a crib, should we use in on a mattress? Im confused.

Karla posted in Safety Oct 10

Wall mirror

I would like to hang a mirror at my baby’s bedroom but I’m very concerned about safety. Have you done it? Where did you buy it? How did you hang it? What are your recommendations and advice?

Rent formal maternity dress

I have a wedding coming in November and I’ll be 8 months pregnant. Is there an option to Rent the Runway? They only have sleeveless or strapless dresses, and that won’t do for me. 😭 It’s stressing me out badly.

Karla posted in Pumping Aug 08

Spectra or Medela?

For a working parent (that takes public transit!) what’s the best choice?

Do you have a nanny? How much do you pay?

Hi, I’m 5 months pregnant and considering having a nanny. It’s my first and I’m back to work when he is 3 months. It’s only one child, in the Peninsula area (San Mateo). How much will it cost me for 40/h week? Thanks!

Karla posted in Clothes Jul 22

NB vs 0-3

What’s the difference between NB size and 0-3 size? I’ve been advised to get 2 new born onesies and 2 0-3 onesies, but when I shop for NB online, they always say “new born 0-3”. I’m confused 😅

Finding a doula in the Bay Area

Any tips or recommendations finding a doula in the Bay Area? Preferably in the Peninsula. Thanks!

Preventing stretch marks

I’m very prone to stretch marks. I have tons of then from when my body started to change during puberty. I now am at a much dryer place and almost 40, I’m starting to get concerned with the changes my body is going to put my skin through. I would like to do my best to keep the stretch marks to a minimum during the pregnancy. Any tips? Oils or lotions that go above and beyond?

Prenatal readings

I’m taking my vitamins, I’m drinking water, I’m exercising, and not eating any of the foods I shouldn’t eat. Now it’s time to beef up that reading list. Any prenatal book suggestions for first-timers?

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