Katy, TX

Tricks to increase my breast milk

I just had surgery last week and I feel like my breast milk supply has decreased. I use to make about 4 oz each time I pump whenever my LO is not hungry. Now I am only making 2 ounces if I am lucky. I am drinking plenty of fluids. What else can I do to help me increase my supply?

Going under anesthesia

Has anyone had surgery where they had to go under general anesthesia and they're still breastfeeding their baby? Did you guys breastfeed after you guys woke up and were able to hold your baby? Or did you wait 24 hours and did a pump-and-dump?

I will be traveling with my 2 month old daughter. What are the necessities I need to pack?

I have things like her diapers, Wet Ones, formula, spit up Rags, baby blanket, baby clothes, diaper rash cream, bottles, pacifiers and stuff for bath time. What else am I missing that I will definitely need?

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