Minot, ME

Big sister books?

Does anyone have any suggestions for big sister board books or books about a new baby on the way? Thanks!

Gift ideas for my newly pregnant friend!

My friend and I had our first babies a day apart almost 19 months ago and she just told me she’s pregnant with baby #2!! I’m in nursing school so I won’t be having another for a little while but I really want to get her something special.. I’m thinking of getting her daughter a big sister book for xmas but wanted to do something else as well. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

Rear-facing to front-facing

My son is 18 months and is still rear facing as I know it’s safest to wait till he’s two, to switch him to front facing. He’s quickly running out of leg room rear facing and I was wondering if anyone has switched their kiddo to front facing before the two year mark?

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