Winnie Rules

Last updated: September 2018

Welcome to Winnie! Winnie helps parents discover family-friendly places and get advice from a community of local parents in every city. Download the app for iOS or Android to browse over 2 million parent-approved places to play, eat, learn, and shop.

What to do

Review places you go with your kids
Share reviews and tips about the places you go with your kids to help other parents who visit those places. Every outing with your kids is an accomplishment and we want to hear about it on Winnie.
Help other parents
Are you a parenting pro? Help other parents who are just starting out by sharing your tips and tricks. If you see a particularly great piece of advice, don't forget to give it a "Like"!
Ask questions
Get answers from a supportive community of other parents who have seen it all. You can also post or comment anonymously. These built-in privacy controls make it easier to post about sensitive issues.
Be nice, be respectful
You won't always agree with what other users say on Winnie. It's ok to disagree but please do so respectfully. Parenting is challenging and it takes a village.
Hide stuff you don't want to see
Every parent is different. Some may have endless questions about potty training while others have no interest in those discussions. When certain topics aren't for you, you can go to your Feed Settings page and add them to your Hidden Topics list.
Flag unhelpful or inappropriate posts
If you see something inappropriate on Winnie, don't reply to it — let us know via the "Report This Post" feature. Our admins will be notified and we will review it immediately.

What not to do

Don't post information you know to be incorrect
Winnie is all about parents helping parents. We rely on our users to collect information about places they visit and give advice to other parents. Please only post information you know to be correct based on your own experience.
Don't publish people's private information without their permission
Do not publish private information about other people without their permission. This includes personally identifiable information about children without the permission of the child's parent.
Don't spam or post irrelevant information
We want the site to be useful to parents. Don't post information that is not relevant or helpful to other parents. For example, Winnie isn't the place for rants about a business's employment practices or political ideologies.
Don't post promotional material
If you would like to advertise your website, business, or services, please reach out to us at
Don't post hate speech
Hate speech has no place on Winnie. Don't post hateful stories, use hateful language in your bio or use a hateful image as your avatar. We will remove it and will terminate your account. Hate speech includes content that directly attacks people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender, gender identity or serious disabilities or diseases.

Watch out for these topics

We have a high bar for discussion of the following topics on our platform. Please be thoughtful when posting about these topics. We also encourage you to discuss the following topics with the appropriate professional, such as your child's pediatrician, your primary care physician, or a law enforcement professional.