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El Cerrito Chinese Pre-School

7031 Fairmount Avenue El Cerrito, CA

Children are fully immersed in Mandarin as they strive to be independent learners. There is a focused effort on kindergarten readiness.

3 mo - 9 yr Full Time, Part Time

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El Cerrito Preschool Co-op

7200 Moeser Ln El Cerrito, CA

Established parent co-op preschool in El Cerrito. Children learn through play with access to outdoor play and enrichment opportunities.

3 yr - 5 yr Full Time, Part Time

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Children's Garden Montessori School

2335 Tulare Avenue El Cerrito, CA

Warm, welcoming home daycare following the Montessori model. Program includes group and individual play, music, art, yoga, and academic skills. Large outdoor...

7 mo - 4 yr Full Time, Part Time

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Funtime Daycare

723 Liberty Street El Cerrito, CA

In-home, Spanish-immersion daycare convenient to BART. Curriculum includes music, art, dancing, and outdoor activities.

0 mo - 4 yr Full Time, Part Time

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Pride & Joy Preschool

1226 Liberty St El Cerrito, CA

Warm, caring preschool that fosters self-confidence and encourages children to develop at their own pace. Staff is trained in Early Childhood Education.

Full Time, Part Time

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The Little Red Wagon

1229 Richmond St El Cerrito, CA

Intimate, home-like childcare facility with bright, modern premises. Children learn through play and hands on activities such as gardening, music, and outdoor...

12 mo - 3 yr 11 mo

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Tati Pereira's Childcare

2011 Junction Avenue El Cerrito, CA

Home based facility providing full time care. Children are able to learn and explore in a safe and secure environment that features a fenced in backyard play...

3 mo - 5 yr Full Time

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Tehiyah Day School

2603 Tassajara Ave El Cerrito, CA

Diverse K-8 Jewish community school that warmly and openly welcomes families of different backgrounds.

4 yr - 13 yr After Care, Full Time

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Sycamore Christian Preschool

1111 Navellier St El Cerrito, CA

Bilingual Christian preschool providing care and educational experiences in a safe and loving environment. Children will learn and explore a wide variety of...

2 yr 9 mo - 5 yr Part Time, Full Time

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Karen's Kiddos Preschool

Terrace Drive & Leviston Avenue El Cerrito, CA

An intimate, home-based preschool located in El Cerrito. This preschool focuses on a child's individual needs while also preparing them in the key aspects of...

Full Time, Part Time

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Keystone Montessori School

6639 Blake St El Cerrito, CA

Montessori preschool promoting social, mental and physical growth and development in a safe and secure environment. This facility also works to foster a strong...

18 mo - 6 yr Full Time, Part Time

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Adela's World of the Children

502 Clayton Ave El Cerrito, CA

A bright, spacious, home-based family daycare located in El Cerrito. Has a wide variety of educational and creativity activities for children that helps...

3 mo - 5 yr Full Time, Part Time

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City of El Cerrito Community Services (Harding Park)

7115 C Street El Cerrito, CA

Before- and after-school care for students of Harding Park School. Provides homework assistance and reading materials.

4 yr 9 mo - 12 yr Part Time, After Care

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Hug A Bug Pre-School

8637 Don Carol Dr El Cerrito, CA

Hands on childcare facillity for toddlers through pre-K. Children learn through play and the curriculum is creativity and inquiry led. Extracurricular...

2 yr - 5 yr 11 mo Full Time, Part Time

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Shining Star Schoolhouse

5637 Ludwig Ave El Cerrito, CA

Daycare emphasizing play and learning. Children participate in activities like circle time, singing, dancing, reading, outdoor play and nature walks.

Full Time, Drop In, Part Time

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Happy Garden Child Care

1301 Everett Street El Cerrito, CA Immediate Openings

Bilingual Mandarin daycare/preschool with Chinese teaching program. El Cerrito/Albany/Berkeley. Friendly, personal home setting. Located in quiet family...

2 yr - 8 yr Full Time, Part Time

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Kids' House

3466 Yosemite Ave El Cerrito Immediate Openings

Environmentally aware preschool where children spend a lot of time exploring nature and learning about the environment.

2 yr - 5 yr Drop In, Full Time, Part Time

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Casa De Ninos

1809 Key Boulevard El Cerrito, CA

A long time running exclusive daycare located in El Cerrito. There is a limited capacity of 12 children.

3 yr - 6 yr Full Time, Part Time

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Gentle Start Family Day Care

6859 Cutting Boulevard El Cerrito, CA

Warm, comfortable home daycare near Upper Canyon Trail Park. Compassionate, experienced caregivers and fun play areas.

3 mo - 6 yr Full Time, Part Time

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Stepping Stone Schoolhouse

1207 Everett Street El Cerrito, CA Full Enrollment

Montessori based preschool. Small nurturing environment with teachers dedicated to fostering community as well as preparing children for Kindergarten.

2 yr - 6 yr Full Time, Part Time

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