Best Child Care in New York, NY

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Buckle My Shoe

230 W 13th St New York, NY

This preschool offers fun and learning with the guidance of the Reggio Emilia curriculum, at a...

2 yr - 5 yr $325 - $325 Full Time

Arts Express at The Earth School

550J Grand St New York, NY

Single-sex after school program with curriculum that emphasizes creativity, expression, and...

5 yr - 12 yr $130 - $378 After Care

After School Program at Amber Charter School

220 E 106th St New York, NY

Program to provide students with a safe place for study and activities after school and during...

6 yr - 12 yr $160 - $160 After Care

Immigrant Social Services at P.S. 2

122 Henry St New York, NY

Students will receive homework help and English Language support classes. Fitness, STEM, and art...

6 yr - 12 yr $120 - $150 After Care

Rella's Spielhaus

2056 5th Ave New York, NY

German immersion daycare that strives to be a home away from home. Activities include singing, story...

6 mo - 12 yr $595 - $2150 Drop In, Full Time, Part Time

The Children's Village at Drew Hamilton Community Center

220 W 143rd St New York, NY

Tuition free after school program which offers a variety of classes and activities, including...

6 yr - 12 yr After Care

Clarita's Daycare

70 E 116th St New York, NY

Home-based daycare program with curriculum designed to prepare children for Kindergarten and beyond....

1 mo - 12 yr $850 - $1000 Drop In, Full Time

Little Daydreamers Early Learning Center

103 Seaman Ave New York, NY

Nurturing, home-based childcare with curriculum that provides children with opportunities to enjoy...

1 mo - 12 yr $1800 - $1900 Drop In, Full Time, Part Time

Vanderbilt YMCA Early Childhood Center

224 E 47th St New York, NY

Their mission is to provide a safe, supporting learning environment with an engaging curriculum that...

6 mo - 11 yr $450 - $2112 After Care, Full Time, Part Time

Bilingual Nest, Llc

300 Manhattan Ave New York, NY

Exceptional facility providing care and bilingual educational experiences to infants, toddlers, and...

2 yr - 5 yr $1185 - $2442 Full Time, Part Time

Chelsy's Family Child Care Corp.

503 W 147th St New York, NY

This daycare has a program that positively contributes to a child's development, self-esteem and...

2 yr - 5 yr $500 - $500 Full Time

La Petite Ecole New York

159 W 82nd St New York, NY

Immerses children in the French language and culture while helping them develop their verbal, motor,...

2 yr - 4 yr $1160 - $3126 Full Time, Part Time

Imagine Early Learning Centers

60 E 97th St New York, NY

Conveniently located just one block from Central Park, this Upper East Side preschool provides...

4 yr - 5 yr $1845 - $2000 Full Time

Hopscotch Montessori

435 E 79th St New York, NY

Vibrant Montessori preschool providing exceptional care and educational experiences to young...

2 yr - 5 yr $1250 - $3150 Full Time, Part Time

The Day School at Christ & St. Stephen's

122 W 69th St New York, NY

Faith-based program where children are allowed to make choices throughout the day on what they learn...

3 yr - 5 yr $574 - $1855 Full Time, Part Time

Petits Poussins

315 W 126th St New York, NY

Children are encouraged to play and explore, learning in a caring, bilingual environment. Some...

2 mo - 5 yr $656 - $2030 Full Time, Part Time

Les Petit Sourires

122 W 97th St New York, NY

Your child will be taught in French and English for an excellent bi-lingual experience. Children...

2 yr - 5 yr $100 - $2399 After Care, Drop In, Full Time, Part Time

The Montessori Schools in SOHO

73-75 Sullivan Street New York, NY

Toddler and preschool program focused on providing an open environment where children are encouraged...

18 mo - 5 yr $2066 - $2658 After Care, Full Time, Part Time

Purple Circle

251 W 100th St New York, NY

Located right off of Broadway, this Upper West Side preschool offers a curriculum that includes...

2 yr - 5 yr $1347 - $2635 Full Time

La Escuelita Bilingual Preschool

302 W 91st St New York, NY

This multicultural preschool implements a primarily play-based curriculum as well as...

2 yr - 5 yr $1053 - $3750 Full Time

FAQs About New York Child Care

  • How many child care providers are in New York?
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    Based on Winnie data collection, there are 1433 child care providers in New York and 649 of these child care providers offer part time care.

  • How much does child care cost in New York, NY?
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    According to provider data, $2135 is the average monthly price for full time child care in New York.

  • Do child care providers in New York speak multiple languages?
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    Yes, there are approximately 22 child care providers in New York that are multilingual, offering care in at least two different languages.

  • What are the most common languages offered by New York childcare providers?
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    The 10 most common languages spoken by child care providers in New York are: Spanish, French, Arabic, American Sign Language, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese.

More About New York, NY

Manhattan is never short of attractions and events to offer families and children of all ages. Children can explore and create at the Children's Museum of Manhattan and the gallery-style Children's Museum of the Arts. Interactivity is also the main focus of the Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art and Storytelling and animal lovers will enjoy a day at the famous Central Park Zoo. New York City loves block parties and residents especially enjoy the Museum Mile Festival Block Party which offers events and vendors along with free admission to many of the city's museums. Families can exercise theatre and music talents at Summer Stage Family Day held in Central Park.