Home-Based Daycares in Berkeley, CA

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Neelam Sahdev

South Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Small home daycare just off Shattuck Avenue.

Laura Bullock

Berkeley, CA

In-home daycare with indoor and outdoor play areas.

Purnima Singh

Southwest Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Small home daycare near the Berkeley Marina.

Sarah Patterson

Southwest Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Small home daycare near San Pablo Park.

Catherine Negrin

Berkeley, CA

Home daycare inside a clean, 2-story home. Child care takes place on the first level, which includes a kitchen, bathroom area, and a play area. There's also a...

Kika's House

Berkeley, CA

A play-based in-home daycare for children ages 16 months to 3.5 years old. Children participate in classes designed to encourage the children to explore the...

Erika Archundia & Jose Perez

Berkeley, CA

A bilingual in-home daycare where the children participate in group activties and learn certain language skills, like how to count in spanish. Trips are done to...

Ursula Sanders

Northwest Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Small home daycare near the West Oakland BART station.

Berenice Romero Munoz

South Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Tidy home-based daycare that utilizes first floor rooms for childcare. Children are treated to age-appropriate toys, materials, books, and playground equipment.

Devvin Purnell

Central Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Home-based daycare located in a quaint residential neighborhood. Neighborhood features tree-lined streets, and an abundance of gardens, bushes, and flowers. The...

Blue Leaf School

Berkeley Hills Berkeley, CA

The Orange House

1.0 Northside Berkeley, CA

In-home facility providing full time care to toddlers. Facility offers a variety of play-based activities promoting social, physical, and mental growth and...

20 mo - 4 yr $1855 - $1995 Full Time

Angel Academy

Berkeley Hills Berkeley, CA

Homebased preschool located in a natural setting. Outdoor spaces are lush and feature many gardens, including food gardens where children are encouraged to be...

18 mo - 5 yr $2040 - $2040 Full Time

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