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My First Steps

Santa Fe Berkeley, CA Immediate Openings

Bilingual home daycare program for young children. Curriculum promotes social and emotional development and readiness for kindergarten.

8 mo - 3 yr 6 mo $1400 - $1800 Drop In, Full Time, Part Time

Mount Moriah

Poets Corner Berkeley, CA

Bilingual, play-based daycare center providing infants and toddlers with a positive learning environment. Program strives to create a community that is...

18 mo - 4 yr $933 - $1990 Full Time, Part Time

Sheffield Preschool Program

South Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Structured home preschool that provides individual attention to children and provides activities to suit each child's needs. Curriculum includes art, music,...

3 yr - 5 yr $700 - $1750 Full Time, Part Time

Turquoise Dolphin Wonderschool

North Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Home-based Spanish language immersion daycare for infants and toddlers. Children learn Spanish through songs, activities, conversation, and story time....

3 mo - 4 yr Drop In, Full Time, Part Time

Greenhouse Childcare

Berkeley Hills Berkeley, CA

Creative, peaceful daycare center in North Berkeley. Provides lots of creative play and outdoor activities.

2 yr - 4 yr $400 - $1580 Full Time, Part Time

Little Stars Academy

South Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Intimate, home-based daycare located near the Ashby BART station. Features bright rooms, an outdoor garden, and playground. Children enjoy a daily routine of...

6 mo - 4 yr $950 - $1100 After Care, Drop In, Full Time, Part Time, Weekend

​Blue Sky Day School

Northwest Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Nurturing home-based daycare that is fully-fenced in and features backyard and front yard gardens. Children are encouraged to explore and be hands-on with their...

2 yr 6 mo - 5 yr $650 - $1250 Full Time, Part Time

Keiki's Corner

Berkeley Hills Berkeley, CA

Small, welcoming, "green" daycare center that provides a variety of activities specifically directed at toddlers.

$540 - $1610 Drop In, Full Time, Part Time

aKIDemia Childcare & Preschool

Northwest Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Small, structured, welcoming home daycare whose program promotes social and emotional development as well as academic readiness for kindergarten.

12 mo - 5 yr Full Time

Clark Kerr Campus Childrens Center (UC Berkeley Early Childhood Education Program)

2900 Dwight Way Berkeley, CA

Play-based preschool for infants and toddlers, serving the students, faculty, and staff of UC Berkeley. The blended curriculum encourages curiosity in each...

3 mo - 5 yr Full Time, Part Time

Berkeley YMCA Head Start (Ocean View)

Northwest Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Head Start/Early Head Start daycare and preschool in Northwest Berkeley. Head Start provides free or low-cost early education to low-income families.

3 yr - 5 yr Full Time, Part Time

UC Berkeley Early Childhood Education Program

Southside Berkeley, CA

Play-based child care for infants, toddlers and preschoolers, serving the UC Berkeley affiliates and community members. The blended curriculum encourages...

3 mo - 5 yr Full Time

Berkeley YMCA Early Head Start (Vera Casey)

Central Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Head Start/Early Head Start program near downtown Berkeley. Head Start provides subsidized or free childcare to children of low-income families.

6 mo - 3 yr Full Time, Part Time

Helen Kim

South Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Small, in-home daycare in South Berkeley next to Moellering Field featuring indoor and outdoor play areas with a swing set, age-appropriate toys, and...

2 mo - 3 yr Full Time

Congregation Beth Israel-Gan Shalom

Central Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Private preschool that has a focus on Kindergarten readiness. Judaism is weaved throughout the curriculum. Art, music, dance and play are all daily activities...

3 yr - 5 yr $1233 - $2340 After Care, Drop In, Full Time, Part Time

Dolma Tsering & Tashi Dnundup

Northwest Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Home-based daycare with lots of toys and materials for children to use. Children are offered time indoors and outdoors in a small backyard. Frequent field trips...

0 mo - 6 yr $1200 - $1400 Full Time

Bright Horizons (at Bayer)

Southwest Berkeley Berkeley, CA

This is a large, multi-site daycare facility serving infants through preschoolers. The curriculum includes language, math skills, and science activities. Art,...

0 mo - 5 yr Full Time

Ucb - Haste Street Child Development Center

Southside Berkeley, CA

A program that allows children to learn through play. Sandboxes, play structures, indoor and outdoor activity stations, art supplies, and gardens. Six...

2 mo - 5 yr Full Time, Part Time

The Orange House

1.0 Northside Berkeley, CA

In-home facility providing full time care to toddlers. Facility offers a variety of play-based activities promoting social, physical, and mental growth and...

20 mo - 4 yr $1855 - $1995 Full Time

Angel Academy

Berkeley Hills Berkeley, CA

Homebased preschool located in a natural setting. Outdoor spaces are lush and feature many gardens, including food gardens where children are encouraged to be...

18 mo - 5 yr $2040 - $2040 Full Time

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