Best Daycares in Chicago, IL

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Lincoln Park Cooperative Nursery School

Old Town Triangle Chicago, IL

A play-based, cooperative preschool dedicated to close family relationships and classroom...

2 yr - 6 yr $167 - $1075 Part Time

Wee Care Preschool Too

Lake View East Chicago, IL

Childcare center providing services to infants, toddlers, and preschool. Curriculum is a blend of...

3 mo - 6 yr $700 - $1640 Full Time, Part Time

Oakdale Christian Child Care Center

Washington Heights Chicago, IL

Faith-based preschool program that features a hands-on approach. Curriculum is theme-based and...

2 yr - 6 yr $653 - $980 Full Time

Blooming Bud Day Care Center

Arcadia Terrace Chicago, IL

Center provides daycare, preschool, after school care, summer camp and tutoring to children. ...

2 mo - 12 yr $640 - $640 Full Time

Wise Owl Daycare

5.0 West Town Chicago, IL

Comprehensive childcare and early learning center offering infant, toddler, preschool, and Head...

1 mo - 6 yr $1473 - $1733 After Care, Drop In, Full Time, Part Time

Noble Day Care

West Town Chicago, IL Fully Enrolled

Program that works to slowly introduce children to a structured classroom environment. Activities...

1 mo - 6 yr $1112 - $1552 Full Time

South-East Asia Center

Uptown Chicago, IL Immediate Openings

Program that provides care for children as well as additional social services. An emphasis is placed...

3 yr - 12 yr Full Time, Part Time

Tots Land

Montclare Chicago, IL Immediate Openings

Bilingual program that provides child development opportunities for children through hands on...

15 mo - 5 yr Full Time, Part Time

Discovery Academy 2

Roseland Chicago, IL Immediate Openings

Facility provides daycare services and early education to young children. Exploration and curiosity...

2 mo - 6 yr Full Time, Part Time

Hana Early Childhood Center

Irving Park Chicago, IL Immediate Openings

Center provides several programs for immigrant families learning English as a second language. ...

15 mo - 12 yr Full Time, Part Time

Kids & Company (Chicago South Loop)

Near South Side Chicago, IL

Child care center that offers half-day and full-time care, birthday parties, and summer camps....

1 mo - 6 yr After Care, Full Time, Part Time

Joyful Beginnings Child Care Center

Auburn Gresham Chicago, IL

Center provides care and learning opportunities for children of all ages. Program provides an...

1 mo - 12 yr After Care, Drop In, Full Time, Part Time

Dreamland Home Daycare

Washington Heights Chicago, IL

Home based program that provides academic and social development opportunities. Activities include...

1 mo - 6 yr Overnight

Kids & Company West Loop Chicago

West Loop Chicago, IL

Comprehensive childcare provider offering full day care and educational programs to prepare students...

1 mo - 5 yr Full Time, Part Time

Lake Shore Schools Rogers Park

Rogers Park Chicago, IL

Facility offers childcare to toddlers, preschoolers, and school aged children. Curriculum is...

2 yr - 12 yr $210 - $445 After Care, Full Time

Coddled Care

Lincoln Square Chicago, IL

Facility offers care to infants and toddlers. Age-appropriate wooden toys available for play....

1 mo - 2 yr $460 - $1800 Full Time

Smarty Pants Child Care and Learning Center

Ashburn Chicago, IL

Home-based facility provides childcare services to infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age...

0 mo - 12 yr $620 - $800 Full Time, Overnight, Weekend

Dreamchild Development Center

Auburn Gresham Chicago, IL

Head Start childcare center that uses group and individual activities to help children learn more...

1 mo - 12 yr Full Time

Ravenswood Montessori School

Lincoln Square Chicago, IL

Center prepares children for school through hands on learning and child directed activity. Program...

2 yr - 6 yr $1040 - $1580 Full Time, Part Time

Star Kids Math And Science Academy Inc

South Side Chicago, IL

Program that provides education through a rotating themed curriculum. Activities include sensory...

1 mo - 12 yr $400 - $900 After Care, Full Time, Part Time