Best Daycares in Novato, CA

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FAQs About Novato Daycare

  • How many daycare providers are in Novato?
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    There are currently 15 daycare providers in Novato. This includes full-time, part-time, and home daycare providers.

  • How much does daycare cost in Novato, CA?
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    The average monthly price for full time daycare in Novato is $1380. This is based on provider cost data for daycares listed on Winnie.

  • How many daycares in Novato accept infants or newborns?
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    According to daycares listed on Winnie, 4 daycare providers in Novato accept newborns (under 6 mo) and 5 daycare providers accept infants (6 - 12 mo).

  • How many Novato daycare providers accept toddlers?
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    Based on current daycare data, 13 daycare providers in Novato accept toddlers (1 - 2 years old) and 28 daycare providers accept toddlers (2 - 3 years old).

More About Novato, CA

Don't let this sleepy little town fool you! Considered by most to be just another commuter city, Novato offers miles of scenic hiking trails for even the most intrepid outdoor explorer. The mild mediterranean climate makes outdoor activities available almost year round.