Home-Based Daycares in Oakland, CA

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Rosalyn Penelton

Sobrante Park Oakland, CA

Small, home-based daycare in Oakland, CA.

3 mo - 14 yr Full Time, Part Time, Drop In, After Care

Deloris' 24 Hr Child Care

Upper Dimond Oakland, CA

Small in-home daycare near the Presidio Golf Course.

0 mo - 12 yr $900 - $1300 Full Time, Part Time, After Care

Diana's Playhouse

Trestle Glen Oakland, CA

Small home daycare in the Trestle Glen neighborhood. Does not take kids under 1 year old.

9 mo - 3 yr 6 mo Full Time

E. B. Rock Family Daycare and Preschool

North Stonehurst Oakland, CA

In home facility promoting play-based activities that promote social, mental, and physical growth...

0 mo - 6 yr Full Time

Reaching Out To Others

Longfellow Oakland, CA

Small in-home daycare in the Longfellow area.

0 mo - 12 yr $700 - $880 Full Time, Drop In, After Care

Marlena's Family Day Care

Frick Oakland, CA

Home-based daycare well-equipped with lots of toys, materials, and books for children to enjoy....

0 mo - 12 yr 4 mo Full Time, Part Time

Yellow House Playschool

Lakeshore Oakland, CA

In-home daycare offering a variety of activities to help children develop social and intellectual...

$445 - $1325 Part Time

Marian Fierro

Bancroft Business Oakland, CA

Home-based daycare that features organized classrooms, and a curriculum that includes advanced...

0 mo - 3 yr Full Time, Part Time

Alarcon Family Daycare

South Kennedy Tract Oakland, CA

Home based bilingual facility providing care and educational experiences to infants and toddlers....

4 mo - 5 yr

Redwood Heights Daycare

Redwood Heights Oakland, CA

Home-based daycare and preschool offering a structured classroom environment. The curriculum is...

4 mo - 6 yr

Home Away From Home

Rockridge Oakland, CA

Small, caring home daycare in the Rockridge area.

2 yr - 5 yr Full Time

Vivan Los Ninos Preschool Childcare

Patten Oakland, CA

Warm and nurturing early childhood center close to Hacienda Peralta Park and Recreation. Led by...

2 yr - 5 yr Full Time

Shonta Edwards-Robinson

Durant Manor Oakland, CA

Homebased daycare located in a quaint residential neighborhood. Home features a learning center,...

0 mo - 12 yr

Carmen's Family Childcare

Glenview Oakland, CA

Home-based daycare operated in residential neighborhood. Daycare is midsized, and allows for up to...

Pammie's Daycare

Frick Oakland, CA

Home-based daycare located in a two-story home. Children have access to organized indoor rooms and...

6 mo - 12 yr Full Time, Part Time

Sabrina Spears

Oakland, CA

Licensed home-based daycare with front and backyard play spaces. Backyard is fully-fenced in and...

Full Time, Part Time, After Care

Joious Beginnings Learning Center

Sequoyah Oakland, CA

Home-based daycare that's been around since 2004 with a capacity for 14 children.

12 mo - 5 yr $1100 - $1100

Anna Daycare

Sequoyah Oakland, CA

Organized and tidy home-based daycare in a quaint residential neighborhood. Curriculum is...

0 mo - 5 yr

Cande's Daycare

Oakland, CA

Nurturing environment that provides individualized instruction. Children learn and play indoors and...

Full Time

Adams Point Little People's Place

Adams Point Oakland, CA

Licensed, in home daycare for infants and toddlers. Children learn through exploration and are given...

2 mo - 3 yr