Home-Based Daycares in Oakland, CA

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Melony Wyatt-Moore

Millsmont Oakland, CA

Small, in-home licensed daycare provider in Oakland, CA near Mills College. Features a fenced...

Little Angels Daycare (Stacy Carrier-Broussard)

Eastmont Hills Oakland, CA

Small in-home daycare in the Eastmont Hills area.

Sara Hampton

Oakland, CA

Home-based daycare with two outdoor play spaces. Backyard features two levels, both of which are...

First Choice Licensed Daycare

Frick Oakland, CA

Homebased daycare surrounded by tall privacy fencing. Play areas feature lots of books and toys,...

Full Time, Part Time

Leticia Aleman

Brookfield Village Oakland, CA

Home-based facility providing care to children. Located in the South Stonehurst neighborhood, this...

Kathleen Gardner

Bushrod Oakland, CA

Home-based daycare located in a single-story home. Children are treated to regular trips to a local...

Soana Lauti

Upper Dimond Oakland, CA

Small home daycare in the Upper Dimond neighborhood.

Angilice Phillips

Foothill Oakland, CA

Small, in-home daycare in Oakland, CA for infants and preschoolers. Features a fenced outdoor play...

Nancy & Roberto Portilla

Jefferson Oakland, CA

Small, in-home licensed daycare provider for infants, toddlers, and school-aged children in Oakland,...

Hamilton Family Daycare

Havenscourt Oakland, CA

Homebased daycare featuring front yard gardens. Children are cared for in the common areas of the...

Veronica Young

Longfellow Oakland, CA

Home-based childcare program. Facility offers care for infants, toddlers, and preschool-age...

Banny's Day Care

Las Palmas Oakland, CA

In-home facility providing care and educational experiences to infants and toddlers. Located near...

Denise Franklin-Robinson & Jerry Robinson

Havenscourt Oakland, CA

Safe, in home daycare with age appropriate toys and books. Outdoor area with toys and bikes is...

De Anna Ford

Havenscourt Oakland, CA

Home based facility featuring an enclosed back yard play area. Located in Havenscourt neighborhood,...

Wanda Spivey

Chabot Park Oakland, CA

Small home daycare in the Chabot Park area.

Mary & Earl Nubin

Maxwell Park Oakland, CA

Daycare for infants and toddlers with secure outdoor space and age-appropriate play toys and...

Nunu's Daycare

Oakland, CA

In-home daycare offering flexible hours and a laid back approach. Parents are encouraged to visit...

Drop In, Full Time, Part Time

Luz Parra Rodriguez

Oakland, CA

Large home daycare with capacity for 14 children.

Dauria's Treehouse

Durant Manor Oakland, CA

Small, in-home daycare in Oakland. Facility is safe with age appropriate toys and books and fenced...

Everstine Martin

Eastmont Oakland, CA

Safe, clean in home facility with adequate age appropriate toys and books and area for outdoor play.