Best Daycares in Oakland, CA

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Eden Child Care Home

Tuxedo Oakland, CA

Home-based daycare featuring a manicured backyard with a garden and age-appropriate toys and...

0 mo - 5 yr Full Time, Part Time

Geraldine Jordan

Hegenberger Oakland, CA

Fully licensed, home-based childcare provided in a comfortable family-style setting. Backyard...

0 mo - 6 yr Full Time, After Care, Part Time, Drop In

Carrie A Griffin

Eastmont Oakland, CA

Loving daycare, serving Oakland area, that effectively engages children with age-appropriate play...

0 mo - 4 yr Full Time

Nanny House Daycare

Iveywood Oakland, CA

Home-based daycare featuring a fully-fenced in front and back lawn. Play areas are tidy and feature...

0 mo - 12 yr Full Time, Part Time, Drop In

Rosalyn Penelton

Sobrante Park Oakland, CA

Small, home-based daycare in Oakland, CA.

3 mo - 14 yr Full Time, Part Time, Drop In, After Care

Deloris' 24 Hr Child Care

Upper Dimond Oakland, CA

Small in-home daycare near the Presidio Golf Course.

0 mo - 12 yr $900 - $1300 Full Time, Part Time, After Care

Oak Center Little People Academy

Oak Center Oakland, CA

Center provides care for infant, toddler and early preschool age children. Program strives to...

3 mo - 3 yr Full Time

Diana's Playhouse

Trestle Glen Oakland, CA

Small home daycare in the Trestle Glen neighborhood. Does not take kids under 1 year old.

9 mo - 3 yr 6 mo Full Time

World Kids Academy

Downtown Oakland Oakland, CA

After-school program for school-aged children located in the Oakland Asian Cultural Center....

5 yr - 12 yr Part Time

Bright Future Early Learning Center

Downtown Oakland Oakland, CA

Well-equipped childcare center featuring organized classrooms and a shaded outdoor play space....

3 mo - 5 yr Full Time, Part Time, Drop In

Reaching Out To Others

Longfellow Oakland, CA

Small in-home daycare in the Longfellow area.

0 mo - 12 yr $700 - $880 Full Time, Drop In, After Care

Adventure Time (Chabot)

Upper Rockridge Oakland, CA Fully Enrolled

An after school care program located within Chabot Elementary School. This facility promotes both...

4 yr 9 mo - 12 yr After Care

Laney College Children's Center

Downtown Oakland Oakland, CA

Daycare center affiliated with the Peralta Community College District. Provides free, low-cost, or...

3 yr - 6 yr Full Time, Part Time

E. B. Rock Family Daycare and Preschool

North Stonehurst Oakland, CA

In home facility promoting play-based activities that promote social, mental, and physical growth...

0 mo - 6 yr Full Time

Marlena's Family Day Care

Frick Oakland, CA

Home-based daycare well-equipped with lots of toys, materials, and books for children to enjoy....

0 mo - 12 yr 4 mo Full Time, Part Time

S.S.U.C. - Foothill Square Child Center

Foothill Square Oakland, CA

Center assists low income families in preparing their children for future success in school....

0 mo - 5 yr Full Time, Part Time

Nikasia Child Care Center

Laurel Oakland, CA

Small, well organized child care center in the Laurel district of Oakland. Includes indoor and...

0 mo - 6 yr Full Time, Part Time

Kids N Dance N Theater Arts (Oakland)

Redwood Heights Oakland, CA

Short-term arts programs for children interested in learning dance, circus, parkour, and musical...

18 mo - 18 yr Part Time

Yellow House Playschool

Lakeshore Oakland, CA

In-home daycare offering a variety of activities to help children develop social and intellectual...

$445 - $1325 Part Time

Adventure Time (Crocker Highlands)

Crocker Highlands Oakland, CA

Located at Crocker Highlands Elementary School, this after school care facility provides children...

4 yr 9 mo - 12 yr

FAQs About Oakland Daycare

  • How many daycare providers are in Oakland?
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    There are currently 148 daycare providers in Oakland. This includes full-time, part-time, and home daycare providers.

  • How much does daycare cost in Oakland, CA?
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    The average monthly price for full time daycare in Oakland is $1569. This is based on provider cost data for daycares listed on Winnie.

  • How many daycares in Oakland accept infants or newborns?
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    According to daycares listed on Winnie, 37 daycare providers in Oakland accept newborns (under 6 mo) and 42 daycare providers accept infants (6 - 12 mo).

  • How many Oakland daycare providers accept toddlers?
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    Based on current daycare data, 120 daycare providers in Oakland accept toddlers (1 - 2 years old) and 141 daycare providers accept toddlers (2 - 3 years old).

More About Oakland, CA

With a diverse community and a long history, Oakland is becoming a more popular place to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, especially as other parts of the Bay get more expensive. Less touristy than San Francisco, Oakland has outstanding food, a thriving arts scene, local sports teams and mild weather.