Best Daycares in Oakland, CA

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Adventure Time (Glenview School)

Santa Fe Oakland, CA

Found on the Glenview Elementary School Campus, this facility provides hands on before and after...

4 yr 9 mo - 12 yr

Adventure Time (Montclair)

Montclair Oakland, CA

Found on the Montclair Elementary School campus, this facility provides before and after school care...

4 yr 9 mo - 12 yr

Adventure Time - Thornhill

Merriewood Oakland, CA

Located within Thornhill Elementary School, this facility offers extended hours care for both before...

4 yr 9 mo - 12 yr

Adventure Time (Crocker Highlands)

Crocker Highlands Oakland, CA

Located at Crocker Highlands Elementary School, this after school care facility provides children...

4 yr 9 mo - 12 yr

Color Me Children

Eastmont Hills Oakland, CA

Large daycare center with large fully-fenced outdoor play space. Outdoor areas feature many toys for...

Full Time, Drop In, Part Time

Carmen's Family Childcare

Glenview Oakland, CA

Home-based daycare operated in residential neighborhood. Daycare is midsized, and allows for up to...

Pammie's Daycare

Frick Oakland, CA

Home-based daycare located in a two-story home. Children have access to organized indoor rooms and...

6 mo - 12 yr Full Time, Part Time

Advance Day Care Center

San Antonio Oakland, CA

Center provides care for preschool age children. Hands-on materials provide opportunities for play...

2 yr - 5 yr Full Time

Oakland Head Start (Fannie Wall)

Bushrod Oakland, CA

Center assists low income families in preparing their children for future success in school....

3 yr - 5 yr

Betty's Children's Academy (School Age Program)

Chabot Park Oakland, CA

Provides academic support after-school and during the summers. As an extension to their regular...

After Care

Smiles Day School

Merriewood Oakland, CA

Play-based preschool that is warm, welcoming, and affordable. The experienced staff lead children in...

2 yr - 5 yr

Fruitvale Head Start (SSUC)

Saint Elizabeth Oakland, CA

Head Start/Early Head Start child care center near Fruitvale BART station. Head Start provides...

0 mo - 5 yr

Sabrina Spears

Oakland, CA

Licensed home-based daycare with front and backyard play spaces. Backyard is fully-fenced in and...

Full Time, Part Time, After Care

Joious Beginnings Learning Center

Sequoyah Oakland, CA

Home-based daycare that's been around since 2004 with a capacity for 14 children.

12 mo - 5 yr $1100 - $1100

JCC East Bay Kids Club (Cleveland Elementary)

Cleveland Heights Oakland, CA

After-school care provided at Cleveland Elementary by the Jewish Community Center. Offers extended...

After Care

Kidango (Cox Academy)

9860 Sunnyside St Oakland, CA

Sharing a location with the Cox Academy Charter School, this facility promotes mental, emotional,...

3 yr - 5 yr

Kidango (Castlemont Preschool)

Castlemont Oakland, CA

Located next to Castlemont Highschool, this facility promotes mental, physical, and emotional health...

18 mo - 5 yr

JCC East Bay Kids Club (Joaquin Miller Elementary)

Piedmont Pines Oakland, CA

After-school program at Joaquin Miller Elementary School, through the Jewish Community Center....

After Care

Anna Daycare

Sequoyah Oakland, CA

Organized and tidy home-based daycare in a quaint residential neighborhood. Curriculum is...

0 mo - 5 yr

Cande's Daycare

Oakland, CA

Nurturing environment that provides individualized instruction. Children learn and play indoors and...

Full Time