Best Parks & Playgrounds in New York, NY

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Tremont Park

Park E 175 St to E Tremont Ave New York, NY

Enjoy a taste of nature with this spacious, dog friendly park. Playgrounds, sport fields, and nature...

Good for Play, Water Play, Restrooms

Tilden Playground

Playground E 49th St New York, NY

Cheery park with age appropriate climbing structures, seasonal water feature, and and both benches...

Good for Play, Good for Nursing, Water Play, Restrooms

Ramon Aponte Park

Park 345-349 W 47th St New York, NY

Cozy park with simple jungle gym. Basketball court and bench seating open.

Good for Play, Good for Nursing

Dr. Gertrude B. Kelly Playground

Playground 16th Street New York, NY

Open park with plenty of shaded bench seatings. Good sized play structure with multiple levels. Lots...

Good for Play, Good for Nursing

Grand Army Plaza

Place 768 5th Ave New York, NY

Home to the Pulitzer Fountain and and Sherman Monuments, this is a popular spot to rent a horse...

Good for Nursing

Robert E. Venable Park

Park Belmont, Sutter, Sheridan and Grant Avenues New York, NY

Recently renovated, this popular park has multiple climbing structures, swings, seasonal spray...

Good for Play, Good for Nursing

Jacob H. Schiff Playground

Playground Amsterdam Ave, W 136 St New York, NY

Sunny park with age appropriate play structure, swings, and basketball courts. Ample bench seating...

Good for Play, Good for Nursing, Stroller Friendly, Water Play, Restrooms

Frederick Douglass Playground

Playground Amsterdam Ave. New York, NY

Renovated playground with a mini pool, basketball and handball courts, a baseball diamond, and...

Good for Play, Good for Nursing, Water Play, Restrooms

Seton Park

Park Independence at W 235th New York, NY

Over 11 acres of fun, this wooded park offers multiple climbing structures, water features, multiple...

Good for Play, Restrooms

Father Demo Square

Park Bleecker St New York, NY

Home to one of the top ten fountains in New York, this park is named for a prominent priest who...

Good for Nursing

Central Park - Tots Playground

Playground W 68th Street New York, NY

Changing Tables, Restrooms

Marcy playground

Playground New York, NY

Popular tree filled park with multiple climbing structures, swings, various ball courts, and a...

Good for Play, Good for Nursing, Water Play, Restrooms

Jackson Square

Park 13th St at 8th Ave New York, NY

A hidden and peaceful grove, this park is also a wifi hotspot.

Good for Nursing

Haffen Park

Park New York, NY

Large community park offering multiple sport fields, age appropriate climbing structures, and an...

Good for Play, Stroller Friendly, Water Play, Restrooms

Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza

Place Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza New York, NY

A popular plaza that offers seating and various sculptures.

Good for Nursing

Peter's Field

Park 301 E 21st St New York, NY

Neighborhood park with small play structure and basketball courts.

Good for Play, Good for Nursing

Abingdon Square Park

Park Hudson St, 8th Ave, W 12th St New York, NY

This cozy but lush park offers some quiet seating but no play structures. Occasionally hosts market...

Good for Nursing

Golconda Playground

Playground New York, NY

Sunny playground with climbing structure, seasonal water feature and basketball and handball courts....

Good for Play, Good for Nursing