Best Parks & Playgrounds in Seattle, WA

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East Portal Viewpoint

Place 1400 Lake Washington Blvd. S Seattle, WA

Benches and walking paths, with views of downtown Bellevue and the Cascades.

Seward Park

5.0 Park 5895 Lake Washington Blvd. S Seattle, WA

The Seward Park is surrounded by Lake Washington. Enjoy the scenery of the two and a half mile paved...

Good for Play, Restrooms

Sandel Playground

5.0 Playground 9053 1st Ave. NW Seattle, WA

Includes a children's play area, walkways, large open meadow, basketball hoops, and a wading pool.

Good for Play, Indoor Play, Water Play, Restrooms

Queen Anne Bowl Playfield

Stadium 2806 3rd Ave. W Seattle, WA

Great public park with running track and synthetic surface playfield.


Magnolia Playfield

5.0 Park 2518 34th Ave. W Seattle, WA

Magnolia Playfield stretches for several city blocks and includes or is adjacent to Magnolia...

Good for Play, Restrooms

Albert Davis Park

Playground 12526 27th Ave. NE Seattle, WA

This little park is just about in the back yard of the Lake City Branch of the Seattle Public...

Good for Play

Parsons Gardens

Park 698 W Highland Dr. Seattle, WA

Small but lovely garden.

Fremont Peak Park

Park 4357 Palentine Ave. N Seattle, WA

Tranquil park and scenic lookout.

Rainier Beach Playfield

Place 8802 Rainier Ave. S Seattle, WA

Located adjacent to Rainier Beach Community Center, this park includes tennis courts, and ball...

Good for Play, Restrooms

Bitter Lake Resevior Open Space

Place Linden Ave. N and N 143rd St. Seattle, WA

A simple neighborhood park, Bitter Lake reservoir is a great place for the community to gather and...

Good for Play

International Fountain

5.0 Place 305 Harrison St Seattle, WA

Popular local attraction for splashing or lounging, the fountain also has timed water programs...

Good for Play, Restrooms

Ercolini Park

5.0 Playground 4542 48th Ave. SW Seattle, WA

Lively park featuring a children's playground, picnic tables and open recreational space.

Good for Play

Regrade Park

Place 2251 3rd Ave Seattle, WA

Dog park that's one of Seattle's 14 off-leash areas.

Golden Gardens Park Waterfront

5.0 Park 8498 Seaview Place Northwest Seattle, WA

Wonderful beachfront park. Contains a dog run, hiking trails, boat launch and play area.

Good for Play, Parking, Restrooms

Plum Tree Park

Playground 1717 26th Ave. Seattle, WA

Great neighborhood park complete with a play area with a slide and climbing features. An alleyway...

Good for Play

Lynn Street Mini Park

Park E Lynn St. & Fairview Ave. E Seattle, WA

Waterfront park featuring a hand-painted, tile-decorated bench, little dock area for getting close...

Blue Dog Pond Park

Place 1520 26th Ave. S Seattle, WA

Must love dogs! This dog park is full of furry, four-legged friends.

Bar-S Playgrounds

Place 6425 SW Admiral Way Seattle, WA

The Bar S Little League Playground in West Seattle features two grass youth baseball fields.

Good for Play

Lakeridge Park

Park Rainier Ave. S & 68th St. Seattle, WA

Urban oasis of forest and running water with hiking trails to enjoy the natural setting.

Good for Play

Stevens Place

Park 2900 Beacon Ave. S Seattle, WA

Cute little spot to sit on the park bench and enjoy a book from the library next door.