Home-Based Preschools in Austin, TX

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Heaven Sent Childcare

10526 Bilbrook Pl Austin, TX

Home-based daycare for children who are independently walking to after-school age. Childcare program promotes creativity, independence, confidence, and social,...

20 mo - 5 yr $850 - $850 Full Time

Helping Hands Montessori Services and Preschool

East Riverside - Oltorf Austin, TX

Dynamic Austin-based toddler Montessori program designed to help build a bridge from home-life to school-life.

18 mo - 3 yr $500 - $900 Full Time, Part Time

The Pint-Size Playhouse

South Austin Austin, TX Fully Enrolled

Preschool program offering a flexible daily schedule. Curriculum and activities are 70% play-based and unstructured with the remaining 30% of activities being...

2 yr - 5 yr $730 - $730 Full Time

Woodland Schoolhouse

South Austin Austin, TX

Home-based preschool featuring a Reggio Emilia-inspired curriculum that encourages a nature-based approach to learning. Daily schedule allows time for art and...

3 yr 6 mo - 5 yr $360 - $970 Full Time, Part Time

Bright Beginnings Home Preschool

11500 Eric Heiden Ct Austin, TX

In home preschool program with an educational environment. Low student-to-teacher ratios give children individualized attention. Typical daily activities...

18 mo - 6 yr $500 - $800 Full Time, Part Time

Amiguitos Spanish Immersion Academy

8328 Doe Meadow Dr Austin, TX

This daycare provides activities for children that promote social, emotional and cognitive development. Children learn math, art, music and movement. Children...

4 mo - 5 yr $350 - $1300 After Care, Full Time, Part Time

Escuelita Art-Es

South Austin Austin, TX

Childcare facility offering preschool programs in English and Spanish. Programs are focused on creativity and have many opportunities for children to learn and...

18 mo - 5 yr $510 - $1260 Full Time, Part Time

Snapdragon Schoolhouse

South Austin Austin, TX

Montessori-based preschool program infused with other teaching methods. Curriculum provides individualized attention to each child and his/her educational...

2 yr - 5 yr Full Time

Learn and Play Preschool

Springwoods Austin, TX

In home childcare offering preschool programs focused on the growth of social and academic skills. Typical daily activities include language development, math,...

2 yr - 5 yr $390 - $745 Full Time, Part Time

La Petite Maternelle Fleur de Lys

Gracywoods Austin, TX

French immersion preschool program in a home setting. Teachers provide a variety of activities and materials that encourage children to learn through play. ...

2 yr - 5 yr $175 - $785 After Care, Drop In, Full Time, Part Time

Toddlers Learning Clubhouse

South Austin Austin, TX

Home-based childcare located near Boone Elementary School. They are also near Stephenson Nature Preserve And Outdoor Education Center.

2 mo - 12 yr After Care, Full Time, Part Time

In Home Montessori School

Milwood Austin, TX

This school provides a collaborative environment for children to learn, with lessons structured to address each child's interests and skills. Children are...

2 yr - 12 yr Full Time

Rising Stars Bilingual Daycare

Palamino Park Austin, TX

Daycare and preschool programs providing instruction in both English and Spanish. Teachers work on fine and gross motor development, math and literacy skills. ...

0 mo - 12 yr Full Time, Part Time

New Generations Childcare

Austins' Colony Austin, TX

This childcare facility serves children of all ages. The school is conveniently located near the South Austin Recreation Area.

2 mo - 12 yr

Green Monkey Daycare

10558 Bilbrook Pl Austin, TX

This daycare is located in south Austin, next to Mary Moore Searight Metropolitan Park and near the Interregional Highway.

0 mo - 12 yr Full Time

Edus Primary Prep

South Austin Austin, TX

Bilingual preschool program with a homelike setting. Teachers create an inviting environment where children are encouraged to explore and learn new skills...

18 mo - 5 yr

Mias Daycare

South Austin Austin, TX

In home daycare provider serving children and families in the Sweetbriar community. Located near Bedichek Middle School.

0 mo - 12 yr

Lauren's In-Home Preschool

Circle C Ranch Austin, TX

Residential preschool program for infants through pre-K students. Curriculum offers outdoor time along with hands-on activities such as art and gardening....

0 mo - 5 yr

ABC Children's Learning Home

Los Indios Austin, TX

In home daycare provider serving children of all ages. Located in Los Indios near Rattan Creek Park.

0 mo - 12 yr