Things to Do with Kids in Dublin, CA

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Extended Day Child Care (Amador)

Daycare 2100 E Cantara Dr Dublin, CA

Before and after-school care for K-5th students at Amador Elementary School. Offers a variety of...

Shooting Stars Preschool

Preschool 7156 Regional St Dublin, CA

Play-based preschool in a nurturing, home-like atmosphere. Through independent and teacher-led...

Tots University

Preschool 7890 Oxbow Ln Dublin, CA

Play-based child care center with warm, loving staff. Indoor and outdoor play areas provide room for...

Extended Day Child Care Center (Dougherty)

Daycare 5301 Hibernia Dr Dublin, CA

Before and after-school care for students at Dougherty Elementary School. Offers supervision and...

Valley Christian Preschool

Preschool 7500 Inspiration Dr Dublin, CA

Educational center, offering programs from infancy through high school based in Christian values.

Nielson Center (Cape Head Start)

Preschool 7500 Amarillo Rd Dublin, CA

This is a Head Start and Early Head Start program at the Nielson Center. It is a subsidized...

Joyful Kids Preschool (Dublin)

Preschool 7250 Amador Valley Blvd Dublin, CA

Large-sized preschool with spacious classrooms decorated to enrich and inspire young minds. Outdoor...

Shilpa Parekh

Daycare Dublin, CA

Large home daycare with indoor and outdoor play areas.

Amanda Kalirai

Daycare Dublin, CA

Home based daycare accommodating up to 14 children.

Kidz Choice Daycare Preschool

Daycare Dublin, CA

Early childhood program for infants and toddlers. Preschool room is designed as a learning community...

John Knox Co-Op Preschool

Preschool 7421 Amarillo Rd Dublin, CA

Cooperative preschool in school-like environment. Organization and kid-friendly activity abound at...

St. Philip Preschool

Preschool 8850 Davona Dr Dublin, CA

Lutheran preschool affiliated with St. Philip Church and School. Preschool program features a...

Yihan Wang

Daycare Dublin, CA

Large home daycare near Fallon Middle School with indoor and outdoor play areas.

School Of Imagination

Preschool 9801 Dublin Blvd Dublin, CA

Preschool focused on academic excellence and inclusion for special needs students. Features a...

Extended Day Child Care (Kolb Elementary)

Daycare 3150 Palermo Way Dublin, CA

Extended-day, non-profit aftercare program at Kolb Elementary School. Program provides supervision...

Ayesha Javed

Daycare Dublin, CA

Tidy and well-equipped home-based daycare in a picturesque suburban neighborhood. Home is nearby two...

Preeti Sharma

Daycare Dublin, CA

Small home daycare near Dougherty Elementary School.

Yanxia Ma

Daycare Dublin, CA

Home-based daycare with a dedicated playroom. Fully-fenced in backyard features toys and climbing...

Extended Day Child Care (Murray School)

Preschool 8435 Davona Dr Dublin, CA

After-care program at Murray Elementary School for K-5th grade students. Program offers supervision...

Extended Day Child Care (Dublin Elementary)

Daycare 7997 Vomac Rd Dublin, CA

Large extended day childcare center with function indoor and outdoor spaces, including gymnasium...