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Take care of your child by taking care of yourself. Every parent needs a reminder to put their own needs first sometimes.

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Have you heard of mental health first aid kits?

I read a really interesting article about putting together first aid kits designed to help during a mental health crisis. I thought it was such a great idea! Especially with depression and anxiety levels increasing in kids and teens. Here is a link to the article: What are your thoughts? Would you put one tog... More

  • Myrtle

    I love this idea thank you for sharing!

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Wednesday

I desperately need a hobby!

I need something positive to do with my spare time. What are your hobbies? I need to find something where I can have time to myself and unwind doing something I enjoy. I feel like I lose my temper because me and my 2 yr old son spend 24/7 together. And his dad is always on his computer after work so I honestly feel like I’m in a shared relationship with his computer games. I told him I’m findin... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo

    Martial arts is by far the best release for me personally. I spar one a week TaeKwonDo and do boxing class once a week and NOTHING (for me) releases my stress and helps me completely zone out and feel like independent me like this workout. It’s full body and mind for me. I love it. Not for everyone but I couldn’t help by throw it out there. Also, off topic, I also found that my husband happene... More

  • Ivana

    I’d try a Bookclub, I found mine on Meetup and I love it. Also I’ve taken classes at the local community college (black and white film photography) or you could start music lessons if you’ve always wanted to play some instrument. Have fun!

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Tuesday

Pros and cons of birth control shot

I really don’t know where else to post this (I looked at forum options and didn’t see anything related to this, so it’s out in the open, sorry, haha). Do any of you mamas use Depo Provera for birth control? I used it for 3 months right after I gave birth (over a year ago), and I had a rough time using it. I thought maybe it was because my hormones were still out of whack and my body was still... More

  • Caroline

    As you and Savannah mentioned, everyone’s experience is different, but I gained weight on depo and had longer periods. I then switched to pills but had issues with mood swings, so I switched to Mirena and loved it. With a decent diet and moderate exercise, I was able to lose the weight and deal with my carb cravings, and my mood felt so much more stable. Plus, no period after about a year! When... More

  • Anonymous

    My best friend has the shot and experienced weight gain too. I have the Mirena IUD and honestly dont care for it. My last period lasted 17 days. Its constant, heavy bleeding. It also depends on what side effects your okay with.

Two year old scared of his room (dead ghost cat)

So I have a two year old (3 in October) that suddenly hates his bed room. He has always liked sleeping next to someone since he was born but he will normally sleeps in his own room 5 or 6 times a weeks. However the last week he comes and sleeps with me after just being in his room for a few hours. I figured it because he's getting new teeth. Well I told him he had to sleep in his room becau... More

  • Rebecca

    i would use a magic potion( of water in a spray bottle) and spray it in his closet. Tell him something he needs to hear to calm him. Acknowledge his fears. Give him a out and do something to make it better.

  • Ganz

    We went through same thing. He got his molars & also completely normal to have those fears. Validate his fears because they are very real to him. I also can’t co-sleep (so much kicking!) so we got a kid cot for him to sleep in our room if he needs us. I also started wearing earplugs when he’s in our room. It dampens sound of snoring but can still hear if he cries.

Morgan posted in Nutrition Sep 13

Low carb while pregnant

I saw my primary care doctor today and he put me on a low carb diet to help me lose weight and i was wondering how i can do that when i get pregnant and if any other mothers who were expecting or are expecting right now ate low carb was it hard???? was it easy????? did your obgyn ok it???? FYI i am educating myself for pregnancy and motherhood i am not pregnant right now or even trying i am ju... More

  • AA
    Sep 16

    I’m not sure about this but I believe the midwife at my clinic said it’s okay to gain no weight (but not lose weight) during pregnancy as long as you were heavier to begin with and you’re eating healthy and exercising so that the baby/placenta/etc. replaces your pounds. If I were you, I’d check with my OB if I had any concerns. This was not my situation but I did have to eat a low carb diet be... More

  • Mindy

    I had to eat low to no carbs my third trimester because I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Keeping sugar to a minimum prevented the baby from health issues and growing too large in my womb. It was tough and I was very sad to cut out rice bread cake and eat mostly meat, lots of veggies, lower carb fruits, cheese, etc. it’s possible and I did it for two months. It was tough but I did it f... More

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Sep 10


I’m a first time mom, my baby just turned 2 months and I’ve had trouble BF from the start. He gets a good latch because I can hear him gulping and my breasts feel empty after feeding but my nipples are on fire. I started pumping and bottle feeding him to give myself relief. I can only nurse him once maybe twice a day. I’ve tried lanolin nipple cream, coconut oil, aloe Vera. Nothing eases the pa... More

  • Tara
    Sep 13

    I just had this happen on my right side and my Dr prescribed all purpose nipple cream ... It worked great. It was just cracked and irritated.

  • AA
    Sep 16

    I had thrush and my doctor said most people have external symptoms like nipple itching. I think it’s worth getting checked. Whatever it is, breastfeeding isn’t supposed to hurt so much.

I have no patience

I have no patience! My son is seven years old and in the second grade and I find myself constantly yelling at him, sometimes even screaming and I absolutely hate it. I grew up with parents that yelled and screamed at my siblings and myself. I never wanted to be that parent. It is so incredibly frustrating to communicate with an extremely intelligent child and have them act clueless or “stupid “... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 30

    So I remember my oldest brother in a similar situation... my mom ended up hiring a tutor for him and doing a reward/punish system for his grades. Below average - something gets taken away for the summer. Average - nothing happens. Above average - he gets a treat. I remember talking to him about it once, because he had a tutor all the way until he got to high school. And he told me that he just ... More

2 weeks late, constant AF feeling, 6 negative tests last week.

I am 14 days late on my period. Last week I took 6 tests and they were all negative. Everyday since my period was due I felt like I was bleeding. I thought my period was finally on. I can’t even tell you how many times I ran into the bathroom because I was 100% positive that my period was on. But there is nothing. I do have cervical fluid when I wipe. That’s it, never any blood. What could it be?

  • Alejandra
    Aug 28

    Any changes to your diet or your routine? Sometimes it's a hormonal change due to that but I would try to take a test again if you dont get your period 3 or 4 weeks after your supposed to get it or go to the doctor to get checked

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Aug 22

Sex advice

My husband is a wonderful Dad. He works full time, goes to school and helps around the house. He’s really awesome. We are currently trying to have a second child and to be honest - I do not find my husband physically attractive in a sexy way. I know that I should - for all that he does - but when I look at him in a sexy way - it just doesn’t do anything for me. I’m also a SAHM and am so so ... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 29

    “My friend recently told me to ask my husband to take the lead one night a make dinner, clean up, put baby to bed etc in order to give me a break...” 1) If your husband is home, why isn’t he helping out with all of these thing every night? 2) why is the burden on you to ask? He’s a grown man who should be perfectly capable of taking it upon himself to step up and do his part without b... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 29

    You can always seek professional help. Your gynecologist or general doctor can help. Or you can make a better effort. Put it in the calendar and that day take it easier. Maybe don’t clean as much or take a nap. Do your nails, make up, order take out..etc and make it a purpose to rekindle with your husband. It’s very important for you both.

Helicopter mom?

I need to know thoughts. My son is four and has been going to a preschool for the past 2 years. He loved his teacher last year and loved going to school. This year he has a different teacher and she is very strict and can come off mean. My son is a really good kid and so far she has told me he is a very sweet boy but my son does not like going to school anymore because she is mean. He cries eve... More

  • Jenny
    Aug 22

    You are his advocate, switch teachers. He should not hate school at 4yrs old. I don’t see this as a teachable moment - who teaches their kid to suck it up even though you are miserable at school?! School may not always be fun for a kid but being brought to tears daily is too much.

  • Jennifer
    Aug 22

    I agree with Jenny. Your son is too young to be hating school and sucking it up. The teacher shouldn't be this strict when the kids are that little. He should enjoy school and come home happy. I definitely suggest switching teachers as you don't want this to affect him going into kindergarten and being independent later on. It's going to traumatize him.

I’m at day 53 of cycle. 1 neg hpt, but still thinking there’s a possibility

I’m at day 53 of cycle. My periods have been irregular the past year. I’m 45 years young. I have hot flashes. Took a hpt last week which was negative. I’ve considered early menopause as the cause of irregularities, but my dr did an ultrasound and found several “folicals” (eggs) still. I had an ovarian cyst that is no longer present that I was told could have been the cause of irregularities in... More

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Aug 07

Missed period

I'm 8 days late and never have been late before. I spotted the first 2 days and then it stopped. Now I'm starting to get stomach pains. I took a test on the 5th and it said negative. Should I take another test or just wait it out and see if it comes next month?

  • Anonymous
    Aug 07

    Take another in the morning

  • Morgan
    Aug 07

    Take another in the morning

Anonymous posted in Grade Schoolers Aug 07

How can I reassure my anxious child that she is safe?

My very sensitive 7 year old saw some of the recent news coverage of the mass shootings while watching TV with my husband. She ran out of the room crying and later told me about it when I got back from swimming with her little sister. The next day at summer camp, some kids were playing cops and bad guys and that evening she ended up sobbing uncontrollably and unable to sleep. She told me she is... More

  • Myrtle
    Aug 12

    I’m so sad this is the world we are raising our kids in! I think it’s most important to validate her feelings of fear around it. It is super scary as an adult (and even more so as a child I’m sure) to think about somebody coming into school (or any place really) and shooting people. I might avoid telling her things like you live in a safe neighborhood. I’m sure most of the people who sent thei... More

  • Rhiannon
    Aug 21

    Hi! I came across another book post and thought of y'all. It's about anxiety in general. As a worrier from a young age, I understand how crippling anxiety can be. As an adult, therapy and mindfulness have helped me. At her age, I hope something like this book about worrying could provide some of that helpful framework.'m-wor... More

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Aug 05

Health insurance

I am a stay-at-home single mom (I know... sounds crazy). I have an 18 month old and am hoping to stay home with him until he starts kindergarten. I have the financial means to make this happen, but I am going to lose my current health insurance in about a year. My son is covered under his father, so I will just need it for myself. I have several preexisting conditions that require (expensive) m... More

  • B
    Aug 05

    Check the open market for your state

Gastric bypass surgery

I am having gastric bypass surgery (the sleeve) in September. I have a 13mo right now who still requires a lot of lifting up and down. I have a very supportive husband and mother-in-law who lives in town who would be more than happy to help assist. Has anyone ever gone through this surgery with having such a little one that is still very dependent on you? Did you find the no bending or lifting ... More

Anyone dealing with hyperemesis gravidarum ?

I have been dealing with HG for about 30 weeks now and being on anti nausea meds around the clock. I can’t work, i have trouble keeping up with house chores and my husband has been the sole care taker of our 20 month old and finances. Would love some feed back it can feel so lonely...

  • Amanda
    Aug 06

    I feel for you!!! I had it with my first until two days after I gave birth. It was controlled with diclegis. With this pregnancy, I started off with meds but was still violently ill. It ended up not working after awhile and I haven’t been on any HG meds since about 15 weeks. Somehow the nausea had subsided, but at 34 weeks I started throwing up again from the heat and heartburn. I’ve started wo... More

  • Jaymie
    Sep 14

    It’s the worst! I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. I had it for my entire pregnancy and was hospitalized a couple of times. It can definitely feel isolating, but during my journey I found that there are A LOT of moms who have this disease, although most are undiagnosed. There are a lot of women in your corner! I started following a few groups on IG just to read the supportive posts. It might s... More

Someone help me please

My period is 5 days late and all pregnancy tests are all negative, my last period was 24th june and normally 31 days. Ive been feeling sick, bloated, lower back ache and cramps. What else could it be

  • Anonymous
    Jul 30

    Stress. And then the more you stress about it being late, the more your period is going to be irregular.

  • Bethany
    Jul 30

    I took pregnancy tests when I was 7 weeks pregnant and it didn’t read positive. I had missed my period for two months. I had to go to urgent care and get the blood draw test and it came back positive. I found out I was eight weeks along. You may need to wait longer to find out. Give it time

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Jul 22

Were you prescribed oxycodone?

I was prescribed oxycodone after my C-section. How did it make you feel?

Anonymous posted in Making Friends Jul 18

Making mom friends

Hey everyone I am feeling a bit isolated after having my baby. Any tips on making some Mom friends? Also going back to work so advice for a working mom would be great too.

  • Suz
    Aug 10

    Our daycare provides a class list with parent emails. I emailed and invited the other moms to a dinner out to get to know each other and every single one was interested - I think we were all in the same boat! It was lovely and easy to keep in touch because our kids are together in daycare and we have something in common. Not everyone was able to come to the event/subsequent events but some have... More

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Jul 13

Virus in early pregnancy

I’m 7 weeks pregnant and had a low grade fever yesterday. It never went above 101 but I did eventually take a dose of Tylenol to bring it down. The fever was due to what seems like an upper respiratory cold. Now the fever is gone today. I’m reading all sorts of scary things on the internet about viruses/fevers/usage of Tylenol in early pregnancy and the potential for it to harm the baby. Anyone... More

  • Anonymous
    Jul 13

    Also know that 101 is barely a fever. So don’t stress it was too high.

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