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Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Friday

Postpartum depression

Are you susceptible to PPD if you’re already diagnosed with depression? I’m concerned about how I’m going to react after my first. Also would love to hear what has helped you through it! Thank you!

Body hurts

2 weeks postpartum muscles soreness and weakness still hitting me hard .. is this normal and when does it go away .?

  • Jennie

    Yes girl you should not expect to be back to normal for 6-8 weeks... more if you had an epidural in my experience (I have 5 kiddos). Go slow.

  • Sara

    Totally normal! It took 9 months to make the baby so a full recovery isn't going to happen in 2 weeks. With my second daughter I badly injured my tailbone giving birth and it took over a year for it to heal and be able to sit in a chair like a normal person. I'm not saying this to scare you but just to give you confidence that you will eventually heal it just takes time!

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Jan 17

Feeling down ☹️

I am a mom to a 3 and 5.5 y/o. My oldest was diagnosed as being in the gray area of normal and ASD about six months ago. It has been a really difficult year trying to parent him. I have been in counseling several times since becoming a mom for different reasons. No therapy has really helped long term. Over the past month or two I haven’t been able to sleep well, have been exhausted, ir... More

  • Anonymous
    Jan 18

    You can receive most anti-depressants from your GP (General Practitioner/Primary Care Physician.) I would start there if you're interested in learning about medication-based options. From there, your GP can refer you to a Psychiatrist if necessary, but more than likely you'll be able to receive a low dose prescription from your GP. I also want to add that there is no shame whatsoever ... More

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Jan 14

Any good organic belly creams out there ?

It’s not just for the stretch creases but for the belly itch that comes with pregnancy. I’m trying to find something that isn’t full of chemicals but don’t know what’s actually worth it brand wise.

  • Ivana
    Jan 15

    I loved burts bees mama bee belly cream!

  • Ariel
    Jan 20

    I just purchased Mustela

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Jan 11

Pregnant With #2 - Severe Anemia

Anybody have experiences with severe anemia and everything turned out okay? I am 27 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and was told I'm severely anemic and may have to receive iron infusions. Freaking out a bit.

Toddler Emotions

Parents that were raised in an abusive home, how have you learned to cope with your emotions while also teaching your child to cope with theirs? What techniques do you use? I am failing my child and DESPERATELY need some advice. Parents that were not raised in a hostile environment are also welcome to give advice on how they are teaching their children to cope with their emotions.

  • Anonymous
    Jan 09

    I was raised in an emotionally abusive home. I’m in a similar situation. I want to give my kids better than the upbringing I had, but despite common sense, books, and advice, it’s just difficult to raise them better when you aren’t familiar with better. I attend parent-child interaction classes so that I get hands-on training as well as unlearning of my upbringing. It’s basically what the titl... More

  • Ashleigh
    Jan 12

    Overcoming intergenerational abuse is incredibly hard and a very big deal, so I want to point out you are already an awesome parent for wanting this and taking steps to do so! Something that has helped me: having a great relationship with your kids doesn't mean you have to be flawless. It means you make a point to take responsibility and reconnect when you do mess up (like after losing you... More

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Jan 02

How to keep being healthy in early pregnancy?

Estimating I am about 2-4 weeks pregnant. Any advice for how to keep being healthy?

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Dec 19

Anxiety & Depression

Any other moms/dads out here with this disorder? Any tips on how to deal, cope, or just control it a little better? I am on medication. Thanks in advance

Anonymous posted in Education Dec 05

Where do babies come from?

So my 7 yr old knows about how the baby grows and is born but she just asked me how the baby gets into the mommy. She already knows it has something to do with the daddy. I was taken by surprise by this question and luckily was able to distract her off topic easily but I know she’ll ask again. Have any of you had to answer this question from a seven year old any advice?

  • Anonymous
    Dec 07

    I’ve answered my then 4 year old pretty matter of factor about it and he kinda just dismissed it. We really make a big deal out of nothing. The sooner we can have factual conversations about this stuff without putting stigma on it, the better. It will mean in middle and high school they will feel more Comfortable talking to us about it. There are some great resources out there on why we should ... More

  • Anonymous
    Dec 07

    I agree with the 2 previous people above . Honestly is best and making it a safe space to talk about .

Toddler hairstyle ideas

I need some ideas to help keep my 3 year old daughter’s hair in place and out of her face while she is at preschool. Ideally I’d love to French braid, but I’m terrible at it! Need to practice, not sure why it’s so difficult for me haha! So other than that, anyone have any ideas to keep hair in place? My daughter has long waivey thick hair and ponytails, pigtails, and standard braids fall apart ... More

  • Jennie
    Dec 07

    Sorry I couldn't find a pic so I just had to style her hair lol

  • Ivana
    Dec 07

    Wow, thanks Jeannie! That looks so cute and I think having multiple little rubber bands could work well keeping it in place. I had think wispy hair as a toddler (and currently!) so I have no clue how to manage my daughters very think wavey hair!

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Dec 01


Can Mastitis go away without antibiotics? I woke up with a painful warm spot in my breast today. Should I see an OB for antibiotics right away or wait ? (Ps I had a Mastitis at the same spot with my daughter 4 years ago)

  • An
    Dec 05

    Hi I would suggest to just check with your OB again. If mastitis is full blown sometime antibiotics will not work. OB will try different methods to remove mastitis. I was on antibiotics for 5 days it didn’t help at all. They had to do surgery to remove abscess

  • Vonda
    Dec 05

    I had the boobie tubes by earth mama. Also took super hot showers to try and get clogged ducts taken care of before they turned into mastitis. Had my husband help if I just couldn’t get it out myself. Which helped a lot. I’m a big baby for pain so he’d massage them to get it out. And other ways. ;) But the best helper is your baby! They are born pros. Positioning baby to help get the clogged du... More

No sex drive for over a year? Is This Normal or Happening To Anyone Else?

My beautiful daughter turned a year old in September and yet I have yet to get really intimate with my partner and it's been a whole year.A few times we had been intimate I felt great but later on I was disgusted by the thought of what I had done.I am very much attracted to my partner but I am disgusted 85% of the time when he try's to make sexual advances or even at the thought of doin... More

  • Anonymous
    Dec 01

    I went through something similar. It turned out, there were some underlying issues with our relationship that took me several months to figure out. But once we both acknowledged the issues, and tried to change, I felt more willing to be intimate. Maybe see if there is anything that could be bugging you underneath the sex?

  • meghan
    Dec 03

    Went through something similar and it ended up being the birth control I was on. Switched brands and had a much better reaction. Worth taking a look at if that’s your situation too.

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Nov 23

Need to gain weight & need help with food ideas!

I have been losing weight drastically and my OB let me know I need to put on some weight, she suggested Ensure and I was all for it until I tried it. It’s too sweet and I just couldn’t do it. Are there any quick recipes or other ways you gained weight the healthy way while being pregnant? TIA! Side note: With this pregnancy I have had no desire to eat, if I do it’s literally because I force my... More

  • Penelope
    Dec 02

    Chocolate milk or hot coco and bananas

  • Vonda
    Dec 05

    I ate oatmeal every night before bed to help gain weight. There are tons of recipes. I just do pear, dates and brown sugar.

SAHM migraines and a toddler

Question...what do you do when you have a bad migraine to where you almost cant function and you have a toddler at home? I am lucky I dont get as often but due to kidney issues I'm not suppose to take excedrin or ibuprofen. I will occasionally take the excedrin anyways but at that point it has been hours. What do you do with your toddler? Most of the time I lay in his bed while he plays but... More

  • PK
    Nov 15

    I put the tv on. Like you, I don’t get it often. I’m lucky that I can take medication for it though. But some times it doesn’t work and the tv is on until my husband gets home

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Nov 12

SAHM Issues

I’m at SAHM mom and I know I should be grateful but these last few days I’m mostly just annoyed and tired. My son is 10 months old and some nights he sleeps great others not so much. My spouse leaves home around 6am and is back around 5pm so it’s a long day. Some days I seem to have a hold on things but the days where I don’t omg it’s horrible. My son does well when we leave the house but after... More

  • Penelope
    Dec 02

    I work and take care of the baby all the time. I went from one cup of coffee a day to four. And I literally do everything from pick up to drop off to cleaning and shopping. I also worked graveyard and now I do swings. And my kid is still up till 3am sometime later. I usually don’t sleep more than two or three hours and sometimes not at all. And my baby daddy comes home maybe ever couple days an... More

  • Penelope
    Dec 02

    P.S. stay at homes moms that keep a clean house and do all the cooking etc, work the equivalency of two and a half full time jobs. Once again, women rock!

Hair products for Cuban&Black Baby

I would like to know what I should use for my sons hair, should I use more Johnson&Johnson products for his hair ?

Anonymous posted in Style & Beauty Nov 06

Modest swimsuits

Does anyone have any recommendations for modest swim suits with the following: •Tall (I’m 5’10) •Average body (My bottom is a 14 and top is a 10) •Behind coverage •Most tummy coverage (still not comfortable showing it all after my second baby and maybe too many Oreos 😛) It’s so hard for me to find a swimsuit that fits because I’m so bottom heavy. A one piece would never work, but I like how it... More

  • Aye
    Nov 09

    High rise bottoms are everything!! Keeps my tummy hidden or one piece suits too. And target does really have cute ones. Also coverups too

  • Arielle
    Nov 15

    AlbionFit is awesome and really cute! They have long-torso swimsuits that you could try as well as high-waisted bottoms, modest tops, etc. Kourtni Jeane is another great one that you could look into! You can choose your tops and bottoms separately and mix and match different prints, too. I think Old Navy might have long torso swimsuits as well and I know they have high-waisted bottoms that you ... More

Anonymous posted in Marriage & Partnership Nov 04

Sex...anyone else?

My husband and I haven’t had sex in two years. It’s not lack of trying but since our second kid, it’s just not happening. We have really great open, honest and candid communication about it but btwn being exhausted at the end of the day and wanting it at different times, it just stops there. We flirt, fondle, and kiss we just don’t make it to sex. I suppose I’m just looking to see if any one... More

  • HR
    Nov 09

    I’m in the same boat. If I figure it out, I’ll share my wisdom. Right now I’m just assuming it’ll get better when our little one is older.

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Oct 31

Any parents out there with ADHD or other mental health challenges?

I feel like parenting as a person with ADHD comes with new and different experiences, and I've been wondering if any other parents have been through anything similar :)

  • HR
    Nov 07

    As a person with life-long depression & anxiety, I sometimes have a rough time (I want to be the best for my kid, I don’t think I’m being the best, then I spiral), but I feel like parenthood has helped me try harder to do more to manage myself & push myself out of my comfort zones to help him have a more ‘normal,’ loving childhood (not one where his memories are tainted with Mommy being... More

  • HR
    Nov 07

    ALSO: Anonymous’ post on the 31st reminds me to let others know that it IS possible to have a healthy baby while still taking medication during pregnancy. Definitely work with doctor on this—they can help you find something that will work while carrying if possible, then to help you readjust after birth. For example: I was on Zoloft & Lexapro. My baby was born healthy, & I was alive &am... More

Low libido

Anyone know of what gummies/vitamins to take for low libido? I’m not talking about once a month low libido. I’m talking about straight up no interest low libido. I haven’t had sex since approx the baby was 6-8months old, and now he’s turning 2 in January. My husband doesn’t pressure me into having sex cause he knows my “situation” but I think it’s time I do something about it otherwise the rel... More

  • Casey
    Oct 29

    Are you still nursing? That can be the cause of low libido

  • Anon
    Oct 29

    Nope I am not nursing. Stopped when the baby was 7 months or so...

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