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Self Care during COVID-19

I’m curious to know the various ways parents are coping with the “new normal.” With kids home 24/7, many parents working from home, and the likelihood of having to teleschool/homeschool, how are you taking care of yourselves? Are you taking time for self care? I know that parenting lends limited time for self care on a good day, so I’m not suggesting that parents have ample time in their busy ... More

  • Anonymous
    52m ago

    Following! Going for short walks throughout the day help. I just put my toddler in the stroller and turn on a podcast. Binge-watching shows that have been on our Watch List after bedtime. Making sure to get a nightly shower or a workout at home in the garage. Or, when things get too crazy while kids are awake, pull out the tablets and escape to eat alone in a separate part of the house!

Anonymous posted in Coronavirus (COVID-19) Wednesday

Is it irresponsible to be actively TTC during this pandemic?

Would I really be putting myself and baby in harms way? There’s so much stuff out there that idk what to believe anymore. One article says that pregnant women and their baby will be fine based on data in China. But then my husband keeps saying he’s finding articles that say otherwise? At this point I’ve stopped with reading too much into this and just pay attention to any changes locally.

  • B

    I wouldn’t at this point for the main reason that seeing doctors is hard. You likely wouldn’t see them often and would have decreased things like ultrasounds. You’re more at risk and would have to be extra cautious. I’d wait a few months and see how things are going

Anonymous posted in Coronavirus (COVID-19) Mar 19

Covid/coronavirus while pregnant

I’m soon to be at 35 weeks pregnant and I’m wondering if I really need to go in for my checkup. All seems to be going just fine so I’m wondering if I need to complicate my situation for a minor checkup considering our current societal environment? Granted I will also ask my doctors the same question but I know that I will soon have to come in on a weekly basis and wondering if I could limit t... More

  • Momof2
    Mar 21

    I’m not pregnant but I think that’s smart to limit your exposure! When I was pregnant I bought a fetal heart rate monitor so I could listen to baby’s heart rate (my first baby stopped moving for a period of time so it scared me I wanted to be able to listen without having to go in). I feel like that’s probably the only thing of value at the appointments that you couldn’t get from a phone visit ... More

  • Linda

    Hi- you can enlist a midwife to do your checks at home even if you are not planning to give birth at home or in a birth center. You can also order some test strips to check your urine for protein, and learn to check your blood pressure at home for further reassurement. Regardless of what you decide, make sure to continue keeping track of your baby’s movements and notify your healthcare provide... More

Sara posted in Child Care Mar 16

Parenting & Pregnancy during Coronavirus

Winnie and Startup Pregnant held a webinar to answer questions about parenting, childcare, pregnancy and birth in the age of Coronavirus. Video of the event here:

Anonymous posted in Child Care Mar 09

How are you handling Coronavirus for your daycare?

I'm writing a letter to parents about my sick policy / Coronavirus at my daycare (6 kids total). I'm wondering should I state if a parent is sick, the child must stay home, so they can not spread the illness. I have parents that will have the flu and still drop off their kids. What did you say in your letters regarding the virus and illness policies?

  • Shirin K.
    check_circleChild Care Provider Mar 12

    In my letter I asked families to notify me if anyone in their household had come in contact with anyone who tested positive. I would then ask that child to self quarantine for 14 days before returning. I posted this question just recently but have You thought of what a temp. daycare closure would look like? I’m in SF and I think we might be close to closing schools/daycares. I’m just not sure ... More

  • Charlene
    check_circleChild Care Provider Mar 12

    Well I looked at it like this, if we has to closed down daycares for a month I am guessing I would have to wave the fees, it going to break me have you called around other daycares that has more kids than you ? you gave me something to think about, if I find out anything I let you know

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Mar 08

Post Partum Anxiety??

Has any one actually dealt with this? I have my baby four months ago. I feel anxious every single day, it’s honestly terrible. The smallest things will keep me up at night. I feel nervous and scared. Who should I speak to? My regular doctor or my OB?

  • Pamela
    Mar 12

    I had my 1st baby when i was 30. My baby was colicky. I had a c- section and i felt like a chopped piece of meat. I was miserable. I went to my doctor and she introduced me to a group for women with postpartum. It was wonderful to know i wasn't alone. Hating your own baby sometimes's how you handle those emotions. Keep talking. Keep reaching out. You're not a bad mom, ... More

  • Lisa
    Mar 25

    I totally struggled with this! I kept telling my OBGYN something was off and she kept telling me it was hormones. Granted this was my 3 pregnancy but it was so different. I had to hunt for answers and when I finally did I felt so much better. I wrote about it here because I suffered for 18 months before I finally felt better. My husband thought I was becoming unhappy with being home. Be... More

Anonymous posted in Family Life Mar 07

Spouse depression, issue feeling empathy

Our pediatrician called last night. My wife’s been taking questionnaires with every visit of our 6 month old for post-pardon depression. A few months ago it was a 6, then a 8, and now it’s a 12. The doctor suggested my wife start seeing a therapist. I think therapy is a good idea, especially when staying home with two little ones 24/7. I knew she was feeling down, but didn’t know the severity ... More

Anonymous posted in Marriage & Partnership Mar 07

Going back to work in 9 days from maternity leave and I’m exhausted and my husband doesn’t help

I go back to work in 9 days from my maternity leave and I am exhausted and my Job is pretty demanding on a mental and social level. My husband works from 9am-12pm only and my schedule will be full time from 8-530 sometimes 6-630. He hasn’t helped with the baby this entire leave because he said I’m home. I am starting to really hate him and not sure how I am supposed to juggle a newborn,work fu... More

  • Anonymous
    Mar 09

    for your own peace of mind you may want to consider part-time child care, maybe this will be a wake up call for him that he's so unreliable you need to seek alternative care. The drinking is not safe around your children and I wouldn't risk it with a newborn. Find a licensed provider who has experience with infant care there are a lot of great people out there.

DIY hand sanitizer recipe

The stores and Amazon are all sold out of hand sanitizer but I read I can make some myself with rubbing alcohol. I found an old bottle of 70% isopropyl alcohol so I’m going to try to make my own (I ordered Aloe Vera gel to mix it with). Any favorite recipes or gotchas when making your own hand sanitizer? I don’t want to mess this up because it’s also hard to buy rubbing alcohol right now too.

  • Lindsey
    Mar 06

    The final alcohol percentage must be 60% for it to sanitize. If you are starting with 70% alcohol, the mix would be 85 mL 70% alcohol to 15 mL aloe to get to a 60% final alcohol concentration. Vodka is 40% alcohol, so will never work to sanitize.


I know that there is a lot of buzz about Coronavirus right now, so I wanted to start a thread on how to prepare for it. "Officials said that Americans should continue to practice protective measures -- hand-washing, staying home from work when sick -- while local officials should make sure systems are in place -- teleschooling, working remotely -- should face-to-face interactions need to... More

  • Sara
    Mar 04

    We stocked up on canned goods and pantry items like pasta, freezer food, medication. I got a 90 day supply of the medication I take daily to live. I also bought a home birth kit online because I'm 36 weeks pregnant but that might have been overkill.

  • Amanda
    Mar 04

    I second getting 90 day supplies of prescription medications. My physicians have advised the same thing, and I recently picked up 90 day supplies of all of my prescriptions. Stocking up on pantry items is a great idea, too! This is something that I will definitely do on my next grocery run!

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Feb 25

Painful breastfeeding

Hi y’all. Im an ebf momma. My daughter will be 4 months this up coming week, but the pain is unbearable. I don’t know why but its so sore from the inside. Im not new to bf either, i bf my first for 2 years. Is this something that might need medical attention?

  • Ashleigh
    Mar 25

    Hi there. Sounds like it could be medical. I would schedule with your doctor if this is still an issue - via telemedicine if possible, given the current situation.

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Feb 13

3 days late on Prednisone

My husband and I have been trying to conceive. I am supposed to be having some testing done on specific days of my cycle. I am usually like clock work. I am however this month 3 days late. Took a test two days ago was negative. I have been on prednisone 20mg 2 for 7 days and 1 20mg for 3 days 4 left to go for an unrelated recent surgery. I’ve read this can cause a missed period when prolonged u... More

  • Gerryleigh
    Mar 20

    I would have maybe 3 periods a year .I was told I would never have children but I did every 7 years . So being late happens and you could be having silent periods .Then being on prednisone effects everyone differently so just be patient and wait to see what your doctor says .. Also some women while pregnant still have periods as well . Hope this helps a little ...

Anonymous posted in Parties Feb 11

Baby Shower Dress HELP!

I am throwing a fiesta themed baby shower and would like to wear a white, ruffled top, off the shoulder dress, but can’t seem to find any online that I like and are inexpensive (<$50). Any recommended websites from maternity dresses you’ve bought yourself? Or any ones you’ve worn that are similar and willing to give me the link to? Thanks for your help!

Anonymous posted in Activities & Enrichment Feb 10

Hiking with Toddlers

Taking my almost 4yr old twins on an outdoorsy trip with my family. Planning a few family friendly easy hikes while we are there. Any advice on taking kids this age hiking? I’m sure they will make a good portion of it walking themselves ... though I foresee a lot of time spent carrying them. They are probably too big for those hiking carrier backpacks right??

  • B
    Feb 12

    Snacks. Bring lots of snacks. I’d plan on them walking the whole time and just taking breaks when they need it. Scavenger hunts, talking about what they see as they walk, family songs, etc. and snacks. My sister also uses mms or tic tacs as “power boosts” when things are really dragging

  • anonymous mom
    Feb 12

    If you live near an REI you can rent a hiking backpack, at that age buying a good one doesn’t make much sense. But snacks and water breaks should also help you get them to the end with minimal carrying. At that age you can also do a scavenger hunt to keep them occupied while they hike too, it’ll keep their minds off the walking part😃. My mom used to take us on lots of hikes and she’d help us co... More

At how many days late is HCG detected in blood?

I'm 11 days late (as of today), my cycles are 28 days long. I've had all pregnancy symptoms so doctor performed blood serum test despite the fact that I had tubal ligation surgery 14 yrs ago. Has anyone heard of anyone getting pregnant after tubal ligation? Doctor said I was still young for menopause (I just turned 43) and none of the symptoms indicated menopause . I'm so confused.... More

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Feb 01

Posportum weight loss

I'm still 20 pounds over my pregnancy weight. I'm 4 months postpartum. With my first I lost most of the pregnancy weight within the first 6 months. This time around I feel like my body is holding on to the extra weight. My struggle is that I'm still breastfeeding and I don't want to compromise it by dieting. Is it possible to diet without affecting my milk supply? When did you ... More

  • Anonymous
    Feb 06

    My daughter is now 2 and I still have my pregnancy weight and the belly. 😅

  • Kaleigh
    Feb 07

    It generally takes your body 18 months to get back to normal (hormone wise). Maybe just try cutting one thing out of your diet that won’t hurt supply, like carbs or sugar drinks. Pounds tend to melt off when one of those is taken away.

Tangled hair!

My 2 year old has crazy tangled hair in the morning 🤦‍♀️ tips on preventing this please! We wash and condition in the bath every night and brush and dry before bed 🛌

  • Aye
    Feb 09

    Silky pillow covers, there’s some inexpensive ones online. Great for hair and skin, I know it’s silly but it’s great for parents and kids. Also I put hair serums in my LO’s hair. It’s nice, soft, and silky. Detangler spray works wonders too. Or you can just wrap it with a silk scarf/bonnet at night. Or even satin.

  • Momof1
    Feb 13

    My hair used to get just like that! Are you sure the hair is completely dry? If it is a little wet it will definitely turn into a blob. I started washing my hair in the morning and that fixed it. I know that is not really possible with a little one

Parenting with Pain/Injury/Chronic Illness

To preface, I don't have kids of my own yet. But I am at the stage of life (late 20's/early 30's) when I'm beginning to seriously consider starting a family. One thing that I have always been cautious about is a chronic injury that I have. As a teenager, I was a gymnast/diver and ruptured several discs in my lumbar spine that have left me with chronic pain. I have always been ne... More

  • Gen
    Jan 30

    I have degenerative joint disease and spinal stenosis in my neck and lumbar spine. I do PT once a week and strength training once a week. I have chronic pain, and two children. The first pregnancy wasn’t too bad, but there were definitely some issues after. I had dequirvain’s thumb for a while after, but PT helped that. But my back pain wasn’t any worse. The second pregnancy was harder, I had... More

  • Karen
    Jan 30

    I have an autoimmune disease with inflammation symptoms, as well as a hemangioma on my leg that makes walking or bending my legs hard sometimes. Having a kid is hard with chronic pain and low stamina, but it also pushes to me to be active when I might otherwise be sedentary. It’s a daily struggle, but in the long term for me, having a child is going to help me live a healthier, longer, fuller l... More

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Jan 26


Hello Any mamas took Melatonin while breastfeeding is it safe?

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Jan 24

Postpartum depression

Are you susceptible to PPD if you’re already diagnosed with depression? I’m concerned about how I’m going to react after my first. Also would love to hear what has helped you through it! Thank you!

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