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Take care of your child by taking care of yourself. Every parent needs a reminder to put their own needs first sometimes.

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Anonymous posted in Mental Health Tuesday

SAHM Issues

I’m at SAHM mom and I know I should be grateful but these last few days I’m mostly just annoyed and tired. My son is 10 months old and some nights he sleeps great others not so much. My spouse leaves home around 6am and is back around 5pm so it’s a long day. Some days I seem to have a hold on things but the days where I don’t omg it’s horrible. My son does well when we leave the house but after... More

  • Anonymous
    2h ago

    Angie When my husband comes through the door he’s either washing nipples or holding the baby. I in turn am preparing dinner for us. Bath time is always on him. He’s 10months and I can count on one hand how many times I’ve bathed him. He bathes I put him down to sleep while he hands me all the binky and bottle! Idk why I’m having a hard time finding moms in my area I... More

  • Anonymous
    2h ago

    Sara I checked the website and you’re absolutely right. I see all of mine are at churches too. I would def prefer a non religious affiliation. So thank you so much!

Hair products for Cuban&Black Baby

I would like to know what I should use for my sons hair, should I use more Johnson&Johnson products for his hair ?

Anonymous posted in Style & Beauty Nov 06

Modest swimsuits

Does anyone have any recommendations for modest swim suits with the following: •Tall (I’m 5’10) •Average body (My bottom is a 14 and top is a 10) •Behind coverage •Most tummy coverage (still not comfortable showing it all after my second baby and maybe too many Oreos 😛) It’s so hard for me to find a swimsuit that fits because I’m so bottom heavy. A one piece would never work, but I like how it... More

  • Bethany

    Target has cute ones!

  • Aye

    High rise bottoms are everything!! Keeps my tummy hidden or one piece suits too. And target does really have cute ones. Also coverups too

Anonymous posted in Marriage & Partnership Nov 04

Sex...anyone else?

My husband and I haven’t had sex in two years. It’s not lack of trying but since our second kid, it’s just not happening. We have really great open, honest and candid communication about it but btwn being exhausted at the end of the day and wanting it at different times, it just stops there. We flirt, fondle, and kiss we just don’t make it to sex. I suppose I’m just looking to see if any one... More

  • HR

    I’m in the same boat. If I figure it out, I’ll share my wisdom. Right now I’m just assuming it’ll get better when our little one is older.

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Oct 31

Any parents out there with ADHD or other mental health challenges?

I feel like parenting as a person with ADHD comes with new and different experiences, and I've been wondering if any other parents have been through anything similar :)

  • HR
    Nov 07

    As a person with life-long depression & anxiety, I sometimes have a rough time (I want to be the best for my kid, I don’t think I’m being the best, then I spiral), but I feel like parenthood has helped me try harder to do more to manage myself & push myself out of my comfort zones to help him have a more ‘normal,’ loving childhood (not one where his memories are tainted with Mommy being... More

  • HR
    Nov 07

    ALSO: Anonymous’ post on the 31st reminds me to let others know that it IS possible to have a healthy baby while still taking medication during pregnancy. Definitely work with doctor on this—they can help you find something that will work while carrying if possible, then to help you readjust after birth. For example: I was on Zoloft & Lexapro. My baby was born healthy, & I was alive &am... More

Low libido

Anyone know of what gummies/vitamins to take for low libido? I’m not talking about once a month low libido. I’m talking about straight up no interest low libido. I haven’t had sex since approx the baby was 6-8months old, and now he’s turning 2 in January. My husband doesn’t pressure me into having sex cause he knows my “situation” but I think it’s time I do something about it otherwise the rel... More

  • Casey
    Oct 29

    Are you still nursing? That can be the cause of low libido

  • Anon
    Oct 29

    Nope I am not nursing. Stopped when the baby was 7 months or so...

Anonymous posted in Making Friends Oct 26

Feeling down

Sometimes I get so down about myself. I work at home and work a schedule which is opposite my husband’s. I am either alone working or alone with my kids on nights and weekends. I live near family and we get along but aren’t super close. I feel down about not having any friends. I am not much closer to having a friend than I was when we moved 6 years ago. I go weeks without anyone checki... More

  • Mandy
    Oct 28

    I feel the same way sometimes. I also work from home and my husband has a swing shift position. It's hard, beacuse sometimes it feels like you are doing things all by yourself. I have found getting out of the house, even if it's a short walk around our neighbor helps. My young ones loves it too. Hang in there. You've got this

Anonymous posted in Making Friends Oct 23

The topic of loneliness

I’ve been a stay at home mom on & off since my little guy was born ( he’s 3 now ) due to some surgeries. I’m only 23 & lately I’ve been feeling lonely. What I mean is that literally I have no friends since everyone just kinda walked away when I told them I was expecting. I don’t hold grudges , but I can’t seem to find mom friends or anyone I can talk to about even mom topics. Yes I ha... More

  • JEaton
    Oct 24

    It's hard making regular friends, let alone mom friends - be it differences in parenting styles, the kids are on different nap schedules, etc.. I'm a sahm to my 2.5 year old and have been since he was born. It's just my husband and I and the only friends I had were the ones I worked with, but it's hard to keep up when they're still working full time. I made the few mommy... More

Anonymous posted in Fitness Oct 18

FT working mom -time for gym

I am a FT working mom of a 14month old. I get to spend a total of 90minutes with my daughter on the weekdays. plus I work every other Saturdays. I just can’t get myself to go to the gym because I cannot figure out a good time to go. My husband thinks I am just being lazy. I just wanna hear from other moms... am I just making lame excuses for myself?

  • Sarah
    Oct 19

    I go once a week in the morning before work (so I miss about 20 minutes of time with my son) and once a week in the evening - sometimes I see my son for about 30 minutes and sometimes I don’t see him at all that evening. Saturday mornings we do a mommy & me workout class together so best of both worlds. It’s a lot less gym time than I used to get before being a mom but it’s a balance I’m ha... More

  • Stacey
    Oct 21

    I have a small gym in my basement with treadmill, weights and resistance bands. I try to get down there after baby is in bed but I am so exhausted I don't always make it but knowing I only have to go downstairs helps.

Anonymous posted in Fitness Oct 14

Are there any diets or fitness tips to help you get pregnant?

And how do I stay positive and calm while trying to conceive?

Day 4 No period/ negative Aht

I’m never late in my cycle unless I’m pregnant. Well at least it’s worked that way with my 3 LO so far. I should’ve started my cycle Sept 28 , today is oct 2. I’ve used 3 diff brand test several times going mad because I can’t figure out why the tests are all still saying negative. I’m not having many symptoms other than cramping as if my cycle will stay at any min. I also have slight tendernes... More

  • Quay
    Oct 05

    7 days late, cycle finally came. I hate this. I wish there was a baby. I can’t stop crying

  • Anonymous
    Oct 08

    Are you actively trying for a baby? Sorry to hear this. Try to relax and not stress your body too much. You can try again next month. Go treat yourself and avoid stress as much as you can <3

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Oct 02

Honestly, I’ve been feeling like crap

Is it possible to have postpartum depression over a year later? I just got a new job that is physically demanding and I haven't been sleeping well and thought maybe that was it but now I'm crying all of the time and just feel like a piece of crap and a terrible mother and wife. Sometimes I regret having my child and just look at her in annoyance and then I regret thinking that. I don... More

  • Lindsey
    Nov 01

    All of these comments prove you aren't alone 💗 but please, PLEASE reach out for help. Whether that's getting evaluated or getting a counselor, or coach. Having a neutral, non-judgemental professional support you for as short or long as you need can make all the difference 🤗

  • Anonymous
    Nov 01

    Thank you all for your support and comments. I'm doing a bit better now. Pretty sure it was due to my mom being in a different state taking care of my grandma that has since passed. My mom and I are very close. I started getting better when my mom gave me a date of when she's coming back to Texas and that made me feel a bit better. I also got some good news at work today! Y'all are amazing❤

Anonymous posted in Single Parents Oct 01

How to time manage with little sleep?

I am a mom of two beautiful toddlers. I have a two and three year old. I work overnight so that I am with them in the morning. I am also a single mom. I don’t want to do daycare yet. I do nap in the morning for about two hours before they up. I nap another two to three hours during their nap time. I am always tired and I would like to do more with them. I don’t have much support. Any idea or ti... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 03

    Thank you so much. I appreciate the feed back. I was thinking that I do need help. Lol it’s so hard to realize sometimes because we try to do it all. It hitting me now .

  • Anonymous
    Oct 03

    yes! When you are at your best, your kids get the best of you too. it's a win win for everyone if you get a few hours of help in the day so you can get proper rest. night shift is already a strain on the body and your sleep is so important. don't feel bad about getting childcare for a couple hours. good luck!

Anonymous posted in Single Parents Sep 28

My life is all about my child

I’m a single mom of one two year old . I’m starting to let myself go and it’s all about my baby. Before I had a child I had my hair done etc... Now, I’m not myself . I feel bad if I spend money on myself and I don’t go out to enjoy myself . I mostly go out for my son only . This isn’t healthy because I’m starting to wish I didn’t have a child . It’s bad to say but true. What is the best way to ... More

  • Raji
    Sep 29

    I think it’s important for you to take care of yourself especially since you are single parent. You should not be feeling guilty. Start small, put some money aside for yourself from every paycheck and use it for yourself. Your child will appreciate a happier mom.

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Sep 28

Best Bag for Toting around 2 Toddlers

I have twin 3yr olds and I’m look for a new “Parenting Bag.” We’ve kind of outgrown the diaper bag, but still need room for their water bottles, snacks and a change of clothes. It wouldn’t hurt if it was halfway stylish. 😂 Any ideas, suggestions on bags you love.

  • Jess
    Sep 30

    We actually got a regular backpack that my husband doesn’t mind carrying either 😀 we just keep it in the car all the time with diapers, wipes, books to keep her busy, a change of clothes and some crackers or snacks like that. Then if we go somewhere, I throw water bottles in my purse. That way if we are just running a few errands, I don’t have to remember to grab everything but have in case o... More

  • Kieli
    Oct 01

    Yes I have a backpack too. And I love it! It’s a nice outdoorsy one, so it’s durable and has multiple pockets. Even a little pocket that is insulated so I could keep an ice pack with breast milk if need be. And same with my husband, he doesn’t mind throwing it on for me when I ask him to

Have you heard of mental health first aid kits?

I read a really interesting article about putting together first aid kits designed to help during a mental health crisis. I thought it was such a great idea! Especially with depression and anxiety levels increasing in kids and teens. Here is a link to the article: What are your thoughts? Would you put one tog... More

  • Momof2
    Sep 19

    I love this idea thank you for sharing!

  • Anonymous
    Oct 31

    That's very interesting

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Sep 18

I desperately need a hobby!

I need something positive to do with my spare time. What are your hobbies? I need to find something where I can have time to myself and unwind doing something I enjoy. I feel like I lose my temper because me and my 2 yr old son spend 24/7 together. And his dad is always on his computer after work so I honestly feel like I’m in a shared relationship with his computer games. I told him I’m findin... More

  • Aaron
    Sep 26

    I am a stay at home dad of a two-year-old boy and eight-month-old girl, sometimes when the opportunity doesn’t present itself I try to make sure I engage in my personal development while I’m taking care of my kids I even like listening to an audiobook on the TV while I play with them so I have something progressive going on in the background, naptime rolls around as tired as I might be I try to... More

  • Vonda
    Sep 29

    I am a stay at home mom and I started hand sewing and embroidery. It’s something my son has noticed and has started mimicking. So I bought him an embroidery board (my son is also two) and we sometimes embroider together. I like it because I can do it myself and if I am needed suddenly I can just set down and pick back up easily. I hope this helps. I’ve also thought about getting back into fenc... More

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Sep 17

Pros and cons of birth control shot

I really don’t know where else to post this (I looked at forum options and didn’t see anything related to this, so it’s out in the open, sorry, haha). Do any of you mamas use Depo Provera for birth control? I used it for 3 months right after I gave birth (over a year ago), and I had a rough time using it. I thought maybe it was because my hormones were still out of whack and my body was still... More

  • Anonymous
    Sep 20

    My best friend has the shot and experienced weight gain too. I have the Mirena IUD and honestly dont care for it. My last period lasted 17 days. Its constant, heavy bleeding. It also depends on what side effects your okay with.

  • Melissa
    Oct 17

    I used it many many years ago so it may have changed. I gained like 25-35 pounds. I had my regular cycle and light spotting every other day in between. I didn’t get pregnant on it and only had to take it every 3 months but i much rather take something different.

Two year old scared of his room (dead ghost cat)

So I have a two year old (3 in October) that suddenly hates his bed room. He has always liked sleeping next to someone since he was born but he will normally sleeps in his own room 5 or 6 times a weeks. However the last week he comes and sleeps with me after just being in his room for a few hours. I figured it because he's getting new teeth. Well I told him he had to sleep in his room becau... More

  • Rebecca
    Sep 18

    i would use a magic potion( of water in a spray bottle) and spray it in his closet. Tell him something he needs to hear to calm him. Acknowledge his fears. Give him a out and do something to make it better.

  • Ganz
    Sep 19

    We went through same thing. He got his molars & also completely normal to have those fears. Validate his fears because they are very real to him. I also can’t co-sleep (so much kicking!) so we got a kid cot for him to sleep in our room if he needs us. I also started wearing earplugs when he’s in our room. It dampens sound of snoring but can still hear if he cries.

Morgan posted in Nutrition Sep 13

Low carb while pregnant

I saw my primary care doctor today and he put me on a low carb diet to help me lose weight and i was wondering how i can do that when i get pregnant and if any other mothers who were expecting or are expecting right now ate low carb was it hard???? was it easy????? did your obgyn ok it???? FYI i am educating myself for pregnancy and motherhood i am not pregnant right now or even trying i am ju... More

  • Mindy
    Sep 17

    I had to eat low to no carbs my third trimester because I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Keeping sugar to a minimum prevented the baby from health issues and growing too large in my womb. It was tough and I was very sad to cut out rice bread cake and eat mostly meat, lots of veggies, lower carb fruits, cheese, etc. it’s possible and I did it for two months. It was tough but I did it f... More

  • Jenn
    Oct 27

    Similar to Mindy, I also had to eat low carb due to gestational diabetes. I'm very thin and struggled at various points in my pregnancy to gain weight, despite eating a crap ton of ice cream pretty much every day (oops?) Getting lots of calories was very important for me but I had to cut the carbs drastically as my 1 hr test was at 205 (so high they didn't even have me do the 3 hr). I a... More

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