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Take care of your child by taking care of yourself. Every parent needs a reminder to put their own needs first sometimes.

Share tips and get advice on taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional health and looking and feeling your best as a parent.


I’m almost 11 weeks pregnant. Yesterday we went to the park with our 3 year old and I started having a headache. It literally lasted all day and night til I woke up out my sleep at 12 and finally took Tylenol. (I don’t like taking meds while pregnant which is why I waited so long) but naturally once the medicine wore off it started again around 3. I have work today but my head feels like it’s u... More

  • Anonymous

    Talk to your doctor but I had terrible headaches while pregnant. Have never had migraines before but had them during preg. I would sit in dark room and a warm heat pad on my head helped.

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Monday

The implant Birth control problems.....anyone else ?

After labor 8months ago. I'd chosen to put the Implant in my arm for birth control, iv done this before but had it removed within the first month, so i wasnt to find of it. Its said that periods arnt likely, just a little light spotting every now and then. But Iv been bleeding heavily at randoms times all throughout the month !? NORMAL???? Or is there something else going on, perhaps from ... More

  • Elissa

    I have the nexplanon implant in my arm and I’m actually getting it out Thursday I’ve had it for 3 years and I’ve had nothing but problems tmi but iv bled for all 3 years irregularly I always have some type of discharge everyday it’s horrible I’ve had back pain eating problems and pain where the implant is and i finally got a second and third oppion(aside from my ob who says it’s normal) and now... More

  • Brenda

    I have the implant in since I gave birth 9 months ago but I also had it fue a year n a half before I took it off n changed back to pills. The reason why I stopped is because the last 2 months I was spoting for 2 weeks then stopped for 1 week and resumed back to 2 whoa which made me miserable. Keep in mind that you haven't had a period in a long time so your body is acting up cuz it hasn&#... More

Lauren posted in Self Care Sunday

Anyone else have mommy acne?

I have had terrible acne for a long time and I’m just so sick of it. I feel like I should be too old for acne and too young for wrinkles, yet I have both! There are so many acne products and so many anti aging products. I have no idea what I should be putting on my face. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’ve tried the neutrogena grapefruit stuff, the tea tree items from Trader Joe’s, and a few... More

  • Nik

    It depends on what your acne is. For years I battled with acne and tried everything. It wasn’t until I actually saw a dermatologist that it finally got under control. Some people have a bacteria in their body that causes acne breakouts. For me it was cystic acne that was very painful. I’m addition I have black heads, white heads and regular pimples. In my 20s. After being on an antibiotic for 2... More

  • Renny
    1h ago

    Different products & routines work for different people. Having said that, Chelly’s advise is on point. Christa’s ACV toner is also great for oily/acne prone skin, although a lot of expert now shy away from coconut oil because it’s comedogenic properties. I’m 45 yo. I have combo/acne skin. Issues: acnes, blackheads, hormonal aches and cysts. Here’s my routine and the products (see attache... More

Pepto and breastfeeding

So I was at a wedding last night and must have accidentally had dairy which I’ve avoided for 7 months due to my sons intolerance. I had a belly ache and was given half dose of pepto. I’m realizing now that it is NOT safe to take while breastfeeding and I’m freaking out a little. Anyone know how long I have to wait till I can breastfeed again? For this to be out of my system?

  • Anonymous

    Check kellymom,com and see if they have any advice

  • Angel

    I have taken pesto and breastfed, if it was half a dose you and baby will be fine.

Finding your fitness niche

I’m a serial dater when it comes to fitness classes. I will love body pump and do it 3X a week until I’m bored. Then I move onto ballet barre, Zumba, water aerobics (you get the hint) I’m looking for the next fun and unique way to stay fit. Anyone have something you do that you wouldn’t mind sharing? Can’t wait to hear your ideas!

  • Tori

    Fit4Mom! Love the exercise as well as the kids and Mamas we get to hang out with. They also do book clubs, moms night out, and play groups.

  • Lindsay

    These are AWESOME! Thank you for a great start I am going to look into this stuff. I tried spin once and didn’t like it but I bet it was the instructor. I’ll give that another shot! Loved orange theory but didn’t have one close, one is opening down the street so that’ll be a great option soon! I do have Beachbody! That’s amazing I like adding random fun stuff to keep it fun and different. ... More

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Dec 12

Anybody here hate winter??

Hi everyone. I feel like I already have the winter blues and it's only the beginning of the season. I feel like all I want to do is sleep/ watch tv. I've been going to bed at 8:30. I feel so old and lame! I think this is partly because of the antidepressant I started taking for my anxiety. The pills have helped greatly with my anxiety so that's why I don't want to stop taking ... More

  • Daniel

    Your body is missing sunlight. Take Vitamin D and change the light bulbs in the spaces you spend most of your time in to daylight white. It helped my Seasonal Affective Disorder a lot.

  • Anonymous

    Go to library or mall. Kiddo can get in some free play, you can walk, and a tad change of routine. If no access to get to these places, just go for a quick walk around block or play on porch (all bundled up of course) for maybe 10 mins a day. Fresh air and sunlight do wonders. Sometimes when I’m in a fog with the kids and don’t feel like doing much, I make sure to just take them out and drive a... More


What can I do? I started online college courses while on maternity leave. I have A 2 year old and a 2 month old baby. I feel like I don’t give enough attention to them now. I can’t even imagine going back to work as active military... then I feel like my husband doesn’t give me enough attention... but I know he tries hard. There’s a lot of days that I feel very alone, sad, angry, and anxious...... More

  • Holly
    Dec 12

    I would recommend seeking out counseling. I struggled with this as well

  • Julia

    Thank you both I spoke with my husband about it too and we will be looking for a doctor

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Dec 12

Seeking advice...

I am a mommy of 2, 2 years and a nine month old. I have about 6hours of sleep a night, most times interrupted. I can’t put my babies to sleep or eat at a schedule because the older one need to have his dad around at night in order to sleep through the night. Dad has weird work schedule. What I am seeking for is to remind myself of who I am, it’s like I don’t know who I am anymore. I give 95% ... More

  • Emily Barlow
    Dec 12

    My biggest advice would be to set a schedule, it will be hard on your older one at first but in the long run it will help him and you! I need my alone time at night and some days I count down the minutes until bedtime so I can have a little time to myself to relax and breath before I go to bed. Being a mom is hard! Some days are good and some are really bad and everywhere in between so you need... More

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Dec 11

Parental Compassion or Postpartum Anxiety? Triggered by Tragedies in the News

I have a 1 year old and am a news junkie... or at least was before the baby. Here’s my problem- almost daily some tragedy involving kids or babies makes the paper (including the migrant caravan seeking asylum, etc). I honestly didn’t give it much thought before having a kid. Now it’s devastating- I carry these stories around with me (for months), imagining what the parents are going through. ... More

  • Anonymous

    Thanks ya’ll. I guess one way of looking at it is that parenthood has increased the size of our hearts. It’s nice to think there’s a movement of strongly-caring parents out there. Hopefully we can channel this into a world-changing collective superpower.

  • Natalie

    Gosh!! I was just saying something to my mom about this and how deeply I’m affected by stuff now that I’m a mom. So glad to know I’m not alone.

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Dec 10


So I legit had a breakdown in my sons doctors office. He hasn’t been sleeping he started daycare 2 weeks ago the day before he started he broke out in a nasty rash (roseola) has 4 teeth coming through he’s not taking the bottle at daycare(he’s breastfed) it’s just me always has been and the constant crying and screaming is killing me I had a final in school today that I really shouldn’t have mi... More

  • Lindsay
    Dec 11

    Does he like oatmeal or anything that you could put it in instead of a bottle? That’s liquid-ish? Is he teething or has he had any dietary changes recently? Such as recent intro to dairy or whole milk or something else he’s never had before that May presenting as a food allergy? That being said my babe started daycare at 12mo and at like 13/14 had like a two week gastro upset and was like NOT e... More

  • Mell
    Dec 11

    Hi Mama, I'm sorry to hear you're going through this. Hopefully by now, your precious little one is doing better. My son had the same thing (roseola) after fevering for a week and not sleeping. We gave him chamomile tea and it worked like a charm, got him calm enough to relax and fall asleep at night and his naps. Id mix some chamomile tea with your milk and give it when he's hungry... More

When do you get your period back if you're still breastfeeding at 7 months?

  • Naomi
    Dec 10

    Mine came back while I was still breastfeeding and was on birth control. But it hasn’t been a full cycle yet, it’s been much shorter. I stopped nursing about 4 months ago... I would talk to your doctor if your unsure or concerned , it’s different for everyone.

  • Miriam
    Dec 11

    Mine didn't come back while breastfeeding at all and I found out I was 4 months pregnant after weaning and realizing I still didn't have it back!

Increased hunger on Depo

Ever since my second dose of the Depo shot, I have been hungry pretty much all the time. I try to not eat right away when I'm hungry if I have just eaten a meal, but sometimes I can't help it and feel like I need to eat something. Even after I've had a big meal, I seem to be hungry within about an hour after eating. Anyone else experience this?? This is my second time being on the s... More

  • Carissa
    Dec 11

    I had this same issue with the depo shot. I hated it. I gained so much weight on it because I was always so hungry and I know other people who have had the same issue.

  • Traci
    Dec 12

    Oh my gosh yes. I just thought maybe I was crazy. I was on the depo as a teenager and had no issues. Had my Son and wasn’t on any type of BC for the first 5 months. After he was 5 months old I started the depo shot again and I was constantly hungry and constantly eating. Just 4 months ago I switched to an IUD and have noticed I’m still always hungry but it’s not as bad. I don’t know what route ... More

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Dec 07

Vaginal Discharge

Ever since I had my son my vagina is very off. Periods are off, the whole nine yards. One thing I have very large insecurities about is my discharge. If I smell the slightest bit of it I go change everything. I know the vagina is a natural cleaner but like I cannot deal with any smell. It’s different every day. I douche but nothing seems to help. I need advice 😩

Anna posted in Self Care Dec 07

Take Time For Myself?? 😂😂😂

Can I just say how much cliché posts about “Take time for yourself” and “take care of yourself”, blahblahblah, annoy me? Someone posted a FB post on my feed that said that their masseuse advised them that it is important to take time for themselves. Many times, I see these posts directed towards moms in a somewhat patronizing way. I find that most people who post these kind of posts obviously ... More

  • LisaP
    Dec 11

    Ladies!!! Going to work IS a break for your husband! Stop acting like he is so stressed and burdened by his job that he can’t spend an hour or 2 with the kids on a Saturday morning so you can go out by yourself! He wanted kids too!!! UGH!!! And if he’s always only watching TV with the kid, tell him to get off his ass and PLAY with the kid that you gestated, birthed, and play with/take care of... More

  • Anna
    Dec 11

    @LisaP, I definitely agree that work is a break for my husband, because he works with adults! Haha. However, I will say that my husband is pretty awesome in all other respects as a parent. He definitely takes time to play and hang out with the kids when he is home. Right now he is downstairs finishing cooking dinner for my toddler (I started) and he has been playing with her since she got home,... More

Becca posted in Fitness Dec 06

Does any one else have a lot of excess skin?

So I’m 7 months post and still have a lot of excess skin like to the point it looks like I could have just had her. I work out eat right and do ab tightening exercises but nothing works. My abs still feel separated and even though I’m losing fat the skin is refusing to go back to normal. Any one else have this issue and if so did you get a tummy tuck? I also have chronic back pain and have read... More

  • Becca
    Dec 09

    The drs said I have to wait a year before they will consider it. They didn’t even check anything and the dr kept down playing saying “it’s not that bad just give it time have you tried lotion or maybe change ur diet and a wrap” if I change my diet any more the only things going in my body are coffee and water. I work out to the best of my ability since I work full time and mom full time. I’m ge... More

  • Elle
    Dec 09

    Recommend second opinion with a dr in a different practice. Your weight should be stable for 6 mo - a year, but it sounds like this dr may have been dismissive of your concerns.

Haylee S posted in Fitness Dec 05

Husband doesn’t want to eat healthy

It’s so easy for me to cave in when there’s bad food in the house and my husband just doesn’t want the change (he doesn’t gain easily like I do). I want to clean eat & meal prep but he wants frozen food and carbs galore. Can anyone relate? How do you deal with this?

  • Lindsay
    Dec 06

    I like Emily’s response, can you have different shelves? Or even better, separate cabinets? Or ask him to keep junk in his office. Don’t bring it home.

  • Stephanie
    Dec 09

    Well, you could always incorporate one healthy meal each day. Just slowly decrease high fats and sugars from your diet. I also think that serving smaller portions can help you lose weight and feel better.

Anonymous posted in Fitness Dec 05


Any ideas that could help me out this slump I’m in? My husband has this company Christmas party that we are invited to and I was trying on all the clothes I had and NOTHING FIT. All I could do was cry because I never had this problem before I was pregnant. I know it sounds dumb but it’s been three months now shouldn’t my body be going back to normal? I work out and eat healthy now and still not... More

  • Val
    Dec 07

    Your body did something amazing, growing a baby! Weight gain is normal and it can take over a year to lose the weight. And even if we do lose the weight, like others have said, our body shapes have changed. It’s an adjustment but I urge you to celebrate the changes. Treat yourself to a new outfit that fits you perfectly the way that you are now. I went through the same thing, except it was nine... More

  • Marlen
    Dec 08

    Someone mentioned pumping. How can i forget! Breastfeeding really takes a lot. It is surprising how tired i would get after feeding.

C-section scar still tender and weird feeling?

It’s been 8 months and my scar and tummy still feels numb yet tender? I don’t like touching my scar because it just feels uncomfortable. I don’t know how to explain it. Anyone experience this?

  • Devon
    Dec 06

    thank yall ladies! ok i guess i should’ve worded it differently, i wouldn’t say tender but i would say i can feel the area and not feel it at the same time. that’s why it’s uncomfortable lol. i see that i’m not alone though!

  • Ashley
    Dec 06

    My first c section was 7 years ago and before i got pregnant with my 8 month old, my scar is still numb 7 years later! Its just a normal thing. Every women's body is different and every pregnancy is different. It is completely normal to be tender and numb for a very long time. But if anything else is going on i would definitely see your doctor!

Cheryl posted in Fitness Dec 04

What is the best way you have found to lose the baby weight? I’m a new mom and went from 160 to 205.

  • Christa
    Dec 04

    I found that drinking a lot of water, and doing yoga is really helpful. But also eating healthy, not like diet, but I guess I didn’t really change that much post baby. It just kinda fell off without much work!! A lot of my weight was just from baby, it takes 9 months to put it on and up to a year to make it go away, so don’t get frustrated!!! I just posted a couple articles, that you might cons... More

  • Kieli
    Dec 04

    I found the only thing that worked for me was the keto diet. I am horrible at dieting and exercise, and with the keto I saw results FAST. I lost 11 pounds in the first month with little exercise and eating little sugars and carbs (except for my cheat days)

Am I TOO attached to my son?

Is there a such thing as being too attached to your kids? I have a 3 year old son and we are inseparable! I love him so much! I don’t go many places without him. We go on mommy and son dates all the time. We just went to see the grinch musical and had a blast! I see my other friends with children who often go out and party and I don’t understand how they leave their L/O behind so often. I also ... More

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t say your to attached. But I also wouldn’t say your friends who go out care about their kids less than you do. I enjoy spending time with my kids, I enjoy spending time without them. I do think we you stop everything and don’t spend time with just yourself or with your significant other it effects those other relationships and you eventually get burnt out

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