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Kids and parents both need to have fun sometimes, whether its enjoying a family movie night or catching a podcast while driving to school.

This is the place to talk about your favorite forms of family entertainment including sports, games, books, and fun activities with your child.

At-home kids activities while working from home

Working from home with (young) kids? Our friends at Guidepost Montessori share some tips and tricks on the Winnie blog to help you manage it all.

Crafts using household items?

Cabin fever is definitely starting to set in as social distancing continues! I don’t want to make an unnecessary run to the craft store, so I’m wondering if anyone has ideas for crafts & activities that can be put together using household items? So far we’ve made “telescopes” using empty toilet paper & paper towel rolls (which we decorated using markers), we’ve baked cookies from scratc... More

  • Micah

    You can make some slime with hair conditioner, dye colour and corn starch or something like that just give it a google

  • Sara

    We've been keeping all our food boxes recently (cereal boxes, egg cartons, plastic jars and containers). Honestly my kids don't even need a planned activity -- I will just pick a few recycled items to set out that day on their craft table with some art materials we have (paint or crayons or glue+pompoms or stickers) and let them get creative. It's awesome to see what they come up wi... More

Anonymous posted in Coronavirus (COVID-19) Mar 18

Birthday Ideas during COVID

My twins will be turning 4 next week - looking for ideas of how to make it special while keeping our social distancing. I had promised them the Children’s Museum ... but obviously that won’t be a possibility.

  • Britt
    Mar 21

    Mine is turning 9 on the 2nd and bc I suspect we’ll still be under quarantine I went and bought streamers, balloons, other decorations all in his favorite color yellow... bought a box cake and frosting which will also be yellow... then his brother picked out a few toys, a game and some other little surprises like 4 sheets of temporary tattoos, & tons of candy. Good luck 👍🏻

  • Lisa

    This social distancing really has effected many kids. I know in my area we have done a drive thru celebration for our friends. Where people drive past saying happy birthday as the kids wave. We participated in one a couple days ago. You might also want to consider maybe doing a virtual party.

Anonymous posted in Books & Reading Mar 17

Useful first-time parent books?

Hello! My wife and I are planning on conceiving in the next few months and I’d like to read up on what to expect for the whole process. What books or other comprehensive resources would you recommend to first-time parents? We are both under 40 and live in the SF Bay Area. Is “what to expect when expecting” still a good resource? Is there anything more relevant/current to millennial parents? ... More

  • Anonymous Mom
    Mar 20

    Try the Ovia app I conceived all three of my last kids using it and it transitions with you and your baby to show milestones etc.

  • Momof2
    Mar 21

    That is so exciting! I don’t have any books to recommend but I would just say try to keep an open mind about everything you’re about to go through. My parenting style is very different than what I thought it was going to be before I had children. Also I would just say for the pregnancy process you have a choice in who your OB is and which hospital you want to deliver at. There are so many good ... More

Play dates during Coronavirus closures?

I’m wondering if it’s safe to schedule play dates during this time? Since schools are closed, I know that kids are going to become restless and want/need socialization. What are some precautions that can be taken to have safe play dates? Should I ask the other parent if everyone in the home is healthy and hasn’t had recent contact with anyone infected with COVID-19? Is it okay to ask the other ... More

  • Jenn

    There are no safe play dates. People can be carriers without showing any symptoms. This is a serious pandemic, not the seasonal flu. Your kids will recover from the disappointment of not playing with their friends. Btw this is coming from someone "healthy" who has been sick (with I don't know what bc no one will test me) for 3 weeks. I myself would love to just go into a grocery ... More

Anonymous posted in Books & Reading Mar 13

Marriage help books with exercises?

Having some marriage problems with my husband. No cheating involved, it’s just that it seems we are having issues with communication, getting along, and I feel like a lack of respect since I’m a sahm. I suggested going to couples therapy but he doesn’t want to speak to anyone about our problems. So I suggested maybe trying something at home on our own first before seeking outside help. Does any... More

  • Destin
    Mar 15

    I would like some info on this as well. Going through a seemingly similar situation myself.

Things to do with kids during Coronavirus closures

I am trying to brainstorm ideas for how to entertain kids who are stuck at home because of school/daycare closures. I found this article with a lot of great ideas, such as cooking/baking projects and dressing up in costumes and doing crafts. What are some things that you anticipate doing with your little ones during Coronavirus closures? More

Best language to learn?

The little boy I babysit just started taking an extracurricular Spanish class, on top of his regular Korean lessons. I know that it’s best to learn additional languages as a child because of retention. I’m curious to know about the languages other children are learning? When I lived in Austin, Mandarin was very popular for young kids because there was an organization that conducted play-based l... More

  • Sara
    Mar 10

    My daughter knows some Spanish and Hebrew but just the very basics.

Elena posted in Parties Mar 06

Shared birthdays

Hello everyone my a d my sons birthday are a day apart and we like to share the party by blending a two gender theme he is turning 3 and we would like to make is special but also not to different themes that looks goofy any ideas ? Or you I just let it be hes party only ? I know I do that in the furniture office because he will ask for thing I dont want to ruin or embarrass him as he gets older

  • B
    Mar 06

    My feeling is that kids party themes should be whatever the kid is into. So pick something he likes and make that the theme. No harm celebrating you too, but as an adult do you really need a theme?

Wenonah posted in Parties Mar 03

2 year old birthday party ideas

What are some simple birthday ideas for a soon to be 2 year old? We went all out for her 1st birthday not really feeling like doing that again. I hardly got a chance to enjoy it because I the host/cook/organizer/cleaner etc. I was thinking like Chuck E Cheese or something like that. Are there things there for 2 year olds? Do they have other food items other than pizza? She’s a picky eater. Are ... More

  • Wenonah
    Mar 03

    Thank you everyone. Ya I just rented a covered picnic table at the park for $35. So relieved I was able to get one it was the last one that day. I guess April is a popular month for picnic table rentals.

  • Marcie
    Mar 04

    I did a small party at my parents house did just hot dogs. Cookies cupcakes and chips. Very simple

Anonymous posted in Books & Reading Feb 24

Help! Monkey business

Hi everyone, my husband and I are white and our daughter is too (2 years old). We were at our local toy store and there was a lot of curious George stuff and she really wanted the stuffed George monkey. So I went ahead and got it for her while she wasn’t paying attention but plan to give it to her as an Easter gift. Besides George, my daughter loves all kinds of stuffed animals and fictional c... More

  • B
    Feb 24

    Liking monkeys isn’t racist. Comparing people to monkeys is racist.

  • Anonymous
    Feb 25

    It honestly feels a little racist saying that it’s racist to play with monkeys. That’s immediately associating African Americans with monkeys, which is pretty racist. Just my opinion.

Disneyland or Universal Studios?

Hey ladies and gentlemen, my husband and I are planning a trip for my (will be three by this summer) son. He’s very attentive and has loads of excitement. To those who’ve been or have taken their little ones, What do you guys recommend? Universal Studios or Disneyland? Which one has more for a three year old to do or explore. Thank you

  • Marlen
    Feb 24

    Thank you both, I’ve been showing videos and pictures to my son and I think Disneyland will be it for sure. I’m so excited because I’ve only been one (as an adult) so I’m happy I have a little one to relieve my childhood

  • Amanda
    Feb 24

    The Disney theme parks (Disneyland & Disney World) are typically geared towards younger kids, whereas Universal tends to skew towards an older demographic. Disney definitely has more characters and attractions for younger kids, so even if they aren't tall enough for the rides they will still have a lot to do and many things to excite them!

Nousa posted in Money Feb 20

Second Baby's first birthday

Hello everyone, I'm a little depressed as I'm planning my second child first birthday here. I brought the pictures and videos from my first child first bday and watched them. I feel like there was so much attention to her on that day. Everybody dressed up, so many gifts and decorations, balloons and bday cups and tissues. There was a big cake with her name on it and she was the princess... More

  • Anonymous
    Feb 27

    That is so awesome! I sincerely believe your son will grow up and appreciate that you gave him the same care and attention as his big sis got.

Suggestions for celebrating black history month?

February is black history month and I've been slacking. My older daughter has been learning about some famous African Americans in preschool but I want to do more at home too. Ideas for books or activities that are good for a 4.5 and almost 2 year old?

Happy Valentine's here at Littlesteps/Bigsteps

Some of the art and crafts my little ones done can we see some of your craft ideas 😊

  • Sara
    Feb 13

    Love these, especially the toilet paper/ paper towel roll ones! My kids are for some reason obsessed with making things out of those.

  • Amanda
    Feb 13

    The bumblebee is ADORABLE!!

Anonymous posted in Parties Feb 11

Baby Shower Dress HELP!

I am throwing a fiesta themed baby shower and would like to wear a white, ruffled top, off the shoulder dress, but can’t seem to find any online that I like and are inexpensive (<$50). Any recommended websites from maternity dresses you’ve bought yourself? Or any ones you’ve worn that are similar and willing to give me the link to? Thanks for your help!

Anonymous posted in Activities & Enrichment Feb 10

Hiking with Toddlers

Taking my almost 4yr old twins on an outdoorsy trip with my family. Planning a few family friendly easy hikes while we are there. Any advice on taking kids this age hiking? I’m sure they will make a good portion of it walking themselves ... though I foresee a lot of time spent carrying them. They are probably too big for those hiking carrier backpacks right??

  • B
    Feb 12

    Snacks. Bring lots of snacks. I’d plan on them walking the whole time and just taking breaks when they need it. Scavenger hunts, talking about what they see as they walk, family songs, etc. and snacks. My sister also uses mms or tic tacs as “power boosts” when things are really dragging

  • anonymous mom
    Feb 12

    If you live near an REI you can rent a hiking backpack, at that age buying a good one doesn’t make much sense. But snacks and water breaks should also help you get them to the end with minimal carrying. At that age you can also do a scavenger hunt to keep them occupied while they hike too, it’ll keep their minds off the walking part😃. My mom used to take us on lots of hikes and she’d help us co... More

Valentine's Crafts & Ideas

Valentine's Day is two weeks away and I'm wondering if anyone has ideas for some great Valentine's-themed crafts, snacks, etc? I love making pink cupcakes (with food coloring) and making homemade Valentine's Day cards. What are some other unique and festive ideas?

  • Amanda
    Feb 05

    I just did a craft with 6yoM where we used paper hearts (hearts I had cut out beforehand using construction paper) to make animals! We put hearts of different sizes and colors together to make turtles, dogs, cats, elephants, etc. It was a really fun and neat project!

  • anonymous mom
    Feb 07

    My daughter loves dot dot I drew some valentine themed things on white paper and asked her if she wanted to trace them out with her dot dot markers and she loved it. Another idea that’s crafty and fun and super cheap is to paint rocks. I mean, it sounds so silly but my daughters preschool did this last year and then they sent the painted rocks home with the kids on Valentine’s D... More

Unique Extracurricular Ideas?

I'm interested in finding unique extracurricular activities for kids (approximately toddler through grade school.) I know that a lot of programs offer sports like soccer, basketball, swimming. And then there are language courses for kids, usually Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and French. But I'm wondering if there are parents/caregivers out there who have found really unique activities for... More

  • Tennsie Hsi
    Jan 21

    Both my boys are taking tap & ballet dancing.

  • Kira
    Feb 17

    My oldest daughter(now 11) started aerial dance and Lyra classes 3 yrs ago. She loves it. My youngest daughter (3yrs old) loves horses so I put her in horseback riding lessons a few weeks ago and she is loving it so much it’s hard to get her to leave the barn 🙂

What are you parents doing with the kids throughout winter? I have 3,4,5 year olds and...

I’m going insane !! Pinterest isn’t working for us, it’s always a fail, my kids always seem bored, and idk what else to do with them. They can read and do math, I’m constantly teaching them, but now they seem to want a break... my husband thinks TV and video games ins the solution... but I can’t have my kids do that all day.

  • Allison
    Jan 28

    gymnastics open gyms, indoor play places, our trampoline park has toddler times, the local mall usually has play spaces for kids, library storytimes, we go to a stroller moms workout class and the older kids play while the moms workout, pottery studios usually have kids events or you can just go in and paint something, playdates with friends, indoor swimming pools have open swim times, our loca... More

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