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Kids and parents both need to have fun sometimes, whether its enjoying a family movie night or catching a podcast while driving to school.

This is the place to talk about your favorite forms of family entertainment including sports, games, books, and fun activities with your child.

Anonymous posted in DIY Tuesday

Small wedding ideas?

Really frugal way to throw a very small intimate wedding. No outdoors I live in Louisiana :p we’ve already had 2 of the 4 seasons just this morning haha. The only reason I’m anon is because it hasn’t been announced yet :p

  • Christina

    We had family out to first cousins. Dinner and reception in a restaurant in their private banquet area. Ceremony we did outside, but I know you said you can’t do that. With an open bar and photography we spent about 5k. We skipped flowers which was a big cost saver.

  • Joey

    Don't do wedding favors. They're a waste of money and usually get thrown away afterward. Silk flowers are usually much cheaper than real. You could do grocery store bunches for the bouquets and just baby's breath for the centerpieces (really cute in mason jars). DIY doesn't always mean cheaper! A lot of wholesale websites can offer up cheap alternatives.

Anonymous posted in Parties Monday

Last minute goodie bag

Hi! So my soon to be 3 year old is having a birthday party this Sunday. I have no idea what to put in her friend's goodie bags. Its Sesame street theme..Any ideas??

  • Caro

    Earth's Best brand has some relatively healthy snacks in small packages that have Sesame Street characters on the packaging... I remember seeing some with Elmo and Grover at least...

  • Beckiie

    Gold fish, fruit snacks, crayons, small coloring books or note pads.

Farm birthday party treat bags

I’m looking ideas as to what to put in treat bags for my son’s 2nd birthday that is farm themed. Thank you!

  • Victoria

    Go to party city they have tons of goody bag treats toys and candy

  • Victoria

    They have a whole isle that is specifically for goody bag

What to do

So my daughter is growing up and I would like to create a closer bond with her, what should I do to do this ??

Anonymous posted in Parties Saturday

Baby shower

My husband and I have been trying for a baby for awhile. We have over time gathered a lot. Like most things. But I still want a baby shower when the time comes. This was brought up at a get together. I was chewed out by multiple people that it was dumb and unnecessary. That a baby shower is for people who need things. I wouldn’t like make a registry or anything or expect a gift. But I would lov... More

  • Lulu

    I think the only thing you're doing wrong is sticking around those horrendous people and taking their actions to heart. Cut those ties and let it go! If you need to talk about it, get the Wysa app. It is like an interactive journal. I love it, it gets me through so much negativity I receive from others!

  • Anonymous

    I’ll give that a shot! Thank you! And you are right I do just need to let it go and move on

Anonymous posted in Holidays Saturday

Christmas tree

Thinking ahead to the Christmas tree chaos ahead..... I’ll have a 13 mo walker at this point..... should I accept the fact that we will be singing “no no no” instead of Christmas carols, or skip the tree this year?

  • Tatiana

    We put up a baby gate or two around the tree so the dogs and our son couldn't get it. There are also bigger gates that can stretch out further.

  • Michelle

    I don’t have any kiddos yet, but I nannied for a family who would wrap large cardboard boxes with a side open and then they would put the kids’ favorite toys inside of them and put them under the tree. Seemed to work well, as the kids would go toward the tree and be distracted by the toys in the boxes. Also looks cute as decor too!

Christmas shopping recommendations

I’m trying to find good brain workout games for Preschool and Kindergarten age kids! Help?!?

  • Cooper

    A good gift idea would be LeapStart 3D Interactive Learning System 👌🏾

  • Keith
Adora posted in Holidays Friday

Halloween for 3

Mom, Dad, and two year old girl. I’m so excited to finally dress her up and I haven’t dressed up since I was able to trick or treat. I need some ideas or help with the ones I have. I did get a bee costume for my daughter because that’s my favorite idea but I’m not sure how to make her dad into a gardener without being too “cheesy” or “much” IDEAS: Girl-bee, Mom-garden of flowers, Dad-garde... More

  • Christina

    Have you ever heard of the cartoon Maya the bee 🐝 this might give you some ideas!!! It’s on Netflix 😁

  • Marlyn

    Dad- Hulk, Mom- black widow, baby- superman

Any cool way on getting my 2 yr old to identify his numbers and ABC's

  • Stay-At-Home Dan

    I second Chicka Chicka Boom. Also A to Z by Sandra Bounyton is a really great alphabet book. My daughter loves that book.

  • Mysti

    I second the repetition!!

JJ posted in Funny Thursday

What are you up to?

Anyone else hastily eating Oreos in a locked bathroom right now while you play the running water soothing sounds on your phone to convince your family you’re taking a quick shower before bed so you can have 7 minutes to yourself? No... just me? I figured. Ok.

  • Jennifer

    Sometimes I sit in the bathroom pretending I'm taking a dump but I'm just sitting there for 5 min to get some peace before my little one starts banging on the door. 😄

  • Lulu

    ^Did I write that? Lol

Vicki posted in Parties Oct 11

Too scary?

My daughter is having a Plants vs Zombies themed 5th birthday party so all of her guests are somewhere between 3 (her little sister) and 6 years old. I’m making a piñata which was originally planned to be a Walnut from the game but my daughter wants it to be a zombie head instead. If you’re familiar with the game, the zombies don’t really look scary but I’m wondering if, regardless, a head hang... More

  • Lulu

    Yeah probably lol that may be a bit much for some skittish kids but I would say use your best judgement

Danette posted in Holidays Oct 11

First Birthday

Is it necessary to have a huge first birthday for my daughter?

  • Aravinda

    No kids really don't remember anything, at the same time huge crowds make them uncomfortable where they start crying . Parents get frustrated.. all the fuss. Mom dad kid and immediate family will be the best way according to me.

  • Siobhan

    We had a big party for my sons 1st birthday. It was more of a celebration of him for us! We lost our first son at birth and cherish and want to celebrate our babies. I know he won’t remember it, but I will ❤️

6 month old socializing

Hi mommas. I have a 6 month old boy and have been wondering how to go about getting him more socialized. He’s currently being looked after at home by his grandma while I’m at work. I guess I’m wondering with that kind of arrangement, I’ve noticed that he’s more at home because she doesn’t go out with him except for a walk around the neighbourhood. Weekends tend to be busy with errands and such.... More

  • Sally
    Oct 11

    Thank you guys! This is super helpful!!

  • Jessica

    Library infant story time for sure! I go with my 4 month old and he likes it. I've seen some grandmas there.

Good pop music sans romantic messages or language?

Taylor Swift type sound but without her problematic themes

Airplane/Airport Board Book

Flying with two little ones soon and I want to start reading to them about airplanes. Does anyone have airplane book suggestions, preferably board books, for a 3 and 1 year old? Thanks! And wish me luck!

  • Sarah
    Oct 10

    We have several, I think the best one is called amazing airplanes which talks about the flying process!

  • Crystal
    Oct 10

    Usborne has a lift the flap board book about airplanes that we used before and during our travels.

Emily posted in Holidays Oct 09

Good present idea or no?

My family does a big Christmas thing. This year we are tight on money and my daughter's birthday is on the 18th of December. So we are expected to pay for 7 kids plus our daughters Christmas and her birthday and Christmas for our house. everyone gets the all the kids big expensive presents that they ask for. So idk if this is an option or if it just makes us look cheap. But i had an idea of... More

  • Jennifer
    Oct 10

    We made a rule in my family cuz there are just to many kids now I have 12 about to be 13 nieces and nephews we’ve all agreed we don’t buy gifts at Christmas for each other’s kids. I buy gifts for everyone on birthdays which I spend no more than $20 a kid. We started this years ago as people would spend less or more than get upset they spent more than the other person. I feel it’s worked good.

  • Emily
    Oct 10

    Well Christmas for our family has always been a huge thing. We like the tradition and all. It's just this particular year hasn't been great on our finances. We don't do adults and only do kids. Which I like this system cause I hate buying adults gifts. I just have to creative this year.

East Coast Vacation Recommendations with a 15mnth old.

Hi everyone! I need some recommendations for good toddler friendly vacation spots on the east coast. We live in Maryland and are looking to take a little fall road trip with our 15 month old. We are having a hard time figuring out where to go that would be equally fun for the kiddo and two burnt out parents! Thanks in advance!

  • Kristin
    Oct 09

    Great wolf Lodge is fun if you don’t mind spending a little bit

  • Diane
    Oct 10

    Lancaster PA has a lot to do! We just stayed in a cute cottage airbnb there a month ago with out 12mo old. Hershey Park, Dutch Wonderland, Kettle Kitchen, Central Market, downtown Lancaster, Amish activities, Turkey Hill Experience.

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