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Kids and parents both need to have fun sometimes, whether its enjoying a family movie night or catching a podcast while driving to school.

This is the place to talk about your favorite forms of family entertainment including sports, games, books, and fun activities with your child.

3 year olds birthday activities on a budget

I'm hosting a birthday party for our three year old at our local park. We are on a tight budget and can't afford entertainment. The park has a large sand box with two jungle gyms at either end. The park staff said the park itself should be enough at that age. I was thinking of bringing some chalk, balls, jump ropes, and bubble wands. Do you think that's enough?

  • Lani Schreibstein

    That's what I did for my daughter's 3rd birthday, and I had no complaints. We only had bubbles out of the extra items you listed.

  • Sarah

    Spray bottles are a fun and cheap substitute for water gun for little ones! They are easy for little hands to use and don’t get the kids soaking wet! Our dollar store stocks pretty decent ones! Bonus the kids can take them home as a prize!

Favorite parenting and/or child development books?

Looking for a somewhat easy read since my brain is usually a little fried at night. Something starting from 1 year and on preferred but if it has a little bit of the first year too then it’s ok. Thanks!!

Victoria posted in DIY Monday

1st birthday decoration ideas for a boy (Elmo theme)?

Birthday outfit ideas and gift ideas?

Anonymous posted in Parties Monday


Do you prefer an actual invitation in the mail or a group on social media? I hate social media groups and would much rather send out actual invites, but I'm wondering what is more practical and easy to remember.

  • Anne

    Email invitation for me! I miss stuff on FB.

  • Ashley

    Email or paper invitation. I also love instructions to text or email to rsvp because I hate phone calls lol

Amy posted in Holidays Sunday

Happy Father's Day!

Happy father's day to every dad out there crushing parenting. Whether you stay at home, work 80 hours a week, or are doing it all by yourself - keep up the amazing work.

Sara posted in Holidays Saturday

Raise awareness about kids separated from their parents this Father’s Day

If you’re fortunate enough to celebrate Father’s Day with a family meal this year, check out this idea from Set an extra seat at the table and post a photo on social media with the hashtag #FathersDayOfAction

Chronic pain & fatigue + baby who wants to play

I have chronic pain and fatigue and am having a hard time playing with my 11 month old. It depends how well I feel that day, but I can play for a few minutes at a time throughout the day before I'm worn out. It seems most days go by with me laying on the couch or floor with the tv on and my kid playing with toys by herself near me. Are there any activities that other parents with chronic p... More

  • ANN

    I watch my twin granddaughters (now 3) and I suffer with severe pain daily. My husband bought some tv trays so we use them to color & do crafts on them.

  • Alys

    Great idea! Thank you Ann! ❤

Anne posted in Holidays Jun 13

Happy Pride! 🏳️‍🌈

Anyone else celebrating Pride Month with their kids? Do you have any activity or book ideas to share? Mine love the parades (obviously) but we've also been reading books and playing games all month around the themes of love, freedom, family & identity. It's been a lot of fun and also so fascinating to explore how they think about these pretty heady concepts! My favorite moment was... More

Ashley posted in Funny Jun 13

The most LOL Father’s Day gifts

So you can actually bid to have your dad’s head sculpted out of cheese for Father’s Day 😂😂 I also saw some reinforced boxers so men don’t get kicked in the privates while they’re babywearing. What other crazy/silly/random Father’s Day gifts have you seen floating around?

Activities for a 7mo old

I stay home with my 7 month old everyday. What are some activities to help keep him entertained? Or maybe some learning games? Just things I can do with him to help fill the day. The day seems to drag on and on and I feel like I’m not stimulating him enough. He gets bored within 10-15 minutes in his jumper, activity saucer, and playing on the floor with his toys

  • Mallory
    Jun 13

    Try some exercises together! Look up Itsy Bitsy Yoga on youtube.

  • Momof1

    Sorry this is late. I just discovered an app called Kinedu on iPhone. It has limited free content but even the limited content is fantastic. We just found it and my son loves the activities for his age 10 months. I wish I had found it sooner. You might want to give it a try!

Anonymous posted in Family Life Jun 11

Life lessons from Mister Rogers?

Piggybacking off of this sweet Mr. Rogers post about talking to kids, what is your favorite memory of Mr. Rogers as a kid? What lessons have you taken into your life as a parent? Mine is just patience. Mr. Rogers was also so patient, so happy to talk to kids. I try to remember that when I get frustrated with my own LOs.

  • Deandra
    Jun 13

    That is always a beautiful day in the neighborhood and it’s a happy feeling to know that you’re alive! 😊

  • Anne
    Jun 13

    I just remember how much it meant to me as a child that he was always so calm and warm. It seemed like all the adults in my life were busy running around and stressed and had their own problems but Mr. Rogers wasn't like that at all. As a parent now I try my best (and only sometimes succeed) to be mindful of the fact that my children don't know about all the stuff I have to get done, t... More


A couple of months my wife and I took our 1.5 year old daughter to the toddler gym. We all got sick a day or two after going. I want to go back because we had a great time, but I'm worried about our family getting sick again. Does anyone else feel like this and what would you do?

  • Michael
    Jun 12

    Thank you all for the replies. I worry maybe too much and your comments help me feel less nervous about taking her and getting sick. Thank you all very much :)

  • CTmomx2
    Jun 14

    Yup. Our kid gets sick almost predictably when we take her to museums, etc. it’s part of life and developing an immune system. It will either happen now or when they go to daycare/school. So, it’s unavoidable unless you want to keep her inside all of the time!

On “Freddish”, Mr. Rogers’ thoughtful language for small children

“Once, Rogers provided new lyrics for the “Tomorrow” song that ended each show to ensure that children watching on Friday wouldn’t expect a show on Saturday, when the show didn’t air.”

  • Bill
    Jun 11

    Please go and see “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” in limited release now but opens in wide release June 22. Saw it last week... you will miss him even more!

  • Anne
    Jun 11

    @Bill I want to see that but I am afraid I will spend the entire movie openly weeping!

Aylinn posted in Holidays Jun 08

My 21st Birthday on Father's Day

Father's Day lands on my 21st birthday this year and I don't really know what to do? I have ideas of gifts to buy for my husband, but he constantly tells me not to buy him anything. Should I listen to him or should I just ignore him and get him a gift? I want to get him something meaningful and special. Anyone have any ideas on what to get him?

Game Apps for 4 year old boy

Does anyone have any recommendations for game apps for a 4 year old boy during an airplane trip?

  • Nick
    Jun 10

    I highly recommend the Endless Reader and other Endless apps. They are mostly educational and very fun.

  • Thea

    Temple run or monkey math

First day of summer workbooks!

Using the app chore monster to keep track of her tasks...reward at the end of the week!

Anonymous posted in TV, Movies, & Video Games Jun 01

What age did you start allowing your baby/toddler to start having some screen time?

  • Katie
    Jun 02

    20 months I mainly use it as a good behavior distraction. He gets to watch a 6 minute donald duck/goofy/chip and dale short while I change his diaper, or if we are out at dinner and he gets fussy.

  • Rani
    Jun 11

    My husband mounted a small tv with Roku outside of her crib when she was 2 months old (though she didn’t sleep overnight in her own room till 3 months) she only watched busy beavers during the day if she was even in her room or 10 hour kaleidoscope lullabies at bedtime. Now she watches mostly just alphabocks, busy beavers, baby first tv, happy kids tv (just numbers) if she’s in her room during ... More


Can I take my 4 month old to a pool?

  • Kelz
    Jun 05

    My daughter is 3 months and we plan on buying this for her so we can all enjoy ourselves

  • Mandy
    Jun 11


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