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Kids and parents both need to have fun sometimes, whether its enjoying a family movie night or catching a podcast while driving to school.

This is the place to talk about your favorite forms of family entertainment including sports, games, books, and fun activities with your child.

Summer schedule for kids?

I usually have a structured schedule for my 5yr old during the school year but it’s summer now and as a teacher I’m just like let me rest and just being way to lenient but now I starting to rethink that. What kind of schedule do you guys give your kids during the summer

  • Anonymous
    3h ago

    Like the previous comment said, they are indeed young only once. Having a schedule doesn't hurt. But maybe have it for fun things. Make sure you get out of the house at least 4 times a week and do fun things together. Run errands together where you make lists for them and let him/her search the isles. Get pedicures. Have a competition of throwing stones in the water. Do grown up stuff with ... More

  • Amy
    3m ago

    My son is only 21 months, but I signed up for some "Mommy and Me" swim lessons. It pretty much follows the routine I have where instead of us going to the park, we're going to an outdoor pool. Weekends tend to have different events going on. I usually check Facebook locally for anything. With summer, there are some Movies in The Park, little festivals, and so on. Our weekend sche... More

Kryz posted in Parties Yesterday

Have you done your cake smash photoshoot before baby turns 1 or after? 🎂🎉

  • Kryz
    5h ago

    I wasn’t able to do it on his birthday or before because of the decorations not coming in time. So it will be after 🙁 and awww she really didn’t like it. But she is so cute!

  • Jennifer
    5h ago

    We decided to let her smash a cake at her party rather than do a whole separate shoot. It was thunder storming that day, so she had a raincoat on, which was lucky for cleanup lol😂

Encouraging solo play

Has anyone had an success with encouraging solo play in your toddler(s)? My 15 m/o is very loving, cuddly, comforted my closeness and reassurance, which is adorable most of the time, but challenging as I work from home and sometimes need two hands for things. What have you liked for helping your little ones entertain themselves?

  • Anonymous

    My child has bee playing alone for 20-40 min since he turned 1. The trick that I found was, to give him a limited amount of open ended toys. Like REALLY open ended. That paper that comes in your Amazon box as packing filler. He played peekaboo, he scrunched it, be make a path and walked it, he ripped it, he put it up around the sides of his playpen. I feel like modern toys often discourage crea... More

  • Sara
    56m ago

    The best thing I've found for my little one (1 year old) for solo play is to give her something that isn't designed to be a toy and also that she hasn't seen before. Things like kitchen utensils and mixing bowls, big cardboard boxes she can climb in, random objects that seem safe... all those things she loves to play with. If it is designed to be an actual toy she gets bored more ea... More

Anonymous posted in Activities & Enrichment Monday

Activities for 10 mo

My 10mo daughter stays home all day with her nanny from 8-5:30 every day five days a week. The only outing is an hour at the playground. I am wondering what other nannies/parents are doing with their babies around my daughter’s age. I am just worried that I am dumming down my daughter or something by having her just stay with her nanny at home all day. Are there any classes to suggest taki... More

  • Jenn

    I have a 13 month old and was a nanny for infants and toddlers. I was out of the house every day as a nanny to many different places. Parks, splash pads, pools, library, music class (Music Together), gym class (My Gym, Gymboree, Little Gym), zoo, indoor play areas when it was raining or too hot/cold. As a parent, I do the same thing. My LO and I go out at least once a day when I'm working a... More

  • Anonymous
    3h ago

    I went to Library baby rhyme time, swim class, and music class in addition to playgrounds. It’s nice to get the interaction with other kids as well as the sensory experience of music, water, sand, etc. my son is also very active and walking at 10m so going out was easier.

Stacie posted in Behavior Sunday

Toddler ripping books

Anyone have any advice for toddler ripping books? My daughter is 21 months and has a favorite paper book but lately she’s been ripping it! She loves to read it but then she’ll randomly rip it. We’ve told her the book has to go to time out and will put it away but now she’ll rip it and say “ut oh book time out.” 🙈 So clearly that isn’t working. Any advice?

  • Amy

    Have you thought maybe coloring books? There are some cheap ones at dollar stores that I've picked up for my son. I essentially use that as a means to teach him not to rip books meanwhile preserving the other books for story time or when he's older. He still gets the chance to learn how to touch and turn pages. Otherwise I do have several board books (several from Chickfila lol) and clo... More

  • Emily

    Are you concerned with keeping the ‘paper integrity’? If not, you could put that plastic contact on each of the pages so she can’t rip them.

Father’s Day Board Books for Toddlers?

Father’s Day is this week! Just want to add in a board book that my toddler & his daddy will enjoy reading together. Any suggestions? My toddler is currently 17 months but he enjoys reading & listening to his daddy read. Thanks!

Has anybody here subscribed any monthly book clubs for kids?

Has anybody here subscribed any monthly book clubs for kids? Is it worth it? I found a review for some here... I know there are others too. I am thinking of subscribing to one for my almost 6yo daughter.

  • Stanli

    I’m trying out a monthly subscription with Amazon Prime books. So far so good. You can kind of choose but after a certain mark, you get what they send. 20 bucks a month for 4 board books.

  • Stanli

    I also get monthly free books from the Dolly Parton foundation.

Anyone doing their local summer reading challenge?

We are doing ours and it’s pretty cool. Since our son is a pre-reader he can get credit for other non reading related activities that help boost learning and development.

Anonymous posted in Allergies & Asthma Jun 05

Birthday cake

My soon-to-be 5 yr old is allergic to colors on the icing cream. His Birthday is just round the corner. I would like him to choose his cake but I want to make sure I give him options that would suit his health. Looking for recommendations for alternate Birthday cakes. TIA.

  • Anonymous
    Jun 06

    That's a great idea. Do you know any Bakery that does it?

  • Lynn
    Jun 06

    I’m sure you can make a special request

Anonymous posted in Activities & Enrichment Jun 03

Do you use audio fairy tales?

Do you have any resources for this? (maybe an app or website)

Anonymous posted in Activities & Enrichment May 31

Toys for toddler

Toys r Us is history. Learning Express is pricey. Amazon offers very few engaging options. What are some other places to get educational toys for toddlers? I am trying to keep my 2.8 year old away from tv and electronics till he is 4,m. Possible?

  • Nikki
    Jun 03

    Melissa and Doug make great educational toys. Amazon sells them, but Kohl’s sells some items too. Using their coupons, you can come out with some great buys! AC Moore sells them as well and they have a rewards program and coupons too! Many of their toys are wood, as opposed to plastic.

  • Jenn
    Jun 09

    I've gotten lots of good stuff at consignment stores, yard sales, Facebook marketplace.

Hello to all. I am a single mother to a sweet and smart 4 yr old girl. Need ideas.

My daughter gets very bored easily, and I feel she needs something more challenging and fun to keep her occupied. Anyone has any ideas for arts and craft ideas? Thank you!!

  • Angie
    Jun 03

    I am also a single mother to 3 year old. Beading necklaces can be fun and supports fine motor skills, baking cupcakes with her helping mix ingredients and decorate, dot art, painting, getting Barbies dressed, built blanket forts with her under kitchen table while u cool with her baby dolls tea party, balance bike/scooter outside, wash her ride toys day...soapy fun mess with sprinkler.

  • Jazmine M. Gonzalez
    Jun 03

    Thank you, ladies!!! This will certainly help my daughter to be less bored. She is four years old and I feel she is in need of something that will help her keep occupied and spark creativity and knowledge so that I can get some quiet time and get things done around the house, and these activities would be awesome for us to do together as well. Blessings and have a great week!!! 💜🙏🏼

Find the Most out of the way Campgrounds

We're aobut to head out on our yearly two week camping trip! We use a pretty cool app for finding camping sites called ParkAdvisor.  It shows all the private and government owned campsites in any area, including a huge number of them we never would have found, but loved.  Many of the campsites we wound up in were an hour or so up ever narrowing, apparently deserted, dirt roads through the m... More

Any one worry about kid being too advanced...

It's a double edged sword I want to teach my kid everything I know and more, but he is already adept at pre k curriculum at 28 months. I'm worried that he wont be engaged and challenged when he actually goes to kindergarten. What else can I teach him right now? To be competitive and well rounded in current times but that will supplement a standard education.

  • Suzy
    May 30

    When in elementary school, if he’s not challenged have them test his capabilities (bc public school now is all about taking and passing tests), if he shows he can bump a grade ask them to do so. I skipped a couple grades with my parents help.

  • Anonymous
    May 30

    My daughter is 19mo. She knew all her colors by one year. She can count to 20, knows most of the alphabet, and knows all of her shaped (including trapezoids and hexagons). I'm nervous that she'll be picked on for being smart as there were several kids I saw throughout school be made fun of simply because they were smart. I'm also nervous because she wont play with kids her age. The... More

All inclusive holiday

Looking for any recommendations for an all inclusive holiday! Looking for a week away where kids can have their own time (1yr old & 4 yr old) and my husband and I can have some time alone.. with wine.

  • Cathy
    May 29

    I was going to suggest a cruise too. There’s a Facebook page called Disney Cruise Line Junkies and there’s like, 80,000 people on it. You can get all sorts of advice. We’ve never been but people LOVE it.

  • T
    May 30

    I’m not sure your 1yo will be allowed at the kids clubs on cruises. I thought most started at 3yo & potty trained to be left at inclusive resorts...

Anonymous posted in Holidays May 25

Spouse does not enjoy holidays

Does anyone else deal with this? When we first met he seemed to be interested in holidays, bdays, bbqs, etc. Now he will use any excuse to avoid them and even on Christmas morning, Easter morning he just lays in bed. Feeling alone and I don’t want to be miserable and miss out on all of these sweet memories with my little ones, but I feel like he makes my holidays miserable since he doesn’t enjo... More

  • Anonymous
    May 26

    He may not like holidays but not everything is about him. I'd imagine it makes it hard for the kids to enjoy the holidays when you have that negative energy lurking around.

  • Anonymous
    May 26

    He never can see that he makes everything about him. Literally every decision has been about whats best for him and its true the kids don’t enjoy the holidays as much. I may have to think about leaving but that’s not ideal either.

Anonymous posted in Parenting Culture May 23

Birthday party RSVPs

We are having a birthday party for my son in 3 days.. I let my son invite the kids from his babysitters. He is 5 and has always gone there. There are about 10 kids and some are siblings... I knew a lot of people may decline because of the holiday weekend but only one parent has RSVP’d... I have no idea whether to plan on the others attending or not. It is okay either way but I would like ... More

  • Vonda
    May 30

    I always rsvp or at least let people know if I can’t make it asap. I know how important it is to plan for an event. I’d remind everyone to rsvp again. Some people need an extra nudge. Sometimes you have to say it face to face or over a phone call. It’s not a dying art. I always do rsvp for birthdays, our wedding, parties, etc. It makes sure I plan accordingly so there is less waste and knowin... More

  • Mysticnocturne
    Jun 05

    I agree with the people in support of RSVPing. I always do party favors, and I would hate for a kid to be left out because there are not enough, but I also don't want to buy 20 if only 5 kids are attending. I also like it when parents *ASK* is siblings can also attend and not assume that they can. I don't mind- as long as I know in advance- but again- I need to know numbers to make sure... More

Learning body parts

I have been trying to teach my 22 month old body parts. We started learning them when he was about 18 months old because I didn’t realize he was supposed to know them already at that point. I was able to get him up to 5 different body parts but we spent about a week or two not talking about it and he forgot all of them! I have been trying for a month now to get him to do body parts again but he... More

  • Raji
    May 21

    We just randomly ask our kiddo about her body parts and then ask her to point to our body parts. She likes songs n pointing and etc. if your kid has some kind of doll or action figure you can reinforce it by having him point body parts.

  • Jenn
    Jun 13

    Head shoulders knees & toes was my daughter's favorite song for a while. I did all the pointing to the body parts with the song for a few months. I would reiterate body parts while in line at the grocery store and facial features in the car (she has a mirror so can see my face). As she was learning I also asked her to point to things on the dogs, her stuffed animals, daddy, etc.

Hi moms. When should I start taking my little one to playgrounds?

I do take walks with her daily, she hates swings and doesn’t walk yet (14months), she doesn’t sit in the stoller, I end up picking her up when she is screaming therefore can’t be outside for more than an hour.. any tips? 🙈

  • Anonymous
    May 18

    Are there any sand playgrounds? She can crawl around and still be near you. Or just and try and play with toys. Library story times? Kids museums?

Anonymous posted in Holidays May 13

Mother’s Day went downhill

Anyone else’s Mother’s day full of tantrums? lol. Anyways, I have had 3 Mother’s Days since my son was born. The first, it was just us as a family of three. I sent everyone in my family that is a Mom - a card. (My Mom, my sister and my MIL). I didn’t get a card in return from anyone. For my second Mother’s Day - we went away for the weekend with my in-laws. I had my son make my MIL a pain... More

  • Kieli
    May 14

    If you want to acknowledge the mothers around you, I would just send a text. Or a phone call. Don’t do anything major especially now you know where you stand with them. This year I got my mother a gift, my grandmother a gift card and my MIL a card with cash. My mom and grandma got my a new tv, but nothing from my MIL, which is fine by me.

  • Julie
    May 23

    I’m not trying to be judgmental at all, so bear with me here. But I honestly think when people spend a lot of time comparing what they gave vs what they received it ends up creating a lot of undue negativity and the person who offended them by not reciprocating will not change anyway. Yes, stop making effort for your mil. She clearly doesn’t make the effort for you. If your husband wants to ... More

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