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Kids and parents both need to have fun sometimes, whether its enjoying a family movie night or catching a podcast while driving to school.

This is the place to talk about your favorite forms of family entertainment including sports, games, books, and fun activities with your child.

How old were your babies when you felt comfortable taking them to the beach and going in calm water?

Also any tips for keeping them cool and comfy!

  • Kerry
    2m ago

    I took my little one when he was almost 3 months (he was also 5 weeks early) we loved it. We live in Florida so have stayed away while its been really hot but will go again soon. Ive got a portable play pen with a shade on it so he can stay in there for some shade. Its hard carrying all the stuff and a baby on my own so prob skip the umbrella for a litte bit until hes walking. Take plenty of fl... More

When our girls were young:

We played games, watched cartoons and lots of kid/ Disney movies, went to gymnastics and cheer, read and made up stories of Shirley the squirrel for my youngest. To this day ( they are 22& 19) we still play games, go to football games, rodeo, and movies together. We like to all go as family to new Marvel, Jurassic Pirate or Wizzard movies together. Ticket to Ride and Harry Potter game ... More

5 month old daily activities?

What are some fun things I can do for my 5 month old? He gets so fussy and I think it's from not enough stimulation ( too hot for walks right now).

  • Claudia

    My baby had a lot fun with balloons! He used to move his legs and loved to see how the balloons were moving too.

  • Katrina

    My 5m loved table spoons and kitchen utensils, plus riding around on me in a carrier chewing on said spoons just watching all the stuff I did. Lots of songs and narrating our day.

How do parents do full day activities with toddlers? Mine is mess if he just has a stroller nap.

  • Lindsay

    He is down to 1 nap. Sleeps around noon for an hour and a half & goes to bed about 6:30pm. Seems like I'm on the same page with what everyone is saying. Just need to figure out how to swing next weekend out of town. A bit anxiety provoking. Where do toddlers even sleep when out of town. I'd be surprised if he used a pack n play.

  • Christina

    My 3 yo still uses pack n play when we travel. We got the peapod and she screamed when we put her into it. Also have tried intex inflatable toddler bed and she won’t sleep in it either. Side note-she outgrew pnp at 18 months due to height.

Anonymous posted in Parties Tuesday

Bday party goodie bag?

Im having my daughters 1st bday party where there will be mostly adults and then about 10 children ages 1-8. Are goodie bags expected at parties now? Any thoughts on what to put in a goodie bag for this age range? Silly question, I know, but I have no idea how this works!!

  • Hannah

    Don’t buy junk because you feel like you have to. You’ll hate it as a parent yourself. Applesauce pouches, temporary tattoos, mini play-dohs. Those are the only things that I give because they’re enjoyed by wide age range, serve a purpose, and then go away without much guilt.

  • Dani

    Are you doing a theme for the party? Look on Pinterest. I’m not into goodie bags...I’ve managed to leave all of my friends’ kid’s parties avoiding them. For my son’s first birthday a few months ago I threw him a dinosaur themed party and went with an idea I found on Pinterest. I ordered some small-ish plastic dinosaur toys and had an “adopt a dinosaur” cage. Most of the kids took them home and ... More

Anonymous posted in Activities & Enrichment Sunday

Swim lessons at a later age?

I wanted to get my son into swim lessons when he was at least 6 months but we never got to it (we were traveling a lot). Now that our lives have slowed down a little and we have the time to sign up for lessons he is now 1.5 years old. I tried taking him to the pool (he was fine in water he could walk in after an adjustment period) but he freaked out when I tried holding him in water that he kne... More

  • Jenn

    Exposure therapy is the most effective at eradicating fear. Take him now and be patient. He may be freaking out because he wants to do things himself but can't. It may also be because it's cold so maybe try a long sleeve rash guard to help a bit.

  • Camila

    I would try to respect his fears or apprehensions, i mean not pushing him to go to the deep for example. If the pool has steps let him play there just as he plays in the bath. Let him get confortable with the water and everything about it. The beach is a little scary because older kids scream a lot!

Any tips of how you to move from one activity to another with a 3 year old?

My boy absolutely refuses to leave the playground, library or any other fun place. He falls on the floor like there is no tomorrow and nothing works. I tried talking to him, promising more fun things, threatening him that I will leave him (he says bye bye..), nothing. We always end up picking him up and talking him screaming him like someone is ripping his head off. Then of course hours and hou... More

  • Yopolos
    Aug 10

    Ok another thing to try, ask if he wants to go in five minutes or two minutes...or something like that! Give him a choice of when he leaves.

  • Soledad
    Aug 11

    I have always found it to be an ice cream when I want to go. or something tasty to eat or drink. Now I simply call him, I say "let's go" and he already knows that some prize awaits him for listening and obeying.

Anonymous posted in TV, Movies, & Video Games Aug 08


My little has grown out of watching Baby Einsteins a very long time ago. He is 2 and a half almost 3. What next? Any suggestions?

  • Jessica

    My daughter is 3 and a half. She loves Super Monsters (Netflix), Mickey Mouse Club House, and Team Umi Zoomi (Hulu). I try to stay away from PJ Masks (which she loves), because of the behavior of the "villians". They are very whiney and annoying. ;)

  • Katrina

    My little is into machinery, so we watch a series called Mighty Machines by Canadian Public Broadcasting. 3 seasons, available from several channels on YouTube. We've been watching since little was 8m and I'm still learning things, and my now 2yr knows more about tow trucks than I do. Lol.

Books for starting preschool

My 3yr old is starting preschool this fall. He's never experienced child care or being away from me, except when staying with family. So I'm looking for recommendations for getting him ready for the preschool experience, especially any books that might be fun to read together.

  • Courtney
    Aug 08

    The Kissing Hand! I found this book before my daughter started preschool, and then her Kindergarten teacher made it a part of their first week of Elementary School, too.

  • Diane
    Aug 10

    Not a book, but Daniel Tiger has episodes and help with this.

How to get my kids to listen in church??

Any suggestions???. My boy 2 yr old, and boy 4 yr old will not sit still. They have been in church since new born and still cannot sit still. I have tried everything. We get new quiet things to do to keep them busy, we have snacks, we take them out. Any suggestions??!! Thank you!

  • Andy
    Aug 09

    We used to take our oldest out when it was clear he needed a break but one day I noticed our son was intentionally being bad to get taken out. After going on a long plane ride to Orlando we realized that our kid is very capable of sitting for long periods of time without having to run around. So now we treat church kinda like an airplane ride. You are stuck in this spot for the next hour or so ... More

  • Becky
    Aug 09

    Thank you soo much for your feedback!!! And yes we do try to rotate. And not really let the kids play with the “church toys” outside of church just so they don’t get bored!! We will definitely try this!! Thank you!!

Ideas of things to do!

Hi everyone! I'm running out of activities to do during this hot summer heat. My daughter is 2 1/2. Any ideas are welcome! I'm stumped!

  • Laura
    Aug 08

    Look @ OC parenting, Kidsguide magazine, tiny oranges, sandy toes and popscicles blog... we live in vacation land! Also, go check out the airplanes take off at John Wayne

  • Rachel

    I got a pack of colored pipe cleaners and let my 2 1/2 yr old thread them through a colander. 😂 So simple while I’m cooking.

Book recommendations?

So I recently got 1 day each week by hubby to be able to relax in tub and read a book for an hour. I haven’t read a book for enjoyment for 5 years. Does any one have any recommendations for me. I’m open to anything except children’s books

  • Marta
    Aug 08

    I found a book called I heart my little assholes

  • Carol
    Aug 10

    Cecilia Ahern is chicky-Flicky & I’ve enjoyed her books. A fabulous book is Reading People by Anne Bogel - she has a wonderful web site above - Jessica Turner at The Mom Creative has wonderful book recs. If you like mysteries, I like Catherine Coulter’s FBI & the Brit in the FBI series and the Linda Fairstein series.

Anonymous posted in Activities & Enrichment Aug 06

Summer camp overload?

I am not originally from this area, but I feel like the only parent who doesn’t send their kid to multiple day camps throughout the summer. It was not a “thing” where I’m from nor when I grew up. I’m hoping my kids won’t feel left out, but I can’t afford or even want to send them for several weeks out of the summer. It seems a little crazy to me. Every time I speak to someone their kid has camp... More

  • Kathie
    Aug 10

    Im 28 now, but when I was a child my parents sent me to overnight summer camps. Only one every year. Those were some of the best years of my life, and I think my parents were able to send me on some sort of scholarship, because you’re right, they are super expensive, and i highly doubt someone in their field of work could’ve afforded it. I plan to send my son when he gets older. He will no doub... More

  • Maryna
    Aug 10

    I’m just finishing to read “Simplicity Parenting” book and it makes me feel no worries, I love its idea of not adding many scheduled activities to kids’ life (whenever possible).

Thoughts on this?

I’m thinking of making one but I overthink everything and I’m afraid my LO will think it’s okay to play with these outside of home.

  • a
    Aug 06

    The board is awesome. I don’t have enough time to make one. We actually just stop by to latch, lock, and handle section at Home Depot to get our input. It is about 50 items at toddler height for her to practice. We do language too with open/closed, in/out, on/off. She loves it, it is free, it doesn’t clutter our house, and the employees haven’t minded one bit.

  • Torie
    Aug 06

    A family made one for our little lady and she loved it. I think every kid is different, but our daughter never messed with real locks and what not. We have some thing she can take off too via Velcro (like a small calculator and flashlight)

PSA - Stop reading the "Wonder Weeks". It was discredited quite a while ago. Basically, the author continues to push his book -- even though his book was proven to be false, and he was fired from academia for shady behavior -- because he is betting on the fact that parents won't fact-check or vett parenting guides. A follow-up study by Plooij's PhD student, Carolina de Weerth, examined the claims of the book. Sh... More

  • Katie
    Aug 07

    Weird I actually enjoy the app and reading everything.. I didn’t get this much information with my older son so I actually enjoy reading the wonder weeks and knowing when we enter a leap. 🤣

  • Anonymous
    Aug 09

    I feel that it profits off of basic knowledge. Typically babies get fussy when learning knew things/growth spurts/reaching milestones. Most babies roll between 4-5 months. Now we select most of the weeks between this time and say the baby will be fussy because they are having a "leap".

Just curious....

How old was your child when you took them to the movie theaters for the first time? What cues did they give that they were ready?

  • Sarah
    Aug 08

    We took both right about 3. They were both very interested in the movie we took them to so were a little better about sitting still. My recommendation is to try and hit a mid week matinee or a dollar theater flick first in case it all goes south and you have to leave!

  • Wayne


Mackenzie posted in Babies Aug 01

How is working 12 hour shifts with babies?

I have to return to work in about a month when my son will be 3.5 months. I work in healthcare and will be working three 12 hour shifts during the day either 7-7 or 11-11 and I’m so anxious to go back. My son will be with my mom or MIL, both of whom I totally trust so it’s not a matter of worrying about his care/well-being BUT I am worried that I will basically not see him three days out of the... More

  • Coley
    Aug 10

    It sucks every single time you have to leave your baby, especially for those long shifts. But remember that there is only one mom and your baby will never love anyone else the way they love you! Babies are a lot more resilient than we give them credit for- it's the mamas that can't handle stuff!

  • Hope

    I work 17 hour shifts my kids still want to see and cuddle with me the most every day.

Yammi posted in Parties Jul 30

First Birthday

What did you do for your little one’s first birthday? I have less than a month to prepare, and I don’t even know what I’m going to start! I’m definitely going to bake a smash cake for him, we’ll sing and (of course) take tons of pictures! But my creative mind is shot, and I can’t seem to think of any brilliant or fun things we can do to make this special day extra special for my little one 😭 An... More

  • Mia
    Jul 30

    My oldest we did a cake and it was the first time she had sugar really. (That went out the window with number 2), just some friends and family came over. The 2nd child shared a party with big sister since their birthdays are only 3 days apart. Any celebration you choose to do should be about you surviving the 1st year of parenthood. The baby will have no clue what’s going on and no memory of... More

  • Jenn
    Aug 01

    On my daughter's first birthday the three of us (her, dad, & I) went to the zoo and a random restaurant on the way home. We had a birthday party for her on the weekend that was entirely too big but she loved it. We hosted at our house and had a theme (jungle). After the craziness was over, I took her to build a bear and we built her a bear together. That will be our tradition. The firs... More

Lauren posted in Behavior Jul 29

My 4 year old daughter has been watching Daniel tiger and she's been grunting like he does

When he gets frustrated. Any options on how to stop it? I don't want her to not watch the show because she likes it.

  • Amber
    Aug 03

    Lol just enjoy your kid. Mine growls all the time. There will be a day when they are fully grown that you will miss these silly things

  • Jackeline
    Aug 09

    My daughter was doing the same thing. But when she did it to my husband he did it right back to her and on and on. She didn’t like it and stopped doing it. I didn’t think that was going to work he does that to my 11 year old and it works on her too.

How long do you let your kids play in the bath tub?

He usually wants to get out right away but for several weeks he’s been wanting to play. We don’t have a long night time routine so I kinda let him play until he’s done but now night is getting longer and longer... curious to how long others let their kids play!

  • Lisa
    Jul 31

    30 min or longer. They tell me when they are ready to come out

  • Kevin
    Aug 05

    I set a 5, 10, or 15 minute timer at the beginning of the bath and make sure that he knows ahead of time. He'll sometimes throw a fit, but will still comply with putting away the toys. So, he has until the timer goes off, then we clean up the toys, then get out. I use the green timer cube off Amazon (has 1, 5, 10, and 15 minute timers). We use that cube for a lot of things.

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