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Kids and parents both need to have fun sometimes, whether its enjoying a family movie night or catching a podcast while driving to school.

This is the place to talk about your favorite forms of family entertainment including sports, games, books, and fun activities with your child.

Any recommendations for a tool box for young toddler?

My daughter is about to be 14 months and seems very interested in all kinds of nuts n bolts. She’s touching chairs, door hinges etc. so my question is any one ever used any tool box with their young kiddo that is not a choking hazard?

  • Haley

    There’s always toy tool sets available. But if she didn’t find interest in those you could put several nuts on a zip tie, was my first thought. Or if you’ve seen those busy boards. Tons of ideas on Pinterest. Good luck!

  • Julie

    Hi Raji, have you found anything yet!? My daughter is similar to yours, she loves nuts n bolts and I’d like to get her something too but everything I’ve seen has small parts. I feel like she’s well past the stage of randomly putting things in her mouth but don’t want to be foolish and leave obvious choking hazards with all her toys and have something awful happen just when I let my guard down!!!

Joe posted in Parties Feb 09

My baby is 11 months

His birthday is March, can I get helpful ideas please... My first child and want it to be magical thank you

  • Joneen Driver
    Feb 09

    I did an Uno card game theme for my son’s first birthday. Uno because he was turning one & it was something unique. I was tired of the usual characters everyone picks for parties. I wanted something simple but fun for my son’s first birthday since he’ll have many years of telling me the themes he wants. And it turned out awesome! Everyone loved it! I also picked a really cool place that jus... More

Anonymous posted in Holidays Feb 09

Pregnant with Baby 2

How did you all announce to your hubby you were pregnant with baby 2? I have sort of dropped hints but want to come up with some fun way to tell him other than just “I’m pregnant” any ideas with Valentine’s Day coming up?! Thank you in advance!

  • Alexis
    Feb 10

    I found out I was pg when ds#1 was 5 months old. We weren't expecting to be pg so soon. While my husband was out I took one of my sons plain white onesies and a few fabric markers I had laying around and wrote "Guess what? I'm going to be a big brother!" On the front. I put the onesie on the baby and just waited. It took about 20 minutes or so after my hubby got home for him t... More

  • Anonymous
    Feb 10

    Well, ladies! I told him today - since today is my birthday- I wrote on a piece of paper “I’m being promoted to big brother October 2019” and put the test on there too, and had my son give it to daddy! He cried!! Soooo excited!!! They’ll be 20 months apart!!!

Anonymous posted in Holidays Feb 08

Valentines gift ideas for hubby

Hi! I know Valentines Day is a “holiday” that many roll their eyes at, but my hubby and I like to do something small and special for each other. Other than the obvious - chocolate, go out for dinner, sex, cards - what else do y’all give your hubs? If there is anything else? 😂😂

  • Kieli
    Feb 09

    My husband had a special coffee cup that broke a while back, so I ordered a new one for him from amazon and of course the day I ordered it he went onto my email and found it! Lol so he was really happy, but not so much a surprise. I like to get him something he’s been really wanting so that way it doesn’t just end up getting thrown out or left sitting around

  • Benjamin
    Feb 09

    My wife scheduled us a couples massage.

Swimming lessons: afraid of water

My 3.5 yo boy is so afraid of the water that every swimming lesson he cries and sometimes screams most of the half hour class. The supervisor is practically refusing to have him in the group class. Any recommendations?

  • Valerie

    I went through this last summer! We ended up sitting my son on the side of the pool and I went in the water with all the toddlers. After 2 sessions of him watching me have fun, and him sitting on the side, bored, he got in. Slowly, but got in. After 10 weeks he was swimming.

  • Sarita

    I decided to be there earlier and go with him in the water to acclimate before the class. Then, when class started, I told him I was going to the bathroom, with the purpose not to be present. It worked 😀. He did his class and at the end I went inside the water just with him again to play and have fun just to reassure him water is fine and not to be afraid of.

Cooking with preschooler

Hi! My 3 year old is interested in cooking with me in the kitchen. Any kid friendly kitchen tools out there that you all can recommend?

  • Anna

    Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn often have great tools for kids, especially around Easter, they tend to have cute stuff on sale. I’m always lusting after it for my toddler. Lol! Right now they have adorable Harry Potter stuff!

  • Joy Lim

    We use Curious Chef brand for real cooking utensils that are safe for kids. You can find their products in Amazon

Andraya posted in Parties Feb 06

1 year old Birthday ideas

Hello my daughter will be one years old this month on the 14 which is (Valentine's day). I want to asked anyone who could help me with some ideas of putting her party together which will be at home. I would like to buy her a nice gift that I hope she would love from her mom and dad. What should I buy her?

  • Andraya
    Feb 07

    Thanks you everyone the advice was very helpful😘

  • Julie
    Feb 07

    Okay so first things first, she’s just the cutest!!! Love her big eyes and expression!! ❤️❤️😍 We had a big party for my daughters first but I have a huge family. I have the tally somewhere but there were close to 100 people at her first party and every one of them was family on my side except for my best friend and her daughter. No joke, and this wasn’t even extended family, it was sisters/... More

1 year old boy

What ideas for play time and learning time and snacks and food do I do for a one year old. I’m a new mom and would like any helpful tips. Thanks

  • Amanda
    Feb 02

    Check your library for kids groups. They are great! Favorite snacks are veggie and fruit packets, frozen peas, ohs that melt, green juices frozen in small ice cubes for teething.

  • Debra
    Feb 04

    Play groups at your local preschool Often if you volunteer you can take your child for free

Ideas to do with my 19 mo old girl inside besides tv!

My 19 month old baby girl loves to watch tv. I am trying to get down her tv time to only an hour a day but sometimes it’s the only thing that can calm her down and give me a moment to clean up! She will play while the tv is on with her toys but she does love to sit and watch. We have tried different crafts and I’ve tried different toys. Unfortunately it’s too cold for me to bring her outside an... More

  • Elle
    Jan 28

    TV under 2 is not advisable. It's good that you're minimizing it! Here are some ideas! - yoga (in your home - use google or youtube or xbox for free yoga videos) mayhe this can replace existing screen time! - give her wooden spoon and pots and pans and tell her to make music - ask her to rearrange something (let her succeed!) - sensory play (colored rice mush, edible 'playdough', etc)

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jan 29

    Tv is okay for when you have no choice (ie either she screams The whole time while you try to cook dinner, or she watches some tv). I would look up the hands on as we grow blog, she has lots of great homemade activities for this age and it’s cheap and affordable stuff usually already at home.

things to do for 2 year olds?

  • Jenn
    Jan 29

    Park, local zoo, aquarium, library story time, a learning center like The Thinkery (I’m in TX, not sure what they have like this in NY).

Movies for Toddlers

Hi! I’m looking for some appropriate movies (or tv shows) for my 2 year old son. We’ve done Daniel Tiger, Thomas the Train, Bubble Guppies, Sesame Street and the movie Cars. Anything else? Thanks! And yes, I am aware of monitoring screen time - we go and do a variety of activities - but when they’re sick or it rains for days on end a movie or two doesn’t hurt. They will still go to college 😉

  • Nenisha
    Jan 31

    My 2 year old loves Word Party! We are starting to get into Story Bots..both can be found on Netflix. Oh and Blippi on YouTube.

  • Amanda
    Feb 02

    Poppy long stocking, The wonderful world of David the Gnome, anything from the 80s

Anonymous posted in TV, Movies, & Video Games Jan 23

TV Shows suitable for a 11 yrs old

Hi, We are trying to find TV shows suitable for a 11 yrs old that can show him about family, friends and other topics for kids his age. Any ideas?

  • Dee
    Jan 29


  • Lily
    Jan 31

    I definitely like Amazon or Netflix a lot more than just the TV. Also, my mom didn't let us watch a lot of things because than we started acting like that. So just keep that in mind

First Disney Trip for 18mo old

Hello!! My husband and I will take our son on his first Disneyland trip next month! We both haven’t been there in about 8 years so we do t know what to expect especially now that we have a toddler. Any suggestions, tips, tricks, or hacks to make this as fun and easy as possible? I’ve heard about apps and fast passes but have no clue what it’s all about. Any advice is appreciated!!! Thanks ... More

  • Lettie
    Jan 26

    Write down what rides your toddler can go on and where the baby centers are (changing tables, breastfeeding rooms, toddler toilets and a small kitchen). Carry snacks and other baby/toddler things with you (you have a backpack and your husband a backpack). If you want to take pictures, get the Maxpass (you get the downloads right away that you can download to your phone or CPU, it stays in that ... More

  • LillyMarie
    Jan 26

    Thanks for the pin reminder Lettie! And I like the suggestion about the toddler earmuffs!! Did you find it hard with each of you wearing a backpack? Or was is super helpful?

Does it count as screen time if the tv is on but your kid isn’t watching?

They’re in the same room, well within range to see the screen. It isn’t a cartoon or anything entertaining for them either. It’s the news, documentary or sports.

How to not get unraveled by the mess

I'm a stay-at-home mom of a 19 month old ACTIVE little one and am also beginning to address my generalized anxiety disorder, and one thing that seems to derail my efforts to be a fun mom and keep him away from the TV (which I don't mind using but just not ALL the time like my son would like) is the prospect of too much mess. I never ever pictured myself as the mommy who would choose not... More

  • Dee
    Jan 29

    Agreeing with above. Leave the messy activities for when he gets older or maybe one in a while until you see how he could handle them. Avoid play dough. Becomes dried up and a non stop surprise mess everywhere. Drop in play places are good one in a while. Your a good mom, you know your child’s interest- feed off it to encourage it more in different ways.

  • T
    Jan 30

    Only one activity at a time. Clean up right afterwards and involve toddler. Why toddler starts to pulverize chaulk, end activity. Chalk is for drawing. You’re pulverizing it. This tells me you are finished. It’s time to clean up and find xxx to do.

What are some of your toddlers favorite activities and or places to go. I want to mix it up!

My daughter is 1 she has been walking since 11 months so she is super active so I was just wanting all the ideas of things to do with her to make sure I can keep her busy 🙂

  • RK
    Jan 25

    My 1 yo loves to play with old containers (food containers) and to put stuff in/dump out. He often needs help opening caps, but it's a cheap and really fun activity for that age :)

  • Katie
    Jan 26

    My 2 year old loves the natural history museum, which really surprised me because I always found them boring as a child. We go almost weekly, and generally spend 2-3 hours each time. He likes talking to me about the taxidermied exhibits, and identifying the animals. We visit "Lucy" and the dinosaurs. They also have a children's play room that is great (play dinosaurs, various pu... More

Best Books For 1yr old

Any ideas and where I can buy them?

  • Diana
    Jan 16

    My child is now two and the books she keeps returning to are the board books I bought on a whim at the local dollar store. I also buy from thrift stores, garage sales, etc, and just wipe down every page with disinfectant wipes. Try your local library to find the authors / types of books you like, then you can find good prices online and already know that you like the story.

  • Teresa
    Jan 18

    A current favorite in our house is Sheep Go To Sleep

Legoland or Disneyland?

We’re in the process of planning our vacation with our 7 mo old and 4 yo... she loves both legos and Disney.. which would you recommend would be most fun for her? She’s very energetic a little over 3 ft tall and loves rides

  • Elreith
    Jan 18

    They’re so close together... just do both 🙂

  • Yo
    Jan 21

    I would definitely NOT CHOOSE DISNEY. I have been to both with my kids and while Disney is nice its also too much to handle for a kid. Disney parks are immense with longggggggggggggg lines and over crowded everything. We had season passes to Legoland and it was ALWAYSSSS FUN. My kids cry every time I tell them we are going to Disney. Legoland is much smaller than Disney and has different rides... More

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