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Hi need some advice please, I’ll be flying with my almost 1 yr old daughter. The flight is gonna be 13hrs or more... what should I expect? Any tips? TIA!!

  • Vanessa

    If you breastfeed try to plan doing so during departure and arrival. This really helps with cabin pressure.

Anyone else have a toddler that won’t eat veggies? These are awesome

  • Jennifer

    We have the fish sticks and nuggets too! We have the pasta but haven’t tried it yet

  • Michelle

    My little ones LOVES everything from kid fresh. Especially the chicken nuggets and Mac and cheese.

I’m taking my 4 month old on a plane alone. Anyone have any tips, advice, products or items that will make my trip a success?

  • Sharon
    Apr 18

    Hope you have a fantastic trip, Dana! You’ll be fine :)

  • Pamela

    You’re able to bring breastmilk if you have some stored and can’t find a comfortable place to nurse (if doing so). Definitely feed on take off and landing so keep him a little hungry so he can manage the altitude change. Try to keep him awake before take off so he can sleep on the plane. The flight attendants are usually really helpful and definitely go through the family assist TSA line. Don’t... More


I have a friend that just found out she’s expecting. It’s still early but she is very excited to find out the gender. She said she wants to find out the gender with her husband first but then wants to announce it to friends and family in a cute way. Anyone have any cute and maybe different ideas for a reveal? She doesn’t know yet if she wants to have a party or maybe just cute photo ideas

  • Erin
    Apr 18

    If it’s warm where your friend is at & if the get together will continue into evening...they have gender reveal fireworks now:)

  • Brittany

    Box with the gender balloon color. Shoes lined up with the next shoe being a girl/boy shoe. A bunch of gender reveal ideas on Pinterest as well:)

I need to get some fresh fruits for my toddler. In a hurry can I buy them online? Please suggest me a good website to buy fresh fruits and veggies online.

  • Anne
    Apr 16

    I think Amazon delivers from Whole Foods now, you could check that out.

  • David

    We are using a service called “Hungry Harvest”. Apparently it was an idea proposed on that TV show “the shark tank“. Basically what they do is take fresh produce that grocery stores don’t want and deliver them to your door at a great price. Each delivery is different than the one before. You have the ability to tell them things you never want, and tell them things you’d love to have more of (... More

Evening routine for 1 year old What do you do between dinner and bedtime routine including bottle? Recently stopped breastfeeding and feel like our routine is all over the place. Would love some ideas! Thank you :)

  • shika Johnson
    Apr 12

    After dinner I would have bathtime (with toys), read a book & cuddle (they like that) & talk for a minute say prayers & lay down with them about 30minutes and they should drift right off to sleep as a matter of fact you might too 😍👶👧

  • Amy
    Apr 13

    4-530 : walk and park 530 : dad gets home and plays while I finish up dinner 630 : sit down for dinner 645 : I play with little guy while dad does dishes 715 : clean up toys, brush teeth 730 : bath time 745 : story time 815 : lights out Everything is plus or minus 15 minutes depending on how our little guy is feeling

It’s been 14 months since birth and my weight is increasing significantly. All my time is dedicated to my baby boy so I find it difficult to take care of me. I indulge in junk food like it was a drug and now I’m needing rehab. Any suggestions on juggling a toddler and a healthy eating lifestyle?

  • Ashley
    Apr 17

    I bought loop bands on Amazon to work out at home and it’s simple and even my son was helping me and had fun with it

  • Ashley
    Apr 17

    And also to cut back don’t buy junk food when you go to the store that has helped me a lot even tho I crave it . I have to go out and get it and i don’t over indulge any more

Just wanted to share a money saving tip to those trying to conceive that was told to me by my dr. Both ovulation and pregnancy test can be pretty speedy, even if you go the dollar store route (they are the same quality as the $20 ones). You can buy strips in bulk on Amazon, I got a box with 50 ovulation strips and 50 pregnancy test strips for $20! You will want to buy small cups as you dip thes... More

  • Daphne
    Apr 13

    I agree with you! I had been trying to get preggers for 3 years. I kept buying the ClearBlue ovulation sticks and the $$$ added up. I also followed the Ovia app to check when I was ovulating, and usually the app the and the sticks were around the same days. And then I finally decided to buy the strips with preg tests (and the little cups) after reading about it somewhere and reading the Amazo... More

Idk if this is normal, but between formula, diapers, and groceries we spend a lot! Its our biggest expense by far! Does anyone have any tips, cheap advice, etc to help? Does anyone else feel this way?

  • Holly
    Apr 10

    I can relate! I've always been a big couponer, but I started using Ibotta this year. Someone else mentioned it too - it's awesome! I just hit $100 earned with cash back. The best part is you can use a coupon at the store & then also still get $ back with Ibotta. Yesterday diapers were on sale, I used a Pampers coupon, & then I got home and scanned my recipes and got an extra $5 ... More

  • Haribabu
    Apr 11

    I would suggest to buy diapers at lidl & Aldi...they are really good and cheaper...

Exchange unused babiesrus gift cards for buybuybaby gift cards! They do not match it dollar to dollar however. Probably works best if you still have a lot of balance on the card but don't have the need to purchase anything from the babiesrus store.

Does anyone have veggie advice? I'm at my wits end trying to get my son to at least try a veggie. He will not eat anything green. His poops are hard sometimes which cause him to strain. I tried flax seed (ground) all it does is give him gas, prune juice stopped working. His father, my friends all say that it will come in time and some kids just dont eat veggies i get that part but I'm... More

  • Sarah
    Apr 03

    Jessica Seinfeld (the wife of Jerry Seinfeld) has this great cookbook called Deceptively Delicious, all about incorporating veggies into everyday food... all the recipes are tasty and will be enjoyed by the whole family!

  • Jay
    Apr 03

    Make it orange with cheese sauce.

Loved this! To raise resilient kids, you should let them display emotions like tantrums and not immediately try to get them to stop crying. “More than that, allowing ourselves — and our children — to experience and express a full range of emotions is vital to our well-being”

  • Yessenia
    Mar 29

    This article, like many other emotional intelligence articles, neglects the facts of facilitating how to overcome feelings and BUILD resilience. This article focuses way too much on just letting your kids feel emotions which can lead to LEARNED HELPLESSNESS if done incorrectly - which the article fails to educate. Learned optimism is the goal and it’s not done by just letting them feel emotions... More

  • antigrav_kids
    Mar 30

    I'll see your NYT respectful parenting article and raise you one :)

Do you fit gym time into your schedule? If so, how? I work full time and have a 7 month old. Id like to start incorporating some self-care but wondering what others schedules look like. Morning, evening, how many days a week?

  • Nese
    Apr 05

    Zumba at home or SWORKIT on my phone. I started small and did at least an 8minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout everyday with baby playing on floor near me. She likes the Zumba DVD and sometimes I could pick her up and dance.

  • Nese
    Apr 05

    Also on off days or weekends in the winter she and I would go mall walking for an outing.

Creative but easy birthday party themes for 3 year olds? He loves Mickey Mouse and paw patrol but I’ve seen it done so many times, it’s starting to get overplayed.

  • Carmen
    Apr 05

    Three years old is old enough for him to tell you what he wants!

  • Courtney
    Apr 10

    A different take on a Mickey Mouse party would be to do a roadster racer theme...he can see his fav characters but you can play up the racing part with checkered patterned tablecloths and Oreos stacked up like tires on a snack table....toy cars in the treat-bags I could go on but I’m sure Pinterest would have some good ideas....if not let me know, best of luck!!

How do you all find time for self-care/hobbies/side hustles? Do you regularly make time for any of these things? My husband travels across country frequently so I don’t always have him to take care of the kids when I want/need time to do these things. Nanny/babysitter on a regular basis is not an option on a regular basis for financial reasons.

  • Juli
    Apr 05

    An idea that I’ve seen work well (nanny here, almost a mom!) is finding friends with children roughly the same age as yours that also get along with yours and swapping babysitting times. So you’ll take all the kids for say two hours so their mom can get stuff done or go on a date night and then on another day she’ll take your kiddos for two hours so you can do the same. There’s always the chanc... More

  • Sarah
    Apr 09

    I also work, so lunch breaks provide me time. I work near a nice trail, a gym and a rock climbing gym, so try to do things there on my lunch

We are planning a road trip with my daughter who will be 10 months (almost 11 months) old at the time. She is not a great sleeper but pretty much solely sleeps in her crib right now (naps and at night). I’m planning on taking a pack and play but am not convinced how well she will do in it. She still wakes up quite a bit at night. I don’t mind if she ends up having to sleep with me but I’m conc... More

  • Brittany
    Mar 26

    I recently went on a road trip with my 6 month old amd he slept with me and was fine even though he prefers to sleep in his bed but overall he was fine and didnt mind being in the carseat and sleeping with me

  • Mae
    Mar 30

    @Miranda, I commented above already. We are at my in-laws’ now and she is napping in her pack n play. She looks super uncomfortable though. I’m looking at getting a little mattress for it. I know they are technically not meant to have mattresses in them but if you feel the bottom of the pack n play, it feels SO uncomfortable. I found one on amazon that is made for pack n plays and got really gr... More

My husband and I have 3 kids. He works full time Monday through Friday and I'm home with the young ones while my 8 Year old is in school. During the week our family is so much on a schedule and everything seems fast paced. Him and I barely get alone time just to talk to each other. On the weekends we try to do family things as a whole and so even on the weekends there is no quality time. An... More

  • Athena Phaedok
    Mar 27

    How late does he work, and do you have a bed time for your kids? My husband is full time, goes in before I get up and comes home at dinner time. We have the kids in bed between 8-8:30 every night, accept Friday. They are usually fully asleep by 9. My husband and I stay up till midnight, and use the time the kids are in bed to do stuff together. That's 3 hours for watching shows, movies, pla... More

  • Crystal
    Mar 27

    My husband and I had this issue and we were determined to change it. We decided to put the kids to bed earlier to make sure we had enough time together each nighy. My husband has to go to bed pretty early, so this has helped a lot. We make sure we either just listen to music or watch a show we both enjoy so we can relax but still enjoy each other. We also don't have a reliable sitter for da... More

Any advice on getting my three year old to take is liquid antibiotics?!?! He has strep throat and has to take it for 10 days and he is absolutely refusing to take it.

  • Jazmine
    Mar 25

    Count to five and sit with him while you give it to him I do this with my daughter and she doesn’t fuss cause she thinks it’s a game

  • Andrea
    Apr 08

    My son takes his abx from anyone other than me. 🙄

Any parents that don't keep their babies/newborns in car seat when going from car to house or car to anywhere? I am very small and live up 3 flights of stairs and just don't see it being possible, even though most say it's the best option because they stay sleeping. Just looking for some reassurance that taking them out of it to relocate is an ok option too

  • Lauren
    Mar 19

    I kept my daughter in a car seat while we went shopping up until she was 6 months and her doctor recommended I don’t leave her in there at home because it’s bad for their spine while growing. They can also develop a bad habit of having to sleep only if they’re in the car seat.

  • Sara
    Mar 19

    Exactly what Lauren said. It’s not good for them to be in a car seat too long. It can also cause a mishapen head. I always took my daughter out of the car seat when transferring her from the car to anywhere else.

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