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Anonymous posted in Tricks of the Trade 3h ago

Bottles & Sippy Cups

For the bottles & sippy cups that are found with milk or juice weeks after being lost....... Under the cars seats, beds, sofas etc, do you guys throw them out or wash them?

  • Lin
    3h ago

    We toss em, and try to recycle them when we do. Sadly, plastics are making their way into everything including the food we eat. Theyre about $4 at Marshals, TJMax.

  • Anonymous
    3h ago

    Good to know! We used to use the glass bottles but they became fragile after a couple months of wear, where they would shatter if he’d accidentally drop them. You’re right though, tossing is best😓

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding 4h ago

How to get off the bottle

I’m having a problem getting my 16 month off of a bottle when it comes to milk. He will drink water from a sippy cup/contigo water bottle but when it comes to milk, he refuses to drink it out of anything but his bottle. Any suggestions? I’ve tried about 5 different sippy cups and nothing seems to help. He also refuses to drink his milk if it isn’t warmed up... any help with that as well?

  • Anonymous
    4h ago

    These are great ideas! Thanks so much!

  • Kelly
    2h ago

    For whatever reason my son likes to “see” his milk. He drinks water just fine from colored or stainless cups, but has to have a clear one for milk. (Toddlers are weird!!!) We also gradually decreased warming times until it got down to cold. The only problem is that a lot of sippy cups can’t go in a bottle’s how we stumbled on the clear ones we finally found, the BornFree Breeze t... More

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding 7h ago

Back to breast

Has anyone had any success for getting a baby back to breastfeeding at 5 months? Exclusively pumping now. I have worked with a lactation consultant. Any tips and tricks that have worked would be welcome

  • Lulu
    6h ago

    Co sleeping could possibly help.

  • Leah
    5h ago

    I am having the opposite problem. My 3 mo son won't take a bottle. Any advice? He was getting a bottle of breast milk every other day until he just started refusing it altogether. We're trying the comotomo bottles atm...

My daughter is 33 months can you suggest me any DIY preschool activities?

I want to keep her busy without tv and mobile though she doesn't watch much, but I want to keep her engaged in anything DIY preschool activities please suggest. thanks in advance

  • Lindsay
    7h ago

    Pinterest also has a ton of age specific activities. I have done a lot of them. Lot of the stuff you can get from the dollar store.

  • Monyka
    6h ago

    Local libraries may host out loud reading or other activities

Jessica posted in Sleep Yesterday

Night terrors!?!?

LO is 5 yrs old and not sleeping at night. He screams, kicks and cries. It’s a terrible sight to watch. I’ve caught him sitting up in bed eyes closed swatting at nothing, turns around toward door and just sits there. We’ve tried drawing what’s bother him, monster spray, and getting the wiggles out before bed. Thoughts please?

  • Jessica

    Omg I’ll definitely check into that. I really felt alone in this situation.

  • Kelly
    1h ago

    Are they actual night terrors or nightmares? With a night terror they can’t be calmed, and frequently can’t even be woken, although they may appear to be awake (similar to what you described) and may be having symptoms similar to what a panic attack may look like (racing heart, flushed skin, etc). With a night terror they shouldn’t have ANY memory of the event because they are happening in nonR... More

Anonymous posted in Parenting Culture Yesterday

Lack of ambition

I’m trying hard not to compare myself to other mothers but man, is it hard not to. I’m a SAHM with one child. I see all of these Moms with multiple children, who work full-time, do volunteer or extra-curricular activities, be a good friend and wife. They cook whole food meals and manage to just have perfect balance while managing everything and more. They work out, go on date nights, and ha... More

  • Lulu
    6h ago

    Imho, eff everyone else! Are you happy? Is your baby happy? Is hubs happy? If so, great. Don't compare yourself. This is your journey, not theirs.

  • Jenni
    5h ago

    If anyone seems like they are the “perfect mom” that’s doing it all, they are just projecting this image. While there’s nothing wrong with aspiring to do more, no one does it all themselves without support from their partner, friends and family.

Getting child used to homework

My son loves school, snack time but will refuses and throw a tantrum like no other when it’s time to do homework. Any ideas how to get him used and like homework?

  • Katrina

    A 3 year old with homework? Homework at that age has been proven highly ineffective. I limited my 12 year old students to 10 minutes with my subject, no more than 2x per week. I'd get in touch with the school to identify the purpose of homework. At 3y, learning happens through play, and if they're in structured play at school it should be time for free play at home, not homework.

Parents of Pre k kids, How do you handle the melt down in the car after school pick up ?

My Daughter is 3 and in a school we both seems to love, but she can have a meltdown like no other when she gets in the car when I pick her up. She will tell me later she had fun at school I’m like ???!

  • Chava

    All good suggestions. Also it’s very common for a child to meltdown after school. As a preschool teacher and a PreK mom I see it a lot (like 3 times a week with my daughter). Kids are holding it together all day st school. They just need to loose it a little with mom. I usually ride out the crying and then offer a snack.

  • Rachel

    Thanks That’s good to hear it’s not just my child that does it lol That definitely makes sense.

Potty training

Hello ladies, my three year old will not go to the potty she keeps saying she doesn’t want to use it and if I sit her on it she won’t do anything. Does anyone have suggestions on potty training?

  • Carla
    6h ago

    I have a 3 year old son first time trying he was 2 and like 4 months and nothing he was scared of the sound when you would flush ( I didn’t want to do the little toilet since is lots of work to clean :/ ) well I tried for like 2 weeks and my friend told me just to stop if not he was gonna get traumatized well few months later he was taking his diaper off and walking around with it so I told him... More

  • Jen
    50m ago

    My daughter is 3yrs, birthday in July. She wasn’t quite ready to use the potty. We had a little potty (she played with) she didn’t like it much. But the middle of October, her dad told her no more toys if he has to buy diapers. So, every time she would “try” she got a little toy, when she actually went, she got a bigger toy. If, she went all day with no accidents, we would take her to the store... More

Any tips on getting my 1 yo to drink water or something else to drink?

I switched my 1 yo to whole milk this month but she wants more than the recommended amount and I can’t get her to drink any water. She drinks a bottle of watered down prune juice every day cause the milk makes her constipated. I don’t want to keep giving her formula cause she will drink two bottles of milk during bedtime alone.

  • Kristen

    I have tried water in every cup I have for her I always buy a sippy cup if she looks interested in it I have over 12 different ones and she doesn’t want any of them no matter what I put in them and she won’t drink water out of her bottle either. I’m not worried about her constipation I’m just trying to get her to drink water.

  • Lulu

    Maybe try a real cup? Or maybe whatever you drink water out of offer to her after she's watched you drink?

Wenonah posted in Safety Monday

Car seat

Is the car seat for an infant supposed to be in the middle of the backseat or by a window? I’ve been putting it behind the passenger seat by the window. I feel it’s easier to reach her when she’s on that side but of course her safety is more important than accessibility.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve heard the middle is the safest place for a car seat. It doesn’t fit there in my car though so we do it behind the passenger seat.

  • Joanna

    Rear center is the safest. If you're in a side collision, less impact on the middle passenger. However, the safest for us is getting the best fit for our car seat and getting it buckled properly each ride. We have two kids so one on each window side. Also check your car manual. Every car we've used in the past 5 years did not have Latch in the center seat.

Ideas for toddler lunches

Looking for specific ideas to send for my two year old's lunches and two snacks at daycare. Not too messy. We don't have any food allergies and eat -mostly- whole foods. Also if you have any book or blog suggestions on the topic it would be appreciated. Please dont tell me to look it up on Pinterest. ;)

  • Julie

    Here are a few go-to’s for my 2 yr old.... Deli meat (I roll it like a stick so he can pick it up), string cheese, fruit, black beans, or a bean blend, corn kernels, hummus with pita, carrot sticks or crackers, peanut butter.

  • June

    I've done those squeezers for snacks bc they don't need to be kept cold and pretzels for substance with snack. For lunches usually just a half sandwich at that age I did and some cheese and a small Mandarin orange already peeled put intuitive lunch box with ice pack (to keep the cheese from spoiling) i always added M&Ms at the young ages. However many years they are old is how many they got :)

Anybody have any cute/easy Halloween crafts they like to do with their kids?

We’ve done the plate with the feet (trick or treat smell my feet) one. Tomorrow I’m attempting the salt dough pumpkin keepsake. Always looking for fun cooking or arts and crafts to do! 3yo and 1yo. Thanks!

  • Emily

    We made candles with the wax sand it was fun.


My son is 2.5 and having problems potty training. I have basically no clue what I’m doing. We try to get him to sit on toddler and adult potty and he just says no most of the time now. He started off fine and got worse. He will however do it when he’s at his grandparents house. I don’t get it. Any advise would be great thank you

  • Azucena
    2h ago

    Just have patients on yourself and your son. It’s a learn and grow experience. This was my sons 1st time seeing a potty 😍😅

  • Jen
    35m ago

    Have u tried the “boy” potty?

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Monday

Baby food habits...

Hey everyone.. I am looking for some advice on my baby's food habits. My boy is 11 Months now. It's not that he doesn't like baby food or purred food. And I think he eats enough for lunch dinner etc. But I have observed that whenever someone around him is eating anything he would want it. Even a minute after his lunch/dinner. Specifically fruits. He would leave his food and just w... More

  • Anonymous

    Thanks kat. I know it's a lot of work. You are doing a great job 👍. And yes.. Thanks for the advice. I will start giving him some snacks.

  • Kendall

    It’s awesome to let him get tastes of other foods! I like to think he probably won’t eat a large helping of the foods he wants to taste from others, so I’d say it’s ok to let him right after a meal! I feel like this age is all about exploring. As far as crackers and such, I’d give it a go! My son kinda gave up on purees and he thinks he’s just the coolest thing ever bc he can feed himself! May... More

StephC238 posted in Sleep Sunday

Scared of MONSTERS?!

My daughter(6) loves the “how to catch a....” book series. We read the how to catch a monster book. Now my son is scared of monsters. He will be 4 very soon. He won’t go to bed at night. He won’t go pee alone. I gave him “monster spray” but this 45 minute night battle to go to bed. I can’t do it! He is a very hard child to start with this is killing me! HELP!!

  • Patricia

    Our son went through this for a little. So we would walk around together and look everywhere. To help ensure him that everything was safe. We placed 2 night lights in the room. Nothing close to him face. And left the door half open. We compromised and it worked. After only a week.

  • Mommy

    Our 3 year old son has been going in and out of this the past month. We had a bear in our yard and that's what started it. It's not just bears, it's monsters, bad horses, sharks (that can walk on land) once he gets over something another thing comes up. In his case its nightmares. We let him sleep with his toy sword, and he locks the house door every night himself. The biggest thing... More

Anonymous posted in Potty Training Sunday

Sensory processing and potty training.

Any tips or tricks on how to get a 3 year old to poop on the potty. He can sit there for half an hour and not poop but the second he’s off the potty he goes in his underwear or pull up. He pees just fine on the potty

  • Christina

    Big toilet or little potty? Some kids can’t go in the big one because of sitting and not bracing feet on anything or not being in a squat position. The splash also bothers some kids. It’s also a matter of catching them sometimes and getting them to a potty before they go. The sensation of pooping takes longer to figure out because they don’t poop 5 times a day.

  • Lindsey

    We also changed out our toilet seat which has a smaller one included for training purposes. And we added a foldable bench we got from $5 below if that helps

Weaning tips

Looking for tips on weaning our sweet boy. He’ll be 11 months this week. Any tips? Should we start putting his milk in a cup rather than a bottle?....

  • Nikki

    I used the nuk training bottle. They might fefuse it at first because it is obviously different but after about 3 or 4 feedings my son had no issues! After that we moved to the parents choice bottle & 360 cups.

  • Katie

    He takes a bottle at darecare. We tried a cup on Sunday but he didn’t like that much. We’ll try a bottle this weekend and see how it goes. We want to start trying for #2 and I’ve heard it’s harder when you are still nursing because nursing induces cramps.

Dani posted in Sleep Saturday

How do you get your 18months olds to sleep on thier own..?

We sometimes have to rock him to sleep.. sometimes he sleeps on his own after watching his favorite movie..

  • Bonnie

    That’s pretty late bedtime for an 18 month old. I usually recommend bedtime between 7-8pm. Otherwise kiddos can get overtired and then often seem really hyper and not wanting to go to sleep. It is harder for kids who are overtired to fall asleep and stay asleep.

  • Vicki

    I would definitely suggest an earlier bed time. Between 7-8. My 4&5 year olds get put to bed around 8-8:30. Make naps earlier as well or at least shorten them. You will just have to juggle it for a few days until you get your rhythm down.

JJ posted in DIY Saturday

Halloween makeup

Looking for ideas on a really good makeup, probably stage, for the older kids for Halloween. We get really into it, and I’m just sick to death of the drug store Halloween makeup/face paint that rubs off on them and their clothes after 30 minutes or a sip of milk. Any ideas or brands?

  • Tazmin

    Mehron mixing liquid with any pigmented powder. Eye shadow is perfect. It's super vibrant and don't rub off on clothes

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