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Hi All, just wondering what a “typical” day looks like for everyone here who has a toddler.

Time for dinner, bed, brushing teeth. How do you guys make time to be more efficient for you? Any parenting hacks/tips?

  • PK

    We always heard how bed time routine could take forever so we always made it short/easy from when we started to set a routine. Dinner around 5-530. Bath around 630-645. 7 he gets to watch some videos or play some games on his tablet. 730 - last call on milk, brush teeth, use the potty. In bed, lights off by 745. He normally falls asleep any time between 8 and 830.

  • winter

    Thank you! Wow, this helps!! 🙌🏼

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Tuesday

Insect repellent recommendations

What are you using on yourselves and your little ones? Need recs.

  • Ivana

    Avon skin so soft wipes - the best!

Any cloth diaper moms out there?

Hi, I cloth diaper my 13 month old. Overnights are becoming a problem. We are starting to see a trend where she wakes up with a diaper leak. Stripping her crib, bath & change of clothes all first thing in the morning is becoming old. Also, it must be uncomfortable for her. She doesn’t cry just sits in all the wetness. She sleeps about 10-12 hours overnight now. Goes to sleep with 1 - 8... More

  • Rhianna

    Hi there, I recently was struggling with my little one leaking through his cloth diapers too. The number one way to avoid any heavy wetting at night is to limit the liquid intake before bed time. We don’t give my son any drinks or milk once we’re two hours out from our desired bed time. This has tremendously helped as he is able to potty one last time before falling asleep and will not go agai... More

  • Maria

    There’s an amazing organization called Fluff & CD science that can help!! They have a group on Facebook but also you can find them by googling. They have guides for this exact issue!

We had a milk spill in the car. I didn’t find it for 2 days. How do I get the stink out? Help!

  • Kieli
    Sep 12

    I second baking soda!! My daughter had the stomach bug once and it worked wonders.

  • E
    Sep 13

    It was on the floor and under the driver’s seat a bit. We did carpet cleaner, air out over night, then baking soda. It worked! I was thinking we would have to get the drivers seat up, but my husband’s long arms got under the driver’s seat.

Haylee S posted in Money Sep 11

Moving to a different state

My husband and I decided we want to move to Washington state from Kansas. It’s a lot more expensive there but we want to be closer to family! Any tips on selling everything/saving? Do’s and don’ts? What was your experience like moving to a different state. Thanks guys!

  • Beth
    Sep 12

    It's very hard living here near Seattle. As someone who wasn't raised here The Seattle Freeze is very real and very isolating. The people here are nice but unless they haven't been raised here they're not interested in making new friends or working on relationships. It might be better on the east side of the mountains like Spokane, but anywhere between the ocean and the mountain... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Sep 10

How do you break a 2 year old from biting?

  • Juliann
    Sep 10

    Consistancy and time. Mine is just about to turn 3 and finally got out of the stage. Good luck, cuz it is definitely one hard and frustrating stage.

Anonymous posted in Behavior Sep 08

Tips on getting my almost 7 yr old to listen!

My daughter will be 7 towards the end of the year! She is such a intelligent little human! She is so well behaved at school, with grandparents, wherever she may be! But she doesn’t listen at home! Am I alone here? Lol I have recently introduced a chore chart that she gets to check off daily as she goes! Any other helpful tips or advice for getting her to listen to what she is told without me ha... More

  • Jess
    Sep 10

    My son is the same age and recently just started doing the same. I’ve noticed that punishment or repeating myself doesn’t work, but if I go up to him and take his hand or put my hand on his shoulder and ask him to listen, and then talk to him, he will respond and usually listen. This seems to be the age they tune us out!

  • Jenni

    What I’ve found works with my super talkative yet selective listening daughter is using simple incentives and rewards for good listening (Gets to read extra story, iPad time, bigger incentive for longer time of good behavior like special outing to her place of choice). If she doesn’t listen, incentives are withheld. It seems to work as reward system for us.

Tips for potty training?!

My daughter will be 3 in November she loves sitting on the potty but won’t go pee or poop on it she just sits for a few seconds and flushes the toilet how can I get her to actually go?!

  • Anonymous
    Sep 06

    Take off her bottoms and let her be naked around the house so she sees what comes out of her. You have to watch her and as she is peeing/pooping, rush her to the potty. If you get any in... then let her flush it. Identify what came out of her and tell her “pee/poop go in the potty.” Do not let her flush the toilet for fun anymore. I always tell my son that he gets to flush whatever comes out of... More

  • Genesis
    Sep 15

    My daughter is turning 3 in October and I've been bringing her into the bathroom with me when I go "potty". I sit her on her potty while I go too. She also sees her older sister go into the restroom and we explain to my youngest that the oldest is going potty like a big girl. It helps to see everyone go into the restroom and announce "I'm going potty" Just recently... More

Brushing teeth

My son is 15 months old he won't let me brush his teeth. I tried 3 different toothbrushes but he just sucks the toothpaste and bites down on it. I tried to wipe them tonight he wouldn't let me do that either. Any ideas tips on how I can brush his teeth?

  • Stevie
    Sep 06

    My dentist said let them chew on the brush if they want. My son loved it at first then didn’t want me to do it now says brush teeth and sits while I do it. He liked sitting in the sink and looking in the mirror while I did it too. He’s 2 now.

  • Toni
    Sep 11

    I like the “your turn then mommy’s turn” approach. He’s learning but you can make sure they really get clean. It’s not something to ruin your bedtime routine over.

What are your kids' favorite (pre)school lunches

My oldest is headed to preschool Tuesday and I am scrambling to figure out lunches. What are your kids' favorite packed, no-need-to-heat again, no-nut lunches? For context, we are no added sugar, prefer to avoid processed foods eaters. Even though we've tried sandwiches, my son dissects them and only eats the bread. 🤦🏻‍♀️ In an attempt to be prepared for anything that works, I'v... More

  • Suz
    Sep 07

    Lower sodium corn and flax chips with hummus (homemade or store bought), pea crisps or cucumbers with ranch, Greek yogurt, fresh fruit salad.

  • Natasha
    Sep 07

    What about cold cuts. Hummus and pretzels. Cheese and deli style meats

Advice about sleeping in the car...

Does anyone have any good tricks for helping a toddler to sleep in the car? My LO uses a forward facing carseat and is small for her age. She has no problem falling asleep in the car, but can only sleep for about 20 min before she wakes up crying due to neck pain. I have tried a small neck pillow, a rolled up blanket and a refular pillow. We are not often in the car for hours on end but we have... More

  • Vonda
    Sep 05

    How old is your little one? They should be be in rear facing car seats until they are 50lbs. And at a recline. (Which may help with the neck pain) Just FYI. It may be because the car seat isn’t built for her yet.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 07

    Just an fyi about what Vonda said, none of my rearfacing seats go to 50 pounds, they all say to turn around at 40, so read your manual. but also keep in mind a lot of states are making it illegal to be forward facing before 2

Myrtle posted in Behavior Aug 25

Loved this advice on how to deal with whining and other challenging behaviors!

I listened to this episode recently and found it really helpful! The title of the episode is how to deal with whining in a different way but she definitely talks about how her strategy applies to all behavior that can be challenging. I have been starting with the “ say what you see” portion of the strategy and I found it helpful not only for my kids, but it definitely also gives me space to mak... More

Suggestion on finding a baby-sitter?

Hi Parents, any suggestions on reliable ways to find a baby-sitter? We have a two-year old and will occasionally need a babysitter beyond the regular day-care time. What is a good way to do this? Any suggestions appreciated!

  • PK
    Aug 19

    We used I would’ve felt more comfortable finding a sitter that one of our friends or family knew... but we were in the situation that everybody we knew that has kids didn’t have a sitter. We just paid for a month subscription, interviewed a few people and found one person we really liked. And then found a “backup” sitter. We let her know that she was our backup that we were go... More

  • aurora
    Aug 21

    Thanks so much, PK! how is the website compared with the, which is also subscription based?

Simple DIY bubble bath

I’ve been making this for awhile now and it’s so much cheaper than buying store B.B. 4 cups of water, 4oz of whatever liquid soap you’re comfortable putting on your LO, 3oz coconut or olive oil (or glycerin). Mix it up and pour it into a squirt container. Enjoy:). Edit: the coconut oil is better when it’s the liquid/fractionated form. Like the now brand.

Stephanie posted in Flying Aug 04

Any travel hacks/tips for flying with LO's?

I have b/g twins that are 17 months old. We are trying to plan a trip to Colorado (3 hr flight). What should I bring, and what are the teavel fees for bringing baby gear?

  • Anonymous
    Aug 04

    Check airline website for more info on travel fees. But I believe all airlines allow you to check car seats and strollers for free (per baby). With a child that age who can’t consistently follow directions, I would check the stroller at the gate so that you have the stroller up until you board and you can get it when you get off the plane. Are the kids going to be in your laps? We did a fligh... More

Eczema remedies?

My 6 month old has been scratching herself so bad, (bug bites have added on to the problem) I’ve put on mittens but she just sucks on it and it gets icky. We’re tried oatmeal baths (doesn’t really seem to help). Dove scent free baby wash, Aveeno oatmeal wash and cream. Non scented Vaseline like her pediatrician told me. We’ve tried baths twice a week and frequent bath schedule as well. It doesn... More

  • Heather
    Aug 03

    Try some elimination diets to see if it is food related. My son had really bad excema and through the dermotologist and allergist we did some tests and found out he is allergic to eggs, cows milk and some others. Once we took these out of his diet, the excema resolved and he is much happier. Been quite the journey!

  • Marta
    Aug 06

    CeraVe and go to your pediatrician for a special ointment or stronger. My daughter has it and her doctor gave her a stronger dosage of cortisone

Anonymous posted in Safety Jul 18

Hello, our baby hates the car seat! He’s 5 mo. What solutions do you have?

Also, any recommendations about how to keep him cool during the ride. AC can take awhile to reach the back.

Amanda posted in Flying Jul 16

Taking 15 month old on a plane ride

Hey everyone, I have flown a few times with my daughter. However this will be the longest plane ride. We have two flights and it will be a long time with her on my lap. Any toy recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

  • Amanda
    Jul 18

    Buying an extra seat is not an option. One flight is 3 hours. The first flight is only 30 minutes

  • B
    Jul 18

    Oh 3 hours is nothing for lap. You’ll be fine. Save new toys and books for the second flight, though.

C posted in Safety Jul 16

How do you trim a baby's nails if he wakes easily and won't let you do it while awake?

I used to be able to trim them in his sleep, but he wakes easily now. I could use some good tips and hacks!

  • Kristine
    Jul 18

    I trim my son’s nails when he’s drinking his bottle. He holds it with one hand so I usually trim the free hand and switch.

  • Natasha
    Aug 29

    I use a file

Frecia posted in Sleep Jul 15

Hi first time mom!!

Hi everyone I’m a mom with 10 month old baby girl!! We’ve been having issues with her sleep ... anyone experience this with their 10 year old !? Tips welcome !!

  • PK
    Jul 17

    ^^^ yes! The 8-10 month sleep regression was the absolute worst for us. My son wasn’t the best sleeper but he did sleep through the night up until 8 months where he was awake every hour or so. We bedshared up until 9 months (I was so sleep deprived) then we finally transitioned him into the crib and did CIO at the final stages of the transition.

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