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Good way to get kids to eat Thanksgiving leftovers: mix up all the leftover mashed potatoes, chopped turkey, stuffing, veg, whatever; put in a couple eggs and some flour to bind; pan fry in little patties; serve with ketchup. Done ✅

Time to assemble IKEA table: 1 hour Time to assemble IKEA table with two “helpers”: 4 hours and a sizable chunk of your sanity

  • Chaya

    I put together a dresser... it took two days with one “helper” 😂😂

  • Jacqueline

    Three days with two adults, a teenager and a two year old taking “shifts” to put together a toy! 😂

TMI WARNING: Wish I’d swallowed my pride sooner and tried this a lot earlier, and with my first pregnancy: Incontinence pants. Quality of life raised considerably! Highly recommend for mamas-to-be, especially when big bump demands constant visits to the loo/ bathroom. Making outings, whether a long walk or having a meal out with friends, so much more enjoyable without half dozen trips to the lav every hour or so! It’s not sexy. And I haven’t told my own husband- my way of holding onto SOME mystery- but sharing openly here, in case it hasn’t occurred to anyone else until now.

  • Tara

    @Momma genius! Might actually try that on my next long walk. Thank you!

  • Lesley

    Mom of 4 and I use depends after every baby instead of pads, I have no shame.

Any good parent hacks to get your toddler to take Tylenol? Mine spits it out !! Tried putting it in applesauce and well she didn’t like that either.

  • Victoria

    Oh toddler, nvm..idk

  • Anh
    3h ago

    My daughter hated children's Tylenol until I realized I could use the grape flavor as a sweetener over crushed ice (like a snow cone). I would just blend some ice in our blender, pour the Tylenol over and mix it a bit with a tiny bit of water. Worked every time and she would even ask for more!! Good luck.

Sooo I started making my own homemade cloth wipes with water,coconut oil, baby soap, & tea tree essential oil and put them in my wipe warmer but I’ve noticed that the wipes stink like mildew. Any suggestions on what I should’ve added or what I should do to get rid of the smell or the bacteria that’s forming in it?

  • Whitney

    Tea tree oil can degrade if exposed to light (and maybe air). When it degrades it can cause more problems than it helps. It is basically an astringent, so unless there is a need I’d avoid it all together. Also it can sting on sensitive skin.

  • Stephanie

    We used a really similar cloth wipes solution, and my first thought was that the heating element might be affecting it. Mine also got mildewy smelling sometimes but I realized I just had to make them in smaller batches, or as someone else mentioned above, just spray them as you’re about to use them. Even with the mildewy smell, we never had any skin issues due to the wipes (one of my kids did have sensitive skin and lots of rashes, but not when using those wipes).

I need some help! My boy is 15months and whenever we go out to eat, he always escapes from the wooden high chair! We tried buckling the belt really tight, but he kinda twist his hip and slip out his legs. Any tips mamas?! If you know any kinds of extra harness or belt for the restaurant’s wooden high chair please share with me🙏🏻

  • Jillian

    We don’t use high chairs at restaurants but instead carry with us Phil and Ted’s lobster seat. It clips right on to the table. Baby can’t get out of it. We travel with it too! One of the best purchases we made!!! (It also is just my daughter’s own germs, which I prefer...)

What’s some fun & easy crafts to do with toddlers (ages 1-4)? I’m not good at coming up with them but i sure love doing them with the kids. I’m an at home mom & would love some ideas for around the house fun!

  • Nikki
    Nov 15

    We had styrofoam pumpkins for Halloween that we just let the kids put stickers on, stamps, I glue leaves and eye balls where they wanted. They loved it and no mess. You could do this for anytime just get supplies at Michaels. Another big hit in my house is coloring anything. I use wipe away crayons and markers so they don’t make a mess on my table. Ages 1 & 2

  • Jason
    Nov 16

    If you are looking for something unique and artsy you could check out They sell premium finger painting kits that are easy to use, fun, and have a great result! We have our 18 month old's painting up on our wall :)

My 3 year old is the WORST at cleaning up. I've tried songs, timers, making it a race /competition... It eventually ends up with threats and yelling (and the threats are starting to backfire now.. Ugh!) Any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  • Jeni
    Nov 17

    Anonymous, she gives me the best (and the most frustrating) answers : She's not done playing with it She'll pick it up after she does such & such She needs my help (while she ends up playing said toys on the ground) When I threaten to give them away she says "ok mom you can put them in the bag" 😐 Or if I say I guess we're not going to the park since you are not picking up your toys, her response : "I'll pick up these toys & we can pick up the rest when we get back from the park". Seriously, she's a sneaky little booger. 😑😤

  • Jeni
    Nov 17

    Diane, I usually rotate toys but unfortunately we're going through a moving process and a lot of her toys are already boxed up. I'm trying to help (but doing it with a positive attitude is hard!!) haha. Thank you for the positive feedback.

Does anyone here do a food swap? I️ remember my mom talking about how her and some other moms did this when I️ was young and I️ was wondering if people still did this. If you haven’t heard of this it’s where every week or every other week moms get together (maybe 5 or 6 of them) and everyone brings 5 or 6 of the one dish they made for each family to take home. So you come with 5 or 6 full size family meals that are all the same and then you come home with all different stuff. I­t­ sorta just spices up the food you serve without you having to make I­t­.

  • Jackie
    Nov 13

    I’m in ❤️ me and my spouse were just saying we’re tired of eating the same stuff.

  • Britt
    Nov 17

    That’s an awesome idea thanks for sharing! I would also suggest making a small try me dish so that all the dishes can be tried before getting swapped.

Alright guys what are your diaper bag essentials?

  • Yoyo
    Nov 03

    A few diapers, wipe, gauze (for drying bums) and changing sheet (I use underpad) in a ziplock bag. A few change of clothes

  • Tiffany
    Nov 04

    My first I brought everything. I don't have a diaper bag. I just toss a diaper or 2 in my purse and a travel pack of wipes and call it a day.

I have completely failed as a parent and need a last minute Halloween costume for my 2.5 year old. Ideally something I can order online or make really really easily (I don't sew!) My only requirement is that it isn't one of those really hot stuffy costumes for cold weather since my daughter will be wearing it in warm weather and indoors. Ideas??

  • Cara
    Oct 26

    I made an owl costume that only used felt and a hot glue gun! It is a cape and hat combo and if you Pinterest “baby owl costume” you can find tons of tutorials

  • Yoyo
    Nov 03

    My friend taped glow sticks on her kid's plain top and bottom, so he looked like a stick figure

Things I wished I'd known about sooner. This pop n play is lightweight, comes with a canopy and cushy floor. Can use it around the house or take on the go. Talk about lifesaver!

  • Kasey
    Oct 26

    How truly easy is this to fold up and transport?

  • Miriah
    Nov 04

    We have one, can't wait to use it once he starts crawling!

I know this is a dumb question but .... what do you people buy at the supermarket? Asides from what’s on the recipe list for dinner. What are your household staples that help the “what else is there to eat” void?

  • Sara
    Oct 24

    Fruit. We go through sooo much fruit. We buy whatever is in season.

  • Destiny
    Oct 26

    Yogurt, granola bars, mixed nuts, cheese sticks, black olives, pickles, pretzels, lots of fruit!

What are your budget savvy tips as a family/parent? I just started to use that app Ibotta and I like it so far. Any other tips would be great:)

  • Trang
    Nov 02

    Always I search Krazy coupon lady to see what is on sale and how much I could save when buying it. But before buying anything, I always check if it can get cash back from Ebates or Ibotta, redirect to the shopping website through Ebates or Ibotta. Search for coupons on Retailmenot or my emails. Sometimes I buy clearance items as well as surfing everything on Facebook Market Place or OfferUp or Goodwill, something like that.

  • Nick
    Nov 12

    We use YNAB and it works great for us. Couldn’t have saved as much as we have without it tbh.

Fun ideas while traveling? Looking for some new ideas while I drive the RV and my kids are riding in the back. They are 5 and 7 :)

  • Clara
    Oct 18

    Memory games, the ones that they should add things in every turn... like "in my grandmas' closet there is a purse" then the other one should say "in my grandmas' closet there is a purse, and a pair of red shoes" and then the other should say " in my grandmas' closet there is a purse, a pair of red shoes, and a blue jacket"... the winner will be the one who can remember more things and can get a prize... my older one loves this game...

Fun, healthy-ish lunch on this beautiful Sunday. (Fresh organic zucchini, fresh organic butternut squash noodles, fresh organic baby spinach, little cuties, ranch and peanut butter and jelly sandwich)

  • April
    Oct 16

    Yeah tandem nursing definitely helps reduce the engorgogment. Nursing 3 littles? Girl, you ROCK!

  • Kelsey
    Oct 16

    The girls only nurse twice a day but I pump and give them some in there Sippy cups. They've tried cows milk and hate it 😂

Whenever I attend a business conference I try to take a picture of one of my daughter’s stuffies on stage to remind her that one day SHE can be up there if she wants.

For the past few weeks when she’s finished dinner she asks for some oil and vinegar in a bowl so she can mix it up and play. Keeps her occupied for another 15 minutes or so so us adults can finish our meal.

I would love suggestions for car toy organization/storage. We keep a variety of things in the back seat between two car seats right now and it’s always pure chaos. We are doing our first road trip next month and I want to be prepared! Also accepting suggestions for specific Car friendly toys :)

  • Jacy
    Oct 09

    We have an organizer attached to the back of the front driver seat, slimmer with lots of pockets -- something like this: It has (emergency) snacks and small toys. I have small cars, tiny keychain flashlights, a mini etch-a-sketch/magnetic doodler etc. Books to look at - make them "bathtime" books if your younger one has a tendency to mouth on them so you don't have to police her/him. Jasmine has a great point about the safety of toys in the car -- no sharp edges, nothing very heavy! For a road trip, one idea is to make a couple of playlists on your iPod/phone of kid music. Each playlist no more than an hour long. When you want to give the kids a treat/prize, let them choose a playlist and when the music is done, it's back to grown up music. Make it a fun experience, singing along with the kids songs, etc.

  • Nicole
    Nov 16

    For a little bit older kids we listen to books on CD.

Any ideas on how to make my 2-1/2 get dressed? It’s a battle every morning!

  • Maria
    Oct 09

    Make it a game. Tell him you will get dressed faster than him and then let him win. My kids love the friendly competition :) just a thought

  • Kristen
    Oct 16

    I give two options and then she thinks she was in charge.

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