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What is the best detangler for little kids my son has really curly hair and kinky what’s the beet for his hair so it won’t be so hard to comb

  • Jamie

    I use the Honest one for my own hair. It smells like creamsicles!

  • Holly

    My friends daughter has super curly hair, she uses deva curl

Road trip!

Hello, I’m taking my one year old baby girl on a 3 hour road trip and extremely nervous and her crying in her car seat for half the trip... any recommendations on what will keep her entertained ??? TIA !!

  • Kim

    Almost forgot, check out busy books. You can find them on Etsy. They have zippers, clasps and all kinds of built-in sensory items. We made our own busy box with a plastic crayon container and filled it with pompoms, triangle shaped crayons, stickers, Velcro blocks, etc etc.

  • Kait

    Try leaving at naptime or bedtime. We do 6 hr road trips pretty often and I have 3 under 3! My advice: let them cry if you know they’re not hungry or needing a diaper change. They’ll adjust. My kids love road trips!!!

Kimberly posted in Parties Friday

First birthday party tomorrow!

Trying to find activities and games for us adults but all I can find are baby shower related ones. Any ideas? Looking for stuff like this..

  • Andy

    For the 2nd or 3rd birthday with just the adults we had a Daniel Tiger song contest with rules similar to Hollywood Squares. The lyrics to a Daniel tiger jingle were given to one of the teams and they had to sing the song with the right tune or confidently the wrong tune. The other team had to decide if they sang it right. It was ridiculous and very entertaining.

Sarah posted in Sleep Friday

Taking the Pacifier

Help! My husband is adamant that when our daughter turns two, all pacifiers are being thrown away. She turns two at the end of this month. She does not need it during the day, only at night. She can’t even sleep without it, I’ve tried.. What is the best technique to handle this with a toddler who can’t sleep without one?

  • Madison Mertz

    Just let them cry it out. I’m about to sound horrible, but I lost all of my sons pacifiers when he was 4 months old 🤦🏻‍♀️ he fussed a little but never really wanted one again

  • Amanda
    5h ago

    Why is it so important to your husband to remove something that obviously gives her comfort?? If she's only using it at night, it's not as though it really effects anyone. :(

Any suggestions on breaking the pacifier without causing WWIII?

  • Kizzy

    For my girl, there are books about no more paci, we started reading those, then limited the paci to nap and bedtime only, then none. But the books helped for sure, she didn’t even miss a beat and liked the book to real life thing (girls huh?) My son - we went on vacation with family and “forgot” his paci to kind of see how it would go, he was 100% fine, asked for it a couple times, but didn’t f... More

  • Elissa

    A friend of mine couldn’t break her daughter for the longest time. Then they sent all her binks to the binky fairy and she was good without one after that

April posted in Behavior Thursday

Terrible Twos

My 2 y/o is starting to push his boundaries. He knows that I can’t get to him to put him in time out if I’ve got the infant feeding on me so that’s when he tries the hardest. Is there something I can say or do specifically, to keep him from getting too out of control?

  • April

    The crib is screened in at the highest setting so it’d be easy for a toddler to escape out of. But I might be able to put him in the pack and play since we don’t use it yet

  • Makaela

    There you go!

Anonymous posted in Activities & Enrichment Wednesday

Working from home with 14 month old

I just started a new job working online from home. I love that I get to still be a stay at home parent while also being able to provide for us (single parent). However, I’m finding it difficult to keep my 14 month old entertained while I’m working. She is very attached and likes playing with me or checking in with me very often (not complaining, I love this! But I need to find a balance in orde... More

  • Elle

    Let her mimick you! If youre at a laptop, make her an toy one out of cardboard boxes and have her decorate it. Maybe she can place tbe letter keys herself. At thia age, children love to feel included, useful, successful, and helpful. Any chores you need done? Make them a challenge - or a bet - that she can't do them in X number of minutes / without spilling / etc. Two birds one stone - ha... More

  • Marcy

    I work from home. When I need my son occupied I let him paint with water colors. I give him his hot wheels type cars or legos or whatever to paint that he wants. It’s keeps him occupied. He makes a mess but it’s so worth the time I need to work. We also have kinetic sand that he loves “digging” in. Play doh is a winner. Even pouring rice in a Tupperware and letting him bury his toys in it. I se... More

“It’s getting hard to be someone but it all works out.”

Hi all! So I realize my daughter is only 15 months old and I have time to work on this but it’s been on my mind so here goes. How do parents of older children do it!?! I think about my years in junior high and high school and I don’t want that for my daughter. The angst of not being in the popular group. The angst of not being a perfect size 2. The crushing feeling of being turned down the ... More

  • Julie

    Michaela, thank you for responding! My mom and dad were both very nurturing and kind and always talked to me and wanted me to talk to them and I mostly did until I reached JR high and high school. I think something happened to shake my confidence in myself and for whatever reason I stopped wanting to talk to them and confide in them....I’m so worried something similar will happen with my own d... More

  • Lily

    All that stuff is part becoming your own person, and the teenager years suck! But I think a really important thing is that your kid feel like they talk to you about things. My parents were pretty good until I got a boyfriend at 17 that they didn’t like. Whole long story.....but they kicked me out at 18. And I haven’t talked to them since. I tried to reconnect when I got pregnant, but they wante... More

Jessica posted in Sleep Dec 05

My 9 moth old still isnt sleeping through the night

When my son was born he would sleep tru the night, now he just turned 9 months old, and he wont sleep thru the night. We have tried everything from lavender essential oils, warm baths, full belly, and everything else we can think of. But still hes wakes up through out the night and we cant gwt him back to sleep for almost an hour. My fiance takes xare of him at night but i still have to get up ... More

  • Christa

    Read the book “baby wise” and “Bringing up baby” either or are specific to these issues you’re experiencing. You may also look into “happiest baby on the block” We did the CIO method too, which I’m all for. It’s sucky for a few nights but you’ll get to the point where he knows, he is okay, and will lull himself back to sleep. I also use bible stories More

Anonymous posted in Babies Dec 04

Ear Piercings

My daughter is 7 months old. I'm planning on piercing her ears at a professional piercing office who uses needles. Any tips or comments?

  • Misti
    Dec 05

    I’ve had my ears pierced since I’ve been 3 months old. They look and feel just fine. My mother pierced them with a needle. They never close no matter how long I go without wearing earrings.

  • Beatrice

    Tattoo shops are the best way to go they are super clean and follow guidelines the places at the malls don’t usually clean the piercing guns

At what age did you put a blanket on your baby at night?

  • Anonymous
    Dec 04

    Around 11 months

  • Makayla
    Dec 04

    I gave my son a blankie at about 9-10 months by then he was able to kick it off him if he didn't want it

Day care drop offs?

I’m just starting to take my son (20 months) to a daycare center twice a week to get him socialized. Any tips on when I drop him off? I’ve been having my husband do it... but my son will cry for 45 minutes before he settles down.

  • Anonymous
    Dec 05

    I find that the faster I leave the better. A hug and kiss and mommy will be back soon and I’m gone. Teachers are ready with a distraction. She usually stops crying as soon as I’m out of sight. And now that she’s used to it the crying has stopped.

  • Lindsay

    Be quick but don’t just vanish. Give a hug and kiss and tell him you love him and you’ll see him soon. He may get upset but keep your smile so he knows everything is ok. And you may have to turn and leave while he’s sad but it’ll be ok, just stay strong in front of him. Or he may be like my son and forget to give you a kiss when you’re leaving hahaha.

Alexis posted in Behavior Dec 04

My daughter is 3 1/2 and starting to suck on her toes again??

She use to as a baby and I thought it was cute but now it’s not as cute. How do I stop her ?

  • T-sha
    Dec 04

    Ignore it. Any kind of attention to it will just make her want to do it more. This too shall pass.

  • Shanna
    Dec 04

    I agree! Just ignore it! My son love rubbing socks on his face since he was a baby, then he stop doing for a while. Now he is almost 3 1/2 and started rubbing socks again. Just make sure that her feet’s clean, maybe put socks on her at least she doesn’t get that dirty if she decided to take it off and sucks her toes..

Mandy posted in DIY Dec 04

Looking for ideas for a crafty gift my 3 year old can make for our newborn for Christmas.

  • RaeJean
    Dec 04

    Some type of colorful mobile to hang above the crib. Maybe butterflies or birds from the craft store? Maybe let your little take a trip with you to pick out supplies. Or maybe one of those knotted fleece blankets. No sewing just basically tying two pieces of fleece together.

Anonymous posted in Potty Training Dec 04

Potty training

I want to start potty training my son at 10 months. Does anybody have any helpful tips on elimination communication!?

  • Neysi
    Dec 04

    Buy a potty chair.. By now am pretty sure you may know how many times he gets potty on his diapers daily! I seat my baby in the mornings and night, I also seat in the toilet next to her to tell her is potty time.. Trust me he will stay until he finish I been doing so with mine since she is 8 months and she knows every time when she seats there is for that.. They won’t tell you mom bathroom yet,... More

  • Neysi
    Dec 04

    This is the one my baby has.. Hope it helps

Potty training?

My son will be 2 in April. I’ve noticed the last week or so that when he wants to be changed he will hand me a diaper and go lay down where we change him. I know that’s a sign of them being ready to start potty training soon, but being a first time mom I have no clue where to start! My mom can only help so much cause she raised 2 girls so any advice would be great.

  • Rachel
    Dec 04

    So with my older 3 they were all close to 3 before they really grasped what they needed to do to stay dry, and they did the same around 2 (and I did try at that time but the regressed quickly) but when we did start potty training I just put underwear on them and started taking them every 15 minutes and even if they couldn’t go it would get them in the habit. Be prepared for lots of accidents be... More

  • Lisa
    Dec 04

    My son was attempted to be potty trained at 18 months. But he could not hold it long enough (needed at least 1 hour). So we used pull ups for the next 6 months and let him go when he wanted to in the potty. He followed us to the potty and flushed for us since he was 14 months old. Then just before he turned 2 years old we potty trained for good, put him straight into big boy underwear and t... More

Weaning Pacifer!

Would love some advice on getting rid of paci! My son will be two next month and I am noticing it affecting his teeth so I think it’s time.

  • Monet Halton
    Dec 04

    I’ve worked with preschool age children for many years. What I’ve found is asking your toddler if he/she’s a big kids now and getting them to agree they are a “big kid” and referring to things like a baby bottle or a pacifier is for babies and “big kids” don’t need them. If you can get your child to agree they are a “big kid” I would say to them “want to throw away your baby pacifier now” and m... More

  • Julie

    I have twins and I loved their pacifier days! So quiet, sleeping so long! Be mentally prepared for all that to change, and don't feel guilty if you delay it a bit for a reason or another (I was told by dentist to get rid for about 1 yr and they are both fine now). I think a lot of prep work helps to transition. I had every adult we know start commenting how they are beginning to be big boy... More

Breastmilk oversupply

So for the first couple months I pumped frequently and have a huge oversupply in my freezer. I stopped pumping and just directly feed and my baby is almost 4 months. What can I do with all this milk? I would cry if I had to toss it, but other than milk baths idk what to do.

  • Priscilla
    Dec 04

    I also had a crazy stash of frozen breast milk, and unfortunately my son started rejecting everything over a month old. I ended up donating to Mothers’ Milk Bank that provides breastmilk to babies in the NICU. It sucked not being able to feed my own baby with it but was comforting to know it was helping other little ones thrive. It was a bit of a tedious process, not gonna lie. Lots of paperwor... More

  • Christina
    Dec 04

    Thanks everyone I decided to donate, I found a family through a Facebook group that just adopted a two week old boy

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Dec 03

Sleep sacks

My daughter is 13 months old and still sleeps in a sleep sack. She likes and it gives me peace of mind, however, the old school moms in my life think it’s crazy I don’t just use a blanket. What’s a good age to switch?

  • Christy
    Dec 04

    I have to ask... What is a sleep sack?

  • Anonymous
    Dec 05

    Christy, it’s like a sleeping bag with arm holes. Google for a photo

What age did you give your son/daughter their first haircut & what should a 1st time parent expect?

  • Christa
    Dec 03

    We have decided not to cut our sons hair. It will get light trims to keep the ends healthy, but since he is part Native American we are going to keep his hair long and braided.

  • Brittany
    Dec 04

    My daughter is almost 16 months and she has had her bangs cut 4 times and hair trimmed once. I just set her on my lap and she does fine. She was born with lots of hair.

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