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Zareen posted in Behavior Tuesday

Busy toddler

My son is 18m and he only wants to run all over the house without sitting down. Any ideas on how to make him calm?

  • becky

    I bring my son to the park or indoor gym everyday to let him just run like crazy. It definitely helps with tantrums in the afternoons. Kids just have lots of energy. Give him a place to exert it:)

  • Zareen

    Thanks everyone

Perry posted in Teething Monday

Teething pain for 10 1/2 month old

Our daughter is having a lot of teething pain, and it makes it difficult for her to sleep. Other than medicine, what are some other remedies?

Water park for 16 months old

Hello everyone I am planning to take my 16 month old son to Waterpark for a weekend in March. This will be our first trip to a water park. It's an indoor park as here it will be cold yet. What do you all suggest for things to keep with me? Is there anything to keep in mind just in case? For the trip or the water park fun? Pls share your experiences and suggestions. Thanks on advance..!!

  • Neeraj

    I took my 18 month daughter to great wolf Lodge and she loved the indoor pools there. Just make sure to limit the water time and give enough drinking water to avoid dehydration. We usually have anti nausea, anti dairrhea and infant Tylenol with us to cover all the bases.

  • Anonymous

    Is it a resort where you’ll have a room you can go up to for a nap/lunch? If not- we usually bring a wagon so we can let my son lay down and he’ll usually knock out! Bring lots of snacks and water shoes. Extra towels.

Any tips for potty training and getting little one (LO) to tell you when they have to go, TIA!

  • Tiana

    I set an alarm every 20 min. If he goes before the alarm he gets a little treat. The alarm is still there if he forgets, but most of the time he goes in between, by himself. Been totally dry/ not poopy for 19 days in a row now.

  • Jessica

    My son is 27 months and I’m doing the three day thing. Just finished day one. I put him in big boy underwear and am being OVERLY enthusiastic about everything. (We are having a party in the bathroom YAY!) I set an alarm for every 10 minutes. When it goes off we run to the potty and he sits down and gets an M&M. If he goes potty he gets 2 M&Ms. It went really well. Poop and pee in the p... More

Anonymous posted in Postpartum Recovery Sunday

Best cream for stretch marks, cellulite, skin discoloration?

Post pregnancy

  • Kee

    Aloe Vera and coconut oil mixed together apply everyday day and night

  • Elle

    Also, drink appx a gallon of water/day to make sure your skin stays hydrated.

A posted in Money Feb 14

Savings account options

What are some other savings options we could set up for our kids, other than a regular savings account? I know there are options for saving towards an education, but the kids are getting money as gifts, so I’d like it to be theirs to do with as they please when they’re older. It would be nice to have it grow more than .01% over the next 10-15 years.

  • Beatrice
    Feb 14

    I opened a kids savings and a cd for my son both at .3% at capital one cd is 3 years and Kids savings is until 18

  • Jenn
    7h ago

    I swear by Ally. They're an online only bank so are able to offer higher rates due to minimal overhead costs. Their savings accounts are great but if you're saving for future use, a CD is a better choice. Their interest rates are between 1.80% and 3.10% depending on time and amount. They have a comparison tool for all their CDs, which allows you to compare rates on that type of CD at va... More

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Feb 14

Breast pain during weaning

Was feeling quite proud of myself that my 14 month old hadn’t breastfed for 48 hours. I also have a bad cold so was glad to take some decongestants, to battle on for me and reduce supply (I’ve come across that here). But one breast has been incredibly painful and as I had mastitis back in the summer in the other breast, which doesn’t actually produce much milk at all, I gave in and let him brea... More

  • Caitlin

    There does look to be evidence supporting chilled cabbage leaves effectiveness:

  • Anonymous

    Hi all, success!! I actually tried a second time, as I have been cutting down feeds since he’s been 12 months, et Viola! Big thanks for your help and suggestions. No cabbage leaves were needed, though I did buy some that I plan to turn into some coleslaw tomorrow.

Jade posted in Clothes Feb 13

All the laundry tips, please!

I recently purchased a lovely antique wool blanket, but even after washing it with special wool-friendly soap, I cannot seem to rid it of a very strong perfume-y smell. I would normally hang it outside for a few days but we are buried under snow and ice here, so that’s not really an option at the moment. What are your tips and tricks for getting rid of stubborn smells trapped in fabrics? ... More

  • Haley

    The cold will actually help get rid of the scent. I once bought a vintage T-shirt off Etsy and is smelled of smoke. I put in the freezer for a few days and most of the scent was gone!

  • Jade

    Thank you both so much! I’ll be trying these out for sure.

Alex posted in Behavior Feb 13

I have a 1.5 year old who screeches - how can I stop this?

I know it’s a toddler thing to get upset about everything, but when my son doesn’t get his way, can’t do something (like open a marker) or doesn’t like something, he will screech/scream. I’m trying to teach him not to, but he doesn’t talk yet so it’s challenging. Any ideas on steps to take to help combat this? Thank you!

  • Kendall
    Feb 14

    Of course! Yes help, more and please can really help when frustrated 😁

  • Myrtle
    6h ago

    I struggle with this as well... my 15-month-old screams when she’s frustrated. She does have a few words now and can say “help” so when she screams I say “ instead of screaming use your words, say help please”. They’re old enough to understand so even if they can’t pronounce the words yet, I think it’s good to start giving them the words to use so when they become more verbal they have it in th... More

Stuffy/runny nose/cough no fever

My 15mo daughter has been having a runny nose/cough for a few days now but no fever. She is teething (molars) not sure if that has anything to do with it but any tips on how to clear the mucus from her nose? I’ve done saline drops and the suction bulb also I run a humidifier in her room but doesn’t seem to help much. 😕

  • Cathy
    Feb 13

    Adjust her mattress in her crib so it’s elevated. Will help with post nasal drip. We usually put a stack of books under ours. You can also give honey too. Sounds like you’re doing everything right. My doctor said most kids will have a cold twice a month lasting 10-14 days each. My rule of thumb is I go to the doctor around day 7/8 and especially if they’re getting up at night from coughing. Usu... More

  • María
    Feb 13

    Thanks ladies! I will definitely try the great tips. ♥️♥️♥️

Lacie posted in Sleep Feb 12

Sleep remedies for 7 month olds

My 7 month old is wide awake @ 10pm what can I do

  • Jenn
    Feb 14

    Well that could be the reason. My LO goes through phases where she is up at 10 if I don't give her motrin before bed

  • Copeley

    Liquid melatonin! I order it on amazon and keep it refrigerated. I give my 10 month old about 0.5mL and she seems to sleep better...some nights. 😜

Noemi posted in Sleep Feb 12

My almost two year old doesn’t sleep on her own unless I rock her to sleep. What can I do?

  • Taylor

    my daughter was the same way now i just lay her in bed with us get close to her hold her hand (in the dark btw no tvs on because apparently that is what keeps them awake) and about 30/45mins after she falls asleep I take her to her bed n tuck her in all comfy then shes good for the rest of the night. i wish i didnt have to do it that way but its ok for now as long as you NEVER forget to put the... More

  • Haley

    Cry it out.

Christa posted in Siblings Feb 12

Managing two kids under 2

So I am a mom or a one year old and another in the oven- due in October! Super excited! But for fellow moms out there, I have a question. How did you introduce baby to an already existing routine with your first child who is coming into toddler hood rapidly?! How does your schedule work with a newborn and toddler?! I’m sure I’ll get the grove pretty quick, but I’m a little anxious about it at ... More

  • Alexis
    Feb 14

    My boys are 13 months apart and I was so nervous about bringing a newborn home with a barely 1 year old! Before baby was born we focused on sleep training our oldest and getting him on a good sleep schedule. That's probably the biggest game changer. If your older babe is on a consistent schedule then you (and him) at least have that to count on. Since newborns are so unpredictable, you just... More

  • Haley

    The book Moms on Call is a great resource!

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Feb 12

Working moms: how often do you pump at work/how long does it take?

I am evaluating changing jobs after my leave, and I’d be starting a new job 5-6 months after my daughter is born. I’d like to try to breastfeed until she’s one, but I’m worried about how to make it work. At that point, how many times a day should I expect to be pumping, and how long does each session take? I’ll have a Spectra S1 (and possibly a Willow, a gift from a friend). The company I h... More

  • Anonymous

    Look at the law, and be sure that they aren’t trying to screw you. I’m a teacher that got offered a bathroom and I swiftly kicked up a shit storm, because that’s against the law. Also, you must have pump breaks as frequently as you need. I’ll repeat: As YOU need. Not as often as is convenient for the company. They do not have a say in it. They are in violation of the law if they attempt to tell... More

  • Tiana
    Sunday the law is on your side. Look up the specifics and ensure that you’re getting what you need.

Anonymous posted in Sleep Feb 12


Hello any tips for getting baby to sleep throughout the night? Thank you :)

  • Keylis
    Feb 12

    Build a really strong routine! That’s the most important. Without a routine u have nothing!

  • Danielle
    Feb 12

    A bedtime routine and working on getting the baby on a nap schedule worked for us. I read a lot and did a lot of research about baby sleep which all indicated that “sleep begets more sleep” and a baby that’s overtired during the day is likely to have restless and interrupted sleep at night. I am not a fan of cry it out for an extended period of time but around 4/5 months I did begin to give my ... More

I'm a recently separated single mom

I'm just hoping to find other people I can chat with to help me from going insane! My boyfriend and father of my son just left yesterday and it is so hard especially being a stay at home mom. Any advice or anything would really be helpful

  • Caitlin
    Feb 14

    Hi there- no advice, I just wanted to say that’s got to be really hard and I hope you’re able to give yourself extra love and self-care right now. Sending internet stranger bear hugs your way.

  • Shaley
    Feb 14

    Aww thank you! That really does help!

A posted in Breastfeeding Feb 11

Supply increase after a year

Any tips on increasing supply after 1year. I’d like to build up my freezer stash so he can drink BM well into 2 years especially if I were to discontinue feeding him ....I tried pumping last weekend along with feeding and became completely frustrated since I only got about an ounce I’ve also been taking fenugreek- any suggestions are appreciated

  • Sara
    Feb 11

    The best thing you can do to increase supply is nurse and/or pump more often. In the beginning you won't get much since your supply has regulated but if you continue to stimulate the breast with more pumping or nursing then eventually your body will establish more supply to keep up with demand. However, I'd caution against trying to really increase your supply just so you can build a s... More

  • A
    Feb 12

    Thank you all appreciate the input

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Feb 11


When I’m getting sick I do my best to get as much vitamin C as possible, drink emergency, airborne, etc. what can I do for my one year old? He’s been slowly coughing more and more each day... I know a sickness is comin on!

  • Anonymous
    Feb 12

    Just keep him hydrated and wash his hands regularly; that kinda things. If you breastfeed; then keep that up. I’ve heard dairy can congest them, so maybe not so much of that.

  • Ivy
    Feb 13

    I like to give my kids elderberry syrup/gummies, and Vitamin C mixed in his food. I also make smoothies with fruits high in antioxidants and mix the vitamin c in there too

Vitamins, cleanses & tricks

Alright, so me and the fiancé are trying for a baby, I just bought ovulation tests and I am going to start testing this month, we both already take b12 and *I occasionally take evening prim rose* i have 2 bottles of parentals for me to start taking and a bottle of 1 a day mens vitamins for conception for him. I am curious and wondering if i should start taking both prenatal and evening prim ro... More

  • Anon
    Feb 08

    What kind of ovulation tests did you get? I used to take the Clear Blue tests. And although they did say I was ovulating (when taken approx a week after period ends), I never got pregnant. I then saw on some forum that people were using the urine test strips (where you dip into the pee, in a cup) everyday and it said I ovulated earlier. Like, right after my period ended! And I got pregnant. T... More

  • Lily
    Feb 14

    Take your ovulation tests a week before you think you will ovulate, because you could be early. Start taking your prenatal now, you need the folic acid that is in them. It is very important for your body to have that when pregnant. Good luck!!:)

Meriksha posted in Clothes Feb 07

Shoes for 16 months old..

Hey everyone So my 16 month old Son doesn't like shoes 😀. He just kicks them out as I put it on his feet. I have the velcro shoes. Looking for ideas that I can use so he is not able to kick it out? May be some different kind or type? What do you all do? Thanks in advance...

  • Meriksha
    Feb 07

    @ivy.. Yes I guess I need to get those high lace shoes.

  • Meriksha
    Feb 07

    @pk.. Yes he has those squeaky sound shoes. He likes those. But recently he has figured out a way to kick it off and has been doing it since.. Then he would play with it in hands.. 🤦‍♀️

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