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Anonymous posted in Tricks of the Trade Thursday

How do you go to the bathroom when you're alone with a baby at a public restroom?

I'm going on a 20-hour road trip next month alone with my baby. If your car seat isn't the kind you can carry with a handle, where do you put the baby when you are in a store or stop at a gas station/rest stop to use the restroom? At home, I can put him in the crib, swing, etc. Mine is almost 8 months old so he can sit up but I don't want to let him sit on the floor and I'm too ... More

  • Erin

    Sorry, I didn’t offer any wisdom on this one. 😊

  • Jenn

    In order of preference, here's what I've done: Stroller Baby wear Hold her awkwardly Floor (no one died, I swear)

Tips and tricks for stomach bug

My 21 month old daughter has rarely been sick. She’s never had a stomach bug though. I’ve had it plenty of times to know what to do, but I would love to hear from you all what you guys do!! Please, any suggestions for calming stomach and soothing it. Also, help with having her eat, drink, and sleep through this!!! Thanks! ❤️

  • Adora

    Is jello a valid thing? I used to eat it when I was sick

  • Anne

    Cool, flat Sprite (no ice, stir to remove the bubbles) always did the trick for me.

Anonymous posted in Siblings Thursday

Two under two. Give it to me straight.

I'm 37 weeks pregnant and have been blissfully optimistic about handling a newborn and a 15 month old. But now as I get closer to my due date, I'm starting to freak out a little... Okay, I'm starting to freak out a lot. Welcoming any and all advice, stories, tips, hacks. Anything. Want to get back into a positive mindset before I deliver my bundle of joy!

  • Anonymous

    These are all so encouraging and sweet, thank you ladies!

  • Mama A

    I’ve only got 1 child he is 4 mo, but I provide full time care for his 8 mo cousin during the day, and some overnights since my sister is a single mama. The older one is just starting to walk. I find that it’s nice to be able to give her learning toys that keep her involved. A good double stroller is a must for walks and outings. I’ve also got an activity table that they take turns playing in, ... More

Josh posted in Behavior Wednesday

Ideas/ strategies for getting my 3 yo to come inside after playing outside.

I feel that most of the time it is a struggle to get my lo to come inside after playing outside. I’ve tried telling him he has 5 min. or so and then have hit set the time on my phone. Then counting down the minutes. I’ve tried telling him that he can do one more whatever. I’ve tried bribing with a treat. ( which has the highest success rate). My lo simply rarely comes inside willingly. It eith... More

  • Jennifer

    At my daughters preschool the teachers and kids are all Chinese. To get the kids to come inside, they would tell the kids that "the bugs are coming" One day after my daughter was done playing outside in our backyard, she would close the screen door and tell me hurry "bugs are coming" we have to hurry inside and close the screen door otherwise the bugs will get us. I find ... More

  • Andrea

    If I promise my son we can play inside for xx amount of minutes before bed (or other activity), that sometimes works. Mine is strong willed too, I feel ya!


Any tips for traveling (by car) with a two month old and three year old? Thanks in advance!

  • Brandee D

    I agree with the “surprise bag” comment. We just visited friends in San Diego (approximately 5 hr road trip including one stop halfway) and had a backpack full of goodies, most of which were from the dollar store!!

  • Superdad

    Yes, put them in car seats and drive..

Diana posted in Newborns Tuesday

Witching hour

How can I help my almost 1 month old during witching hours or prevent it? She sleeps fine throughout the day. I’m a first time mom and I just hate seeing her get like this at night.

  • Sarah

    I'm having the same issue :(

  • Kristina

    Is she on a schedule? I found started my now 3mo old on a schedule just over a week, and once I started, he stopped having a hard time going to bed. I use the EASY schedule.

Anonymous posted in Teething Tuesday


My 5 mos old is teething and in pain. She is having a difficult time sleeping at night. I had given her liquid Tylenol one night and she slept a little better. I have tried teething toys, wet washcloth, and massaging gums and nothing helps. Is this a wait and see or any other tips? Thanks

  • Becky

    If it’s really bad during the night you can alternate baby Tylenol and baby Motrin every 3 hours so there is something always on board for pain. Otherwise it will pass when the teeth come through.

  • Whitney

    Personally I found that baby ibuprofen worked a little better than Tylenol. My 10 month old is teething again and it helps him to sleep longer through the night. I give him popsicles during the day too and let him go to town on them to soothe his gums.

Anonymous posted in Milestones & Development Monday

Pacifier Weaning

Hi everyone! My 14 mo uses a pacifier for sleep - naps in crib and bedtime only - and we are thinking its time to wean him off. Can you share when and how you weaned your babies/kids off the pacifier? How long did it take? What worked and what didn’t? Appreciate the help!

  • B

    I have no idea. Daycare just stopped giving her one at naps and she’s fine with that after a few days. But naps at home or nighttime she sobs and sobs. So maybe I’ll have to go cold turkey at some point too.

  • Lisa

    I’ve weaned 2 pacifier-obsessed 2 year olds by slowly 1) reducing to only nap and bedtime and then 2) cutting the tip. Start with a pin prick, wait a day or two and make that hole a little bigger, then start to trim the tip with scissors every few days until they no longer can really hold it in their mouth. Some people think this is not safe because pieces of the plastic could be swallowed but ... More

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Monday

Trying to get my 9mo off the bottle?

We've tried different sippy cups but she won’t take to any of them. Ideas?

  • Anonymous

    I think I just need to do it cold turkey. She has the 360 and the soft avent transition cup. I also need to get her off the pacifier.

  • Jenn

    Do one at a time for your own sanity

Trying to quit breastfeeding my cosleeping 1 year old

So I’m trying to do a double whammy, by quitting breastfeeding (it’s time, my son will be one on the 19th this month) also, we NEED him out of our bed. He is very attached to me and will wake up still in the night to make sure I am there and will nurse for about 10 mins, I’ll add that it’s the only way to get him to sleep, for naps and bedtime. With my daughter I nursed her until she was 13 mon... More

  • Lauren

    Honestly it happens very late at night in the other room where none of the kids are, and when both are sleeping. There’s no such thing as being spontaneous when you have 2 kids. That’s why I want my bed/room back.

  • Stacy

    I’m starting the process with my 13 month old. We bed share most of the time, but always in her room. She naps almost always in her crib, and starts the night out in her crib, so that may work a little to my advantage. Last night was the first night I didn’t sleep with her at all! Wow! She still woke up a few times, but went back to sleep after a quick nursing session. I did give her a bedtime ... More

Hunter posted in Behavior Monday

How we solved our daughter "wanting everything in a store"

Just passing along something that works for us. When we're in a store and our daughter wants to buy something, if it's not an item that we want to purchase for her, we agree to take a picture of it. This seems to satisfy her because she feels listened to and knows we've saved it for her.

  • Lena

    I have a one yr old definitely keeping this one for later! Great idea.

  • Erin

    My son is 9, and he’s got little opportunities, here & there, to save his own money. The catch is that before anything new comes in (no matter who buys it), something/things of equal, physical size has to go into our “donate box.” Only things he doesn’t play with/use anymore, obviously. He chooses and feels good about helping and it helps keep our STUFF under control, a bit. 😊

Yasmin posted in Newborns Sunday

Going out with 7 week old

I would love some insight on your experiences. My little Sofia was born 7 weeks ago and I’m still finding that we’re holed up in the apartment. Anytime we try something new, a Stroller Bassinet, the baby bjorn carrier, the Moby, she cries at The top of her lungs and we give up and stay indoors. We go on brisk walks but that’s pretty much all we can do. We’ve had to cancel 1 million times on fri... More

  • Mia

    The car is usually calming - ours would always cry at first when being put in car seat but then pass out once moving. I also think the earlier and more you bring them out he easier it is as they get older because hey are used to it. My oldest used to go out with me to restaurants all the time for lunch (because she would come to work with me) and always did great as she hit the toddler years - ... More

  • Jenn

    My 2 month old still screams her head off when I am putting her in the car seat but as soon as she is fully clicked in, she is good to go. I just deal and tell her she will be okay. She cries when I take her out too, so I know it's just because she doesn't like me moving her all around. She is her own woman already 😊

Cradle cap remedies

My daughter has some intense cradle cap. Curious if others do anything that helps.

  • Marisa

    Breastmilk works wonders!

  • Ginger

    I agree with the coconut oil...also I “wash” his scalp with coconut oil. Any time I use shampoo it comes back.

PSA for post delivery comfort

I wanted to share the best piece of advice I've gotten for just after delivery... bring depend adult diapers in your hospital bag! With my first son, I used the hospital ginormous pads and sexy mesh undies. Uncomfortable, leaky, cumbersome. Then I read somewhere to bring adult depend diapers. What a difference with the delivery of my second son! They're just like underwear in terms of... More

  • Ashley
    Jul 11

    I so wish I had done that!

  • Victoria
    Jul 13

    I did this! Was probably the best thing besides making padcicles for postpartum!

Anonymous posted in Family Life Jul 10

We have recently sold our house but will not be moving into our new home for about a month. Will be staying with family in the interim. Any tried and true tips to make moving easier on a 2 1/2 year old?

  • B
    Jul 11

    We just moved with a 16mo. I bought a few kids books about moving that we read for weeks before. Also, I made sure all her toys were set up and both that area and her room had no boxes right from the start. Once she started playing with familiar stuff and her room seemed comfortable, she seemed much better. The familiar things really seemed to help.

  • Michelle
    Jul 14

    We made sure that the very first night her bed was put back together and her room was in a somewhat orderly fashion. She needed things to look familiar in her room to feel comfortable and sleep.

Caitlin posted in Sleep Jul 08

Pacifier to go to sleep...wakes son up!

My 7 week old is a big time sucker and goes to sleep best breastfeeding or with a pacifier. Lately though he’ll be headed to sleep, but then wakes up abruptly when he loses the pacifier. Any tips?

  • Shruti
    Jul 09

    Try gently guiding his fist/thumb to suck instead of his pacifier. That's what worked for a friend of mine whose little one was waking up at night and screaming for his pacifier. He never loses his thumb ;-)

Monique posted in Sleep Jul 08

Should my 10 month old be sleeping through the night already ?

My son still nurses 2-3 times every night and I am exhausted. He eats solids 3 times a day & nurses like 5 times in between but still wakes me up. How can I get him to sleep all night ?

  • Susan

    I had the same issue until my baby turned 14 months. I figured out I was part of the problem. I slept with the monitor volume on and would automatically get up to nurse her without seeing if she was really “awake”. 99% of the time I wasn’t even completely conscious when I’d get up. It was literally an automatic response to her crying. Finally I turned the volume off the monitor and now she slee... More

  • Lauren

    The best resource I’ve found is Precious Little Sleep - there’s a website, book and Facebook group. I loved that there were several methods depending on your preferences (CIO/no CIO, etc.) and baby’s age and sleep habits/personality. My LO is 8 months and still feeds 3 times a night too. Teething, growth spurts, developmental leaps, separation anxiety (they realize the world is a big place &... More

Elle posted in Babies Jul 07

Who here managed to avoid the dreaded "4 month sleep regression?" Please share your experience.

  • Papa LT
    Jul 08

    Shorter naps, but so far still sleeping solid through the night.

  • Ann
    Jul 11

    Around 4 -6 months babies may start getting teeth. We noticed my son, who was a great sleeper, started waking and not sleeping when he was teething....just something to consider.

Anonymous posted in Milestones & Development Jul 02

How do I teach my child to be on time?

My 7 year old son likes to take lots of time for everything he does. When I rush him, he asks why he has to hurry. What is the proper age to expect kids to be more quick and energetic? He plays a lot. But for anything other than playing, he takes a lot of time.

  • Anonymous
    Jul 02

    Thank you Jenni, I will try this.

  • B
    Jul 02

    What do you say when he asks why? Maybe a few good conversations about when it is important to be on time, and when it isn’t, are helpful.

Ian posted in Sleep Jul 01

This one weird trick for getting a newborn to sleep...

Seriously though, we are currently 3 weeks into the second kid and the *best* advice we *ever* received about getting a fussy baby to chill or sleep was to to cradle or rock them under the kitchen range hood fan. Crank that sucker up to high and it beats *any* white noise machine. This was a lifesaver back when we had our first kid, and it’s back in rotation for number two.

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