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A posted in Flying Saturday

I’ve read through quite a few posts but still need advice

We will be traveling from ca to Hawaii in April with a 2 yr old and 9 yr old that have never been on a plane. We will have family with us but I still want my kids to be as comfortable as I can make them any advice/tips?

  • PK

    Your 9 year old should be fine... bring some books to read or activity books.. whatever you can bring that they would like to do. Bring some gum for them to chew on for takeoff and landing (ear pressure). For your 2 year old, do they still have a pacifier? My son still had his when we recently went on a plane and we just gave that to him for takeoff and landing and he was fine. As far as keep... More

Anonymous posted in Bathing Nov 04

Tips for toddler bath (hair)?

Our LO is about to be 18 months and adores bath time with one exception—washing hair. She likes having her scalp rubbed but hates the rinse step. As she’s gotten bigger it’s difficult to get her to sit, and helping her tilt her head back to keep from being (practically) water boarded is proving impossible. Any tips appreciated...unfortunately, the visor-type bath hats are not an option

  • Ivy
    Nov 07

    We have a detachable shower head that I use with the kiddos. My 4 year old loves stars and planets so I’ll have him look at the ceiling and imagine the stars. We name the stars and planets together while I rinse his head. My 2 year old loves vehicles so I detail a scene for him and point to the ceiling for him to imagine it up there. Maybe some stickers up on the ceiling could help?

  • Shelley

    We use eco friendly shampoo and it’s a foam vs a thick gel substance. I find it’s easier to rinse out quickly. My LO hair is very long & thick. We also have a Munchkin rinser cup that has the rubbery part to place along their head. Helps to keep the water off her face.

Sara posted in Behavior Oct 29

Getting toddler out the door

My son is almost 2.5yo and is very interested in dictating what he does, doing everything himself, and throwing tantrums if one little thing goes wrong. I can normally deal with the outbursts, whining and tantrums, but when we have to leave the house to go somewhere it gets ridiculous. We have a pretty consistent morning routine and I’ve lately taken the “Positive Discipline” advice of talkin... More

  • Anonymous
    Nov 01

    Ive always been curious about the “give to options and let them pick” idea because when I try that my son yells NO to both options 🙄

  • Nancy
    Nov 03

    I have the same problem with my 2.5yo. My approach is to make a list together with him in the morning of the tasks that need to get done on paper and let him hold the paper list while we do each of the things. Because he helps to make the list, he is then very excited to do all the tasks.

Anonymous posted in Marriage & Partnership Oct 28

Attempting to be Patient with my Husband

I’m a full time working mom of twins, my husband works full time too. Life is busy life is stressful. My husband is a great Dad. But he is not good with helping around the house. He works a 9-5 type job, he usually goes to the gym and doesn’t get home until 7:30ish pm. I do shift work, so I work 7-7 three days a week. The kids are with Grandma when we are both at work. The issue with my schedul... More

  • B
    Oct 29

    My husband and I sat down and made a list of all the things. Literally all the things. Then we each picked big jobs that are done regularly and took them. No nagging. Just ours to do. He chose dishes and I chose grocery shopping, for example. Then we swap other jobs depending who has time. But no nagging anymore, since we are both clear on what’s divided. It was a marriage saver.

  • B
    Oct 29

    We did it after I read a few articles about mom mental load, and shared that idea with him

Anonymous posted in Money Oct 26


Does anyone use coupons for grocery shopping? I feel like this is a dumb question, but I’ve tried websites and looking in the mail for flyers before and think I may be missing something because I rarely find coupons or they don’t seem to offer significant savings (usually I see promos for sales, but not a true “coupon.) I’m not trying to be an extreme couponer, but if it’s easy enough I’m inte... More

  • Vicki
    Oct 28

    I use our grocery store’s app and the preferred customer program. They have hundreds of coupons and they are all good. I also use the Target app, which also offers hundreds of coupons.

  • Jessica
    Oct 31

    I had the best luck couponing when I was part of a group that did a coupon swap. We would bring coupons that we didn’t use and it helped the rest of us get ones we actually needed. I saved 10% regularly! That being said, you can’t be very brand loyal if you want to maximize savings. It’s work but can save you.

Brushing Teeth Nightmare

My LO is 15 months old and absolutely hates having her teeth brushed, and always has. It had not gotten any better, even with letting her hold the brush, pretending to brush my own, singing a song or just bearing through the crying. There has got to be something else i can try. Any suggestions???

  • Yanis
    Oct 27

    I play this song for my daughter and it gets her so excited to brush her teeth 😂

  • Dragana

    My son hated it at first too, he is 15 months as well. I started giving him his toothbrush at the same time i brush my own so he can hold it and play just to get the idea of what it is. Now he lets me and he actually opens his mouth when he sees it. Good luck.

Anonymous posted in Marriage & Partnership Oct 22

Vacationing with a 3 year old

I am a stay at home mom and in need of a break as I am the primary caregiver for my child. When we last went on vacation over a year ago, I suggested to my husband that we share some tasks such as taking turns to feed dinner, going to the beach with our kid etc so that We both could get some Me time on vacation. My husband is super nice but clueless about taking the initiative to do baby-chores... More

  • Katie
    Oct 23

    So, just because you stay at home to be a caregiver to your child and do the majority of the domestic stuff, doesn't mean he gets to skip out on doing his fair share. Otherwise you will never, ever, ever get a break (and start to resent your family) because childcare never ends. Realistically, your "work at home job" obligation is equivalent to whatever hours he is working at his... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 25

    I’m on the same boat. But even when my husband tries to take care of my 2 yr old daughter, my daughter cries for me. So I accepted it already that I don’t get me time on vacations/ even at home (as much as the husband ). At the end of the day even if it’s late at night I try to have my me time when I finish my chores and when everybody’s asleep. We run out of patience sometimes it’s ok. It’s ... More

HELP Potty training TIPS

Any & all tips on potty training. We are currently on day 2 today, We are doing the 3 day method potty training Basically he’s naked all day. I am Aware 3days May vary, but we’re shooting for consistency. Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far He sits on potty willingly ✔️ Pee in the potty 4 time, but only when I Initiated potty time✔️ He likes to celebrate when he pees in potty ✔️ N... More

  • K.A.M.
    Oct 17

    Make sure to keep fiber intake HIGH. My son started to withhold his poo’s when we started potty training and it has created a world of problems. We’re 3 months into this and cannot get him to commit to pooping on the potty. He will make himself sick holding it in, so then we cave and give him a pull up to poop. And round and round we go. We even have him on steady miralax, not helping. Hopefull... More

  • PK
    Oct 17

    Let him watch you poop. Exaggerate the pushing sound and expression on your face and then once you get it out show relief. Let him see the poop in the toilet and YOU flush it down. My son loves to flush the toilet, especially poop since it’s solid and much cooler to watch go down than just liquid. So because it was my poop, I got to flush it. I told him if he pooped, he could flush it. We did s... More

Give me all the organizational tips, please!

We are expecting our second daughter in December and we will be trying to make our tiny two bedroom apartment work until we can buy a house. We’re pretty minimalist and don’t have a lot of clutter or unnecessary stuff, but I’m desperately looking for some kitchen organization hacks. I think I spend a good deal of my life these days frantically hunting for Tupperware lids and I might lose my ... More

  • Anne
    Oct 17

    Idea: throw a reverse baby shower! Invite friends and family to your home for a day to help you organize, build shelving, and take things to donation/trash/etc. Or help themselves to things you don't need anymore!

  • Jade
    Oct 17

    @Anne you blew my mind with that one! So. Good.

When should I start potty training ?

My daughter will be 2 in january. I'm a little new to potty training any tips on how to start having her pee in the toilet.

  • Jenn
    Oct 10

    We wasted no time 😆. My daughter potty trained the weekend after her 2nd birthday. She showed most of the typical signs of readiness and agreed to learn how to use the potty so I went for it. Getting her to actually sit long enough to pee was a pain in the ass but we got there eventually. It only took a few accidents and rushing to the potty for it to click. I read the Oh Crap book but didn'... More

  • A
    Oct 13

    I’m an advocate with following their lead. For both my kids we started experimenting with it when they were 2. My girl got it pretty quickly. We gave up on my boy and tried again like 6mths later and he got it quickly. To me it seemed to just “click,” when they were ready. Id much rather change diapers another few months than force it ... and clean pee off the floor. Just my thoughts and experi... More

Laundry soap choices

I'm a working mom who doesn’t always have time to wash clothes right away. So when my child has stained clothes I can’t always throw them in the washer, since I live in an apartment and the laundry room is always busy! My question is: what laundry soap is best to use on kid’s clothes to get old stains off?

  • Liza M.
    Oct 08

    Oxiclean spray and Dreft spray are the best!!

  • EmmaD
    Oct 10

    Better than any stain removers moms k have recently learnt: Boil a kettle of hot water and pour it (the whole kettle full) straight into the stain. Sometimes you can assist with some dishsoap or stainremover or Sonett Gallsoap it doesn work right away but mostly does . the plain hot water is amazing on fruit stains especially! :-) Mud stains i would scrape off and then look up a video on it 😂

Anonymous posted in Single Parents Oct 01

How to time manage with little sleep?

I am a mom of two beautiful toddlers. I have a two and three year old. I work overnight so that I am with them in the morning. I am also a single mom. I don’t want to do daycare yet. I do nap in the morning for about two hours before they up. I nap another two to three hours during their nap time. I am always tired and I would like to do more with them. I don’t have much support. Any idea or ti... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 03

    Thank you so much. I appreciate the feed back. I was thinking that I do need help. Lol it’s so hard to realize sometimes because we try to do it all. It hitting me now .

  • Anonymous
    Oct 03

    yes! When you are at your best, your kids get the best of you too. it's a win win for everyone if you get a few hours of help in the day so you can get proper rest. night shift is already a strain on the body and your sleep is so important. don't feel bad about getting childcare for a couple hours. good luck!

Pam posted in Sleep Sep 30

Toddler sleeping in their own room

Any advice on how to get a 4 year old to sleep back in their room. Made the biggest mistake of our lives letting her come to our room because she was we can’t get her back. She screams and cries and says she scared and doesn’t want to be in her room by herself. I feel bad because the look in her eyes is like she’s terrified....we tried night lights...flash lights...leaving the do... More

Anonymous posted in Single Parents Sep 28

My life is all about my child

I’m a single mom of one two year old . I’m starting to let myself go and it’s all about my baby. Before I had a child I had my hair done etc... Now, I’m not myself . I feel bad if I spend money on myself and I don’t go out to enjoy myself . I mostly go out for my son only . This isn’t healthy because I’m starting to wish I didn’t have a child . It’s bad to say but true. What is the best way to ... More

  • Raji
    Sep 29

    I think it’s important for you to take care of yourself especially since you are single parent. You should not be feeling guilty. Start small, put some money aside for yourself from every paycheck and use it for yourself. Your child will appreciate a happier mom.

How to organize myself ??

Good day all, I am a single mom of two boys 7/11 and I find myself all over the place with my hands into a lot of things but not really getting anything done. I wake up early to take the kids to school, go back home and get ready for work. Then I get out of work to pick them up and go straight home. Sometimes I have to wait a while for a parking. If I have the kids start homework first in the ... More

  • C D
    Oct 03

    You are not alone. I, and other moms I know who work outside of home, struggle, as well, so don’t feel bad. In addition to trying to trying to delegate age appropriate chores, I also try to do what I can ahead of time for meals. I try to double recipes so we can eat half now and then freeze the other half for a tough night later on. I also use a crock pot (to cook while we’re at work/school) an... More

  • Jennifer
    Oct 03

    Definitely meal prep ahead of time on the weekends so you have your whole week of meal planned out. Or use an instant pot. I typically throw all the food in the instant pot when I get home and put it to cook. Or make easy 15 minute meals like spagetthi or vegtable and beef stir fry. While I'm waiting for instant pot to be done, I have time to help my kids get homework done. I work ful... More

Brushing teeth.

I started teaching my kid about brushing her teeth. We started with just water on the brush and then i guess i made the mistake of jumping to real toothpaste but the kids type. I dont why she didnt like it at all. Eventhough was a bubble fruit flavor type 🙄. I went back to doing just water and she was fine. I then bought a training tootpaste which is floruide free and is also clear. She tried i... More

  • Jessica
    Oct 02

    We have started doing this with our almost 3yr old. We got baby toothbrushes for the whole family, including our nanny, so we can brush our teeth next to him and show him. And then if they let you, ask "can I help you finish brushing your teeth?" Seems to work so far for us. Also, we use HELLO and Burts Bees brand kids toothpaste. HELLO-Starwberry flavor smells really good...might help! Haha🤷‍♀️

Anonymous posted in Potty Training Sep 24

Pee doesn’t go into the toilet

Hi all! Yay! My daughter is finally fully potty trained. But now when she pees it shoots straight out. The majority of the pee doesn't go into the can she get her pee into the toilet?

  • Anonymous
    Sep 24

    Is she scooted far back enough on the seat?

  • Kristin
    Sep 29

    Have her sit facing the back of the toilet. The opening is wider in the back. She can straddle and face backwards

Anonymous posted in Behavior Sep 23

2 year toddler starts screaming if denied anything.

My son is 2 year old. I am having problems in telling him " NO". He would just start screaming and throw tantrums, sometimes he would bang his head on floor and tries to hurt himself. I am not sure how do we handle these situations as it becomes really embrassing in front of others and most importantly i feel that as a parent its my duty to inculcate good habits but he doesnt listen.... More

  • Yanis
    Sep 26

    Ugh my daughter used to do this. It’s so dangerous. Now that she is able to talk more she has stopped; but honestly nothing I did got her to stop. I tried ignoring her, trying to talk to her etc. Nothing worked. If you can, try putting his feelings into words and I agree with previous posts distract him.

  • Yanis
    Sep 26

    My daughter didn’t do the wall but she’d throw herself back wherever she was. Usually on the floor.

Hi All, just wondering what a “typical” day looks like for everyone here who has a toddler.

Time for dinner, bed, brushing teeth. How do you guys make time to be more efficient for you? Any parenting hacks/tips?

  • winter
    Sep 18

    Thank you! Wow, this helps!! 🙌🏼

  • Karen
    Oct 14

    We do dinner around 530, play outside until around 730, then clean up any toys around the house. Afterwards take a bath, brush teeth, use the potty, bedtime story, then lights out. No fighting, and they sleep good :)

Anonymous posted in Products & Gear Sep 17

Insect repellent recommendations

What are you using on yourselves and your little ones? Need recs.

  • Ivana
    Sep 18

    Avon skin so soft wipes - the best!

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