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How is it possible to find personal time while being the primary caregiver? And it seems much more impossible if you also have a full time job. Cooking, cleaning, exercise, social life. There is no earthly way. I literally had time to eat sleep and work much less cook or exercise once in a blue moon. Now with a newborn being 80% of that time, I don’t see how it all fits. What monster schedule do other moms follow? I need answers. I may just go insane trying to decide if I should sacrifice my career or being a mom. All the while neglecting my partner and most definitely losing my own sense o... More

  • Allison
    6h ago

    My husband and I both work full time and we have an 18 month old. We clean up the house a little each night and do a bigger cleaning on the weekends while she naps. For dinner, she usually plays in the kitchen while I cook. I found a stroller workout class that I take her to and also get workouts done on my lunch hour or run with her in the stroller. The big thing I lack is alone time but I t... More

  • vivian
    2h ago

    Agree with the suggestion to try babywearing. I actually found it to be easier when our kid was younger and I could wear him all the time (and he napped more!) and I could get stuff done around the house. At 2y, I do still wear him sometimes to get the laundry (basement in our house). Also agree with suggestions to get help. Lastly, re: fitness -- I recently discovered MommaStrong, founded by a... More

I am going to be travelling with my LO who will be 10mo at the time of flight. Its going to be me and just my girl... I only have 2 hands - what do i need to absolutely pack... And what is just a nice-to-have? I'm travelling MN to CO, for 4 days. She's always been a little smaller... I was thinking about travelling with the infant carrier (do babies typically fit at 10 mo in an infant carrier?) And the carrier pops into a stroller.

  • Christina

    Ariane that’s so strange. I’ve never had to take daughter out of carrier and we flown maybe 40-50 flights.

  • Laura

    Get some trinkets from the dollar store and give them to her one at a time on the plane. Also, a cheap Fire tablet loaded with my daughters favorite cartoons was a life saver for us. A baggy of cheerios is also very useful as a distraction. It's a great idea to get a fresh diaper on her right before you board too.

Met two mothers from the Philippines, who spoke of their traditional way of potty training infants. Their babies went on the potty from 3 and 4 months! I looked it up, and it’s a thing! I’d have been tempted to try, but with a toddler around, this would be too messy for me. Has anyone else tried this? Found an article for more info:

  • Tara

    @Hannah I will read and defo look into this more. Thank you for the encouragement :-)

  • Kobena

    Thanks ladies! We will begin our potty training journey this week.

Hello! How do you put your baby to sleep? We have an almost 4 month old who can’t seem to fall asleep unless we bounce on a yoga ball while holding her horizontally. It’s really hard physically and can take up to 15 minutes, and then sometimes she wakes up when we put her down and we have to do it all over again. Not fun! I’ve read that you’re supposed to put a baby down drowsy but awake but she fusses and cries and squirms and does not fall asleep if she’s awake when we put her down. She’s currently sleeping in a rock n’ play and we’d like to transition to a crib soon. Looking for ideas so... More

  • Jessica

    Thank you everyone for the suggestions! We are going to try to start a more deliberate bedtime routine and see what happens :).

  • Alice
    15h ago

    Good luck.

Any advice on single parenting?

  • Angie

    Right there with you! Find a tribe of other mommies that can help you out for trade if you are low on cash. Try to enroll your child in at least a two day a week daycare or school for a few hours so you can get a break. These two things are saving me from losing my mind during child’s second year with my single. It was worse for her first two years alive when I was with her father so as I said ... More

  • Ciara Grey

    I was a single mom from the age of 3 weeks old with no family help with my son. I was so constantly exhausted. I stayed home with him and made money selling things on offer up,eBay etc. I cloth diapered him and made his baby food from scratch to save money. I pretty much just went all organic and made his body washes and shampoos too. It gave me peace of mind to know what I was using on him and... More

As a stay at home mom how do you keep sane?

  • Katie

    I havent been sane for a few years now. I just try to get out of the house whenever I can.

  • CrystianandBen

    I picked up volunteer work (remote) to give me some purpose and some socialization and tackled some tasks in the house like cleaning out the attic to make me feel productive. I always feel like I’ve had a good day if I’ve managed to get my kids some quality experience (story time/park/ outside play/ new educational game), did a few chores, made the meals, and did something I wanted to do (work... More

EBF moms... Do you dread making plans that don’t involve your baby because you’ll have to use your precious saved milk while someone else babysits? You also have to think about how long you’ll be gone and how will you pump if you’re away for hours? I want to have a life too but I can’t help dreading any plans I make because of these things!

  • Hannah

    Do you have a manual breast pump? Being able to quickly pump no matter where I am has made leaving my baby so easy. Obviously I prefer to be with her, but if the opportunity arises for me to leave for a few hours I just pack that with me. If you nurse right before you leave and as soon as you get home, you’ll only have to pump 1 time and you can be gone 5 hours!

  • CrystianandBen

    My babies never liked bottles. I have a 10 week old and leaving for an hr, even if she fed and asleep, always ends up with me coming home to her screaming and my poor husband trying to chase our two toddlers and rocking her. It really sucks. But it is “short” term. But yea, I feel like I can’t go anywhere and since she isn’t predictable eating I don’t like to pump anyway to store milk. Basicall... More

Tips for supporting our almost 2yo at becoming more independent? Thinking of things like hooks at his height for hanging his own clothes or towel, stool for hand washing, foods that make fork and spoon practice easier....

  • Vicki
    Feb 16

    Dana, omg my 2yo IS NUTS about swiffering!! He uses the duster too!

  • Candis

    I ask my kiddo to help. (I broke my neck 3 years ago so he is mommys helper thats his job) He gathers his own laundry, toys, puts lotion on himself, washes himself (i redo that), i tell him to try if he needs help ask. :)

Traveling with a 1 year old in a week. He is mobile on two feet and doesn't sit still well. Too bad I'm not still nursing or this would be easier to keep him calm. Any advice for in the states plane travel?

  • Mikayla
    Feb 14

    Well we wont be on then for too long. I'm thinking an hour and a half max. Last time we flew they never took the seatbelt light off. That's what I'm worried about.

  • Amanda
    Feb 15

    I got my daughter an Amazon Fire kids edition tablet for long car rides. You can download kid friendly apps, games, and videos to watch to keep him entertained and keep his mind off of being contained for such a period of time

A really fun activity for older kids I just accidentally discovered: pull out an old box of baby toys and let them go through it. They’re having a blast “remembering” all their old stuffies and speculating about what various baby accessories are for (they found the teethers particularly inscrutable)!

  • Sara
    Feb 13

    WARNING: Do not attempt this if you are planning to use said baby things for a new baby 😂😂😂. I accidentally showed my daughter some of her old baby clothes and things as I was getting stuff ready for the new baby and she just started claiming them all back.

  • Caroline
    Feb 15

    This is a fun and hilarious idea! Bet they couldn’t stop laughing 😝

Tips on getting a 6 month old to take her medicine?? My baby has an ear infection and is flat refusing the amoxicillin prescribed to her. It’s flavored. Also... please no recommendations on home remedies like squirting breastmilk in her ear. I’m not judging, just saying that’s not the route I’m taking here. Thank you!!

  • Sophie
    Feb 14

    I just mix it into my boys cup, no hassle and he gets feeling better.

  • Krysten

    We squirted it onto a spoon and he took it just like baby food. With a different medicine, we also mixed it with an ounce or two of breastmilk. You'll just need to make sure you can mix it, and you'll also want to be careful about how MUCH BM or F you're mixing it with - if she doesn't like it, you've wasted BM/F and the medicine!

I have a 3 year old daughter and a 17 month daughter. I am having trouble getting them out of the house in the morning. They don't want to get dressed! Any tips?

  • Hollie
    Feb 11

    I have the Daniel tiger song app. And my boys use the morning routine song to keep on tract. Also we have a star chore chart to keep track of tasks we completed and can earn a Hershey kiss at the end of the day if we have enough stars

  • Gabriela
    Feb 12

    Turn it into a game! First one to get dressed wins. Sometimes this works. You can also lay out two outfits and have them pick what they want to wear for the day. Sometimes giving them choices gets them excited about getting dressed. Also... get up earlier 😢 sucks when you are exhausted, but it helps get through the rough mornings on time.

I'm looking for inspiring ideas to make my stay at home mom time more intentional for learning, bonding and growing. Anything you did with your kids that you really enjoyed or helped them grow? My oldest is 18 months now, but if it applies to older kids thats ok too, I'll hang on to it for later

  • Lauren
    Feb 11

    Wow y'all!! Such awesome suggestions I had never heard of mops or tinkergarten before. Thank you!

  • Brittany
    Feb 12


Okay, so I am new to this app. But I just was trying to find some resources as I am going to start being a stay at home mom the 17th of this month and am so nervous! Is this wrong of me? Where do I start? What if I fail? I know I am so lucky and I don't mean to sound as though I am ungrateful for this opportunity but going from working full time and everything it will be a hard adjustment. A necessary one and I'm excited but I am nervous for the transition.. Does anyone have any advice or some help to give? Maybe you went through it and can give me some tips..? I don't know exac... More

  • ATL
    Feb 08

    I wouldn’t plan in cleaning or errands in the first week. We are plenty busy with activities throughout the day. Instead I would look into the available activities in your area: library story times, music class, swimming, indoor Gymboree or little gym, for example. Then look up parks, zoo, museums nearby. I would aim for one morning activity and then one afternoon activity. One of them can be... More

  • Mara

    Just try and get out the house and do fun stuff with your little one keep them busy as possible

Thursday, five year old No. 2 had what has become a right of passage in our family.  He got his first Clipper Card with his San Francisco MUNI pass.  When, now seven year-old, No. 1 got her Clipper card and could boop onto buses and trains, she instantly became the envy of her two younger sibs.  2 asked for a Clipper card non-stop, and it wasn’t long before 3 also got into the game.  We compromised by getting 2 and 3 their backpack Clipper card holders early.  3 delights in holding her holder up when we get in the bus and saying, “Boop.” So, it was with great glee that 2 legitimately boope... More

Looking for tips on how to change a squirmy 9 month old. Changing his diaper and getting him dressed is exhausting for both of us. Distractions no longer seem to be working...

  • Suzanne
    Feb 03

    I've also had to put a leg across the mid section. But that is with my 20 month old. He doesn't realize he can get out. I don't actually press on him, or even touch him with it.

  • Jennifre'
    Feb 05

    Try to find one squishy toy and help them hold it every time - might help...mine moves those squishy toys that are popular now in shapes of food... like a stress reliever ball.. lol or if totally desperate give them your mascara or lip stick tube lol kids love our stuff! lol mom of 4 😇

Hello, I am new to this site and glad I found it. Here is a photo of my little one trying to feed himself it has been fun! (who needs a spoon anyways). Yesterday was my first experience with me being sick and him running around. How do other moms do it without calling for backup?

  • Stephanie
    Feb 02

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  • Krista
    Feb 07

    My entire house is sick(7 year old and 6m twins!) everyone is loved up fed and clean but my house is a disaster area. Your best on any given day is good enough :)

Any ideas to help when brushing my 16 month old’s teeth? It’s agony every time I do it because she fights it so much!!

  • Melody
    Feb 03

    Family Brush time! We do it with her. She gets her own sink, many toothbrush and toothpaste options. Gargle cups (little Dixie cups). Whatever makes it fun and interactive. I'll brush her teeth when she's on the grumpy side, but she does it herself. She shows us the "shiny teeth" when she's done. ♥️.

  • Kellie

    We had this issue too. I’d give my son the tooth brush and have a finger brush on. Then we’d take turns - he’d chew on the toothbrush, I’d get in a quick brush. After about 3 months of that, he now sits for brushing!

My 2 year old is not letting me cut her nails. I normally used to cut her nails when she was asleep, but recently she is waking up every time I come anywhere near her nails. I even tried in the middle of the night when she is in deep sleep but to no use 🙁What should I do?

  • Sara
    Feb 01

    I used to let my watch videos on her phone while I did it... now she actually likes it and I don't have to do that anymore.

Any tips, tricks, or hacks when it comes to taking baby out and about, alone? I’ve literally only been out alone with my almost 9 month old maybe four times! It seems so much easier when I bring another adult along. Or is that just me? TIA

  • Alyssa
    Feb 01

    🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼 totally struggled with this! We had a stroller that helped out a lot! I agree about parking next to a cart return, honestly it’s a HUGE help when you’re ready to load and go! My biggest struggle was, of all things, ME! I was my own worst enemy! I figured everyone would be judging me and think I was a bad mom, who didn’t have it together. Yes, there were tears she sometimes because of m... More

  • Alexandria
    Feb 01

    Thank you everyone, all of this was great advice!!

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