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Questions and support from parents of children with skin allergies, asthma, food allergies or other reactive conditions.

From formula to milk

My son is about to be a year old in a couple weeks and I’m freaking out about the transition from formula to cows milk. I’ve already tried introducing him to some dairy products like cheese,yogurt and other foods that might have dairy in it. He hasn’t had a problem until recently I gave him American cheese, he pooped 5 times in one day causing him a diaper rash. Is he possibly allergic to cows ... More

  • Marilyn
    Oct 06

    I would make my boys baby cereal with regular cows milk before introducing just straight cows milk.

Does anyone have a dog but has a toddler with minimal allergies

  • Jenn
    Sep 04

    Yup. I also have allergies. Lots of grooming, vacuuming and swiftering. And allergy pills of your choice on hand. Also, washing hands after playing w/the dog and not touching/rubbing their eyes.

  • Vonda
    Sep 06

    Yes. We just vacuum, dust, and lots of grooming. Have two Aussies so brushing is a must. Washing hands is also a good idea after playing with the dogs.

Anonymous posted in Allergies & Asthma Jun 05

Birthday cake

My soon-to-be 5 yr old is allergic to colors on the icing cream. His Birthday is just round the corner. I would like him to choose his cake but I want to make sure I give him options that would suit his health. Looking for recommendations for alternate Birthday cakes. TIA.

  • Anonymous
    Jun 06

    That's a great idea. Do you know any Bakery that does it?

  • Lynn
    Jun 06

    I’m sure you can make a special request

Anonymous posted in Allergies & Asthma May 14

Tummy rash, food related?

Started my baby on foods (BLW) about a month ago at just over 6 months. Since we started, he’s had a rash on his stomach that comes and goes, can’t really find a pattern or specific food that is the cause. He doesn’t seem to itch or be bothered and the pediatrician said it was just sensitive skin. I put aquaphor on it daily. I’m worried this is just the beginning of some sort of allergy (like I... More

  • Sofy
    May 15

    When my son had something like that it was related to weather, my first thought was food to be the cause but I realized it got worse when we were outside on a very hot (Texas summer) day. I used aveeno bath and cream and it was gone the next morning

  • CheerioMama
    May 23

    Looks a lot like Eczema. Aquafore consistently should get rid of it

options for why my son has a runny and itchy nose

Hi all, my son is going to turn 1 in a week and for the past 2 months he has had a runny and itchy nose. We just moved, and i guess thats the only new thing in his life. We have a cat at home but we have her since he was born. Not a cold and not every day Any thoughts? Thanks

Peanut Butter

My daughter is 18 months old. When can I start giving her peanut and jelly sandwiches?

  • Kieli
    May 03

    As long as she didn’t have any kind of reaction to it, go ahead and try it out!

  • Anonymous
    May 03

    I did it from a year on. Why are you worried?

Anonymous posted in Allergies & Asthma May 02

Toddler with eczema. Any tips?

Can he play in the grass or water and live a normal life? Im worried since he already have had recurrent staph infections including mrsa. Anybody else with eczema kids and whag do you do in summer to prevemt flare ups? Thnk you in advance!

So I’m wondering what y’all think these bumps are.

My daughter has drool rash and I might have gone a bit overboard with the Aquaphor. I’m thinking they are just clogged pores.

  • Sara
    Apr 21

    It doesn’t look too bad in the pic! I would just wash with soap and water then leave exposed to air and see if it improves.

Peanut butter

I have not introduced peanut butter to my 14 month old because he’s allergic to eggs and dairy and has really bad dry skin/eczema and I’ve been so worried about trying it. I on the other hand feel horrible because his pediatrician keeps telling me at every appointment to do it. Has anyone else introduced it late and no allergy or am I setting him up for a peanut allergy? Side note, he is breast... More

  • Lara
    Mar 12

    I did the same thing as Julie when my son was 9mos. It definitely put my mind at ease to know I was right there at the pediatrician’s office in case he had a reaction.

  • April
    Mar 14

    I have a baby who started food allergies at 5 months from formula in his rice cereal, I hear your concern. He is anaphylactic to tree nuts, eggs, dairy and has over 5 other sensitives too other food. You can try a spot test where you put the peanut butter on the baby’s skin and cover it and if he gets bumps or angry skin you your know he could have problems. My baby 23 months now if he touches ... More

Cows milk allergy and sleeplessness?

I found a study that was done in the UK that linked a cows milk allergy to unexplained sleeplessness in babies. I am trying it with my 17 month old to see if it helps because she currently wakes up anywhere from 5-13 times a night. Has anyone had success with this? Any tips on other foods or drinks to use for substitute or to stay away from? Thank you!

  • Kelly
    Feb 25

    Agree with the above. Doctors can test for food allergies. I wouldn’t eliminate milk w/o some additional testing or a consult with the pediatrician. That is a lot of wake ups for a child that age. Has she always had this issue or is it new? Has anything changed in her sleep environment (new room/new bed/ or has she experienced a significant life change (sibling/school/etc), that could be the ro... More

  • Rhonna
    May 27

    my daughter has a milk allergy! we give her ripple pea milk or oat milk. almond milk didn’t have enough nutrients/calories in my opinion for her. we noticed that she seemed sick (runny nose, cough, etc) and it had to do with her allergy. i would definitely get her tested just to be sure!

Anonymous posted in Allergies & Asthma Feb 20

Big rash?

I call his doc and explain best I could on this rash. They think it’s his eczema. So they said if it spreads come in if not it’s that. Give him 1.5 Benadryl and rub Vaseline all over him..... idk this seem so much. Has anybody eczema gotten this bad. He’s only 17 months...... it’s also on his chest area.

  • Amy
    Feb 22

    Our pediatrician also prescribed us triamcinolone acetonide ointment 0.1% which works for our LO.

  • Pat
    Jul 18

    Our 8 month old also has eczema and often scratches till her skin breaks. Where/how to find a local dermatologist who treats infant eczema?

When can you give your kid peanut butter?

  • Sarah
    Feb 17

    Babies should not consume any foods, until at least 6 months (their guts are literally not ready to handle foods until 6 mos), after that they can eat whatever you eat. Check out Baby Led Weaning, the best thing ever!!

  • Jenn
    Feb 21

    ASAP. I waited until her 9mo visit and did it an hour before the appt in case of a reaction. Pediatrician said any reaction will happen within 2 hours of eating.

2 year old allergic to dairy

My almost 2 year old has a milk protein allergy. We have been giving him a hypoallergenic formula since I stopped breastfeeding when he turned 1. We want to switch him to another milk. We tried hemp milk but he wouldn’t drink it. He can’t do any nut milk since he’s allergic to nuts. He’s also slightly allergic to peas so i don’t want to do Ripple. What do you think the healthiest Milk alternati... More

  • Amanda
    Feb 13

    My son has a soy intolerance and a tree nut allergy and my husband has a milk protein allergy. We use oat milk a lot in our house. Both hubby and tot prefer Oatly original brand to silk. I mostly use it to make dishes like stroganoff and Alfredo that typically have a dairy factor or when they want cereal. I'm not sure it's 100% best alternative but it works for my family.

  • Dani
    May 06

    Have you tried goat milk. My LO has been drinking that since I stopped breastfeeding and loved it.


My son has been having hives for 4 days now. I can’t seem to figure out why he’s getting them. Has never had an allergic reaction before. They come and go in different areas of the body. I feel like I just look at him and he gets them. He’s being really sensitive, any tips to help treat them?? He is taking Benadryl.

  • Stacey
    Feb 01

    Does he have eczema? The cold, dry air really effects my daughter’s skin and she’ll get random hives that are very itchy, especially at night. The itchiness usually starts first then the hives come. Zyrtec is what we give her (dr recommended) and it usually gives relief within 20 minutes.

  • Jessica
    Feb 01

    Thank you everyone I will look into Zyrtec .... yesterday he was really bad , I just don’t understand what is causing it and why they don’t go away

Toddler has ezcema on her cheeks, anybody else? How do u treat it?

She also gets mrsa recurrent infections in summer especially but cold weather seems to make ezcema worse too. How do you deal with that? Dr didnt seem concerned about the ezcema part but i now can see it is all related. We do bleach baths twice a week and take probiotics. Her infections have stopped since then but ezcema flare ups on her cheeks are ln the rise now.

  • Courtney
    Jan 30

    My 15 month old has eczema and we were using a cream we got prescribed. It was doing the trick until the cold reeeeally set in in New England. Doc suggested Vaseline so we’ll see 🤷🏼‍♀️ good luck!

  • Alexza
    Jan 31

    My daughter who is now 5 years old has severe eczema every since she was a baby. The daughter would prescribe an ointment whenever she has a “flare up”. But once it goes away, or its winter here in the north we put Vaseline and lotion. I use Vermont Original Bag Balm and Cerave Baby Moisturizing lotion. Her dermatologist recommend Cerave baby and as for the Vaseline I did some research and s... More

Asthma in a baby

Does anyone have any experience getting their baby diagnosed with asthma? They will only say he has asthmatic tendencies. He barely sleeps and has a really hard time breathing. His inhaler doesn't really work anymore. I don't know what else to do to help him.

  • Dena
    Jan 18

    Im calling around to different pediatricians now. I'm gonna try to find a new one

  • Anonymous
    Feb 02

    Also think about whether you want to see a pediatric pulmonologist

Sensitive face

Any advice on how to deal with red splotches on babes face?

  • Mama
    Jan 13

    You guys rock! Thank you so much. I still have Lanolin. And I’ll remember the rest just in case that doesn’t work. I keep forgetting the dry winter winds/air are going to be tough on her.

  • A
    Jan 13

    Have you tried coconut oil? I use to use it for everything as a lotion and in my own hair. I’ve used it on my niece she gets chapped around her face sometimes and it seems to help

Anonymous posted in Allergies & Asthma Dec 27, 2018

Experience with Budesonide?

My 2 year old has just started Budesonide via a nebulizer. Backstory (long sorry): last year in November he was hospitalized with just a really bad cold. He ended up being intubated for about 3 weeks. It was terrible. He was fine over the summer but I noticed in Late September he had a pretty consistently runny nose and light cough. He didn’t seem to have a cold though. Went to an asthma... More

  • Rachel
    Dec 27, 2018

    I totally and utterly feel your pain. And for that, I am so sorry that you have to go through this. I have experienced this with both of my boys - ages 10 and 3. My eldest was the worst of the experiences. Primarily, due to the fact that I was a new mother, caring for a baby (babies) diagnosed with RSV, and I had absolutely no clue what I was in for - nor could I recognize it; which was half... More

  • Jenn
    Dec 27, 2018

    We went through this with our daughter starting at age 1. She would have bad colds and they would all result in wheezing episodes. After a scary ER visit her doctor finally started her on a daily regimen of arbuterol and budesonide along with daily doses of Children’s Zyrtec. They diagnosed her with reactive airways. We had to do this regimen for almost 2 years. Then they had us cut down to jus... More

Allergy relief?

My one year old broke out in hives because I gave her orange juice for the first time the night before last I’ve given her Benadryl twice one last night and one this afternoon plus oatmeal bathing her symptoms are the same is this normal?

  • Jennifer
    Dec 18, 2018

    From my own experience allergy symptoms tend to fade after a dose or two of Benadryl. Hives will last longer if she rubs/scratches tough. Swelling, itchy eyes and other symptoms should be gone by now. Have the doctor look if hives are not fading. Some of mine left a scar.

2 year old with allergies! Singulair?

So my 2 year old has been on Zyrtec since September and it’s helped a ton. Fast forward to November 15th and he got a bad cold. All the symptoms have subsided and he’s in good spirits but the cough is still lingering and our allergist (who hasn’t ruled out asthma) prescribed Singulair. Anyone have any luck with it? Last year he was hospitalized and intubated due to a really bad respiratory i... More

  • Sarah
    Dec 13, 2018

    Thanks! What daily allergy med is your son on? Fall is right when his cough started too! I always associated allergies with Spring. I’m thankful for Zyrtec! Last year was rough before we started!

  • Aida
    Dec 13, 2018

    He’s on the children’s Claritin chewable.

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