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Anonymous posted in Babies Aug 01

Baby carrier in heat

Would you take your baby (1 month old) out in your baby carrier on hot days (between 75-85 degrees outside)...if yes - how do you avoid overheating. If not, how do you get your baby outside

  • Katrina
    Aug 01

    I dressed baby just in diaper. Make sure baby is up on your chest instead of down on your belly, and wear a low cut shirt. Your breasts will actually change temperature to help warm or cool baby. We usually went out early or late rather than waiting until midday.

  • Liz
    Aug 02

    I do short bursts and then stroller or just hold her...we both get too hot! When she's hot shs will cry

Baby wearing can actually help in weight loss!

Yes I just discovered this yesterday when my 6 mos baby was screaming at the grocery & luckily I have my K-Tan carrier with me, so I baby wear him all the way home instead of putting him in his stroller. It’s usually just a 15 min walk but since he’s almost 20 lbs, it took me almost 30 min trying to push the stroller & making sure I don’t trip & walked safely. I’m not used to carryi... More

  • Elle
    Jul 24

    Yep! Try also, squats with baby.

  • Busayo
    Jul 24

    Cool thank you so much

How did you get your little one used to the carrier?

Mine seems to have mixed feelings, ha. He’s almost 6 weeks.

  • Katrina
    Jul 21

    Many babies who aren't worn from birth can be unhappy about changing the way they're used to being held. To help them get used to it, start with short sessions in the carrier while baby is content. Don't expect it to immediately work for fussy times. Make sure the carrier fits you and baby well and is adjusted right. This means safety first plus comfort - if baby isn't comfortab... More

  • Michelle
    Jul 23

    Start for short periods when you are both happy and relaxed. Worked for me. We both loved it. Started at 2mo, ended it when she started walking (she got wriggly, wanting to walk everywhere instead)

Less Bulky Carrier

I have the Ergo360 but it’s much too bulky for my frame.. any suggestions for a soft structured / structured carrier for an almost 1 month old?

  • Kim
    Jul 12

    I love my Lillébaby all seasons complete carrier. The lumbar support is awesome!

  • Nicole
    Jul 19

    Update: Ordered the new BabyBjorn mini carrier. We shall see how it works out!

Anonymous posted in Babywearing Jul 10

Water friendly baby carrier

Anyone have any suggestions for a water friendly baby carrier/wrap?

Baby K'tan Carrier

Anybody have experience with the baby k'tan carrier? I had the Boba wrap for my first and liked it, but it was cumbersome to wrap and would like some more breathability as we live in Fl. So I'm looking into purchasing a new and easier baby carrier for my second. I've heard some good things about the K'tan being one piece and having a mesh/"active" option...

  • Mimi
    Jul 09

    I really liked mine. I had both a Boba wrap and a baby k'tan and I ended up just using the k'tan because it was much easier to put on and take off! I had a summer baby so I mostly stayed indoors in the AC, but I imagine baby would get sweaty in both if too hot out. Didn't breastfeed in it.

  • Joy
    Jul 10

    The k'tan is convenient in that it doesn't have long tails, but stretchy wraps need multiple passes (layers) over baby to be safe and jersey is very warm. I found my son and I overheated easily in the regular k'tan. If you like stretchy, solly wraps are more breathable, or you can look into woven wraps that can be used all the way till toddler and beyond. Ring slings are great with ... More

Jenn posted in Babywearing Jul 08

Curious about favorite, breatheable ergonomic carriers for the (dry)hot summer months.

We have an infantino and I love it. It’s comfortable, quick & easy to put on, but it’s thick. Would love to find one that can keep my LOs somewhat cooler while I’m wearing them for under $100.

  • Ian
    Jul 12

    We have an Ergo 360 mesh, but daughter still gets hot. We invested in a Deuter kid comfort frame type. Best thing ever for hiking!

  • Michy
    Jul 13

    Boba's so thin it can pack into its own pouch. Make sure to purchase the updated version with the padded leg openings. I feel like since it's nylon it would be good for around the pool, too, since it would dry quickly.

Ergo is killing my back. Anyone tried another carrier for a 9 month old?

  • Stephanie
    Jun 02

    I the slings are the best for your back.seems that's how they worked in fields back in the day. And they were leather. Could carry two year olds...hmmm we should market leather slings.

  • Shauna
    Jun 30

    I swear by the Boba Wrap

Anonymous posted in Babywearing Apr 16

I'm all for baby wearing... but which ones are the easiest to put on? I've come across wraps and carriers that are very complicated to put on... I feel like I need 4 arms.

  • Joni
    Apr 20

    I have a Lillebaby All Seasons Complete and a Lenny Lamb ring sling, and have used a Beco, a Lenny Lamb carrier and a woven wrap. By far, the ring sling is the fastest to get in and out of, and the least amount of fuss overall. I use it all the time for quick carries out and about to the grocery store, etc., and it was indispensable when my son was a newborn and insisted upon being held/carried... More

  • Sarah
    Apr 22

    We loved the Ergo

I have a 3 month (but 4 weeks early) Baby who doesn’t have very good neck skills yet. I’m a stay-at-home mo, so often I’m moving around doing stuff. And because of this, I have my Baby in the Boppy when I’m busy. I’m terrible at using the Moby wrap and he doesn’t really like the baby harness. What are mothers putting their babies in when they can’t carry them around? My little boy favors turnin... More

  • Sara
    Apr 15

    My boys were also a month early and absolutely hated tummy time and using a Moby with twins....disaster. Instead of getting on the floor with them, I put them on top of me and interacted. So, they were on their tummies and I was their personal floor lol they enjoyed that much more and started attempting to lift their heads on their own. Then I transitioned them to a pile of pillows in a “hill... More

  • Naz
    May 02

    My son had torticollis (shortenes neck muscle) when we realised he had to take him to physical theraphy and then he wore helmet to treat the flatness. Helmet part takes months so while he is still young, please take him to the therapist to avoid it. They offer more than tummy time and that is what really works.

Looking for a (non wrap) baby carrier that is super supportive for my back and shoulders. Any recommendations? I have the Infantino 4 in 1 and while I love it, now that my baby is getting heavier, Im looking for a more supportive one!

My younger son wants us to hold him a lot. I do pick him up when I can, but when I'm cooking or have my hands full he's kind of out of luck 😬 my question is, have any of you had a baby that wants to be held a lot and then end up spoiled as a toddler? This probably sounds like a dumb question, but he's the baby and of course I want to hold him as much as I can, but I also don't ... More

  • Brandy
    Mar 19

    Spoiled is a child that is entitled, not a child that is held a lot. Bonds are formed by closeness (physical contact).

  • Ashley
    Mar 23

    Girl , hold him while u can because pretty soon he won’t want u to hold him and then u will wish you would have while u had the chance, they grow so fast

Is five months too late to try a baby carrier wrap? I’ve always wanted to try them but I’m worried my busy body baby won’t enjoy it. Also, which wrap carrier worked well for you baby wearing Mamas out there?

  • Michelle
    May 06

    Baby wearing currently at 3 yrs(just not as often, but it does come in handy!) started at about 3/4 months

  • Elle
    May 06

    Baby K'tan

Baby carrier question I have a 6 months old who loves facing out on the ergobaby, however she is 21lbs and my back/hips are killing me!!! Any recommendations? Which one should I get? Tia!

  • Lu
    Nov 12, 2017

    Ergo is a fine baby carrier. I’d try and find a babywearing consultant or a group where you live and have someone more experienced check whether you’re wearing your baby in the most comfortable way. Small adjustments go a long way, like having the baby’s legs more in an M positiong, wearing higher up your waist etc.

  • Michelle
    Nov 14, 2017

    I️ love my lillebaby carrier and so does my son! I️ have back problems and I’m able to wear him for hours with no pain.

I am looking into baby carriers that can face front & back. I was pretty set on the ergo baby Omni carrier until yesterday I went into BuyBuy Baby and the salesperson pretty much convinced me I need the Stokke mycarrier. Does anyone own one of these and love it??? Or can compare it to the Ergo baby option?? It is really difficult to find many reviews for this product… although I tried both ... More

  • Lynn
    Feb 12

    I love my lilliebaby. Great back support. It has 6 different positions and can hold up to 45lbs. I wear it with my 11m for long walks and my back does great. Got mine for $90

  • Tanya
    Feb 12

    Awesome! I ended up buying a lillebaby actually! Due in 2 weeks! Hope I love it!

Any good recommendations in a baby carrier? Which one worked best for you? I don't really like the cloth ones because of how long it takes to put on.

  • Leah
    Aug 02, 2017

    For <18lbs the Nesting Days is pretty awesome. Just got one for my week old boy. Made in San Francisco, just like him!

  • Alisha
    Sep 07, 2017

    Ergo! It's so comfortable, and we even strap it on when we go hiking with a 4 year old in case she gets tired. Still comfortable with all that weight!

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