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Nicole posted in Bathing Jan 30

2 yr old hyperactive post bath and into bedtime

My son used to be a dream to put to bed. Enter terrible twos. Getting him upstairs for a bath is fine but when we take him out, chaos ensues. He hates getting dried off so we tried to let him do it himself. That really doesn’t work. He also hates getting his diaper on or getting dressed and runs around the bathroom in a hyper state. Story time used to be a dream as well and he would sit on our ... More

  • Nicole
    Jan 31

    Thanks all. I also find my son tends to behave so much better when I am doing bath time and bedtime solo. When my husband is around he gets so hyper. I have used a timer too to come out of the bath so will do that for books and bedtime too.

  • Tiana
    Feb 01

    We have a magnetic pecs board, and he is part of making a plan for the day/ evening. We slide the activities off the board as we complete them. I’m not sure why it works SO well. He slide off the last icon, “brush teeth” and go back to look at the remaining one, “bed time” and will simply say, “bedtime!!” All excited, when we had (sometimes an hour) of whining, wall kicking, screaming, running ... More

Ashley posted in Bathing Nov 26

Switching from baby wash/shampoo to kids

At what age should I change from baby wash to kids wash? Also, I just moved up north from the south and never had a static issue with her hair until me moved here, any tips on how to help reduce the static? Or shampoo brands that'll help reduce it?

Anonymous posted in Bathing Nov 04, 2019

Tips for toddler bath (hair)?

Our LO is about to be 18 months and adores bath time with one exception—washing hair. She likes having her scalp rubbed but hates the rinse step. As she’s gotten bigger it’s difficult to get her to sit, and helping her tilt her head back to keep from being (practically) water boarded is proving impossible. Any tips appreciated...unfortunately, the visor-type bath hats are not an option

  • Penelope
    Dec 02

    I tell my daughter to look for the stars or I let her rinse it with the shower that comes off. Or she gets in her eyes. Life’s not always easy or good. But you Learn by mistakes

  • anonymous mom
    Dec 06

    I tell her to hum a tune, it’s time to rinse. Humming automatically forces you to breathe out of your nose so it prevents her from inhaling the water. It’s actually not recommended to teach kids to hold their breath...when they do they instinctively inhale deeply and hold. Not a problem for a bath with water over your head but never a good idea in a pool. You don’t want kids learning to hold th... More

Daily bathing for 3 month old?

My LO is 3 months old and we bathe him every other day as the doctor said he doesn’t need a daily bath. On the day we do bathe him he sleeps longer at night, 8pm-5:30am when we don’t bathe him he sleeps 8pm-2-3am. Can we bathe him daily to help his sleep?

  • Ivana
    Oct 15, 2019

    Go for it! That’s precious extra sleep and it sounds like the bath soothes him. If there’s worry about skin drying out, what we did was apply a thin layer of coconut oil after bath, little baby massage helps soothe them too :)

Simple DIY bubble bath

I’ve been making this for awhile now and it’s so much cheaper than buying store B.B. 4 cups of water, 4oz of whatever liquid soap you’re comfortable putting on your LO, 3oz coconut or olive oil (or glycerin). Mix it up and pour it into a squirt container. Enjoy:). Edit: the coconut oil is better when it’s the liquid/fractionated form. Like the now brand.

E posted in Bathing Jul 16, 2019

Baby/Toddler towels are they worth buying?

Or do you just use normal towels on your kids since most households already have a lot of towels

  • Kristine
    Jul 18, 2019

    We use regular towels. We have a few that are smaller in size that are perfect for our son’s size.

Nail polish disaster!

So my 2 yr old got into my nail polish and got it all over her legs and hands. Any tips on how to get it off? And will polish remover harm her skin? Help!

  • Anonymous
    Jul 10, 2019

    Washing it off with a regular soap will be fine. Something like dawn should be able to remove the scent, or vinegar. Just moisturize where it went so her skin doesn't get dry.

  • LaShundra
    Jul 10, 2019

    Thanks! Vinegar worked!

Anonymous posted in Bathing Jul 09, 2019

Hair towels

My toddler doesn’t like toweling his hair dry - the hooded towels don’t work that well and I worry that he sleeps with wet hair almost every night. Any recommendations for absorbent hair towels? Thank you!

  • B
    Jul 10, 2019

    I use a microfiber one for my hair

Anonymous posted in Bathing Jun 16, 2019

Bath time question

This is going to sound weird, but our 1 yo baby has recently been trying to drink her bath water. She drinks a lot of water during the day (easily 3-5 sippy cups worth plus milk). We’ve offered her the sippy in the tub when she first started doing it, but she doesn’t want to drink. Then she goes back to lifting the water pourer (you know, like to pour over her head) up like a cup, or even le... More

  • Beth
    Jul 16, 2019

    My almost 2 year old just started this. It happens 🤷‍♀️ I just tell him yucky tastes like bubbles and he makes a face

  • HR
    Aug 01, 2019

    It’s pretty normal. My kid’s two and has been doing this since he was figured out he could get water in his mouth. I’m the eldest child & vividly remember my younger siblings doing this, & kids I’ve watched over have done this too. Eventually, they stop. In the meantime the best option is to noncommittally remark, “Hey, that’s icky.” I think it’s a way they try to figure out the world... More

Anonymous posted in Bathing Jun 04, 2019


My toddler boy is 3 and goes to school... How often should I bathe him? So that he isnt getting over bathed and dried out and that he isnt dirty from NOT bathing.. What do you mommas or daddies do? My son lives for bubble baths so he always asks!

Bath drain stoppers for bath time

Any suggestions for bath tub drain stoppers that stay in place? My 12 month old son has figured out how to twist ours off during bath time and it’s a constant battle to get him to not drain the water every second.

  • PK
    May 15, 2019

    I don’t have a recommendation for a bath drain stopper but we have a baby bath dam. It helps us conserve water but also keeps the bath area away from the drain and spout so we never had to worry about a plug or spout protector. My son stays in the area and is pretty good about not knocking the dam over. It’s easy to use and works really well for us. You just have to have the right kind of batht... More

Sudden fear of the bath

My daughter used to love taking baths. She’d splash around and play with toys and often wouldn’t want to get out. It seemed like immediately after she turned one she started to hate them. She refuses to sit down and keeps grabbing at me to pull her out. No toy works, I change the temp in case that’s the reason and no temp works. The struggle is so bad that my ceiling below the tub is getting wa... More

  • Tiana
    May 10, 2019

    Have you tried other ways of washing her? Eg: paddling pool play, shower, letting her hold the shower head and washing shaving foam off the walls within the bath tub enclosure? Getting in with her. Getting toys specific to bath time, getting a baby doll that “needs a bath” and letting her get in the tub to help baby. I’ve also had success with silicone hand mits when washing my child’s body and... More

  • Anonymous
    May 11, 2019

    Definitely happened here! My son had gone though that a couple times! We do bath every night as part of our bedtime routine so I continued it every day until he was back on bored. Maybe try new toys? Try Different temp (dramatically cooler or dramatically warmer)? Try turning on the shower? Singing a bath song? Playing music on your phone? I find consistency is more important than giving up o... More

We are renovating a bath. He wants a standing shower, I think we need a tub with a LO. Thoughts?

  • Yanis
    Apr 20, 2019

    My husband pushed for a stand up shower, and we got one 😐. It took a little bit of time getting our daughter used to it. She doesn’t play as much as she did in the tub. I have a mini inflatable pool that I’m going to put in there just so she can enjoy herself a little more. Also, we are having another baby and it kind of sucks not having the tub.

  • PK
    Apr 20, 2019

    Get a tub... we are in the middle of doing our bathrooms. The first bathroom out of commission was the one with the tub so I had to take showers with my son and it was so traumatizing. He loves water! But not the shower. It took us 2 weeks to finish the bathroom with the tub in it and our son never got used to the shower. He would cry each time at night when he knew it was time to shower. Cry d... More

Anonymous posted in Bathing Apr 17, 2019

1 year old suddenly hates the bath

Any tips for a baby that used to do fine and now hates the bath?

  • Raji
    Apr 18, 2019

    My daughter also went through a similar phase; she would scream bloody murder throughout the whole bath. Then, she was fine after a few weeks. During this time, water over her head and face was the worst. See if that is the case n try to get through it fast.

  • Kristen
    Apr 18, 2019

    My daughter did the same thing. She loves water, except for a couple of weeks when she was a year old. It was like torture. Grew out of it quickly.

Anonymous posted in Bathing Apr 13, 2019

Two kiddos close in age- bath routine?

In a few months I will have a newborn and a 2 year old. For those with kiddos close in age, how do you manage bath time with two? Once they’re older I know it’s easier. But I’m more so asking about the first few months when my littlest one will be tiny. Should I give them baths separately or try to do it all at once (saving time/energy). Just trying to get an idea of what my new “routine” could... More

  • Anne
    Apr 18, 2019

    I don’t think gender matters for bath time when they’re so young. I have a son (2) and daughter (8 mo). I’m not sure when kids start noticing. My son is more interested in playing with his bath toys than, thankfully.

  • Rick
    Apr 26, 2019

    Mine love to bathe together. I just close the shower curtain and let them play. (After they’re clean of course.)

Keeping Bath Toys Clean or Closing the Holes

So my LO loves those squeezy bath toys that suck up and squirt out water, but even with trying to always get all the water out, they grow mold and are disgusting. I tried hot gluing the openings closed but my little mechanical engineer figured out how to get that off in a second. Any tips on how to keep them clean or close the holes up??

  • Ivy
    Apr 10, 2019

    I actually cut slits in them so they dry better

Anonymous posted in Bathing Apr 07, 2019


My son is now 25 months. Right around when he was about to turn 2 he started to develop some fears of the shower which impacts his ability to enjoy the bath. This happened after my 4 year old turned the shower on him. My 2 year old now HATES the bath. However, it goes in waves- 2 weeks of hate on, 3 weeks off etc., we are currently experiencing the worst bath fear yet. He’s also severely afra... More

  • Megan
    Apr 12, 2019

    I’d let him play with the shower nob and let him turn it on and off himself so he knows how it works. Then if he’s still scared, maybe let him tape it down for his bath so he knows it won’t be turned on.

Honest Baby

Has anyone experienced their honest baby soap change colors. We got so much baby soap for my baby shower 4 years ago. I am just now getting to the Honest Baby sweet vanilla orange stuff. And some of it is clear and some dark orange and some in between. I’m assuming it’s because it’s somewhat organic? Thought I could easily google it but came up with nothing.

  • Michaela
    Apr 04, 2019

    Maybe it’s supposed to be mixed/shaken. But also check for an expiration date.

Anonymous posted in Bathing Apr 01, 2019

How do you wash hair during an ear infection?!

Sorry this is so dumb. My 21 month old has her first ear infection and is on antibiotics. I forgot to even ask about washing hair for the next 10 days. I assume you have to avoid water in the ears!? I will call the office tomorrow but looking for answers now.

  • Fafa
    Apr 04, 2019

    I double the cotton ball in the ear.

  • Cathy
    Apr 04, 2019

    Never did anything different 🤷‍♀️

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