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Abbagail posted in Bathing Dec 27

In need of recommendations

My almost 8 month old doesn’t fit in his infant tub anymore. What would any of you recommend for me to get? He is still a supported sitter and I don’t know what to get. I thank you all in advance for your recommendation

  • Abbagail
    Dec 29

    How did you wash their bottom in the tub seat?

  • Haley
    Dec 29

    The normal way? It’s not a confined seat.

Anonymous posted in Bathing Dec 20

Bath mat?

My baby/toddler has outgrown her bath seat thing and likes to just sit in the tub like normal. However, she’s slips and slides around so much that she’s almost gone under water like twice during each bath. Is there a good bath mat that can help prevent slipping? Or how do you all bathe your mobile toddlers?

Raji posted in Bathing Dec 13

Daughter has dry skin

My daughter’s hands, feet and ankles are always dry. We use dove soap for everyday bath and use aquaphor healing cream on her body. I use the cream on her hands and feet multiple times but the skin is always dry. I’m looking for any suggestions that have worked for your babies. Thank you in advance.

  • Raji
    Dec 14

    I wish she would drink more water but I guess we can go back to using the humidifier. I can also try the coconut oil. Thank you.

  • Margaret
    Dec 14

    My son has dry skin, so in the winter I try to only bathe him every other day. I've also been using the Aveeno eczema overnight cream, and I've noticed a huge difference since we started that.

Anonymous posted in Bathing Dec 13

first Haircuts?

When did you get your little man first hair cut? I know his hair is short but it’s more like I want to trim up the hair that don’t stay down and stick up. Especially the top back of his hair. That part always feel rough like there food and not soft. Makes him look like a duck lol. I mean I know I’m going to probably wait till he’s 2 but just curious if anybody cleaned up their kids hair? Put so... More

  • Anonymous
    Dec 14

    Ok see everybody tells me to wait but I just want it clean up but idk if he will stay still. It gets all tangle in the back and feels matted and I feel like he will look cute with a cute clean boy cut.

  • Tiffanie
    Jan 01

    I cut my 22mo son's hair myself. I don't trust anyone with scissors around his head, he never sits still. I do it after his bath when he's calm and sleepy. It's worked great so far.

Miranda posted in Bathing Dec 06

What can I use on my eight month son’s chapped lips?

  • Korynn
    Dec 08


  • Amy
    Dec 10

    Lanolin (nipple cream) works great... You can just put it on you (or through bottle if you're not breastfeeding) before feeding!

Mohammed posted in Bathing Dec 04

How many times a week my 1 month baby can have a bath? Thanks.

  • Amy
    Dec 04

    My pediatrician said about every 3rd day should be enough (plus wiping face/hands) unless there's a diaper disaster for the first 6 months or so! If you bathe them more often they may need lotion to prevent dry skin

  • Bhavana
    Dec 05

    In the winter about 2 to 3 baths a week. Mostly I would just wipe them down with some warm water and bath towel.

Wenonah posted in Bathing Dec 03

Dry patches

My 7 month old has dry patches on her face (on her cheeks and forehead). What can I put on her face that won’t break her out? Or should I just leave it alone and it will go away eventually?

  • Bobbie
    Dec 03

    I second the aquaphor! We just saw the dr today because his eczema is so bad. They are having us use the gel hydrocortisone twice a day every other week and said to constantly be using the aquaphor to keep the skin moisturized

  • Jessica
    Dec 04

    Aquaphor or coconut oil 👌

Laura posted in Bathing Dec 02

Tips for washing hair?

Any tips on how to wash the soap out of kids' hair without getting water all over their face? I can't get my two-year old to tilt her head back, so water gets in her eyes and she hates it. We end up not washing her hair that often because of it.

  • Angela
    Dec 09

    My 3.5 yr old took a while to get her to tilt her head but leaning back against the shower wall helped and teaching her to close her eyes helped. My 2yr old I either lay him down in the tub before we fill it up and rinse it with a shower wand or if he refuses that I taught him to close his eyes and hold his breath and pour over his head and then quickly wipe his face with my hand (you could use... More

  • Beja
    Dec 27

    We stopped doing baths and turned to showers when she was 2. At first, the water falling down freaked her out so it took about a week and she started to love it. She's 3 now and prefers showers. It makes it easier for her to tilt her head back while I shampoo and condition.

Rachel posted in Bathing Nov 29

Advice on nail clippers for one year old

I've clipped my daughter's nails one times at 3 months and clipped her tiny finger! She bled and I've been scared since. Are there any magic clippers out there?

  • Mishka
    Dec 02

    I use an electric baby nail trimmer. They sell them on amazon and I absolutely love mine.

  • Amy
    Dec 02

    I've been filing my LO 's nails instead of cutting

Kim posted in Bathing Nov 29

Any advice on clipping a toddler's toe nails?

He’s okay with his finger nails, but clipping his toe nails is the worst! I usually try to do it while he sleeps, but lately he’s been waking up from it. I’d like to get into a routine of doing it while he’s awake without him melting down.

  • Coley
    Dec 02

    I used to put my daughter in the high chair and give her an activity to distract her.

  • Tyerra
    Dec 04

    Try while he is cut them the best way u can without touching as much..he is probably very ticklish.

Anonymous posted in Bathing Nov 25

Hair tips for 8months old babygirls

I am currently out of ideas on how to do my 8month hair it gets really nappy and starts to tangle and gets really flat to her head ive tried puff balls which is now not turning out right anymore.. i am now putting beads in her hair (only 3beads on each twist) is that ok for her being so young? Or try something different. HELP

Anonymous posted in Bathing Nov 22

Cleaning ears

Are you supposed to clean baby’s ear wax??? This is probably a stupid question. The pediatrician said no? But I feel like it can get pretty built up...

  • Elizabeth
    Nov 23

    Take a wipe wrap it on your finger and wipe the outer ear clean After baths. You never go any deeper because it’s a finger.

  • Kristin
    Nov 24

    I put a bit of baby oil on a cotton swab & just clean the outside of my baby’s ears when there’s too much dirt. The damp washcloth doesn’t clean enough for me. So I do this once awhile because I noticed with a bit of baby oil, you can get rid more of the dirt/built up. Just be very careful you don’t push anything inside their ears.

Gladys posted in Bathing Nov 20

Toddler hair falling out!!

Hi everyone I need some advice on my baby hair falling out all around the fronts of her hair.. I’m not sure if she is pulling her hair out or what but it is alarming.. I feel like it’s been a matter of 3 months! Any advice would be 👍🏾

  • Beyonca
    Nov 22

    My niece was just diagnosed with ringworms in the head (on the scalp). See a knowledgeable and trusted pediatrician.

  • Giuliana
    Nov 25

    My daughter has alopecia and is starts like patches when she was a toddler. Doctors recommended a topic crean witch had steroids so I decided to stop and started with biotin and that made my daughters hair come back. Hope this helps if that’s the case.

Samantha posted in Bathing Nov 17

Hi everyone.. Anyone have tips for dry skin for 22m old?

  • Rocio
    Nov 18

    I skip the baby creams ! There is a Vaseline coconut based lotion my girls we preemies so took me time to find something that really worked for them!

  • Heather
    Nov 23

    Baby lotion, coconut lotion, beeswax

Anonymous posted in Bathing Nov 10

How old is to old?

My 22 month old loves to take baths. Anytime I am in the shower or the bath he will come running and get in. I’ve not been to pushy about not letting him yet. When did most of you stop letting them take baths with you?

  • Alexis
    Nov 11

    Around 2&1/2 with my son and I still do with my daughter

  • Ivy
    Nov 11

    I remember bathing with my mom all my life and sister as well, even my close friend. But with my dad, he stopped when I was about 3, I think. I actually remember multiple times, I threw a tantrum over not being allowed to go in with him. But I definitely do remember bathing with him. I don't think anything of it but a fond moment if anything. I remember my sister and I enjoyed showering wit... More


What do you parents think about bathing everyday. I would love to give my 2 year old a bath everyday but my husband thinks I’m crazy. Any advice?

  • Claudia
    Nov 12

    I bathe mine every night. It seems like it’s a part of a lot of parents’ routine. She’s 6 months but I feel she knows now that when she gets a bath, it’s night night time. I use the Honest Lavender bath soap without any skin issues, but every child is different. Although I wash her hair every other night.

  • SkyeMarie
    Nov 12

    I work 2nd shift so my daughter gets 4 baths a week on the nights that i am home

Licema posted in Bathing Nov 07

Bath Time

My son is 2 1/2 years old and now he hates taking his bath!!! He will cry at the top of his lungs. It seems like he is afraid of it. One time the shower head turned when I accidentally hit the knob and that’s why it came on and he freaked! Any tips?

  • Melanie
    Dec 02

    Try to get him involved into preparing the bath. My kids love these baby bath bombs or coloring water drops! Foams, sponges, a special toy that can only be used in the water. Do a few time without necessarily washing the hair, just being nice and comfy in the bath. You will see, he’ll start to live bath time pretty quickly.

Ginger posted in Bathing Nov 05

Skin sensitivity

My 3 month old has lots of skin issues. Cradle cap is still very pronounced and now started to get what looks like eczema on arm and leg. I use all dye free, scent free detergents and all natural baby soap and lotion but I am wondering if anyone has any other recommendations for a new mom?

  • Amy
    Nov 06

    They make cradle cap combs and shampoo. My son had cradle cap super bad until about 10 months old i finally sat him down got a spray bottle with some water and a fine tooth comb and took my time combing the cradle cap off his head, he wasnt happy with me but it worked hes now one and still no sign of it. U can look up on google for at home remidies thats what i did because i didnt have the mone... More

  • Jessica
    Nov 13

    I swear by coconut oil head to toe. And keeping all cleaning products and soaps as basic as possible. But also cradle cap and skin irritations are still very normal at that age. Just avoid chemicals, and double check your water temp. 98 should be the hottest. The mistake we make as adults is showering way too hot. We don’t realize because the air temp makes us feel cool. But that heat is soooo ... More

Abbagail posted in Bathing Nov 04

6 month old dry patches

My 6 month old son has patches of dry skin on his face in between his eyebrows and in the eye brows. Also he has the patches of dry skin on his head around his fontanelle. What can I do to clear them up? I know I won’t be able to get rid of them but I would like to try and clear them up for his pictures. when I wash his hair with his baby shampoo it’s still there. I clean his face with wet wip... More

  • Jessica
    Nov 05

    I wouldnt use baby wipes to moisturize, it might be doing the opposite. :( Apply a deep moisture baby lotion every time you change his diaper to all dry spots, that will usually do the trick! I’d also email your pediatrician and ask for their advice, it could just be a little bit of baby eczema which is also super common

  • Emily
    Nov 16

    My daughter gets really dry skin in the winter. We use Eucerin. If his scalp is also flaky it sounds like cradle cap. We used baby oil to get rid of that!

Kiana posted in Bathing Oct 31

My 6yr old takes 40min showers. Any tips on how to cut that time down?

  • Jo
    Nov 06

    My son is concerned with the environment so he understands but still it’s fun in there and they will inevitably lose track of time. I taught him to take a shower long enough to do the shampoo, clean your whole body, rinse and get out. If he wants to spend time playing in the water he knows to choose a bath instead of a shower.

  • Lily
    Nov 17

    Tell her to get out, 6 year olds can’t have that much power in the house.

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