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Support for coping with child and pregnancy loss including miscarriage, stillbirth, infant loss, and the death of a child.

7 weeks possible miscarriage advice

hello I just found out I am pregnant with my second child and was getting really excited. I know that my periods are longer around 36 days and I ovulated around CD 24. We had our first u/s done two weeks ago and there was a gestational sac and a yolk sac. We had another done last week and same thing but no embryo the doctor told us she was 99% sure it is a miscarriage but wants to check my hcg ... More

  • Anonymous
    Nov 20, 2019

    I am so sorry you are going through this . I am in a similar situation my sac size is small but there is heartbeat and they told me I may miscarry . Hcg levels should double . I would do a follow up ultrasound . Also refer to New England journal of medicine by Peter doubilet article for criteria for diagnosing pregnancy failure .

Anonymous posted in Child & Pregnancy Loss Nov 19, 2019

Possible impending miscarriage

Hi I have a small gestational sac but the fetal pole had a heartbeat and a normal yolk sac. They told me I may miscarry . Has this happened to anybody and what outcomes did you have ?

  • Anonymous
    Nov 25

    I just lost baby baby’s heart stopped on it’s own

  • Anonymous
    Nov 28

    I’m so sorry to hear that. 😣 I hope your able to find some people in your community who have gone through similar things that you could talk to . Try to take the best care of yourself ❤️

Tips on dealing with miscarriage...

So, I lost my pregnancy with baby #2... My body hasn't started to get rid of it yet, and dr. wants me to have one last ultrasound before I make a decision on how I want to clean it out... Basically only the sac was created, but I'm still struggling emotionally... Everyone keeps saying, "Well, at least there wasn't a baby", but it's still really upsetting...

  • Sammie
    Feb 08

    Talk to your doctor. I honestly couldn't tell you. I just know what I had to do because I had to have like 3 ultrasounds before they could actually diagnose me with a blighted ovum.

  • Aishaa
    Feb 08

    Should i wait till 8 weeks??

Anonymous posted in Child & Pregnancy Loss Oct 19, 2019

Daycare worries

So I’m currently pregnant with my rainbow baby (after losing two this will be my first). Since I have had a stillbirth I am extra nervous about this one. Both me and my fiancé will have to work ASAP but I know I will be terrified to leave the baby alone with even people I know. I have heard so many horror stories and it just freaks me out to think about losing another baby especially worrying t... More

  • Vicki
    Oct 21, 2019

    If you are having someone watching baby in your home, they can start coming over while you’re still home and you can watch them with the baby and get comfortable with them and letting them know how you prefer things done. You can have cameras set up as well so you can check in when you are feeling anxious. If it’s going to be care outside the home, do a lot of research, have several meetings... More

  • Momof2
    Oct 23, 2019

    I’m sorry you’ve had to go through all that!!!Not sure what state you live in but if you’re in California the disability laws are great. Even if you live somewhere that doesn’t allow for extended baby bonding time I would shop around for an OB/GYN who would be willing to work with you after your baby is born. I know a mom who had severe anxiety about leaving her baby for multiple reasons so her... More

Has anyone experienced anything similar?

I thought I was about 9 weeks pregnant because I was counting from the first day of my last period. I went for my first ultrasound and was told I was measuring just under 6 weeks. The doctor told me the yolk sac is abnormally large and the heart rate is low. She thinks it’s possible this might not be a viable pregnancy. She said she wasn’t as concerned about the heart rate as the yolk sac becau... More

  • Anonymous
    Sep 15, 2019

    I don’t remember my exact numbers but with my oldest son we had the same thing. I had a large yolk sack and baby was measuring small. Once the yolk sack went away and just had the placenta everything was normal. I now I have a healthy three and a half year old. Don’t stress yourself out too much just try to be positive. Good luck!

  • K.A.M.
    Oct 19, 2019

    I was told I had a miscarriage at 5 weeks 6 days because they couldn’t find a heartbeat and my HCG levels were way higher than usual. 1 in 5 pregnancies end in the first 6 weeks, however in my case they were wrong. I am now 23 weeks along. My recommendation is to try to stay at calm as possible until your next ultrasound. It’s so hard to get any kind of accuracy as to what’s happening in the pr... More

Anonymous posted in Child & Pregnancy Loss Aug 06, 2019

No Period Following Early MC

I posted on here a little over a month ago that I had an early miscarriage at about 7-weeks. I miscarried naturally (didn't need to get a D&C) and my doctor confirmed my pregnancy test was negative 2-3 days after the miscarriage started. It's been almost 7-weeks since the miscarriage and I haven't had a period or any signs that it's on the way. I haven't taken a pregnanc... More

  • Katrina
    Sep 25, 2019

    I think it’s normal. I had a similar situation. Early MC. Natural miscarriage. Felt like forever till I got my period again. It’s common

  • Anonymous
    Sep 25, 2019

    Thanks for the comments, everyone. I know this post is a bit old... but, I ended up taking a test after I posted and am now 11 weeks pregnant. I wish everyone well.

Anonymous posted in Child & Pregnancy Loss Jul 15, 2019

How much should someone wait before it starts bleeding after miscarriage?

Unfortunately, I felt really sad knowing that we had a miscarriage. The doctor confirmed it before 7 days. I feel tired and exhausted in the evening time. But there are no signs of bleeding. The question is how much time usually someone waits and expect bleeding to happen naturally? I am scared of D&C procedure and medical treatment.

Anonymous posted in Child & Pregnancy Loss Jun 23, 2019

I just had an early miscarriage.

My husband and I recently found out we were pregnant with baby #2 via home pregnancy test. I told several friends and family. I was scheduled to have my confirmation appointment on Tuesday... but, I went to the ER last night for some spotting and was sent home with a diagnosis of a threatened miscarriage. According to my LMP, I would be 7 weeks tomorrow... but, my HCG levels were extremely low ... More

  • B
    Jun 24, 2019

    People never talk about this, but something like 50% of women have miscarriages that early. It’s super common and nothing you did.

  • Lily
    Jun 25, 2019

    I had a miscarriage with my second pregnancy. It was something I just didn't think would happen. But don't give up on having another baby. I just had my second and I am so glad I didn't give up.

Anonymous posted in Child & Pregnancy Loss Jun 21, 2019

8 weeks but no baby growth after 6 and half week per doc

I am in my 8th weeks. When we showed to doc (informing there was one-time brown discharge not red, nausea but no vomiting), she said they can see the heartbeats on ultrasound but couldn't provide the heartbeat info. Per them, it seems like baby is not grown in the last one and a half week. I have been asked to come back after 2 more weeks and call immediately if I see red discharge. Should... More

  • Lily
    Jun 21, 2019

    What do you mean by can't provide the information? You could always go to another office and see what they say. Because two weeks is a long time to wait. I would say see someone else and see what they say

Possible blighted ovum

Today I went in for my first US at what I swear to be 7 weeks and 6 days. I was regular with my period, tracking my ovulation, and know the first day of my last period. I have a 5 year old and prior to pregnancy with him I had a blighted ovum and had to have a D & C. Today I was so anxious and sure enough they do the US and we see a gestational sac and yolk sac but no fetal pole. I was ... More

  • Michelle
    Jun 03, 2019

    Stay strong, according to my app I'm 7 wks and 6 days but yesterday in the Er they only saw the yolk sac and no fetus and my hcg level are low. They told me it could be I'm early. The waiting is hard, I go see the Dr. Wed. Stay positive, is all we can do at this point.

Miscarriage blues

I had a miscarriage of my 3rd baby a couple years ago. I felt like something was off because I had hyper emesis and couldn't even hold water down. I was in the hospital probably twice a week. In one of those visits we found that the baby died at 10 weeks. I had to carry it until 16 weeks to get a DnC. I was devistated but time heals all wounds, however lately ive been thinking of it a lo... More

  • Carrie
    Feb 27, 2019

    Time does help heal wounds, but does not erase them. I had 2 miscarriages before having my son and every so often I get sad thinking about those babies and who they'd be today. I even get really emotional with my son, especially cuddling before bed, and shed a couple tears for all that we went through to get him. I will forever remember the love I had for the babies I lost and refuse to le... More

Anonymous posted in Child & Pregnancy Loss Jan 16, 2019

Pregnancy after miscarriage

I miscarried this week. I was 7 weeks pregnant. How soon after an early miscarriage did you conceive? My husband and I would like to try again ASAP.

  • Lily
    Jan 17, 2019

    Lost my last pregnancy at 10 weeks. We started trying again as soon as my period came back which was about a month. We got pregnant three months after that, and it is going well so far. Good luck

Anonymous posted in Child & Pregnancy Loss Jan 16, 2019

Baby loss

Me & my fiancé accidentally ended up conceiving(I think). I never took a test I was going to wait until my period was late by a week that was going to be Sunday. I’ve been nauseous & have been having the same symptoms as my first son. However, I started bleeding this morning & while I was showering something fell out of me. I didn’t notice it until I was about to get out& when I... More

Anonymous posted in Child & Pregnancy Loss Jan 12, 2019


I had a miscarriage on New year's. My husband and I are distraught. The bleeding has stopped but I'm curious as to how long it will take to conceive. My doc didn't set any restrictions or time line so we are just curious how fast it could happen. Thanks all!

  • Jade
    Jan 14, 2019

    I’m so so sorry for your loss. I had a missed miscarriage 2 years ago and it was one of the most difficult experiences of my life! You’re not alone 💛 I had to have some medical assistance since my body was holding on to the pregnancy. So the whole process took longer than normal. But, once it was over, I think it took about 2-3 cycles before we conceived my daughter. Thinking of you and ho... More

  • Jade
    Jan 14, 2019

    Also- I found grief counseling incredibly helpful for my healing! It’s not always necessary, but for me personally it was needed. If you find you are feeling “stuck” in your pain, please reach out! All the best 💛

Can anyone help me with this?

My mom just lost her baby girl, 6 DAYS before she was going to give birth. My mom had a nuchal cord is when the umbilical cord becomes wrapped around the fetus's neck. Symptoms present in the baby shortly after birth from a prior nuchal cord may include duskiness of face, facial petechia, and bleeding in the whites of the eye. Complications can include meconium, respiratory distress, anemia... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jan 04, 2019

    I have no advice but I want express my sincerest condolences for your loss. It is so thoughtful for you to be seeking advice from those who have similar experiences. Maybe you can help her find a group near you. I had a miscarriage early in pregnancy (definitely not trying to compare the experience) but it helped me a lot to speak with people who had similar experiences. Helping your mom find ... More

  • Eileen
    Jan 27, 2019

    I’m so sorry for what you and your family are going thru. My baby girl passed away on November she was 6 months. Losing someone that you were so eager to see grow and love is not easy. Be there for one another, never blame yourself. Know she will always be with you. Have a support system family, beliefs, therapy or hobbies.

Who has had several miscarriages?

I’ve had 3 miscarriages I have a daughter who will be 2 I’m trying to connect with women who have had pregnancy loss and I am now trying to cope with waiting to try again while I see everyone else have it so easy

  • Ally
    Dec 03, 2018

    I had a miscarriage January 2017 and did not quit trying, I chose to see what would happen and let things be. I ended up pregnant with my second son in May 2017 and immediately talked to my Dr about doing progesterone treatments weekly. My son was born strong and healthy December 22, 2017 exactly one week and 2 days after my last treatment, he was 3 weeks early.

  • Michelle
    Dec 05, 2018

    My first positive was on April 2015 and when I was about 6 weeks 4 days, I went to the hospital with horrible bleeding and they told me it was twins. I’m like 99% I lost baby B that day because of all the bleeding (I never heard her heartbeat - I’m convinced it was a girl lol idk why. Then I lost my second twin (Baby A) at 11 weeks (had miscarriage symptoms the night before and had a D&C th... More

Miscarriage pcos bleeding

I miscarried a few months back. I have pcos. I got my first period after last month it was pretty average. I was surprised to get one since I have pcos I had to take medicine to make me ovulate to get pregnant to begin with. I went a year without getting my period before I took the clomid. Well a month passed and now I got my period again. I ovulated and all. I was super excited but here I am n... More

  • Lily
    Nov 24, 2018

    I am so sorry for your loss, I had a miscarriage earlier this year. My period was always the same even after I had my first kid. But after my miscarriage it has been very different. If you are worried, you can also go to your OBGYN. Just to make sure Everything is good:)

Infant loss

I lost my daughter while still pregnant. She was stillborn. How did you decide if you wanted another baby after a stillborn? How was your pregnancy and how did you get through it?

  • Jesse
    Oct 22, 2018

    I’m really sorry for your loss. I hope you have a supportive partner and family to help get you through this time in your life. I can’t speak to your specific experience, but regarding loss, I can tell you that time and supportive family are an important component of coping. There’s no timeline on the grieving process So don’t allow anyone to impose one on you. Everyone is different. I don’... More

Miscarriage support

One of my close friends just suffered a miscarriage that was very traumatic not only emotionally, but physically as well. I am currently 31 weeks pregnant, and am seeking advice on how to support her during this time without seeming like I'm flaunting my own pregnancy. For anyone who has had a miscarriage and is willing to share, what would have been helpful to you?

  • Audrey
    Oct 23, 2018 I wish someone had sent me a ‘real’ card like this after I miscarried.

  • Tracy
    Oct 26, 2018

    I had a miscarriage and it took a toll on me. My sister was pregnant st the same time and our due days were literally days apart. I found it very hard to be around her while she was pregnant and when she had my nephew it was very emotional for me. I would suggest just calling her and see how she’s feeling or see if there is anything you can do for her. Everyone is different so maybe see if she ... More

Rainbow baby

Is a rainbow baby only after a stillborn or miscarriage?

  • Priscy
    Oct 03, 2018

    Nicole, rainbow baby is what we call the baby born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, or death. In your case your son is a rainbow baby since he was born after your miscarriage, kind of the rainbow at the end of the storm/grief 🙂

  • Nicole
    Oct 03, 2018

    Thank you Priscy

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