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Chad posted in Clothes Wednesday

Looking for maternity pants

Mom keeps trying to find pants with back pockets that are real and not just for looks. Anyone know of a website or place I can get some

Sarah posted in Clothes Tuesday

Best spot remover for baby clothes?

My son loves his solid food and gets super excited at meal time, so naturally the food gets everywhere. Any tips on how to remove the stains from his clothes?

  • Kayla

    Spray n wash mixed with dawn dish soap! My MIL got out spaghetti sauce from my son's shorts!

  • Jenny

    Personally I use Dawn original first, then Shout stain remover and finally oxiclean overnight, the results are amazing. Good luck


When did your little one sleep in a sleepsack too? We use the Halo sleepsack. My lo is 9 months and crawling.

  • Jazzbird

    We didn't give up the sleep sack until he moved to a toddler bed, at which point he got a pillow and a blanket (though he still doesn't always like a pillow). Once they are able to stand/walk, there are also sleepsacks with leg holes so they can stand or walk without tripping on the sack.

  • Julia

    Grobag and slumbersafe by Schlummersack are our favorites. Both are great, especially into bigger sizes. Our daughter lasted till nearly three in a sleepsack (and she never tried to climb out of her crib).

Anonymous posted in Clothes Aug 11

Best bra for hands free pumping

Hi all. What is your favorite bra for pumping hands free? Going back to work in a few weeks and would like to be able to pump hands free comfortably.

  • Andrea
    Aug 11

    I loved this! It goes on over your existing bra, so long as it has the nursing clips, and makes it so you don’t have to completely change your bra. I used this to pump for almost 9 months. Bravado! Designs Women's Maternity Clip and Pump Hands-Free Nursing Bra Accessory, Black, M

  • Brigitte
    Aug 11

    ☝️I second and third the bravado clip-in bra. Hands down the best I’ve used!!

Destinee posted in Clothes Aug 09

What should I use as a swim diaper?

I have a 2 month old and I got a pool but hes too small to fit the swim diapers.

  • Patti
    Aug 10

    Grovia makes a swim diaper from 10ibs up. My lil one was 9 ibs and it fit great.

  • Crimson
    Aug 11

    You can probably look up how to make a reusable one that will fit but don't bring them in naked thats just asking for them to pee or even worse poop in the pool if you can't make one and you can't find one then I'd say wait till the child is old enough... The chlorine probably isn't good on the babies skin anyways at this age

what nursing bra are moms loving? anyone try lively brand?

Angel posted in Babies Aug 05

Bonnet baby

Soo my lo has experienced some hair loss because of cradle cap and she rubs her hair off in her crib ..ive been using coconut oil and vitamin e oil and having her sleep in her bonnet.she does well with wearing it so im going to find her a smaller one lol 😂

  • Jada

    Omg so cute!! Has this been working?!

  • Angel

    Yupp 🙂🙂🙂🙂

Anonymous posted in Clothes Aug 04

School Uniform with logo

What money saving tips are available for purchasing school uniforms with logo? Polo Shirts with logo (embroidery)cost more than $35 a piece at Land’s end.

  • AdamAnt
    Aug 05

    You could try contacting families who have already attended that school, and their children have grown up significantly. They might have uniforms that their kids have outgrown.

  • Anne
    Aug 05

    Yep start a used uniform exchange at your school if there isn’t one already. You can also see if you can make iron-on patches instead of embroidery and buy the basic polos from Old Navy instead.

Anonymous posted in Clothes Jul 28

How do you approach "appropriate dress" questions for young girls?

This is far in my future but I was wondering how do you talk with daughters as they get older about different styles of dress. I'm of the mindset that girls should wear what they want (no bodyshaming) but should also be aware of the reactions the world may have to their choices. Most of these reactions aren't their problem and they're not to blame but seems like being proactive and ... More

  • Jule
    Aug 01

    No body shaming is a wonderful idea. However, there may still be clothes that are inappropriate for some locations and body types. For example, my daughter is 5’7”(she doesn’t get that from me) with long legs. There are miniskirts and short shorts that are popular right now. If she wears these, her butt shows. This embarrasses her! We usually try to hunt for longer, just above the knee sk... More

Best shoes for daycare?

Our walking toddler is about to start daycare. What type of shoes do you use for the kids at daycare? Also, do you have any recommendations for tags to put on clothes? Also I see that we have to provide wipes but LO has diaper rash if we use wipes so we are using liniment. Do you think it’s a option? Thanks!!

  • Laura
    Aug 01

    I personally put him in sneakers, boat shoes or closed toe sandals.

  • Laura
    Aug 01

    As for the wipes, have you tried Water Wipes?


What do you send your crawling baby to daycare in? socks? shoes? My lo will be started in 3 weeks. Now he is usually barefoot.

  • Anonymous
    Jul 26

    Socks or soft soles shoes.

Anonymous posted in Clothes Jul 23

Best brand for tall and skinny baby clothes?

My 8 month old boy is very tall (29 3/4 inches) and skinny (just over 19 pounds) and we have had a really hard time finding clothes that are long enough but will actually stay on his body. So far we have mostly just had him wear leggings, overalls and shorts because almost no pants are long enough and will stay on his body. So any advice on what clothes to buy for him is welcome. Please no ne... More

  • Joanna
    Jul 24

    Also agree on Carter's and Primary. My son has always been skinny. At 4 he wears 2T shorts from Gap, but 4 at Primary in pants. Haven't found any other pants that won't fall off when he runs that are long. Tho Gap has some pants that have an adjustable waist.

  • Kate
    Jul 29


Karla posted in Clothes Jul 22

NB vs 0-3

What’s the difference between NB size and 0-3 size? I’ve been advised to get 2 new born onesies and 2 0-3 onesies, but when I shop for NB online, they always say “new born 0-3”. I’m confused 😅

  • Liz
    Jul 24

    Whatever brand of baby clothes I received I would always check the weight of the size. We were all anticipating a 6/7 pound baby but baby boy ended up being 9.8lbs ! Good thing we brought two outfits! One in Newborn Size (usually for 7lbs and under) and another in 0-3 (also usually around the 7-10 lb mark) Always keep a couple different sizes around. Especially some sizes up. Baby boy only l... More

  • Claire
    Jul 26

    Newborn is usually 7lbs and under. 0-3 is 7 and up. You will definitely need 0-3, but you might not need newborn at all depending on how big your baby is. Some kids stay in newborn for months though.

Carissa posted in Clothes Jul 20

Maternity activewear

Can anyone help me to find some maternity shorts? I want black yoga shorts that come over the belly. I can really only find loose running shorts or shorts fold under the belly ... I want something tight and stretchy that will hold my belly in to wear to the gym. The only thing I can find remotely close to what I want is on zulily and it said it would take a few weeks to ship but I need somethin... More

  • Jenn
    Jul 21

    Why not buy cheap maternity leggings, cut them, and fold uneven cut underneath? 😊

  • Rebecca
    Jul 21

    I got a pair of biking shorts from marshalls which come up to my belly button. They aren't technically maternity shorts but they work and are super comfy.

Misti posted in Clothes Jul 15

My daughter (5 years old) keeps losing her sunglasses.

I’m not sure about leaving them in the car for her (summer months make them very hot) so we often leave the house without them. Also she seems to take them off whenever we get to a less sunny place (usually indoors). Anyone have any hacks for keeping them close without losing them? Thanks!

Anonymous posted in Clothes Jul 11

Bras for big breasted mamas

Question for the ladies out there with larger than life ta-tas.... I need recommendations on proper, sturdy, comfortable bras. I don’t need wires or push ups or jewels and they don’t even have to be that sexy. Just need something to control the girls while I’m partaking in my very active career and chasing around my children. Anyone have any ideas?

  • Susy
    Jul 16

    I got some decent cheap ones from Amazon that made breastfeeding and pumping easy. I work in the rehab department so I have an active job and these never disappointed. Lataly Womens Sleeping Nursing Bra...

  • Katrina
    Jul 22

    Soma Intimates. Hard to nurse but contains the girls, and I can run without pain from bouncing my 34Gs. They have a wider range than VS and I was able to be fitted in store even with my size.

Hollie posted in Clothes Jul 10

The best maternity/labor nightgown?!?

I’m about 34weeks and looking for a good nightgown to finish out the pregnancy but something that I could also wear at the hospital! Best recommendations?

  • B
    Jul 10

    I got a nursing friendly gown at motherhood maternity that was amazing for those few days in the hospital. Soft and easy.

  • Chelsa
    Jul 10

    Baby be mine maternity/nursing gown! The material is soft and stretchy. The neck has an elastic band so it's easy to pull down to breastfeed. And it's modest, going at least to your knees (I'm 5'10). It's not like the cute ones you see at motherhood maternity, but I was wanting comfort and ease more. It's $19.99 on Amazon. Baby Be Mine Off Shoulder T-Shirt... https://w... More

Anonymous posted in Clothes May 28

Summer! So it’s ~90F outside. We have the window AC set up in the nursery, but I worry the babe will be too cold. What temperature/pj set up do you aim for? (Kiddo is 7 mo, tonight she has the Merlin Sleep Suit on and the room is 70 and her little feet felt cold so I lessened the AC. ) I feel like I should instinctive know what to do here, but I don’t. Thanks!

  • Jesika
    May 29

    Studies have shown optimal sleep temps are between 65-70. We are hot natured so my air is set to 65 at night and the babies room is around 66-67. She sleeps in a pair of pajamas sometimes the short kind. She’s either in a cotton knit zipadee zip or a cotton wearable blanket. Both of those are a lightweight t shirt type material. She sleeps 12 hours thru. If it’s any warmer I notice she fusses a... More

  • Nick
    Jul 09

    The most valuable thing we learned about temp is that if you are comfortable they are comfortable, so just make sure their coverage is equivalent to yours. Babies are more apt to let you know when they are too cold vs too warm.

Cody posted in Clothes May 17

Shoe recommendations?

I’m constantly on my feet. I walk anywhere from 15,000 to 20,000 steps a day between the kiddos and the dogs, groceries and my work. I just finished demolishing my Nikes and I’m curious if anyone has any recommendations for some great shoes to run around in? I have a high arched foot so I certainly don’t and can’t do flat styled shoes. Any info helps! Thanks guys.

  • Cody
    May 21

    Getting recommendations does help because a lot of the brands are ones I didn’t think about looking at before. Certain running stores around me only carry certain brands. While I understand your position, please don’t assume mine. Thanks everyone!

  • Virginia
    May 24

    I work in a shoe store .asics,sketchers,new balance are best

Caroline posted in Clothes May 13

Water shoes new walkers

Any recommendations for water shoes? My daughter has chunky wide feet and just started walking! 👣👆🏻👶🏻

  • Caroline
    May 14

    Kelly - i looked at them but not sure if these « socks » would fit her

  • Meagan
    May 14

    Native Shoes! They are all my kids wear, in and out of the water! 😘

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