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Anonymous posted in Clothes May 28

Summer! So it’s ~90F outside. We have the window AC set up in the nursery, but I worry the babe will be too cold. What temperature/pj set up do you aim for? (Kiddo is 7 mo, tonight she has the Merlin Sleep Suit on and the room is 70 and her little feet felt cold so I lessened the AC. ) I feel like I should instinctive know what to do here, but I don’t. Thanks!

  • Blair
    May 29

    I've used this as a reference and it's seemed to work well

  • Jesika
    May 29

    Studies have shown optimal sleep temps are between 65-70. We are hot natured so my air is set to 65 at night and the babies room is around 66-67. She sleeps in a pair of pajamas sometimes the short kind. She’s either in a cotton knit zipadee zip or a cotton wearable blanket. Both of those are a lightweight t shirt type material. She sleeps 12 hours thru. If it’s any warmer I notice she fusses a... More

Cody posted in Clothes May 17

Shoe recommendations?

I’m constantly on my feet. I walk anywhere from 15,000 to 20,000 steps a day between the kiddos and the dogs, groceries and my work. I just finished demolishing my Nikes and I’m curious if anyone has any recommendations for some great shoes to run around in? I have a high arched foot so I certainly don’t and can’t do flat styled shoes. Any info helps! Thanks guys.

  • Cody
    May 21

    Getting recommendations does help because a lot of the brands are ones I didn’t think about looking at before. Certain running stores around me only carry certain brands. While I understand your position, please don’t assume mine. Thanks everyone!

  • Virginia
    May 24

    I work in a shoe store .asics,sketchers,new balance are best

Caroline posted in Clothes May 13

Water shoes new walkers

Any recommendations for water shoes? My daughter has chunky wide feet and just started walking! 👣👆🏻👶🏻

  • Caroline
    May 14

    Kelly - i looked at them but not sure if these « socks » would fit her

  • Meagan
    May 14

    Native Shoes! They are all my kids wear, in and out of the water! 😘

Celena posted in Clothes May 09

Clothes shopping/planning and growth spurts

Trying to figure this out and I’m sure it varies from baby to baby. After the most rapid growth spurts during the first 6 months, how much time did you anticipate your baby being in any one size? Trying to plan for seasons and making sure we have what we need but it’s challenging! I have an 8 month old who’s just now in 6-12 and 12 month sizes and he seems to be leveling out.. Thanks in advanc... More

  • Christina
    May 09

    What is the height percentile? My daughter was off the charts tall so for infant clothes I took the size (12 mo for instance) divided by 3 and that’s when she would outgrow, in this case 4 months. She’s now 100% and I take the size and divide by 2. She is almost 3 and outgrowing 5t.

  • Anonymous
    May 10

    It might vary 😊 our daughter is 16 mos and has been able to hang out in the different sizes for a few mos at a time. She can still fit most 12 mos tops and bottoms, but is starting to be in 18 mos size soon. With her, I noticed she moves on to the next size right around that last month or the following. But you’re right, it’s def hard to plan for the seasons, so I’ve just been buying 2 sizes u... More

Caroline posted in Clothes May 08

Best swimsuit for a baby in Mexico?

Going on vacation very soon and need to buy swimsuit for our 1 year old. Do you recommend long or short sleeves rash guard? I am lost! Thanks!

  • B
    May 09

    I like long sleeves for extra sun protection. But we are pretty pale

  • Naz
    May 10

    Caroline, to be honest I haven’t seen any mosquitos around but would be nice to have just in case.

Meri posted in Clothes May 02

What is your favourite maternity wear?

I am especially stuggling with pants. I'm not the type to wear sweatpants for the next 6 months, but those are the only ones that stay in place and don't feel unconfortable. I have several maternity pants, but I'm throwing them out now because I have to constantly pull them up and adjust them. I do like skirts and dresses, but those are not practical on the playground with two toddlers.

  • Brittany
    May 03

    I loved my maternity jeans from target. I never had an issue with them falling down or anything. I ordered most of my clothes on pink blush online. They have the cutest maternity clothes and their maternity robes and pj pants are amazing. I also really liked H&M’s maternity line.

  • EJ
    May 04

    Blanqi makes great maternity and post partum leggings. A little pricey but worth it. I am using the post partum ones now. They are my go to paint as maternity Jean's never like to stay put during and after pregnancy. I only had 2 pair of jeans and 1 pair of leggings throughout this recent pregnancy. With my 2.5 year i was prego during the summer and had a couple of maxi skirts. https://w... More

The naked phase. Please. For the love of sleep and my sanity. How have you kept clothes on a 1 y/o? This past week her mission has been to undress herself, take her diaper off (rain or shine) and share the joy. Ethan Hunt would be proud. Y’all, she just got out of a fully fastened onesie (with the clasps on the bottom). If I had access to a straight jacket she would be in one. David... More

  • Moka69
    Apr 29

    So cute

  • Cherrie
    May 02

    Lol my three year old cant get her shirt off her head.... so you have a talented one to say the least!

Elle posted in Clothes Apr 27

Help! We're headed to the beach soon, and I am having trouble finding a *small* beach hat to help shade our *small* baby. I'm looking on Amazon, searching specifically for NB sizes, but just getting "0-6mo" which are just huge on her. - Looking for something on Amazon - The "size 0-6 mo" hats don't cut it; they're too large. Baby is not preemie, but a preemi... More

  • Dana
    Apr 28

    I bout an iplay and twinklebelle. I really liked the twinklebelle. Both from amazon.

  • Elle
    May 04

    Thanks, ladies! The iplay (with the head circumference cinch) did the trick!

Erika posted in Clothes Apr 26

At what age does a baby realistically need to start wearing shoes? My almost 10 month old is standing and cruising around furniture, trying to take steps on his own. I went to look at shoes for him today and they’re about the same price as an adults 😳 I want to buy a good pair such as stride rite with good support. I just don’t know if he really needs them

  • JJ
    Apr 27

    When they walk

  • Katrina
    Apr 27

    When mine transitioned from baby to walking toddler, we started putting on shoes in public places like stores and such. Barefoot as much as possible is still best for development, though.

Sheila posted in Clothes Apr 25

What do you suggest for spring/summer pjs for a 9 month old? He wears a muslin sleep sack and 12 mo footie pjs on cooler nights but is outgrowing them fast!

  • JJ
    Apr 26

    All my babies have always been too long for any type of onesie that was a whole body thing. Try two piece jammie sets. Or just short sleeve shirt onesies with some pants.

  • Sheila
    Apr 26

    Do pj shirts slip up for anyone? My son is in onesies during the day because I feel like a regular shirt would be up at his chest from being picked up all the time but maybe it doesn’t bunch as much at night? He’s up 1-2 times to nurse after going to bed.

Since toys r us is closing which other stores are affordable in pricing?

  • Sarah
    Apr 22

    For toys we have a cute local shop, I also like the selection at Barnes and Noble (and they have good coupons), Tuesday Morning is good and of course Target!

  • Lissette
    Apr 25

    I recently found Learning Express Toys in the Dadeland area that’s pretty nice, but small.

Cathy posted in Clothes Apr 19

So first time Mom here 🙋‍♀️ - not sure if this question is ridiculous or not but — what is the difference between 24 months clothes and 2T? Not sure how to shop?

Anonymous posted in Clothes Apr 07

I have a fashion type question. I have a high neck (like up to my collar bone) cream long sleeve blouse I got to wear for work. I don't want my undershirt to be obvious or easily seen like the fashion is with sheer blouses. I'm trying to find a shirt to go under, but haven't found anything yet. I was thinking a skin tones tank. Any recommendations of what type would work best?

  • Brigitte
    Apr 10

    The lingerie department of most dept stores has slinky tanks in neutral tones that seem like they'd work well under the blouse you're describing. Something thin and in a silkier type fabric would let your blouse drape like it wants to (as opposed to a cotton tank that the blouse would be more likely to stick to and is more obvious under the blouse.)

I’m going to a wedding next month, but my son is exclusively breastfeeding, so I need a cute nursing dress. (Also budget-friendly). Any suggestions?

Anonymous posted in Clothes Apr 05

So I know when you have a newborn we all have to cover them up with long sleeves, long pants, a beanie...etc. and also swaddle them. My question is, what if you have the baby in the summer and it's super hot and humid outside. Can I not swaddle my newborn and have him wearing short sleeve onesie only? Like what outfit can I have my newborn wear?

  • Kim
    Apr 05

    I was told that babies only need one extra layer of clothing than yourself. So if it’s summer time and you’re comfortable in a T-shirt and shorts, your baby would probably need a long sleeve and pants + a swaddle. I have a newborn and live in Phoenix, so the summers are very brutal, I only have my baby in a onesie, pants, and a hat in a swaddle.

  • Katrina
    Apr 16

    My June baby lived in short sleeve onesies and socks. Unless we were going somewhere that was either more formal or air conditioned, and then I added pants. I also wore baby against my skin almost all the time, so if not being helped by mom's body heat, I would add one light layer to supplement, like maybe long sleeves instead of short plus light pants.

Anonymous posted in Clothes Apr 03

Heads up that is having a big Spring sale. Everything is 50-60% off and you get an extra 25% off if you use the code SWISH.

G posted in Clothes Mar 27

Any recommendations on how to get a toddler to consistently change his/her clothes on their own? We have some challenges getting her ready in the morning. Thanks!

  • G
    Mar 28

    Thank you, all. She’s 3 1/2. She picked out her clothes last night, didn’t work this morning. But, we did a contest on who can dress first since we have to get ready around the same time and that worked. I’m going to try the timer next.

  • Hannah
    Mar 28

    I’ve also heard of people that not only pick their clothes at night, but they actually sleep in them! So the kids just have to roll out of bed and head out the door.

Vicki posted in Clothes Mar 14

Anyone dealing with sensory issues regarding toddlers and clothing? This is new behavior where clothes/tags are itchy and bothering him. It results in crying, screaming, tantrums and a little panic. It’s triggering my anxiety and I don’t think I have been handling it correctly. I want to make him feel comfortable and safe without turning this into an obsessive behavior.

  • Janee
    Mar 19

    My godson had some of those sensory issues . You can try taking him to the store with you and letting him feel the clothes . Maybe even trying some on in the store before buying . Mine gravitates towards extremely soft and velvety materials . Now he’s 6 and likes going into stores to pick out things. He did grow out of a lot the sensory issues.

  • AliG
    Apr 22

    I’ve dealt with my share clothing sensory issues, & found several allergies to polyesters. Done the cutting out of labels & letting them feel the fabric—which is of great help, but once they establish what feels good on them. 1 daughter is highly sensitive & we found only 1 shirt that she likes, feels good & is comfortable to her. So we bought several of them Years back, in the ... More

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Mar 13

I’m looking for suggestions as to where I can find fitted bras after I’m done nursing. I’m finally down to 3 feedings. I feel that at this point, I need to get measured by the professionals because when I bought bras online, they fit so terribly! So now I’m still wearing nursing bras but still would like some bras with more support. Thanks!

  • Anne
    Mar 14

    Nordstrom's! They have the best staff who are trained in bra fittings. I've always had a good experience there.

Anonymous posted in Clothes Mar 05

MIL buys our kids a lot of clothes, which is very kind and generous, except that often these are terrible quality and begin to look ancient within the first few washes. I have tried to politely say that I’m happy buying them stuff- I often get used clothes from friends that I much prefer to new cheap ones!- but she just keeps buying. What annoys me most is that when it’s time for a clear out, a... More

  • Victoria
    Mar 06

    Tell her to keep the clothes at her house for when your kid goes to visit.

  • Jenna
    Mar 27

    All the clothes she gives you, just put them right into a storage container for the sister. Just buy your own clothes, and if she gets pissy, tell your husband he needs to confront his mom about being too pushy. My mom does the same exact thing with cheap clothes, and I use the clothes but I also buy our own nice clothes. Do whatever you want, it’s your kid! Good luck!

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