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Jade posted in Clothes Wednesday

All the laundry tips, please!

I recently purchased a lovely antique wool blanket, but even after washing it with special wool-friendly soap, I cannot seem to rid it of a very strong perfume-y smell. I would normally hang it outside for a few days but we are buried under snow and ice here, so that’s not really an option at the moment. What are your tips and tricks for getting rid of stubborn smells trapped in fabrics? ... More

  • Hailey

    Let it soak in the washer for a while before closing the lid and letting the cycle start

Meriksha posted in Clothes Feb 07

Shoes for 16 months old..

Hey everyone So my 16 month old Son doesn't like shoes 😀. He just kicks them out as I put it on his feet. I have the velcro shoes. Looking for ideas that I can use so he is not able to kick it out? May be some different kind or type? What do you all do? Thanks in advance...

  • Meriksha
    Feb 07

    @ivy.. Yes I guess I need to get those high lace shoes.

  • Meriksha
    Feb 07

    @pk.. Yes he has those squeaky sound shoes. He likes those. But recently he has figured out a way to kick it off and has been doing it since.. Then he would play with it in hands.. 🤦‍♀️

Anonymous posted in Clothes Feb 03

Toddler clothing size?

My daughter is 13 months and wears 18 month clothes. She is 32 inches and about 24lbs; so technically she meets the height requirements for carter’s 18 month clothes. I wanna know what do other parents do with clothing sizes. I feel like I can’t buy 24 month size yet cuz they are too big on her. How do other parents solve this issue?

  • Elle
    Feb 04

    What it all comes down to is: India-made = tall and narrow Vietnam-made = med and med China-made = short and wide

  • Nikki
    Feb 09

    I find that it really depends on the brand and your LO’s body. My 2 yr. old is wearing anything from 2T-4T. She’s tall (for her age) and, has chunky thighs, and short arms. I always check for stretch ability with pants legs because they have to get over those thighs! This means that I sometimes have to buy pants a little bigger and cuff the legs. It’s not a perfect science, but don’t worry abou... More

Meriksha posted in Clothes Jan 23

Confused for giving up baby clothes

Hey everybody My boy is 15 months old now and I wanted to donate/give up his old size clothes and things. But as now I am going through the stuff I do not feel good. One minute it's like it's my baby's clothes I see him wearing those little cute outfits and I want to keep it. But then I feel its not useful and I need to donate it so someone else can use it and I need that space in... More

  • Chelsa
    Jan 23

    I’m going to steal some of your ladies ideas here!

  • Meriksha
    Jan 24

    Thank you ladies.. Great ideas.. M so happy it's not just me who feels that way.. 😀

Tabitha posted in Clothes Jan 23

Maternity Pictures

When did everybody do there maternity pictures? What are some of the outfits you planned for in this winter weather? Where should I go shop for an outfit?

  • Monda
    Jan 23

    I did mine at 38 weeks!! My pictures was indoor I didn’t do anything fancy and I just wore a nice white dress I had. My husband and I Matched and it was really simple. To us it was more of just getting pictures for the memories rather then anything else

  • Victoria
    Jan 23

    I did mine at 35 weeks. I wanted to wait till the end so it showed the full belly experience but not too close to the end just in case you don’t make it ! I had my girl at 37 weeks so I’m glad I did it then.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Jan 18

Nursing Mama

Any recommendations for a nursing mama looking for cute tops? Is there such a company providing such a thing?

Anonymous posted in Clothes Jan 17

When your toddler decides she doesn't like certain clothes

Do you still make her wear it? Or do you totally respect her wishes? Lol did not expect her to start deciding her clothes just yet!

  • Ashton
    Jan 20

    My son started being picky about his clothes around 3. I just gave him a couple choices of shirts to go with the pants I picked out. That normally helped us avoid a struggle.

  • Jennifer
    Jan 24

    My daughter did this at 2yr old and still does at 4yr old right now. So when I go shopping for her clothes now, I would pick out a few outfits and let her pick the one she likes. Please do respect their opinion. Girls are girls, at 2yr during summer, all the girls at my daughters preschool were dresses, and she would ask me to buy her a dress to wear too cause usually I would just put her in ... More

Anonymous posted in Child Care Dec 20

Reasonable number of outfits

Hi! My two year old just started playschool and I was wondering what’s a reasonable number of outfits to keep for school? I am very wary of over consumption but also mindful of him fitting in! Your thoughts?

  • Anonymous
    Dec 22

    Thanks for your responses! I meant total outfits -not standby at school- I am an immigrant and feel ten outfits are abundant, but mindful that cultural norms can be different!

  • Stacey
    Jan 12

    I aim for 10. some seasons i go overboard and sometimes family gives us some additional outfits.

Anonymous posted in Clothes Dec 18

Clothing for 15month old? Onesies or a 2 pierce (shirt and pants)

So my mom called me weird because I like to dress my son in shirts and pants... hes a pretty small dude only 17lbs for being 15mths but I feel like after they turn a year putting a onesies on him just seem silly. Unless we are being lazy around the house. So my question is did you get rid of the onesie and did just shirts and pants or am I just weird lol.

  • Christa
    Jan 01

    I stopped using onesies full time at about 9.5 months and have off and on done shirts and pants before that too! It’s easier to change diapers and I also am in the process of potty training my son, so having a onesie on when he’s potty training is a HUGE pain! But every once in a while, I use them still, especially since he’s getting better at holding it. Then again my son is 11 months old and ... More

  • Anonymous
    Jan 01

    I work with small children, and most are out of onesies by 18 months. And honestly they are a huge pain when they are rolling around and fighting you while you try to change them. And don't even get me started on crawlers/walkers in footie pajamas! They're feet never stay in the right place and they end up dragging them around and tripping all over the place!

Bekah posted in Clothes Dec 17

Best Postpartum wrap

I’m 25 weeks pregnant and want to do some research before I buy a PP wrap. I did buy a belly bandit that was a really good deal but I’m hearing they aren’t the best and I want to get a really good one.

  • Kelly
    Dec 18

    I have the mother tucker corset from belly bandit. I had my baby almost two weeks ago and am on the second to last notch. It’s comfortable to wear all day and works great

Raji posted in Clothes Dec 11

How do you dress your baby/child to sleep at night during winter and temperature of heat at night?

  • Lorynn
    Dec 12

    Footie pajamas and a fleece sleep sack.

  • Raji
    Dec 13

    Thank you for your answers. Guess I can adjust the heat at night to kinda keep it cool instead of blasting it. Thanks again.

Jessy posted in Clothes Dec 08

Baby shoes

What its the best age for a baby to start wearing shoes.

  • Jessy
    Dec 08


  • molly
    Dec 08

    the dont ‘have’ to wear shoes. mine learned to walk in socks and thick booties because shoes were interfering with his ability to grasp with his toe and walk steadily. But that was in the summer! winter i got gim zip up moccasins.

Jennifer posted in Clothes Dec 02

Stain Remover

Any tips on how to remove old stains from white clothes ? I washed them in clorox literally 3x already 😭

  • Cm
    Dec 03

    I use oxyclean. Mix together powder and water and let the clothes sit in there for a few hours before washing. Works almost every time.

  • Amy
    Dec 04

    Dawn and baking soda works amazingly well. Or soaking in Oxyclean... I saved an old set of sweat-yellowed sheets that way.

Rodrigo posted in Clothes Nov 28

Baby clothes app

Hi everyone, I’m a first time parent and am expecting with my gf out first baby boy in April of 2019. I’m super juiced! I guess my question is if anyone can recommend any good baby clothes apps to shop? Or if there is any. I’d highly appreciate it! Thanks in advance!

Bailey posted in Clothes Nov 27

Shoes for 8 month old

My 8 month old is already walking! I try to put shoes on her when we play at the park but she either kicks them off or I can’t even get them on at all. She curls her foot, I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not. So anywhere we go she’s only in socks and I’m starting to feel weird about her walking around in socks! Any advice? Special shoes? Should I bring it up to to pediatrician? Also, I hav... More

  • Bailey
    Dec 01

    @KC the problem is I literally can’t get her feet into anything but socks. She curls them so bad or just kicks them off when I’m trying to get them on. We we play at the park I’d rather not be in just socks.

  • Rachel
    Dec 04

    The trick is to get the foot in then pat the bottom so she wiggles her toes in

What kind of earrings should I buy for my 6 month old?

This will be her first pair after the originally earrings were placed while piercing.

  • Anonymous Mom
    Nov 23

    I would get sterling or gold. No nickel or fake jewelry for a while bc she’s so small and could have an allergic reaction. My daughters ears are Pierced and I had them pierced with 14 karat and her new earrings are 10 karat I haven’t had any issues.

  • Elena
    Nov 25

    I agree with Adrienne at such small age you should always go with the best earrings (metals) toys like Fisher prise car seats ec.

Becky posted in Clothes Nov 21

Fleece hooded jumpers

I'm a first time mom, and last winter my daughter was a baby baby and I could put her in her car seat and cover her up for the winter. This year I'm not sure how to keep her warm when I go out, especially since pants are typical really thin. Do I dress her in one of those fleece hooded jumpers under her coat and hat? Or is that over kill?

  • Becky
    Nov 23

    I ended up going to Walmart and was able to find thicker pants and size 2 toddler shoes for her that actually fit her! She'll be walking on her own soon so I'm glad I found some hard-soled shoes for her. Thank you for all the suggestions

  • Stephanie
    Nov 28

    Walmart sells excellent warm sweat pants for winter time

CJN posted in Clothes Nov 20

Comfortable walking shoes for winter

Hi all! Any toddler boot brands that are comfortable and will STAY ON my little monster! Thanks in advance!

  • Laura
    Nov 20

    We've bought See Kai Run and Stride Rite

  • Stephanie
    Nov 20

    We have cat and jack from target. They zip on the side and Velcro across

Anonymous posted in Clothes Nov 19

Sleep wear in flight?

Is it a good idea to put on a sleep wear/footed pajama on my 1 year old during a 24 hour flight with a layover? I don't want to worry about his shoe falling off or him removing his socks? Why does your experience say? Any comments? Suggestions? Thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous
    Nov 21

    Thanks everyone. It helps..

  • DeeDee
    Nov 25

    I flew to GA in June with my 9 month old ( at that time) footed pajamas was perfect for keeping him warm on the chilly flight!. I brought 2 pair for food or accident mishaps.


My 9 month old won’t stop taking off her socks!!! Even in her sleep she will take them off! Any tips on how to stop that?

  • Lily
    Nov 19

    Mine just didn’t wear socks from like 3 months to about 13 months. Now she tries to put them on herself. I would just not put socks on unless the feet are really cold. Then she might keep them on

  • Elizabeth
    Nov 23

    She doesn’t like it. Oh well accept it.

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