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Church outfits

Hii, I’m wondering if there’s any places that offer baby church outfits. I’m having a hard time finding place that have cheap church outfits.

Karla posted in Clothes Monday

Maternity + nursing cozy warm PJs?

I don’t fit my PJs anymore. Any recommendations on a warm (winter baby), cozy pajamas that will fit 3rd trim bump and also not be in the way when nursing in the near future?

  • Karla

    Jessica, so funny you mentioned it. I saw Halloween onesies on target yesterday and thought “silly, but it could work... 🤔”

  • Christa

    I had my baby in February and we had a dang cold winter. I slept in my hubbies long john pants and a long sleeved shirt that I could get over my belly comfortably. And wool socks when I wasn’t sleeping. I also invested in a fleece bathrobe that I wore at night time when baby woke me to eat- I nursed for 6 weeks but my body wouldn’t keep up anymore- but anyhow, that’s what worked for me, and I j... More


Where can I find nice outfits for a 4 year old girl ?

  • Tiffany

    I’ve heard lots of positive things about Zulily, and I favor old navy myself.

  • Pablo Alarcon

    Thanks everyone for the help old navy it is

Amy posted in Clothes Monday


What do you use to get stains out of kids clothes? I've used oxy and dreft stain remover. Both haven't worked.

  • Beckiie

    Shout has always been my go to takes everything out!

  • Rebekah

    Original Dawn dish soap and peroxide. I put it on and scrub on tiny circular motion with a wet toothbrush then rinse. Sometimes I have to do it more then once but it works wonders! Has even gotten out set in stains (like that have been washed already) and those awful breastfed diaper blowouts!

Anonymous posted in Clothes Sunday

How do you dispose of clothes your kids have outgrown?

I need help figuring out a system for taking clothes that my kids have outgrown out of circulation from the clothes they DO wear. Parents - do you neatly sort and fold and donate somehow? Do you dump it in a bag? Do you separate by size and gender? I really want to get them in the hands of those who can get use out of them but it takes so much time to sort and fold I don’t do it frequently e... More

Caroline posted in Clothes Sunday

Pajama for toddler!

Hello! My little one is 18 months and doesn’t use a sleeping bag anymore. I bought her regular pajamas top and pants size 2 buuuut she is waking up every morning with very cold feet. How can I prevent this? Any tips? Thanks!

  • Stephanie

    I put a pair of the Hanna Andersson "best ever first socks" on my baby's feet when it gets cold at night. They are a bit pricey, but they are worth it and they stay on very well. They also make a slipper-sock that I'm thinking about ordering for bedtime.

  • Diane

    What about a one piece pj, the ones with the feet and then socks underneath? Or kutano fleece slippers on top of socks if youd rather the 2pc pj!

Anonymous posted in Clothes Saturday

Winter jacket?

What’s the best jacket for baby for the car seat?? It gets pretty cold where we live but I don’t want something big and bulky. What does everyone use? Thanks!

  • J

    Yes agreed with the hoodie and no jacket. They say you should not put your child in anything thicker than a sweatshirt or they can slip out if you get in an accident. I just bought a Columbia zip up sweatshirt for my daughter

  • B

    We do a fleece in the car, with a blanket once strapped in.

Amanda posted in Clothes Friday

Dressing baby for a stroller walk

My daughter is 4 months and I’m finally feeling good enough and I’m wanting to start walking. She doesn’t like getting hot. Today was the first day I started walking with her which she did very good but I had to leave the cover part up so she could c. I’m afraid she will get to cold in the face and hands. Are there any tricks or new clothing to help protect her without making her to hot. Also s... More

  • Amanda

    I have them but she’s not coordinated enough to fit it in her mouth because they r big and she gets mad. But I could try the socks and stop and switch them out as needed.

  • Melissa

    I used to apply Aquaphor to his cheeks and nose before we went out on our walk, mittens on his hands and attach a teething ring somewhere so he could chew it while strolling.

Anonymous posted in Clothes Oct 10

Washing baby's clothes

Ive washed all the baby clothes and blankets ive gotten so far, when the baby comes should i rewash everything with baby laundry soap or will regular laundry soap be okay?

  • Kieli
    Oct 11

    I used dreft for my daughter until she turned one, then used free and clear and now I use whatever I use on my clothes. She was always rolling around on my bed which was washed with regular, so I figured she would be fine

  • Liz

    I used Purex baby. It’s cheap and smells awesome and is gentle for baby. She’s 18mos now and I’m transitioning to regular detergent

Kiana posted in Clothes Oct 08

What size shoes does your 10month old daughter wear? Mine? Size 5 🤦🏾‍♀️.

  • Jenny
    Oct 09

    About to turn a year in a few days still in size 1.....

  • Valerie

    20 months and a size 7.5 Bigfoot is real, folks...

Nursing clothing

Where can i buy some nursing clothes that will not cost over $30

  • Tya
    Oct 07

    Burlington coat factory they surprisingly have a decent collection u can get a good amount of i teams for nothing


Hey everyone my toddler starts daycare on Tuesday. What should she wear & bring!! What else do I do not to be a mess while I’m at work. Also I don’t get to be the one to pick her up the first day and when I get home she gonna be asleep. Anyway not to be a mess😭😭😭

  • Kristina

    My daycare was 165 a week $660 a month plus $725 in rent on top of roughly $200 of food a month just for him for school

  • Kristina

    The pre-made meals at Walmart or so much easier than having to pre-prep before you go to work and then after going to work having to take your child to school after getting everything ready I work overnights at a gas station I feel your pain

Hunter posted in Clothes Oct 02

It's October! What are your plans for Halloween costume?

Looks like our daughter wants to go as a Harry Potter character since she's just getting into those books.

  • Ty
    Oct 02

    Great ideas thanks .. he’s pretty big for his age I think it would be funny for him to dress as a skeleton

  • Carolina
    Oct 04

    My daughter is 2 and she’s going to be Minnie Mouse. She excited when she sees anything Minnie

JJ posted in Clothes Oct 01

Second hand

At what point if any did your kids start complaining about wearing hand me downs?

  • Tish
    Oct 01

    My son is to young yet to do that, but I think that when he does that is when he'll start getting a clothing allowance and responsibility to purchase his own clothes.

  • Lorraine
    Oct 02

    My daughter is 13 and she loves second hand clothing. She gets new items but she loves grabbing second hand clothes too.

Anonymous posted in Clothes Sep 27

Headbands on babies

Has anyone asked their ped / researched if headbands are at all dangerous for babies? I put one on my baby girl a lot. It’s not extremely tight but does sometimes leave an impression.

  • Ady
    Sep 27

    If it leaves an impression then don't use it ..coz it shows some nerve or blood vessel is hit by band...I suggest just use soft one without any impression left...n never leave child alone with headbands...always have an eye on their headbands coz I have heard kids loose their bands n it fall in to their eyes and neck which could be risky for the child.

Alexa posted in Clothes Sep 26

Now that its getting chilly out here, what is ur LO wearing to bed?

  • Tammy
    Sep 27

    We base what our infant wears to bed based on what the temperature in our room is like (which unfortunately fluctuates a lot). He is currently wearing light weight feety pajamas. My toddler just wraps up in a blanket if he's cold and wears short sleeve/pant pajamas.

Anonymous posted in Clothes Sep 24

Can anyone suggest me what should i make my 6 mnth old baby wear in airplane.

I am traveling with my 6 mnth baby in October last ....its a long journey...M confused with the plane temperature ... should i make her wear fleece or cotton bodysuit...m carrying the blanket for sure and cap too.

  • Eli
    Sep 24

    Always cold very cold airplanes, i like layers, cotton clothe and layers on top just in case is hot when the airplane is on the ground...

  • Anonymous
    Sep 24

    Ok so just cotton bodysuit and will keep blankets to cover her up in the bassinet wen needed

Julie posted in Clothes Sep 24

Baby shoes (this can’t be real life, right!?)

Where do you all buy your baby’s shoes?! I’m trying to buy her first pair of non “crib shoes” and whatttt is up with these price tags!? I just don’t see how spending $25 on a pair of shoes for a baby makes any sense!!!

  • Leah
    Oct 08

    If you have a Ross Dress for Less they have shoes that are pretty decently priced

  • Clare
    Oct 10

    You can find really nice baby consignment shops that have barely worn or even new shoes! I refused to pay full price for store shoes...especially when they only wear them a few times, if that, when they are that little.

Maeghan posted in Clothes Sep 20

Best sports bra for breastfeeding?

I’m breastfeeding and have size H (yes H 😅) boobs. I have a hard time doing any cardio that’s not low impact because I can’t find a sports bra that is supportive enough. I want to get back into running but it is too uncomfortable with my current bra. Does anybody have any suggestions for good sports bras that are breastfeeding/big boob friendly?

  • Katie
    Sep 21

    I just got one from shefit and GAME CHANGER! Check them out.

  • Jennifer
    Sep 21

    Scultptress Sport by Panache Not breastfeeding friendly, but great support for sports.

Jessie posted in Clothes Sep 20

Help with shoe sizes!! Plz help!

It’s been a longggggg time since I bought baby shoes for my baby. She’s 12 years old now lol I now have a 7 month old preemie so is now finally wearing a size 1C in soft bottom shoes. I just wanted to know is a size infant 2 the same as a size 2 in the toddler side? I’m trying to buy shoes in footlocker online and have been confused all morning. Please help!

  • Hilda
    Sep 20

    Yes shoes can be confusing, hope once your order comes they are the right ones 😊

  • Jessie
    Sep 20

    Thank you me too lol

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