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Jessy posted in Clothes Saturday

Baby shoes

What its the best age for a baby to start wearing shoes.

  • Jessy


  • molly

    the dont ‘have’ to wear shoes. mine learned to walk in socks and thick booties because shoes were interfering with his ability to grasp with his toe and walk steadily. But that was in the summer! winter i got gim zip up moccasins.

Jennifer posted in Clothes Dec 02

Stain Remover

Any tips on how to remove old stains from white clothes ? I washed them in clorox literally 3x already 😭

  • Cm
    Dec 03

    I use oxyclean. Mix together powder and water and let the clothes sit in there for a few hours before washing. Works almost every time.

  • Amy
    Dec 04

    Dawn and baking soda works amazingly well. Or soaking in Oxyclean... I saved an old set of sweat-yellowed sheets that way.

Rodrigo posted in Clothes Nov 28

Baby clothes app

Hi everyone, I’m a first time parent and am expecting with my gf out first baby boy in April of 2019. I’m super juiced! I guess my question is if anyone can recommend any good baby clothes apps to shop? Or if there is any. I’d highly appreciate it! Thanks in advance!

Bailey posted in Clothes Nov 27

Shoes for 8 month old

My 8 month old is already walking! I try to put shoes on her when we play at the park but she either kicks them off or I can’t even get them on at all. She curls her foot, I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not. So anywhere we go she’s only in socks and I’m starting to feel weird about her walking around in socks! Any advice? Special shoes? Should I bring it up to to pediatrician? Also, I hav... More

  • Bailey
    Dec 01

    @KC the problem is I literally can’t get her feet into anything but socks. She curls them so bad or just kicks them off when I’m trying to get them on. We we play at the park I’d rather not be in just socks.

  • Rachel
    Dec 04

    The trick is to get the foot in then pat the bottom so she wiggles her toes in

What kind of earrings should I buy for my 6 month old?

This will be her first pair after the originally earrings were placed while piercing.

  • Anonymous Mom
    Nov 23

    I would get sterling or gold. No nickel or fake jewelry for a while bc she’s so small and could have an allergic reaction. My daughters ears are Pierced and I had them pierced with 14 karat and her new earrings are 10 karat I haven’t had any issues.

  • Elena
    Nov 25

    I agree with Adrienne at such small age you should always go with the best earrings (metals) toys like Fisher prise car seats ec.

Becky posted in Clothes Nov 21

Fleece hooded jumpers

I'm a first time mom, and last winter my daughter was a baby baby and I could put her in her car seat and cover her up for the winter. This year I'm not sure how to keep her warm when I go out, especially since pants are typical really thin. Do I dress her in one of those fleece hooded jumpers under her coat and hat? Or is that over kill?

  • Becky
    Nov 23

    I ended up going to Walmart and was able to find thicker pants and size 2 toddler shoes for her that actually fit her! She'll be walking on her own soon so I'm glad I found some hard-soled shoes for her. Thank you for all the suggestions

  • Stephanie
    Nov 28

    Walmart sells excellent warm sweat pants for winter time

CJN posted in Clothes Nov 20

Comfortable walking shoes for winter

Hi all! Any toddler boot brands that are comfortable and will STAY ON my little monster! Thanks in advance!

  • Laura
    Nov 20

    We've bought See Kai Run and Stride Rite

  • Stephanie
    Nov 20

    We have cat and jack from target. They zip on the side and Velcro across

Anonymous posted in Clothes Nov 19

Sleep wear in flight?

Is it a good idea to put on a sleep wear/footed pajama on my 1 year old during a 24 hour flight with a layover? I don't want to worry about his shoe falling off or him removing his socks? Why does your experience say? Any comments? Suggestions? Thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous
    Nov 21

    Thanks everyone. It helps..

  • DeeDee
    Nov 25

    I flew to GA in June with my 9 month old ( at that time) footed pajamas was perfect for keeping him warm on the chilly flight!. I brought 2 pair for food or accident mishaps.


My 9 month old won’t stop taking off her socks!!! Even in her sleep she will take them off! Any tips on how to stop that?

  • Lily
    Nov 19

    Mine just didn’t wear socks from like 3 months to about 13 months. Now she tries to put them on herself. I would just not put socks on unless the feet are really cold. Then she might keep them on

  • Elizabeth
    Nov 23

    She doesn’t like it. Oh well accept it.

CJN posted in Clothes Nov 15

Winter coats issue with car seats

I've heard that you shouldn’t put coats on babies while in carseats. Last winter my son was in the infant carseat so I always bundled him up with the drape over the handle. Is it true? What do all you parents do? Thanks!

  • Vonda
    Nov 16

    I make sure no puffy jackets or buntings. But a coat like the nano puff from Patagonia is thinner and ok for car seat. Or a car seat cover that’s for winter.

  • JJ
    Nov 17

    I am using this one this year. I had a great one 2 years ago but can’t remember the brand.

JJ posted in Clothes Nov 14

Weather appropriate clothes

I’m from Florida, this will be my second winter. I have a toddler and just need some tips and pointers on dressing him in this weather. I have no experience with snow or any temperatures below 50. So obviously we later but is all of the layers necessary when you mostly just go from house to car or car to store. Like long sleeves t, maybe 2, a thick warm sweater and then the coat?? Do you leave ... More

  • B
    Nov 14

    agree with Amanda. If car is close, we do a fleece from house to car and in car. I bring winter coat and put it on before we leave the car if we are outside for a bit. I also do a car blanket with that. Under the fleece is long sleeves, and if cold a sweater or sweatshirt. Honestly past infant stage I dress my kid in whatever I’d want to wear.

  • Dani
    Nov 18

    Long sleeve shirt, sweater(that’s not puffy) and a coat. Hat, mittens, thicker tall socks and boots. DO NOT LEAVE COAT ON IN THE CARSEAT. Take the coat off and buckle the child in and cover them with a blanket or a coat after they are buckled. As for taking the mittens off, my son tends to leave fingered gloves on more than mittens.

Dorathy posted in Clothes Nov 14

Snowsuit ☃️

Any recommendations on snow suits that toddlers can easily walk in. He’s a year old but wears size 9-12 in shirt and 3-6/ 6 months pants. Thanks!

  • Lana
    Nov 14

    You can buy a duck down and feathers filling coat I got one from Tommy Hilfiger but you can find it everywhere if you looked in the right place The winter coats are also called “ parka “ so when you search do select this filter so you will narrow your search. Also Macy’s has them

Anonymous posted in Clothes Nov 12

Advice on buying baby clothes?

Hi there- FTM here! I’ll have a few days in Paris in my second trimester and since my fav baby clothing stores are there (and it will be sale season) I wanted to stock up on clothes for my daughters first two years or so. Would love any advice on what mix of sizes to get, how many clothes you think she’ll need in each range (I know it varies, but do babies generally blast from 3-6 mo, stay in 6... More

  • Meg
    Nov 13

    My daughter is right within sizes at 4 months old. She generally wears 3 month daytime clothes and 3-6 or 6 month sleepers since her legs are a little too long for the 3 month footies. There's no way to know before your LO is born though. Hubby and I were expecting a 9lb baby and ended up having a 7lb baby early. She stayed in newborn for 5 full weeks also, which is not what we expected e... More

  • Sumiko
    Nov 13

    The bigger your baby gets the slower they grow. So bigger sizes tend to last longer. Here’s what I recommend: sleepers that zip vs button will save your sanity. For newborns I’d get the ones without feet. Two piece outfits are a pain in the ass to change on the go, I’d try to get as many 1-piece outfits as you can. Socks during the winter and shoeless in the summer are easiest. If you do get s... More

Caroline posted in Clothes Nov 12

Shoes for daycare

What type of shoes do your toddlers wear at daycare/ preschool? I don’t want for her to stay with her winter boots all day and don’t know what sneakers would be comfy enough to keep all day. Thanks

  • Miranda
    Nov 14

    We've been buying Plae ( shoes exclusively for our son for the last two years and he loves them! He's rough on his shoes and they're the only shoes that he actually grows out of.

  • Olivia
    Nov 20

    We do Stride Rite mostly.

Anonymous posted in Clothes Nov 07

Preparing for snow

My daughter will be playing in the snow this winter. She's one (13 months), what should I be buying to keep her warm?

  • Christina
    Nov 07

    Baby bogs. Mittens-way too difficult to get 5 fingers in gloves. Mittens are hard enough. We love urban baby bonnet winter hats (and their summer ones). We did snow pants from a consignment shop and a puffy winter jacket for walking around. No puffy coats in car seats.

  • Brittany
    Nov 09

    Stonz boot covers are amazing, they keep your babies feet dry and warm. Just use some wool socks and put the covers on. They are not fitted, so still allow for healthy feet development. They stay on very well. Also since they aren’t fitted they last several seasons!

Julie posted in Clothes Nov 06

Amber teething necklace (and any necklace for babies)

Aren’t you afraid of them breaking and choking your child?? It just seems like a risk I’m not willing to take although we are going through teething hell and I’ve considered it!

  • Melanie
    Nov 17

    I swear by it. I don’t let him sleep in it, or I’d wrap it around his ankle under a sock and sleep sack. There’s also a safety clasp that will pull apart when tugged. Just make sure you get quality Baltic Amber. He’s worn it from about 8 months (when he certainly couldn’t be affected by a placebo) until now at 2.5 when he just got his last of his molars! And at this age he’d ask to wear it.

  • Valerie
    Nov 17

    Baltic Amber contains something called succinic acid, it is a mild a analgesic ( pain reliever). However, amber releases this substance at around 186 degrees F. Unless your child is Lucifer’s offspring, it is very unlikely that he or she will benefit in any form from an amber necklace.

Any idea where to buy babys clothes cheaper???

  • Katherine
    Oct 31

    Check out Baby Barn in Beaumont on Beaumont Ave.

  • Becca
    Nov 02

    Modern Totz in Yuciapa!!

Does anybody know charities for baby formula and clothes ?

  • Susy
    Oct 24

    There’s a charity called Baby 2 baby

  • Sara
    Nov 25

    WIC is also a fairly easy program to get into, they provide free formula for bottle fed babies and food for mamas for breastfed. They have locations all over the area.

Haley posted in Clothes Oct 23

Coats for winter?

For winter our daughter will be 8 months-a year old. Would you guys recommend buying the full winter suit or just a normal coat for the cold? We do a LOT of hiking and outdoor time. Is the full suit more of a hassle or is it worth it? I dont want her being too warm, but I also want her being plenty warm. We live in GA. You literally never know what the weather for winter is going to be whic... More

  • Joanna
    Oct 23

    How do you plan to hike with your 8 mo? If using a frame carrier, I would lean towards the whole suit. If using an ergo, I would dress in layers and a jacket to cover both the wearer and baby. For my baby in Chicago winters, I used baby leg warmers or fleeced lined pants.

  • Haley
    Oct 23

    Joanna, we use one similar an ergo. She's not a fan of the frame carrier we have yet. I'm hoping as she gets a little bigger that she will like the frame carrier more though. I guess I will start with a coat and buy a full suit if needed later. Thanks y'all 😊

Genesis posted in Clothes Oct 20

Best place to sell baby clothes

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