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Anonymous posted in Dental Health May 15

When did your babies start brushing their teeth?

I read that kids shouldn’t use toothpaste until a certain age but when should they start brushing their teeth twice a day?

  • B
    May 15

    My doctor and pediatric dentist both recommended a small rice sized amount of fluoride toothpaste as soon as teeth came in, and brushing twice a day

  • Elle

    As soon as they get a tooth!

Suddenly he hates brushing teeth

So my 19 month old has suddenly decided he hates brushing teeth... He was doing fine with it, and one day he wanted to do it himself so I let him and I helped. Now he won't brush himself and battles me, he won't go along with me brushing his teeth at all. Any one been through this? It's never been an issue until this last week.

  • Ashley
    May 17

    I started getting him used to it with one of those finger toothbrushes when he got his first two teeth. I also had one of those ones they can hold onto and i let him chew on it and mess around with it, it's one of those funny shaped ones the dentist gives you. Now he has a normal brush, and was doing fine but now he hates it all of a sudden. Haven't conquered this yet, I tried going bac... More

  • J
    May 17

    We bought a little kids electric tooth brush. My son did the same thing. Was fine with us brushing and one day he was not. It became horrible trying to force him into it. I started thinking it was maybe due to some teeth coming in. But now he likes his new toothbrush and I just guide him with it. He’s 19months.

How to brush 1 yr old teeth?

My daughter just turned 1 last week — she has 6 teeth total, 4 top and 2 bottom, but has 2 more coming in on top! She DESPISES me coming anywhere near her with the brush, and she’s not really there as far as doing it herself. I tried the “finger” brushes, a soft rubber texture brush that slips over my finger to see if she’d simply chew so I could get a bit of brushing in but she fuuuusses. A... More

  • Diana
    Apr 30

    Try an electric toothbrush

  • BravoDad
    May 10

    Brush your teeth with your toothbrush, and encourage baby to brush babys own teeth with a matching, slightly smaller version of your toothbrush. Let baby see you enjoying it and having fun!

What age should I start brushing my little ones teeth?

My mom thinks I’m silly for wanting to get my LO a tooth brush at 12 months, but she has 9 teeth already and is eating a lot of different food. I don’t normally give her too much processed sugar, but for her first birthday party this past Saturday she did manage to get her hands on quite a bit throughout the day from multiple family members and her smash cake. aI know some of my babysitters fee... More

  • Janna
    Apr 29

    As soon as the first one pops through.

  • John

    As soon as those pearls poke through!

Anonymous posted in Behavior Mar 23


My daughter is 7.5m and has 4 teeth - top and bottom twos. I know there are more on the way but she keeps on grinding the teeth she has now. Any suggestions on making her stop?

  • molly
    Mar 23

    Give her a cold apple to gnaw on. or give her chopped chilled apple/pear in a self feeder. Helped my kid. he loved it and soothed his gums.

  • Michaela
    Mar 25

    This drove me insane! But in all honestly it probably last 2 weeks tops and once the other two popped through, he stopped grinding them

Anonymous posted in Dental Health Feb 14

Toothpaste help

Anyone have recommendations on toothpaste for beginner? Fluoride or not? I've also heard of xylitol as well and dont know what to get. Help! He doesn't know to spit out when brushing yet.

  • Jenn
    Feb 21

    Kids aren't really able to fully comprehend spitting until around 6 years old. We use fluoride free toothpaste at the recommendation of my dentist. If you buy something with xylitol, be aware that if you have dogs, it is extremely fatal for them to ingest.

  • becky
    Feb 25

    Toms fluoride free. My sons dentist says no fluoride until they can spit it out. Depending on age you might not even need to use toothpaste yet.

Dentist for toddler?

I’m a FTM and am unsure of how to approach the dentist. Do you go to your regular dentist with your toddler? Pediatric dentist? What can I expect? When should we go? My son is almost 2.

  • Alexis
    Feb 10

    I've been told by my dentist and my pediatrician that age 3 is normal. However, if you find a pediatric dentist you like then you can take them as early as you want. Unfortunately the closest pediatric dentist to us is an hour away. I have read though that it's a good idea to take your child with you to your appointments a few times before they have to go themselves. It gives them the o... More

  • Josh
    Feb 11

    We took our 2 year old to our dentist where she watched both of us get our teeth cleaned then she had hers done. It was a good experience. Taking her didn’t seem necessary from a standpoint of dental hygiene so much as building trust at the dentist office so she feels comfortable in the years to come.

Elise posted in Behavior Feb 05

My 15 month old boy cries like no tomorrow when I try to brush his 6 new front teeth. Any tricks?

FYI, he also hates it when I try to wipe his face and his hands 😖

  • PK
    Feb 05

    Oh and we started using training toothpaste and a bristle brush over a banana silicone brush and it helped. Also we would let him brush our teeth.

  • Toni
    Feb 05

    We had to hold the arms like when the child is getting a shot or the ears pierced. After a while they would want to brush on their own without the fighting.

When should I take my 2 year old to the dentist? He just turn two and has plenty of teeth?

  • Crystal
    Feb 07

    Actually, please have him drink fluoride water! I don't know if you read my last comment 😉

  • Tilcia Menifee
    Feb 07

    Crystal okay.

Space maintainer

I have a question about space maintainers. My daughter just got her baby molar removed and the dentist offered a space maintainer. The dentist was not very cathegoric about it, because my daughter's permanent molars are in alreasy. But since insurance covers it 100%, she said why not. So I don't know. Do we really need it? If your kid has it, how does it feel? Any problems related to i... More


Hi everyone! My daughter just turned 1 should I now start taking her to the dentist?? I forgot to ask my doc at her last visit.

  • Alexis
    Jan 21

    Wow, our pediatrician and our dentist both told us that 3 is the average age when kids start seeing the dentist. I'd actually love to take my kids as soon as they start getting teeth but the closest pediatric dentist to us is over an hour away and they arent covered by our insurance :/

  • Vonda
    Jan 23

    Yes. My son turned one and we took him to get his first check up. Especially since he has almost all of his baby teeth in.

advice/thoughts for child dental work

I was told recently that my 5 year old needs one silver cap/crown over one molar. They also are highly pushing me to use nitrous gas to “sedate” him for the silver cap. I’m very hesitant to do that especially because because I dont know if I can wait longer to get it done since they are baby teeth, or if anyone’s been in similar situation and got it done and how there experience was. I’m scared... More

  • Brandy
    Jan 15

    My son is terrified of the dentist. No matter how happy we try to make it. I wish you luck. I would have the same question because he gets very worked up. Good luck. Let us know what you choose.

  • Chrystal
    Jan 15

    My dentist didn't ask if we wanted it for our then 2 year old (now 3.5). It was s terrifying experience for him getting a crown with no nitrous (he had weak enamel, despite lots of brushing, still got a cavity). Screaming and fighting the whole time. It took me and 2 nurses to hold him down for the procedure. And getting him to trust a dentist again has been a struggle ever since. The shot ... More

Brushing teeth 1yo

My son refuses brushing teeth. He used to take the brush and use it as a teether. But now he wont let me get anywhere close once he sees the tooth brush! Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

  • Anna
    Jan 12

    I agree with Valerie on electric toothbrush, or at least a cool toothbrush!! Maybe you can try to go to the store if you can together to pick out a cool new toothbrush and toothpaste and see if that changes things.

  • Amanda
    Jan 12

    I agree about the electric toothbrush. My son all of a sudden loves brushing his teeth now especially in the bath. He is 17 months. I also heard that electric toothbrushes help with drooling from teething because I stimulates the gums. Not sure if it’s true but it has helped with that too for us.

How to start brushing teeth?

Hi everyone! Our first tooth finally cut through baby’s gums (though it isn’t all the way out yet). How did you introducing tooth/teeth brushing? I would like to brush her new tooth before bed to avoid decay, but I’m not sure how that will go—she normally feeds then practically falls asleep in my arms at bedtime. I’m worried that brushing her teeth will throw her off and wake her up again 🤷... More

  • Andrea
    Jan 07

    First, if you are nursing, don’t stress too much about brushing after. Baby’s teeth aren’t involved in nursing so tooth decay is unlikely just from that (worry more about solids... so brush after their last solids for the day). Even if you bottle feed, its not too terrible if you brush up until last feeding. That is as long as your not giving bottle in bed where baby keeps it in mouth. That’... More

  • Jennifer
    Jan 08

    Thank you all for your suggestions!! We’ll give them all a whirl!

Cleaning tongue

How can i make it a little easier to clean my 2 year old boy’s tongue. It gets white very easily. And he doesn’t like it when i clean it. Any advice?

  • 2Boys&aDog
    Jan 03

    Have you tried a tongue scraper? That may help with a couple of quick swipes.

Toddler tooth pain

In the past two days my two year old son would not eat because he came down with some kind of stomach bug. He is feeling better now and I can get him to eat but when I get him to eat now he will eat some and then hold his mouth and say “ow”. Could he be teething again? I am pretty sure he has all his teeth but maybe not or maybe one is growing in some more I don’t know. Anyone have any clue tha... More

  • Christa
    Dec 21, 2018

    It’s possible he’s teething- it takes up to 3 years for teeth to come in completely!! I might have his pediatrician take a peek, because the dentist doesn’t do anything other than count the teeth for a while, so if you can just have them look, or call the advice nurse that would probably be the most beneficial!!! Until then, we give frozen gogurts to our son, and it helps numb those gums witho... More

  • Katelyn
    Jan 02

    Thank you! Definitely going to try.

My 10mo has 8 teeth already. How do I get her to brush her teeth?

My daughter eats lots of fruits and veggies and i give her some table food as well which in our household is almost always seasoned in some way. So she ends up with breath that smells like garlic or ginger or something. I typically wash her mouth with a washcloth at bath time and she has a toothbrush that she is accustomed to holding and chewing. That isnt working out so great anymore. To get h... More

  • Amanda
    Dec 16, 2018

    Just continue working with the toothbrush. But there’s the little rubber ones you can put on your finger as well. When they’re that little, anything you get done is something!

  • Activemommy
    Dec 17, 2018

    Pretend to be doing it also, and make a little song out of it. Whenever my daughter saw me doing it she was eager to try, she loves brushing her teeth lol. Also make it routine, make sure to do it everyday around the same time she will start expecting it.

Toothpaste and vomiting

Hello every one. So recently my 18 month old has been vomiting few minutes after we brush teeth. I have been brushing hes gums and teeth since 3 months at first just with water and the finger brush once he popped out hes first tooth my pediatrician asked me to use the oraljel training toothbrush and it's been the past month or two that I use the Crest kids cavity toothpaste. Has this ever h... More

Stop thumb sucking

Our pediatrician said that my 2 year old is getting an indentation at the roof of his mouth from sucking his thumb. It could prevent him from pronouncing words correctly and possible braces when he’s older. He just turned two so he doesn’t exactly understand that he has to stop. Other than the gunk you can put on their thumbs - what else have you tried?

Anonymous posted in Dental Health Dec 11, 2018

Toddler Chipped Tooth

My daughter (25 months) fell and chipped one of her front teeth. She is fine and happy, my wife is, understandably, devastated about it ("It's our daughters perfect smile" in a sense). We took her to the dentist and they said we had 3 options - 1. Do nothing, she might be sensitive to temperatures, but other than that everything will be fine (but my wife would see it everyday an... More

  • Kayla
    Dec 12, 2018

    shes gonna get a new one, it's ok. use this as an opportunity to show her that beauty comes in different sorts and not just a picture perfect smile. plus, that fill will fall out soon. teach her to be different!!

  • Kelly
    Dec 13, 2018

    Kids hurt themselves ALL the time. Feeling guilty about every little thing they manage to do to themselves with make you both insane. You have to learn to just patch them up and hope they learn a little. She’ll have all new teeth in a few years anyway.....and ps, LOTS of kids chip their baby teeth or completely knock them out, so she’s not alone at all.

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