Developmental Disorders

Support and advice for parents of children with all kinds of medically complex situations including ADHD, autism, Down syndrome, physical handicaps, and learning disabilities.

It all started with a speech delay and now we’re being referred to a neurologist...feeling down!

So my 2.5 year old has a speech delay. Unfortunately my insurance won’t cover him because he’s not severe enough - that was very frustrating to hear. The SLP even threw around selective mutism- wth?! So we were referred to our regional center and they ruled out selective mutism but now is seeing he has other delays so we got him reassessed. His fine motor skills however were reported as excelle... More

  • Amanda
    Nov 22, 2019

    My journey with my son started near exactly the same way and I was not prepared for everything that was to be thrown at me as time went on but it has made me who I am it has made me HIS MOTHER. I know you are probably picturing all sorts of scenarios and ideas in your head I remember I couldn’t look at my son without crying (not gonna lie he sometimes still will get me) because IT IS SAD! You h... More

  • Rossy
    Dec 16

    Hello Dear! I'm interested in your case because I'm having the same scenario as you. How is you child now? Did you did the test? please let me know.

Oppositional defiant disorder

Hi guys! I have a 19 month old who is just something else lol, ever since he was a baby he wouldn’t smile at people like other babies do, I have to say he is really smart he says a lot of words, and comprehends most of the stuff that a kid his age should, but he’s mad most of the time, he gets aggressive, if I try to help him he doesn’t like it he gets annoyed pretty fast by everything, when he... More

  • Miss Maple
    Nov 13, 2019

    There are so many things to consider first... I suggest you see 1) a child psychologist or developmental specialist to see how much of this is typical 2)an occupational therapist for a sensory profile and evaluation. It is highly unlikely your child has the emotional and cognitive ability to even consider the types of processes involved in being "oppositional" and "defiant."... More

Birthday Party Ideas

Hi so I have a set of twins turning 4 in January. My son is autistic but my daughter isn’t. This is the first year I want to throw them a party but I don’t want to be so concerned about not overwhelming my son that my daughter doesn’t have fun. Any suggestions?

  • Mandy
    Oct 28, 2019

    What is your son sensitive to usually? If he is sensitive to sound, you could do noise cancelling headphones. My cousin's child is autistic and is Sensitive to sounds and lights. He would wear sunglasses and noise cancelling headphones in certain situations

Would CBD oil help my son?

I have a 10 1/2 year old son with Down Syndrome and atypical autism. What is the proper dosage of CBD oil? I have given it to him before. It calmed him down and he slept calmly through the night. The morning dosage caused drowsiness. I have also tried NEUROPROTEK. It was expensive and made him more focused, but nothing more. I would like to speak with a parent who has a child as my own, who ha... More

Occupational Therapy

Has anyone put their child in occupational therapy for sensory disorder? What types of things do they teach there?

  • E
    Aug 15, 2019

    Often it’s things to help the child better understand the sensory information from their environment. Most therapist work with the family to help improve the child’s everyday function in the home/ community. The types of interventions will differ on what the child’s needs are. It is almost always play based and works on integration of the sensory system to increase performance of everyday tasks... More

  • Momof1
    Aug 16, 2019

    Thank you!!

What to do when you know your son has SPD and texture aversions (food related).

I know my son has food aversions and doesn’t like certain textures in relation to food. We are pretty confident that he has some SPD issues but his pediatrician and early intervention doesn’t seem to be worried. He is 15 months and won’t eat much or consistent solids. He will eat anything purées style but won’t eat much more solid. We barely got to the point where he will sometimes eat a chip o... More

  • Teresa
    Jul 31, 2019

    Check out Your Kids Table website Fantastic information on from an OT on eating and sensory issues. Fantastic information! I used this website for meal ideas and snacks when we went through a rough patch with eating.

  • anonymous mom
    Aug 09, 2019

    Trust your gut, mama. If your insurance requires it, ask for a referral to an OT, otherwise make the appointment yourself!!! Early intervention is sooo important!!!

Advice for parents who have a child with speech delay?

My daughter is 28 months (2 years old) and can only say a handful of words and can’t put together sentences either. We recently had an appointment with her pediatrician and have mentioned or concerns of her being non verbal as well as her lack of interaction with other children. The next steps will be a hearing test, autism assessment as well as getting her in the head start program (if they fe... More

  • Aria
    Aug 26, 2019

    My son has autism and cant really speak; can only say Mama but only when upset and mostly babbles. I dont think yours have autism since she is able to say a few words.She is probably just a little delayed. Get her to copy you more, if she knows how to copy in movements or activities, she should be able to copy in speaking as well. Start with easy words and find something she is interested in an... More

  • Gabbs
    Oct 21, 2019

    My son is 30 months and we had some of the same concerns and after meeting with our pediatrician we were referred to an SLP. Unfortunately my sons delay isn’t severe enough to be medically covered so I was referred to my county’s regional office - i believe this is different from head start as i believe that starts once they are 3- I am waiting to hear back from them but this might be a good r... More

Childcare struggles

I have a new job and am going to be working outside the home now which brings the struggle of finding daycare. My stepson is 5, autistic and not potty trained. I am having issues finding a childcare facility that can take him because he is in diapers at 5. What alternatives or solutions has anyone else found for this issue? We have tried potty training and it stresses him out because he doesn&#... More

  • Aria
    Aug 23, 2019

    Aba centers can accommodate till 6pm. Aba stands for applied behavioral analysts. Form what I hear, your child can attend preschool, and get a school bus to drive him/her to their aba center. Contact yoru school district about the bus.

Potty training

My son likes to flush the toilet and that is it. He only sat on the toilet once. He didn’t pull his pants down. He just sat and went in the diaper. I was told I should put regular underwear on and he will get the idea. I should also give him a treat when he does use the bathroom. It’s been really hard more so because he is autistic. Any tips?

  • Anonymous
    Jun 12, 2019

    He’s not going to magically know how to pull his pants down and go. He’s gone in a diaper his whole life. I recommend a weekend at home (like literally not leaving) in underwear where you have him sit on the toilet every 30 min and when he goes lots of praise (or one m&m) and talking about how he peed on the pot

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jun 13, 2019

    When I train I do nothing or just underwear, and I help them with running over to the potty and show them how to pull it down, and I usually spend 3-7 days at home all day so we can catch every opportunity and have lots of repetition.

Autism sleeping tricks

My stepson is about to be 5 and is autistic. Usually he sleeps good but lately he has been getting up super early and is wide awake. He was up before daylight today and we got woken up by him running around the house. I've tried laying him back down but he doesn't ever go back to sleep. He already gets melatonin at night. What tricks have you guys found that help autistic kids sleep bet... More

  • Angie
    May 26, 2019

    Wide awake by 7 is great! Thats 10 solid hours for a five year old with autism. Many parents would love that much sleep for their kid even if typical. 👍

  • Amanda
    Oct 09, 2019

    My sons weighted blanket did not increase the time he slept but it calmed his sleep. Less tossing and turning he got a more restful sleep. On Etsy there is a young man with Autism who makes weighted blankets at an affordable price.

Does anyone have special needs kids

  • Heather
    Apr 05, 2019

    I do! My amazing 12 year old son, Gavin, was born with developmental delays (fine & gross motor)/speech delays. He has intellectual disabilities, ADHD, a mild form of autism and an anxiety disorder. His developmental age averages to the equivalent of a 6 yr old, although some skills like self care and self control are more like that of age 2 or 3. It is believed that his disabilities we... More

  • Kaitlyn
    Apr 13, 2019

    Yes! But she’s super small at the moment (9 wks 5 adjusted). Baby G has two rare conditions called Fibular Hemimelia and Congenital Short Femur. Basically her bones never developed properly so her thigh is 2 cm short and part of her shinbone is too short to connect to her ankle. We’re thinking if not corrected it’ll be an 8 inch different when she hits puberty. Right now she’s so small to wal... More

Waking up angry...

Looking for some helpful tips on how I can help my son sleep better. He is two years old and has always woke up every 45-60 minutes during the night. Most of the time he wakes up screaming, punching, crying, and kicking. I have tried black out curtains, sound machines, night lights, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, music, changing the temperature, heavy blankets, no blankets, no nap during the day, ... More

  • Tiffany
    Apr 15, 2019

    I know the feeling. This is 10 years of the same with my daughter and we’ve tried everything . Finally getting a sleep study done. GET ONE DONE. Rule out everything. Anxiety is big with kids on the spectrum as well. My child when she was younger had a lot of anxiety. Sounds too. I have a very quiet room.

  • Aria
    Aug 26, 2019

    Mine who is also autistic have some sleep problems too. Mine wakes up anywhere from 11, midnight, 1, 2, 3 then wakes ip again at 4,5,6. There’s no pattern to his waking up so wake to sleep was not a choice. I tried many things too and I’m in the second month trying more stuff and as I progress, its slowly getting better. So my findings were, try to tire them out but not too tired, dinner at 5p... More

ADHD/ADD or just paranoia

So I have a 3 year old who is turning 4 next month. She's been in daycare since she was 2. Her dad has ADHD and I have ADD. I have noticed that when we sit down to do "homework", she still doesn't seem to know her letters struggles to remember the last letter she said. Should I get her checked.

  • Morgan
    Mar 26, 2019

    Thats good that u made an appointment with the pediatrician

  • Anonymous
    Mar 26, 2019

    Thank you Morgan

Speech and Developmental Delay at 20 months

Hi! My son was just diagnosed with a speech and developmental delay. He is 20 months and only says a few words. He also has a little bit of a developmental delay because he can’t feed himself with a spoon yet, drink from a straw, or drink from an open cup. Does anyone have any experience with this type of delay? How long does it take to catch up? Did they seem to be at the same level as the oth... More

  • Joanna
    Mar 24, 2019

    Pediatricians should be giving screenings like the Denver or Ages and Stages Questionnaire. And that's where it seems as simple as, does he have 6 words. When you meet with the speech therapist, physical therapist and/or occupational therapist, they will give an exam and recommend treatment. They look for a lot more than 6 words. Tongue movement, sound formation, pointing, nonverbal communi... More

  • Karla
    Mar 28, 2019

    Every child develops differently. You might see a catch up by age 3, if you don’t see any improvements talk to his doctor about getting help. My son had a language and speech delay, and is doing better.

How to help autistic gender exploring tween?

So 8 months ago my 10 year old high functioning Aspergers kid, female by birth, confessed to me that they hate being a girl, dread puberty and want medical intervention to prevent it, and identify as neither male nor female. I am having a hard time understanding them, respecting their non binary wish to be called they and child. They cut their hair boy short, dress like a boy and have expressed... More

  • Anonymous
    Jul 08, 2019

    From what I understand, the effects of many (if not all) puberty blockers are reversible. Talk to your child’s lgbt friendly doctor about options and then if your child changes their mind later, they can just stop taking them with little to no ill effects. It would be better to have them change their mind than for them to be trans all of their life and remembering that you didn’t support them. ... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 09, 2019

    My husbands best friends child is going through the exact same experience. Like eerily similar including the HF Aspergers diagnosis, except she was closer to 11 years old and was born female but wanted to go through reassignment therapy to transition to male. She went to her mom and told her quite passionately that she feels she’s supposed to be a male. Her parents were very open minded but sta... More

Potential ADHD in 3.8 yr old girl

So I’m worried after my preschooler’s parent teacher conference. They said she resists fine motor and greatly struggles with writing her name. They said she often needs redirection in class, has physical boundary issues with met classmates, putting a foot on a kid gently in circle time and tuning out completely when not interested. Then in roof play she follows along initially with play but whe... More

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Mar 07, 2019

ADHD pre-teen

Well, this is my first post to Winnie. Not sure what to expect but here it goes. I have a 12-yr old daughter who will be entering 7th grade next year. I am utterly terrified. She is bright, funny, sassy and well...she’s all kinds of wonderful but unfortunately she has lots of challenges too. She is severely ADHD and hyperactive beyond belief. This has impacted her grades for years and she rarel... More

  • Keri
    Apr 10, 2019

    I kinda giggled at this post because your not alone! My daughter is the same way in some aspects and my mother would say “look in the mirror”!! 😓😓 my daughter has grown up with adults most of her life and only kid time is at school. The kids don’t get her personality and her sense of humor. She is to smart for her own good and talks to others as she was an adult. It’s so frustrating sometimes b... More

  • Laura
    Aug 29, 2019

    Im thinking same thing for my daughter

Nail biting

Y’all I need help. My 3 year old son chews his nails to nothing and then continues to chew the tops of his fingers. His finger tips look like he drug them on pavement, they’re raw and sometimes bleed! He moved to this after chewing his wrists to the point of being bruised. He does have a sensory processing disorder and the dr has said that may be his coping mechanism but he is hurting himself a... More

  • Dani
    Feb 18, 2019

    And no he doesn’t have one, but I’ll definitely look into getting him one :)

  • Andrea
    Feb 20, 2019

    I found they have necklaces for kids who have this sensory need!!! Different ones/shapes depending on what he chews. Go online and find teething necklaces for kids.

I have an 8 year old daughter. Who doesn’t listen well.

My daughter who is 8 has A.D.D. She is not listening to me when I need her to do something. (Like clean her room, or she can’t sleep in her sisters bed etc...) she sometimes also has outbursts when she doesn’t get her way and tends to do what she wants while being upset. I would like to have some tips and tricks for listening. Also if you have tips and tricks to calm her down. Would be greatly ... More

  • Looloo
    Feb 08, 2019

    Well from what I read it’s normal for children to not listen during that age. I went through it too. Now that my daughter is 10 she is a lot better at completing tasks. You have to first make sure they know how to do the task. Do it with them . And then also need to discipline. If they don’t want to do the chore take away their favorite thing and don’t feel bad and next time she will know you a... More

  • Elizabeth
    Feb 10, 2019

    What I do with my step son is make eye contact with him and say it slowly and calmly. As well as getting him in the kitchen with me and giving him easy praise tasks and when his hands are moving and youre calmly telling him what to do, and slipping in questions about his day, are much simpler than anything else I’ve tried.

Early steps

Hi! My son just got referred to early steps for a speech evaluation. He is 18 months now. I am just wondering what is involved with this program? Does anyone have any recommendations for a late talker before I get to my first apt in April?

  • Momof1
    Jan 30, 2019

    Gabriela, how did your apt go?

  • Gabriela
    Feb 01, 2019

    Well they said he was fine in everything else except for the talking/communication part and they are gonna sent someone to our house to teach him and help him develop his vocabulary more

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