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Support and advice for parents of children with all kinds of medically complex situations including ADHD, autism, Down syndrome, physical handicaps, and learning disabilities.

Anonymous posted in Developmental Disorders Dec 28

Therapy and ?beyond

My 3.5 year old daughter is autistic. We have been getting her ABA therapy ~20-30 hours a week in home for the last year. The ABA providers are very reputable and the therapists seem very invested in her. However, she is still essentially non verbal. She does mand for things but inconsistently. She has no negative behaviors, thankfully but even basic communication is very hard. We have evaluate... More

  • Lisa
    Dec 28

    Have you tried modifying her Diet at all? My son is Autistic and we have changed his diet to being Keto diet, and he has started to make leaps and bounds in language both speaking and understood, as well as controlling his behaviors. If you have Netflix check out “The Miracle Pill”, it will explain how the Keto diet can help Autistic kids clear the fog off their brains and learn more like a n... More

  • Anonymous
    Jan 11

    ABA is not the gold standard. It simply teaches kids who can’t do certain things how to fake it. If eye contact is difficult for your daughter ABA will make it manageable, but it’s never going to be something that she will want to do. Teaching the script of, “I am fine, how are you?” Doesn’t actually make her interested in the answer. It’s a script and it serves no purpose. I suggest you try ... More

Two year old not talking

My two year old son has been in ST and OT since he was about 15-16 months old. He’ll say (and sign) “more”, and “mama” (I don’t feel he associates it with me, he just says it) and “du” for done. He points to what he wants. He’ll even get something out of the pantry if he wants it and brings it to me. He attempts to wave hi and bye. Makes great eye contact. Does good in social situations. Doesn’... More

  • Ashley
    Dec 28

    My son is three and he’s talking more now but not where he should be. I contacted s.a.m.s they are in reading. They deal with speech and much more. They also get you in contact with bciu and will diagnose your child. Like if he has adhd or autism. Then they will come to your house and give him the help he needs. My son dose the same thing and he is in speech and occupational therapy and it’s he... More

  • Jenn
    Dec 28

    Thank you all so much for your input. I know I’m doing all I can with him, just anxious for answers. Thank you again!

Anonymous posted in Developmental Disorders Dec 24

Does every child learn different

Hello I’m a first-time mom to a two-year-old little boy. My question is this does every child two years old have a certain timeframe to learn certain things. The reason behind this is because yesterday I came home from a hard days work for his grandparents to Yell at me and say that my son is slow.My son is currently in daycare and he is one of their best children there. He knows how to count s... More

  • Birdie
    Dec 26

    Tell them that if they feel he should be in a better daycare, if they fully pay for it then you’ll switch. They haven’t had a child in daycare in a while so I’m guessing they don’t know how expensive a “state of the art” daycare costs. Every child develops in they’re own time. As long as he understands & responds accordingly he’ll talk more when he’s ready. I’ve run into those parents who’... More

  • Elissa
    Dec 26

    Your son sounds fine to me! As everyone else is saying, sometimes bilingual/trilingual children are a little slower to actually speak. But most understand the languages even if they aren’t speaking. And also, a lot of time boys are just slower to speak. Ask your in laws if they understand three languages like he does lol

Shaking head “no”

My 9m old shakes her head “no” anytime you ask her any type of question. At first I thought it was her way of showing excitement but now I’ve noticed she does it pretty much the entire time she eats in her high chair. Has anyone else experienced this? Should I be worried if there is something neurologically wrong?

Anonymous posted in Behavior Dec 19

Hitting and Saying No!!

Help!! My 3 year old says No and attempts to hit her teachers and also the table when they try to redirect her? How can I get her to stop before her behavior gets worse? She's developmentally and speech delay so I'm not sure if she knows the concept of time out or taking things away. It's beginning to feel frustrating.

What are some symptoms of autism at an early age?

I recently took my 2 year old to a check up. They make me answer this questionnaire on how the baby is developing, and the doctor said some of his behavior like not starting conversations and not displaying interpersonal skills could be signs of autism and he recommended an early intervention program for him. I would like to hear from other parents who have gotten a similar diagnosis or of pare... More

  • T
    Dec 28

    Social interaction and lots of reading and talking (sports casting) is really important even if he is only watching. I’d recommend age appropriate adult participation classes. Parent participation preschool, play dates (find a play date group), music together, gymnastics, whatever you can find and afford. Your state should have an early prevention program and some adult school/community schools... More

Help please

What r some things u do with ur special needs kids when they r still nappers and how do u get them on a routine my daughter is 3 and I can’t seem to get her to do anything haha I’m a stay at home mom and have all the time in the world but feel like I’m getting no where anyone else feel that way

  • Rachel
    Dec 13

    We arnt sure as of what yet we think Autism I have the pec system but I am not on a routine my self so it makes it hard

  • Jennifer
    Dec 13

    Yes get yourself on one the incorporate the kids into that! Always best to be organized yourself best of luck


So, I have a 2 year old girl that has been diagnosed with a form of hyperactive disorder / hyperactive autism. We were told she won’t be able to speak, but she is very smart and has already started to learn sign language for the past 3 weeks. I work a full time job. And the wife is a stay at home mom. Reason, is because we can’t afford day care and if she starts working insurance and daycare se... More

  • Erika
    Dec 09

    My 19 month old son was diagnosed with very mild autism on wednesday but we knew he was becauze of the common signs. My pediatritian referred me to Early childhood intervention ECI. Is the best because they come to your house and evaluate your kid and give them therapy. I dont know what kind of insurance you have. If you cant afford it look an youtube for activities and toys to help her devel... More

  • Luz
    Dec 12

    Socialization is crucial. I have a 13 year old girl with Autism. She did not speak until 5. I cannot keep her quiet now. TEIS would be a great support for you

Anonymous posted in Behavior Nov 30

2.7 month old boy, delayed in speech

my toddler had surgery in August and today his speech teacher informed me that he is not progressing fast enough. They are recommending for him to go to a pediatrician neurologist and getting ABA services. at home he is a handful he screams when he wants things hits alot. I have a 6 month old and he hits her alot. he says minimum words. i don't know what to do this makes me scared and ... More

  • Vanessa
    Dec 02

    If ABA services are recommended, it may be your son is autistic. My son was diagnosed with autism December 2016 at 3 years old. ABA has helped him with his behavior issues (hitting and biting), but it was has also been really helpful with his speech. He goes to speech therapy weekly, but he spends each day working with an ABA therapist. I hope you are able to figure out how to help your son, ... More

  • Elissa
    Dec 07

    I see that you’re getting him tested ASAP. My boyfriend’s ex wouldn’t get help for their son (bf was in the military) and now he’s 5.5 and still extremely hard to understand. So when his dad finally took him to a speech therapist, he was 3.5 and not saying anything at all. It wasn’t fair to him at all... he gets so frustrated when we don’t understand him and is very shy when meeting people beca... More

Anonymous posted in Developmental Disorders Nov 27

Question regarding ultrasound pic posted within post

So I have 4 children (2 of each)and one on the way. My boys both have disabilities and they are very difficult to handle at times. My youngest son is 3.5 yrs old and has ADHD, sensory issues and has a violent temper. He’s very aggressive at times and he receives a lot of services and help (he’s doing better than prior to services). Anyways I saw my ob and he is about to retire he’s about 84 yea... More

  • Melanie
    Dec 16

    I’m not an ultrasound tech, but my friend is. She said she doesn’t see anything boy related in this picture just a belly, brain and heart. We both agreed it’s a terrible scan neither of us see the profile. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  • Anonymous
    Dec 17

    UPDATE The ob was wrong. Just received confirmation from genetics 🧬 it’s a GIRL. THANKS Mamas for all your replies.

Anonymous posted in Developmental Disorders Nov 26

Therapy for my Developmentally Delayed Child

Hi Familes! So my child got assessed through Public School System. She is 3. They say she's developmentally delayed and can get free therapies through the Public School sector. Anyone have any experience with private services. I am aware that it would cost money but I wanna weigh all my options for her..Which one is better private therapy or therapy through public school system. Anyone know??

  • Heidi
    Nov 26

    My son went through early intervention and they were phenomenal! His therapist worked for a private company that works with the county for services. The care is just as good as private! I would with early intervention at my job at a learning center and they are all great therapists!

  • Jennifer
    Nov 26

    My 10 year old is non verbal and has had a few therapies over the years. Speech and OT. I think a lot of this answer depends on your school district. With private therapy you are looking at missing school possibly. We did speech therapy private for awhile but he ended up missing a lot of school and the two therapist private and at school weren’t working well together so we dropped the private m... More

Anonymous posted in Developmental Disorders Nov 20

Traveling with autistic son

We will be traveling for thanksgiving with our 4 year autistic child. It will be his first time on an airplane. Do you have any tips or advice? Any cool apps for the iPad or cool games that he would like? Anything is helpful. Thanks in advance!

  • Joanna
    Nov 20

    My 4 yo on the spectrum is a pretty good traveller. He was scared of the airplane bathroom and it was a 5 hour flight so he had to use it twice. And we were in an old 757 where the flight attendant button is on the armrest and he thought it was cool to keep pushing the button. Otherwise, he ate all the snacks we packed, napped (which he normally doesn't), and used the iPad. My advice would ... More

  • Anonymous
    Nov 20

    Thank you so much for your responses!! 💗


For all my mother with children with special needs do not let the first opinion determine your child behavior. I have been told my son is autistic at 3 (July 2018) but he went for another evaluation at his school and they see more of a ADHA, mood disorder and behavioral disability. I believe by the age of 6 we'll get a better understanding of what are child condition are. Right now my son ... More

  • Joanna
    Nov 16

    I think all second born kids will feel a little left out. Once we settled into our school schedule, OT and ABA sessions, I found time to spend with my 16 month old. I don't want to overwhelm you but look into ABA therapy. We didn't start ABA until 6 months after diagnosis...I was overwhelmed too with the diagnosis, new school and new baby. But now someone comes to our home 8 hours a w... More

  • Ivania
    Nov 20

    Autism and ADHD have A LOT of symptoms in common. Is not rare for autistic to have both diagnosis. You will see better in two years. Your son is taking the same therapies than my son, and my son is autistic. Also, autism is NOT the same in every individual. Every single autistic is different and that is why school think he can just have adhd.

Anonymous posted in Developmental Disorders Nov 13

Possible ADHD & Kicked Out of Preschool #3

Hi everyone - seeking advice and resources to help us navigate a complex but unfortunately common situation. Apologies for the long post, we just received this information today, and I'm still trying to figure out next steps, so if you have a kid with ADHD and have had issues with support (lack thereof), please keep reading and offer any advice you may have! Our son is 4.5. He started tra... More

  • Geraldine
    Nov 14

    My heart goes out to you and your family. I could have written this post almost verbatim 2 years ago. It reminded me of the exact place my husband and I were in. The advice I can offer is to get your son evaluated - and not just by the school district. I can only explain from my personal experience but I was informed that the school district evaluation is ONLY for the school. They are only... More

  • Kei'Yonna
    Nov 15

    I agree with Ashley second opinion matters

Hi im trying to get some answers about some results

So my 6 yr olds neurologist did an mri and blood work because hes been pretty delayed for awhile in school work and cant hold a pencil or scissors right well the mri shows he has an insult in his frontal lobe which she said is eith from a mini stroke when he was in my stimach or a scissor disorder and the blood work shows he is missing 50 kb of his 14th chromosome and she said the is linked to... More

  • Kay
    Nov 14

    You should get a second opinion. It could be something else entirely. My son has autism. His first doctor told me that he would never talk , he would never learn anything,and he would always be dependent on my husband and I. That’s when he was around 1/2 - two years old. He’s six now and everything that his first doctor said was completely wrong. I know it’s not the same as your situation but i... More

  • Kay
    Nov 14

    Also check into SPD and autism. My son still has trouble with his hands. He takes occupational therapy and speech therapy also

Anonymous posted in Developmental Disorders Nov 06


Best place that has shoes perfect for orthotics?

  • Erika
    Nov 13

    My son wears orthotics and so far the best ones for us are from puma high tops Elmo theme( they carry other characters as well)with Velcro we just had to take the insoles out we got them online and the other ones are converse high top with side zipper and laces. Good luck hope that helps. 🙂

Anonymous posted in Developmental Disorders Nov 06

Fellow parents of ASD kids

Anyone have experience moving from a big house to a small apartment with your kids on the spectrum? What were the biggest challenges you remember? How long did the transition take?

Krabbe disease

Newborn son was just tested for this disease and it came back with him having 2 markers. The doctor then said could be false positive and needed to get blood work done. Now waiting for results. Has anybody dealt with this before or currently? What should I expect or be doing as I wait.

  • Christy
    Nov 05

    I have zero advice for you.... I had never heard of this disease before and found myself curiously researching it. I found this: I hope it might help you as it was founded by parents who's child had the same disease.

  • Ashley
    Nov 14

    I am so sorry ❤️ praying for your family. Krabbe Disease is very rare. It’s a nervous system disorder passed down by genes. This is a lack to create a substance that surrounds your nerve fibers. Without the protection brain cells become nonexistent and nerves will begin to not work properly. Symptoms in babies are feeding issues, fevers, vomiting, irritability or excessive crying, poor movement... More

Anonymous posted in Developmental Disorders Nov 03

Having a disabled child

I have a set of twins and one of them is severally disabled . She has a rare brain malformation called lissencephaly, she has epilepsy, she’s blind, and her corpus callosum is non existent and has a g tube . She’s never gonna be able to walk or talk and most children with this malformation don’t live past the age of ten. I feel sooo alone with this she’s 17 month now . And the beginning of her ... More

  • Melanie
    Nov 17

    Wow. That is so much for you. You must be so strong. Sending you love. Her life has meaning. I’ll pray that you find it.

  • Jaime Santos-Prowse
    Nov 19

    You made a decision that a mother shouldn't have to make, and you are doing the best you can. I know you are because of how much you hurt seeing your daughter suffer. And I'm so sorry for your pain, for her pain, and for the fact that this probably makes it difficult for you to be present with your other daughter. You've already reached out, which is the first step. You can do this,... More

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