Questions, tips & tricks for keeping your child clean and comfortable while using cloth or disposable diapers.

What is the best diaper for a newborn?

  • Lilina
    5h ago

    Huggies were the best when it came to preventing leaks, pampers we had issues with leaks all the time

  • Destin
    3h ago

    Huggies swaddlers when she was very small and now huggies snug and dry. We also had problems with pampers leaking, especially at night! Huggies all the way!!

Anonymous posted in Diapering Saturday

What do you pack in diaper bag?

I haven’t packed a diaper bag in years, what do I pack? Diapers, butt cream, wipes, change of clothes.. anything else?

  • Natasha

    Extra bibs, hand sanitizer, diaper trash bags, toy (depending on age)

  • G

    Change of clothes, extra bibs, burp cloth, water wipes, diapers, pacifier, book, a wet bag to put dirty clothes in, diaper garbage bags, nipple covers for me, a shirt for me in case my boobs leak, diaper rash cream, changing pad, puppy pads to put on changing pad and baby hat.

Anyone try Miralax for toddler? How long did it take? Did it help? 14 month old scared to poop.

  • Ashly
    Oct 03

    I’ve used it for both my girls- usually takes a day to make a movement but it does help!

Any cloth diaper moms out there?

Hi, I cloth diaper my 13 month old. Overnights are becoming a problem. We are starting to see a trend where she wakes up with a diaper leak. Stripping her crib, bath & change of clothes all first thing in the morning is becoming old. Also, it must be uncomfortable for her. She doesn’t cry just sits in all the wetness. She sleeps about 10-12 hours overnight now. Goes to sleep with 1 - 8... More

  • Rhianna
    Sep 18

    Hi there, I recently was struggling with my little one leaking through his cloth diapers too. The number one way to avoid any heavy wetting at night is to limit the liquid intake before bed time. We don’t give my son any drinks or milk once we’re two hours out from our desired bed time. This has tremendously helped as he is able to potty one last time before falling asleep and will not go agai... More

  • Maria
    Sep 21

    There’s an amazing organization called Fluff & CD science that can help!! They have a group on Facebook but also you can find them by googling. They have guides for this exact issue!

Anonymous posted in Diapering Sep 04

Any suggestions to potty train 30 months old boy

My son is not showing interest in potty training; he is not communicating after pooping in diaper as well. Any suggestions or tips to train my son?

  • J
    Sep 05

    We are almost a week in with the Oh Crap method. My 30 month old son didn’t show interest in potty, “hide “to poop, ask to have his diaper changed, etc. either. He has been very reliable with pee since day 2/3. Poop we are still working on bc he doesn’t go very often as it is & less since potty training. You do have to be 100% commited to staying home until it clicks for him.

  • Vonda
    Sep 06

    We are also doing the ‘oh crap’ method. It’s working great for us. My son is still working on getting to the potty in time for poop. He is doing good on pee. But we are only almost a week in. My son is 23 months.

Yanis posted in Diapering Aug 15

Best diaper rash (prevention) cream?

We don’t have a rash, I’d just like some recommendations. We’ve used Desitin in the past, it was okay. Looking for better.

  • Natalya
    Aug 22

    I love Burt’s Bees diaper cream! My baby loves it too. Started getting a little rash and it was gone after 2 uses (now I use it any time he starts getting even a little red and no more rashes!)

  • Kayla
    Oct 07

    ALDI’s diaper cream works really great! I’ve previously used honest diaper cream which also works great but switched to ALDI’s because honests was too expensive.

Myrtle posted in Diapering Aug 01

Has anyone had experience flushing G diaper disposable inserts?

I recently heard about G diapers and watched the video claiming they are flushable. I have read mixed things online about whether they clog toilets or not. Anybody have any experience with them? Did your toilet get clogged if you flushed them? Also if you use them did you take them out and about with you and flush them in public toilets?

  • Caroline
    Aug 08

    I’m thinking you’re referring to flushable liners? I use a liner with each cloth diaper. It’s basically a poop catcher that lays over the cloth insert. It’s permeable to urine which will then absorb into the cloth insert. If the child poops, the liner will contain the poop so you can throw the liner with the poop in it into the trash or flush it down the toilet. The liners are typically ab... More

  • Vonda
    Aug 08

    They are too good to be true. If they don’t clog your toilet they’ll clog the waste system that becomes a problem later when they have to repair it. Costing money no one wants to spend. My husband works for waste management where we live and they have to do more maintenance just to try and get rid of them. “Flushable” is a lie. Please just throw them away. As Julie said; flushing anything othe... More

Becca posted in Behavior Jul 25

Taking off Diapers

My 21 month old just started taking his clothes off in his crib after taking a nap / waking up in the morning. Yesterday morning he ripped off his diaper which had poop in it and it went everywhere. Anyone have experience with this? I’m not sure if he is old enough yet to start potty training or if this is a sign that he may be. We just welcomed a new baby 5 days ago, so would like to delay pot... More

  • Dawn
    Sep 08

    My best friend gave me a great idea! Her girls are all grown now but her youngest would remove her diaper and play with her poop... Her solution was to use footless pjs or cut off the Footie part and put them on (zip up or button up) backwards! Congratulations on your new addition!!

Swim diapers at waterpark

We are going to a theme park with a waterpark included it is a 2 in 1 in the next state over soon and I'm trying to decide if I should take cloth swim diapers or if I would be better off with disposable we will be there all day switching between the dry and wet parks what would you recommend? Also if I take the cloth ones how many should I take?

Swim diapers?

Which ones are good? The Pampers swim diaper disposable just get peed through... Are the reusable ones worth it?

C posted in Diapering Jul 07

Baby won't stop putting his fingers in his poo

When he's on the changing table and I'm changing him out of a poopy diaper, he will reach down once I've unfastened the diaper and get his fingers into his poo. Only with poopy diapers. I know babies are curious and learning about textures, but I'd rather not with this. Distracting him with toys to hold only sometimes works. I thought about pinning his arms down under the chang... More

  • Bethany
    Jul 08

    It’s dumb but I give my baby some wipes. If you’re going to be down there anyway, you might as well help 😂

  • AdamAnt
    Jul 09

    Bethany that’s a great way to help your little one start to learn how to clean themself! 😊

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Jul 06

Diaper Rash

Are there any creams to help with a really bad diaper rash. My son is 13 months and has a red butt that is sore to the point he's screaming bloody murder if anything touches it. He also has been pooping out what looks like puke. Redish orange with almost skin thingys. I used destin and baby powder, aloe to try help. Hes changed every hour. And has a warm bath too but nothing has help he wan... More

  • Megan
    Jul 12

    Ok so I may just be dumb but I just found this out a few months ago... my first born never had horrible diaper rashes, but our second born has off and on had the worst! We talked to our pediatrician about it. And Air is for sure the best thing. We would clean him really good than let him air out as much as possible throughout the day. But he also said (which made me feel dumb 🤦🏻‍♀️) that after ... More

  • Veronica
    Aug 05

    It is 100% what he is eating what is causing it. He could be intolerant to the formula you are giving him and when excreted, besides diarrhea, it also causes contact dermatitis (rash) on his bum. Please keep a very bland diet - their digestive tracts are very sensitive to anything processed

Fara posted in Diapering Jun 30

Pampers Cruisers vs Cruisers 360°... What's your opinion?

Greetings All! My almost 1-year old loooooves to try and escape the changing table, despite being belted in. I came across the Cruisers 360° while perusing their site and it seems to be the answer to his wiggly ways. They supposedly slip on like underwear, with no tabs to fight with, and then easily tear away when needed to be changed. It kinda sounds too good to be true, so i figured I would ... More

  • Amy
    Jul 07

    I love these diapers! I have a 13 month old son that loves to roll over and try to escape at every diaper change. These diapers make my life so much easier because I’m not holding him down trying to fasten the straps. If he rolls over I am still able to slip the diaper on.

  • Anonymous
    Aug 07

    Being a ftm, as my baby got older changing her diapers definitely became a challenge lol! She won't stay still long enough for me to clasp the tabs and started to take her diapers off (putting them backwards did the trick tho!) So yes I love these diapers. The only thing that's weird to me is that it seems like theres way more space in the front and it should be in the back instead.

Deneen posted in Diapering Jun 18

Belly sleepers

Hi all! So my 8 month old LO is constantly flipping onto his belly while in the crib. He sleeps with his arm and legs tucked under him. We have learned to just let him be as that is how he wants to sleep, but the constant wetness in the morning is killing me. What we think is happening is he fills his diaper but the weight of his body is squishing the pee and leaking out the top of his diaper.... More

  • Cathy
    Jun 19

    We use the sposies too and my son still gets wet. My son is 2.5 and I still change sheets every single morning. I’m at terms with it - I have to do laundry anyways!!

  • Molina
    Jul 28

    Hello. I know you have mentioned that you have tried the overnight diapers. Don’t know if you have already tried the snug and dry 12 hr protection diaper from Huggies. My daughter is 10 months old. She’s a belly sleeper and turns from side to side as well when she sleeps, throughout the night, until the morning. The only times she has leaked out has been my lacking of tightening the diaper. As ... More

When to start potty training?

Our LO is 13 months and has turned into what I can only describe as a tiny demon lately when we change her diaper. She used to sit quietly and not mind anything at all. As she got bigger we *might* need to sing a song or hand her a toy, but generally she never even attempt to roll over. FF to now? She is literally trying to climb us to avoid putting on the fresh diaper. She hasn’t had any ... More

  • Jennifer
    Jun 16

    Thanks everyone! I’ll be talking to her daycare soon, too, since the toddler rooms have the first potty (there are two levels of toddler for potty trained vs not). She can’t walk on her own yet, so I don’t think they can move her to the first room. She definitely seems ready—if you catch her grunting or squatting and ask if she is making a poopoo she will nod yes or no (and is correct like 9... More

  • anonymous mom
    Jun 16

    Sorry, just realized I thought you said you had a son, not a daughter!! Haha. Anyway, if she shows she’s ready then give it a shot!!! My daughter is in daycare as well. She’s 21 months and her room has two toddler toilets. She is really good at staying dry at school even though they make her wear a diaper. She always tells her teachers she has to go. Ask your centers teachers if there’s a... More

Anonymous posted in Child's Health May 29

Mucus poops causing diaper rash. It’s like his 3rd one last 2 months maybe

So like my 1 1/2 yr old son keeps getting I guess tan yellow mucus poops ( it looks slimy) and then next thing he gets a bad diaper rash. How many is too many? I don’t want to call his doc if I’m just a a freak out FTM. I always jump to the worst sometimes when it really isn’t. it’s just weird that it’s maybe like his third time getting this in last 2 months? Honestly I feel like he gets this o... More

  • Jennifer
    Jun 02

    We had this struggle and ended up needing to use the stuff they use for athletes feet because the loose stools would cause infections so bad he would say they hurt. Also you can try Vaseline as a barrier might help keep the skin dry. Teething also caused ours when the two year molars came in but no other time. It got bad enough the doctor tested a stool sample. Oh and the doctor said when it wa... More

  • Sug
    Jun 11

    My son is going through this now and a mom friend told me it's "teething poops." They're apparently really acidic and cause the diaper rash.

Anonymous posted in Child's Health May 24

Diaper rash

I’ve never dealt with diaper rash before but my 1.5 year old has developed a bad one. I’m trying to figure out if it’s something in his diet or teething but in the meantime I would love some suggestions to heal it. Aquaphor and Buttpaste are not working! Anything non-toxic proven to heal diaper rash?? Thanks all!

  • Marlisa
    Jun 01

    Hypochlorous acid spray works great for us. Kills microbes and is naturally anti inflammatory. Works well for eczema and sunburn too.

  • Anonymous
    Jun 02

    My doctor has a buttcream cocktail it’s one tube of everything and then 4teaspoon of malox( I couldn’t find it so I used mylanta) it’s been working lately

Alex posted in Diapering May 15

Any tips on how to change a one year old's diaper ??

I’ve been trying so many things but nothing helps so can anyone tell me what to do. It's hard changing a one year old's diaper!

  • Sara
    May 28

    The squirmy diaper changes are about to do me in! I’m totally with you. We got the poopoose changing pad for our changing table and it is really helpful! It has a soft strap situation that really hold him in (plus, now he knows that it will hold him and doesn’t even try to squirm). It’s seriously so helpful that I’m about to get one for the car, too 😂.

  • Aqeedah
    Jun 03

    What I do is I have my husband hold a toy over my baby head and she’s just focusing on the toy and doesn’t care about what I’m doing or when her at work I do the arm leg method basically just put you legs on top of their arms to hold them down And you can try making a game of it

Erika posted in Behavior May 14

Diaper changes?!

My son acts like the world is ending EVERY TIME we change his diaper. He throws himself around the bed then starts crawling away and kicking and crying and screaming and when I say screaming I mean SCREAMING! We hear him all the way outside because of how loud he screams. I have tried everything I know to try and figure this out but I can’t and need help!

  • Anonymous
    Jun 07

    Oh And rather than speeding and distractions, which is my partner’s strategy, I slow everything down, cuddle and kiss and talk slowly and smoothly (like an intriguing or bedtime story). Kiss and cuddle and play with him. I’ve also just pinned him down kicking and screaming. Depends how much time I’ve got available!

  • Erika
    Jun 07

    🤣🤣🤣 I’ve tried and the only thing that seems to work is pining him down

Potty training nights

Potty training my 2yr. She falls asleep with no dipper on then crys before she has to pee so that I put one on. She doesn't want to physically wake up. Any tricks to phasing out of dippers at night?

  • anonymous mom
    Apr 09

    Can you try putting the potty in her room and sitting her on it when she’s asleep but crying for the diaper?? That’s amazing she’s doing so well with training!! Congratulations!!

  • Stormie
    Apr 09

    Yeah at 15 months we got a little potty and after 2 weeks or so she would like to wake up in the morning and poop and it made me so happy.... then it got cold and she reverted and now we are communicating more but she enjoys the confert of a dipper when she goes #2. she really amazes me!

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