Questions, tips & tricks for keeping your child clean and comfortable while using cloth or disposable diapers.

Potty training nights

Potty training my 2yr. She falls asleep with no dipper on then crys before she has to pee so that I put one on. She doesn't want to physically wake up. Any tricks to phasing out of dippers at night?

  • Julie
    Apr 09

    Can you try putting the potty in her room and sitting her on it when she’s asleep but crying for the diaper?? That’s amazing she’s doing so well with training!! Congratulations!!

  • Stormie
    Apr 09

    Yeah at 15 months we got a little potty and after 2 weeks or so she would like to wake up in the morning and poop and it made me so happy.... then it got cold and she reverted and now we are communicating more but she enjoys the confert of a dipper when she goes #2. she really amazes me!

J posted in Diapering Apr 05

Need diaper recommendation

My 9mo has been sleeping 11-12 hours a night. We purchased pampers baby dry 12hr protection and she has been wetting through them. We prefer pampers swaddlers but I haven’t seen any nighttime ones. I am willing to try other brands just not sure which people have had the most success with. Thanks for the help!!

  • Lily
    Apr 06

    Costco or Huggies! They last all night without problem. I have never liked Pampers, they never did well with my little one.

  • AVG
    Apr 07

    Target has pampers swaddlers overnight diapers now. At least that’s where I purchased them. You can also go up a size during bedtime.

Connie posted in Diapering Apr 03

Diaper rash/bumps

Any mommies tried anything that worked for your little ones diaper rash? ive tried buttpaste & destin... nothing is working

  • Mama
    Apr 10

    Colloidal silver!

  • Josh
    Apr 10

    My wife and I have been using mothers love! It’s a little pricey but it works well when others don’t. We have 3 kids and it worked well for all of them. Good luck

Jacque posted in Diapering Apr 01

Does anyone use cloth diapers?

I want to switch from disposable to cloth diapers but don’t know how to care for them correctly, best brands, best way to clean, etc..

  • Amanda
    Apr 02

    We used BumGenius and loved them. I'd see if there is a service in your area. The extra laundry turned into a deal breaker for me when I went back to work.

  • Abbie
    Apr 02

    I wouldn’t be cloth diapering if it wasn’t for my amazing local diaper service! It is an absolute must, especially if you work or have multiple kids The service that I use hosted a cloth diapering class that was very helpful to new parents. They pick up dirties and deliver clean cloth prefolds to my home weekly. I believe cloth diapering is an ongoing learning experience. I am now cloth diaper... More

Son scratches his skin every time I remove his diaper.

I've switched from one brand of diapers to another and it seems diapers irritate his skin. He would keep scratching his skin around the area until bright red. I've put on lotion each time to soothe his skin. He doesn't get rash or anything; just keeps scratching. What else can I do?

  • Charry
    Mar 22

    Try aquaphor or vitamin a and d ointment before the rash develops. That way baby has a protective barrier to wick off the wetness. Urea in urine breaks skin down really fast.

  • Jennifer
    Mar 23

    You know my son has done this since he was a few months old. Talked to the doctor about it and his skin didn’t look like anything was wrong. They said babies do wired stuff like that sometimes. He’s almost 2 and still does it

Vonda posted in Diapering Mar 19

Cloth Diaper Washing

Dear cloth nappie parents. I need help! I was wondering why my bamboo inserts were looking shabby from the wash after a while and come to find out one of the ingredients (Cellulase) in my detergent is bad for bamboo. Anyone have a detergent that doesn’t have this ingredient in it that is powder detergent and free of fragrances. I know; long list of requirements but we are sensitive to fragranc... More

  • Andrea
    Mar 20

    The website Fluff Love University has a great list of safe detergents, as well as very specific washing recommendations and tons of other useful info. Take a look!

Diaper rash yeast infections

My one year one constantly has yeast infections. We change his diaper all the time we’ve change diapers baby wipes. He literally can not be in his poop long as soon as we smell it we have to immediately change if not his behind starts to get real red. Is there anything or any cream to help the rash. We’ve tried triple paste, a & d, off brand a & d, Lard, vasaline. Is there anything that... More

  • Breanna
    Mar 16

    Nystatin works great my daughter had a yeast infection when she got Thrush. Her pediatrician proscribe Nystatin and within a day I noticed improvement. Corn starch works great on a basic rash

  • Sarah
    Mar 20

    Maybe it's a food or diaper allergy

Anonymous posted in Child Care Mar 08

My 19 mo daughter sometimes comes home from her daycare with diaper rash.

It's painful for her when I'm changing her, and I feel terrible. I struggle to get her clean because she is crying and trying get away. She doesn't act like this when she doesn't have diaper rash, so I know it's the rash that is causing her resist the changing. I have mentioned this to the day care provider in the past, but I'm wondering if it's realistic to expect t... More

  • Jennifer
    Mar 11

    We have our son in a top rated daycare and still have problems with this. I had to talk to the director about it and now they seem to be doing better. It seemed to be a problem because in the afternoon they would have a floater teachers and they didn’t know my son.

  • Stacey
    Mar 14

    My daughter got rashes pretty regularly too and day care was very good about changing on a schedule (they had a white board they wrote all the kids feeding and changing times down on). But one thing I had to remind them of a couple of times was to let her dry out before applying diaper cream. If she’s still wet from the wipe that moisture gets locked in which can cause a rash.

Raji posted in Diapering Mar 04

14 month old cries when put down for diaper change 😭

She used to cry before but lately it’s just really hard to change her diaper. She cries when laid down and then keeps trying to sit up. Anyone dealing with this; any suggestions? Thank you

  • Raji
    Mar 05

    Thank you for sharing your kiddos antics; at least we are all in similar boats. I’ll try to use some of these suggestions and hope we got to and get over potty training soon :)

  • Meghan
    Mar 07

    Does your daughter seem to understand much you say? My daughter acted the same way and still would at 17 months if I didn't talk to her about what I was doing. I ask her to go pick out a toy for diaper change and then she does and happily complies 90% of the time. It didn't work for us until she really began to comprehend most of what we say to her.

Erika posted in Diapering Feb 23

Peeing through his diaper

At night my second child pees through his diaper so recently we have tried booster pads for the diaper. But he doesn’t like them. He wakes up in the middle of the night now. We have tried good night diapers and we put a fresh diaper on right before he goes to bed. Is there anything we can do to have him be comfortable and sleep through the night?

  • Elizabeth
    Feb 25

    I’m in the same position! I think I will stop giving her water or milk around 630...bed time is 730. Hopefully this works !

  • Erika
    Feb 27

    He is at size six we have been doing ok with double diapers but ty!

Anonymous posted in Diapering Feb 19

Swim diaper??

Hey We are going to a water park for the first time with my 15 months old. What kind of swim diaper should I invest in? What's your opinion on disposable vs. reusable? Any brand suggestions? Let me know. Thanks.

  • Anonymous
    Feb 19

    Thanks everyone.. I don't think I it's gonna be a lot of swimming so I guess disposal is the option for now.. 👍

  • MJ
    Mar 05

    I can’t tell you how many disposable diapers packages we have thrown away because they just didn’t get used and/or my kids grew out of them. I’m pretty big on waste reduction now with my younger two so I bought an adjustable reusable one in two sizes. They can always be passed along to other mothers who have kids that can fit them. I have 4 kids and none of them have ever pooped in a swim diaper.

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Feb 16

Constipation fixes for a 6 month old?

He hasn’t had a REAL poop in 4 days. Just little hard nuggets a couple times a day. He’s super grumpy and uncomfortable and unbearable to take care of all day. For his comfort and my sanity PLEASE tell me what I can do. I’ve given him some white grape juice with every feeding and some constipation ease. It’s the weekend so we can’t go to the doc. HELP!!

  • Julie
    Feb 18

    Try feeding him puréed prunes, peaches, mangoes, or pears. If he’s not on any kind of solids yet then try some concentrated prune juice mixed in with his bottles. You can buy prune juice concentrate in any drug store in the baby section.

  • Kendall
    Feb 18

    Yup! Agree w Julie. I keep a couple containers of baby food pears and prunes for this reason! I would also suggest that as you start introducing food to do foods that make you go and the next meal foods that plug you up. Just try and keep going back and forth to keep things regular and flowing, babies bellies take a little while to adjust to real food. For example, squash for lunch and pears ... More

Anonymous posted in Diapering Feb 05

18 month old hates potty

I decided to introduce my 18 month old to the training potty. Not really trying to rush things but with baby number 2 coming in April it would be ok if she showed some interest in the potty. It’s only been a couple days but anytime I try to sit her on it she screams and cries. I know it’s supposed to be a pleasant experience. Does anybody have any suggestions on ways to make the potty seem less... More

  • Kate
    Feb 05

    My daughter went through the same phase around the same time. (She’s now 21 months.) I gave it a rest for a couple weeks, then just started being really matter of fact about it: She signs “potty”, I acknowledge it and say, “Ok! Pick out a book, and we’ll go to the potty.” And we go from there. I also stopped making a big deal RIGHT when she’s doing it. We celebrate a little after the fact, like... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Feb 06

    Where do you have the training potty? When I did both my kids, same age, it was in the middle of the playroom. The bathroom can be a little scary. Not sure where it is just throwing that out there

Alexza posted in Diapering Feb 05


Do you prefer Huggies or Pampers? And why?

  • Victoria
    Feb 05

    Huggies, with pampers she was waking up more often at night for a diaper change.

  • Jessica
    Feb 05


Anonymous posted in Diapering Feb 02

Strong Poop Smell in 20 month old boy diaper

My son is 20 months old; we feel that his poop is having very strong smell. He goes to poop once in a day regularly. Is it something we need to check with doctor? He eats regular food like what ever we eat on daily basis.

  • Anonymous
    Feb 02

    Have you ever walked into the bathroom after your husband pooped? Yeah poop just smells that bad lol

  • Tara
    Feb 03

    When it’s mushed up again their skin, sitting in a nappy, that stinky poop just gets stinkier! And, there’s poop that smells off, like Julie said, then that needs to be checked-out.

Amanda posted in Diapering Jan 12

Diaper stockpiles

Does anyone have an idea on how many size 3 diapers a baby may go through. My baby is 7months old and weights about 16.5 lbs. I have a stockpile so far of 924 size 3 diapers and trying to figure out if I should start getting size 4 or counting with size 3.

  • Holli
    Jan 14

    I would say that is enough diapers for size 3. My little one was not in size 3 or 4 diapers long but he just a very big kid. I would recommend using what you have and probably look into size 4

  • Crystal
    Jan 26

    I think it really depends on your child. My son is 20 months old and is still in size 3’s. He is small for his age, but he is healthy and has been in size 3’s for a very long time.

Cloth Diapering

What is the best brand of prefolds to buy? What’s your favorite cloth diapering brand and why?

  • Kim
    Dec 25, 2018

    I love ordering from green mountain diapers. So many sizes, types and styles to choose from.

  • Kim
    Dec 25, 2018

    I recommend snappis for your cloth instead of pins safer and easier. We used prefolds from green mountain diaper and used rumparooz for the covers. Bought some newborn covers off of Etsy and also rumparooz brand then also did rumparooz one size.

Diaper rash

Does anyone else have a little one who gets persistent diaper rash? I keep her clean and change her often however she continues to get them and really badly. I need helppppp i fee so bad for her.

  • Bran
    Dec 15, 2018

    I’m going to try everything guys. I feel so bad for her

  • Ghania
    Dec 17, 2018

    Go to the doctor..my daughter had persistent rashes for almost 15 days ..i changed her diaper and wipes comapny and thad tried different rash creams but she diagnosed with yeast infection then doctor prescribed antifungal cream but the infection was so strong that he had to prescribe her steriodal cream.don’t waste time if rashes are persistent for more than a week.

One year old diaper soak through

So ever since my son started sleeping through the night (14m) he wakes up at like 5am every morning with his diaper soaked through and his clothes drenched. I don’t like waking him in the middle of the night because then he’s just awake. I’m not sure what to do I’ve tried almost every diaper type all with that night protection. I’m just lost as to what to do.

  • Rinker
    Nov 28, 2018

    I read all the diaper recommendations and Im gonna be radical I guess and say cut off liquids an hour and a half b4 bed time.

  • Lili
    Nov 28, 2018

    Huggies night diapers are super good for overnight!

Ok my girl is 8 months and is starting to walk. Problem is she is walking right out of her luvs.

She’s allergic to huggies and pampers She’s a size 3 any other brands have something like little movers or is this just life now

  • Samantha
    Nov 28, 2018

    I agree with the onesie I had the same problem. Either keep a onesie on and snapped or pants.

  • Stephanie
    Nov 28, 2018

    I also put the tab lower than the waist band on the diaper. It has helped alleviate night leaks as well.

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