Questions, tips & tricks for keeping your child clean and comfortable while using cloth or disposable diapers.

CJN posted in Diapering Jun 08

8mo peeing through diaper during the night

My son has recently been peeing through diaper during the night. He weighs about 20lbs and i put him in size 4 diapers to hold more. I've tried doubling up on fitted sheets so i wouldn't have to change the mattress cover everytime! I just don't know if I'm doing something wrong or what i can do to make it better! TIA!

  • Christina
    Jun 11

    Overnight diapers worked for my daughter until she potty trained at 2.

  • Jennifer
    Jun 14

    I'd literally had to wake up at night and change my daughters diapers, otherwise they would pee through and wet her bed. She goes through 2 diapers a night.

Sara posted in Diapering Jun 08

Cure for really bad diaper rash

I have a newborn who has extremely bad diaper rash and I tried literally every cream and remedy, including prescription anti-fungal cream and prescription steroid cream. It got so bad that the diaper rash was actually bleeding and we had to take an emergency trip to the pediatrician. Finally what is working is using a blow dryer (I have one with a cool setting, or I use a warm setting from fa... More

  • Stephanie
    Jun 12

    Our LC just told us to not even use wipes if possible, just wet warm cloth, try not to wipe it, just clean it/dab it dry, then LOTS of goop (Desitin, Vaseline, etc as barrier).

  • Cynthia
    Jun 12

    Bordeaux butt paste!!!!! It’s the miracle of diaper rash creams!! I give this to every new parent at baby showers. Would put it on at night and the very next day their tushys were healed!!!

Abby & Finn Diapers

Anyone ever tried Abby & Finn diapers? How is the fit, quality, absorbency, etc? I love the mission of the company and that they’re an eco-friendly option that’s cheaper than Honest. Just can’t find a ton of reviews online yet!

  • Allison
    Jun 08

    I just ordered the free sample yesterday! Only reason I’ve considered this over Honest is the reviews I’ve read say these are softer. I love everything about Honest except how rough they feel. I’ll see what the samples are like 😃

  • Megan
    Jun 08

    Yeah they are a little paper-y.

Kari posted in Diapering Jun 06

How often to change a peepee diaper ? Most people say don’t change it right away.. most say right away no longer than 30 minutes because she’s a baby girl.

  • JJ
    Jun 07


  • Erin
    Jun 08

    I change my sons when he wakes up (1) after each nap (2) and before bed (1) unless of course he goes #2. So it's safe to say my son goes through about 5-6 diapers a day. Don't worry too much about letting the per sit a little bit, it's the poo you gotta clean right away before a bad rash develops.

Cass posted in Diapering Jun 05

Favorite Brand of Diapers

Tell me your favorite brand of diapers and why. Researching for my expected baby girl...

  • Maxine
    Jun 10

    We use Huggies and Pampers. We tried Honest brand, but by 3 weeks old, he was able to undo the tabs, and by 3 months, he could completely get them off. Plus the lack of wetness indicator was a dealbreaker for me. But the new Pampers Pure have adorable prints!

  • Celeste
    Jun 10

    If you can swing it, Andy Pandy diapers are amazing. They fit way better & cover more area on baby’s bottom. They are biodegradable & made from bamboo, I believe. They have the wetness indicator & work best for sensitive babies since they don’t have chemicals.

AnyaP posted in Diapering Jun 01

Diaper Sizes

My size 3 daughter has been springing leaks almost once a day for about a week. Is it time to move up to size 4, even though she’s 20lb (admittedly chubby for her age)? Or switch from swaddlers to cruisers but stay in size 3?

  • Drusilla
    Jun 05

    We do Huggies so the little snuggles are best for sleeps while the little movers are best for awake :D not that we have leaky problems, just trying to make my son more comfortable and dryest as possible.

  • Drusilla
    Jun 05

    That was totally way not what you were looking for and I apologize for that lmao but that's how I roll 💁🏻

Kayla posted in Diapering May 27

What can I do for diaper rash?

I've tried Destin.

  • Tara
    May 28

    Amazing FAST healing ;) Use as a everyday ointment Aquaphor 😃

  • Maria
    May 28

    i use vaseline for my twins, it’s way cheaper than desitin. when they get the slightest bit red by the next diaper change, it’s always gone. we never have dealt with any bad cases because of it!

Dana posted in Diapering May 23

My toddler is having issues keeping her diaper on.

Am I alone in this struggle??

  • Lisa
    May 23

    Erin, consider going to pull ups and taking him in to flush when you go potty. He may be doing this as the first sign of getting really... at 18 months my son started following us to the potty and wanting to flush for us. We then changed him into pull ups, and before flushing for us we would then encourage him to try, eventually he wanted to try and flush his own pee. By 2 we started potty t... More

  • Mindryse
    May 25

    Could also just be a discovery thing. They figure out how to do something, and like to keep doing it because it’s a newly learned skill. Even more so, if it gets a reaction out of you. Can sometimes be a game to them. The other suggestions are very valid, as well.

Baby tracking app?

Last child, I used the Medela app to track diapers and nursing sessions (especially early on), and later my pumping sessions. But I’ve found it to be a bit glitchy, plus it doesn’t sync well between when my husband enters diapers on his app. Using it again for this new baby, but wondering if there’s a better app to try for these needs. What would you recommend?

    May 23

    I am currently using Rainbow Baby Journal.

  • Tanya
    May 28

    I use glow baby as well! Love it. It's great because my husband has a Google phone and I have an iPhone and it is available on both app stores and can be synced between the two

Diaper changes when out & about?

Where do you change diapers when out in public and there is no changing table nearby? I change my daughter in the backseat of our car 90% of the time but with a baby on the way I worry where I will change them when the space in our backseat is occupied by another car seat. Any suggestions? Also-is anyone else totally pissed off about the lack of changing tables in public places?

  • Carissa
    May 26

    Our trunk would be a good option currently since my daughter is almost two and can sit in shopping carts/high chairs when we go out. So there is really no need to bring her stroller with us anymore, but when baby #2 comes that trunk space will typically be occupied with a big stroller 😞

  • Carissa
    May 26

    And to all of you who never have trouble finding changing tables- I’m very envious. That’s awesome some states have laws about requiring changing tables but connecticut definitely isn’t one of them hahaha. I’ll just have to invest in some good changing pads

Sara posted in Diapering May 17

How long did you keep your child in pull-ups overnight after being potty trained?

  • Meg
    May 23

    My daughter was attached to hers bc it was humiliating when she rarely had an accident. My suggestion is put a puppy training pad underneath her and explain she no longer needs a pull up when she's gone at least 3wks with no accidents. It may take time to convince her tho...naybe some special panties. ;)

  • Jennifer
    Jun 14

    Great suggestions everyone! My daughter is turning 4yr old next month. She is potty trained during day but wears pull up through the night. A lot of people have suggested no liquids during bedtime. However, she has to have a bottle of milk to go to sleep. So how do I wean her off of the pull ups at night?

Best diapers?

So our daughter is currently using the Sams Club brand and I LOVE them! BUT.. at night she seems to "go" so much that if she doesnt wake up from the wetness in the middle of the night and is able to sleep through it, she ends up leaking and wetting the bed 😫😕 She is only 8 months and I need to make sure that whatever diaper we use, that it does not have latex.. I have an allergy to it... More

  • Anna
    May 11

    I use pampers baby dry diapers at night. They are a heavier diaper and are meant to last up to 12 hours. My baby sleeps 11 to 12 hours at night. She has never leaked through them.

  • Desiree
    Jun 02

    Kirklands from Costco have been the best diapers for my 8 month old....he can go all night and wake up 6am and never fails us. Highly recommend .

Jamie posted in Diapering May 08

Up and Up Diapers

I was an avid Huggies user! Never would buy another brand. I noticed the jumbo pack of Target brand diapers, Up and Up, were $14.99. Compared to the Huggies at $24.99. Bought a small pack to try them out and that’s all we buy now! And saves quite a bit of money!

  • Natalie
    May 08

    I use up and up from time to time but I shop mostly at Walmart and get parents choice diapers

  • Geena
    May 08

    Only brand he didn’t develop diaper rash and been using it since he was about a month. He’s 16 months now. Great save as well

My daughter will be 2 years old next month! ☺️ So question, when do I switch her from using diapers to pull-ups?

  • Cherrie
    May 05

    Pull ups did NOT HELP! She called them big kid diapers.... xc they were just more expensive and a waste....

  • Samuel
    May 09

    Hey I believe I saw you excercising yesterday at the park with your little girl my ma dukes says if you start running water and the kid starts takeing off there clothes they are about ready for transition

Sen posted in Diapering Apr 24

How many months can baby swim and what kind of diaper you wear for babies?

Hello everyone!! How are you guys doing? It's good if you can share your ideas here. I'm a first time momma here.

  • Essie
    Apr 25

    Wait 6-9 months, chlorine is bad for their skin, @ such a young age. We did Lo @ 10 months & bath right after. Loves the water - swimming. Hope this helps . Enjoy

  • Theresa
    Apr 26

    I took my daughter swimming in a private pool at 3 months. We use a reusable & adjustable swim diaper that I found on amazon. She loves her baby float

Anonymous posted in Diapering Apr 23

Opinions on overnight diapers are they worth it?

  • Dani
    Apr 24

    We use Costco brand diapers during the day. They’re great and cheaper. But they do not work for my 10mo at night. We use Pampers Overnights. If we haven’t been to Costco and are out of their diapers and happen to be using Pampers Swaddlers I’m not as much of a stickler about using the overnights. But I do feel like I notice a difference so they are still my preference. I do agree that it depen... More

  • Heidi
    Apr 25

    Love target brand overnights.....never had a leak

Does anyone’s baby dislike having their diaper changed? My baby was fine with it up until she mastered rolling over. Now she rolls around nonstop! Sometimes I’d distract her with a toy so that she can calm down. But most of the time, she’ll just cry and roll to her tummy. She prefers being in her tummy than her back. Any suggestions? Or is this inevitable and there’s nothing that can be done?

  • Brittany
    May 05

    My son did that but I'd just entertain as best as I could, like all of a sudden get theatrical and act overly excited singing his favorite songs while moving his limbs. Every now and then I'd switch it up with being suprised when i opened his diaper that there was pee in there. Now he can run when he hears the slightest crinkle of a diaper or wipe dispenser and he hides giving me a mini... More

  • Kimberly
    May 11

    Pur daughter will cry if you put her on a changing table.. no matter where it is.. even at home.. but it you use the couch, bed, or floor.. dosent cry is just VERY wiggly

Sofy posted in Diapering Apr 08

My 9 month old baby is sleeping through the night but the last couple of days he has been waking up because he is all wet 😣 and it’s hard to get him back to sleep after changing diaper, jammies and some times even sheets. He sleeps either on his side or on his tummy and even the “night” diapers are leaking. I’m pregnant and desperately need some sleep!

  • Andrea
    Apr 08

    We go up a size, with a Spoosie insert, and I bought a wool diaper cover for over the whole get up. The diaper cover doesn’t have to be washed each time.

  • Tara
    Apr 09

    I was all about my aldi diapers but my DD peed through every night. Someone gave me two pampers overnights and she slept straight through both nights. I use Huggins or pampers overnights and my aldi during the day.

Looking for help with my 18 month old’s diaper rash. She has had it on and off for months and has been prescribed special anti-fungal creams from the pediatrician followed by a hydrocortisone, Desitin, Vaseline routine for a week. On top of the rash being incredibly irritating, she’s scratching at it every chance she gets like when she’s in the bathtub or now trying to practice using the potty.... More

  • Jen
    Apr 20

    Pediatric dermatologist

  • Jen
    Apr 20

    Sounds like youve tried a lot already plus what doctor prescribed. Go to the derm.

Anne posted in Diapering Mar 30

Fascinating article on the cost of diapers and how they are made! "Today’s diapers are small miracles of industrial science, the experts say. They are softer, thinner and longer lasting than ever before, not by accident, but because companies like Procter & Gamble and Kimberly-Clark have poured billions of dollars into research and development. Across America, millions of parents f... More

  • Nicole
    Apr 02


  • Vonda
    Apr 02

    For us; we went to cloth for a few reasons. 1: It was cheaper. We spent about $400 on inserts and covers. When disposables would have cost us thousands. 2: they are more environmentally friendly. I couldn’t imagine throwing away money every two to three hours. Nor throwing away what is essentially a biohazard into a landfill. 3: Since my son won’t be the only kid his generation in our family.... More

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