Questions, tips & tricks for keeping your child clean and comfortable while using cloth or disposable diapers.

Diaper Rash

What do yourecommend for Diaper rash I have used a few creams but nothing seems to work. Any recommendations?

  • Jess

    LOVE this preventative cream!!! Clears up rashes quickly!

  • Suzanne

    Aquaphor and maalox. 1 to 1

Destinee posted in Clothes Aug 09

What should I use as a swim diaper?

I have a 2 month old and I got a pool but hes too small to fit the swim diapers.

  • Patti
    Aug 10

    Grovia makes a swim diaper from 10ibs up. My lil one was 9 ibs and it fit great.

  • Crimson
    Aug 11

    You can probably look up how to make a reusable one that will fit but don't bring them in naked thats just asking for them to pee or even worse poop in the pool if you can't make one and you can't find one then I'd say wait till the child is old enough... The chlorine probably isn't good on the babies skin anyways at this age

Cathy posted in Diapering Aug 05

Alternatives to a changing table

My son is 19 months old and just might be too long for the changing mat on his dresser. What do people use as an alternative? I was thinking about buying a travel-type of changing mat and storing it in the bottom dresser drawer and just changing him on that, on the floor? Thoughts?

  • JJ
    Aug 05

    I am 6’3” so I have to have it higher up because of my old lady back. I have a changing table pad on top of the dryer as well as one on a dresser.

  • Kelly
    Aug 05

    Honestly that was one of my great motivators for early potty training! I was SO tired of lifting a toddler onto a dresser. It’s a killer.

Anonymous posted in Allergies & Asthma Aug 02

Pampers Baby-Dry Rash?

I recently (by mistake) bought a box of newborn Pampers Baby-Dry diapers instead of the ones I usually use, Pampers Swaddlers. However I noticed a really bad rash all around baby’s groin and buttocks as well. He was crying in pain but immediately after I switched to Huggies and gave him Desitin Rash Cream it gave him relief and the rash went away quickly (a few days). Has anyone else had this p... More

  • Marsha
    Aug 03

    I use cloth diapers to avoid issues with sensitivities to ingredients/chemicals in diapers.

  • Kelley
    Aug 05

    It might be the wipes. My daughter is sensitive to anything but water wipes. Pampers "aqua pure" works well and is cheaper than water wipes brand.

Best diaper rash cream?

My daughter is 6 months. She got diaper rash from using honest diaper. Any suggestion for the best cream?

  • Amanda
    Aug 06

    Butt Paste. It is amazing. Also, don’t use baby powder. It is bad for babies’ lungs.

  • Tina
    Aug 08

    My favorite is Earth Mama Diaper Balm! Spreads easily, isn’t sticky, and smells nice.

Best shoes for daycare?

Our walking toddler is about to start daycare. What type of shoes do you use for the kids at daycare? Also, do you have any recommendations for tags to put on clothes? Also I see that we have to provide wipes but LO has diaper rash if we use wipes so we are using liniment. Do you think it’s a option? Thanks!!

  • Laura
    Aug 01

    I personally put him in sneakers, boat shoes or closed toe sandals.

  • Laura
    Aug 01

    As for the wipes, have you tried Water Wipes?

Maria posted in Diapering Jul 26

Diaper Rash Annoyance!

my 11.5 mo old recently developed a bad case of diaper rash. She has never had a rash this bad, if she ever got a little bit red, we would use aquaphor and within the next change, redness gone. i have been using aquaphor, a&d, desitin. Nothing is working and her little bum is getting worse! :( I’m beginning to think she maybe has a food allergy?! any other moms have this issue, what kind of... More

  • Turah
    Jul 31

    You can also try coconut oil, it works really well for my baby girl

  • Maria
    2h ago

    thank you all, turned out it was a yeast infection. anti-fungal cleared it up!

Anonymous posted in Babies Jul 21

My almost 3 month old baby only has one BIG poop a day: is this normal?

  • Debora
    Jul 23

    Totally. They can take a week sometimes.

  • Kate
    Jul 23

    Yes. Totally.

Anonymous posted in Diapering Jul 20

Night Time Diaper

My daughter wears the honest night time diapers one size up. It used to get her through the night, but the past few nights there has been pee everywhere. Any suggestion for what to use now? She definitely does not need to size up. She is 9mo and weighs 18 - 19 pounds.

  • Aly
    Aug 01

    We use Pampers baby dry for night. My son is 21 lbs, wears size 4 and they never leak. We use the swaddlers for day

  • Savanna

    I use huggies overnights, the best overnight diaper!!

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Jul 10

Yeast Diaper Rash

My 9mo has developed yeast and her pediatrician prescribed an anti-fungal cream for her, which I apply every diaper change. Has anyone here had a similar problem and have any advice on getting rid of this rash? She also wears pampers swaddlers and I basically change it every time the blue line shows. Would changing the diaper type or brand be helpful too?

  • Alex
    Jul 12

    I've also used a hairdryer with my daughter. Just kept it on her changing table and dried her every diaper change. Once we started that, she hasn't had any issues anymore.

  • Sabrina
    Jul 14

    My daughter had the same rash multiple times. She has sensitive skin. We used the yeast cream when it got really bad and we tried all the baby creams after the yeast cream but nothing works better than baby petroleum jelly. We put it on our baby each diaper change and it took it away and kept her diaper area safe from direct contact with her waste. Which helped the yeast diaper rashes. Sometime... More

How many poopy diapers should you be changing?

I went from changing my newborns diapers and at lease half of them would be poop but now its only once a day.

  • Melissa
    Jul 07

    We have been giving our daughter probiotics and gas drops. She’s 17 months and struggles sometimes to poop. Once they eat solids you can mix prune juice in to bottles or give prune baby food

  • Joanne
    Jul 08

    Also one thing I learned was knees to chest and belly massages

Coll posted in Diapering Jul 03

Cheapest place to buy diapers?

  • Carrie
    Jul 06

    Jet.com has a brand of diapers out of Canada called cuties. We’ve been buying these in bulk and using them for two years now. They work great and are significantly cheaper than anything else I found

  • Rue
    Aug 03

    sometimes jet.com wholesale (buy bulk) offer pretty good deals on household products. They rotate wholesale products, and sometimes diapers are on the list: https://jet.com/search?category=XXX-XXXX0

Nessa posted in Diapering Jul 02

Has anyone tried using Costco diapers?

  • Christina
    Jul 05

    Two kids and we used Costco for both from size 2 on ( kids grew too fast to by bulk for first few months). Love them. Best cheaper ones we found- in size five we find we can let him pee a few times and they still hold up without irritating him as opposed to some others we have to change every time they are wet.

  • Allison
    Jul 09

    Love them!

Anonymous posted in Diapering Jun 30

Changing Station Ideas

Hi, our 5mo has outgrown his changing station & we're in search of ideas that can replace it...my husband is over 6ft tall with a bad back so low to/on the ground options will not work. Also our nursery is quite small so will need a space efficient solution. Appreciate any and all ideas on how to have a larger changing station for both diaper & clothes changing...thanks all!

  • Anonymous
    Jul 01

    Thanks ladies! I will look into the dresser idea with grip liners & the dining room table is our back up :)

  • Je'Nelle
    Jul 02

    This has always been our set up. Works great!

Tips for diaper changes on a plane

My 14 month old & I will be on a 6hr 30min flight, with a layover that doesn’t even count because there’s only enough time to get from gate to gate. I'm hoping my husband & I will be able to get seats together, but just in case, I really need some tips and tricks on how to change his diaper on the flight please!

  • Anonymous
    Jun 27

    It is NOT true that ALL planes have changing tables in the bathrooms now. Smaller regional jets do not, which I unfortunately confirmed several times this summer already. Fortunately those smaller regional flights are usually shorter!

  • Brittany
    Jul 01

    Thank you all so much for the tips & ideas. I appreciate it so much!!

CJN posted in Diapering Jun 08

8mo peeing through diaper during the night

My son has recently been peeing through diaper during the night. He weighs about 20lbs and i put him in size 4 diapers to hold more. I've tried doubling up on fitted sheets so i wouldn't have to change the mattress cover everytime! I just don't know if I'm doing something wrong or what i can do to make it better! TIA!

  • Christina
    Jun 11

    Overnight diapers worked for my daughter until she potty trained at 2.

  • Jennifer
    Jun 14

    I'd literally had to wake up at night and change my daughters diapers, otherwise they would pee through and wet her bed. She goes through 2 diapers a night.

Sara posted in Diapering Jun 08

Cure for really bad diaper rash

I have a newborn who has extremely bad diaper rash and I tried literally every cream and remedy, including prescription anti-fungal cream and prescription steroid cream. It got so bad that the diaper rash was actually bleeding and we had to take an emergency trip to the pediatrician. Finally what is working is using a blow dryer (I have one with a cool setting, or I use a warm setting from fa... More

  • Stephanie
    Jun 12

    Our LC just told us to not even use wipes if possible, just wet warm cloth, try not to wipe it, just clean it/dab it dry, then LOTS of goop (Desitin, Vaseline, etc as barrier).

  • Cynthia
    Jun 12

    Bordeaux butt paste!!!!! It’s the miracle of diaper rash creams!! I give this to every new parent at baby showers. Would put it on at night and the very next day their tushys were healed!!!

Abby & Finn Diapers

Anyone ever tried Abby & Finn diapers? How is the fit, quality, absorbency, etc? I love the mission of the company and that they’re an eco-friendly option that’s cheaper than Honest. Just can’t find a ton of reviews online yet!

  • Allison
    Jun 26

    I liked the diapers! Not crazy about the wipes but that’s just me. I haven’t signed up for a subscription but definitely considering it. The trial pack was mailed from Denver so I think they are based in CO :)

  • Catherine
    Aug 07

    Glad to hear that I'm not the only one struggling to find reviews and feedback on these diapers. So I have been using Honest diapers for the last 2 1/2 years on both of my kids and I LOVE them. I have tried pampers, huggies, 7th generation, babyganics, Mama Bear (amazon) etc. and I didn't feel that any one of them were comparable to Honest. I like that Honest is thick and not flimsy. It... More

Kari posted in Diapering Jun 06

How often to change a peepee diaper ? Most people say don’t change it right away.. most say right away no longer than 30 minutes because she’s a baby girl.

  • JJ
    Jun 07


  • Erin
    Jun 08

    I change my sons when he wakes up (1) after each nap (2) and before bed (1) unless of course he goes #2. So it's safe to say my son goes through about 5-6 diapers a day. Don't worry too much about letting the per sit a little bit, it's the poo you gotta clean right away before a bad rash develops.

Cass posted in Diapering Jun 05

Favorite Brand of Diapers

Tell me your favorite brand of diapers and why. Researching for my expected baby girl...

  • Celeste
    Jun 10

    If you can swing it, Andy Pandy diapers are amazing. They fit way better & cover more area on baby’s bottom. They are biodegradable & made from bamboo, I believe. They have the wetness indicator & work best for sensitive babies since they don’t have chemicals.

  • Kayley
    Jul 03

    I have literally used all different brands, whatever is on sale is my favorite.

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