Questions, tips & tricks for keeping your child clean and comfortable while using cloth or disposable diapers.

Bran posted in Diapering Dec 03

Diaper rash

Does anyone else have a little one who gets persistent diaper rash? I keep her clean and change her often however she continues to get them and really badly. I need helppppp i fee so bad for her.

  • Jessica
    Dec 04

    And when it’s a bad bad rash, try just letting her sit in a Luke warm bath of clean water, no soaps, and breastmilk. (If you’re not a breastfeeder there are moms that donate/sell breastmilk

  • Trixie

    We always used corn starch instead of powder or creams. It’s awful, and uncomfortable...but I hope you’re able to find something that works soon.

One year old diaper soak through

So ever since my son started sleeping through the night (14m) he wakes up at like 5am every morning with his diaper soaked through and his clothes drenched. I don’t like waking him in the middle of the night because then he’s just awake. I’m not sure what to do I’ve tried almost every diaper type all with that night protection. I’m just lost as to what to do.

  • Rinker
    Nov 28

    I read all the diaper recommendations and Im gonna be radical I guess and say cut off liquids an hour and a half b4 bed time.

  • Lili
    Nov 28

    Huggies night diapers are super good for overnight!

Kimmy posted in Diapering Nov 25

Ok my girl is 8 months and is starting to walk. Problem is she is walking right out of her luvs.

She’s allergic to huggies and pampers She’s a size 3 any other brands have something like little movers or is this just life now

  • Samantha
    Nov 28

    I agree with the onesie I had the same problem. Either keep a onesie on and snapped or pants.

  • Stephanie
    Nov 28

    I also put the tab lower than the waist band on the diaper. It has helped alleviate night leaks as well.

Diaper sizes ???

Soooo, I went from nb all the way to size 7 . My family was laughing so bad over the holidays they said they've never heard of that size . But I did buy target brand diapers because that was the only size 7 they had lol. So my question is what size do I get now !!!????? Or do they go by weight ???

  • Sarah
    Dec 02

    My 2 year old wears a 7 now, about to transition up. It isn't just by weight, you need to go by how they fit. My poor kid was blessed with a big butt and wide hips. So trying to squeeze a smaller size on leaves red marks on him, and is painful for him. Next size up is either order 8s online, or use 4T-5T pull ups. (Fyi, you should be able to find size 7 in walmart as well)

  • Mariahj

    My baby girl is 8 months and she’s a size 5 I think I have to step it up to a size 6

Lo posted in Diapering Nov 20

Hello everyone! What do you use as a cream for irritated buttocks? My baby is 23 months. Thanks 🌸

  • Melissa
    Dec 04

    Baby Aquaphor

  • Nicole
    Dec 04

    Baby Aquaphora ointment- work great on my little one’s bottom and can also be used on their cheeks when they get dry in the winter.

Anonymous posted in Diapering Nov 19

Where's all my cloth diapering mamas at?😍😍

  • Elle
    Nov 20

    LOVE thirsties and rumparooz/lil joeys!!

  • Valerie
    Nov 22

    Flips are my fave, especially for those first few months leading up to potty training. Less laundry, but the kid feels wet as soon as they pee. Made the transition to undies almost seamless.

Anonymous posted in Diapering Nov 14

What can help??

What will help my 17 month old’s butt...? It’s red and raw from so many diaper changes . He has had a stomach bug for two days . Destin seems to burn him he screams when applied..so I stopped use. Help please .!

  • Samantha Wood
    Nov 16

    Aquaphor works really great, just slather it on at every diaper change and change often!

  • Angela

    A&D ointment I live by this

Cathy posted in Diapering Nov 11

Leaky diapers

Lately our son has been waking up in the morning soaked with pee. He’s 2 and wears a size 6. We have tried putting on a regular diaper AND a nighttime diaper. Together. Still soaks through. We can’t go any larger in diapers so I’m thinking one of two things - 1. Do we need to monitor his liquid intake at night? 2. Could it just be his positioning when sleeping? I appreciate any insight.... More

  • Jackie
    Nov 18

    I went up a diaper size even though my son wasn’t that big. It helped 100%. He pees a lot so at night, his correctly sized diaper just could support the liquids

  • Cathy
    Nov 18

    Thanks everyone. We have found success. He’s wearing a size 6 night diaper, with a Sposie pad and a 2T night pull up! Thank you for your help!

Diaper rash

My 11 months old baby had baby rash due to diarrhea, any recommendations ?

  • Budrinie
    Nov 11

    It's great for diaper rash

  • Lauren
    Nov 14

    Naked time with breast milk on the butt...works like a charm.

Bianca posted in Diapering Nov 08

Potty training

Hi ladies, my son is going to be 2 in February and constantly takes his diaper off but won’t sit long enough to go on the potty... is it time for pull-ups? And what is the difference from a diaper and a pull up? Can he still pee and poop in a pull-up? Also... how do you know when it’s time to sit them on the potty if they can’t tell you ?

  • Kelly
    Nov 09

    Pulls and diapers are the SAME thing. Not useful at all for potty training. At home let him go naked until you both figure out the senses (& signals) for when he has to potty. Buy a little potty and stick it wherever you can contain him (living room, play room) wherever he’ll sit for a few mins at a time. Read books on the potty or sing songs. When he goes in the potty you celebrate like CR... More

  • Лариса
    Nov 10

    Let him sit on the potty for one day with his clothes on. Next day u can have pull up down so they can get used to it being cold. Lots of kids don’t like them cuz they too cold for they butt. Give lots of water. Just work on peeing first. Don’t worry about poop.

Fara posted in Diapering Nov 07

Huggies Diaper Comparison

Alright Mothers: I'm standing in BJ's staring at Huggies and trying to compare the two varieties they offer for my 4 month old's heinie. $39.99 for a box of either 240 of "Snug & Dry" or 186 of "Little Snugglers." S&D seems to be bragging about 12 hr protection while LS is for sensitive skin. Is that correct? Am I missing anything?

  • Fara
    Nov 07

    Apparently, Little Snugglers are the winners! Thanks for the feedback, Everyone!

  • Jae
    Nov 14

    I prefer Walmart brand (parent's choice) bj name brand is trash - diapers and wipes. We brought a case of diapers and are trying to use them up asap

Rachel posted in Diapering Nov 05

Anybody use cloth diapers? Due in February and considering it.. if so, what brand... thanks!

  • Caitie
    Nov 08

    Yeah, its really not that hard. In the early days when they are not eating solids, the poop is water soluble (meaning you don’t have to rinse it before putting in washing machine, if you don’t want to). So really it’s just one more load of laundry ... and you don’t really have to fold it. I’ve totally just had a clean basket of diapers to pull from sometimes when I’m busy. By the time they are ... More

  • Kerry
    Nov 08

    To add to Caitie’s post, if your formula feeding you have to prewash poopy ones! Only breastfed is soluble.

Amazon brand diapers

Has anyone tried them? The price seems good for the reviews they have and I’m looking for a new brand to try

  • Amanda
    Nov 07

    I use pampers baby dry. At night he’s been waking up soaked in the morning. I was thinking I might need to get a overnight diaper.

  • Kim
    Nov 24

    Hi. We have used Mama Bear diapers by Amazon and love them! We haven’t had any leaks or blowouts. Good value.

Elissa posted in Diapering Nov 01


What diaper brand runs bigger in size than luvs? My son is wearing a 6 and it’s small on him and I’m trying to avoid buying pull ups because he’s not potty training yet

  • Ashly
    Nov 02

    Walmart has a size 7- prob have to order online I rarely see them in stores

  • Ashley
    Nov 16


Potty training

My 22 month old has started to leak out of size 6 diapers and with that being the biggest size I can’t go up in size anymore but she really isn’t interested in trying to potty train... she screams every time we try to sit her on the big potty and doesn’t seem to understand the training potty is a potty... I know she’s not two yet and most kids aren’t potty trained until two and a half or three ... More

  • Valerie
    Nov 01

    Cloth diapers are bigger and make potty training more appealing for the child, as they feel uncomfortable and wet. The natural consequence of peeing her pants, should be enough impetus to just use the toilet. She is not too young. It’s an American luxury to have kids in diapers at 3 years old. Most counties potty train way earlier.

  • Kendra
    Nov 02

    Target brand has size 7 diapers but they go fast.

Casey posted in Diapering Oct 28

Washing cloth diapers?

Hello everyone! We’re giving a serious go at cloth diapering. I’m having a couple hiccups with the washing technique. Can any pros advise? We have bum genius and this is what washer settings I have available. THANK YOU!

  • Casey
    Oct 28

    Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate it!

  • Sarah
    Oct 30

    I am not sure what type of diapers that is, but here is what I do with prefolds and fitteds: one cold wash, then one hot wash with country save and an extra rinse cycle. Then I dry them like normal. I wash the covers with my son’s other clothes.

Help! Worst diaper rash ever :(

My daughter has such a bad diaper rash. Been going on like 3 weeks now. First happened cause she cut 3 molars. I've been using water wipes. Desatin. Butt paste. A and d. I've left her diaper off to air it out. Let her sleep naked with some medicine on it. I just cant get ontop of it... it seems to have calmed down but she has a a couple parts that look so bad and 1 part is bleeding. I f... More

  • Rose
    Nov 05

    Sounds like a yeast rash. You can get some over the counter cream for for fungal infections (like lotramin or something similar - Nystatin and terbenafine are what I've used before). Use 3x a day. I like triple paste for regular diaper creams. Just remember that most diaper creams are barrier creams so it must be applied to a dry bottom to be effective, otherwise you'll be sealing in mo... More

  • Elizabeth
    Nov 06

    My 10 month old has a rash from teething it’s a fungus rash...ped gave her a script

Ashley posted in Diapering Oct 26

Diaper rash 😞

Hello mommas! my 3 month old baby girl has a really bad diaper rash, looks like a chemical burn maybe from diapers. Is there any recommendations on what to use? I have tied desitin, Burt’s bees diaper cream, A+D diaper rash cream, and also have tried Maizena (corn starch). if you have any other suggestions please help! Thank you!

  • Budrinie
    Oct 29

    It's very good for diaper rash, you going to find it at Walmart or Walgreens

  • Stephenie
    Nov 06

    I’ve always used aquaphor and never had a problem with my two babies. Air drying helps too. When they weren’t as mobile and we were home, I would wash their butts with water after they pooped. What did the pediatrician say? Good luck.

Michaela posted in Babies Oct 25

Cloth diapers

I would like to make the switch, but would like to know what brands you all suggest and why! Thank you!

  • Hailli
    Oct 25

    I got some Alva diapers off Amazon and switched the microfiber inserts to Grovia prefolds. These worked great for us (4 years and using them with my 9 month old) but some people have gotten shells that delaminate quickly. I found Bumgenius All-in-one's to be very bulky but some people love them.

  • Ivy
    Oct 25

    Alva's are a great, inexpensive pocket diaper with newborn sizes as well. Alvas work well with all sorts of inserts (I really hate microfiber inserts tho! They leak and stink easily) The stay dry material works great and keep kiddos dry. My all time favorite brand has to be Grovia tho. For the price of the diaper, it's actually worth it! It's around BumGenius prices, so considerabl... More

Lynn posted in Diapering Oct 20

Cloth Diapers

I am recently exploring the idea of cloth diapers because financially diapers are expensive. Does anyone know how to strip cloth diapers?

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