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Anonymous posted in Diapering Feb 20

deals on diapers?

I’m a soon to be mom and figured I should be stocking up on diapers. I’ve read about these really savvy moms that clips coupons, search for sales and end up getting great prices on them. I lack such saviness so I’m trying to see where I could go to save money. I used pampers at first and the target brand when my first born was older. Pampers can get pricey but target, at the time, wasn’t cuttin... More

  • Sara

    I buy diapers off of Amazon just because it's easiest for me to have them ship to me. The thing that's nice about Amazon is for diapers they always show you the price per diaper so you can compare easily even when the boxes are different sizes.

  • Sara

    An Amazon subscription is the best way to go. The cost is $0.09 - $0.22 per diaper depending on the brand, size and quantity. I buy Pampers diapers and wipes and use the pampers rewards app to earn Amazon gift cards. I subscribe to about 40 household items. I skip a month whenever I don't need a refill and each item can be set up for delivery every 1-6 months. When 5 items are in an ord... More

Best Amazon Prime Day deals... go!

This article has some good ones... the Instant Pot is an amazing deal but I already have one! I just bought the crest whitestrips 😃

Declutter your life with this storage solution

We're partnering with Life Storage to bring you an awesome deal that will help reduce clutter in your life. Storage is the perfect option if you have any furniture, gear, toys or more that are taking up precious space at home. Save 10% off your monthly rate when you reserve a space online, plus you'll receive 20% on your purchase of moving boxes and packing supplies. Check them out and ... More

Daycare teacher gift card amount?

My son just started daycare last week. He only goes Tuesdays and Thursdays ... so he’s only gone 3 times now. With the holidays coming up, I’m thinking about getting one of the teachers a gift card. First of all, how much do you think is appropriate? Secondly, is it weird to only give one of the teachers a gift card? He’s really taken a liking to one of them so I don’t know the other ones ver... More

  • Ricardo
    Dec 14, 2018

    I think all his teachers from his classroom should receive a little token of appreciation. There isn't a "I" in team. As a infant teacher, if this ever happened, I would make sure to keep it fair for everyone and if I get the gift card, I would split it with my team. 💓

  • Andrea
    Dec 14, 2018

    Oh jeeze! I’m glad I asked because I definitely didn’t think of it like that. Thanks for the feedback!

Santa Photos

Does anyone know where i can get good santa PHOTOS (plural) for a good proce? The parks mall has them priced at $37 for one 5x7 76018

  • Katelynn
    Dec 12, 2018

    Christmas in the park in downtown San Jose let’s you take pictures with your cell phone of lil one with Santa for FREE and they have a few packages if you chose to purchase. Most expensive package is $30 includes 4 printed photos and digital copy

  • Stephanie
    Dec 15, 2018

    Cabelas or bass pro

$20K College Savings Giveaway in December

Here's a great way to get started with college savings. CollegeBacker is a website that helps you start a 529 plan and collect gifts at holidays, birthdays, etc. Throughout December, you can send a free gift of $50-$150 in college savings, every day! Here's the link:

Best Cyber Monday deals

Who's shopping online today? Let's start a list of the best deals! Here's what I've found: - 25% off - Plae shoes 50% off select styles - Gap & Old Navy 50% off - Dockatot 20% off with code GIVETHANKS - LunchBots 15% off

  • Anne
    Nov 26, 2018

    ModCloth 40% off everything with no minimum order

Wholesale clubs

What do you notice at stores like Costco, BjS, Sams Club that you always get a deal on? And what’s not so good?

  • Emily
    Oct 17, 2018

    I’m the type of person who shops at 10 different places for the best price. So this is just my typical list for SAM’S club. They also have good priced party snack trays. I buy the fruit and split into baggies so my daughter can just go grab one. And the deli platter I buy and plot into like lunchables. That ends up being cheaper in the long run. Rather than buying individual fruit cups and lunc... More

  • Megan
    Oct 17, 2018

    We do bjs and Costco. We get meats and produce from Costco and diapers when on sale. Then bjs we get paper towels and snacks and most other things because they always have good coupons. But I’m also like Emily. I shop at multiple stores to get sale prices. For everyday products we go to giant. It’s close by

Couponing ?

Anybody know a good website to get coupons for pampers ? It seems like the prices for pampers keep going up every time I need to get some.

  • Wenonah
    Oct 06, 2018

    Baby expo’s or any festivals that involve kids. That where I’ve got a lot of Pampers coupons. And if you go to the Pampers website and take their survey they’ll send you a $5 off coupon.

40% Off car seats!! AND free shipping. I had to share. Just bought my twins their forever seats!! 🤯😱

  • Amber
    Dec 01, 2018

    I recognize those cute little faces! 😊

Free Museum admissions across the country on Sat, September 22.

You can download tickets now for Museum Day- free tickets to many museums across the country on Saturday, Sept. 22. But you need to download and print off the tickets- 2 per email address.

  • Diane
    Aug 22, 2018

    Tiffany- would it work to get more passes if you used different email addresses? Or maybe even call the museum and see if they would allow your children to accompany the adults’ passes without requiring separate passes? Good luck!

  • Alexandra
    Aug 22, 2018


Formula Coupons

Ive received these coupons along with samples of formula. Does anybody know where i can used them I've tried Walgreens they said they couldnt take them because it has to b processed as a check 😒😒

  • Christa
    Sep 11, 2018

    Get the Just4U app for Safeway- they have the same coupons and the savings are like $6-$8 There’s never been any issue when I used to use them!!! Also, depending on how the pediatrician feels about it, start introducing whole milk with vitamin D, and almond or coconut milk, this will save you money. I weaned my little guy off formula almost 100% and use formula on that rare occasion where I d... More

  • Jessie
    Sep 13, 2018

    Stop and shop takes them too

Cheapest place to buy diapers?

Serious Couponers ?

Hi Everyone, I am a mom of 1 and I have always been interested in learning how to coupon for food , items like laundry soap, soaps and anything I use on a daily basis at home . I was wondering if anyone on here coupons or could point me in the right direction. Just looking to save money on groceries for my family and I. Thanks In Advance, Ky

  • Rebecca
    Aug 06, 2018

    The apps I love are Ibotta, Walmart savings catcher, Fetch, Dosh, Receipt Hog! Easy!

  • Rue
    Dec 29, 2018

    I used to use Ibotra and EBates, but not as much anymore. It depends on the rebates I get. If I buy a $100 item with 10% rebate, that’s $10 dollars, yeah sure! But if I buy a $50 item with 3% rebate, that’s $1.5... probably not. I could get that $1.5 from else where, like get tax free from other websites (many e commerce website don’t have locations at WA so they don’t charge tax, while shoppin... More

Weeknight dinners, solved

Ah, that time between getting home from work and putting your kids to bed. That chaotic witching hour is real. Are we right? Our friends at food tech company Tovala want to take weeknight dinners off your plate. Now you can enjoy fresh, healthy meals without spending at least an hour in the kitchen at the end of your busy day. Here’s how it works: You choose from a variety of pre-marinated, pr... More

  • Anne
    May 09, 2018

    FWIW, I have a countertop convection oven and use it ALL the time. It's actually really great for cutting down oil in your foods too because the circulating hot air can work sort of like the liquid heat in frying and gets foods really crispy. Totally worth it just for that feature alone!

It’s Free Comic Book day!

Check out to find a participating shop near you! They have a good selection of kid friendly comics this year! Studies have shown that reading comics promotes reading comprehension even in the most reluctant of readers! #supportyourlocalcomicshop

Idk if this is normal, but between formula, diapers, and groceries we spend a lot! Its our biggest expense by far! Does anyone have any tips, cheap advice, etc to help? Does anyone else feel this way?

  • Holly
    Apr 10, 2018

    I can relate! I've always been a big couponer, but I started using Ibotta this year. Someone else mentioned it too - it's awesome! I just hit $100 earned with cash back. The best part is you can use a coupon at the store & then also still get $ back with Ibotta. Yesterday diapers were on sale, I used a Pampers coupon, & then I got home and scanned my recipes and got an extra $5 ... More

  • Haribabu
    Apr 11, 2018

    I would suggest to buy diapers at lidl & Aldi...they are really good and cheaper...

Do any parents know of good sites to buy second hand baby items ?

  • Mandy
    Aug 01, 2018

    Once upon a child is a great place! @Andrea where do u find “local yahoo groups?”

  • Christa
    Sep 11, 2018

    ThredUp is a good second hand on line spot to buy baby clothes! Craigslist isn’t terrible either if you’re willing to go get the clothes!

Anonymous posted in Clothes Apr 03, 2018

Heads up that is having a big Spring sale. Everything is 50-60% off and you get an extra 25% off if you use the code SWISH.

A few days ago, I asked a question about little notebooks, and one of the answers, (mine, unintentionally), was to check out Dover Books.  In the interim, I found out that Dover is doing a giveaway of books about the Royal Wedding, (which I didn't know about; it's amazing what happens when you turn off you TV... for years).  Also, if you fall in the category of no interest in the Royal ... More

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