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Mandy posted in DIY Dec 04

Looking for ideas for a crafty gift my 3 year old can make for our newborn for Christmas.

  • RaeJean
    Dec 04

    Some type of colorful mobile to hang above the crib. Maybe butterflies or birds from the craft store? Maybe let your little take a trip with you to pick out supplies. Or maybe one of those knotted fleece blankets. No sewing just basically tying two pieces of fleece together.

Free things to do

What are some free things to do with an 18month old? :) it doesn’t have to be in phoenix

  • Crystal
    Dec 01

    Put them in a diaper only and let them have a paint party on a big paper

  • Anonymous Mom
    Dec 01

    If your looking for socially you can look into your local library for toddler time things and your local gymnastics place sometimes has toddler open gym usually free or like $5 for like 2 hours and if you contact your local early intervention or head start and ask them and ask them for their monthly magazine or flyer that offers things to do too that are free. Sometimes low income offices have ... More

Shruti posted in DIY Nov 30

Gingerbread house kits

My four year old is all excited to build a gingerbread house. But every other brand I look online has horrible reviews. Most of them seem to have problems with the “glue”. Are there any brands that Winnie parents have had luck with? I would hate for my little boy to be disappointed.

  • Jennifer
    Dec 01

    Bought ours from target and it was already put together. My 5 & 7 year old loved decorating it.

  • AdamAnt
    Dec 01

    We use the kits, but make our own royal icing to compensate for the small amount of “glue” provided in the kit. It also sticks better as long as you make it thick (Google for recipes - it’s basically confectioners sugar & water).

Jade posted in DIY Nov 30

Eco-friendly gift wrap ideas?

I recently learned that any gift wrap that is shiny or has decorative foil on it isn’t recyclable! So I’m looking for some creative materials I can use to wrap gifts and reduce waste this year. Newspaper is always a classic, but can be a little dirty. Any ideas? 💡

  • Angel
    Dec 01

    I like to wrap in fat quarter chunks of fabric. Many of my friends sew, so I wrap their gifts this way... We also use kraft paper, or recycle newspaper and add bags we make.

  • Carla
    Dec 02

    We have actually used newspaper/ comics to gift wrap. We topped it off with a red bow and it looked pretty cool.

Breanna posted in DIY Nov 27

Any SAHM Entrepreneurs here?

Hello all! I’m a SAHM with a 2yo and a 5mo. I’m looking to start a small from home craft business and if you have pointers, tips, and/or tricks, please feel free to share!

  • Kayla
    Nov 29

    I recently posted a "elf for hire" flyer saying I would wrap presents for busy people that don't have time...just an idea, so far it's going decent, I'm sure it will pick up more closer to Christmas

Memory crafts

I want to do some craft like things for our kids such as a blanket made of old onesies, memory box, tradition like things, etc. but am having a hard time looking things up and finding things. Anyone have cute things they do as their kids grow up? Or know what to search to find stuff? Thank you!

  • Michaela
    Nov 20

    I’m having a teddy bear made by a friend from one of baby’s newborn onesie

  • Elena
    Nov 20

    I made a blanket out of all hes new born onesies. A d I have made an email that I send pics videos and Wright important fmtgings as they happen like I wrote a out how I gave birth to him and how hes first birthday was with names of guests and details that are fresh so when he grows up I can read them to him as fun sories

I need help filling my 1 1/2 year olds day.. Any ideas? Everything is welcome. We are crafty

We need things to do to keep his little brain and hands busy

  • Tianna
    Nov 20

    Bowl of uncooked pasta, beans, rice. Shaving cream with food coloring on the high chair tray, bin/ kid with slit to put coins in, homemade play doh, make thanksgiving turkeys, painting, string Pasta or beads, finger paint, make a water play station, build forts. Visit a state park, hike, go for a bike ride, library story times, parks.

  • Ashlie
    Nov 26

    Have you tried making going out grathering odd things like rocks wood chips and things like that then you can use that to make art or maybe go to the craft store and get the cardboard alphabet get the letter to spell his name and glue the things he finds on them

Elena posted in DIY Nov 19

How to keep memories fresh for your little one

So as a first time mom I was obsessed with my new baby and the little clothes and parties for him. Even throughout my pregnancy I was so proud of my baby bump and everything. I know there are books and keepsakes but often there isn't much time when you can write or you forget to put things in them. So I created an email account for my son and I'll email him photos and stories when some... More

  • Ivy
    Nov 19

    I have made email accounts for my littles too. And send videos, pictures, letters too :)

  • Anne
    Nov 19

    I use the 1 Second Everyday app. You just take a 1 second video every day of your normal life and then you can compile it into a video over a month or the whole year. It's a bit like a visual diary and really special.

Indoor crafts for 3 year old boy.

I need some ideas! I’m tired of the tablet and YouTube 🙃

  • Valerie
    Nov 13

    Love these ideas! Thanks y’all.

  • Melissa
    Nov 20

    Stickers. Cutting paper or play dough. Stamps. Car art- roll toy cars in paint and then on paper. Chalk. White board markers, place paper with shapes or letters to trace in a page protector or laminate it and let him practice tracing or drawing, then erase and start over. If he likes legos, make paper legos that he can glue on paper to build a design. Other ideas that are not crafts: sorting ... More


Looking for fun arts and crafts for a 1.5 year old. It’s gettin too cold to be outside much.

  • Sandra
    Nov 12

    I bought some canvases from target and different color paints I also ordered learning sticker books from Amazon

  • Mom
    Nov 17

    Sensory box is a personal favorite right now. We are under 2 as well

Anne posted in DIY Nov 05

Simple hack to rejuvenate dried out markers

Saw this online and had to share! If your kids are like mine and can’t put the caps back on markers to save their lives, get some liquid watercolor and soak the marker tips overnight. You can use cups for this or an ice cube tray. Amazingly, it works! Just make sure to get the washable stuff 😅

  • Cheryl
    Nov 06

    Such a great idea to slow down the throwing away of MORE PLASTIC. Definitely worth the effort.

  • theishu
    Nov 16

    Definitely worth a shot if it means less waste and less plastic discarded

Anne posted in DIY Oct 29

DIY: No-sew last-minute ghost costume! 👻

This one is cheap, easy and super fast to put together and only requires a sheet or sheer fabric (I used this $10 IKEA curtain:, 3 safety pins, and sticky-back black felt. Just cut two rectangular equal size pieces of fabric, then gather one long edge of each and pin together at the shoulders. For the third pin, gather some of the side drapes into the cen... More

Anonymous posted in Activities & Enrichment Oct 27

What kinds of things do you all do for 13-month olds?

My son is at home with me while I work. Usually, his source of entertainment is playing with his toys independently, exploring through the house, or accompanying me when I run errands or have the chance to visit family and friends. I see other moms doing crafts with their young toddlers or learning games and it makes me feel guilty that I'm maybe not doing enough to "teach" him at... More

  • Megan
    Oct 28

    Dude my 14 month old loves doing mundane errands. A trip to Lowe’s might as well be the children’s museum. We hit up the carpet department for some tactile exploration, he loved walking the aisle of pre-lit Christmas trees. Grocery store? YES PLEASE. You get a free banana to eat. I don’t do crafts with my kid because he will eat it. If he’s happy and you’re happy then yay you! Most learning at ... More

  • Christina
    Oct 29

    Box with crayons. My in-laws got us the pottery barn chair and the box was used for coloring in for a long time then it became a slide on our stairs. Sensory table with things that are ok to eat like oatmeal. And just add in measuring cups and utensils like spoons and spatulas. Play doh. If you are thinking things like painting I suggest putting some in a ziplock so it’s not messy. I’ve... More

Anonymous posted in DIY Oct 16

Small wedding ideas?

Really frugal way to throw a very small intimate wedding. No outdoors I live in Louisiana :p we’ve already had 2 of the 4 seasons just this morning haha. The only reason I’m anon is because it hasn’t been announced yet :p

  • Christina
    Oct 16

    We had family out to first cousins. Dinner and reception in a restaurant in their private banquet area. Ceremony we did outside, but I know you said you can’t do that. With an open bar and photography we spent about 5k. We skipped flowers which was a big cost saver.

  • Joey
    Oct 16

    Don't do wedding favors. They're a waste of money and usually get thrown away afterward. Silk flowers are usually much cheaper than real. You could do grocery store bunches for the bouquets and just baby's breath for the centerpieces (really cute in mason jars). DIY doesn't always mean cheaper! A lot of wholesale websites can offer up cheap alternatives.

Cathy posted in DIY Oct 09

Halloween Costume Helllllpppppp!!!!

Please! Help! My son is almost 2 and so he doesn’t have much of an opinion as to what he goes dressed as. He can’t stand anything on his head or over his face. I’m also extremely creatively challenged! I’m panicked!

  • Jenn
    Oct 13

    Batman :)

  • Rhiannon O'Callaghan
    Oct 19

    Pajama bat for my 16mo old! Got it at Target for around twelve bucks. He loves it. :3 Might put a nose on him for a trunk or treat. LOL.

Anonymous posted in DIY Oct 03

Bunk beds

What’s a good age to put two siblings in bunk beds? I have a 2 year old and a one year old but I wanted to put the crib under the bunk, to save space in our apartment

  • Seth
    Oct 05

    Most bunk beds can be easily fitted with a guard-rail type thing that goes on the site that you don't put against the wall. I used that and it made me feel better.

  • Angie
    Oct 09

    Two is a little young to be up high like that i feel. Id get a little toddler bed for him or put his old crib mattress on the floor. If you must do a more space saving solution....a trundle bed would be better than a bunk for safety.

Anonymous posted in DIY Sep 30

Homemade gifts for children

Does anyone have any suggestions for homemade gifts for children? Thinking ahead for Christmas. The only gift I saved from childhood is a doll my mother made me one year. I played with it all the time and saved it for my own kids. I have three under four and would love to make something that will (hopefully) have a little more meaning one day.

  • Michelle
    Oct 01

    I am making (hand cutting and tying) fleece blankets for my nanny kiddos this year. Not always the cheapest, but meaningful, customizable per the child’s interest, and useful.

  • Sadie
    Oct 02

    Quilts, dolls, stockings, Oliver and S has great patterns for clothes, or a small tote

My daughter is 33 months can you suggest me any DIY preschool activities?

I want to keep her busy without tv and mobile though she doesn't watch much, but I want to keep her engaged in anything DIY preschool activities please suggest. thanks in advance

JJ posted in DIY Sep 22

Halloween makeup

Looking for ideas on a really good makeup, probably stage, for the older kids for Halloween. We get really into it, and I’m just sick to death of the drug store Halloween makeup/face paint that rubs off on them and their clothes after 30 minutes or a sip of milk. Any ideas or brands?

  • Tazmin
    Sep 22

    Mehron mixing liquid with any pigmented powder. Eye shadow is perfect. It's super vibrant and don't rub off on clothes

Fun and quick sensory activity!

I found this "playdough" recipe on pinterest and my toddler had so much fun helping me make it! It took about 2 minutes and you only nerd 3 or 4 ingredients. 5 marshmallows 1-2 Tablespoons of coconut oil or other oil 3 Tablespoons cornstarch Food coloring Put all ingredients in a microwave safe bowl and microwave for abput 30 seconds, long enough for marshmallows to expand. Remove a... More

  • Selene
    Sep 22

    I’m curious now, would this be safe to eat? It probably seems obvious that it’s edible because of the marshmallows, but I just want to make sure.

  • Becca
    Sep 22

    Selene, yes this is edible! My toddler sticks everything in his mouth lol

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