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Anonymous posted in DIY Tuesday

Small wedding ideas?

Really frugal way to throw a very small intimate wedding. No outdoors I live in Louisiana :p we’ve already had 2 of the 4 seasons just this morning haha. The only reason I’m anon is because it hasn’t been announced yet :p

  • Christina

    We had family out to first cousins. Dinner and reception in a restaurant in their private banquet area. Ceremony we did outside, but I know you said you can’t do that. With an open bar and photography we spent about 5k. We skipped flowers which was a big cost saver.

  • Joey

    Don't do wedding favors. They're a waste of money and usually get thrown away afterward. Silk flowers are usually much cheaper than real. You could do grocery store bunches for the bouquets and just baby's breath for the centerpieces (really cute in mason jars). DIY doesn't always mean cheaper! A lot of wholesale websites can offer up cheap alternatives.

Cathy posted in DIY Oct 09

Halloween Costume Helllllpppppp!!!!

Please! Help! My son is almost 2 and so he doesn’t have much of an opinion as to what he goes dressed as. He can’t stand anything on his head or over his face. I’m also extremely creatively challenged! I’m panicked!

  • Teddy

    Yeah we are doing the pajama costume thing for our little one. The Disney store has them for a lot of characters and they’re $15-20 and he can wear them all year. 100% cotton

  • Jenn

    Batman :)

Anonymous posted in DIY Oct 03

Bunk beds

What’s a good age to put two siblings in bunk beds? I have a 2 year old and a one year old but I wanted to put the crib under the bunk, to save space in our apartment

  • Seth
    Oct 05

    Most bunk beds can be easily fitted with a guard-rail type thing that goes on the site that you don't put against the wall. I used that and it made me feel better.

  • Angie
    Oct 09

    Two is a little young to be up high like that i feel. Id get a little toddler bed for him or put his old crib mattress on the floor. If you must do a more space saving solution....a trundle bed would be better than a bunk for safety.

Anonymous posted in DIY Sep 30

Homemade gifts for children

Does anyone have any suggestions for homemade gifts for children? Thinking ahead for Christmas. The only gift I saved from childhood is a doll my mother made me one year. I played with it all the time and saved it for my own kids. I have three under four and would love to make something that will (hopefully) have a little more meaning one day.

  • Michelle
    Oct 01

    I am making (hand cutting and tying) fleece blankets for my nanny kiddos this year. Not always the cheapest, but meaningful, customizable per the child’s interest, and useful.

  • Sadie
    Oct 02

    Quilts, dolls, stockings, Oliver and S has great patterns for clothes, or a small tote

My daughter is 33 months can you suggest me any DIY preschool activities?

I want to keep her busy without tv and mobile though she doesn't watch much, but I want to keep her engaged in anything DIY preschool activities please suggest. thanks in advance

JJ posted in DIY Sep 22

Halloween makeup

Looking for ideas on a really good makeup, probably stage, for the older kids for Halloween. We get really into it, and I’m just sick to death of the drug store Halloween makeup/face paint that rubs off on them and their clothes after 30 minutes or a sip of milk. Any ideas or brands?

  • Tazmin
    Sep 22

    Mehron mixing liquid with any pigmented powder. Eye shadow is perfect. It's super vibrant and don't rub off on clothes

Fun and quick sensory activity!

I found this "playdough" recipe on pinterest and my toddler had so much fun helping me make it! It took about 2 minutes and you only nerd 3 or 4 ingredients. 5 marshmallows 1-2 Tablespoons of coconut oil or other oil 3 Tablespoons cornstarch Food coloring Put all ingredients in a microwave safe bowl and microwave for abput 30 seconds, long enough for marshmallows to expand. Remove a... More

  • Selene
    Sep 22

    I’m curious now, would this be safe to eat? It probably seems obvious that it’s edible because of the marshmallows, but I just want to make sure.

  • Becca
    Sep 22

    Selene, yes this is edible! My toddler sticks everything in his mouth lol

Kristin posted in Clothes Sep 12

What do I do with all these bows?!

I’m pregnant with my baby girl, she’s coming in 6 days. I have a 14 month old boy so I’m not used to all of these purples and pinks! We already have a ton of bows, but I can’t really see them hidden in the drawer. What do people do with all of these bows?! Lol is there a type of bow holder?

  • Lauren
    Sep 12

    I don’t have a little girl myself, but when I was little my mom found pretty ribbons that she liked then clipped all of my bows (I had dozens) to the ribbon and hung them to the back of my door. It looked nice and we were always able to see the options.

  • Lisseth
    Sep 12
Victoria posted in DIY Sep 11

Kid recipes

I saw another mom share a website and book on kid friendly recipes and foods. If you know any books on how to feed toddlers healthy food or just easy recipes for picky eaters that would be great.

  • Lareina
    Sep 11

    Pinterest has so many easy healthy kid recipes thats where i get all mine from

  • Carissa
    Sep 12


Anne posted in DIY Sep 04

Grandparents Day is this weekend! What is your family doing?

My oldest is learning to write so I'm having him fill out a little "fill in the blank" page like this one, and using it as the cover for homemade photo albums with pictures from family visits. We don't live close to our parents and I know they miss the kids a lot, so I want to make sure to do something special for them!

  • Brittany
    Sep 05

    I bought a card 😂😅

  • Gina
    Sep 07

    Not sure if we are doing anything this year...I know the first year she was born we celebrated it at Babies R Us who had an event for it and we created a family tree of our each of our hand prints.

Anonymous posted in DIY Sep 04

Organizing/Displaying Stuffed Animals

Hi All! Any suggestions on how to organize my daughter's stuffed animals in her room. They are currently in a plastic bin. Thanks in advance!

  • Rojas
    Sep 04

    Hi I use a hamick on the ceiling that work and it look great

  • Chelsea
    Sep 04

    I crocheted myself 2 toy hammocks.


Any fun activities or diys to teach letters and words to toddler ?? She has a small vocabulary but is showing interest in animals and books ...

  • Sabrina
    Sep 04

    Try pinterest they have a bunch of great ideas

  • Jennie
    Sep 11

    Bath tub letters, letter magnets - I'm a fan of saying letter sounds, not just names. Also if you allow screen time, I highly recommend Preschool Prep dvds. You can usually get the set on Groupon for cheap. All my kids have loved them and learned a lot from them, and they are very calming so they're perfect for quiet times when you just need a minute 😉

Anonymous posted in DIY Aug 12

SAHM suggestions on Etsy shop?

I’m recently a stay at home mom looking to scrap together any money I can, I’m very crafty but lost my imagination years ago so looking to anyone out there with suggestions on what they’d buy? I’d like to make binky/pacifier clips I’m also a pretty good artist and thought of doing monogrammed nursery pantings/illustrations of animals but I just feel like people don’t buy art really much and ..... More

  • Raqui
    Aug 19

    Also I love Etsy so be sure to post your shop when you’re all set up!

  • Samantha
    Sep 11

    Those crochet/knit stuffed animals sell well I've noticed. Any toys that are made of safe materials. Also bows! I've seen people selling tutus and capes at local craft fairs too.

Anonymous posted in DIY Aug 05

Anyone ever try washing their fisher price backpack diaper bag in the washing machine?

Thinking of hand wash/delicate cycle - but instructions say surface wash only, should I risk it?

  • Anonymous
    Aug 05

    Not sure how long it will be, but while we haven’t started any official training, my little guy seems interested in the potty bc he sees sees his older brother, so here’s hoping it’s not too long! Although I know in some crazy way I’ll be sad when it’s all over too. The days are long but the years are short! 💙

  • Angel
    Aug 05

    Awwww i feel u on that lol

Anonymous posted in Clothes Aug 04

School Uniform with logo

What money saving tips are available for purchasing school uniforms with logo? Polo Shirts with logo (embroidery)cost more than $35 a piece at Land’s end.

  • AdamAnt
    Aug 05

    You could try contacting families who have already attended that school, and their children have grown up significantly. They might have uniforms that their kids have outgrown.

  • Anne
    Aug 05

    Yep start a used uniform exchange at your school if there isn’t one already. You can also see if you can make iron-on patches instead of embroidery and buy the basic polos from Old Navy instead.

Anonymous posted in DIY Jun 26

DIY Teethers

Anyone have some ideas on making a temporary teether? My LO has a pack of them but I accidentally left them at my mom's place which is really far from where we live. We won't be visiting until this weekend and I don't want to spend money on new teethers.

  • Katrina
    Jun 28

    My LO preferred a regular metal spoon when he was teething. Easy peasy if baby likes it.

  • Christa
    Sep 11

    My guy is obsessed with the spatula that you scrape the bowl out with! The rubber on the ends, and if you have a spare baby bogger getter, or a Tupperware lid- spoons,

Easy outdoor activity idea for kids ☀️

I saw this on Facebook and just had to share because it's brilliant! It's an outdoor obstacle course made out of pool noodles. Such a good idea, and if it's too hot outside, you could always add a sprinkler 😊

Victoria posted in DIY Jun 18

1st birthday decoration ideas for a boy (Elmo theme)?

Birthday outfit ideas and gift ideas?

Ashley posted in DIY May 23

Anyone else obsessed with Starbucks Pink Drink? Finally found out how to make it at home!

🥤 Iced passion tea 🥥 Coconut milk 🍋 Lemon juice 🍭 Sugar, honey or other sweetener 🍓 Freeze-dried strawberries First, make the tea and cool completely. Put about 1/3 cup of coconut milk in a cup over ice and fill it up the rest of the way with cold tea, then add 1-2 teaspoons of lemon juice (your mileage may vary) and sweeten to taste. You can make it extra fancy and add some strawberries too :)

  • Vicki
    May 26

    Just as a heads up you wont get the same caffeine boost if you use this recipe! Theres no caffeine in Passion tea but there is a bunch in the Starbucks refresher used with the pink drink!

  • Ashley
    May 30

    That’s good too, no caffeine for breastfeeding anyways!

Elizabeth posted in DIY May 17

Weighted blanket

Anyone ever tried to DIY a weighted blanket for a child? I’m not super crafty, and just wondering if it’s worth time/effort to try to make, or just buy one? Thanks!

  • Jesika
    May 26

    I got lucky and found some on a bst board super cheap and it happened to be there exact weight for my child and it has made a world of difference for him!

  • Christa
    Sep 11

    They are pretty simple to make and worth the time. I have seen partners where you get a piece of fleece, or two- and then a sock- fill it with rice (sew it so nothing can come out) and then sew it to the blanket, you can put Velcro on the rice pack so you can warm the rice and then attach it to the blanket/ it make it feel like the warmth and weight of mommy without mommy being there!!

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