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Screen time in technology-driven world...

I’m intimidated and amazed by parents that don’t allow their children any screen time in this day and age. My family lives thousands of miles away, and I videochat them daily. It helps us stay connected with them and eases the loneliness of being a SAHM in an unfamiliar place. Additionally, I didn’t graduate high school too long ago, and we used technology by way of laptops, projectors, smart... More

  • Jessica
    4h ago

    I second what Lulu said. Especially if it avoids car accidents! 😆 . I let my kid watch Finding Dory while I take a shower and get dressed for the day. While I cook dinner he watches Super Simple Songs on YouTube (baby shark!!!) and he dances and sings to it. The only reason you should feel guilty is if you don’t spend actual time cuddling, teaching, talking and playing with your little one. Use... More

  • JJ
    17m ago

    Sure, my kid's watch PBS and kid friendly movies (and "This Is Us" because I am never left alone when I want to watch that)... but none of them have or use cell phones, tablets, internet access, etc... It is my feeling that they will deal with enough technology in school and in the real world, and I want them to know what it is to play and actually entertain themselves without h... More

How to get my six year old to love reading

  • Elle
    5h ago

    Best thing is if he sees YOU reading and enjoying it.

  • Sarah
    15m ago

    Yes take them to the library and let them choose a bunch of books. Be sure to make going to the library a very fun activity, and something they see you are excited about doing (and are looking forward to signing out your own books). Suggest also checking out activities the library has.

Learning apps

What are some good learning apps that your kids enjoy?

Any cool way on getting my 2 yr old to identify his numbers and ABC's

  • Stay-At-Home Dan

    I second Chicka Chicka Boom. Also A to Z by Sandra Bounyton is a really great alphabet book. My daughter loves that book.

  • Mysti

    I second the repetition!!

Anonymous posted in Education Oct 10

4k classroom is...dull

my 4yo just started 4k in september and the classroom is so bare! all the other 4k/kindergarden classrooms ive seen were cool, filled with learning toys, activity job centers, art centers, all that good fun stuff. But this classroom only has tables, a rug, a small amount of books, and school supplies. it just doesnt seem like a fun enviroment for a preschool classroom. The teacher is new and a ... More

  • Hannah
    15m ago

    I might be a little biased but you should try St. John's in Racine. My husband works there. All of the teachers are great. It's a happy place.

Alternatives to public school?

I don’t want to homeschool my daughter when she starts kindergarten but I would like to research alternatives to public school that won’t break the bank. I would mind homeschool hybrid, but I’d still like to see what else is out there that we haven’t considered.

Anonymous posted in Education Oct 10

Switching from Reggio Emilia to Montessori

Our son is two and currently attending a Reggio program which we love. We are considering moving him to a Montessori program in a year so he can get more academic exposure (reading, writing, etc) before kindergarten. We feel that the reggio program, while great, doesn't focus enough on academic prep. Does anyone have experience / thoughts on this?

  • Megan
    Oct 10

    We went from a forest preschool (they used a lot of Reggio principles) to public elementary school and intentionally didn’t do a whole ton of academic focus for my last nanny child and there were definite pros and cons. The con, and it’s really only a con if you get on the comparison train, is that she was “behind” her peers pretty much through the whole first year. ONLY in comparison to the ot... More

  • Jeehyon
    Oct 10

    I was a preschool teacher for several years before becoming a stay at home mama. We did free play and only light prep for the older kids who would enter Kindergarten the next year. Yes there has been a recent push to teach kids all these “academics” in pre-K but honestly I do not believe it gives your child much advantage. At that young age, many studies show that too much can burn them out soo... More

Anonymous posted in Child Care Oct 05

Benefits of Daycare!

Obviously, there are special circumstances where daycare might not be possible or well-fitted to a child's disorder, etc, but for most, day care provides direct and lasting long-term benefits to kids' overall social, mental, and emotional well-being, according to this study.

Elementary Chapter Books

I need recommendations for 3rd-5th grade reading level chapter books! Thank you in advance 💛

  • Cathy
    Oct 04

    Hi, any recommendations for 5th-8th grade reading levels??

  • Warriormom
    Oct 07

    The unfortunate events is great!!

School teaching? Is it wrong or am I just being a pain?

So first off let me tell you a little about what’s going on. My daughter started kinder this year and I have been doing all the prep work to make sure she is good in class with all her letters and numbers. The school for one is short staffed for kinder and my daughter got placed into a bilingual teacher. I’m okay that the teacher is bilingual but I do not feel comfortable that my daughter is le... More

  • Steve Weigand
    Sep 28

    I think the experts agree that teaching children to be bilingual (or trilingual, etc.) helps them in the long run, but it might delay conversational speech ability until about age 5 or so. When they reach kindergarten, they end up talking a lot more due to social pressure. And that causes them to rapidly make up any of the difference. But it makes parents very worried about potential speech pat... More

  • Sarah
    Sep 28

    We actually put our kids in a total immersion school. All the K-6 teachers in the school are bilingual and the majority of the Day is taught in Spanish. Our son learned to write and read first in Spanish and then in English. As a 4th grader he now reads at a 6th grade level in English and tested in the 90th percentile in language arts. Multiple studies have shown that while learning another lan... More

Getting child used to homework

My son loves school, snack time but will refuses and throw a tantrum like no other when it’s time to do homework. Any ideas how to get him used and like homework?

  • Katrina
    Sep 25

    A 3 year old with homework? Homework at that age has been proven highly ineffective. I limited my 12 year old students to 10 minutes with my subject, no more than 2x per week. I'd get in touch with the school to identify the purpose of homework. At 3y, learning happens through play, and if they're in structured play at school it should be time for free play at home, not homework.

  • Crystal
    Sep 26

    We’ve practiced with homework since my now 7 year old was in pre k and made it enjoyable by allowing him to have his snack time around his homework questions. Once a bit older we’d use legos or toys he likes to assist with the storyline (math or writing). I would never get on him too much when he couldn’t focus at that age but when he began getting homework during kindergarten it helped that we... More

Introducing reading and writing

Aside from reading to them, what are some things you do at home to help your kids learn to read and write?

  • Cieera
    Sep 20

    Well my little one is 2 so she doesn’t really write yet. She loves to read out letters and numbers. When we travel on the bus/train I always point out letters and have her tell me what it is. She loves it she even knows how to count from 1-20. But reading a book or two is always needed she likes to out read me when I read to her lol smh

  • Anonymous
    Sep 20

    Look into Brave Writer. It’s a “lifestyle” for homeschoolers, but many school families implement some of their ideas into their lives too. A few examples that we implemented— “Jot it down” — when the kids are making up a story, grab a pen and write it down for them with minimal editing. Then read it back to them. This shows them that you value their stories, and that writing down stories immo... More

Jeff M posted in Education Sep 17

Tips on keeping Spanish fresh in toddlers mind after attending a Spanish immersion daycare?

We have a 3 year old who attended a Spanish immersion daycare since she was 6 months old. She just started an English only preschool. Any suggestions on how to keep her Spanish going? We only speak English at home so we’re concerned any knowledge in Spanish will be forgotten. Thanks!

  • Katrina
    Sep 18

    At that age, language has to be useful to stick. She would need an environment where Spanish is the norm for those around her, or someone around her. Can she continue in daycare? Is there a Spanish preschool? What about a babysitter/nanny? It really depends on the effort and resources you have to continue her growth in the language. Something many don't know is at that age, throwing in the... More

  • Kevin
    Sep 21

    I'm concerned about this with my 3 year old as well. His daycare provider didn't speak much English, so he learned Spanish. He refused to do any Spanish at home, however. He just started preschool, but they are going to be doing Spanish after the first few weeks.

Anonymous posted in Education Sep 17


What age did you put your child in school? And why

  • Suzy
    Sep 19

    Started daycare at 1 and now she’s 3 and in preschool 2 days a week. She loves socializing and seeing all her friends. We started early because I’m a single parent.

  • Anne
    Sep 19

    Started full-day preschool at 3, TK at 4 and K at 5. They stayed home until they were 3.

Bob's Books

Hello moms. My 4 yr old son is able to find out the sound of each alphabet and can figure out the starting alphabet of any word based on sound. I am planning to buy him Bob's books. But not sure if I should go with sight words or Beginner reader books to introduce him to two letter n three ltter words and to reading. Pls tell me if I am in the right direction or if I am missing something he... More

Nandi posted in Education Sep 10

How much homework does your grade schooler do? My 1st grader does 2 hours of homework a night!!

I think it’s too long for a 6 year old who is in school for 8 hours!

  • Maltipoos mama
    Sep 14

    Last year our kindergartner had at least 2 hrs of hw nightly! The teacher was crazy. Anyone that complained, their child felt the consequences. Our boy was a happy enthusiastic kid until he attended her class. Kindergarten is supposed to be when kids learn to love school, not hate it.

  • Nandi
    Sep 14

    Savvi, no charter schools are able to make their own rules

Anonymous posted in Education Sep 10

Preschool Adjustment

Hi! Curious out long did it take your kiddos to get adjusted to going to school? Meaning not crying at drop off and/or pick up. I just started my kid going to school 5 days a week from 8-3. She initially was in a 2 day program from 830-230. I've heard it took a child 6 weeks. I've even heard 1 year. I know it'll take time. And it's her 2nd week and so far it's go... More

  • Jennifer
    Sep 10

    as a previous toddler teacher Usually week one is hard Week 2-3 is harder Week 4 they settle Things that make it easier- routines. Please don’t draw out leaving. Make a routine you do like one hug one kiss and walk out the door. If you come back because you hear her crying she will be ok for the moment but also will learn that if she cries mom or dad will come back Reassurance for you: som... More

  • Jennifer
    Sep 10

    Depending on her age, some toddlers I’ve worked with had success playing the “mommies come back” song from Daniel tiger Also things that help is if you have a pretty regular time you do pick up you can have the teacher remind her “ mommy or daddy is coming after our second snack or a little after you wake up from nap. They are at work now and will be back when they are done” Ok last one was s... More

Briana posted in Education Sep 05


I want to go to school but also be able to work. I don't know if I should do epcc or job corps and if I do epcc online or how?? I've never worked before

Anonymous posted in Behavior Sep 05

6yo doesn't like school

Does anyone else have this struggle with their kid? I thought at this age they liked school because they still did a lot of fun things. But my son does everything to try not to go. He says he is sick, he "forgets" how to put his shoes on, he tells me his teacher is mean and other kids are mean (he thinks if he doesnt get his way or they want him to do something he doesnt want to do, i... More

  • Jessie
    Sep 28

    Maybe something is going on. My daughter tried to find excuses as well and it turned out kids in her class were bothering her. Check it out and see what’s going on.

  • Jennifer
    Sep 30

    You find the root of the problem and you attack it

Saving for kid’s tuition?

How many parents are actually planning on paying for their child’s college tuition? I’m genuinely curious because it feels like I’m alone in not planning on paying for it 😅 please no judgemental comments. It’s not that I don’t care about their education, it’s that neither my parents nor my in-laws paid for my husband and my education, and I believe it means more to a person to earn their way.

  • Lauren
    Sep 14

    As a financial advisor, I am not committed to paying for my daughter's college. I can't take a loan out for my retirement so saving for ourselves is our priority. That being said, we are investing in life insurance so when we do pass, our child(ren) will have an significant inheritance, more than enough to pay off student loans. We are still saving what we can for our child, but our ... More

  • Allison
    Sep 14

    We are saving for our child's education. I can't control the extent to which she makes the most of this gift to her, but at least I know that we're putting our dollars towards what we deeply value in terms of helping her become a successful, independent adult. Being saddled with high student loan debt is no fun.

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