Get advice and share tips on teaching your child everything from baby sign language to algebra and learn how to choose the right school for your child including options like home schooling and unschooling.

Brooke posted in Education Jan 28

Learning apps

Anyone have any recommendations for learning apps for an almost two year old? My daughter got a tablet for Christmas and she’s mainly only been watching shows and movies on it. I try to limit her screen time but I would really like to start showing her some apps that teach words, colors, animals, etc... something that will get her thinking on top of when I read with her and do flash cards. Than... More

Anonymous posted in Child Care Jan 23

Mixed age preschool class choice: 2-3 or 3-4 year old class?

Looking for some advice on mixed age pre schools. Our son has the option to be in a 2-3 year class or 3-4 year class, as his birthday is right in between. I'm sure there will be tradeoffs in either cluster but wondering if anyone has experience with this kind of decision? I know the conventional wisdom is to have your child be the eldest in the class for leadership development, but FWIW th... More

  • Cassandra
    Jan 24

    So my son was in the 2s last year. This year they decided to make it 2s and younger 3s so he stayed behind in the same class. They just gave us the chance to move him up to the older 3s and young 4s class. He’ll be one of the youngest but I think he should have been in that class all along. Some of the kids in his class are very babyish and he so much more verbal. I think you want them to be th... More

  • Jennifer
    Jan 24

    I'd picked the older crowd. My co-worker who had her daughter attend a preschool/daycare. It was a mixed age group, however her daughter happened to be the oldest one will all the others were like 18months and under. So my co-worker daughter had no kids to really play and talk to and end up having speech delay. The mom had to take her daughter to a special speech class so her daughter c... More

Home schooling.

How do you feel about home schooling your little one/ones. Thinking about home schooling my 3 year old.

  • Ashley
    Jan 24

    Hi! Homeschool momma here 😊 my oldest is 8 and in the second grade. We’ve homeschooled since she was three and wanted to start school (and was ready for a light preschool load). Homeschooling is a fantastic option. I don’t agree with the way the PS teaches in addition to several other reasons. Any child, public schooled, private schooled homeschooled or insert any other education choice will... More

  • Dee
    Jan 29

    Montessori is good. Check it out

Jess posted in Education Jan 18

Missing cutoff for school

My son has an October birthday and the cutoff for school is September 30. In the long run, I’m thrilled for this - he will be the oldest kid in his class, and I know that a lot of boys need some extra time to be kindergarten ready. The question is what to do now. He’s 15 months. Do I push him into the 2-year old room in the fall? Let him have private kindergarten at his preschool then repeat ... More

  • Amanda
    Jan 18

    My son was due Oct 29 (born August 6) and we were just approved for TK. So he’ll do the 3 schools in 3 years as he’s in preschool now at 4. I don’t see a problem with that. Do the TK program if you can, since they say kinder is now what 1st grade used to be. Before preschool my son has attended daycare since he was 1, and I’ve not had concerns about “pushing” him to learn more than what he is d... More

  • B
    Jan 18

    I have a similar problem. At 2 ish they’ll move her to the next room at daycare, which is preschool. But it isn’t comparable to the public preschool here so I’m not worried.

MOM posted in Behavior Jan 15

Please tell me how to encourage a child to participate in class activities?

My daughter joined school 4 months back and initially I was doing half day as she was new to school but after couple of months her teacher said that she does not come forward as she is bit shy they have to beg her sometimes for class activities. I decided to change her schedule and made her stay at school for longer but still I dont see much change. Suggestions?

Raji posted in Education Jan 14

How to teach one year old the difference between this or that? Is there ASL sign for it?

I want to make it easier to understand when my daughter points at things. I want to know if she wants “this” or “that” between things. How do you communicate with your babies?

  • Becky
    Jan 14

    I would only present two items at a time and use their basic names. “Do you want the apple or banana?” Hold them both up before her and let he point to one of the two. Maybe only having two options would help. And if she is able to take an option from you that is also a response.

  • Raji
    Jan 15

    Thank you for your suggestions. Will keep practicing with her to make it easier for her to express herself:)

Lauren posted in Education Jan 14

Homeschooling Curriculum

I want to homeschool my son and am starting to research curriculum. What curriculum do others use for homeschooling?

Anonymous posted in Education Jan 12

Hi Moms! Are any one of you knowledable in Baby sign language?

  • Laura
    Jan 14

    Have you taught him any signs that involve putting your hands to your mouth?

  • Anonymous
    Jan 15

    Not that I know of. 😳 He is pretty hands on. He started holding his own bottle at 3 1/2 months and grabbing old of his favorite pacifier. He really is our blessing. he is 7months now.

Anonymous posted in Education Jan 08

How often a week should a 3yr old go to school?

I’m in the process of getting my lo into a 3k program. However, it is expensive to do it since the only 3k free programs are either far from us or just not very good so I opted to pay for schooling for now. My question is how many times a week is normal for a 3 year old to go because it gets expensive per day at the 3k/preschool 3 programs I’ve been seeing. Basically, is it necessary to do 5 da... More

  • Brooke
    Jan 09

    Mine does 3 1/2 days and it works well for us!

  • Andrea
    Jan 10

    I personally think 5 days is a lot for a three year old (going from no school to 5 days a week). Here most prek’s offer 2 days tues/thur or 3 days Mon/wed/fri. (Depending on preference). Im not putting my son in till this upcoming year but from my mom friends i can say they have told me either 2 or 3 days works well because it eases them into a school routine.

Anonymous posted in Child Care Jan 07

Getting 4 Y/O ready to start Pre K

I wanted my son to attend daycare when he was younger so he can adjust to playing around kids but my family disagreed because they felt he wouldnt be taken care of properly & they also felt i couldnt afford it so i didnt. now he's going on 4 & my family feels he's having speech delay (& possibly autism) because I waited so long. Parents , any tips on what I can do to prepar... More

  • Elle
    Jan 07

    If you think your kid has a disorder or developmental delay, seek professional help as soon as possible. Your child depends on you to take the best care of him as possible. Your child also relies on you to make the best decisions in regards to his care and development, not to do whatever your family tells yoi to do. We have the internet at our fingertips! Parenting resources have never been T... More

  • Carolina
    Jan 08

    It’s so difficult to know what the right thing to do is, specially because we will never know, until afterwards. My almost 3yo also had speech delay, but is know up to what he should be, the problem now is his social/emotional skills. I have been reading a lot a lot about issues and stuff. One thing I can’t tell you! Autism would not be caused by the lack of school or interaction with other k... More

Curriculum for 16 month old?

I have a 16 month old son. Do any of you SAHP follow a curriculum with you child around 18 months old? I want to make sure I’m teaching my son the things he needs to know and exposing him to a variety of things. I’m having difficulty coming up with a plan and figuring out all of what I should cover. If anyone has a curriculum they use or any ideas or recommendations on what activities to do wit... More

  • Geena
    Jan 07

    Just continue what you do. Reading every day helped us a lot learn his basics like numbers and colors and alphabets and animals etc so when we go outside to play i make sure to point out to him what we saw from books over and over again even if it’s the same thing til he’s able to respond back. They pick up fast. If we’re consistent with routine you’ll have them telling you stuff in time

  • Elle
    Jan 07

    A curriculum is a great idea! Weeklong themes are a great way to develop and build on new skills and concepts. Our day care does week-long curriculae. One example of a weeklong theme you can do is different types of dance, weather, things you can make out of rope


I am a new mommie and I want to homeschool but don’t know where to start. I have a 7 month old and a 2 year old. I have the routine thing but she wakes up whenever she wants and it throws me off because I’m the type that once I’m on routine I like to keep it that way. But I’m also the type that can’t really stick to a routine very well. Ik am confusing🥴 lol.. if you have any tips for homeschool... More

  • Anonymous
    Jan 01

    Suggest pursuing an education in childhood development. Understanding how children's brains work at this stage and how they learn is a fundamental requirement for the best outcomes -- of any learning environment.

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jan 02

    You don’t need a degree in childhood development, but it definitely can’t hurt to read up on what your ages are doing as far as development. You do not need to be schooling at those ages. Your job is to give them good tools (like open ended toys - and not too many), and opportunities to learn ( like reading to them, story times at the library, playing at parks, new experiences). Hope this help... More

When did you start school?

My kids are 2 and 10 months, so we havent started school yet (although we are touring a Montessori school in Feb for our 2 year old...I'm so excited!). But recently my sister had an experience where she was basically scolded by an authority figure because her 3 year old isn't in preschool. She did register her daughter but the school had no openings so she has to wait till next year. I ... More

  • Ivy
    Jan 11

    My mom put me in preschool with my older sister when I was 3 and she was 4. But when my younger siblings didn’t do that because schools became more strict about age for preschools and kindergarten. Now, formal schooling requires testing, otherwise it will be out of pocket and half days for many preschoolers. I wanted to enroll my son in preschool when he was 3, but our district only allows yo... More

  • Michael
    Jan 21

    Not sure how it works in other states but in South Georgia, which can be just as bumpkin as it sounds sometimes, our preschools are not technically a part of the school system. My daughter goes to pre-school but it’s taught at a day care and it is super lax. I mean come when you want and show up if you want. You still pay of course but it’s not a lot more than just normal day care would be anyw... More

Learning and socializing

I would like to know what parents have done by the age 2 with their kids. Or even before age 2. In related to school and play. Is there programs for that age already? I just found out that my cousin works at a school and they put babies in it. I guess a little like day care.

  • Lynn
    Dec 22

    I take my 2 year old to a parent and me preschool class one day a week and we go to library story times. We’ve signed up for classes through the city which is also another affordable option to find sports and music/dance classes

  • Marlen
    Jan 02

    Great, i have thought alot about what many of you have been doing. Thank you

Elissa posted in Behavior Dec 06


My 5 year old has the most difficult time focusing on any task. He has just started this so it’s not something we’ve been dealing with and I don’t believe he has ADD. He just will not focus. Today, he kept reaching for stuff while doing homework. I moved it so he looked at me and spitefully reached for something else. And this happened a few more times until I made him sit on his hands (we were... More

  • Nana
    Dec 30

    I used to do bible verses, math facts etc. while jumping on the trampoline with my son.

  • Anonymous
    Jan 14

    Nana ..but how do you keep them focused on that 1 particular thing for those 5 minutes? I can't get mine to focus on anything by itself without him trying to pull away and go elsewhere or touch other things or start talking to himself and sing or something..basically he's not going to focus on the 1 thing even if I glued his butt to a chair cuz he's then gonna cry and scream or play... More

Alda posted in Child Care Dec 06


Today, my preschooler said the word Zip and pointed to his mouth. I’ve never used that word to him. Because we never talk like that, I asked him where he heard it from and he said “at school mom, teacher said zip it .” I asked him again again if he heard it from his cousins or somewhere else but no he kept saying that the teacher told him to zip. Honestly I don’t like that. I don’t think they s... More

  • Ghiker71
    Dec 26

    Really if you font like it go somewhere else or watch your own kids. I find this thread inappropriate

  • Danielle
    Jan 17

    I think I’d just speak to the teacher about it. I’m a teacher in early childhood and I used a phrase before stories and learning time about zipping our lips (literally zip them with our fingers), eyes on me ( point to eyes) and opening their ears (placing hands by ears to open them up). Maybe she didn’t us the word zip in a rude way but as a reminder to zip up his lips?

Anonymous posted in Education Dec 01

Sign language

How long does it take for baby to pick up basic sign language and when do you teach it? Do you teach your kids sign language? Why or why not?

  • Wenonah
    Dec 02

    I started teaching my daughter at 5 months. She 7 months now and knows about 4 words

  • Anonymous
    Dec 02

    At 12 months my son started getting whiny and frustrated since he couldn’t communicate other than pointing. So I tried sign language and it’s been AMAZING. He only knows four signs but it took about 3-5 days to REALLY use them on his own. Once he got one, I taught another. Please, thank you, more, all done is what we taught. I kinda do blanket cause he loves his blanky but he hasn’t picked up o... More

Toddler books

Please let me know which books are good for toddlers to identify letters, numbers, shapes, animals, etc...

Anonymous posted in Education Nov 27


I’d like to introduce sign language to my one year old but have no idea where to start.... how did you teach your little one?

  • Matt
    Nov 29

    Have you seen ? signing and foreign language...!

  • JEaton
    Nov 30

    Our library has a baby sign language class once a week. I've been taking my son since he was 4 months old. Now at 20 months he signs a lot of the time.

Finding the right preschool

How did you know you found the right school for your child? My son is turning two next month and we are considering placing him in a half day program two days a week. The downfall - is that I have an education degree, have been a teacher AND was a Director of a preschool before I stayed at home. I feel as though while I know a lot of questions to ask, I also know the “behind-the-scenes” and... More

  • Melissa
    Nov 18, 2018

    also if a place isn’t clean when you go in you know it’s not good then and your child will be constantly sick. if the teachers greet you and your child by name that’s also a really good sign

  • Glückskinder
    Dec 11

    I would say you having this background is a big plus. You know what you are looking for, what you expect and what to consider. You have the knowledge about how a Preschool/Daycare should look like, how educated the teachers should be, what's beneficial for the children. It might take some time for you to find the right place that you trust but I would say, listen to your guts! You know what... More

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