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Anonymous posted in Education Friday

Holiday present for teacher?

My toddler attends a parent and me preschool program (parent goes to school with child) ... do I get his teachers a holiday present? What have others done?

Ashly posted in Education Nov 03

Little one starting Pre-K

My little man just turned three and has a speech delay and will be starting school. He has really bad separation anxiety. Any tips to help make the adjustment easier for us! Starts Wednesday. I’m going to be a nervous wreck.

Lil Ma posted in Education Oct 05

Any stay at home moms returning to college online

I am a stay at home mom of four toddler boys (7,6,3,2) and I want to return to college as an online student for my early childhood education degree. Any advice? Thanks in advance

  • Sofi
    Oct 06

    When does your smallest turn 3? I found it very hard to return when my son was 2. I have 3 kids a boy that just turned 4 a boy that will turn 3 next month and a 1 year old daughter. I don't have alot of help from my husband I'm sure if I had more support I would have been able to but he works very long hours and is much older than me so I am waiting daughter to turn 3 so she can ... More

  • Lil Ma
    Oct 07

    Thanks sofa for replying to my question. I appreciate it. And to answer your question my 2yr old turns 3 in February

Anonymous posted in Big Kids Oct 02

Money for conference night dinner

Hello ladies, i have a question. My 1st grader came home today saying her teacher is asking kids to bring money to school for her conference day dinner. I am new to the USA, and that sounds a little bit weird to me, please explain if this is a normal thing? And how much should we give? Thank you so much for answering.

  • Stevie
    Oct 03

    I feel like that is weird. I’ve been asked to donate for things that include my daughter. Never just a teachers dinner!

  • Jennifer
    Oct 10

    I have never heard of such thing as teacher dinner????

Anonymous posted in Education Sep 20

What's the right way to talk to my preschooler about people having different skin colors?

My 4 year old daughter has started mentioning a lot the difference between her sister's skin color and her own skin color. Her sister has darker skin than her and my 4 year old daughter has very very pale skin. She will make comments like "we aren't twins because my sister has dark skin and I have light skin". I don't know why she always brings it up. I guess she just noti... More

  • Jennifer
    Sep 26
  • Carol
    Sep 26

    Nurture shock has a great chapter about discussing race with children. My 5yo will frequently acknowledge that I’m a different color than the rest of the family bc I have more melanin. She’s right!

Anonymous posted in Big Kids Sep 07

Kid's teacher makes mistake correcting homework

How do I deal with my kid's 1st grade teacher who corrected her math homework and made several mistakes. I noticed that when I checked. When my kid took the homework to school again so the teacher could explain why she marked it wrong, the teacher again made several mistakes explaining and again gave wrong answers. Should I just leave it or send my kid to school again with the same homework? 🤔

  • E
    Sep 14

    Talk to the teacher. Most schools are using curriculums with explanations right in the teaching guide. Maybe she was just on the wrong page while grading. Not sure about the verbal reteach, but it would be best for everyone to grow from mistakes.

  • Courtney
    Sep 24

    Lol I swear I mean this with all the love and support as a fellow parent: Here is my completely uncensored blunt response: HECCCCCKKKKK NO! Absolutely DO NOT EVER be afraid to fight for your child’s education!!! The early years are LITERALLY are the building blocks to ALL things our children need to ensure their future. The groundwork is being laid for them. I cannot tell you how damn infuriati... More

Jess posted in Education Sep 05

At Home Kindergarten Programs

My daughter is 4 years old and has been in a day care program for the past two years. She loves to learn and has the tendency to pick things up quickly. I do not want to send her to public school. I was raised in the public school system (my mom is a teacher) and I want to work with a system that has more control over the curriculum and the teachers are able to adjust their teaching to the chil... More

  • Sara
    Sep 12

    Have you considered private school? Also there may be public school options in your area that take a more tailored approach, like charter schools.

  • Jess
    Oct 08

    I can't afford the luxury of private schools in this area. And they are mostly religious based which is not something I agree with. That's why I'm looking for the other options when you can't afford private schools but can't agree with the public education system. It's a never winning battle.

Anays posted in Education Aug 28

4th grade math help

Any apps that can help 4th graders better their math skills?

Anonymous posted in Activities & Enrichment Aug 28

What are some STEM activity ideas to do at home with toddlers? Thank you!

  • Rachelle
    Aug 29

    Honestly I’ve just been looking up Montessori at home on the web and YouTube especially the dollar store stem ideas so then if my son doesn’t like it I’m not heartbroken. Montessori pretty well focuses on stem and life skills through practice play (cooking cleaning etc.) my son at twenty months loves getting his own juice and snacks and picking what ever he wants to explore off of the shelf and... More

  • Shekhar
    Aug 29

    these are some fun learning options

Anays posted in Education Aug 23

4th grade math help!!

My son has recently started 4th grade and is getting daily hw. Math, writing, reading, and spelling. I am noticing he is struggling with math. Not sure if its cus he has not been practicing over summer or if he really is struggling. Any tips on how to help him. Tutor? Abc mouse? Math sheets?

  • Erica
    Aug 26

    Math is difficult in helping my family with their homework I’ve noticed it could be how he’s taught he’s not understanding it that way maybe he just needs the problems explained differently

  • Shekhar
    Aug 29

    This site is very good, I have been using for my kids for last 2 years

Nicole posted in Education Aug 21

September birthday and age cut off

My daughter's birthday is September 4. She's about to turn 1, and I know this is really early to start looking into pre school and kindergarten. But I just read the cut off for kindergarten is September 1. So do I enroll her at age 6 for kindergarten? I know these schools fill up fast, so I'm trying to gauge when I should start enrolling her to be be on a wait list. Ugh, school admi... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 22

    It all depends on the child though^. I know plenty of kids who in school missed the age cut off and weren't in my classes but easily could have been, if not higher up. You have to look at your childs readiness.

  • Nicole
    Aug 23

    Thanks guys. I was hoping that since she was so close to the deadline that there was a chance they might let her in at 5. I know I have a few years to go, but this really helps, thank you

Helicopter mom?

I need to know thoughts. My son is four and has been going to a preschool for the past 2 years. He loved his teacher last year and loved going to school. This year he has a different teacher and she is very strict and can come off mean. My son is a really good kid and so far she has told me he is a very sweet boy but my son does not like going to school anymore because she is mean. He cries eve... More

  • Jenny
    Aug 22

    You are his advocate, switch teachers. He should not hate school at 4yrs old. I don’t see this as a teachable moment - who teaches their kid to suck it up even though you are miserable at school?! School may not always be fun for a kid but being brought to tears daily is too much.

  • Jennifer
    Aug 22

    I agree with Jenny. Your son is too young to be hating school and sucking it up. The teacher shouldn't be this strict when the kids are that little. He should enjoy school and come home happy. I definitely suggest switching teachers as you don't want this to affect him going into kindergarten and being independent later on. It's going to traumatize him.

Anonymous posted in Education Aug 17

To go back to work or not

I am currently about to start (pre reqs) nursing school and I’m a sahm. Recently I received a job offer that pays decent but 10:30am-7pm which I really have to work around with class schedule. I can do it so I might take an online class and a very early class or go on Saturday as well. Pro of going back to work: making my own money Con: conflicts with class and I’ll be away from the my babi... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 19

    I just finished my pre reqs for the nursing program. I work, but I just notified my job that during school, 30 hours a week is my max. It may be nice to make your own money, but the way I see it is the degree is more important. Once I finish college and get a job in my field I'll be better off, so if I have to sacrifice the job now then so be it. I also know that for me, I could not do bare... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 19

    Thank you! I decided to decline the offer. It sucks but it’ll be worth having more time to study and be with my babies. I’ll make the money once I’m done 😁

Teddy posted in Education Aug 15

5 yo wants to learn Spanish

Hola! I have a whitey-white-creamy-pasty-alabaster-European California kid (5.5 years old) that badly wants to learn Spanish. Her dad’s family is from Argentina (so I guess she isn’t THAT white, but she definitely got more of my genes 😉) and the lot of them speak Spanish (some of them ONLY speak Spanish.) We also live in San Jose, Ca, and most of the time at playgrounds and such there are pred... More

  • Aida
    Aug 21

    That’s awesome! My son goes to Spanish immersion preschool three times a week. There are lots of pasty kids in his class, and they speak better than he does!! 😊 We are trying to improve our use at home too, to help him get more fluent as Abuela only speaks Spanish and I get in trouble weekly that I should speak more Spanish to we’ve added flash cards to our bed time routine. Keeping ... More


My 5 year old daughter is all set to start her first day of Kindergarten tomorrow and I’m having a heart attack. I’ve always toyed with the idea of homeschooling, but honestly, it’s not something I could handle. But the idea of sending my kids to public school terrifies me. I recently read about online schooling and am interested but I just don’t know what is the right choice. I’m scared of mak... More

  • B
    Aug 14

    Most of the purpose of younger grades is socialization. If you’re going to homeschool you need to find some other way to make that happen. I’m a teacher. And for regular school. It’s so much more than just content.

Lena posted in Education Aug 07

Grad school with kids

Starting grad school this September and I have a 2 yo. Any tips from parents / caregivers who have had to balance a home life with school commitments?

  • Anonymous
    Aug 08

    When I was in grad school, I had friends with small children. It seemed like organization was the key to success, as well as childcare with flexible hours or a spouse willing to do more at night so they could study/get projects done late at night. I’m not sure how possible this is, and it’s going to sound a sexist, but most of my female friends in grad school with small children had a mom/mil/c... More

  • E
    Aug 09

    I think it depends on the graduate school you are attending. Not all masters/PhD programs are the same rigor. I did a medical field grad program in my late 20’s. I would have struggled with that one while having a child. Now, in my 30’s I’m a mom, working and taking an online program to advance my licensure. This program is doable with no extra support as it’s on line and low stress/self paced.... More

Anonymous posted in Education Jul 13

What are union free schools ?

I’m looking to move out of the cities to the dreaded yet not so dreaded burbs. I’ve been checking out school districts and this union free school situation keeps coming up. Can someone clarify what that means in comparison to other school districts ? TIA

Chelsa posted in Education Jul 11

Courses and continued learning

What are some classes you have or would like to take that you feel would be useful as a stay-at-home parent? Ex: CPR

  • PK
    Jul 12

    I took a child development class, one where we were allowed to bring our kids with us to class so that they could play and socialize while parents/students discussed the topics. Part of the class requirements was to develop an activity and craft that was age appropriate.

  • Natasha
    Jul 15

    Child development classes, cpr, cooking, organization, home maintenance... anything that will benefit you and what occupies your day,

Anne posted in Education Jul 09

Let's appreciate and support our teachers!

This post from an ex-Kindergarten teacher has been making the rounds lately. What do you think? I don't agree with everything she says, but I do think teachers can only be effective when they have the support of the parents. Give them the benefit of the doubt, assume they are acting in good faith and trying to help your child learn and grow. Sometimes that process is painful and difficult ... More

  • Brian
    Oct 03

    I wholeheartedly agree!! This is pretty spot on

Emily posted in Education Jul 01

Kindergarten or first grade?

My daughter has a May birthday and this past year we sent her to Kindergarten but ended up pulling her because it seemed to be too much for her (socially/emotionally) at the time. I homeschooled her this year instead. While she’s been very interested in science, social studies, reading (I should say, being read TO), she still struggles with writing and reading on her own. Now I’m faced with t... More

  • Rachel
    Jul 05

    I would put her in Kindergarten, but not because she doesn't know her sight words or any other academic concerns. But rather because Kindergarten is when things like learning basic classroom behaviors happen: sitting in a circle, raising your hand, taking turns, standing in line, etc. If you put her in 1st grade and she struggles, you will worry you made the wrong decision, but I think it&#... More

  • Jennifer
    Aug 15

    I totally agree with Rachel. I would suggest putting your kid in kindergarten so she can get use the school environment and know how to adjust social behaviors.

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