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Anybody else starting school today?

My little man did! Who else?

Anonymous posted in Behavior Thursday

Separation anxiety at day care for 3yo

My boy started the 3yo class at day care and has cried for the first three days. Any tips of helping him though this? He seemed to calm down 2-3 minutes after we leave and has a good day in class but he is anxious at home about it. “My new class is not my favorite”. The interesting part is that he knows 80% if the kids as they had graduated to that class over the last few months.

  • Cristin

    I totally agree that it just takes time! Granted we only did part time so just two days a week, but it took just over a month until my little one was actually ok (still crazy shy & quiet) when I dropped her off. That first month was horrible leaving her crying every time and she’d cry in the car on the way there when she realized where we were going. It’s tough but it definitely gets better... More

  • Michelle

    My son went through the same thing so the teacher suggested her meeting us at the car and him walking in with her. This way it's them leaving you and not you leaving them. It worked wonders and helped the transition.

Anonymous posted in Behavior Thursday


My 2 year old daughter has been in daycare for over 6 months and still cries when i drop her off. She doesn't go to the teachers either but when I leave and I check the cameras she isn't crying anymore. I see her playing normally with other kids. Any suggestions on what I can do to make it easier on her and me when she is being dropped off? Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    I feel like I do try to do that, she holds me leg if I put her down. I kneel down and tell her it's ok I'll be back soon, I love you and hug her. When I get up and try to leave she grabs my leg again. So it takes about 5 mins for me to leave .

  • Marie

    I tried to make the drop-off as quick as possible. Telling her I love her, giving her a kiss and saying i’ll come back tonight. Being ferm not letting her see how guilty I felt. She get used to it after a couple of days. It got even better when she changes classroom, she run out of the car in excitement! made me think that she might found the other 2 yo boring... compare to preschooler...idk

Anonymous posted in Education Wednesday

When is it ideal to start preschool

So my kid is 2yrs old and will turn 3 this Sept. Starting preschool this year would mean he goes to the 2's class. So I'm stuck between sending him this year or the next. (He goes to a homedaycare /play group ). With kids who are fall born, what's ideal to do? Do you get them in school as they are almost 3, or do you wait as strting now would mean 3 yrs of preschool before Kindergarten.

  • Jennifer

    I’m starting my October baby in a 2 year old class. He is ready to be around other kids in a more structured way. I think that the harder decision will be when he is kindergarten ready: will 3 years of preschool be too much? Will we change preschools because after 2 years he needs something different? find a transitional kindergarten class? Early kindergarten? I think it is really based on the... More

  • Lenora

    My son is two but his birthday is September 3rd. I enrolled him in preschool. They said they won't be able to do anything until he turns 3 but when he does he could start. But school doesn't start until the end of August here anyway. He loves being around kids and is very social. He was in daycare before. So if you think your child is ready for something like that go for it

Yo posted in Education Aug 11

Spanish immersion

Does anyone have a child that is in or gone through Spanish immersion schooling? My daughter is about to start and I wanted to hear others experience and advise. Thanks

  • flieskarina
    Aug 12

    what's immersion school?

  • Jazzbird

    My son is in a bilingual school (Spanish/English) and loves it. It's not a total immersion, but his head teacher will only speak Spanish to the children. It did take a few weeks to warm up, but he had just turned 4. He has already picked up an ton in just 5 months. It helps if you can support it at home. It's so wonderful when children can learn a new language during their critical peri... More

Sara posted in Education Aug 11

PSA: Avoid these toxic school supplies

I was pretty shocked to find some crayons in this list of school supplies that have toxic chemicals in them. “This box set, purchased at Dollar Tree, has traces of asbestos, the report found. The chemical can appear in the talc that is used in crayon manufacturing, according to the report.”

  • a
    Aug 11

    Wow! Shocking

Online college while being a stay at home mom to many

Any of you moms are taking any online college courses while being a mommy to more than one child? I have 4 children (5,6,2,1) all boys. I am contemplating returning to college and need some advice on how to manage school and small children. Afraid I won’t be able to do both but I wanna really try... any advice will be greatly appreciated

  • Katelyn

    If you have family near by to come watch the kids even for a couple hours, or hire someone to come to your house while you study, bring the kids to a public library while you study, slam in a lot of the work on weekends... Just a few I've been looking into (I'm in a similar boat but with just a one year old). Also seeing if there are other moms in your area with a similar situation and ... More

  • Mal

    Push yourself to try! You deserve to do something for yourself. Maybe try with one or two courses tops. Depending on the work load. This way you can test it out and see how you could fit it in. Good luck !!!!

Brandy posted in Education Aug 10

Any advice on getting my 3 1/2 year old into vpk?

Turns 4 in nov. How does that work if he’s got a late bday? Looking for free vpk option because he’s with my boyfriend during the days cuz he works nights.

  • Brandy
    Aug 10

    Any advice???

  • Anonymous
    Aug 10

    It is different in every school district. You need to go online and figure it out for wherever you live. Where I live you go into a lottery, or pay for a private option.


My husband is from El Salvador and speaks fluent Spanish/English. I want our 20 month old daughter to learn Spanish as well. However, there are a few problems: 1. I am a stay at home mom, so she is around me 24/7; and I am only fluent in English. I cannot afford someone to babysit while I go take classes; nor do I have the family support. 2. My husband is almost never home due to his grave shif... More

  • Luci
    Aug 07

    Christy, I can identify. I emigrated as a child and I’m used to speaking English most of the time, and always with my husband, so it’s hard to speak Spanish when we’re all together. It’s much easier for me to speak Spanish to my son when it’s just the two of us. It sounds like your husband doesn’t have many opportunities to be on his own with your daughter so I can imagine it’s difficult!

  • Christy
    Aug 07

    @Luci You are on point! I am not trying to put my husband down... He does try. But we both get frustrated sometimes. I desperately want to learn, but it's hard to do it on my own without someone teaching it to me... So I am asking for other things that might be out there that I could try.

Anonymous posted in Behavior Jul 27

Homework tantrums

So my step daughter is 7 turning 8 and she is still throwing the most outrageous tantrums. Lately it has been directed towards her reading assignments, I understand she has a hard time grasping the questions but I work with her through them re-wording them so she can understand better. But she doesnt even try she just gets upsets and starts crying! I try to prompt her into telling me where exac... More

  • Anonymous
    Jul 30

    I have the same issue with my stepdaughter and she’s ten now. She hates doing her homework so much she will try to lie and pretend she doesn’t have any. For the longest time she insisted that she just liked the way her mom helped her with her homework and that made sense to me until I discovered that her mom doesn’t actually help her with her hw, she in fact tells her that she doesn’t even have... More

  • Mel
    Aug 01

    My SC just turned 9 and has the same issues. Won't try on his own and will try to get out of it. He wants someone to do it for him instead of trying before asking for help. We've tried being nice, talking about it, consequences, incentives, taking things away. Nothing works. When I give him the facts about how he'll have to repeat a grade it just sends him over the edge. There's... More

Kelsei posted in Education Jul 27


My twins are 3 but I doing some research on curriculum for the future. Every time a start I get overwhelmed and stop. Any suggestions? We are looking for a non denomination curriculum.

  • antigrav_kids
    Jul 29

    tldr; I think knowing what you'd like to get out of homeschooling like you already do is a huge first step. I also think you have all the time in the world to figure out what works best for you and your kids. It sounds like a lot of fun! Your upcoming trip sounds incredible! As for suggestions, I can tell you what's worked for us. We've had great luck with unschooling, a method... More

  • PKS
    Aug 01

    There are many resources available, this is true and especially overwhelming. Options: 1. Your local library, they have so many resources and definitely take advantage of the librarians and their vast knowledge. 2. Check out FB, for a homeschooling group. I know I have and have found valuable information about laws, co-ops, programs, etc.. 2. The world book is an online curriculum that has s... More

To fellow parents of children with a speech delay, Public vs. Private ?

My Daughters pediatrician always talks about the great things they do for speech delays in public school. My 3 Year old has already been to private pre k and I plan on sending her there again, I just want a second opinion.

  • San
    Jul 30

    Well it depends on the child

  • Elizabeth
    Aug 02

    My son has a significant speech delay and public school has been beyond fantastic and doing everything possible to help him

school supply lists

Does anyone else feel like school supply lists are out of control?

  • Scarlett
    Jul 21

    Yeah i do too and I don't mind sending supplies but at the same time I don't wanna feel like I'm providing for kids whose parents don't care. We spent almost $100 and only got half of the list

  • Margaret
    Jul 21

    I guess I look at it that I don’t want that kid to suffer because their parents don’t care. If they don’t care about school then what else don’t they care about? There’s also parents who can’t afford anything at all and I imagine it must feel really shameful that they can’t provide.

How to Broaden Your Child's Reading Material

This is something that is working right now. I bring my son to our local library daily. He knows the staff and is comfortable with this location. I allow him to pick out three books on his own and I pick out two that would be new materials for him. It worked today like a charm. He picked out one book independently and I picked out one of my choosing. He was upset about my choice at first bu... More

Sandra posted in Education Jul 13

Found these at my local target 🎯

These little workbooks are super cool. Definitely age/learning skill appropriate, nicely illustrated and easy to teach/learn. Very complete and they were just a dollar each! I don’t recall how much the puzzles were but it couldn’t have been over 3 dollars. I get excited when I find things like this for my kiddos and thought I’d share.

  • Sandra
    Jul 13

    Bullseye’s playground? It’s like a little dollar spot in the store

  • Kelli
    Jul 14

    I recently bought those and love them as well!


so we just found out from the pediatrician today that my 4 yr old stepson shows many signs of autism and has suggested further testing. He also said that we may want to look into a special needs school as opposed to mainsteam public school. Has anyone else used a special school vs a public school?

  • Margaret
    Jul 11

    Good luck. It can be really hard to get the help you need. I’m lucky living in California that we have a regional center to help families and individuals with developmental delays and other handicaps. Some states don’t see the value in them :(

  • Scarlett
    Jul 11

    I am from GA and we have great schools there but I moved to Alabama and this school system is just terrible

Preschool education 101

Hi! We moved to the US almost 2 months ago from Chile (me, my husband, and our 28 month old daughter). I don't know much about the educational system and I want to know a little more. Are there public/free daycares or preschools? What age do they start mandatory education? Etc etc Thanks!

  • Teresa
    Jul 02

    I would contact your local school district and ask about head start or early head start. They usually offer free half day. I’m assuming that your child speaks English as a second language, so this may help you qualify for services from your school district. Good luck!

  • Kate
    Jul 30

    Unless you’re low income, no lost areas do not have public or free preschool or daycare - not even pre I. Usually by age 5 only for K

Who knows where to find these books

Hi, Everyone, I found these interesting books at my local indoor playground. I forgot to ask them where to buy them and I liked them soooo much. Does anyone knows about them?

Favorite parenting and/or child development books?

Looking for a somewhat easy read since my brain is usually a little fried at night. Something starting from 1 year and on preferred but if it has a little bit of the first year too then it’s ok. Thanks!!

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