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When our girls were young:

We played games, watched cartoons and lots of kid/ Disney movies, went to gymnastics and cheer, read and made up stories of Shirley the squirrel for my youngest. To this day ( they are 22& 19) we still play games, go to football games, rodeo, and movies together. We like to all go as family to new Marvel, Jurassic Pirate or Wizzard movies together. Ticket to Ride and Harry Potter game ... More

Anonymous posted in TV, Movies, & Video Games Aug 08


My little has grown out of watching Baby Einsteins a very long time ago. He is 2 and a half almost 3. What next? Any suggestions?

  • Jessica

    My daughter is 3 and a half. She loves Super Monsters (Netflix), Mickey Mouse Club House, and Team Umi Zoomi (Hulu). I try to stay away from PJ Masks (which she loves), because of the behavior of the "villians". They are very whiney and annoying. ;)

  • Katrina

    My little is into machinery, so we watch a series called Mighty Machines by Canadian Public Broadcasting. 3 seasons, available from several channels on YouTube. We've been watching since little was 8m and I'm still learning things, and my now 2yr knows more about tow trucks than I do. Lol.

Just curious....

How old was your child when you took them to the movie theaters for the first time? What cues did they give that they were ready?

  • Sarah
    Aug 08

    We took both right about 3. They were both very interested in the movie we took them to so were a little better about sitting still. My recommendation is to try and hit a mid week matinee or a dollar theater flick first in case it all goes south and you have to leave!

  • Wayne


Lauren posted in Behavior Jul 29

My 4 year old daughter has been watching Daniel tiger and she's been grunting like he does

When he gets frustrated. Any options on how to stop it? I don't want her to not watch the show because she likes it.

  • Amber
    Aug 03

    Lol just enjoy your kid. Mine growls all the time. There will be a day when they are fully grown that you will miss these silly things

  • Jackeline
    Aug 09

    My daughter was doing the same thing. But when she did it to my husband he did it right back to her and on and on. She didn’t like it and stopped doing it. I didn’t think that was going to work he does that to my 11 year old and it works on her too.

Tablets for Babies

What are your thoughts on tablets for babies? My daughter is about to be 8 months and she loves BabyFirst TV. My thought is that it will help her with her car ride because she hates to be in her car seat. If you have purchased one, did you go with an iPad or something more like Amazon Fire?

  • Megan
    Jul 12

    I’m not going to weigh in on the technology at a certain age but I will with comparing the devices. When my son was younger I bought the amazon fire and he was somewhat interested in it.. but still was more interested in my iPhone. He then got the leap pad for a birthday present.. played that for a while. When he was 3 he got an iPad when we switched cell phone providers and has internet throug... More

  • Toni
    Jul 13

    Thank you everyone for your opinions they are greatly appreciated and I'm taking your responses into consideration. I will hold off on the tablet and screen time is already limited. As KammyV had done I'm currently interacting with my daughter and monitoring what the show talks about. I will be finding a way to soothe the car ride as of right now we sing the ABCs!

TV shows

We caved in. At 4 months we introduced TV to our baby boy. Are we terrible parents? Maybe. Oh well. It’s been done. He started off with Paw Patrol (he loves the catchy tune) and now we’ve moved to Pocoyo Which he lovessssssss bc of the contrast against the white background. That was until we discovered HEY DUGGEE!! We are both obsessed! They’re short episodes but it’s packed full of color... More

  • Victoria
    Jul 06

    We only watch 1 show on Saturday mornings...Sarah & Duck!! Go BBC!!

  • Erin
    Jul 19

    Try Word Party on Netflix!

Anonymous posted in TV, Movies, & Video Games Jul 01

Anyone have ideas for avoiding the finger family on YouTube kids?

When our toddler watches yt kids, it seems like every other video is the finger family or a remix. That stuff creeps me out. I know how to block videos and channels, but the finger family keeps on popping up like wack a mole. Suggestions?

  • Anonymous
    Jul 04

    Anyone have ideas? That five headed monster keeps on popping up and scaring my child

  • Whitney Rhodes
    Jul 16

    You could try other sites and apps! Jellies is a great option. Every video is reviewed by a person to make sure it doesn't have anything inappropriate or creepy in it (like family finger stuff). No ads, either. You also get full control over the topics your kid interacts with.

Anonymous posted in Newborns Jun 24

Newborns and TV

How do I keep my 3mo from watching tv with me? I try to turn him around but he always turns to watch with me. Also how bad is it for him to watch it?

  • Anonymous
    Jun 28

    If they are only 3mo it fine. My 3year saw everything I saw at that age and didn't stop seeing my things with her till she was a 1year.

  • Amanda

    My 11 week old loves to watch Trolls. Never heard of it being bad for them at this age. I have two boys 9 and 7 as well and they are just fine.

Anonymous posted in Milestones & Development Jun 24

Watching TV

My baby is 5 months old and is very attentive and alert to all of his surroundings. My question is, is it okay to still watch shows that may show nudity, have foul language, etc? Or is it something I shouldn’t worry about until he’s a little older? I don’t want him absorbing anything harmful to his development.

  • Superdad
    Jun 24

    You’re worried about a 5 month old seeing nudity on TV? Really? What are you watching is the real question.. But yes, children shouldn’t be exposed to TV that young.

  • Dennisse
    Jun 25

    I’ll be the first to tell you, I did no screen time until 3yrs old, my choice! She is 5 now and has great communication skills. Everywhere we go, everyone compliments on how her communication skills and her attentive skills to both my husband and me are amazing. She doesn’t care to watch tv nor get on my iPad. If I put something on the tv or try to put a movie on, she will sit and watch it but ... More

Anonymous posted in Family Life Jun 11

Life lessons from Mister Rogers?

Piggybacking off of this sweet Mr. Rogers post about talking to kids, what is your favorite memory of Mr. Rogers as a kid? What lessons have you taken into your life as a parent? Mine is just patience. Mr. Rogers was also so patient, so happy to talk to kids. I try to remember that when I get frustrated with my own LOs.

  • Deandra
    Jun 13

    That is always a beautiful day in the neighborhood and it’s a happy feeling to know that you’re alive! 😊

  • Anne
    Jun 13

    I just remember how much it meant to me as a child that he was always so calm and warm. It seemed like all the adults in my life were busy running around and stressed and had their own problems but Mr. Rogers wasn't like that at all. As a parent now I try my best (and only sometimes succeed) to be mindful of the fact that my children don't know about all the stuff I have to get done, t... More

On “Freddish”, Mr. Rogers’ thoughtful language for small children

“Once, Rogers provided new lyrics for the “Tomorrow” song that ended each show to ensure that children watching on Friday wouldn’t expect a show on Saturday, when the show didn’t air.”

  • Bill
    Jun 11

    Please go and see “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” in limited release now but opens in wide release June 22. Saw it last week... you will miss him even more!

  • Anne
    Jun 11

    @Bill I want to see that but I am afraid I will spend the entire movie openly weeping!

Game Apps for 4 year old boy

Does anyone have any recommendations for game apps for a 4 year old boy during an airplane trip?

  • Kelli
    Jun 23


  • Jenn
    Jun 28

    The 4 year old I used to watch liked fruit ninja, especially the split screen where you can play with another person. He also loved one that involved driving around but I can't for the life of me figure out what it was called 🤦🏼‍♀️

Anonymous posted in TV, Movies, & Video Games Jun 01

What age did you start allowing your baby/toddler to start having some screen time?

  • Katie
    Jun 02

    20 months I mainly use it as a good behavior distraction. He gets to watch a 6 minute donald duck/goofy/chip and dale short while I change his diaper, or if we are out at dinner and he gets fussy.

  • Rani
    Jun 11

    My husband mounted a small tv with Roku outside of her crib when she was 2 months old (though she didn’t sleep overnight in her own room till 3 months) she only watched busy beavers during the day if she was even in her room or 10 hour kaleidoscope lullabies at bedtime. Now she watches mostly just alphabocks, busy beavers, baby first tv, happy kids tv (just numbers) if she’s in her room during ... More

What are your favorite podcasts to listen to with kids?

I’m on a road trip and looking for some kid friendly podcasts, preferably for kids ages 6-10. So far we’ve tried Tumble, which is a cute science one, and The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel (which my kids liked but I think is more geared towards like ages 10-12). Looking for anything science related, comedy, storytelling, or mystery.

  • Jonathan
    May 29

    The “epic” app has a lot of good free audiobooks that we use like podcasts.

  • Linda
    Jul 15

    Our fav is Wow in the World, as well. But we also enjoy: Kids Bible Stories, Fun Kids Science Weekly, Astronomy for Kids, Fun Kids Deep Space High, The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian. We’ve also recently found The Young Ben Franklin, Highlights Hangouts (like from the magazine!), Eleanor Amplified, Listen Out Loud (from the TV Show Loud House), the Book Club for Kids, What If World, Smash Boo... More

Any suggestions for fun apps on Amazon's Freetime Unlimited for a 16 mo?

We just got an Amazon Fire for Kids for my baby to entertain him on a long flight. We are bringing books and I already downloaded a bunch of spongebob episodes (he loves them!). Looking for other suggestions to keep him entertained as he does not like to sit still!

  • Sashi
    May 12

    Never taken my kids on a flight, only long car trips. All I can say is lots of snacks, as mess free as possible. And one of his favorite toys maybe. Find a game for young kids, mine love this bubble pop game,

  • Paige
    May 13

    Blippi!! Peep and the big wide world!! Barney. Pinkfog. Just change your child's parent settings to their age and when you go to the kids tablet all the videos they can access will be age permitted.

Movie time!

At what age did you take your kiddo to their first “real” movie and they were able to handle it? I don’t mean a Wednesday kids matinee of the re-release of Lady and the Tramp, but a Friday night popcorn and fruit punch viewing of Homeward Bound (yes, I’m aware I’m dating myself 😁)?

  • Ashly
    May 09

    She was 3, we went to see Toy Story 3- don’t do 3D or anything special

  • Rachel
    May 13

    my husband and i took our daughter at 2 1/2. her first movie was Moana. she enjoyed the snacks, the chocolate milk and sitting in between Mom and Dad. she’s almost 4 now and it is still one of her favorite things to do. i do think it depends on the kid because some just need to wiggle and don’t like to sit still, but if your child can sit through a movie at home, chances are they’ll be fine at ... More

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