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Screen time in technology-driven world...

I’m intimidated and amazed by parents that don’t allow their children any screen time in this day and age. My family lives thousands of miles away, and I videochat them daily. It helps us stay connected with them and eases the loneliness of being a SAHM in an unfamiliar place. Additionally, I didn’t graduate high school too long ago, and we used technology by way of laptops, projectors, smart... More

  • Lulu
    4h ago

    I let my lo watch tv. Do I feel guilty? Yes. Mom guilt is real. Is my child quiet and car trips now, which she hates? Yes! No near wrecks for me! Am I able to cook dinner and clean? Yes! But do I still interact with my child, hold her, respond to her needs, play with her? Also yes. Everything in moderation!

  • Jessica
    3h ago

    I second what Lulu said. Especially if it avoids car accidents! 😆 . I let my kid watch Finding Dory while I take a shower and get dressed for the day. While I cook dinner he watches Super Simple Songs on YouTube (baby shark!!!) and he dances and sings to it. The only reason you should feel guilty is if you don’t spend actual time cuddling, teaching, talking and playing with your little one. Use... More

Good pop music sans romantic messages or language?

Taylor Swift type sound but without her problematic themes

Anonymous posted in TV, Movies, & Video Games Oct 09

Spanish or Chinese Cartoons?

Other than Peppa Pig, are there any full cartoons that are entirely in Spanish or Mandarin? Preferably on YouTube or Netflix? I can find short clips on YouTube here and there but I’d love if I could find a 20+ minute cartoon all in Spanish or Chinese. TIA!

  • Yo
    Oct 09

    My kiddos used to watch Ni hao Kai lan and she is adorableeee

  • Anonymous
    Oct 09

    Thank you all! If there’s any others, please share. I should mention this is for my 5yr old. Thx!

Too much screen time?

What is considered too much TV for a baby? My LO is 12mo next week. I don't have the TV on often as she kind of gets zoned out when she watches Super Simple Songs. It worried me a bit so stopped turning on the TV so much. I only turn on the TV when she is super grumpy and there is nothing else that she wants to do. What do ya'll think?

  • Jamie
    Sep 28

    American Pediatric Association recommends no screen time for children under 2. We read books and listen to music or play

  • Kylee
    Sep 30

    I have little baby bum or some kind of educational cartoon or something on almost all day. She just runs around and plays going back and forth from her room to the living room or following me around. She very rarely sits and watches (unless it’s Moana) it’s really just there for background noise.

So how much TV time does your 15 month old actual get?

Mine is getting like 45 mins to an hour of Shrek everyday so I can cook dinner. I have read everything about how they shouldn’t have any and I’m afraid I’m ruining him but it’s the only way I can get dinner cooked.

  • Jenn
    Oct 05

    Around 10-15 minutes per day. We watch a nature documentary while cuddling before naptime 😀 only way she'll stay still.

Is 2 too young for Shrek?

Today I was watching a family member's kid who is 6. My daughter is 2. My daughter's favorite movie is Shrek. So for lunch I put it on for them while they ate to get them calm. When they came to pick their daughter up, she was super excited to tell them they watched Shrek. They seemed fine with it left and shortly after I received a long text on how they think I'm a bad parent for l... More

  • Junoii
    Oct 06

    Honestly I don’t think shrek is really all that appropriate for children. It has a ton of suggestive stuff in it. Yes , it’s made so that the kids don’t understand the jokes but the parents do to entertain everyone. But just because someone makes a “kids” movie doesn’t make it an appropriate kids movie. Now will It ruin your kid and mare him/her for life no. That being said, when it comes to me... More

  • M
    Oct 11

    My son watches this movie all the time. It’s one of his favorites. But I honestly do fast forward the beginning after the intro song past the part where he yells at the villagers and donkey. Just so he doesn’t have to listen to that just yet.

Halloween movies for kids

Hi i was wondering what Halloween movies whould to good to watch for a five year old who has night terrors

  • Aida
    Sep 23

    Curious George Boo Fest is our favorite. My son is very imaginative and will tell us if something is too scary, the above ET and Casper, he would be very anxious with.

  • Jessica
    Sep 25

    Room on the broom is a great movie for kids!

Color blocks on kids YouTube?

Does anyone show their toddler this?

  • Findley
    Sep 10

    I show my daughter the less creepy ones cause some get really weird. I monitor everything she looks at and we watch together. It helps she knows all her colors for sure

What are some good educational YouTube channels for a first grader? Thanks!

  • Jessica
    Sep 08

    BlueworldTV and Brave Wilderness are channels about animals that are not MADE for kids but my 4yo loves them

  • Mrs. Suggs
    Oct 07

    Science with Sophie is a good channel

Kayla posted in Behavior Sep 06

My kid won't eat without TV and then won't feed himself.... Bah the struggle

  • Heather
    Sep 07

    Try playing fun kid music and having them watch you eat and copy you?

  • T
    Sep 07

    Maybe have them “help” with dinner. Set the cups or utensils out.

Love is infinite...

We’re a little late to Peter Rabbit (the story in general but the movie specifically) party but our 3yr old is OBSESSED! We watched it 4x today alone but I have to admit, I find it pretty amusing and love the casting. Of the entire movie, I love love love the line “Sharing love is not losing love. Love is infinite.” Ugh, such a beautiful sentiment. It’s such a simple idea but it has such great ... More

🐅 Anything as good as Daniel Tiger for some variety?

My three year old daughter is obsessed with Daniel Tiger and has been watching nonstop because she’s currently sick. Any other shows or movies she might like? I don’t want her burning out on Daniel Tiger 😂

  • Jason
    Sep 02

    Llama Llama, Earth to Luna, and maybe Justin Time Go. All on Netflix. Sesame Street is always a great choice and there are a whole bunch of seasons on iTunes. I have no idea why there isn’t a Sesame Street app that has the whole collection. That needs to be a thing.

  • Nika Kjensli
    Sep 03

    Peg and Cat is great!! It’s also on PBS (or Amazon Prime) and about a girl and her cat who problem solve. My 3.5 yo loves it even though some of the math concepts are for older children.

Anonymous posted in Fitness Aug 27

Prenatal yoga on YouTube

Any recommendations for your favorite YouTube channel with prenatal yoga?

My baby loves tv

My son is 7months old tomorrow and the only thing he really enjoy is watching TV. We used to put him baby sons when we was 4 month on the background but now he love them and get mad when I take it away. Should I allow him a certain time or just don't let him at all

  • BE
    Aug 28

    Noisy toys help. There are toys that your little one can interact with. Talking toys and/or baby music instruments.

  • Anonymous
    Aug 28

    I don’t know if I agree with “babies aren’t capable of learning from tv” because my son is only 9 months old and mimicks the hand motions they do in the videos when nursery songs play on tv..... it’s how he learned to clap his hands from “if you’re happy and you know it clap your Hands”. My best friends 2 year old learned sign language from a show. (Real full on sign language). I’m not disagr... More

When our girls were young:

We played games, watched cartoons and lots of kid/ Disney movies, went to gymnastics and cheer, read and made up stories of Shirley the squirrel for my youngest. To this day ( they are 22& 19) we still play games, go to football games, rodeo, and movies together. We like to all go as family to new Marvel, Jurassic Pirate or Wizzard movies together. Ticket to Ride and Harry Potter game ... More

Anonymous posted in TV, Movies, & Video Games Aug 08


My little has grown out of watching Baby Einsteins a very long time ago. He is 2 and a half almost 3. What next? Any suggestions?

  • Katrina
    Aug 17

    My little is into machinery, so we watch a series called Mighty Machines by Canadian Public Broadcasting. 3 seasons, available from several channels on YouTube. We've been watching since little was 8m and I'm still learning things, and my now 2yr knows more about tow trucks than I do. Lol.

  • Hilda
    Aug 19

    Little baby bum JUNIORs

Just curious....

How old was your child when you took them to the movie theaters for the first time? What cues did they give that they were ready?

  • Heather
    Aug 22

    Yes 3 is good.

  • Josh
    Sep 23

    My son was just before his 4th. For the New incredibles movie and he is a big superhero fan. He did great

Lauren posted in Behavior Jul 29

My 4 year old daughter has been watching Daniel tiger and she's been grunting like he does

When he gets frustrated. Any options on how to stop it? I don't want her to not watch the show because she likes it.

  • Jackeline
    Aug 09

    My daughter was doing the same thing. But when she did it to my husband he did it right back to her and on and on. She didn’t like it and stopped doing it. I didn’t think that was going to work he does that to my 11 year old and it works on her too.

  • Caedmon
    Sep 02

    I cracked up when I saw this. My 3 year old does the same thing - every time she’s upset it’s “grrrrrrrrr” - hoping she grows out of it soon, but at the same time I have to laugh every time she does it.

Tablets for Babies

What are your thoughts on tablets for babies? My daughter is about to be 8 months and she loves BabyFirst TV. My thought is that it will help her with her car ride because she hates to be in her car seat. If you have purchased one, did you go with an iPad or something more like Amazon Fire?

  • Megan
    Jul 12

    I’m not going to weigh in on the technology at a certain age but I will with comparing the devices. When my son was younger I bought the amazon fire and he was somewhat interested in it.. but still was more interested in my iPhone. He then got the leap pad for a birthday present.. played that for a while. When he was 3 he got an iPad when we switched cell phone providers and has internet throug... More

  • Toni
    Jul 13

    Thank you everyone for your opinions they are greatly appreciated and I'm taking your responses into consideration. I will hold off on the tablet and screen time is already limited. As KammyV had done I'm currently interacting with my daughter and monitoring what the show talks about. I will be finding a way to soothe the car ride as of right now we sing the ABCs!

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