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Anonymous posted in Family Life Jun 11

Life lessons from Mister Rogers?

Piggybacking off of this sweet Mr. Rogers post about talking to kids, what is your favorite memory of Mr. Rogers as a kid? What lessons have you taken into your life as a parent? Mine is just patience. Mr. Rogers was also so patient, so happy to talk to kids. I try to remember that when I get frustrated with my own LOs.

  • Deandra
    Jun 13

    That is always a beautiful day in the neighborhood and it’s a happy feeling to know that you’re alive! 😊

  • Anne
    Jun 13

    I just remember how much it meant to me as a child that he was always so calm and warm. It seemed like all the adults in my life were busy running around and stressed and had their own problems but Mr. Rogers wasn't like that at all. As a parent now I try my best (and only sometimes succeed) to be mindful of the fact that my children don't know about all the stuff I have to get done, t... More

On “Freddish”, Mr. Rogers’ thoughtful language for small children

“Once, Rogers provided new lyrics for the “Tomorrow” song that ended each show to ensure that children watching on Friday wouldn’t expect a show on Saturday, when the show didn’t air.”

  • Bill
    Jun 11

    Please go and see “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” in limited release now but opens in wide release June 22. Saw it last week... you will miss him even more!

  • Anne
    Jun 11

    @Bill I want to see that but I am afraid I will spend the entire movie openly weeping!

Game Apps for 4 year old boy

Does anyone have any recommendations for game apps for a 4 year old boy during an airplane trip?

  • Nick
    Jun 10

    I highly recommend the Endless Reader and other Endless apps. They are mostly educational and very fun.

  • Thea

    Temple run or monkey math

Anonymous posted in TV, Movies, & Video Games Jun 01

What age did you start allowing your baby/toddler to start having some screen time?

  • Katie
    Jun 02

    20 months I mainly use it as a good behavior distraction. He gets to watch a 6 minute donald duck/goofy/chip and dale short while I change his diaper, or if we are out at dinner and he gets fussy.

  • Rani
    Jun 11

    My husband mounted a small tv with Roku outside of her crib when she was 2 months old (though she didn’t sleep overnight in her own room till 3 months) she only watched busy beavers during the day if she was even in her room or 10 hour kaleidoscope lullabies at bedtime. Now she watches mostly just alphabocks, busy beavers, baby first tv, happy kids tv (just numbers) if she’s in her room during ... More

What are your favorite podcasts to listen to with kids?

I’m on a road trip and looking for some kid friendly podcasts, preferably for kids ages 6-10. So far we’ve tried Tumble, which is a cute science one, and The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel (which my kids liked but I think is more geared towards like ages 10-12). Looking for anything science related, comedy, storytelling, or mystery.

Any suggestions for fun apps on Amazon's Freetime Unlimited for a 16 mo?

We just got an Amazon Fire for Kids for my baby to entertain him on a long flight. We are bringing books and I already downloaded a bunch of spongebob episodes (he loves them!). Looking for other suggestions to keep him entertained as he does not like to sit still!

  • Sashi
    May 12

    Never taken my kids on a flight, only long car trips. All I can say is lots of snacks, as mess free as possible. And one of his favorite toys maybe. Find a game for young kids, mine love this bubble pop game,

  • Paige
    May 13

    Blippi!! Peep and the big wide world!! Barney. Pinkfog. Just change your child's parent settings to their age and when you go to the kids tablet all the videos they can access will be age permitted.

Movie time!

At what age did you take your kiddo to their first “real” movie and they were able to handle it? I don’t mean a Wednesday kids matinee of the re-release of Lady and the Tramp, but a Friday night popcorn and fruit punch viewing of Homeward Bound (yes, I’m aware I’m dating myself 😁)?

  • Ashly
    May 09

    She was 3, we went to see Toy Story 3- don’t do 3D or anything special

  • Rachel
    May 13

    my husband and i took our daughter at 2 1/2. her first movie was Moana. she enjoyed the snacks, the chocolate milk and sitting in between Mom and Dad. she’s almost 4 now and it is still one of her favorite things to do. i do think it depends on the kid because some just need to wiggle and don’t like to sit still, but if your child can sit through a movie at home, chances are they’ll be fine at ... More

Anonymous posted in TV, Movies, & Video Games May 03

For those that have children who loves trucks check out Twenty Trucks on YouTube. There are songs and videos for every truck imaginable. My boys are obsessed! I never knew what a Feller Buncher or Delimber were until we discovered this. The songs are so catchy and educational. Highly recommend!

Y’all. I really forgot how good Red Dragon is. Yes, I’m watching it in the silence of my living room because my little boy went to bed earlier than usual 👏🏼 Boom. 🙌🏻

Awesome toy alert! We got our Nintendo Labo “Toy-Con” today. They are little cardboard kits that you assemble into different mechanical contraptions. One of them is an RC robot, one is a house with working switches and levers, one is a piano with moving keys... it’s so cool! Then you plug the Switch into them and play games using the devices. My 5yo was able to assemble the kits with a little h... More

  • Antonia
    Apr 26

    I assume the kit doesn’t include the Nintendo part?

  • Anne
    Apr 26

    @Antonia nope, you have to have the Nintendo Switch console for it to work. But it comes with 5 separate games for the console.

Boss baby the movie was one thing. Now the tv show! Oh god yes! I like the show better plus I’ve been trying to get my 3yo off the pj mask.. looking for something on Netflix that I can enjoy watching with him? Any suggestions?

  • Jen
    Apr 26

    Also octonots. Wallykazam. We ditched cable and now use a combination of sling tv netflix and hulu. Still a fraction of cable cost.

  • Cassandra
    Apr 28

    My little is obsessed with Masha and Bear, Boss Baby, Special Agent Oso, and Curious George

Anonymous posted in TV, Movies, & Video Games Apr 07

Has anyone taken their under 6 month old to movie theater?

  • JJ
    Apr 08

    Sometimes, depending on your baby it can be the best time because they may sleep through it and not cause a fuss. But be prepared to exit quickly because the opposite may happen too. Keep in mind some theaters are loud and cold and full of germy grown ups.

  • Anonymous
    Apr 08

    Thinking of getting her nose canceling headphones... and going to a matinee.

Anonymous posted in TV, Movies, & Video Games Apr 04

i’m ok with my kid watching a little tv but i wish it was easier to contain and control. you set a limit and it becomes an assumed daily intake instead of an upper limit. on top of this, she always seems to pick out, you know, garbage from the library and netflix. i wish i could better steer her towards programs i’m more comfortable with her watching but i also don’t want to rob her of agency. ... More

  • antigrav_kids
    Apr 05

    I've had good luck with these: 1. Every so often, I get to pick the show, and I watch with them. Sometimes the gang likes what I pick, sometime they wonder off. 2. I often comment that we're non-standard unschoolers, and in this respect we're way different than radical unschoolers: I limit their choices of shows, and occasionally change the lineup based on what I think is going on... More

  • Penny
    Apr 21

    We have limits everything is age appropriate here . Tv , Movies, Games. I usually ask my 9 year old what he wants to watch from his list in Netflix. Then if he can’t decide which is about 50% of the time I give him two choices

Do you let your toddler (younger than 2) watch tv everyday and if so, do you limit to a certain time frame?

  • Anonymous
    Apr 10

    I let my 18 month old watch tv or YouTube videos of nursery rhymes whenever I need to get things done. I don't turn it off until it is nap time. So the tv is on for like the whole morning or the whole afternoon sometimes. TV is always on Baby first TV channel on Direct tv. It is all Educational shows. She would just stop watching if she doesn't like the show that is on and will go and p... More

  • Kellie
    Apr 12

    My son is 20 months old and he doesn't watch any TV. We will occasionally show him a video we took of him on our phones or a kids music video for a song we sing regularly. He also facetimes with Grandma.

I’m wondering what are your 2 yo's favorite iPad/phone games?

My wife and I decided to try out ABC Mouse for our 4 yo daughter. So far she loves it, and wants to play all the time. Has anyone seen the long term benefits of this actually helping, and how much time do you allow a day for them to be on the site?

  • Alexis
    Mar 22

    My daughter loved it and still does but was more interested in the videos. You can find all the videos on YouTube. She loves the color song “ we have three primary colors “I love it too and all the alphabet songs something different and to sing along with.

  • Paul
    Mar 23

    Thanks for all the comments, really appreciate the input. I am going to try the 30 screen time and maybe allow it to be 2 times a day.

Fun Q&A: Q. What was/is your child’s favorite movie that you have watched at least 200 times and have memorized nearly every line? How old were they? A. My son is 18 months and he LOVES Moana. He won’t watch anything else. He will run to the gate to go downstairs where our television is saying, “NANA!?” (Moana)

  • joann
    Apr 22

    Life of pets . Lol

  • Tyler
    Apr 29

    My son at 6 years old loves all three of the Kung Fu Panda movies. However, he also likes Moana, Secret Life of Pets, Minions, Madagascar 3, and several others. Kung Fu Panda the best.

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