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What is best birth control

I’m planning on going on birth control today and idk which is the best kind

  • Ashley

    I think IUDs are a great option if you want something that is lower maintenance and more longterm. They have hormonal and non-hormonal options if that is a concern. I would ask your doctor to explain a few different options and go from there.

  • Nicole

    I LOVE my IUD! They have different types hormone non-hormone etc. And lasts 5 years so no needing to remember a little pill

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Tuesday

Trying for baby #2

Im a SAHM I have a 2.5 year old daughter who is very active and does not sleep through the night yet.The hubby and I recently started talking about trying for n2,I dont feel ready but at the same time I dont want the age gap to be too big between them. I have had hyperemesis during my 1st pregnancy and I dont know how I would be able to be present with my toddler if I end up having it again. Wh... More

  • Rebekah

    I had severe HG with our first, I was in the hospital all the time and ended up losing 45 pounds. We started TTC #2 when he was 11 months old and found out I was pregnant when he was 13 months. She will be here in October and our son will be 21 months. I have HG this time as well but not nearly as bad, I feel horrible when my son sees me get sick but he has learned to be more independent which ... More

  • Nina

    My kids are 1, 3 and 5. While it was hard initially. Especially getting used to having a one year old and an infant. It has been great! The older two are inseparable (and fight so much) but they teach the youngest one a lot. Like walking, gross motor skills, playing. I wouldn’t have done it with a bigger age gap. Because I enjoy my sleep! So at least now that everyone sleeps through the night,... More

I want another baby girl!

Yes specially girl. I’m not pregnant...yet but I don’t know if I’m able to due to the IUD I had mirena. How long does it take? I have an almost 2 in November year old girl. I want so many kids I love being a mother.

  • Whitney
    Jul 13

    Okay this is a better understanding.

  • LaRhonda

    I had the mirena and it took me about 3 months to get pregnant after I took it out. I only had it in a year and a half after my first child was born.

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Jul 11

New Job and Baby?

I’ve started a new job and my husband and I have been contemplating having another child. We’ve been planning since before the job opportunity came along but this new job was too good to pass up and now we aren’t sure how to proceed. We want our kids to be close in age and as we are older, we’re nervous about waiting longer and the complications of pregnancy with age. Have any of you been in... More

  • JJ
    Jul 12

    Find out what benefits your job offers to pregnant women and families and see what their maternity leave is like if they have something set up. Look into FMLA for that company as well. Jobs come and go. Family first.

  • B
    Jul 12

    JJ raises a great point - many companies have much worse maternity leave policies until you’ve worked there a year. Something to consider.

Tubes tied?

I’m 25, have one son. I went through a tough pregnancy and had a c-section. The thought of having another doesn’t excite me. Am happy with just one. Soon, I will be adopting two kids. Until then I’m seriously thinking of getting fixed. What do you think?

  • Brandi
    Jul 08

    If you’re sure, i say go for it! I am currently 32 weeks pregnant. This will be our first. This has not been the best experience. My husband and i have already been discussing him getting a vasectomy soon after i have the baby. That being said... although, i am very grateful that I’m pregnant and very excited to meet my little one, i have never desired to be pregnant and would be totally ok ado... More

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Jul 06

Just found out I’m pregnant very early again. First kid will be 20 months when bub is born. I’m not sure I want to go ahead with it and have kids so close. Was waiting to try till first kid was 18-19 months, that way there is at least a 24 month age gap.

  • Yopolos
    Jul 07

    To be honest, I don’t think there will be a big difference in stress for you if you have a child now versus even 2 years from now. My first and third are 3 yrs apart and it’s still a lot of work (without considering my middle Child) . I would either shoot for a 5 year age gap or just get it over with (pregnancy is always harder for me for work compared to the child). There is never a good time... More

  • Sarah
    Jul 07

    My husband and his brother are 13 mo apart and my MIL always said that in a way it was easier because they went through all the phases together, they even had the same friend group. They are still pretty close even though we live far from my BIL.

Anonymous posted in Babies Jul 06

Planning for a 2nd baby

Curious of other people’s experiences when they planned to have a second child. I stay at home and my baby is not an easy baby and soon to be 1. Thinking of having a 2nd sooner just because I don’t want to have a baby past the age of 35 (would wait longer if I could). Looking for advice and to hear other's experiences.

  • Maggie
    Jul 07

    In our family we tend to space kiddos about 1.5-2 years apart. The bonds of siblings is so beautiful to see! Besides these young years don’t last forever and waiting for many years between kids makes adding another newborn to the mix even harder since now you have a functional little person.

  • Anonymous
    Jul 07

    1 year old baby here and we are planning to wait a few more years before thinking of having a second. Having our first was a big change and we almost got separated after a few months... I am kind of traumatized. I cannot imagine having another baby now and I think I will just loose my couple

Tubes tied?

My fiancé and I were surprised to be pregnant with our 3rd child, especially just after having our son who turned one this past May. I’ve decided that I’m good with 3 kids and wanted to get my tubes tied immediately after I give birth to this baby. Has anyone out there gotten theirs done? If so, how did it go? How fast did you recover? How was your experience?

  • Shantel
    Jul 06

    @jennifer thank you! That helped me out a lot with an idea of it cause I never had a c section. All my babies was vaginal.

  • Shantel
    Jul 06

    @carrie my fiancé doesn’t feel comfortable with getting a vasectomy versus me being comfortable with getting my tubes tied and I definitely will not push him on getting something done that he isn’t comfortable with whether it’s with himself or myself & I also respect his decision.

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Jun 30

Should I have a second kid?

I have a son who is turning 10 next month. I’m no longer with his father and have been married to my husband for about 4 years. He wants to have a kid. At first, it was more of a space concern. We purchased a two bedroom house on a large plot with the intention of building on after a few years. It may take another few years with saving up. That’s another story. I’m getting somewhat concerned of... More

  • Sheena
    Jul 02

    I had a very similar situation. I have an infant son and a 10 year old daughter, from a previous relationship. I was 23 when I had my daughter, in a horrible and abusive relationship. My pregnancy and delivery were a nightmare, resulting in an emergency c section, which I was not properly medicated for. At 32 I found my self in a healthy, stable home, pregnant with my son. It was still a diffic... More

  • Brie
    Jul 03

    If it makes you feel any better, my sister and i are 13 years apart. We we're and still are as close as close can be and she sees my daughter at least twice a month.

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Jun 22

Could I be pregnant again at 6 months postpartum?

I gave birth 6 months ago via C-section and I’m exclusively breastfeeding and haven’t gotten my period back. For like a month now, I noticed that I’m again unusually more thirsty, whether I’m breastfeeding at the moment or not, & I’m getting hungry more often like I haven’t eaten anything all day. I feel little flutters in my belly and had 2 or 3 separate occasions of stomach cramps 1 or 2... More

  • Anonymous
    Jun 23

    It could be that your baby is going through a growth spurt? I always get hungry and thirsty when that happens..

  • Caitlin
    Jun 30

    If the tests are negative most likely no but go to the dr and get a blood test to be sure

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Jun 20

IUD check ups

I got an IUD about 10 months ago and I honestly don’t know how to self check it? I’m worried because my husband said a couple times that he can feel a poke which I’m guessing are the strings because he said it was soft. I’ve read about it and my obgyn said for me to check it every month to see if it’s still in place. But I’ve tried to myself and I can’t feel a thing. I’m under my husbands work ... More

  • Ashley
    Jun 21

    A sitting or squatting position is probably the easiest way. A partner being able to feel the strings is pretty common. My doctor told me she could cut them a little bit shorter if that happened, but that's not always possible if they're already pretty short. If not being able to check the strings is causing you a lot of stress, it could be worth it to just make one appointment and ask ... More

  • Anonymous
    Jun 21

    I’ve heard that if it didn’t fall out within the first few months it’s very unlikely to do so. The fact that your partner can feel the strings means it’s up there. So no need to check yourself on top of that

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Jun 17

Best Pregnancy Tests

My husband and I are TTC... Only on Month 1. I was several days late for my period (I downloaded a tracking app and everything) so I excitedly went to Walgreens to get a pregnancy test. Man are they expensive! I got two different brands just in case and it was over 35 dollars. I was going to check Amazon to see if they have them cheaper or in bulk but what do other people do? Do some brands wor... More

  • Anonymous
    Jun 18

    Oh, wow, ok. Now I'm getting my hopes back up again.

  • Drusilla
    Jun 19

    I've heard the dollar tree ones are just as good. My husband only trusts clear blue though xD

“Advanced Maternal Age”

I’m 37 and have decided to try for a second child (my first is six). Anyone care to share their experience with being “advanced maternal age”?

  • Letitia
    Jun 21

    I had #1 at 32 and #2 at 38. They considered me AMA for #2 but fortunately I had a fairly smooth pregnancy - just way more monitoring.

  • Patricia

    I got pregnant at 45 ,after i remarried 5 years earlier, i had my son a month before i turned 48. I did get gestational diabetes but other wise i delivered a healthy baby I call him 'my surprise at 45'

Anonymous posted in Family Life Jun 13

Another baby?

What made you decide to have another baby after your 1st one?

  • Anonymous
    Jun 24

    I have a 3 month old and I already know I want to have more. I cannot imagine my life without my siblings. This has not been a walk in the park for me to decide so quickly. But if god allows it I would love to have more children.

  • Jenni

    My husband and I both had siblings, and we knew we wanted our first to grow up experiencing life together with another sibling. We have two girls now and I couldn’t be happier seeing how close they are and knowing that they will always have each other. As the younger one said to my older one, “You is my friend.”

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Jun 06

My husband wants me to keep my birth control in but I want it out

I'm fine if we don't try for a baby at this moment. But I don't want it in anymore. Am I wrong for telling him it’s my body my choice?

  • JJ
    Jun 07

    Free will***

  • Ashley
    Jun 07

    You're not wrong at all. There are a lot of birth control methods out there, and you have every right to say what's not working for you and make changes.

Anonymous posted in Family Planning May 29

I just found out I am pregnant with my second and am really stressed. I though this was what I wanted but didn’t expect it to happen so soon. I got pregnant 1-2 weeks after stopping birth control and haven’t even had a period yet. I am scared to tell my husband because I am not sure he will be excited that it already happened. And my sister just got engaged. It was a mutual decision for me to s... More

  • Anonymous
    May 30

    Jonathan I do in fact have to work even though I would want to only work part time. Since my husband’s business is just starting I am also the one making the majority of our families income. I would love tips on getting my work to let me work part time after another baby

  • Paulette
    May 31

    My intuitions telling me this is currently happening to me ill make a drs appointment now, thx also, everything happens for a reason youre blessed !!

Anonymous posted in Family Planning May 24

Terrified of having baby

My gf is terrified of having a baby. She worries about the changes to her body and lifestyle so much that she cant imagine getting pregnant. What should I tell her? Or is it best to let her figure it out for herself?

  • Nisha
    May 31

    Yes ! When she is ready she will tell you.

  • Anonymous
    May 31

    Thank you everyone!

Second Child

Is anyone out there scared to have another child because you feel like you could never love the second one as much as you love your first? My handsome boy is my entire world and even though he's a year and a half old, I'm still finding it hard to maintain my relationship with his dad (my fiance) and be a good mom BECAUSE he's my entire world. Anyway I know he needs a playmate and so... More

  • Mike
    May 21

    As a dad of two, we had the same worry; worried to spend less attention to daughter who has been our whole world; worried not give enough to the new born boy. Fast forward 1.5 years, the worry was unnecessary. We love them both, but balancing the attention is the new challenge.

  • Jessica
    May 25

    I used to be afraid of this until I had my 2nd child. I love them both dearly.

Parents of two children (or more) - My hubby and I are contemplating a second child. I know everyone says you “forget” everything about pregnancy and delivery - but - ummmm...I must be that 1% that actually remembers. LOL. My question is - how do you do it? Not sleeping at night and then awake alllllllll day with a toddler. The thought of it makes me 😳😳😳😳.

  • Meg
    May 23

    1) have adequate space btwn the kids...i could not imagine doing it less than 2yrs apart. For me personally my first was an extreme challenge, so we waited till she was 3. I love that age gap. Having them closer together doesn't make anything easier lol... 2) divide and conquer. You need help. You must prioritize and delegate. Work as a team. Don't sweat the small stuff. You'll beco... More

  • Aireal
    May 25

    Not going to lie its HARD. But moms aren't just women we are superwomen and somehow we manage to still operate on 4 hours of COLLECTED sleep. Get as much help as you can before you burn out. And give yourself permission to lower your expectations (e.g. home cooked meals every night-yeah right etc).

Anonymous posted in Family Planning May 02

Ladies who have had their tubes tied (tubal ligation) - can you share your experience of what it was like? The procedure, recovery, and any changes you've noticed post-ligation. Thank you!

  • Brie Davis
    May 03

    I’ve had my tubes tied and I will tell you the recovery is a bit much depending on your pain threshold. I had a c-section at the same time so that played into it as well. Get your mess IMMEDIATELY!! You will be down at least 3-5 days barely able to walk. Each day, walk a little to get used to the stitches. Keep the wound clean and dry. They give you things to help with that. Umm...any other que... More

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