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Anonymous posted in Family Planning Tuesday

Pros and cons of birth control shot

I really don’t know where else to post this (I looked at forum options and didn’t see anything related to this, so it’s out in the open, sorry, haha). Do any of you mamas use Depo Provera for birth control? I used it for 3 months right after I gave birth (over a year ago), and I had a rough time using it. I thought maybe it was because my hormones were still out of whack and my body was still... More

  • Caroline

    As you and Savannah mentioned, everyone’s experience is different, but I gained weight on depo and had longer periods. I then switched to pills but had issues with mood swings, so I switched to Mirena and loved it. With a decent diet and moderate exercise, I was able to lose the weight and deal with my carb cravings, and my mood felt so much more stable. Plus, no period after about a year! When... More

  • Anonymous

    My best friend has the shot and experienced weight gain too. I have the Mirena IUD and honestly dont care for it. My last period lasted 17 days. Its constant, heavy bleeding. It also depends on what side effects your okay with.

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Sep 16

First response test

I’m seeing a lot of mixed reviews for the first response tests, amazon has a lot of false negatives then target has a lot of false positives. Anyone get false positives?

  • Katrina

    I dont think first response has false results, but more likely misleading or confusing because the 1 line or 2 lines is tricky. It's common you might see just 1 line which you would think means "not pregs" but it's actually the location of the line that really matters, see my photo of a positive test. there was only one line and so I thought it meant "not pregnant" ... More

  • Beth

    Honestly the little tests from Dollar tree are perfectly fine as long as thier not expired and they usually aren't in my area!

Anonymous posted in Babies Aug 26

Mama’s w/ Two kids under Two:

Me & my husband are wanting to have another kid soon, but first I would like to get the pros/con, suggestions etc of what other moms have went through, struggled with, loved, disliked etc with having two kids under two. TIA!

  • Jennie
    Aug 29

    I had 2 under 2 (now I have 5 under 8) and I loved it. The first few months are tough but once you get into a good routine, it's great. Now they are 7 & 8 and it's awesome because they're basically at the same development levels and want to do things together. I wish my other kids were closer in age, to be honest.

  • Sierra
    Aug 30

    It’s been much harder than I imagined for me. My oldest was really jealous no matter how much I tried to do all the right things to help them bond. It did get better with time though, 80% of the time they both love playing together. What was the hardest for me was combining both their schedules and that they both needed and wanted my full attention at the same time and fought to have it. I had ... More

I got my nexplanon implant about a month ago and have had no period since

I started it a week into my pill packet and my dr said I would probably start my period because of stopping the pill, but I havnt had one. I had unprotected sex two weeks after insertion, but none before. Should I be worried I'm pregnant?

  • Bethany
    Aug 25

    No! I had mine put in on May of 2018 and didn’t get a period until June of 2019

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Aug 22

Sex advice

My husband is a wonderful Dad. He works full time, goes to school and helps around the house. He’s really awesome. We are currently trying to have a second child and to be honest - I do not find my husband physically attractive in a sexy way. I know that I should - for all that he does - but when I look at him in a sexy way - it just doesn’t do anything for me. I’m also a SAHM and am so so ... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 29

    “My friend recently told me to ask my husband to take the lead one night a make dinner, clean up, put baby to bed etc in order to give me a break...” 1) If your husband is home, why isn’t he helping out with all of these thing every night? 2) why is the burden on you to ask? He’s a grown man who should be perfectly capable of taking it upon himself to step up and do his part without b... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 29

    You can always seek professional help. Your gynecologist or general doctor can help. Or you can make a better effort. Put it in the calendar and that day take it easier. Maybe don’t clean as much or take a nap. Do your nails, make up, order take out..etc and make it a purpose to rekindle with your husband. It’s very important for you both.

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Aug 21

Wanting a third kid?

I’m 34yrs old with boy/girl twins who are 3. I kind of want a third ... but idk if we d be able to handle it. Financially or otherwise + I feel like I’m getting old. Hahaha How did you guys decide to have a second or third or fourth?

  • K
    Aug 22

    I had my FIRST at 34😂, so in my opinion your ahead of the game😁. I am the opposite; had my baby boy first and when we tried fir a second we got 2😳🎀🎀. Finances will always be a worry, no matter what for most of us. If you are not done, you will know it, trust yourself. If you go on to have a singleton and not another set of twins, you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is going to feel... More

  • Aya
    Aug 23

    I'm the opposite as well. Singleton + Twins, 4.5 years apart. I had my twins when I was 39 (they were a surprise) - so you still have a lot of time. My best friend just had the twins + singleton combo, and I agree with the above statement, after having twins, having singletons will be a breeze for you. Especially since by the time you have the baby, the twins will be a bit older. Finan... More

Late period negative test ?

Looking for a answer maybe you ladies can help I was late 4 days on my period which was weird because I’ve been getting my period on the exact day my app was telling me for the past 3 months anyways on the 5th day I spotted. 6th day I had what I think was a real light period I only had blood when I would wipe and for the next 2-3 days I was just spotting light pink (which I’ve never had) and br... More

  • Jennifer
    Aug 22

    Has there been any stress or changes in your diet? Sometimes that can affect the changes in your period? Or if your on birth control pill it might cause you to spot too. Please check with your doctor to see what's going on.

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Aug 13

14 days late all test have been negative.

So I've taken 5 different test each of them have came back negative everytime. I have talked to my mom today about it and she said that she had the same problem until she was 3 months pregnant with me. Is this anything anyone has heard of because this is something I've never heard of. What should I do. How should I go about this. Me and my boyfriend of 3 years have had a talk about it a... More

12 days late, nausea on and off but now gone, fatigue but negative pregnancy test. Could I be pregnant?

  • annag
    Aug 10

    What kind of pregnancy test are you using? My impression is that the "early" ones are supping to work as early as your first missed menstrual-period day, but that other types of tests might not work as well that soon. How regular are your cycles, typically? Sometimes, other things can interfere, for various reasons, like stress, nutritional deficiencies, medication changes, travel, ... More

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Aug 07

Missed period

I'm 8 days late and never have been late before. I spotted the first 2 days and then it stopped. Now I'm starting to get stomach pains. I took a test on the 5th and it said negative. Should I take another test or just wait it out and see if it comes next month?

  • Anonymous
    Aug 07

    Take another in the morning

  • Morgan
    Aug 07

    Take another in the morning

5 days late and negative pregnancy test

I was suppose to have my period 5 days ago and took a pregnancy test today and it came back negative. I feel a little bloated but that's about it. But I don't know what to do. I'm 21 and never really had to worry about anything like this before. Please help a girl out. I'm scared and confused

  • Hannnn
    Aug 04

    Could it cause spotting because I did spot the first two days of my missed period as well. That's what really triggered it

  • Anonymous
    Aug 04

    So my first thought is that could be implantation bleeding. I just googled and it said it can take 2-3 days after implantation bleeding for there to be enough hcg for the most sensitive test to detect a pregnancy. So if you spotted for 2 days and you tested on the 5th day... that would be the third day after implantation bleeding I think. Unless they count the first day? 🤷🏻‍♀️ I would try aga... More

Someone help me please

My period is 5 days late and all pregnancy tests are all negative, my last period was 24th june and normally 31 days. Ive been feeling sick, bloated, lower back ache and cramps. What else could it be

  • Anonymous
    Jul 30

    Stress. And then the more you stress about it being late, the more your period is going to be irregular.

  • Bethany
    Jul 30

    I took pregnancy tests when I was 7 weeks pregnant and it didn’t read positive. I had missed my period for two months. I had to go to urgent care and get the blood draw test and it came back positive. I found out I was eight weeks along. You may need to wait longer to find out. Give it time


Hellooo ladies! My LMP was May 22nd, I was supposed to start June 26th according to my app. I didn’t bleed BUT I did have brownish discharge for 3 days on and off. I took a test from walgreen, a cheap one and it looked like I faint positive. I waited a week and took a FR test and it was negative. Then a few days after I took like 3 dollar tests and also negative. On Sunday July 6th, I took an b... More

  • PK
    Jul 12

    How many months postpartum are you? Is this your first few periods after having your baby? I’m pretty regular myself but for the first several menstrual cycles after having my son, I was very irregular and once I went almost 2 months without having a period.

  • Sandra
    Jul 12

    I don’t have any children. This is my first time missing my period for this long, It’s always been on time but I’ve been getting negative results, except for the blue dye test I had took.

Trying to conceive #2

Hello. My husband and I are officially trying for baby #2. I bought a TTC kit that has 2 months worth of vitamins with folic acid and it came with ovulation and pregnancy tests. Is there anything else I can do to help get pregnant? I got my first period last month after getting off of the Depo, but it only lasted for like 3 days. Also, any advice on having two younger children would be apprecia... More

Late cycle but negative pregnancy tests.

My boyfriend and I aren’t using protection. He is just quick about using the “pull out” method. He pulls out well in advance. I was suppose to start my period on the first but haven’t yet. I’ve taken pregnancy tests but they’re negative. I’ve been feeling emotional, slightly cramping, and tender breasts. But these are signs of PMS as well. I know stress can delay a cycle too. I’m not sure wha... More

  • Anonymous
    Jul 07

    The pull out method is notoriously ineffective. Keep taking tests every other day. If all neg I usually wait until I’ve missed second period to get tested at doc, since sometimes it happens. But think about getting on birth control since it’s only a matter of time until you’re pregnant

  • Kieli
    Jul 07

    Both of my kids were conceived using the pull out method. The first time I missed a couple birth control pills. The second I wasn’t working, so no insurance and I had just stopped breastfeeding. Literally conceived my second the same month I stopped breastfeeding my first. Go to a clinic, and they will test for you.

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Jul 02

Three Kids

Hey all, Please talk me off the ledge. My husband and I weren’t trying for #3, but after a couple of irresponsible nights (yup, I’ll admit it) here we are. We already have a 3 year old and a 10 month old, and hadn’t really planned on having another one so soon if at all. We had plans to go overseas again to live (we did before kids) and to save money, and now we will have to buy a bigger vehi... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jul 04

    I am currently a mom of three (4.5,3,1.5) with another due in a month in a half. I swear for us the transition from 0 to 1 was the hardest. Having them close together is hard because of all their needs, but they also quickly become excellent playmates which means less work than having one toddler You gotta entertain all day. It will be great but it certainly is scary until you settle into yo... More

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Jul 01

Why don’t people just get the digital pregnancy test?

Just out of curiosity... why don’t people just buy digital pregnancy tests over the ones with the lines? I’ve just seen a lot of posts of people asking about faint lines and just wondered why people buy those sticks when we have digital pregnancy tests where it’s a clear answer? Can’t be price since I’ve seen some digital ones that are cheaper than the dyes...

  • Anonymous
    Jul 02

    The digital ones are just reading the lines for you. So if it is faint they say no

  • Anonymous
    Jul 02

    a lot of digital ones require higher hCG for it to read positive. most people do the line tests because 1. they are able to tell somewhat earlier and 2. it’s generally cheaper (at least where i live). when i found out i was pregnant i did a digital one first and it came out negative, i also had a line one and it came out positive clear as day.

I’m 2 days late and got a faint positive

My period for the last month has been acting up. And it’s never been late. This whole month I’ve felt tired nauseous and have severe back pains. I took a test yesterday but idk when to retest.

  • Anonymous
    Jul 02

    Retest with first pee the next day

I’m 5 days late but still getting negative pregnancy test.. I’m normally pretty regular

  • Anonymous
    May 21

    I’m normally regular as well but I’ve also had one cycle where I was 10 days late. I took several tests starting from 6 days late and on and it kept coming back negative. I would also get a digital test just to be sure that your eyes aren’t missing a faint line or anything. If anything, maybe call your dr and schedule an appointment 2-3 weeks out from now to get checked out. Or call and ask whe... More

Birth control pill

Anyone get back on the pill after having your baby? Could you still breastfeed while taking it?

  • Anonymous
    May 04

    Yep! If you talk to your OB they can give you pills without hormones in it called mini pills, it won’t hurt your milk supply at all! Or some people do use hormonal BC and they were fine breastfeeding. I was on the mini pills and they worked great for me! You can also get the implant, an IUD, or other forms. Just make sure to check with your OB about your best option.

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