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Anonymous posted in Family Life Yesterday

Should i have a 3rd child?

I have a 3 yr old and a 9 month old both boys and we want to try for a girl but my husband wants to wait 4 yrs or so. Right now i stay home while my husband works and i take care of both the boys. I dont want to go back to work when my youngest turns 2 just to go right back to being a stay at home mom for the new baby around that time.. Im not sure what i want to do but i dont want to be on thi... More

  • Anna

    I'm in the same boat too but my husband doesn't mind another one but I on the other hand want to wait but at the same time we're not using any kind of protection other than the pull out, so if it happens it happens, if not than not. But I can say is that it's hard with the 2 now because everywhere or event that I go for the kids I have to drag everyone... and it's a hassle ... More

  • Valerie

    If your partner is not on board, what other option do you have? Surprise baby? Not a great idea.

Best age spacing for kids

We have one child right now, and he’s almost 6 months old. We want to have multiple kids and haven’t decided on how many yet. But we’re not sure when to have our second. Any pros and cons or tips that would be helpful?

  • Katrina

    I told my husband I was either birthing the second before child1 was 18m OR waiting and birthing second after child1 turned 3. The two-year phase is so important for setting up healthy behaviors to interact and influence the world, but I can't imagine trying to work through this with my current 2y plus a new baby who takes away the 2ys ability to influence the world. It's common by 3y f... More

  • Vicki

    Mine are 4,4 & 5. I am SO glad they are close in age. It is easier because they all need the same bed time, they all watch the same kind of movies, they all like the same kind of food, they all like the same kind of toys. They are skin tight to each other & even though they fight (believe me they will) the bond they have is amazing to watch.

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Thursday

Ovulation aids?

Does anyone know how or what I can take to help increase my chances of having twins? For health reasons I can only go through one pregnancy, adoption is sadly not an option for us. I am on a diet and I exercise regular.

  • Ashley

    I would talk with your doctor about this. There are certain medications that increase your chances of multiples, as well as procedures that can (IUI, IVF) but I am not sure that you would be eligible. It doesn’t hurt to ask! I’m not aware of anything over the counter or natural that would help, but I’ve never looked into it. Good luck!

  • JJ

    Unless you do what Ashley suggested and consult a fertility specialist, there is no real way to "try" for twins. You have a better chance of having twins naturally if it runs in your family, you are taller, stockier, older, have already had a pregnancy, or are of African lineage. You could try eating a lot more HEALTHY fats in your diet, as well as a diet rich in phytoestrogen foods.

Morning sickness remedies I recently stumbled across this, as I am expecting baby number 2, and the first trimester is always the hardest. Have any of these worked for you? What was your favorite remedies to get through the first trimester! Mine - Cheerios -yoga -lemon water -ginger ale

  • Anonymous
    Sep 17

    Chimes ginger orange chews. They’re amazing.

Is there anyone on here that have done the tube surgery after 3 kids? I am considering it.

  • Anna

    I did it after 2 kids. I was happy with it. I was very certain that I DID NOT want anymore kids and had felt that way for a long time. 2 was my number. Had it done 4 months after my youngest was born. Recovery was soo quick and mostly painless

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Sep 16

Which birth control worked best for you?

Hi I just had my 2nd child about 3 months ago and I’m currently on the mini pill. I want to try something a little more long term because I’m already forgetting to take my pill at times! I wanted to try the iud but I’m scared because I get yeast infections very easily and I don’t know if getting that put in will increase my chances of getting them even more. My doctor recommended the depo shot ... More

  • Jeniffer
    Sep 16

    Paraguard last ten years, no hormones.

  • Kristina
    Sep 17

    Paraguard here! Haven't had any issues with it for the 4 months I've had it in. I was planning for it to hurt, so I took a little extra ibuprofen (whoops!). Didn't hurt one bit. After giving birth to a baby, a tiny little IUD was nothing. I stung maybe a little when my midwife cleaned around inside me before she put it in, but otherwise I didn't feel a thing.

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Sep 15

Best kind of birth control for long term

I just had my 2nd baby in June and I am currently on the mini pill for birth control. I want to be on something a little more long term. I am very sensitive and get infections very easily so I’m afraid to use the iud. My doctor is suggesting the depo shot. Anyone have experience with it? What kind of side effects? Any other suggestions? Thanks all!

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Sep 11

I am confused and guilty about a new baby .

I just fully potty trained my 3 year old . I recently moved to a new county and I have no family near by they are 2 hours away my husband would like to try for our 3rd but iam scared never been alone in my pregnancy’s in the past he works full time . I sometimes wake up and iam fully forward for a new baby in the house but then I get scared how can I tell iam ready ?

  • Samantha
    Sep 12

    Ugggh I can relate except I'm pregnant now. My family is across the country. But for my first pregnancy I got a doula to work with, and that really helped me build a community with the other Doulas clients and I knew my doula would be by my side through the whole thing. She was awesome and It was very comforting. These are women who love the birth process and will be happy to walk this jou... More

  • Anna
    Sep 14

    First thing first. It is normal to feel this way. My family is military family and for some reason eveytime we get pregnant (I'm pregnant now with our 3rd) my husband gets called out on deployment. Now we both wanted a big family so it works but it is scary because i dont have any family either here but his mother. And she is not always around. But here is the thing your 3 year old wi... More

Birth control

Has anyone used the patch as a form of birth control? What’s your experience with it?

  • Margaret
    Sep 12

    @natalie I don’t think your body builds a resistance to hormonal birth control.

  • Safiyat

    I have been on a particular one for about 14 years now .is it safe to continue?

Birth control & breastfeeding.

I am currently on the pill. Before I got pregnant I was on the pill and I liked it. But now I’m my doctor told me since the pill is progesterone only, she said it’s the least effect birth control. I want to wait 2-3 years for another baby. I’m considering of switching to the IUD. Does the IUD mess with my milk supply? And any experiences with the IUD?

  • L
    Sep 12

    ParaGard doesn’t have any hormones in it so it doesn’t mess with your milk supply. Breastfeeding isn’t an adequate form of birth control for most women. Make sure you really do your research when you think about using hormone based birth control. Lots of side effects! Weight gain, increased appetite and mood changes especially! As for why the mini pill isn’t as effective it doesn’t have the s... More

  • Gabriella

    I know a lot of people that got pregnant with an IUD, either the hormone or the copper. But I also know it works for a lot of friends.

Baby number 2?

Obviously, I know it should be a mutual decision between my husband and I and that you should make sure that you have the time, financial stability, good relationship with my husband and so forth, which I have. Just curious how you other Mommas, or daddios decided you wanted a second child? (Note my child is now 16 months old and I wanted them to be relatively close in age)

  • Anonymous
    Sep 11

    Cati that was my plan but my 3yo did better at home with us and we pulled him out of 3yo preschool after a few months. He wanted to be part of the baby’s life. I could see how other personalities would love to have a “big kid” thing that’s just for them! 🙂

  • Alexis
    Sep 11

    We were surprised by baby #2! We struggled with infertility with baby #1 and so I was very hesitant to take any kind of hormonal bc. We all thought it would be fine (my Dr included), since it took three years of trying to get DS1. Surprise! I found out I was pregnant when DS1 was 5 months old. They are 13 months apart and I think it's pretty great. I was really nervous starting out at first... More

Birth control

I had the nexplanon (arm implant) placed in at my 6 weeks post partum appt. I have now stopped breastfeeding and am having constant weeks long periods. Doctor said it was time to think about a different type of birth control since this one was messing up my hormone levels to much. Never loved taking the pill everyday. What did you decide to do for birth control?

  • Sule
    Sep 05

    I had the same problem. Now (a yr later) my period is regular. Only once a month & slightly lighter. Any BC will unbalance you in one or another way. Whatever you end up getting good luck 😁

  • Noel
    Sep 11

    Not sure how long it's been for you but you might wanna just give it some time. The nexplanon contains enough hormones to last for 3 years so it might take a little while for your hormones to even out. Also I take prenatal vitamins and extra prenatals because the nexplanon does mess with my hormones quite a bit, mostly with hair loss, but the prenatals counteract the hormones a little

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Aug 29

Birth Control

Anyone gone from Mirena IUD to the pill? I switched immediately (no gap). I had a period within a few days of IUD removal, but haven’t had one since (I’ve gone through 3 cycles of pills where I should have had one). HPT all come back negative so I don’t think that’s the cause. Anyone else have experience with this?

birth control

lets talk about birth control! I had the copper IUD placed 2 months ago but constantly have cramps and spotting as well as horrid back pain. Has anyone else experienced this? what kind of birth control are you on and what have been pros/cons

  • Jenny
    Aug 28

    After this second pregnancy I’m going to get on the IUD. Hopefully I don’t get any of that your experiencing. After my first pregnancy I was on the Nexplanon. It didn’t sit too well for me. I had low sex drive, irregular periods, weight gain, mood swings but friends that I know were and still on it work perfectly fine for them. Everyone’s different I guess.

  • Marcelle
    Aug 29

    I had the copper IUD for years before my pregnancy. Periods were extremely heavy and lasted about 10 days. Excruciating cramping. I hated it. Now I have the Kyleena IUD and love it. No cramping. And maybe I get one day of spotting a month--maybe. I wish I knew about it earlier!

Elle posted in Adoption Aug 28

Parents who adopted or went through a surrogate: How did you save up (financially) for the cost?

Parents who adopted or went through a surrogate: 1) What were the costs; 2) How did you save up (financially) ; 3) For how long did you save up? Anonymous posts welcome if the Q&A is a bit personal. Thank you!

  • Miriam
    Sep 02

    It's called Fertility Solutions International.

  • Addi

    My sister adopted through foster care relatively cheaply

How long did you wait before having your second child? And why? Anything you’d change?

We are talking about a second baby and I just wanted to get opinions on how long to wait. Our son is 18 months old.

  • Heidi
    Aug 21

    That was mine too! I’m not buying two sets of diapers at once!

  • Ankita
    Sep 06

    We have a 5 year age gap I struggled with infertility for 2 years so when I had my second son it was a huge celebration it worked out well . The first two years are good and bad since your older one is at a great stage at 5 years . I got some help so I could still continue one on one time with him . Now at 7.5 and 2.5 they’re playing very well together but it’s a tough transition for 2 years wh... More

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Aug 20

IUD Pregnancy

Has anyone on here gotten pregnant with an iud in place . If so, what was the outcome? I may be and I'm worried.

  • Catharine
    Aug 20

    It happened with my brother and his wife. I’m pretty sure it’s like a 1% chance. Baby is happy and healthy!

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Aug 19

How do I wean my 17 month old off nursing?

So I feel terrible for even asking buuuut its time. Not that I need to justify, but just to not sound like a horrible person... we’re trying to get pregnant with baby #2 (and I’ve heard it’s easier to get pregnant while not breastfeeding) and I want my husband to help putting my son to bed. We’ve slowly cut down to only nighttime nursing and in the night when he wakes up. I’m hoping that once ... More

  • Christina
    Aug 19

    We cut night feeding at 9 months with me still going to her but giving her just her pacifier, rocking her and then putting her back down when asleep. We sleep trained at 11 months. We cut nap then bedtime feeds with me just offering pacifier and rocking for a few minutes then putting down at 13 months. I did wait a week and a half between dropping and still had a rough week and needed to pump... More

  • Brittanye
    Aug 19

    We just weaned my toddler too - I put bandaids on my nipples for a few days and told her they had booboos - I’d offer cuddles and a book anytime she wanted to nurse. Hugs, good job on 17mo momma! Good luck with pregnancy, we weaned for the same reason

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