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Anonymous posted in Family Planning Jan 09

Need insights on sibling age gap???

My toddler just turned 2 but I’ve been yearning more to have a baby as each day passed & as my toddler is becoming less of a baby. My husband & I do want a 2nd baby but there were so many things that had happened recently & so many still to look forward to. We just moved to a new city with his new job & we’re saving up hopeful to afford our 1st home. But we’re both in our 30s, I... More

  • EmmaD

    If you are yearning then go for it, you need to be motivated. I think that’s the bottom line. The rest will be solved. I myself have a 3 year old daughter and still waiting for the yearning feeling to provide her with a sibling but right now my mind says: ”no way, not all over again from scratch” im finally now starting to feel like an independant person again. But everytime she plays with her ... More

  • CJN

    I'm in the same situation. My son is 2 and we want to move to a bigger home ( preferably build) with that takes a long time. BUT I don't want to go around that it's just one of those big changes where moving while pregnant or with NB will be chaotic but with anything you manage to get through it. I say follow your heart and do what will make you happy.

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Jan 01

Spouse disagreement ..

Hey everyone I'm new here and looking for some advice on a disagreement that my boyfriend & I are having about surrogacy I don't know why but I've been interested in surrogacy since I was about 18/19 (I'm 21 now) but you have to be a parent of atleast 1 child (I didn't have any children then) but last July on the 10th I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy... So re... More

Depo question

Ok so I had my son 10 months ago and immediately went on depo my first shot was fine just bleed like crazy for like 3 weeks straight I just got my second shot and the hunger is unbelievable and when I finally give in and eat I feel my stomach turning almost immediately and no bleeding my biggest fear is getting pregnant again . Has anyone else gone thru this I never had this issue before my son... More

  • Candice
    Dec 22

    I always felt like someone punched me in the arm for a week after and gained tons of weight! I stopped after the second shot bc I gained like 30lbs

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Dec 12

Has anyone been through what I am going through Rn?

Month of October, I had spotting but no period. Two weeks after that I took a pregnancy test & was positive. I went to my doc & they tested my urine & it came out negative then retest & came out positive. Beta test came indeterminate a week later retest & came out negative. I kept on w/ my life. November, I had unprotected sex a day before my period was supposed had come. Ne... More

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Dec 11

Just found out I’m pregnant after a twin c section 5 months ago! Help!

I just got a positive today... my birth control implant failed! So I had a crazy c section for my 5 month old identical twins July 9th, 2019... and now I’m pregnant again! I’m happy but so scared... I’ve read about women miscarrying or their uterus rupturing and them dying and losing the baby... what should I do? Will we be alright? Please share your thoughts and experiences if you have any si... More

  • B
    Dec 12

    This sounds like a great convo with your doctor. Not sure if the Twins aspect will complicate things, but I’d guess no

Nexplanon removal - 3 months still no period

Asking for my friend... she has an 18 month old. She got the nexplanon and was constantly having super heavy and long periods with only like maybe a few days in between so her doctor and her decided to have it removed. She got it removed 3 months ago and still has not had a period, her doctor put her on progesterone pills to try and kick start the period and she’s on day5 of those out of 10, st... More

  • Anonymous
    Jan 07

    Oh yes sister in law with exact same problem finally started having normal periods about 6 months after removal she also stopped taking the progesterone Based BC pills about 6 weeks before her period started, so that my have played a factor. However her Dr. Also told her that recent studies have shown nexplanon can actually work for up to 4 Years and the hormones may take several months to wea... More

I am so confused!!!

Hi! So, my last period was October 25th and I have had no sign of it at all this month. I have taken multiple hpt tests, both Clearblue and FR, amd they are all negative. I take them first thing in the morning and am now going on 9 days late, so idk what to think. I am not under any extra stress, I am not sick, I am never this late (only a couple days tops now and then). With my youngest it di... More

  • Shasta
    Dec 07

    I’m literally having this EXACT SAME issue. My last period was 10/26! I’m now 8 days late, 2 hits were negative. No extra stress, not sick. I’ve lost my appetite, which is exactly what I did with my last pregnancy. Very frustrated none the less but I’m gonna wait a few days, take the 3rd test and if still nothing make an appointment.

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Dec 02

Another baby

Me and my boyfriend is thinking about having another baby. My son is two and will be three in July. How is it with two children. Is it hard or stressful. Can it be easy? Feel free to give me some advice. Thanks

  • Anonymous
    Dec 02

    My son now is a good kid so we will see

  • Anonymous
    Dec 04

    Going from 1 kid to 2 is very different. It is definitely more difficult in my opinion however, I love having 2 kids around the same age! They play together and help each other out.

Got my period after 10 days. 3 negatives

I was running 10 days late for my periods and took three tests but all of them were negative. After 10 days I got my period as usual with normal flow for 4 days. I had protected intercourse. So is it possible for me to still get pregnant?? I mean what can be the reason behind my delayed periods.

  • Anonymous
    Nov 23

    Stress, diet, medication, hormones... our bodies aren’t always like clockwork. My cycle is usually 28-30 days long but I can count maybe 4 or 5 times in my life where I’ve been extremely late and had pregnancy scares.

Possibly pregnant

So, my last period was the beginning of October and i am now 12 days late today and still haven't gotten a glimpse of a period. about 2-3 week ago when my boyfriend and i had intercourse one day i peed afterwards per usual and when i wiped i had light pink blood; when i wiped again there was nothing nor in the toilet bowl. Well i've had minor cramps but still no period and I've had ... More

  • Jessica
    Nov 26

    Thanks for the info! I’m 13 days late now and I’m actually wondering if my thyroid is doing it since I suffer from hypothyroidism. I’ve never ever been late, early but not late so it’s baffling. Still hoping I’m pregnant but don’t want to get my hopes up.

  • Pianpian
    Jan 02

    Have you tried in home pregnancy test kits?

Been on period for 8 years now.

Been on my period for 8 years because the implant... So.. I’ve had the old generation, I got it when I was 16 and I’m now 24. I went 7 years with it in my arm because I didn’t have the health insurance to get it removed. I’m not a Condom person plus I was in serious relationships. I was on my period for the WHOLE 7 years! It’s like my period was confused. I got week breaks of not being on my pe... More

  • Teddy

    I don’t know how to link to it or direct you there but I posted about this experience 2 years ago and nearly 100 people posted similar stories on it. Maybe try looking up my posts, or maybe “nexplanon” or something like that. I went through it twice with two implants. It never stopped and they gave me hormones to stop the bleeding, and that just gave me migraines. MANY MANY women have had the ... More

I need advice 😞

Hi. My menstrual period has never been more than 3 days late max it’s been 23 days and I am still late. Took a test 2 weeks ago and negative took one today negative 😞 Really hoping to conceive this month.

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Nov 15

Third child

I have two young kids and thought I was done, but now the kids are a little older I want a third. I can’t shake the feeling. Maybe because I feel that my kids are more independent now.. I don’t know if there is something in the water but my baby fever is going wild. has anyone experience this? my husband says maybe we can lol

  • Aye
    Nov 16

    Yes! My youngest is only 10 months lol and my other is 20 months. After I buy a house and have a good career though so that way I can plan an actual nursery room and baby shower etc and enjoy my kids and do more with them. Also I have two girls so I’d like to try for a boy, I’m glad your husband is on board though

  • Christina
    Nov 19

    Careful! This is how I got twins! We thought let’s try for one more! God had other plans!

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Nov 10

Mamas. I need your complete honesty.

Multiple kids. And by multiple I mean two.... What are your thoughts. I love the idea of my little have a sibling. But other than that, I feel like my anxiety will multiply, again! What are you pros and cons. And yes. I know. This is theeeee weeiirrddest post. And I wouldn’t have to post here if I for sure wanted another. But I’m going back and forth honestly.

  • Anonymous
    Nov 15

    I have twins and it was SO hard in the beginning but now they just play all the time! Sometimes, I think omg ... if they didn’t have each other I’d have to be sitting on the floor playing dollhouse all day. 😂🤦‍♀️ That to me sound terrible. On the negative side ... there is twice as many things to lug around twice as many car seats to buckle, twice as much to pay for. But I love it anyway ... if... More

  • Anonymous
    Jan 07

    I have decided I am going to stick with the one. Now this is completely 100% your decision, and I am giving you my opinion. You mentioned anxiety and this is one of the reasons I am choosing to stick with the one Ic had post partum depression really bad, and sometimes the anxiety had me crying in a corner. I love the idea of giving my lo all the live and attention, and have joined a play group ... More

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Nov 09



Anonymous posted in Family Planning Oct 25

What’s your advice on increasing chances of getting pregnant?

  • annag
    Oct 31

    that depends on what you're already doing. Do you already keep track of when you ovulate? There are urine tests (LH, or LH and estrogen), and 3-significant-digit digital thermometers to use right when you wake up (assuming you wake up at a similar time each day), and some people also notice mid-month changes in their cervical/vaginal fluids. I've also heard both that it can be useful to... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 31

    Thank you!

I am 6 days late. Took a test today but it was negative.

I was wondering if anyone has similar stories but eventually got a positive...or confirmed by doctor. How long did it take? An any advice would be greatly appreciated...

  • Sammie
    Oct 31

    I was about 6 weeks or so when I finally got a positive with my son.

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Oct 21, 2019

Baby dilemma

My LO is 18mo and my step child is 10 years old. My husband doesn’t want anymore children but I know if I don’t have another I’m really going to regret it. He is 100% adamant on not having anymore. I’m not sure what to do because I’ve been having really bad baby fever.

  • Anonymous
    Oct 27

    Ask him why he doesn't want more. I'd also share the fear of regret you have with him if you haven't already. I would explore your own desire to have more also (why do you want them, are you in a rush, how would it help you grow as a person & family, etc). My husband fought a second kid for about a year but we finally got to a point of understanding each other and are ttc now. T... More

  • Teddy

    Oh boy. I can only imagine being on different pages about such an important thing. Obviously (in all seriousness) YOLO, and if you want to have another child then that’s something you should probably do. I wonder what your partner’s thoughts would be about just doing it. Also, what are his honest reservations about having another one? Financial? Divided attention? Population control (😉)? We ha... More

Hi ladies I am 11 days late, tested 1 day before my periods and got a faint positive

Tested on 12th Sept got faint positive, went for a scan on 20th Sept. Doc was sure it was early preg but doc couldn't see anything & asked to do a test on 22nd which was negative. I am confused n sad. Pls help me out. I had a miscarriage at 9 wks in Feb 2019. Thnx

  • Anonymous
    Jan 07

    Have you found out? I would say typically it dies not matter how faint the second line is a positive is a positive, however that second negative teddy is what is concerning me. I am wow about your miscarriage, but that wouldn't effect a test now. I hope you got the answer you were looking for

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Oct 19, 2019

When & what made you decide to have baby#2?

My husband & I have always wanted to have 2 or more kids. It’s one of our conversations when we decided to get married & settle down. We both came from a close & loving family. However, we’re currently dealing with an almost 2 year old active & often challenging toddler boy whose been making us more tired by the day. So planning for baby#2 has been put on hold for awhile now &am... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Oct 27

    So, I am a stay at home mom with no family on either side within an 8 hr drive. I have 4 kids, 5,3.5,2 yes and a 9 week old. There are so many pros and cons to this stuff. Pros of kids close together: they play with each other, you over lap nights of lost sleep, you remember how to do it quicker, you get it over (the baby loss of sleep stage) faster, you still have all the baby equipment, etc. ... More

  • Tiana
    Jan 05

    We’re planning on a 4 year gap. Only one in preschool at a time. We can’t swing it financially to pay for two daycare tuitions.

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