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Anonymous posted in Babies Yesterday

Am I ready?

My husband wants a big family - he makes jokes about wanting 10 kids. Sometimes I don’t think he’s kidding. We have a 6 month old and I know he wants to get going with baby #2. We’ve been fortunate that our first is pretty easy going. However, she’s pretty dependent on sleeping with us - which we are actually okay with right now. I’ve heard that the first always tricks the parents into having m... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo

    So you do not need to rush this. You need to figure what works for your family. I cosleep with my husband and three kids, who are 17 months and 20 months apart. My first baby was by far my most difficult, but we knew together that we wanted another one after him. I would only take it one month and one baby at a time. I love cosleeping and find I get more sleep. If you don’t, you should do what ... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo

    But I want to say if your just nervous but deep down want another, that’s okay too. Having kids close together means they pretty much don’t know what it’s like to not have a sibling and as long as you continue to give them love and attention (which is hard not to do, they’re your baby too!), the older siblings love being big sisters and brothers. Cosleeping works for us with a king size bed, t... More

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Wednesday

Pros and cons of having kids birthdays be close together?

My son is already going on 26 months... my husband has just finally made his mind up that he really does want a baby #2. I want to start trying soon so he and baby #2 won’t be too far apart in age. But my husband wants to wait another 4 months minimum. His only reasoning is because if we are successful in the first try (like last time) the kids would have birthdays within weeks of each other. H... More

  • Kerry

    My brothers bdays are 19th and 20th feb with 7 years in between the two. They’ve not had any problems having bdays close together.

  • Erica
    2h ago

    You know it doesn't REALLY matter right? Think about all the multiples out there. They share their actual birth day and many enjoy that. Sure, it's important to do something individual for each child and depending on circumstances, some parents do, some don't. But maybe give a little more control to your body and a little more rest in your mind? Bringing a new being into the world i... More

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Feb 13

Changed his mind???!!!!!

My very soon to be fiancé and father to our 10mo son told me last night that he doesn’t want more kids. For years he has been trying to convince me to have five kids, when I only want two or three. Two months ago he told me he wanted to start trying after we get married. And then out of the blue last night, he says he doesn’t want anymore kids. I have no idea what to do. I know for a fact that ... More

  • Megan
    Feb 14

    What is more important to you? If the amount of kids can change your mind to not wanting to be with that person than I’d say don’t get married. That’s just asking for a messy divorce that your poor kid(s) would have to go through. If it’s how you are when your pregnant only, than maybe explore the idea of adoption. I had hard pregnancies and didn’t even want to be pregnant the second time cause... More

  • Triny
    Feb 15

    When we married, we were both on the same page of not wanting kids, he already had two, and i didnt think i wanted one... eventually we changed our minds together and now we have this beautiful daughter that we love so much, like they were saying, you married ur spouse regardless of what comes after. Things never goes like planned. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Baby #3

Im not pregnant. But we are thinking about baby number three. I do want more kids but now that my youngest is 4 and going to start school this year, it has me thinking do i want to start over after both boys are in school and i will finally get a break or will i regret not having another. What is everyone else's thoughts and opinions?

  • Toni
    Feb 04

    Five kids total, 23, 10, 8, 4,3 sometimes there are things that the kids can’t do together because of the age gap. We want to go to Disney & I wonder “do we take the 23y old?” Then when the oldest goes paint balling with dad, I’m with the small kids at home because they can’t go paint balling... or the preteens want to go to Six Flags and I have to find a sitter for the toddlers... Might a... More

  • Joanna
    Feb 05

    Just go for it. You can always find ways to “survive”. 😀

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Feb 01

Only child regrets?

We currently only have one son (3.5 years old). My husband and I are also both only children, but I REALLY want a second kid before it's too late (we are both 36). My husband doesn't feel that need and said he was perfectly fine as an only child, whereas I remember desperately wanting a sibling. But then I wonder if it's worth a shot because of our age, and increase risk of having a... More

  • Lily
    Feb 06

    I loved having a sister growing up, I always wanted my mom to have three but she only wanted two. My husband and I want a bunch of kids, we are having number two in july. I say have another one! Your kid will love the friend, and you will have having a little time to yourself while they are happy playing

  • Anonymous
    Feb 14

    The age gap between the kids will mean they have little in common. I don’t think that the summer camp worry is unrealistic. You’ll be working like a dog to pay for $4000 summer care for 2 kids. If you want to go on vacation that’s 4 airline tickets. The financial side of another kid is nothing to ignore. Also, if you’re older and god forbid you have a child with special-needs, that’s potentiall... More

I've been on nexplanon since November 2016.. I've literally been bleeding ever since.

It'll stop for a few days, and then start right back up for a month.. Is this normal whatsoever? Has anyone else experienced it this bad? I am terrified it's going to reduce my chance of having more kids.. Which is why I chose this method was to reduce the possibility of other birth controls making it harder for me to have more. Help please 😔

  • Lisa
    Jan 31

    I had the same issue. Got it in August 2016 and removed May 2018. I hated it!!! Periods were completely unpredictable, constantly spotting, always clotting, it was a nightmare! If you choose to, removal is easy and shouldn’t be an issue since you’ve had it so long. I went back to pills and all is peachy.

  • MCowen
    Jan 31

    I have also experienced issues with nexplanon, had it put in August 2018 and have bleeding non stop since then. In October went back to my OBGYN to discuss my issues and she stated this is very normal and continued to tout the benefits...I told her the bleeding has to stop as I had been feeling awful from the continuous bleeding. She recommended we start using the Nuvaring along side Nexplanon ... More

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Jan 24

Number of kids

I am one of two kids and so is my husband. We have had conversations in the past and agreed that we both want 2 kids. The problem is that we have 2 boys that I totally adore BUT I can’t stop wondering if we should “try for a girl”. I love kids, I love watching my boys’ relationship grow. I know that my husband does not ever consider having another one. He has mentioned that he doesn’t know if ... More

  • Lily
    Feb 06

    Go for it! But just remember you might get another boy! I know a family that had a girl, then 3 boys, really really wanted another girl....and they are having another boy! I don't think the feeling of wanting more ever goes away!

  • Cryzana
    Feb 11

    Why not adopt?

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Jan 24

Depo side effects

Is anyone on the Depo shot or have been? My son was just born in June and I wanted a bc that I didn’t have to worry about taking everyday and I didn’t want anything implanted in me so I gave the depo a try. My doc said that I should do pretty well with the depo (because I was always on the mini pill beforehand and I never had a problem with it) because the depo and mini pill have same hormones.... More

  • Clare
    Jan 31

    i hated it. i was so moody, irritable, rage filled, and i had zero libido.

  • Cryzana
    Feb 11

    I usually waited about a year after having my baby before going back to DepoShot. However, I had similar symptoms with my 3rd baby when I started Depo earlier. I think if was because my hormones took longer to adjust because I was breastfeeding.

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Jan 12


“Trying” for our second! It took over 2 years being off birth control for us to get pregnant with our first.. my cycles were very long (41 days) and I had no signs of ovulations so when we found out we were pregnant, we were surprised and excited!! Now, this time around, my cycle is around 32 days. I am now getting discharge during “ovulation” at different times every month (give or take 4-5... More

  • molly
    Jan 17

    speak to ur ob. she’ll give u the best advice. get those ovulation tests that tell u the window and also get an app like Clue that will tell you the fertile window for you. Basically tmi but sperm can stay alive post sex for a few days so ur best chance is to have sex before u ovulate with a sperm waiting for the egg. the egg stays viable only for 24 hrs so u can aim to try say 2 days before ov... More

  • Megan
    Jan 19

    For me the ClearBlue ovulation tests never worked. We tried to wait for the ovulation test to say it was time and it never did. We caved once in 5 weeks and had sex. The same day my ovulation test said I wasn’t ovulating, and I got pregnant. However, if you have ever heard or Daysy, I swear by this! It’s a basel body thermometer. My husband and I used this for birth control and we used nothing ... More

Pregnant after a tubal?

What are the odds of getting pregnant after having a tubal? When I had my daughter in May I got a tubal done and I breastfeed for the first 4 months and finally got a period on November 8th but haven’t gotten one yet in December. Not sure how long it takes them to be regular again. I’m hoping they aren’t regular yet and I’m not pregnant. 😬🤔

  • Christy
    Dec 17

    I misunderstood that.... My bad. God can create miracles! But I have no knowledge to share with you... Sorry.

  • Destinee
    Dec 19

    It can take up to a year after giving birth for your cycle to be regular again

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Dec 17

Does age difference matter?

Just curious what your thoughts are on age difference between siblings. I have two very different experiences personally. My brother is 18 months younger than me and my sister is 18 years younger than me so I have two dramatically different spectrums. My daughter is an only child and she’s about to turn 5 next month. My husband and I have debated about having another child but I’m curious if sh... More

  • Jamie
    Dec 18

    I have worried about this too. My son turned 4 a few months ago and I have finally been in a place mentally & emotionally where I am ready for another child. By the time we have another (God willing) he’ll be 5 close 6 even, I worry about the age gap but I have heard so many positive things about having an age gap that I’m not so worried about it anymore. I think when they’re younger, it mi... More

  • Lily
    Jan 05

    My husband and I want our kids close, our first two will be 22 months apart. My sister and I were 3 Years apart and we were pretty close growing up. I like close, within 5 years. But it is really up to different people!

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Dec 17

The implant Birth control problems.....anyone else ?

After labor 8months ago. I'd chosen to put the Implant in my arm for birth control, iv done this before but had it removed within the first month, so i wasnt to find of it. Its said that periods arnt likely, just a little light spotting every now and then. But Iv been bleeding heavily at randoms times all throughout the month !? NORMAL???? Or is there something else going on, perhaps from ... More

  • Brenda
    Dec 17

    I have the implant in since I gave birth 9 months ago but I also had it fue a year n a half before I took it off n changed back to pills. The reason why I stopped is because the last 2 months I was spoting for 2 weeks then stopped for 1 week and resumed back to 2 whoa which made me miserable. Keep in mind that you haven't had a period in a long time so your body is acting up cuz it hasn&#... More

  • Jennifer
    Dec 20

    I had the mirena after having dd in 2015. I didn’t like it personally so I decided to try the nexplanon. After having a lot of hormonal issues, periods where out of wack the entire time and my sex drive wasn’t there anymore. Since hormonal birth control is only 30% affective with the medication I have to take for seizures I decided to completely pull all birth control, this was actually the fir... More

Adding to the family

So we just found out a few weeks ago that we are pregnant with our second child. Our first is only 9 months old. Has anyone had kids this close together and what are some good tips to know with having two kids within 17 months?

  • Jessica
    Dec 20

    My two boys are 16 months apart and it wasn’t always easy in the beginning but it does get better. It was helpful for me to try and get them on a similar schedule (once the baby dropped his first morning nap, which he did early on). The bond between both of them is great.. I tried to have some time for my oldest when the baby was sleeping (coloring, playdough, playing with toys) so he still was... More

  • Aye
    Dec 21

    I have a 9 month old and currently 8 months pregnant 😅 Irish twins! It’s been a definite strain on the body and emotions. However at least they’ll be close in age, and like everything there’s pros and cons

Increased hunger on Depo

Ever since my second dose of the Depo shot, I have been hungry pretty much all the time. I try to not eat right away when I'm hungry if I have just eaten a meal, but sometimes I can't help it and feel like I need to eat something. Even after I've had a big meal, I seem to be hungry within about an hour after eating. Anyone else experience this?? This is my second time being on the s... More

  • Carissa
    Dec 11

    I had this same issue with the depo shot. I hated it. I gained so much weight on it because I was always so hungry and I know other people who have had the same issue.

  • Traci
    Dec 12

    Oh my gosh yes. I just thought maybe I was crazy. I was on the depo as a teenager and had no issues. Had my Son and wasn’t on any type of BC for the first 5 months. After he was 5 months old I started the depo shot again and I was constantly hungry and constantly eating. Just 4 months ago I switched to an IUD and have noticed I’m still always hungry but it’s not as bad. I don’t know what route ... More

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Dec 05

How to approach the subject with your partner about having another baby?

Hello. My husband & I have a 4 year old son. Initially, I wanted to have 2 kids close in age. No more than 3 years apart. Well, our son is now 4 years old and I’d really would like to start trying to have another baby at the beginning of next year. My husband, however, would like to wait until we start building our house which would be in another 3 years (we’re working on our land in some... More

  • Tiana
    Dec 05

    If you’re both working on building your home, you being out of commission for the duration of a pregnancy will put a lot of pressure on him. Also with a newborn to care for, you will be unable to help him and he will be unable to help you with the baby if he’s busy on the house. Resentment in both directions is a possible outcome. My husband built a tiny house to use as an office during my preg... More

  • Hope Brown
    Dec 07

    Have your FSH tested if you're concerned with lowered fertility. My siblings and I are far apart in age and we have a close relationship. I don't think that has anything to do with age spacing but how much you're willing to work on the relationship. If you're trying to help build a house it's not a great idea to be pregnant and postpartum. FYI the rate of developmental compl... More

What age is a good age to bring another baby in the picture?

My son just turned 2 in November, & my husband and I are wanting to try to get pregnant after the first of the year, but every time we bring our son around our friends with babies, he gets too jealous and sometimes angry because we’re holding another baby. So is it a good time to bring another baby in the picture?

  • Erin
    Dec 11

    I have a girl and a boy 1yr and 2 days apart and it was awesome to not have to deal with having the wrong gender tantrum. But my sisters girls are 2yrs apart and it was rough for a couple months she said

  • Jennifer
    Dec 13

    I don’t think there is a magic number! My first two where 19 months apart and my third was 9 years apart from my oldest. Both experiences have been different in their own ways.

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Dec 03

Best time to start trying for a baby?

In your experience, what is the best age to start? My husband and I are 24 and thinking about trying soon. But of course, we’re scared! Feel free to add details about your experience!

  • Polli
    Dec 04

    The only thing I can add to the advice you’ve already gotten, is make sure your mental health is taken care of before trying and think about how many you want. Every couple knows their right time, I’m 28 and my boy is turning 4 months this week. We only wanted one child and last year turned out to be the right time for us to try and I wasn’t afraid of being too old for my child down the line. ... More

  • Carissa
    Dec 04

    Everyone is right when they say there is no right time. You will never be stable enough or have enough money or be completely ready for a baby BUT you can at least have a plan. Do you have insurance? Because medical bills will be expensive! What about daycare? Will one of you be staying home or do you have family near by? Daycare is crazy expensive so you’ll need to make sure you can afford it.... More

Already wanting another???

I know it's a little soon... My son is 9 months old... But I've already been thinking about wanting another baby. I don't think I would go through with actually trying for another one right now or anytime soon, but I was just wondering when all of you decided to have another? Like what is the age gap between? If you had children less than a year apart, how did you handle it? What ar... More

  • Dai
    Nov 28

    I wanted another baby soon after giving birth but since I was exclusively breastfeeding it was hard. I’m now 2 months pregnant and my little one is 3 weeks away from being 11 months. I wanted this way because i can’t imagine myself starting over with the teething and the no sleeping so it might be a lot a work now but they will both be a year and a few months apart so they will most likely do e... More

  • Tina
    Nov 28

    Mama’s with a toddler and a baby one the way look out! Let the craziness begin! 😂 I have a 16 month old and a 5 month old.

Anonymous posted in Family Life Nov 24

Looking for a Mantra...

We have a 7 mo old baby. We both have fulltime demanding careers and fully enjoy every minute with baby. We enjoy parenting and doing all of the research on child development, showing her how to learn and grow. She's doing so so well, she's the happiest baby alive, and super interactive. We've gone lots of places with her. I know it will get harder later on when the real parenting (... More

  • Anonymous
    Nov 25

    Thank you. In our case, baby is super communicative. It's always been immediately clear what she wants/needs. Aggg I want another one :)

  • Anonymous
    Dec 11

    Interesting post. I don't have an answer, but I do know ppl who have been in similar situations. Bump!

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Nov 24

Advice from Mamas of two close in age...

Alright, so my little one is 15 months and I just found out that I’m expecting baby number 2. I’m excited but dealing with morning sickness and a little anxiety is making it less fun. However, I want to enjoy this pregnancy as much as the first and am looking for advice from mamas who have two little ones approximately this close together? How did you manage and any tips on saving money and san... More

  • T
    Feb 07

    Mine are 19 months apart and I barely noticed the second pregnancy because I was so busy with #1. You don’t need to plan for anything new. You should still have most of what you will need and can buy on an as needed basis. I wouldn’t force the potty training. Wait until your older one is ready. 15 months is really young. Not too young, but still. Invest in coffee, self care, date nights, ... More

  • T
    Feb 07

    To save money, I don’t eat out with the kids. My husband takes care of breakfast and feeds the kids and prepares lunches while I get ready. Then, I help with getting them dressed and cleaned up. He takes #1 to school and I run off with #2.

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