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Anonymous posted in Family Planning Friday

Third child

I have two young kids and thought I was done, but now the kids are a little older I want a third. I can’t shake the feeling. Maybe because I feel that my kids are more independent now.. I don’t know if there is something in the water but my baby fever is going wild. has anyone experience this? my husband says maybe we can lol

  • Aye
    1h ago

    Yes! My youngest is only 10 months lol and my other is 20 months. After I buy a house and have a good career though so that way I can plan an actual nursery room and baby shower etc and enjoy my kids and do more with them. Also I have two girls so I’d like to try for a boy, I’m glad your husband is on board though

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Nov 10

Mamas. I need your complete honesty.

Multiple kids. And by multiple I mean two.... What are your thoughts. I love the idea of my little have a sibling. But other than that, I feel like my anxiety will multiply, again! What are you pros and cons. And yes. I know. This is theeeee weeiirrddest post. And I wouldn’t have to post here if I for sure wanted another. But I’m going back and forth honestly.

  • MamaNukesYopolo

    I have 4 kids, each about 17-21 months a part from reach other. I can’t advise you one way or another, but here are some things to consider: having a baby the second time is not nearly the traumatic adjustment having the first one is. Much of it is not new and you have built in muscle memory on solving baby problems you didn’t the first time around. Also, if you have them 3-5 years apart the ... More

  • Anonymous

    I have twins and it was SO hard in the beginning but now they just play all the time! Sometimes, I think omg ... if they didn’t have each other I’d have to be sitting on the floor playing dollhouse all day. 😂🤦‍♀️ That to me sound terrible. On the negative side ... there is twice as many things to lug around twice as many car seats to buckle, twice as much to pay for. But I love it anyway ... if... More

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Nov 09



Anonymous posted in Family Planning Oct 25

What’s your advice on increasing chances of getting pregnant?

  • annag
    Oct 31

    that depends on what you're already doing. Do you already keep track of when you ovulate? There are urine tests (LH, or LH and estrogen), and 3-significant-digit digital thermometers to use right when you wake up (assuming you wake up at a similar time each day), and some people also notice mid-month changes in their cervical/vaginal fluids. I've also heard both that it can be useful to... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 31

    Thank you!

I am 6 days late. Took a test today but it was negative.

I was wondering if anyone has similar stories but eventually got a positive...or confirmed by doctor. How long did it take? An any advice would be greatly appreciated...

  • Sammie
    Oct 31

    I was about 6 weeks or so when I finally got a positive with my son.

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Oct 21

Baby dilemma

My LO is 18mo and my step child is 10 years old. My husband doesn’t want anymore children but I know if I don’t have another I’m really going to regret it. He is 100% adamant on not having anymore. I’m not sure what to do because I’ve been having really bad baby fever.

  • Anonymous
    Oct 27

    Ask him why he doesn't want more. I'd also share the fear of regret you have with him if you haven't already. I would explore your own desire to have more also (why do you want them, are you in a rush, how would it help you grow as a person & family, etc). My husband fought a second kid for about a year but we finally got to a point of understanding each other and are ttc now. T... More

Hi ladies I am 11 days late, tested 1 day before my periods and got a faint positive

Tested on 12th Sept got faint positive, went for a scan on 20th Sept. Doc was sure it was early preg but doc couldn't see anything & asked to do a test on 22nd which was negative. I am confused n sad. Pls help me out. I had a miscarriage at 9 wks in Feb 2019. Thnx

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Oct 19

When & what made you decide to have baby#2?

My husband & I have always wanted to have 2 or more kids. It’s one of our conversations when we decided to get married & settle down. We both came from a close & loving family. However, we’re currently dealing with an almost 2 year old active & often challenging toddler boy whose been making us more tired by the day. So planning for baby#2 has been put on hold for awhile now &am... More

  • Ivy
    Oct 22

    I have a 4 and 2 year old, and a 7 month old. It would’ve been much easier I’m sure, if it were just my 4 year old and the baby. 4 year old is not too bad right now, and is going to school. My 2 year old is just very difficult compared to his brother, but I do remember that age being the worst in general. I will say, I don’t regret having them this close in age though. I wouldn’t have minded i... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Oct 27

    So, I am a stay at home mom with no family on either side within an 8 hr drive. I have 4 kids, 5,3.5,2 yes and a 9 week old. There are so many pros and cons to this stuff. Pros of kids close together: they play with each other, you over lap nights of lost sleep, you remember how to do it quicker, you get it over (the baby loss of sleep stage) faster, you still have all the baby equipment, etc. ... More

7 bfn tests

Hi, I am a mom of 3 and I feel very pregnant. We were supposed to be done after my last (2 year old) but I feel very pregnant. Idk what to think, at this point I am kind if obsessing I think. My last period was 3 days early and lasted for 1 day, basically just spotting. I never even used a tampon. I am normally pretty regular and last anywhere from 3 to 5 days with a heavy day or two in the mid... More

Hello everyone! Evap line or faint positive?

My cycles work like a clock they always are 28 days. Last period was 8/7/19 , spotting lasted for three days 8/29-8/31. No period since then, I took a PT and I got this? Evap line or faint positive? I don’t know what to think or do! Feels like I’m going crazy

  • Bethany
    Oct 09

    I would take another in two days and see what it says or you can always go to urgent care and do the blood test

  • Melissa
    Oct 17

    The blue tests showed lined like that for me a few times and I was NOT pregnant I even took it to the doctor and the nurses and doctors looked at it and said the test said pregnant but after a blood test they said it was negative and I wasn’t pregnant! Go for the pink test I forget the name, it’s been so long now!

Day 4 No period/ negative Aht

I’m never late in my cycle unless I’m pregnant. Well at least it’s worked that way with my 3 LO so far. I should’ve started my cycle Sept 28 , today is oct 2. I’ve used 3 diff brand test several times going mad because I can’t figure out why the tests are all still saying negative. I’m not having many symptoms other than cramping as if my cycle will stay at any min. I also have slight tendernes... More

  • Quay
    Oct 05

    7 days late, cycle finally came. I hate this. I wish there was a baby. I can’t stop crying

  • Anonymous
    Oct 08

    Are you actively trying for a baby? Sorry to hear this. Try to relax and not stress your body too much. You can try again next month. Go treat yourself and avoid stress as much as you can <3

3 days late, negative test?

Hello guys, I’m 3 days late for my cycle. I’ve taken 2 pregnancy tests (dollar store brand) and they both say negative. What should I do?

  • Anonymous
    Oct 01

    Give it some more time and test again. I think drs won’t see you until you’re 2 weeks late and still getting negative tests

  • Quay
    Oct 02

    Thanks so much. I’ll wait to test again Saturday. That’ll make a week late.

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Oct 01

TMI...but should I be concerned

So my cycle starts today but this morning I had some spotting but it been nothing else after that should I be concerned because I also had unprotected sex like 2 weeks ago and I don’t know if I’m ready for a third baby .

Late period with mirena Iud

I have had a iud for 2 years now. Last month i heard a pop. It didnt hurt or anything but to be safe me and my guy used condoms. Well im on day 34 of my cycle with no period. I have always had a 28 day cycle. Soon to be 35. With no signs of a period. Already took two test. Clear blue. Both negative I have appointments thursday. But anything helps to at least get a idea. *just recently move( ma... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 01

    I think stress and season/weather change could cause a late period. doesn't hurt to get the IUD checked anyway.

Late period but negative tests

I am 12 days late from my period. I took 2 pregnancy tests on day 3 and day 7 but they where both negative. Any ideas?

  • Katrina
    Oct 01

    I was just late

  • Beth
    Oct 27

    Hormonal changes, diet changes, and stress can all delay our periods! Take those into account. Wait a few more days and try another test, your body needs to make enough of the pregnancy hormone to show up on a test. Make sure the test is not expired.

Period Late, Negative Pregnancy Tests...

My fiancé and I have been ttc for 14 mo now, ovulated as normal this month.. I have had “normal” 28-29 day cycles for months now, never late.. very similar symptoms to period; pretty bad cramping in lower abdomen, some in back, but very heavy and sore breasts this time around.. I don’t feel pregnant, but hoping I am. Took three Clearblue pregnancy tests, all negative. Thankfully, I have a gyne ... More

  • Bethany
    Sep 30

    I was! I had very sore breasts which was super unusual for me. I took three tests but all came back negative took my fourth and came back positive. Went to the doctor and I was eight weeks in. Not sure why the tests I’ve taken before couldn’t pick it up. I wish you good luck and hope there is a little baby in there

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Sep 26

6 days late for period and negative tests

Hi everyone! I’m 6 days late fore my period and still negative tests. Usually I have longer cycles around 39 days. I haven’t really had any major stressors that would prolong my period this month. Over the past week I’ve had sore breasts, lower back pain, fatigue, and mild cramps in my lower abdominal. Just made a doc appointment but it’s pretty far out on Oct 9th. Any advice on what to do?... More

  • Katrina
    Sep 26

    is your cycle usually pretty consistent? it could be pms symptoms and you are just late. I was consistent for years then suddenly just started changing so i think it's pretty normal to be off cycle as we age or go through body changes. I'd say for now try to take the health precautions until you confirm at the appointment.

I am now late with 3 days to my period, haven’t done the test yet but don’t feel like I am pregnant

  • Kieli
    Sep 25

    I agree with the post above. Take a test. I found out 2 days late with my second pregnancy and didn’t get morning sickness or anything for about 2-3 weeks after that.

  • Yanis
    Sep 26

    Lol 😂 I didn’t feel pregnant either; But I was. I am

Opinions on when I should take a pregnancy test? Please help

I use an app to track my menstrual cycle along with my fertility window and ovulation. I am currently three days late for my period and I am not showing any signs of starting soon. Lately I've been feeling exhausted, I've had headaches every morning when I wake up, and my lower back has been in a lot of pain as well. Although I do not "feel" pregnant. What do you guys think?

  • Anonymous
    Sep 24

    If you’re late then you might as well take a test, it’d be accurate at this point. Everyone’s period/pregnancy symptoms are different and even the same for both! You can get a test for 99 cents to be sure

  • Ivy
    Sep 24

    I would do a test. I’ve always wanted to know right away. I have a stash of dollar tree tests (has worked for each of my pregnancies!)

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