Get advice and share your best tips on air travel with kids from getting through the airport security with breastmilk to the best carseat to take on a plane.

Jossie posted in Flying Thursday

Traveling with 5 month old

I’m traveling with my LO (5 months). Any tips/recommendations. I feel like I need a luggage just for essentials. I’m a bit lost. We are taking car seat (with base) stroller. In one bag I have bottle warmer and pump. How do I pack his formula and breast milk? I’m sure we will be in the airport 2 hours before flight and the flight is 3 hours. Ugh any tips will help.

  • Jossie

    Thank you all very much! I definitely feel better prepared with all your tips. Now hopefully he will do ok in flight and if not it’s ok mamas ready 😊

  • Jess
    3h ago

    We have flown a few times and most recently international and my advice is pack light 😀 also check to see if your airport has the Mamava pods for breastfeeding. I used it a few times for feeding or pumping as it was a private space and then didn’t have to worry about formula or packing a lot of milk. First flight I look a cooler of frozen breastmilk and no questions from TSA.

Sierra posted in Flying Tuesday

How old does a baby have to be to safely fly from ohio to florida?

  • Sierra

    My daughter will be 2 months on the 30th would that be ok?

C posted in Flying Sunday

Your favorite tricks to keep baby happy on the plane

What are your tried and true go-tos that always keeps your lap infant quiet throughout the flight? Let's hear them!

  • MichDacs

    We grab a bunch or random things from the airport food court (straws, to-go cups, sugar packets). He had fun taking straws out of its cover, putting sugar in cups, transferring sugar from one cup to another... we like doing this since, if we lose it, all is still well in world. Plus, we can toss everything after the plane ride and we don’t have to worry about lugging so much toys around.

  • C

    That's brilliant!

Anonymous posted in Flying Nov 27

Long flight

Hi All, I’m doing a 10 Hour flight on my own to England to see family for the holidays with my 14 month old (hubby joins me there at a later date and will fly back with us). I have done this trip before but when she was 6 months and not even crawling. Now, it’s a whole new situation as she is running everywhere and can’t keep still. One lucky thing is it is a night flight (4.30pm departure). ... More

  • Jaz
    Nov 29

    Baby might need to stretch. Walking up and down the pathway is always good. Also you can start teaching them stretching exercises which they can do with you on the flight. Just remember to do you and don’t care who is looking, you do what you have to do to keep baby happy and yourself sane! Best of luck!

  • Julianne
    Dec 04

    See if the airline offers bassinets for when she falls asleep. They’re usually only offered on international flights and in certain seats but can be helpful, especially when flying alone. Went on a solo 6 hour plane ride at that age and gave her a new “toy” every 30-45 min ish (ie: something from the dollar bin at Target). Just keep reminding yourself the flight will eventually end and you’ll ... More

J posted in Flying Nov 21

Taking baby food internationally?

I’m about to travel internationally with my almost 10 month old and we are taking a lot of prepackaged baby food. is this a good idea? it is a lot of weight! trying to mitigate any potential stomach issues by giving him food he is familiar with. Also taking my own formula since i just don’t know what to expect.

  • molly
    Nov 21

    if there are human babies at your destination country I wouldn’t pack more than a little formula. Buy everything local and feed what babies there eat. fresh and nutritious

  • Emi
    Dec 07

    We’ve been to Europe twice with our oldest when he was an infant and toddler- first time we packed everything, second time we packed just enough for the plane! Everyone is right, you can get all big brand name formulas anywhere and can get all other food and supplies there as well!

Anonymous posted in Developmental Disorders Nov 20

Traveling with autistic son

We will be traveling for thanksgiving with our 4 year autistic child. It will be his first time on an airplane. Do you have any tips or advice? Any cool apps for the iPad or cool games that he would like? Anything is helpful. Thanks in advance!

  • Joanna
    Nov 20

    My 4 yo on the spectrum is a pretty good traveller. He was scared of the airplane bathroom and it was a 5 hour flight so he had to use it twice. And we were in an old 757 where the flight attendant button is on the armrest and he thought it was cool to keep pushing the button. Otherwise, he ate all the snacks we packed, napped (which he normally doesn't), and used the iPad. My advice would ... More

  • Anonymous
    Nov 20

    Thank you so much for your responses!! 💗

Anonymous posted in Clothes Nov 19

Sleep wear in flight?

Is it a good idea to put on a sleep wear/footed pajama on my 1 year old during a 24 hour flight with a layover? I don't want to worry about his shoe falling off or him removing his socks? Why does your experience say? Any comments? Suggestions? Thanks in advance.

  • Anonymous
    Nov 21

    Thanks everyone. It helps..

  • DeeDee
    Nov 25

    I flew to GA in June with my 9 month old ( at that time) footed pajamas was perfect for keeping him warm on the chilly flight!. I brought 2 pair for food or accident mishaps.

Meriksha posted in Flying Nov 19

Milk on flight??

Hello Need advice suggestions on how and what should I do? I am traveling international next week with my one year old. He drinks milk no formula. The flight is approximately 24 hours. How should I take milk? All bottles? Won't milk get bad by that time? Please share your experience/suggestions. Thanks

  • Emily
    Nov 19

    I bought the boxed milk off the shelf for my flight. I bought the mini boxes.

  • Joanna
    Nov 19

    Horizon single serve cartons. Also, McDonald's at the airport or Starbucks before the flight. And then they'll have milk on the coffee cart on the plane. Use an insulated cup and it should stay cold for several hours. That's a long flight. Good luck!

D'nasia posted in Flying Nov 19

What do I use for my 1 year old on the plane to keep from popping of ears and fussiness?

  • Lesley
    Nov 19

    Give a snack to eat or a drink when the plane starts to take off! It’ll help

  • Malka
    Nov 20

    Have he/she drink taking off and landing

Elle posted in Flying Nov 17

First flight with 9 month old

Hi there! My 9 month old daughter will be traveling from CA to AZ for Xmas. This is her first flight and she is a very active baby who gets very fussy if she doesn’t get a chance to crawl and explore. Any tips would be appreciated!

Val posted in Flying Nov 16


We will taking a plan trip for Christmas this year any one have any advice? I have a 7 year old with special needs. A 4 year old that screams and a 6 month old. Our flight is very late at night.

  • LisaP
    Nov 30

    When I flew solo with my almost-2 year old, I wipe-bathed him, brushed teeth, read a book, and changed him into pajamas so that he understood that it was bed time. And then changed him into day-time clothes in the morning- also an extra activity to keep him occupied. I agree with the other posters that the long-haul red-eye was the easiest part of the trip. The connections were a little toughe... More

  • Kristle
    5h ago

    For your 7 year old bring their security item, for your 4 year old if they have like a kindle that has their favorite games or books that is already downloaded that does not need the internet that is always a plus and for your 6 month old make sure they have a bottle handy or pacifier for taking off and landing for the elevation changes in the air so babies ears pop accordingly so there is no p... More

Anonymous posted in Flying Nov 16

Travel Tips/Must Haves for 1 yr old baby traveling 1st time CA to FL?

Hi! FTM here & traveling soon (Christmas time) for the 1st time w/ our almost 1 yr old baby by then, California to Florida, for a family reunion, we have a connecting flight & we chose a daytime flight. We’re seated all the way at the back near the bathrooms & an aisle seat. There’s so many info & tips online but just wanted to hear what are your personal experiences, travel tip... More

  • Lulu
    Nov 17

    A tablet and snacks!

  • Kim
    Nov 18

    We flew from CA to IL recently and we bought some new small toys to entertain her. We hid them beforehand so she wouldn’t see them and only brought them out when she started to really get fussy. Since they were new toys she was excited for something new to play with. Only bring one out at a time so you have several to work with and then hide them again once they lose interest so you can play su... More

Amethyst posted in Flying Nov 14


Hey y’all! I’m sure there are other post like this, so I’m sorry if it’s a repeat. My family and I are taking a trip in December. I’ve NEVER flown before, and I’ve certainly never flown with a 16 month old. 🙈 We are already planning on having a car seat shipped to our destination (We’re visiting family, so they will have it installed in their car when they pick us up) and we’re taking an umbr... More

  • molly
    Nov 15

    When mine is a lap passenger he loves sitting on my tray table so we can play tiny toes etc. Re car seat, I always use latch option when traveling as seat belts etc are too time consuming:)

  • Ashlie
    Nov 15

    This is what I meant

Ana posted in Flying Nov 13

Help! Traveling alone with 3mo & 2.5yo!

Hi! I am traveling with my 3 mo and my 2.5 yo without my husband and I am freaking out. I need ideas on how to entertain my oldest and keep my baby calm during the flight. My oldest has traveled with me before but this will be our first time with the little one. It is an almost 4 hour flight in the morning. Any suggestions on how to handle both and keep my sanity, I will greatly appreciate! Tha... More

  • Darrci
    Nov 13

    I haven’t traveled in a long time so I don’t know the rules on food, but if you can, I would pack lots of snack baggies and a well charged phone or iPad lol good luck 😅

  • Brittany
    Nov 13

    Coloring books like the crayola color wonder so it’s less mess. If you bring a lot of snacks like fruits snacks or granola bars, I brought a gallon sized zip lock bag for a trash bag. The ipad would be a lifesaver I didn’t have one when I traveled and was also going through my phase of not wanting to be judged for letting my kids use one, now I realize I gotta do what works for us. But, I also ... More

Alondra posted in Flying Nov 09


I’ll be flying for the first time with my 15 month old, any suggestions on how to make the trip better. I welcome any suggestions

  • Vonda
    Nov 10

    I’ve flown a couple times with our son. We did games and toys. A few snacks. Not too many. Tried to keep on feeding schedule time. He loves to meet and look at the passengers. Both flights we met great people who said hi and played “peekaboo” from their seat with him. We got him his own seat so he was able to play and look out the window. He napped in his car seat which helped. We always pick... More

  • Melanie
    Nov 10

    I fly as a profession and have had many children on the planes. And I have taken my son on numerous flights (he’s 2.5 now). It’s not as terrible as most first time flyers with children think. First I’d like to say that travel can be stressful for us adults and to remember your child feels your energy. Keep that in mind. What most others have stated above is wonderful advice. The umbrella stroll... More

Ameena posted in Flying Nov 06

Plane with baby

Going on a 4 hour flight tomorrow, any tips for flying with a 10 month old on lap. I’m kinda nervous. I don’t want him to start screaming bloody murder 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Ameena
    Nov 09

    Thank you guys for your input. We had a good experience. Baby was alittle fussy he loved watching people and saying high to everyone walking by lol and since he’s breastfeeding and I didn’t have any milk pumped out so I just fed him during takeoff and landing. Seemed to help him. Kinda weird being around guys thou. I could tell they were uncomfortable hahah so funny. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • Kaisa-Mikäle
    Nov 18

    We travel often shes breastfed too. I just stick her under my shirt. Getting harder now that shes 13 months. We've been out of the state 10 times since August. And were put of the state 3 more times before January is over. Glad it worked well for you

Jess posted in Flying Nov 04

First time flying with a baby!

Any tips/advice for taking a 3 hour flight with a baby? My son will be 8 months old next month when we fly out. He does wonderful out and about, but for some reason I’m super anxious about this🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m planning to bring a few books, bottles, a snack, pacifiers, and toys. Is that enough?! Lol I know I’m overthinking it, but I worry about his ears popping and him being anxious or bored, changing... More

  • Courtney
    Nov 05

    Try to hold off feeding him until you start taxing to take off. He might get fussy but it really helps with the takeoff. Worked like a charm for my daughter. Her first flight was at 2 months.

  • LaTonya
    Nov 06

    I flew when my son was 8 months , don’t let him nap before . Let him nap the ride! My son was woke the entire time! Talking nursing wanting to touch everything lol . Oh and make sure you have snacks

Anonymous posted in Flying Nov 03

How do you travel with a toddler?

When traveling by plane do you just take your carseat with you? Im going to Florida my mom bought a carseat for her, but when we’re returning we will need to take a taxi to get back home. Our carseat is really heavy, I’m not sure if I should just take it?

  • Claire
    Nov 08

    Depending on her age/weight you can get a bubblebum seat they are inflatable boosters. We use them for short cab journeys. Not sure how safe they are 😬but they make the seat beat in the correct place.

  • Zach
    Dec 03

    If your on Long Island this service will hold your car seat and your winter coats for you after he drops you off at the airport. They will be in the car at pick up when you come back. Great service.

Anonymous posted in Flying Nov 02

Red Eye Flight

Hi! Anyone ever flown a red eye flight with a 3 year old? If so please share your experience. I'm thinking about it but i'm unsure

  • Anonymous
    Nov 02

    My daughter is a pretty good traveler but idk if she'll like the red eye..I dont even like flying red eye..haha

  • Susan
    Nov 03

    We’ve flown the red eye about 20 times with our 3 year old and 5 year old. My advice varies depending on how long your flight is. But for a 12 hour plus flight (which is what we usually do), I make sure the kids get a lot of outdoor play time between 3-6pm, so that when they get on the flight they’re tired and ready for sleep. I also dress them in their pajamas, so they don’t need to change. Th... More

mymy posted in Flying Oct 28

Travel Tips 3 kids under 5.

We are looking for traveling tips over the holiday season with 3 kids under 5 & 3 car seats. We have a 4.5 yo girl, 2 yo girl and a 10 month old boy. Over the course of one week, we fly 5 hr to one state, fly 2 hr to another state, drive 2 hr to another state then fly 5.5 hr home. We are so excited and terrified at the same time. Any travel tips would be very much appreciated! TIA! FYI... More

  • mymy
    Nov 02

    Wow Mommas! This has all been so incredibly helpful! Thank you so much!!!!

  • Shelby
    Nov 15

    When i travled with my son his dr told me to give him Benadryl the first plane ride to help him sleep through it i had a little pillow and blanket for him and the rest of the time i had snacks and lots of toys to play with even a little thing to watch movies on. depending on what air line you take a lot of them will let baby stuff fly free like strollers diaper bags don't count as carry on... More

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