Get advice and share your best tips on air travel with kids from getting through the airport security with breastmilk to the best carseat to take on a plane.

A posted in Flying Nov 09

I’ve read through quite a few posts but still need advice

We will be traveling from ca to Hawaii in April with a 2 yr old and 9 yr old that have never been on a plane. We will have family with us but I still want my kids to be as comfortable as I can make them any advice/tips?

  • PK
    Nov 11

    Your 9 year old should be fine... bring some books to read or activity books.. whatever you can bring that they would like to do. Bring some gum for them to chew on for takeoff and landing (ear pressure). For your 2 year old, do they still have a pacifier? My son still had his when we recently went on a plane and we just gave that to him for takeoff and landing and he was fine. As far as keep... More

  • Miss Maple
    Nov 13

    One fun one - wrap your "plane bribes." 4 pieces of paper and a crayon get pretty exciting when they are a "present." Even snacks on the slightly junkier side can be wrapped. Watch temperature - children on planes are happier with shoes off and if they are not hot.

Anonymous posted in Flying Oct 03

Trip without mom

When was the first time your kiddo took a trip without you? My MIL has been insisting she take our 2 year old to California (1.5 hour flight) to visit my brother in law for a weekend..... I don’t know how I feel about it?? Part of me knows of course he’d have fun at the beach all day, but then that distance is kinda far without momma in a strange place.

  • Aya
    Oct 10

    I agree, I think it depends on your son's relationship with the MIL. If your MIL is used to being with him, taking care of him, I say go for it. The first time I left my child with my parents (not MIL) was in Tokyo, when he was 4. He stayed with them for a week. We dropped him off and then we picked him up (he did not miss us much - ha). The first time he flew solo with my parents was... More

  • Angel
    Oct 14

    My dad keeps trying to take my daughter an hour drive away and my answer is still NOOOOOO

Anonymous posted in Flying Sep 23

Flight Travel in 1st trimester

Hi, I just found that I am pregnant and we had planned a trip to kauai which will fall in the 10th week. Is it safe to fly in the 10th week ?

  • Anonymous
    Sep 27

    I flew during my 10th week and it was fine. Though if you google, you might get freaked out by all people that miscarried after flying. Just make sure you’re well hydrated, bring snacks, and compression socks.

  • Megan
    Oct 06

    Confirm with Dr. but usually no issues!

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Sep 20

Bottle weaning now or wait?

My daughter is almost 14m and still takes a bottle to sleep - 2 bottles total a day since she’s down to 1 nap. I’ve been wanting to start to wean her off but we just decided to take our first family vacation. It’ll be a 6hr flight and her first time on the plane. When we leave she will be almost 15m and we are going for a month. I’m torn on keeping her on the bottle and weaning when we get back... More

  • Laura
    Sep 23

    Careful with the painters tape. On a flight when our daughter was one I stuck a small piece within her reach and the next second she was coughing on it.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 27

    My two year still goes down with a cup to go to sleep for nap and bed time. I’ve watered down the milk gradually and now it’s almost completely water, but she still wants it. Sometimes when she wakes up it’s all gone and other times maybe an ounce. Do what works for you and your family. I would suggest start using and introducing a cup if you haven’t already and if she takes too the cup, then r... More

Mini posted in Flying Sep 08

Pls suggest some websites from where can I download cartoon videos n rhymes??

Heyy mommies.. can anyone pls suggest some websites from where i can download free cartoon videos and rhymes/baby songs.. i need some of those to show my little one as we r going to travel in a long flight journey which will keep her happy

  • PK
    Sep 09

    If you have amazon prime, I think you can download the cartoons that they have available to prime members. Just be careful about making sure that the video is free for prime members. There’s an app that you can download on your phone or tablet and I think the videos just save on that app.. idk. Never tried it. When we flew with our son, we just spent the money on the amazon tablet for kids ... More

Anonymous posted in Flying Aug 18

24 hour International flight with toddler

Anyone know of a way to download free kid videos (without WiFi) to survive the adventure? Youtube method?

Stephanie posted in Flying Aug 04

Any travel hacks/tips for flying with LO's?

I have b/g twins that are 17 months old. We are trying to plan a trip to Colorado (3 hr flight). What should I bring, and what are the teavel fees for bringing baby gear?

  • Anonymous
    Aug 04

    Check airline website for more info on travel fees. But I believe all airlines allow you to check car seats and strollers for free (per baby). With a child that age who can’t consistently follow directions, I would check the stroller at the gate so that you have the stroller up until you board and you can get it when you get off the plane. Are the kids going to be in your laps? We did a fligh... More

Amanda posted in Flying Jul 16

Taking 15 month old on a plane ride

Hey everyone, I have flown a few times with my daughter. However this will be the longest plane ride. We have two flights and it will be a long time with her on my lap. Any toy recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

  • B
    Jul 18

    Oh 3 hours is nothing for lap. You’ll be fine. Save new toys and books for the second flight, though.

  • Lindsey
    Oct 17

    The 5 senses! Keep your LO "guessing" and being stimulated by having toys in a bag, pull one new one out every so often that stimulated a different sense. - Going to the dollar store to make a little toy bag is what we've done on the cheap (or grabbing old toys LO has forgotten about). - I got a tablet for my LO. It's great to draw and erase see played on it for hours.

Luisa posted in Flying Jul 15

My husband and I are getting ready for a trip with my 2.5 year old daughter.

We are debating between a direct flight or one with a stop, the flight is 5.5 hour. Do you guys have any recommendations and tips? We'll have snacks and the iPad with headphones for her.

  • Luisa
    Jul 21

    Thank you for answering to this post! We got direct flights. I think that will work for us, crossing fingers. 😉

  • Luisa
    Jul 21

    Do you guys know things to do in Menefee, CA with a 2 year old?

Teresa posted in Flying Jun 27

Need carry on bag recommendations

We will be traveling by plane next month and need carry on bag recommendations. I will be traveling with a toddler, so we need extra clothes, diapers/wipes, toys and games. We use a small Skip Hop back pack as our day to day bag, but I don’t think it will be large enough. I would prefer a backpack style. I like organization pockets. Any suggestions?

  • Erum
    Jun 28

    Get the large

  • Amy
    Jul 04

    Diaper Bag Backpack Large... I ordered 4 before choosing this for a trip! It's big enough for my laptop, has a ton of different pockets so you can organize. I had a change of clothes for myself, a few outfits for her, a receiving blanket, snacks, a small lunch bag with frozen breast milk packets, a couple bottles, my laptop and ... More

Anonymous posted in Flying Jun 07

Any tips for a 6 hour flight with an almost 2 year old?

  • Anonymous
    Jun 09

    We never ever give our phones/iPad but the plane is the only exception lol get an isle seat bc you’ll be walking up and down a lot. I’d get toddler their own seat. I did lap ticket for my 18 month old last weekend and it was such a mistake, it’s just way too tight. Lotssss of snack, hide a few toys for a few weeks so they’re new.

  • Jennifer
    Jun 09

    Snacks, drinks, tablet a new toy all things your wouldn’t usually give into. We also flew early right after he woke for the day so he would be more tolerant which worked well until our flight was super delayed 🤷🏼‍♀️

Caleb posted in Flying Jun 06

Air travel tips

We have a trip coming up in a couple of months, and I was wondering if anyone had some tried and true methods of making air travel with a 1 yr old as smooth as possible? Dealing with TSA? On the plane? Calming baby? Ect...

  • Tina
    Jun 06

    We flew to japan when my baby was 11.5 months old and he was most interested in the stuff in the seat pocket such as the inflight magazine and emergency instruction pamphlet. We also brought a giant ziploc bag full of small new cheap toys from the dollar store and target. Also when entering the airport security line, ask if there’s a family line which will be a shorter line if they have one. ... More

  • Jennifer
    Jun 07

    Snacks all the snacks you can take. We also flew early morning so he had just woken up and was way happier than nap time. Also we gave him his tablet and some juice as special travel treats

Garima posted in Flying May 26

First time mom looking for travel tips

Hi, I am first time mom and a have limited knowledge related to car seats. My LO is 10 months old. We have uppa baby Cruz stroller for her and MESA car seat. We are planning to travel next week from Miami to Houston. In July month we are planning to travel to Denmark to celebrate her first birthday. Also by this year end we are planning to travel to India to visit our family. Does the... More

  • Momof2
    May 29

    I don’t know anything about your current stroller but we use the mountain buggy nano stroller when we travel because it fits in the overhead compartment of an airplane😊 The video shows the wheels being removed to put it in the travel bag but we never removed our wheels we left it all intact. It can fit any car seat you have which is nice.Although it’s not as easy as some of those click and go ... More

Laurie posted in Flying May 25

Documentation For Going on Airplane

I have an infant and 8yr old going on a plane with me in a couple weeks, do y’all know if there’s any documentation we would need for them?

  • Anonymous
    May 26

    Some airlines check birth cert or shot records to verify birthdate for lap baby

  • Junoii
    May 30

    You just need the child’s birth certificate and your dL for domestic travel. For internal you need a passport , potentially a visa ( depending on the country you are going into) , and if only one parent is going a document showing the other parent is aware of the travel. That should take care of the airline requirements , security, and customs if you are going international

Anonymous posted in Flying May 18

First flight

I'm flying with my almost 21mo old in a few weeks. He will be sitting on my lap and it's a 7 hr flight. Any tips to keep him occupied?

  • Elle
    Jul 13

    - mixture of some of his favorite toys and some new toys (new for the flight) - several different things to suck/suckle/drink on for take off and landing. - motrin/tylenol - change of clothes for you and baby in your carry-on in case of accident/leak/sick - comfy clothes for you and comfy clothes for baby

Dads & Moms and Teamwork

There's a mom & dad that are tag teaming their 3 & 1 year-old on our flight, & it's adorable! The dad managed to get seated in a row with the two kids, the mom stayed further back. The kids are super adorbs & the mom's taking each them for walks when she can. Meanwhile, the dad's hanging out with the other kid (kids when the seatbelt sign's on). It's super-fun to see all the teamwork!

Anonymous posted in Flying May 09

Traveling to SF with a 1yo and 3mo advice

Me, my husband and 2 kids will be flying for the first time to SF from LAX for a weekend. We'll be flying with Alaskan Airlines. Does anyone know of a rideshare service similar to Uber/Lyft that includes a carseat? We won't be renting a car so we won't be bringing our toddler's bulky car seat. Also how does transporting a double stroller into the airplane work? We have the Uno2D... More

  • B
    May 10

    Where are you staying? Most hotels and many Airbnb’s have pack and plays so you don’t have to lug it. But if you do, you’ll check it in like a suitcase. I’d wrap it in a bag or something. Infant car seat and stroller get checked at the gate or when you check luggage (your decision). Sometimes uber has an uber family option with a car seat. You could check online to see if LA has it.

Anxious parents traveling by plane

We are very anxious parents (at least the mom is) traveling to another state by plane with an 18 month old child. Mom is curious about logistics and germs. We need to travel with a stroller (city mini) and a car seat but my wife adamant about boxing the car seat and stroller so neither will be damaged or contaminated in the cargo hold. How does everyone else do this? Will we need to purchase a ... More

  • Katherine
    May 08

    I travel a lot with my daughter (she has been on 20 planes) I have my car seat in a check bag and check it with my luggage. I then check my stroller in the jetway but I’m always traveling alone with her so I need the stroller. I have wet wipes and I wipe down my seat, tray table, seat back in front of us, and the seat belt. I make sure I pack plenty of snacks, her favorite book, a go to favorit... More

  • Wend
    May 08

    I know this is a pricey option but anytime we have flown with our now 21 month old, we flew first class, two seats for us and him as a lap infant. We are older parents and the comfort came in handy for our sanity. No regrets. We did lay down seats to Hawaii too so he could nap on my husband. We do bulkhead if no lay down seats. The extra room helps! We used baby headphones with him and brought ... More

Laurie posted in Flying Apr 14

Family Trip Tips

My family is taking our Disney trip soon and this will be my first time flying with my 7 month old. Any tips you can give me for the plane ride? Also, any tips for our stay at Disney World or the parks?

  • TiMex
    Apr 14

    Try not to feed or let your little one snack too much before taking off. Give them some time to burp/poop etc... When my kids and their Mom flew for the first time our son had diarrhea from the formula and it bled through onto her shirt and our daughter threw up on her. It was hectic especially since the flight was packed.

  • Molly
    Apr 15

    Try to breastfeed or bottle feed on take off while you’re still flying up. To help babies ears not hurt. When we went to China with my 10 month old she did really good. Just have a couple of toys and something to drink on. Disney will be a lot of fun.

Kristen posted in Flying Apr 13

First time flying with my 8 month old

We are flying to Washington and will be home 4 days.... and tips & tricks for flying/ packing. Thank you!!

  • PK
    Apr 14

    Get a window seat if you can.. the view outside is pretty good entertainment. We flew for the first time when my son was 1.. he just snacked and slept most of the time. So if your child has a favorite snack, that might help (cereal puffs?). He was also fascinated with the magazines they had so we read those over and over. We also got a cheap umbrella stroller and checked that at the gate so we ... More

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