Get advice and share your best tips on air travel with kids from getting through the airport security with breastmilk to the best carseat to take on a plane.

Julia posted in Flying Tuesday

Gate checking a stroller

If I have to gate check my stroller and car seat when flying should I have a travel bag to put them in?

  • Biljana

    Well, I can tell you about my experience with the international flights, which have strict policies; I haven’t used the domestic flights yet. - Regarding the stroller, it’s better to have it with you around the airport, it comes handy for all the stuff you’d care with you. At checking the luggage, you are being given a biiiig plastic bag to use it before entering the plane, where the workers ar... More

  • Biljana

    *car seat - I forgot to mention: I have packed the car seat very well in a big bag covered with soft blankets and packing bubbles. No damage was done ✅

Karla posted in Flying Monday

Flying with two kiddos! 3 year old and 5 month old

I’m flying with my 3-year-old and 5 month baby. This will be my and their first time flying. It’s only an hour long flight, but I’m still feeling pretty nervous. Any tips? I’m specifically worried about their ears hurting.

  • Jennifer

    Extra outfits for everyone... my babies (and several friend’s babies) enjoy mile high blowouts (or security line). Usually, the most inconvenient times.

  • PK

    Before boarding, go up to the desk and ask if you can board in an earlier group (if your ticket states that you’re one of the last groups) so you can get your kids settled.

Sarah posted in Flying Monday

Any tips on traveling alone with a 16 month old?

Do you let them walk on the plane if need be?

  • Sarah

    Lauren! Thanks for the ideas! Post-its would be fun, easy and new for him! Hehe..

  • Sarah

    PK, thanks for the ideas! We are flying from Ohio to California! Hehe.. it can be a long flight.. and he’s flown before... but he wasn’t walking then.. so it’s a little different this time around.. hehe.. thanks again!

Christy posted in Flying Monday

My 19 Month Old's First Flight!! Advice, please?

My daughter and I are taking a 2 hour flight in about a month. This is the first time I am taking my 19 month old (age at departure) on an airplane... A few questions I have are as following: 1) How can I get her ears to pop as we depart? 2) What are some things to keep her entertained (that the airport won't charge me a ridculous price for)? 3) Sitting on lap vs. having her own seat? Has ... More

  • Kelly

    Unless she's had chronic ear issues she most likely won't have much problem on the plane. Encourage her to drink, eat or use a pacifier during take off and landing, which can help them pop their own ears. In regards to entertainment..... honestly the thing that works best for us is snacks. I make a bento box of kid friendly snacks and choosing what he wants to eat is free entertainment.... More

  • Jaclyn

    We just took our 21 month old daughter on her first flights and I packed a variety of snacks and activities for her to have on the plane (gold fish, fruit snacks, graham crackers, etc). The snacks really helped for popping her ears, as well as her sippy cup of water. For activities I borrowed a friends iPad and loaded it up with toddler friendly games (that didn’t require WiFi). I also went to ... More

Rachel posted in Flying Jun 14

Toddler flying tips?

Taking a flight with my 18-month-old for the first time in July. Looking for tips on how to make the trip and being away from home a little easier. Thanks for your ideas!

  • Katie
    Jun 14

    If you’re bringing a car seat with you, I’d definitely suggest a car seat scooter. It’s like magic! Turns the car seat into rolling luggage you can push or pull...also can have your little in it. I used it as a stroller on vacation too 😊 this is the one I used but there are a ton of choices GoGo Kidz Travelmate

Julia posted in Flying Jun 08

Travel help!

We’ll be flying from Philly to LA in a couple weeks with our 4-month old twins. Any advice on a) surviving the plane ride, and b) adjusting their feeding and sleeping to the new time zone? Thank you!

  • Sky
    Jun 08

    Red eye flight worked for us before. Parents are super sleepy for a day after but baby sleeps entire flight.

  • MyeLuna
    Jun 08

    Make sure baby is sucking on something be it a bottle, breast or pacifier during take-off and landing it helps with the air pressure change in there ears.

Ethel posted in Flying Jun 05

Travel gear for 14 month old

What's the best, most comfortable travel crib ? Phil and Teds, Baby Bjorn, or any other? Also, what's better -- checking a car seat or buying an extra ticket and having toddler sit in the car seat on the airplane? If so, what's a safe, easy to install car seat? Any other recommendations or suggestions for traveling with toddler? TIA!!

  • Lisa
    Jun 05

    I’ve used the Guava lotus travel crib for two kids. Very light and compact. Just find the lightest car seat. Not many people buy an extra seat, it’s a real pain carrying that seat onto the plane. But it’s safer and if your kid is a good sleeper you’ll be much more comfortable.

  • Laura
    Jun 05

    14 months old was the last time we flew (cross country) with toddler as a lap infant. Wished we had bought a seat and ended up buying one for all the next flights. If you can afford it, it's definitely worth having that extra seat and bringing on a carseat. Evenflo Tribute LX is the best lightweight convertible carseat for airplane travel (also perfectly good to use in a car). If you don... More

Jaspinder posted in Flying Jun 04

Air travel with a newborn baby

My baby girl is just 3 weeks old and we have to fly to Texas. I am wondering if I have to buy a ticket for newborn baby. Also we don't have any ID proof for baby. How can I make the travel experience least hectic for baby and mom. Any tips?

  • Jenny
    Jun 05

    You can choose to buy a seat for baby (and secure them in their car seat on the airplane) or travel with them as a “lap child”. If traveling as a lap child they share your seat and you do not need to buy a ticket. You should call the airline so they can add your lap child to your reservation. The airline may ask you to check in with an agent at the airport and show a copy of your child’s birth ... More

  • Jaspinder
    Jun 05

    Thanks Adam, Jenny and Anna... Great Feedback

Enid posted in Flying Jun 02

So I need help! I’m flying for the first time with my 11 month old son.

I have no idea what I should do to keep him entertained or how to make it as smooth as possible. Any suggestions or help from anyone will be great!!! Thank you!

  • Kendall
    Jun 04

    Just did an international flight with my daughter! I definitely second the carrier, but I also kept the stroller with me so that she could lay in it to sleep. I got this great foldable umbrella stroller and it did the trick! Also if you will be checking any baby items (eg stroller, car seat, pack n play) invest in some gate check bags. They are like $12 a bag and they are waterproof. They reall... More

  • Enid
    Jun 04

    Thank y’all so so much

Anonymous posted in Flying May 24

One month old to the beach

We’re taking our one month old girl to Maui in a few weeks. First time parents. Any tips on how to dress her? What to pack, beach/travel gear? Advice for the airplane ride? She’ll be a lap infant. Do we put her in the pool or ocean? Thank you!

  • Kristen
    May 24

    Keep her out of the sun! Cover her in clothes and keep her shaded. Babies younger than 6 months have very sensitive, thin skin and shouldn’t be exposed to sun or wear sun screen. Have a great trip! Maui is the best 😊

  • Breanna
    May 24

    Definitely bring an umbrella to keep her shaded at the beach and when you're in the sun. Babies at that age should be kept out of the sun at all times as sunscreen is not yet safe to use on their sensitive skin (plus chemicals in it could be harmful). You could maybe get a little infant bed for outside too so you have somewhere safe to lay her down while at the beach and outside)

Ashley posted in Behavior May 24

Should parents hand out goody bags when flying with kids?

I was just reading this story about two dads who handed out goody bags (complete with custom photo card!) basically apologizing in advance to all their fellow passengers in case their baby got upset while flying. I'm so torn. On one hand, this is super cute and a sweet gesture. But, it also seems a little extreme to feel like you need to apologize for bringing a kid on a plane, not to menti... More

  • Stephanie
    May 28

    No way. Don’t do it. In addition to everything said above, it sets an unrealistic expectation/standard for everyone. For example, how might you feel if you were a parent sitting across the aisle from the parents who made this “thoughtful” gesture, while you arrived empty-handed? And what about the people who received the goody bags? Does it become a thing they come to expect? It’s not only un... More

  • Kristin
    Jun 01

    No. Put the money toward your next trip or something else, like activities for your kids to keep them busy.

Giovanni posted in Flying May 21

First time flyer

We’re flying to Texas from Ohio in July with my daughter. She will be 4 months by then, but are there any tips or tricks on keeping your baby calm & comfortable during the flight ?

  • Dana
    May 21

    I flew for my first time with my daughter last month when she was 4 months. I wore her in a carrier, very helpful while getting through the airport and security. Although I was flying alone. Just try and get her to eat or suck while going up and coming down. I flew southwest and they were awesome about being accommodating and one flight attendant even offered to walk my baby around to try and c... More

CeCe posted in Flying May 21

Traveling on an airplane with my 10 month old son for the first time. Any tips, advice, or must have things I should bring along... from those who’ve traveled with an infant before?! 😊

  • eraspa
    May 23

    I always try to pack what I think I’ll need but always end up with way more diapers than we need! It also depends on where you’re traveling; if you’re in the US you should have no problem finding diapers if you run out. Good luck and have fun!!

  • Anonymous
    May 24

    My daughter did great at 9 Months, just needed a bottle and she slept. But at 15 Months she wasn’t bad but she didn’t sit, she was walking around when she got a chance to and was dancing and greeting everyone. It was great and everyone was really nice. I mean they rather that then a crying a baby the whole plane ride. It was just 3 hours but she was just into everything

Ytso posted in Flying May 17

How can I take care of an 18 month old during a 15 hour flight by myself?

Yes, only me. Any tips? Thanks!

  • KimDH
    May 24

    Just came back from a long haul flight with my 22 mth old. 12hr flight scheduled to take off at 6pm. Woke up from his nap around 1:30pm (just as I was approaching customs)...found a cafe and fed him a solid meal before locating an indoor kids play area for him to burn off some energy before boarding. I usually board last with him. Toddlers hate being in confined spaces and this way I found ... More

  • Amy
    May 24

    On our first long flight, my hubby took the extra clothes out of the diaper bag to save space. Little guy puked and went shirtless for the last 2 hours. 😆

Anonymous posted in Flying May 14

Baby on a plane for the 1st time... HELP!

I will be traveling on a plane w/my 14month old. It will be his first time on a plane. I’m in serious need of tips or ideas to help keep him occupied and how to help him get his ears to pop. Any ideas would be appreciated!

  • Amanda
    May 21

    We did head phones and ABC mouse. They say 18months to start but he liked letters a lot and it’s like$7 a month. I had my kid at 13months by myself on a plane and luckily was seated with 2 amazing women. (Flight was full so no car seat for me). He spent the whole flight crawling and being passed between the three of us and the occasional flight attendant. He thought it was great and they l... More

  • Gina
    May 25

    I did the same thing. My son was 14 months old, 6.5 hour cross country flight alone. I brought quiet books, his favorite books, an iPad loaded with a couple shows/movies and toddler headphones, travel doodle pro... you name it! He wanted nothing to do with any of them. He wanted to sit or stand on the floor and eat snacks. That was it. On both our flights he slept for maybe 1 hour total. 😐 b... More

Celine posted in Flying May 03

My 7 week old and I will be flying next week for the first time to visit my parents. I need some help from experts about flying with a little one. We didn’t buy an extra seat because of the flight cost so what does everyone do about car seats? Do I bring the base and keep it attached or put it in my checked bag? We won’t need a stroller so I’m not bringing that. Is a body carrier the best way t... More

    May 07

    Also note that diaper bags do not count towards your carry-on limit, so you can still bring your usual two bags in addition to the diaper bag.

  • Jenny
    May 10

    We've flown a lot with the kiddos. My thoughts: Pack enough diapers/formula/milk in your bag to handle a full day of flight delays, bottle or paci on takeoff and landing, there's a changing table in the plane RR above the toilet that folds down (change baby right before you board), wear baby in a carrier, ask if there are empty seats, and if so, bring on the car seat so they can sleep e... More

Leila posted in Flying May 01

We will be traveling to Ireland (from Texas) for Christmas this year! Any suggestions for flying with a 12 month old and 6 year old on that long of a flight? I also have no idea what the weather will be like that time of year over there! Anyone have any tips for getting babies a passport?

  • Les
    May 04

    For your 12 month old request a bassinet on the intl flight. We travelled abroad from CA over Xmas and the bassinet was a life saver. She played in it, slept in it and we could change her in it:)

  • Leila
    May 04

    Wow awesome advice! Thanks guys!

MacKenzie posted in Flying Apr 30

Recommendations for an airline approved convertible car seat that we can travel with and use on the plane. Thank you!

  • Carmela
    Apr 30

    Our britax boulevard click connect is tsa approved. There is also an accessory you can buy that you can mount the car seat onto, with baby inside and wheel around like luggage

  • Joanna
    May 01

    Cosco Scenera. It's so lightweight.

Kelsey posted in Flying Apr 30

Any tips on airplane travel with a 9 month old?

  • Jas
    Apr 30

    Take a few tried and true toys that consistently calm baby, buy tickets that are close to bed time, and bottle or Breastfeed during take off and landing! Also check in at the gate before the flight to let the staff know u are flying with a baby and you get to board early

  • Stephanie
    May 01

    Snacks, and as much to keep him busy as possible, toys you don’t mind loosing. Check the dollar store and keep them away till the flight. Age appropriate obviously! Happy travels!

Kendrah posted in Flying Apr 24

Hi need some advice please, I’ll be flying with my almost 1 yr old daughter. The flight is gonna be 13hrs or more... what should I expect? Any tips? TIA!!

  • Andrea
    Apr 25

    You can also put some drops of breast milk up their nose to help with dryness. It’s prob too late but try to book flight around bed or nap times. We just flew with 14 month old and it’s hard to contain them/ entertain them. We used a carry on suitcase at base of seat to kinda make a bed..

  • Kendrah
    Apr 25

    Thank you!!!

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