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I need NON DIARY breakfast meals for a 2 years old toddler! She has a milk allergy! Please help!

  • Jessica
    1h ago

    Vans waffles, scrambled eggs!!! 🙌🏻

  • Sam
    56m ago

    Natures path makes vegan waffles, my son usually has that and lactose free milk

Cookbook recommendations?

I’m gonna cut down my 14 months old baby girls milk bottles to twice a day. She doesn’t really eat much solid foods, I want her to start eating but before I do it I want to be prepared and be consistent on giving her solid foods and I want to make sure that it taste good. I don’t have time to google her every meal. Any recommendations mommies? Thanks in advance! 😉

  • Cary

    Start with veggies!!!

  • Aylin

    I have the “big book of organic baby food”. I also have the baby bullet which came with some recipes inside

Tips on getting an almost 1.5 year old to eat veggies?? I have to hide them in a starchy food!

  • Birdie
    6h ago

    If you’re not sure she’ll eat it then you can always ask what exactly they serve. Most daycares have a set menu that they stick to for budget purposes.

  • Ivy
    2h ago

    I always go the smoothie or juiced route. I try not to worry about my boys not eating cooked veggies, cause one just won't eat them on his plate, and the other will only eat them when they're cooked very soft. At that point, the nutrients are mostly gone. So I either juice the veggies with fruit, or make smoothies. Sometimes I do both, I use the juice to blend together frozen fruit and ... More

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Tuesday

Baby Led Weaning

Our little just turned 7 months. We've toyed around with baby led weaning some, but she is just now getting to where she is actually eating what's on her tray. Before she was just kind of mushing it up and exploring with it. What kind of food are some good starting points? We started with brocolli and bananas already but want to branch out some now.

  • Khushboo


  • Anonymous

    Be careful with peanuts or anything like that. Although, some say if you expose them early they are less likely to develop an allergy, but if you expose them too early and they already have the allergy, CPR is way harder to preform on an infant than a toddler. Obviously you as a parent knows what’s best for your children. Just something to think about!

How often a day can I give my baby tastes of food that is not her milk?

  • Tammy

    Started with rice cereal just before 4mos for both. After she got the hang of it we introduced fruit in the morning. Second is not as excited about it as the first so we haven’t gone to fruit yet. Once number one figured out how to feed herself she refused to be spoon fed. We never made it over 6oz bottles with her. She loved real food. These two couldn’t be more different so I’ll keep ya poste... More

  • Kieli

    My daughters pediatrician recommended feeding her rice cereal twice a day until she got onto more solid foods like purées. Then he said to feed her as often as she wanted. She was a very chunky baby, and thinned out when she started running around. So I just offered her food and sometimes she would eat 3 times a day, and sometimes only twice. I noticed things like colds, and teething really aff... More

Baby food

What are some good baby food brands or way to make baby food easy?

  • Wenonah
    6h ago

    I’ve heard making your own is cheaper but honestly I’m not sure. Because the Beech nut jars are only $0.94 and sometimes there on sale. Once you open the jars they last 2-3 days. If you buy your own ingredients and make it yourself I believe you’ll go over $0.94. I told myself I was going to make my own baby food but I just don’t have the time. Between working part time and taking car of a 6 mo... More

  • Amanda
    3h ago

    I just found out wic gives baby food so I will do that since it’s free. And I take all the free stuff I can get cuz 7 kids get expensive.


What do you cook 1 year old twins for Dinner. I want to make them healthy and Great dishes but i found it to be very hard I’m open to all ideas

  • Micaela

    @kikipooh air fryers are life.. 😀😀😀

  • Birdie

    Give them what you eat. This keeps them from being picky eaters and helps you eat a lot healthier too.

Frustrated with this picky kid!!

So what is a good tactic for a picky 2 year old. The only food intake he ever has is mash potatoes chicken nuggets and noodles (as a full meal he eats pudding and applesauce for snacks ect) he refuses and spits if i try to make him eat anything else but he gets so bored with his food. Its hard to find him the right food even the wrong chicken nuggets and he wont eat him helpppp!!! Lol

  • Adela

    My son is 2 years old , he eats everything! He eat rice, black or read beans , sweet potatoes, chicken, bitten eggs, eggs in different combinations, yogurt with fruits, but not vegetables, Latin food, it is more tested! My pediatra said if he eat only rice, give rice, do ni try something fancy. In the morning mix a egg with nana put a slide of bread in to cover with the mixture side to side and... More

  • Charlotte

    You could try French toast

any tofu meal ideas?

so I have been trying to do things with tofu. my son will eat it but it doesnt stay well in fridge and takes a lot of prep to make. anyone have good ideas that are quick to do with tofu?

  • JJ

    You can press the tofu under a weight to get the excess moisture out, cube it up, toss it in cornstarch, then pan fry it almost like a nugget and they dip it in whatever they’d like. Or you can purée it with some banana and maple syrup and cocoa powder for a pudding. Or just toss it into soups or stews.

  • Tiffany

    One of my kiddos favorites is sticky rice, tofu and asparagus!!! Put oil in the pan and keep the lid off so it gets a good, firm texture on the outside. (20 minute dinner)

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Monday

My daughter is 6 months old and I have not yet introduced her to cereal. When should I?

  • Julie

    It’s up to you if you want to!! Anytime around now would be good, you should talk to your pediatrician about any feeding concerns at your next appointment. There’s obviously nutritional value to cereal crops, they make up a huge staple in the worlds diet. For my daughter, I only fed her plain cereal once or twice before I started to mix it with her stage 1 purées as a way to thicken them. Sh... More

  • MG

    There’s actually no nutritional value in cereal and is really processed. Depending on the brand, baby cereal can also have high levels of heavy metals and arsenic which I found to be scary! So I never introduced cereal and went straight into vegetable purées. I also make my own baby oatmeal, I buy old fashioned rolled oats and blend it to a fine powder. A great website to use to check how clean... More

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Monday

Looking for suggestions...Anyone have easy “meals” they send with their 1 year old to daycare?

  • Anna

    Cheese, fruit, yogurt, half sandwich with nut or seed butter, tofu, hard-boiled egg.

  • Katia

    Following as well. Great ideas

Farm birthday party treat bags

I’m looking ideas as to what to put in treat bags for my son’s 2nd birthday that is farm themed. Thank you!

  • Victoria

    Go to party city they have tons of goody bag treats toys and candy

  • Victoria

    They have a whole isle that is specifically for goody bag

Eczema/Eliminating Milk or Eggs

Hello Moms, So my almost 4 month old baby boy is breastfeed and only supplemented with formula when necessary. He is having eczema problems. The pediatrician is suggesting that I don’t eat anything with milk or eggs. And see how that goes. I’m at the point of frustration because just about everything is made with milk or eggs. Any suggestions on what to eat? Open to anything. 😊

  • Marisa

    Usually you’re okay to eat eggs in cooked products just not eggs as a single ingredient. I would never recommend eliminating 2 things at once though...then you won’t know what worked. I’d do dairy first for at least a few weeks then consider egg.

  • Kryz

    Yeah I’m starting with Milk first. Then work my way to eggs.

My 18m old is a picky eater & plays with his food? How can I expand his pallet & stop his playing?

  • Jenn

    I was going to say the same thing. As an SLP that has done some feeding therapy, playing with food is always incorporated. I would say play with him and see if he will copy what you do. During that game, put something in your mouth and see if he will do the same. If he spits it out, shake it off and praise him for trying. Play will all sorts of food, including things he likes and doesn't li... More

  • Rebecca

    Mix things into what he already likes... Like add all different kinds of cut up veggies to spaghetti etc. Blened drinks like smoothies are a great way to sneak foods as well. I wouldn't worry to much about playing woth food unless hes throwing it otherwise it can be a great way for him to get excited about new things.

Tips for a super picky 4-year-old?

Our 4-year-old will only eat a small number of foods that are familiar to him—pb&j, a certain type of chicken strips, etc. He won’t even eat normal kid food like hot dogs and hamburgers. As much as we try get him to try new things, nothing works! We’ve all but given up on eating out. Any tips??

  • Tessa

    I’m always told he won’t starve himself lol but mine does. There are days he will eat absolutely nothing at all... some water and 2 cups of milk.. all day... bc he hasn’t wanted what I give him. He went three days once and would be up 4 times in the night asking for chicken nuggets and applesauce. So I said this is stupid and gave in to french fries and chicken nuggets every meal. I like sleep!

  • Anonymous

    They eat what you make or they dont eat.

Baby led weaning parents! What’s the most grown up thing/exotic your under 1 has eaten? :)

  • Tina

    My 1-year-old eats anything we stick in her mouth, which is mostly whatever I'm eating. That's pretty much every cuisine out there: Chinese, Thai, Italian, Indian, Japanese, Afghani, American, Mexican, name it, I've stuck it in her mouth. The only thing she wasn't a huge fan of was seaweed salad (though she's cool with dried seaweed, the kind that wraps aroun... More

  • Venetia

    My 6 month old loves durians. The Asian “stinky” fruit!

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Saturday

14 month old eating issues

My 14 month old has been struggling to eat. At times he will eat just a little and other times he doesn’t want to eat at all and throws his food on the floor. After I pick it up he cries like he is hungry but doesn’t want to eat anything I give him. I even got him toddler pouch food so he can get some nutrients but he won’t eat any unless it’s apple sauce. Also he does it he likes to go straigh... More

  • Jenni

    My daughter went through this it's a phase but I start only giving her water to drink and only 6-8oz of milk a day toddlers only need around 1000 calories a day so try to get most of them through food not drinks

  • Annie

    I have been through this too many times. It’s normal, don’t stress yourself out momma. To make up for vitamins get Pedialyte and ensure the chocolate milk one. All kids love chocolate milk. That way he’s still getting everything he needs. My daughter was in love with noodles and ate noodle 3 times a day for like a month. So for drink I would give her pedialyte or ensure. That way they have all ... More

Hi everyone, my daughter is 2 years old and she doesn't like meat unless it's breaded, any advice?

  • April

    As long as she’s getting her essential vitamins and minerals, I don’t see a reason to push meat. She’ll eat it when she’s ready

  • Lily

    Same with my daughter, it must be the texture thing. She does like hard boiled eggs. I also add a little bit of meat to her spaghetti sauce. I offer a bit and sometimes she’ll chew it and spit it out other times she just throws it at me😂 They don’t need all that much meat in their diet anyway so as other comments said, other sources of protein will do😊

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Friday

Any ideas to get a 5 year old to eat his vegetables?

He’s very picky & doesn’t like to see ANY green. He also doesn’t like a lot of fruit

  • Heather

    Smoothies! Both my kids love smoothies

  • Chelly

    Smoothies are a great idea and if he likes frozen things like popsicles, you can blend the fruits or vegetables and freeze them into popsicles.

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Friday

Best baby yogurt

What is a good baby yogurt? Having my babe try yogurt soon and want to make sure I give her a good kind.

  • Hannah

    My baby really likes siggis triple cream. It’s low in sugar and high in fat.

  • Natasha

    Yo baby organic yogurt

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