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Anonymous posted in Child's Health Thursday

My toddler is not getting enough nutrients

He only wants to eat mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, milk, scrambles eggs and yogurts! Thats all he eat every day. I feel like he doesnt eat what he should. But when i introduce him to other foods he refuses them! Anyone else on this? What should i do? Thanks :)

  • Cristina

    My son (almost 3), is the same way, so I take advantage of what he does like and try to make them as healthy as possible. My son loves yogurt (regular and Greek), instead of buying the kids yogurts, I buy big the big tubs of organic whole milk yogurts. I usually stick to Greek since he likes it and it has more protein. I buy plain Greek and just mix it with honey and cinnamon, and he eats it up... More

  • Kathie

    My son is picky too, and that pretty much sounds like his daily diet. To get him to eat some veggies, we usually season them very heavily. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. We also give him broccoli or sweet potato tots. You can buy them frozen at the grocery store and they taste pretty good. Its not the best thing in the world, but it’s a start! Also, if you have Facebook I would sugges... More

Yay! No allergy!

My husband introduced peanut butter to our 10mo daughter and we’re happy to share that she didn’t have an allergic reaction! 🧡🥜

  • Jennifer

    Yayy! Congratulations to that! 😊

Stacie posted in Babies Monday

11 month old throwing food

My 11 month old keeps throwing food on the floor and her Sippy cup. My husband says she’s only 11 months but she definitely understands and I’m not sure what to do about it. It becomes really difficult if we go to a restaurant. Saying no doesn’t work and I’m nervous to suddenly end the meal because she’s small. I’m not sure what to do about this...PLEASE HELP! Do I discipline her or something f... More

  • Marika

    Just a stage ...will vanish. It helps to go to kid friendly restaurants. One of the kid friendliest I ever been are Indian restaurants. The staff even cheered on my little one when throwing happened and they were very amused and understanding....telling me not to worry and things can easily be cleaned up.

  • Jenn

    Ugh I hated that phase so much. I said "no" and allowed my daughter to drop 2 pieces of food before ending the meal. I also didn't put much food on her tray at one time so she couldn't even try to throw 8 billion pieces. I anticipated her dropping the food and would remind her before she did, "You don't have to eat that if you don't want it but we don't throw ... More

Weaning off bottle

Any advice on how to get my 17 month old off the bottle? I've tried diluting the milk with water feeding her more and taking it away all together she just takes her sisters bottle. I'm worried about tooth damage and decay I feel she should of been off the bottle a long time ago. I should of listened to her dr. When she said to wean her off at 6 months. Now shes super attached and carrie... More

  • PK

    Go out with her to pick out a new sippy cup just for her milk. We mixed a little bit of chocolate syrup to get our son really into it. And when he got used to it and we got rid of all bottles we slowly decreased the amount of chocolate syrup in the milk. I didn’t put much in to begin with.. just enough to taste the chocolate. They might not drink a ton of milk to begin with when you transition ... More

  • Anonymous

    I went cold turkey and started sippy cups. Took a few tries but found she likes ones with straws during the day, and those transition ones for bedtime.

Snack Ideas Please for a Toddler...

Hi to the parents how there...I have a 2 year old that turns 3 years next month, shes slowing outgrowing her dairy allery and has a egg Allergy and so i could like new snacks ideas for long car rides hot or cold that are healthy for her example slices of apples and not cookies or poptarts which are her current snacks plus they can get super messey... Please help!!

  • Jenn

    Pumpkin seeds, pouches, cheese if she can tolerate, blueberries, cooked peas (in a ziploc or one of those toddler snack cups).

  • flieskarina

    Thanks, Jenn for your help 🤓

Lunch ideas?

School is starting up again and I need some lunch/snack ideas for my 2nd grader. She is a good eater, but super picky about easy snack foods general lunch type foods. She doesn’t like sandwiches other than pb&j and is not big on cheese. All the ideas I find online are things that should be served warm which is not an option. I need some variety for her for the days she brings her lunch to s... More

  • Kerri

    Following...2nd grade daughter too 😊

  • Sarah

    We bought a Thermos container so the dude can take warm things like soup, mac and cheese, beans, spaghetti, ravioli etc. He also really digs little smokies! We do a diy pizza lunch able with toasted English muffins, sauce and cheese.

Any good and healthy lunchbox ideas? I’ve looked online but was wondering if anyone had suggestions?

  • Caitlin
    Aug 11

    Dried fruit is a good choice! It keeps better than fresh fruit, and kids often like it.

Snack tray!

After 4 years, it’s still requested: “snack tray!” One of my favorite discoveries was using a silicone muffin tray for his at-home lunches/snacks. (Though, he makes me fill each cup with a different food, so sometimes there’s the added stress of finding 6 snacks for lunch.) Anyway, it’s novel, practical, doesn’t slide around, and keeps stuff like applesauce separated without added dishes.

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Aug 04

Food Pouches

Hi all, At what age did you stop giving your LOs food pouches? We use for convenience when on the go with our 14mo who is more than capable of eating all solids (we of course also provide full meals in addition)- and are wondering if pouches are any kind of detriment and we should ditch.

  • Gabriela
    Aug 11

    I use them since 9months, every time we are out. They also sell spoons that attach to pouches.

  • Corinna

    Pouches are a cure all for my 1.5 son. I stick to the organic fruit and veggies. I wish they sold them in packs larger than 4. Ha!

Anonymous posted in Child Care Aug 03

Starting Daycare - Allergy Q

I’m about to return to work and our daycare has a strict policy about nuts in their info packet...but PB&J are still a house staple for my husband and I to make in batches (so we can use as backup snacks or grab-n-go lunches when we are running late). What do you do to make sure you don’t accidentally “contaminate” baby before drop off? Or, moms of kids with allergies—what can I do to hel... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 03

    Wash hands and brush teeth. My cousin had a severe peanut allergy so those were the "if you've been eating peanuts" instructions.

Any good homemade baby food purees recipes?

My baby girl is almost 1 and I have tried a lot of different things puréed and baby lead weaning options and she just seems to be so picky. She would like one thing and then the next time I give it to her she wants nothing to do with it. I don’t know if maybe I am making it wrong or mixing things together wrong but this child will not eat the way I would like her to, I don’t like to force her t... More

  • Merve
    Aug 03

    I guess this ages have lots of changes in their life so thats why it makes everythn for them uneasy...My baby is also 1,5 she was like no eating any of the fruits..After i watched one pediatrician youtube; he suggests at least let them taste.and did really work for me!sometimes a lil forced to many times did let her play with all foods, fruits..then somehow she puts them in her mouth.but she ea... More

  • Kelley
    Aug 05

    My baby has always loved sweet potato so I microwave one for 7 or 8 min til soft and then i would puree with some pineapple chunks in juice. It sounds weird but has a really nice flavor and a lot of nutrients. She loved it.

What are some car snacks that are low/no mess? 🚙

Now that both kids are in school I’ve realized how important the post-pickup car snack is! I want to keep a box of shelf stable stuff in the trunk but aside from protein bars I’m at a loss as to what kinds of foods are nutritious/filling and also won’t crumble into a big mess in the car. Need ideas!

  • Jenn
    Aug 04

    As a nanny toting around lots of kids, I've done pumpkin seeds, nuts (type depending on age/choking hazard), jerky, pretzels, popcorn, occasionally dried fruit

  • Morgan

    Cheerios all the way. We get the plain kind (not Honey Nut). There is only 1g of sugar per cup, and they're made with whole grains so there are a few good nutrients in there. Great for a "tide over" snack - the way I see it, if my daughter wants something more tasty, she isn't that hungry. Yes, a few get dropped/spilled here and there, but there are no tiny crumbs to deal with... More

Dinner for picky eaters?

I have two boys, 5 and 2, who are so picky when they eat. What are some ideas for dinner to get them to eat? Any suggestions would be great!

  • Thomas
    Aug 12

    Beansprouts Cafe at the DuPage Children’s Museum has lots of neat menu items that look like animals, monsters, etc. They have a cookbook too!

  • Jessica
    Aug 12

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I will definitely look into all your options :) anything helps!

FYI: Goldfish cracker recall

Came across this Goldfish recall and thought others would be interested. Check those crackers! More info here:

  • TheDaddyScho
    Jul 23


  • B
    Jul 23

    Thanks! I have a recalled bag I was going to open tomorrow!

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Jul 21

Do you give your kids dessert every day?

My 10yo stepdaughter insists on having dessert every night. It isn’t right after dinner, but late at night, usually right before bed. Often we will tell her it’s time for bed and she will then say, “What about dessert??” Then her dad tells her to go ahead and have a dessert which not only delays bedtime, but she also has trouble sleeping at night and will cry every night for hours and say that ... More

  • Angela
    Jul 24

    She’s putting off bed time! Give her dessert WITH dinner after she’s eaten enough. It doesn’t have to be loaded with sugar either. Fruit would be good, but before 7! My kids always went down at 9 until Middle & High school. We have dessert on nights whenever the boys want something! Could be daily could be a few times a month.

  • Anonymous
    Jul 24

    Not dessert every night. We have dessert every time we go out to eat (maybe once or twice a month). If I make a dessert that will last a few days we will have it more frequently but then we cut back on sweets for a while afterwards. I give out small things with sugar during special weeks like as rewards or if we are on vacation. I don't like the way my kids act on sugar so we try not to ad... More

Dinner ideas for 10 month old?

I'm looking to get more creative with my daughters dinners she just started eating real food but I want to start giving her more meal type things instead of the purees. Any suggestions? TIA

  • Cathy
    Jul 18

    I would also add grilled cheese!

  • Elle
    Jul 18

    Vegetables always. Get them to appreciate them young. Vegetables re thr most varied food group. Different ones, prepared differently. Different shapes,,textures, colors...

Anyone have suggestions for a baby food maker?

  • Anonymous
    Jul 17

    Sage Spoonfuls has been great for us

  • Katherine
    Jul 29

    I loved my beaba because it steamed and also processed. That being said, you could steam yourself and put it in a cheap Hamilton Beach food processor and it would do the same thing. I highly recommend the OXO Tot Baby Blocks Freezer Storage Containers. My son is 3 and I still use them in his lunchbox (but not for freezing food anymore.)

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Jul 15

Recipe ideas please.

I have one big packet of dried apricots from Turkey. Apricots are v good source of vitamin C. How can I incorporate dried apricots in my 8mos old’s diet? Plz suggest some easy recipes.

  • Karniyati
    Jul 15

    I cook carrots or apples with dried apricots for my little one

  • Daniel
    Jul 16

    Check out recipes for Tah Dig, or jeweled rice. Mostly adding chopped fruits and nuts to rice before cooking.

E posted in Food & Cooking Jul 10

My LO needs to gain more weight

I’m trying to incorporate more protein and fat to my baby’s diet. Has anyone tried adding olive oil to their baby’s food as a healthy fat? Also tips for adding cheese? She’s 9 months and her second set of teeth are starting to come out. It sure if that is relevant but just something I wanted to share! 😁

  • Trisha
    Jul 12

    I say lead by example. Eat something, and let your kids see you eating. They will almost always what you have!! That was how my sons got to be such good eaters. My oldest would sneak up and steal my mug of tea off the counter and drink it...and i would find an empty mug. I used to put honey in my tea; so much for honey being toxic to babies under 18 mos old! They were drinking whole milk excl... More

  • Anonymous
    Jul 12

    @Trisha, honey isn’t toxic to kids under 1. They just have a way higher risk of getting botulism from it. Yours didn’t, but statistically it is a risk.

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