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Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Saturday

Does anyone still spoonfeed/forkfeed their 2 year old?

My 2 year old will literally eat nothing. Not a single bite. He will ask me to feed him certain things. But I had enough of that and so I’m refusing to feed him (he has a plate of his usual foods in front of him) but he will just sit there and wait for me to put the food directly in his mouth. Then eventually he will say he’s done and that’s the end of it. My husband is home by his afternoon sn... More

  • Anonymous

    Having the conversation with my husband again and he’s saying it’s child abuse to offer food then take the plate away after a certain amount of time (I said let’s give it an hr). Just sent an email to the pediatrician. 😪

  • Anonymous

    I’d ditch the silverware for a bit and encourage him to eat with his hands. Maybe that will start the habit.

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Thursday

16 month old not eating

My almost 16 month old daughter is not eating very much...maybe like 3-4 bites on her own, and then I have to feed her and most times it's such a struggle, she is so distracted!!! on a good day it takes about atleast 30 minutes to feed her, this has been so frustrating for me but I need her to eat so I've been feeding her. I spoke to her pediatrician about it and he suggested that I jus... More

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for your advice, I really appreciate it. According to her pediatrician she should be drinking about 24 ounces of milk at her age.. she drinks around 15-20 ounces.

  • PK

    We were told 24 oz is the maximum and aim for 16 oz of milk after 1 yrs old. I think you are doing great!! We are struggling with meals too. Some times when he’s really hungry he will feed himself. Most times though, we have to play music and I have to feed him. If I don’t feed him, he doesn’t eat at all. He actually asks me to feed him 🙄. But.. if he says he’s full, he is full and I take the... More

CJN posted in Behavior Wednesday

Picky eater!

My son is being extremely difficult! The think thats most shocking is that he now wont eat some food that he once loved! Any advice?! Please help! Lol

  • Julie

    Ps, my daughter is 20 months.

  • Kristen

    Try the Tiny Tastes program. I believe they even have an app now. It is an incentive-based program to get kids to try new things in a structured way, instead of just offering over and over.

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Apr 10

15 month refusing spoon

I’ve been trying for months to teach my now 15 month old how to use a spoon but he either tosses it aside and continues to use his hands or takes the spoon and chews the handle. I haven’t pushed it and just let him play with the spoon but as he’s getting older I know I really need to let him know that we use silverware and teach him how to use utensils. Any advice? What’s worked for you?

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Apr 10

    Watching other kids eat with spoons is the best as far as I can tell. It really comes with time too. I wouldn’t spoon feed him, but you could prep the spoon with food and place it in front of him, and then sit next to him while you eat with a spoon. If you have any good play date friends with kids a bit older, I would see if you could get them to all eat ice cream together or something fun so y... More

  • Elle
    Apr 11

    Honestly, my little guy is 2 1/2 and he still eats with his hands most of the time. It can be frustrating to try and use the spoon for him because the food falls off a lot of the time. One thing that gets him interested in using it is having different types and shapes of spoons and letting him pick which one he wants.

E posted in Food & Cooking Apr 07

Toddler cups for smoothies

I’m planning on making breakfast smoothies for my 18mo. Anyone know of a good brand of straw cups for smoothies?

  • Liza M.
    Apr 08

    Boon Snug Straw I was looking for the exact same thing and found this at Target. It is awesome to have just a cover and straw in my diaper bag to put on any cup when we are out and about. It is easy to clean, a good size and the straw is wide enough for thicker liquids like a smoothie. Not to mention very affordable! Definitely recommend!!

  • Khushboo
    Apr 09

    Contigo has some great straw cups. My 16 mo son currently drinks his smoothies from the Philips Avent straw bottles but I'll be switching to Contigo soon since they are a bit bigger and seem to be easier to clean

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Apr 06

What happened

How do babies go from eating everything they see to becoming picky eaters? And why is it that they’ll eat stuff off the floor even if it’s a bug but not things you feed them

  • Anonymous
    Apr 10

    She’s 13 months, she’s not so much of a bad eater but it can be a hassle sometimes she constantly puts things that aren’t food in her mouth but plays with actual food

  • Jenn
    Apr 10

    That's completely normal at that age. What is her feeding schedule? Are you giving her milk before meals?

Meal time 🥺😭😩

So it happened again I made my 15-month-old a nice chicken cutlet dinner with vegetables and she had one piece and considered herself full. I honestly don’t know how she makes it through the day, she lives on milk. yes I know it might be teething but I’m wondering do your one-year-old eat a healthy amount or are you too just getting by on whole milk??!! Also whenever I do cook her a nice dinn... More

  • Lily
    Mar 27

    Dinner time is so hard!!! It is still hard. I let my 18 month old play in the sink while I cook dinner if she is being annoying. If you want her to eat dinner you have to make sure she isn't sanking too close to dinner. Also don't let her have sanks or anything but what you made for dinner after if she wants more to eat. She will learn to eat what you made

  • Daniela
    Mar 28

    If your baby is teething it definitely alters how much they eat. That’s probably why she wants to drink milk instead. My son is a very good eater but when he’s teething, especially this last time all he wanted was soft foods that were not hard to chew. In regards to cooking dinner. It’s tough to cook with them around. Several things that have worked for me is giving him light snacks like bluebe... More

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Mar 25

Am I feeding my baby enough food?

I’ve been looking up sample menus and recipe ideas for feeding my now one-year-old boy but the samples I’ve come across seem to add in wayyyy too much food for such a little person. My baby eats more now than ever but it’s like a handful of berries for one meal and some milk. However, some of the samples I’ve seen out there suggest a whole grilled cheese sandwich plus 1/2 cup of veggies, etc. I... More

  • Raji
    Mar 26

    I feel the same but my kiddo is over the average weight for her age and height. I usually feed her toast and milk for breakfast sometimes fruit. Then, lunch or a banana and dinner. I don’t usually do three meals n two snacks. Otherwise I feel like all she does it eat all day long; she takes a while to finish eating.

  • Stacey
    Mar 27

    We have a big kid (he looks like a 2 year old at 15 months) but the doctor thinks he is doing great. We just let him decide how much to eat. He let's us know when he is done by playing with his food or waving his hands and says "Doe" (His word for done). Sometimes he eats a few bites and other times he will clean his plate. Both are fine. We will sometimes save extra food for an... More

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Mar 22

Wondering at what age do kids start chewing with mouth closed?😀

  • Micki
    Mar 27

    I don’t know if there’s a particular age, but I just remind my little to keep her mouth closed while chewing her food and explain that no one wants to see her food in her mouth. Lol

Anonymous posted in Behavior Mar 22

1 year old refuses everything

My son is 14 months and ever since he turned 2 months he’s become very picky if not straight out refuses any food or liquid. I don’t know what to do, I’ve tried tricking him and switching his food when he doesn’t expect it but he’s caught on, I’ve blended his food and tried giving it to him through a syringe bc he won’t take it any other way but he’s started to spit it out. I bought him multivi... More

Do you give your toddler below 2 yo Cheerios or any other boxed cereal?

Just curious! How young did you start your toddler on Cheerios or any other boxed cereal? I always prepared his meals from scratch but some of his snacks are store bought like puffs & they’re expensive especially if like my toddler who can easily finish them. Was considering Cheerios lately as I noticed some toddlers eat them but not sure how young they start. Plus, I love my Cheerios, haha... More

  • Destinee
    Mar 25

    I just started when she turned one. Cheerios and the Annie’s bunnies cereal in her snack cup or when I’m making her “real breakfast” as a distraction food

  • Lily
    Mar 26

    Around 1, it's a great snack

1 year old still hungry

My one year old is on solids now. She’s loves the purées and infant oatmeal. Recently after I finish feeding her oatmeal and one jar she’ll cry when it’s all gone. So I open another jar and she finishes the whole thing and she’s satisfied. Then about 10 minutes later she throws up half of what I just fed her. So I’m question is should I just let her cry instead of giving her more food? I’ve tri... More

  • Julie
    Mar 23

    I agree with others, it sounds like she’s ready to eat “grown up” foods!!! Basically anything you eat you can feed her, as long as it’s soft and in small pieces she can gum and swallow. Also my daughter had only a few teeth at that age as well, it didn’t hold her back though, she would chew food up and swallow.

  • Nina
    Mar 28

    Seconding Becca on healthy fats (esp. omega 3 EPA & DHA; ALA converts too inefficiently), which should provide nearly half of a baby's calories, as the brain is made of fat. My baby loved salmon when he was under one. After one, he still likes a little a week.

Healthy eaters

My almost 5 year old is in love with his Mac and cheese. He loves carbs. That’s the issue. Any creative ways to get your kids to let go of the carbs? If we have to, a little tough love will be the last resort but let’s hear what you’ve tried :)

  • Stacey
    Mar 27

    Our son is exactly the same. We found these broccoli and cheese filled tator tots which he loves. We also found Harvest Snaps. They have carbs but are made out of peas. They are like a cheeto in texture. My husband will make eggs with veggies on the weekend. He also loves rice so we can sometimes sneak some veggies in there and he ate all the carrots in his curry the other night. I think a lot... More

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Mar 19

10 month old and shrimp

I'm trying to plan my meals for the week and my hubby and I like to make a lemon spinach shrimp pasta. If I cut it up small enough could I give her some of the shrimp or should I avoid it since it's a shell fish?

  • Lauren
    Mar 20

    Babies can eat everything but honey and raw fish.

  • Anonymous
    Mar 20

    Thank you Lauren!

My 16 month old

My daughter prefers milk over food and I was considering switching her back to the Formula (Enfamil Toddler). Has this worked for anyone with a toddler?

  • Walker
    Mar 11

    It’s always been

  • Lindsey
    Mar 12

    I wouldn’t switch her back to formula at 16 months old. My daughter is the same way... basically survives off of milk. So I give her pediasure or instant carnation breakfast. That makes sure she gets all her nutrients and stuff and will help her to keep gaining weight. I also give her a daily kiss vitamin.

Anonymous posted in Child Care Mar 06

Need Help Talking to Daycare About Sugar

My toddler recently started daycare. Her provider texted a picture today where she was eating a dessert. I know, most people wouldn’t care. But I’m actually pretty angry because we intentionally don’t let her have sugar yet. (The book The Case Against Sugar makes convincing arguments about its addictive and epigenetic impacts, and recommends holding off until age 4 of longer if possible.) ... More

  • Elle
    Mar 11

    Simply ask for a copy of the meal plan ahead of time and mark what they are alowed to give and not give her. Its a standard practice for daycare centers. (For what it's worth, I would be annoyed too!!)

  • Kathy Patterson
    Mar 14

    I am a Director of a daycare and it is required to post our weekly menus for parents to see. We don't offer "desserts" but do have fruit with every breakfast and lunch meal. We also allow parents to request no sugary foods on their child's information papers. I would just tell her you prefer your child not have any sugar and maybe suggest fresh fruit instead.

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Mar 05

Snack time all the time?

My 16 month old knows the sign for hungry. And he does this sign often, that, or he goes over to his highchair and asks to be put in it. He asks for food often, 90% of the time he’ll actually eat an entire snack and the other 10% he’ll nibble and be done. I want to keep him on a good schedule, but I don’t want to deny him food if he’s actually hungry.... I know he’s growing like a weed so I’m n... More

  • Lindsey
    Mar 10

    My daughter can be like that too. Some days she will actually eat a lot then others she eats next to nothing. I always offer no matter what but I feel like I’m wasting so much food lol

  • Julie
    Mar 10

    Yup!! Same. Lol.

Smoothie cups

I’m searching for an awesome spill proof cup for my toddler to drink his daily smoothie out of. Basic sippy cups don’t usually work for the thickness of the drink and I don’t want to find leaks on my floors and splats on my walls if I let him take the cup with him to sip on while he plays. I would love some recommendations. Thanks all!

  • Alexandra
    Mar 04

    Contingo no spill tumbler works great!

  • Jess
    Mar 07

    I agree with Julie! Those cups are cheap and awesome. I don’t cut air holes, just put the straw in after the top is sealed or it’ll spit at you! 😂 I give my kid smoothies in these but I insist he sits still with it, the straw is rigid plastic and if he fell with this in his mouth it could cause serious injury. It doesn’t spill though!

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Feb 25

Extra protein & save money!

Lunch time hack: sprinkle a teaspoon of hemp seeds into the buttered bread of your LO’s grilled cheese (regular or vegan) sandwich. Also, use the end pieces for the sandwich and turn the dark side over (so it’s hidden from picky kids while covered in that melty cheese they all seem to love), now you’re not throwing two perfectly good pieces of bread into the trash!

  • AdamAnt
    Feb 26

    Who throws out the bread heels?! In our family, they’re the favorite slices! 💕

  • Anne
    Feb 26

    Hahaha I totally throw them out. Though I do use this trick of during them "inside out" so the kids don't know 😂

Constipated all the time

I’ve talked about this before on here. Just looking to vent/hear from parents whose baby grew out of it. My daughter is always constipated. Not exactly true since I can fix it by being hyper vigilant and making sure she eats healthy and her daily diet includes plenty of fruits, drinks lots of water, takes her probiotic daily, blah blah blah. She has also never been so constipated that she cr... More

  • Cathy
    Feb 22

    Every other day I would feed whole pears or prunes. They have a lot of fiber. Try to feed lots of fiber. Raspberries too. Anytime my son has a poop that looks a little too hard I’ll toss those into his diet right away.

  • Irene
    Mar 02

    My little one is 18 months and I still give him baby food prunes a few times a week to help him stay regular . Oatmeal usually will back him up but if I add a little prune on the side he is okay

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