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What's your typical lunch menu? Would love to hear some ideas :)

  • Sara
    Feb 18

    Usually a sandwich for the main course (sunbutter and jelly because my daughter’s preschool is nut-free or turkey), fruit or applesauce packet, and sometimes a veggie like sliced carrot. When we are at home we do a lot of chicken nuggets or pasta (mac n cheese, tortellini, plain pasta with butter) + cooked veggie for lunch. Or other times whatever we had for dinner the night before 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Leslie C.
    check_circleChild Care Provider Thursday

    Pinterest has tons of ideas for toddlers, if that's what your looking for... Pepperoni slices, cheese slices, cut up cooked chicken, cooked broccoli, carrot sticks, cut up fruit, mixed veggies, yogurt, spiral wraps, cheese quesadillas,....the list goes on & on!

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Feb 09

Starting solid

My son is EBF,I feel like my milk might not be enough for him anymore,he is waking up more to feed during the night.He is 4 months,I have been thinking to start him on some solid food. I know some pediatricians recommended to wait until 6 months. When did you start solids? Did you notice a difference in sleep after ?

  • Bethany
    Feb 10

    I started my daughter or oatmeal at four months

  • Jennie
    Feb 16

    4 months is a typical sleep regression. it's a phase and should pass soon. And no, solids has never helped any of my babies sleep more

C posted in Behavior Jan 26

How to get through picky eater phases?

My 17 month old won’t eat anything except plain Cheerios, bread, biscuits, croutons, crackers, and cookies - basically, bread products only. No additions, no toppings, nothing. And he only grazes or snacks, never a meal’s worth. I’m lucky if I can get him to drink 4 ounces of milk. This is a huge change from when he used to eat all his veggies and was open to full meals from all the food groups... More

  • Angela
    Jan 30

    Kids with autism can be so picky they will starve themselves. There are eating therapists: check your local hospital and service providers. My kid has autism. I think your doc is wrong. I feed my son what he’s willing to eat and give him gummy vitamins. I occasionally present other options I think he will like but he usually doesn’t touch them. I got lucky with freeze dried broccoli - he likes ... More

  • Leesa
    Jan 30

    Angela, what brand of gummies do you get?

Anonymous posted in Blended Families Jan 03

Overweight child

At what age do you stop pretending to your child that their weight isn’t an issue and that “they will grow into it”? I have a 10 year old step son who weighs 150lbs and is starting to become even more inactive then he previously was. His height is normal height for his age. I feel like his parents just keep pushing it off in hopes he will thin out but this has been going on since he was 6. ... More

  • Anonymous
    Jan 04

    Sounds like your husband is the problem. Get him fully on board first. Just like anything new, it’s hard at the beginning but if you make it routine it will get easier (increasing activity, evening walks, etc). Just make a point to create a schedule/routine that includes exercise Diet on the other hand - you just have to get rid of the foods that are bad. Just make it completely unavailable.... More

  • Leelee
    Jan 30

    From one step mom to another. You're screwed until your husband does something and even then, you may be screwed if Mom isn't on board too. I've dealt with this exact situation. He's now 21 and discovered he likes keto and lost 40+lbs his senior year in college. But I can't stress enough how little power you have as a step mom. It's not personal, it's just hard to ha... More

Creative ways to eat nutritiously?

Hi All! Post-holidays, I know that there is a lot of talk about eating nutritiously. I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for "stealthily healthy" and creative snacks? Ways to encourage kids to eat greens and other nutritious items? Previously, I've baked avocado and spinach/kale into brownies, and "hidden" greens in fruit smoothies. Then there's always the cl... More

  • Catherine
    Jan 08

    I tried a version of energy bites, they were a hit for 2 days. I also liked them as a snack. I just used what I had at home. Blended toasted coconut, Cheerios, oatmeal and some blueberries. Once ground into a bit of a flour consistency, I hand mixed some maple syrup and peanut butter - just enough to bind it without making it too sticky. I used a cookie scoop and rolled them into balls. Keep r... More

  • Amanda
    Jan 08

    Catherine - yes!!! I used to make these all the time & I’d throw in chia seeds/chocolate chips/dried oats. I’ll be bringing these back into a regular snack rotation ASAP! Thank you!!

C posted in Child's Health Dec 19

Training little palates during the holidays

Any tips or experiences to share? I’m resigned to the fact that my 1 year old will not be eating as healthy as he usually would during the holidays, when he’ll be with grandparents who have been looking forward to feeding him every indulgent treat. We’re already seeing the folks as I type this, and despite all my precautions and requests, they’ve already fed him cheesecake and deep fried food... More

  • Cathy
    Dec 20

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  • Vonda
    Dec 27

    Things happen over the holidays. But once you get home and get back into routine; with possibly a few requests for what he liked; it’ll pass. I just tell my son we don’t have it. Cause we don’t. And he lets it go. Just try to keep it in moderation and you’ll be fine.

Daycare lunch ideas

Hey everyone! I’m looking for some new ideas on what to pack my 2 year old for lunch for daycare. He is somewhat of a picky eater so I feel like I’m always packing the same things every week and I’m sure he’s probably sick of the usual chicken nuggets, pasta, rice, pizza rolls, etc. Also, I can’t pack anything with peanuts/peanut butter or egg as some of his classmates are allergic. If anyon... More

  • Fidan
    Dec 12

    My little boy is a little picky, and he likes fruits and veggies better. So I put cucumbers, peppers, baby carrots, berries, grapes, and other fruits. Stick cheese, chocolate milk, graham cracker, little sandwiches with cream cheese or Nutella. Basically those are the main food for his lunch. He always has breakfast (egg, milk, bread and some veggies) so I am fine with the lunch.

  • Shannon
    Dec 13

    Thanks everyone! I do always include a side of fruit or veggies as a snack, I just struggle with the main dish lol But I’ll definitely be trying all of these helpful recommendations, thanks so much!

C posted in Food & Cooking Nov 29

How to help toddler move on from purées?

I’ve got a 15 month old with 6 teeth who loves vegetables. Great! Except he’ll only accept them in purée form. The most we’re able to do is get him to eat a little in a diced and heavily steamed version, but a) you have to feed it to him by hand, no utensils, and b) he’ll eat less than he would if it was puréed. I think he’s gotten stuck on his first solid food texture. Any tips on helping him... More

  • Penelope
    Dec 02

    If they don’t eat it the first time, they will when they don’t have a choice and that’s all that’s still around.

  • anonymous mom
    Dec 04

    Keep offering. And slowly chunk up the food...things like stews where the veggies are formed but soft can be really helpful. Also, when he’s teething, offer things like frozen peas, corn, or watermelon...stuff that’s cool and soothing on his gums will hopefully help him over the hump. You mention that he likes puff type things, so he’s okay with dry solids. Maybe try things like raisins, freez... More

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Nov 23, 2019

Need to gain weight & need help with food ideas!

I have been losing weight drastically and my OB let me know I need to put on some weight, she suggested Ensure and I was all for it until I tried it. It’s too sweet and I just couldn’t do it. Are there any quick recipes or other ways you gained weight the healthy way while being pregnant? TIA! Side note: With this pregnancy I have had no desire to eat, if I do it’s literally because I force my... More

  • Penelope
    Dec 02

    Chocolate milk or hot coco and bananas

  • Vonda
    Dec 05

    I ate oatmeal every night before bed to help gain weight. There are tons of recipes. I just do pear, dates and brown sugar.

The dreaded veggie phase

Any one have any ideas to try and get your LO to eat their veggies? I’ve tried sneaking it in a bunch of ways but my baby girl can always tell. She’ll eat the rest of the bite and spit the veggie out or just avoid it completely. I know she needs to eat them. She knows she needs to eat them. How did you all get your kids to eat the greens?

  • Anonymous
    Nov 07, 2019

    Mine loves frozen mixed veggies (plus edamame) defrosted, and mixed with feta and olive oil and balsamic!!

  • Jessica
    Nov 09, 2019

    I let my kids squirt whipped cream on anything they wanted when they were little and now they’re massive veggie fans! I cringed when they used to put whipped cream on broccoli (why?!?), but they loved it and ate the broccoli and now they eat broccoli without the whipping cream. A little squirt of cream was only like 25 calories and I figured it wasn’t all that bad for them. Fun dips can help... More

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Oct 28, 2019

2 year old doesnt eat anything

My son turned 2 this August and i am worried as he doesnt eat anything sometimes whole day. Also he keeps coming to me to breastfeed and if denied screams at the top of his voice. We are having difficulty explaining to him that this is lunch/ dinner time and that he has to eat. Any suggestions on how to discipline toddlers.

Picky Eater

My soon to be 2 year old son is by far one of the pickiest kids alive. And i say that because my other 2 kids will eat the dirt from outside if they could. He’s a pigeon eater as i like to call it. Kid survives on a meal a day and snacks 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’ve been looking into like pediasure and things of that nature. Any suggestions, recommendations even words of encouragement will work at this point

  • JEaton
    Oct 07, 2019

    My 2.5 year old has become very picky and I brought it up to my pediatrician because I was debating starting a multivitamin. He told me my son sounded just like his daughter who lived on goldfish, chicken nuggets, and macaroni and cheese for years (without a multivitamin). Since my son is developing and continuing to gain weight normally, he isn't concerned. So, neither am I. I just do ... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 07, 2019

    What kind of snacks is he eating? If you are leaving food out all the time then he has no reason to be hungry at meal times. If you stick to serving the same meals to him and don't offer new foods here will never try new things because he won't have the chance. For about a month now I've been putting 1 or 2 carrots in my 3 yo lunch box once in a while. It has always been there u... More

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Sep 17, 2019

How long does it take your kids to eat dinner?

My almost 21 month old kiddo takes more than an hour to eat, every single day. She sits for good 15-30 minutes and then walks around or reads and one of us have to feed her. It just delays the bath and bed time. Just wondering how long other kiddos take..... we do family style dinner everyday.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 18, 2019

    Anonymous 1: ya we kinda passed on the booster seat, so hard to keep her contained. We are working on spacing out her last snack and dinner.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 18, 2019

    Anonymous 2: ya we are working on her knowing if she is full or not. I guess it’s hard as we wanna make sure she is full for the night and not go hungry, hence the feeding her part. The thing is she keeps eating if u keep feeding her so not sure she is still hungry or she eating cuz she is getting bites. Maybe, we’ll just try a few days of her feeding her self and then stop. She does eat and ta... More

C posted in Behavior Sep 16, 2019

13 mos old suddenly refusing solid food. Huh?

A few months ago he was adventurous and curious to try all solids. He even had some favorites. That progressed nicely until just this past week or so, when his tastes regressed out of the blue. He won't even try foods that need fingers, utensils, bowls, or plates. Not even purée, unless I mix it with his milk/formula in a sippy cup. Two questions. What's going on here? And how do I get... More

  • Anonymous
    Sep 16, 2019

    My daughter did this for almost 2 weeks to the point I was nervous she wasn’t getting enough food at all. It was just a phase and now she’s back to normal trying everything. I will say her tastes have become a bit pickier though.

  • Winifred Z.
    check_circleChild Care Provider Sep 16, 2019

    Agree with answers above about teething, involve him in the making of food, be creative with how food presented(cute food display maybe), he might want to eat food that he helped prepare.

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Sep 04, 2019

Hi does anyone have any tips of tricks on dealing with an extremely picky eater?

My son is so picky he’d rather starve and he really hasn’t gained much weight because of this! Anyone have any tips or tricks? Thanks.

  • PK
    Sep 06, 2019

    How old is your son? We have used distraction methods (toys, books, music) to help get our son to try stuff. And then once he realized it was yummy then he would pick it up himself (some times!) Also.. if your son is old enough to use a fork or food-pick to eat with, sometimes that can be fun for them too. Eat with him. Eat off the same plate as him. What is your son’s feeding schedule? Does ... More

What are your kids' favorite (pre)school lunches

My oldest is headed to preschool Tuesday and I am scrambling to figure out lunches. What are your kids' favorite packed, no-need-to-heat again, no-nut lunches? For context, we are no added sugar, prefer to avoid processed foods eaters. Even though we've tried sandwiches, my son dissects them and only eats the bread. 🤦🏻‍♀️ In an attempt to be prepared for anything that works, I'v... More

  • Suz
    Sep 07, 2019

    Lower sodium corn and flax chips with hummus (homemade or store bought), pea crisps or cucumbers with ranch, Greek yogurt, fresh fruit salad.

  • Natasha
    Sep 07, 2019

    What about cold cuts. Hummus and pretzels. Cheese and deli style meats

My baby won’t eat. She is 16 months old

I don’t know why she is not eating properly nowadays. She was a good eater until 15 months. And now she loves to eat snacks rather food. I am worried she will lose weight if this thing continues. What should I do?

  • Anonymous
    Aug 05, 2019

    Limit the snacks, and milk for an hour or more before meal times so they are hungry, otherwise they will be full on snacks. And offer milk or water after dinner. These are things I still do with my 3 yo. But they eat when they are hungry, and some weeks will be less food than other weeks. Toddlers are busy, too busy to stop and focus on things, but they do eat when they are hungry.

  • Jenn
    Aug 05, 2019

    My LO doesn't eat well when she is teething. During those times, she only will really eat snacks or preferred foods. Try making her smoothies with fruits and veggies to get those nutrients and see if it gets better soon.

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Aug 03, 2019

Hand, foot, and mouth foods

Hi! What are foods to give when a child has Hand, Foot, and mouth?

Constipation: any pediatric nutritionists on here?? (Also welcome googlers and avid researchers)!

Hi all. I feel like most of my personal posts on Winnie are about constipation. My daughter is about to turn 2 and is always on the brink of constipation, or so it seems. She gets a daily probiotic, I limit her milk consumption, and she eats fruits, veggies, etc. I limit her “binding” foods (bananas, rice, etc), she drinks plenty of water. But she daily has hard poops, sometimes followed later... More

  • anonymous mom
    Dec 15

    Mommy’s bliss constipation ease worked for us but the cvs brand of concentrated prune juice was also great!! You get more for less $$. I still give her this when she gets too backed up. But it’s honestly a daily maintenance that keeps my daughter regular. Without constant helicoptering around her fruit intake and making sure she gets lots of fruits we have a problem. I switched her to 2% whe... More

  • Ayla Sutton
    Dec 20

    I've given my 2yr old watered down apple juice every day since he was 6m old because he would go days without pooping to the point of where he wouldn't eat anymore. It works and even now I can tell when he hasn't been drinking enough and will make his juice cup a little stronger. If he's really constipated then I'll do a day of pear juice.

Suddenly Picky eater

My LO just turned 13mo and has decided not to eat any meat/protein except for hotdogs!! Ugh it gets to be so frustrating. I don’t know what to do. Also, she’s not up for new fruits or veggies. We recently tried fresh pears, plums and mangos all of which she kept spitting out. I just don’t know what else to do. With the fruits/veggies I can still give her baby food pouches but for meats I’m at... More

  • Liza M.
    Jul 30, 2019

    Will your LO drink a smoothie? Doesn't have to be very cold...but milk or yogurt (there are TONS of ideas online if you want them) is a great source of protein plus you can add all kinds of fruits and/or veggies in it. You can also add boosters like chia or flax or avocado-even peanut butter if you are comfortable. Making a big deal about the smoothie cup and straw is a fun thing too. My LO... More

  • anonymous mom
    Aug 07, 2019

    If you’re on instagram check out!! She’s a pediatric dietitian with two kids and a lot of great advice. The short version is that this is very normal behavior. Keep offering and eventually she will start eating it again. My daughter just ended a 4 month green bean strike 😂😂

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