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Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Friday

Struggling with dinner ideas for my 1 1/2 year old

Working mom. I run a kitchen so after cooking all day, trying to figure out what to feed him is overwhelming. Trying to get out of the chicken nuggets for dinner rut. What is your go to easy dinner meal?

  • Holly Garnett-Pedreira

    - PASTA! My favorite easy meal! Just boil some water and heat a little sauce in the microwave on a plate and then mix! Put some cucumbers on the side and if you are feeling up to it pop some garlic bread in the oven while the pasta is boiling. You can even get baby food carrots and mix them with the pasta sauce! ONLY a little bit tho! - Another one is ... Boil a hot dog and for sides get eithe... More

  • Holly Garnett-Pedreira

    Salami is also a good one too. My son loves it! Make a little finger platter, that would probably be a hit! Put some kid toothpicks in it (amazon) and use the shape cutters to cut the cheese and meats! Add some Turkey, ham, pepperoni and salami. American and maybe provolone cheese or whatever. Add some cucumbers and fruit?


Hi, I have an almost 11 month olds baby who doesn’t drink a lot of water and I’m trying to get him to drink more water to prevent dehydration. I tried apple juice mixed with water but he wouldn’t take it unless there’s a lot of apple juice in it. Any suggestions?

  • Anonymous

    It may be easier to put the water in a bottle right now, but there's a good chance if you keep that up you'll have a bottle battle down the road. If you havent tried sippy cups then how do you know if he is at that stage or not? Babies can start sippy cups as early as 6mo and drink from straws as early as your sons age. My daughter has been using straw cups since 11mo. Formula is keep... More

  • Jackie

    It isn’t too early to start using a sippy cup. Better to start now so when he turns one (and converts to cows milk) you won’t be struggling (like you are now) to get him to be drinking water. It’s not like magically at one they know how to use a sippy cup. My LO will be one in 3 days and I introduced a sippy cup of water around 10 months. Yea she didn’t seem interested in it but now she’s star... More

Feeding schedule help

My LO turns 1 the end of the month!! Right now our feeding schedule is as follows: 730am breakfast 930am 8oz bottle formula 12pm lunch 2/230pm 8oz bottle formula 430/5pm dinner 730pm 8oz bottle formula Maybe 1 or 2 small snacks in there somewhere Should I continue this same pattern when she turns one but instead of an 8oz bottle of formula make it 5oz bottle of cows milk? Thanks!

  • Jackie
    Jun 11

    Thank you for responding. That seems like a pretty good schedule. What time does your LO usually wake up in the morning? I’m not too sure she’s really to drop to one nap yet. She usually gets up between 630-730(if we’re lucky) and goes down for naps at 930-11 and 230-4 then we start bedtime around 730. She can get away from the bottle with bed as we have done it before (changing to 2 naps). How... More

  • Kendall
    Jun 12

    Yeah the last bottle we gave up on was the bedtime bottle too! It’s tricky but it’ll happen :) my son wakes up about 7:30 in the morning. Surprisingly since he’s been on one nap he sleeps in much later than he used to (I assume getting in the extra hours- used to get up at 6-6:30). But those nap times sound like about what we used to do on 2 naps too!


So I have a 6 month old boy he currently eats gerbers and soft cookies as well as baby cereals but I was wondering if anyone else had some quick recipes that they have tried ?

  • Elle
    Jun 05

    Avocados Scrambled eggs - you can add cheese and shredded tomato, etc. Bananas Sweet potatoes Mashed black, pinto, kidney beans or chickpea Veggies like carrots cooked til theyre soft Etc. You can skip the cookies and cereals, theyre just carbs and often too much sugar. No need to pre-sweeten baby's palette/make vegetables harder to like.

  • B
    Jun 05

    I loved mashing a very ripe banana and mixing with an egg and cooking like a small pancake

Ira posted in Behavior Jun 02

Smelling food

Does your 17 month old baby smell food before he/she eats it?

  • Anonymous
    Jun 03

    My daughter doesn’t trust me 😂. She’s 21 months, she needs to see the food before it goes to her mouth. If I feed her something she didn’t see she spits it out and put it back in just to check what food I put in her mouth. But when she’s eating by herself she’s ok cause she knows what’s on her plate.

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jun 05

    I’ve seen phases of this. And honestly, it’s a good habit. We shouldn’t really want our kids to blindly accept food from anyone, and if their instincts say to check it out first, it’s a good thing!

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking May 29

1 1/2 year old Picky eater

Oh please tell me they grow out of it. My son will not eat what I eat.... so his diet is pbj, Mac and cheese in the box, some times grill cheese, pancakes ( I buy the big bag of the minis), otmeal, yogurt, he wants to eat all types of chips.... um I think that’s it. there might be more to the list but I can’t think of it at this time... He has at least 3 cups a milk a day water through o... More

  • Anonymous
    May 30

    I cant relate because my daughter would live on only vegetables if she could but, have you tried bribing him? For instance, "if you have three pieces of broccoli you can have three m&m's". Its not necessarily the best way, but it couldn't really hurt to try. Try putting blueberries in the oatmeal or making a blueberry sauce to introduce the flavor. My daughter likes to eat... More

  • Elena
    May 31

    Same story mine turned 2 and we had this from the start of solids he would try and then not touch again and the things he used to it at first are now out the window. Only milk oat meal baby chips and French fries no meats no veggies I'm so worried that he get sick I cry every day. Doc keeps telling me dont force just let him try but now he won't even try he'll lick it and then toss ... More

KZR💛 posted in Behavior May 29

Help! 17 mo old addicted to cheese!

My tot won’t eat anything but cheese! She stands at the fridge and cries and when you open it she goes directly to the cheese drawer and literally cries until you give it to her. I try to give her Mac n cheese or grilled cheese just to add some variety but most times that’s a no go. She wants slices!!! My ped said to make sure it’s only once a day but if she won’t eat anything else, do I just... More

  • Anonymous
    May 29

    Maybe don’t buy cheese slices? Sorry honey look we’re out of cheese, do you want a banana instead?

  • Sana
    May 29

    Definitely normal and not too early for it. My youngest would eat nothing but bananas at age 6 months! He would cry if I tried giving him anything else or said no to bananas. I think the best way is to make her forget, so for example hide the cheese and show her that you guys don’t have anymore. Open the fridge and make her take a look everywhere. She’ll eventually have to give up and eat somet... More

FTM seeking daycare with a couple of concerns

I’m a FTM to a wonderful 22 mo son. I’m interested in child care to promote more sociability (for him and myself lol) a few days a week. He interacts well with people in general, all the normal milestones regarding attachments. He goes to our church’s child care facility during services and we’ve used a YMCA onsite child care facility in the past (where his usual caregivers are out of sight). M... More

  • Amanda
    May 23

    Thank you all for your comments and suggestions! Yes, we are only doing milk in the mornings and at night only (we’re a huge fan of milk in our house, both his father and me grew up loving it).He drinks lightly flavored water that I drink throughout the day. He also enjoys smoothies (something that I enable because I enjoy them as well) so I understand where I went wrong lol. I only allow smoot... More

  • Jenn
    May 23

    While this isn't 100% related to your question, have you ever had him evaluated by a speech pathologist for the feeding habits? He could have a sensory feeding disorder, which is why he is so affected by textures, colors, and shapes of food. He is young enough where intervention now could really be beneficial. On another note, I'm with you with the sippy cup debacle. My LO won't dri... More

Sippy cup for 9month old

When did you introduce a sippy cup to your baby? What is the best sippy cup to start with?

  • Anonymous
    May 22

    We started with the munchkin miracle 360 cup. Around 9 or 10 months age; our kiddo was able to sip from a regular cup at that age.

  • Sara
    May 28

    We started around 5 months (he just played with it for a while but around 7 months he started drinking on his own). We tried several options but found that the Nuk learner (got it on amazon) was his favorite! They have levels, too, so you can ease them into a regular sippy cup or straw cup. Highly recommend it!

When & how did you teach your baby/toddler to use utensils for self feeding?

My 16 mo toddler has been doing well with self feeding using his hands since he was 9 mo, when we started more varieties of solid foods & less purees. I used to let him hold a spoon then which always ends up just him playing with it. He’s starting to listen & understand more lately. I was hoping I can start teaching him with at least using a spoon. Just need ideas how & when did you... More

  • Julie
    May 22

    We did almost the same thing as Elle. I do think that eating in front of them is key. And exaggerating movements and showing how to hold the spoon level, etc. at first she would turn the spoon right before she got it to her mouth so whatever was on it would fall off. We just kept trying and she figured it out. We also used regular adult spoons and forks. My daughter doesn’t like it when she’s s... More

  • Cathy
    May 22

    We did the same as Elle. Just put them out for our son to try and experiment with.

Is readymade puree pouches available in shops are healthy for baby? Baby food tips for travelling

My LO is 8 months old.. till now i have always given her home made food purees.. is readymade purees available at shops r healthy n safe for babies?? Also i wanna know what type of solid foods can be carried for road trips 2-3 days long.. should i take these readymade puree pouches?? What do other mommies take for their babies?


How old was your child when you started requiring them to eat what they’re served for dinner or not eat?

  • Anonymous
    May 18

    Never. If she refuses one part of the meal we focus on the other parts. If it's a vegetable she refuses I'll usually grab leftover vegetables from the night before. Same goes for other parts of the dinner. However, my daughter has never been picky and 99% of the time eats what she is given. We all have foods we don't like to eat. I'm guessing you wouldn't like being forced t... More

  • Vonda
    May 30

    When my son started eating solids. I’d say around 1 I think. He eats what we eat at breakfast and dinner. For lunch and snack we see what is leftover in the fridge and pick from that. I have my son help me make meals so he is more inclined to try them since he assisted in making them. I have him at least try what’s on his plate. If he doesn’t like it that’s fine. But if I make it again he has... More

Anybody else’s kiddo taking a yogurt bath at meal times???

My 16 month old has been trying to use a spoon for a while now with not much improvement. She is able to scoop food on the spoon and bring it to her mouth but then DUMPS it in. She does this twist the spoon in her mouth thing and half the food falls right out. Anybody else go through this....... any tips to help her?? She won’t let us do the hand over hand thing or adjust the spoon in her hand.... More

  • K
    May 14

    So, I do let my girls go wild on their yogurt bc it’s just good utensil practice, but I do have 2 tips that may help. 1) I started putting their yogurt in small silicone cupcake molds. They can choose to dip their other foods in it, use their spoon or pick it up and basically smash it in their face. This is the messy tip, but it keeps it contained much better. 2) I put it in a Take n Toss straw... More

  • Raji
    May 16

    I should’ve bought a smock like bib I saw at IKEA the other day; seemed big enough to cover her lap. I guess I was getting tired of washing her shirts n pants after lunch n dinner; at least with warmer weather they will dry easier. And, here’s to hoping she’ll get it one of these days :)

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking May 12

Baby yogurt for 8mo

Has anyone given their baby StonyField organic baby yogurt? The package says it’s for 6mo+ but I’m a little hesitant to give it to him because I’ve been told babies shouldn’t have yogurt. But I guess if it says “baby” it should be safe, right?

  • Ashley
    May 15

    There is a lot of sugar in that yogurt. I’ve found it best to get plain, whole milk yogurt (naturally sweeter!!) and add stuff to it- real fruit or even baby food purées to sweeten it up some. It is a bit sour otherwise.

  • Cathy
    May 15

    Yogurt is fine just be mindful of the sugar content. We have started giving our son “Two Good” Greek yogurt since it’s only 2g of sugar vs the 9-11 grams.

How and when should I start giving my baby milk?

Introducing regular milk to my 9 month old?? Will it upset her stomach and I need help with a routine with her any suggestions

  • Lacie
    May 13

    How did you introduce it

  • Jennifer
    May 14

    We added a little to breast milk and he didn’t mind so we kept adding more ever couple days till we were at full whole milk

Meal plans for kids

My daughter is almost 2, and I wanted to start getting her on a more consistent diet. I’m working on meal planning for myself, and I would like to do the same for her. Any suggestions on a good meal plan for kids? This would include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Any suggestions on making my 3 yr old eat real food ?! Not just nuggets and fish sticks and milk?

  • Ruliak
    May 08

    Mostly store bought attempted making my own chicken nuggets but he was not eating it. Now have moved towards the less breaded which he is taking but def will need to start introducing veggies.. it’s hard for me as I do not eat much so barely eat but his nutrition is important. He does well with fruits yogurt but def want to see him more into rice pastas and meats !!

  • Bethany
    May 08

    I would also eat what you make him so he knows it’s good. I did that with my daughter even with foods I’m not too fond of. I will take little bits and say mhhhhhh

Peanut Butter

My daughter is 18 months old. When can I start giving her peanut and jelly sandwiches?

  • Kieli
    May 03

    As long as she didn’t have any kind of reaction to it, go ahead and try it out!

  • Anonymous
    May 03

    I did it from a year on. Why are you worried?

Bad eaters

Does anyone have suggestions on how to get 2 year olds to eat? He won’t eat Mac and cheese, chicken, bbq, hamburgers, meatloaf, and he also won’t eat stuff from like McDonald’s, chick fla a, and Burger King. When he does eat it’s just scraps of food. He weighs 35 pounds and the doctor says he’s healthy but he won’t eat!

  • Christine
    May 02

    Just give him whatever you're having, and if he won't eat it than don't stress about it, especially if weight is on track. Got this advice from our pediatrician. Stressing over it or turning it into a battle won't make them eat it anyway! He'll grow out of it :)

  • Christine
    May 02

    If you have an instagram account look up FeedingLittles her acct is super informative and she has full on pamphlets/programs for toddlers and how to get them to eat.

Foods for baby with no teeth

My 11 month old still has no teeth. The wic office wants us to give her more table food and when she turns 1 we lose baby food on wic so she will need to eat real food. Not sure what to give her since she has no teeth. Any ideas?

  • K
    May 04

    I feed all of my babies table food from 6 months, no purées. You just have to make sure you soften it enough so that she can mash it with her gums. Things like sweet potatoes and broccoli are a good start.

  • Kayla
    Jun 09

    My son is 10.5 months. We give him tiny bites of whatever food we have. They are big enough the knows to chew, but small enough to swallow without choking. No teeth yet.

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