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Is green tea okay for toddlers to drink?

Is it okay to give my 1y/o tea of any kind? When I go to Starbucks I get green tea lemonade and give him a bit and he likes it a lot. Can I just put some in his sippy cup?

  • DaveP

    We don’t give any caffeine tea. And almost never decaf. Caffeine is an addictive drug which is why we all love tea/coffee and is why personally we don’t give that to our children.

  • Ana

    Target sells Tazo teas which are the ones they sell at Starbucks. I make the passion tea and the ginger tea at home with home made lemonade. I do make green and black tea also but I wouldnt recommend for kids.

Amazing healthy eating trick for pre-K and up

So my kids (3 and 5) are pretty normal when it comes to eating; not super picky but they certainly prefer “kid foods” like chicken nuggets, pasta, hot dogs, etc. I give them veggies every night but often they ignore them or have to be nagged into eating them. Then my 5yo did a nutrition unit at school. Somehow his (brilliant!) teacher managed to teach a bunch of pre-K kids about vitamins, macr... More

If your kids love cantaloupe or watermelon, be aware!

The salmonella outbreak in pre-cut melon is now in 23 states. Includes pre-cut watermelon, cantaloupe, honey dew, and mixed melon sold at Walmart, Kroger, Jay C, Walgreens, Payless, Sprouts Farmers Market, Costco, Trader Joe's, and Whole Foods/Amazon. Here's the info:

  • Jenny

    Yes cut it yourself and always wash the melon before cutting it.

  • Shalay
    2h ago

    Wash the melon cut and use a different knife to cut it up just in case.

Anonymous posted in Fitness Sunday

Experiences with keto diet... real talk

I have been thinking on and off about going on the keto diet. Results sound very attractive to me (weight loss, boost in energy, low maintenance, helps depression, etc. ) But it cuts out a lot of the things I already rely on so much carbs and carbs and oh yea sugar. I feel like cooking for me is already a challenge (small kitchen, limited time, limited energy, limited money, etc.), but could ... More

  • Britney

    We are vegan already and are trying to do low carb vegan and it's a struggle. We don't eat any meat or dairy already... so we're trying to cut the main source of our food... but I'm determined to do it. Just stocked up on veggies yesterday and had salads last night.

  • Kathie

    I recommend you read the book Keto Clarity. It tells you how to do keto the right way, who its for, experiencing the keto flu, its many benefits, and also answers common questions regarding the diet. The diet can be too complex to cover in a single post.

Lactose Intolerant 1yr old

Hey guys do you have any advice on what to do to help your lactose intolerant baby get all the protein and calcium they need? Right now he's drinking almond milk which has some added calcium and protein but not nearly as much as whole milk. And how much milk should my baby have a day if it's almond milk instead of whole milk?

  • JJ
    Jun 14

    Dairy, legumes, egg, tree nuts, soy.

  • Mrs. K
    Jun 14

    We use canned red salmon to make patties all the time. Lots of protein, calcium and dha... make sure you mash the bones really well. Also calcium fortified orange and apple juices are good for some variety. I watered down the orange juice to start.

How do I make healthy foods fun? 🥦

One child eats everything and the other just won’t eat healthy.

  • Jennie
    Jun 13

    A few things we do... try to offer non-healthy foods sparingly. Allow substitutions from the same food group. (don't like tonights chicken? Have a handful of almonds or some scrambled eggs <i only allow substitutions they can make themselves, I'm not a restaurant 😉> ) and the 3rd thing we do is play animal ("Does anyone see a giraffe who wants to nibble these trees *aka brocc... More

  • Deandra
    Jun 13

    Oooohhh! I love the animal idea Jennie! My boys are 4 & 5. They would love that! Thanks a bunch 😊

Favorite toddler snacks

I’m trying to “spice” up snack time for my 18 month old! What are your toddler faves?!?

  • Laura
    Jun 13

    Fyi the American Academy of Pediatrics says popcorn is a choking hazard for kids up to 4.

  • Hannah
    Jun 13

    We got really in to muffins at that age. We would bake them together and add lots of finely chopped nuts, puréed spinach, shredded zucchini or carrot. Applesauce and honey for sweetener. She loved to be in the kitchen and they freeze well so she would eat 1/day for about 3 days, then I would freeze the rest and pull them back out two weeks later, etc.


My 2.5yr old doesn’t like vegetables anymore! He loves potatoes (of course) and sometimes he’ll eat carrots and avocado and rarely eat broccoli but he refuses to eat all the vegetables he used to like: Peas Corn Squash Sweet potato Cauliflower Green beans He won’t eat beets, mushrooms, spinach, peppers, tomatoes or cucumber. I’ve tried mixing things into sauces and muffins and meatballs b... More

  • Diana
    Jun 13

    My child will act like I'm trying to feed her glass if I offer her a spoonful of peas... but I've had good luck using yesterday's vegetables as the 'sauce' for a pizza: take a tortilla, put a little bit of veggie on it, cover it with cheese and whatever else your child likes and put it in the oven for 10 minutes or until browned. My child will eat this while she'll pick... More

  • Hannah
    Jun 13

    Patience and consistency! Just put it on his plate, don’t force him to eat, don’t praise for eating, don’t punish for not eating. Talk about the food, how it feels/smells/looks/tastes, etc. He will develop a taste for new foods over time! Butternut squash can be roasted with maple syrup, cinnamon and then topped with whipped cream. Spinach blends well in to smoothies. Baked carrots with cinnam... More

Opinions on picky eaters

Do you accommodate your toddlers pickiness or do you give in just to get them to eat something?

  • Kt
    Jun 14

    I love all the responses! Ok... well my 5 year old will actually yak (yes, gag then barf) if we force him to eat something hes adverse to. My husband and father are very picky eaters and have dealt with people making comments towards them as adults. They also dealt with sitting at the dinner table until 11pm because they weren’t allowed to leave until they ate their food. I commend all of the p... More

  • Jess
    Jun 14

    My daughter is almost 2 and meal time is always hit or miss...some days she eats it all and other days she barely touches it (example is just eating mustard for dinner the other night) but we feed her exactly the same things we are eating and just try to make sure there are a few things we know she likes. If she doesn’t eat anything or what we think is enough we offer a snack just before bed bu... More

Ashley posted in Cute Jun 09

This is what happens when I bring my bowl of food to the room

I share with him either way but he just decided to take over my bowl completely 😂

  • wonder mommy
    Jun 10

    My daughter does this too!! She’s 1 1/2. I will always share with her also. Great eating, looks good. Her dad has more of an issue with it and wants to eat himself first. It kinda bugs me. I like knowing she’s satisfied with hunger.

My crock pot officially broke today 😭

Now I have to decide - another slow cooker or jump on the instant pot band wagon?! Anyone super happy/ unhappy with their instant pot?

  • Stacey

    I have the crock pot slow cooker/pressure cooker and it's literally all I use anymore lol. I got it on sale around Christmas. It was significantly cheaper than the instant pot version so it was a no brainer.

  • Rebecca

    The instant pot is incredible! My sister and I even make greek yogurt in ours. It's one of the best appliances we have. I'm about to buy an 8 quart one and bequeath my 6 quart to my best friend.

My 1 year old loves feeding everyone. Why is that?

Whenever he’s feeding himself he also likes to feed my husband, his brother or me.

  • tt
    Jun 10

    They showing their new skills lol 😂

  • Kathie

    My son always offers me his food too! Its so weird, but at the same tome it’s so sweet. Even if I have to turn him down ☺️

New allergy

My 7yo was just diagnosed with a dairy allergy. Anyone have any advice on helping him deal with this (he loves dairy)? Or how to adjust our house to be sensitive to him but also allow his other siblings to still eat dairy?

  • Kristin
    Jun 11

    Plain almond milk tastes no different in Kraft mac and cheese than cows milk... just saying lol #lactoseintollerent

  • Rach
    Jun 12

    Daiya brand has amazing alternatives for pretty much everything cheese related!

How do you deal with food wastage from school lunches?

I pack lunch for my kids every day and try to give them plenty of fresh options like meat, cheese, fruit, yogurt etc. I use a thermal bag and give them an ice pack, but by the end of the day whatever they didn’t eat is generally spoiled and I have to throw it out. This really bothers me and is getting expensive! Is there healthy stuff I can pack that won’t spoil if they choose not to eat it? H... More

  • Ashly
    Jun 07

    Where I live and I’m sure most schools- they have just 30 mins to eat so I choose things that don’t take long to open or require extra utensils. And I have a middle schooler next year and she only gets 20 mins!!

  • Sarah
    Jun 07

    I agree with a lot of above comments. We tend to pack very few spoilable things. I will opt for Mandarin oranges and grapes, rather than berries. We will do the horizon milks that are Shelf stable. Freeze dried peas, homemade beef jerky, crackers, squeeze pouch apple sauce. The individual hummus packs are good too (although more plastic 😕) our dude really likes olives, and they last pretty well... More

Sous vide: it's a minor miracle.

That's why we're teaming up with Nomiku to bring Winnie users $49 sous vide machines (yes, that's $200 off retail). 😲 To grab this deal just follow the link below and choose $49 worth of chef-made sous vide meals, which feature fresh, healthy ingredients and start as low at $2 apiece. Why we love it: Nomiku makes sous vide super easy. All you do is tap, drop in the pre-wrapped and... More

What do you feed your non-animal (aka vegeterian) eating kids for main meals/protein? She hardly eats vegetables as it is... bean quesadillas are our go to. I need new ideas.

  • Adark
    May 30

    Think Indian food! Lots of tasty dishes with no meat. Garbanzos, dal, etc just need some spices to come alive.

  • Khris
    Jun 04

    Hello! Tried and true meals of a picky vegetarian toddler: 1. Quinoa rice: 75% rice 25% quinoa mixture (doesn’t like straight up quinoa) 2. Miso soup with lots of tofu and spinach. Can also add seaweed in small pieces. Just check miso for no fish ingredients. 3. Beyond Burger - slider size (think it’s called Beast burger and it’s at almost every grocery store) with some ketchup to dip. 4. P... More

Garrotes & Cinnamon Rolls

BettyCrocker suggests fishing line as safe alternative to knives for cutting cinnamon rolls. I explained to the kids that's called a garrote like Slade uses in Teen Titans. This comment was followed by knowing snickers as they cut the rolls. I may not b safe 😆 #2muchvocabulary

Any other parents out there doing the Keto diet? Or even just trying to cut down on carbs?

Here’s a great recipe I just made for tortillas for salsa chicken tacos tonight. I gave my baby a cut up tortilla with some baby food purée on top and she is currently loving it!! (This is modified from a recipe I found online.) One egg white 1 TBSP melted coconut oil 4 TBSP arrowroot starch (or equal amount cornstarch) 2 TBSP water 1/2 cup fine almond flour A few punches of Real Salt Butter ... More

  • Cathy
    May 24

    If you are on Instagram try following Living with Landyn. She does Keto!

  • Geena
    May 24

    Thanks! I have a bread recipe that’s not eggy because of the arrowroot starch. Let me know if you’re interested

Ashley posted in DIY May 23

Anyone else obsessed with Starbucks Pink Drink? Finally found out how to make it at home!

🥤 Iced passion tea 🥥 Coconut milk 🍋 Lemon juice 🍭 Sugar, honey or other sweetener 🍓 Freeze-dried strawberries First, make the tea and cool completely. Put about 1/3 cup of coconut milk in a cup over ice and fill it up the rest of the way with cold tea, then add 1-2 teaspoons of lemon juice (your mileage may vary) and sweeten to taste. You can make it extra fancy and add some strawberries too :)

  • Vicki
    May 26

    Just as a heads up you wont get the same caffeine boost if you use this recipe! Theres no caffeine in Passion tea but there is a bunch in the Starbucks refresher used with the pink drink!

  • Ashley
    May 30

    That’s good too, no caffeine for breastfeeding anyways!

Alicia posted in Fitness May 21

Healthy recipes

Who wants to share some good but healthy meals they like to make?! I’m trying to lose my baby pouch but keep eating as if I’m still pregnant😅

  • Shanna
    May 22

    I'm still pregnant, but my go to is a healthy pasta salad. I use medium pasta with ridges of some sort, whatever vegetables look colorful and appealing when I'm at the grocery store, a vinaigrette salad dressing, some beans for protein and a crumbly cheese. Make a huge batch, it keeps well, and I change it up so I don't get bored with it. Then I always keep one on the fridge so we ... More

  • Ashley
    May 22 is my go-to for lower calorie food that is still delicious. She really understands how to pack in the flavor. I also love doing overnight oats for breakfast as a way to get in extra fiber and have a filling, low-cal meal.

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