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Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Thursday

What can my son eat at 5 Months?

I know the cans say they are for 8 months and up but my son really seems interested in the food his dad and I are eating. Would it be okay to give him stuff like the pictures I posted?

  • Beatrice

    Biscuits I would wait a bit longer they are hard my son couldn’t bite it at that age the lil crunchies are good just break them

  • Taylor

    they have to say that as it is a choking hazard. theyre just covering their butts but u can feed whatever you feel comfortable feeding ur bb

Talking Food

My son is 8 months old he will be 9 months on the 27... he has two bottom teeth and one incoming top tooth He HATES baby food and wants real people food. What are some options for food? Friends say to give him Cheerios but he’s just not old enough to me to have them yet. I do give him stuff that we eat like little pieces of ground beef mashed potatoes bananas. But what are some ideas of things... More

  • Hannah

    Thank you all for your suggestions I was not getting any notifications and after posting this I looked at other people post and noticed that not many had any replies so just figured the app wasn’t popular enough but you guys pulled through so glad I checked back. Thank you again💜💜

  • Taylor

    fruits! any and all fruits and veggies chopped into tiny pieces steamed soft but not super soft my baby loved anything with no skin so anything you can peel and steam is perfect unless they dont like veggies idk what soft meats there are but if you give them a lil tiny piece of whatever ill think he would love it ✨ u can never go wrong with mashed potatoes!

When did u guys start to give some purée to the baby?

  • Kelz
    Feb 09

    6 months

  • Lisa
    Feb 10

    4 months we gave a half a purée at lunch only, 5 months we went to lunch and dinner, slowly got chunkier, till she was eating everything from the table that we eat by 8 months and got mad when we tried to finish the store stuff, despite only having 6 teeth!

Cooking with preschooler

Hi! My 3 year old is interested in cooking with me in the kitchen. Any kid friendly kitchen tools out there that you all can recommend?

  • Anna

    Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn often have great tools for kids, especially around Easter, they tend to have cute stuff on sale. I’m always lusting after it for my toddler. Lol! Right now they have adorable Harry Potter stuff!

  • Joy Lim

    We use Curious Chef brand for real cooking utensils that are safe for kids. You can find their products in Amazon

Zonasha posted in Behavior Feb 07

Food rejecting 23 month old

Our 23 month old, who used to eat often and a variety (fruits/ veggies, applesauce, yogurt, rice, meat) has started slowing down and now won’t eat much from any offering and now won’t eat dinner at all we sit together at night). Not sure if it’s from our resent move (new to Orange) or change of his usual environment (our Aunt who helped care for him while we are at work is no longer with us) or... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Feb 08

    Also, don’t worry too much about the new baby. Just do your best to give the older one individual attention during naps and even during baby feedings. It’ll mean chores don’t get done, but that’s okay. It’s survival mode those first few months to keep everyone emotionally secure.

  • Cris
    Feb 10

    My son will be 2 at the end of this month. The last couple of months his eating habits has drastically changed. He would eat just about anything I would offer him before but now he is very picky. He will basically eat cheese, crackers, and fruit all day long if I let him. When we sit down at the dinner table he wants out of his high chair within 10 mins. What works with us is I feed him when he... More

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Feb 07

What does your toddler eat while on the go?

We are away from the house for a few days, I brought all kinds of snacks, but I am stumped on what to offer at restaurants? My toddler is 21 months old, doesnt eat veggies unless pureed into a sauce or chopped small enough to be hidden in something. Also doesn’t eat meat or eggs :( (believe me I’ve tried!)

  • Anonymous
    Feb 08

    What Aida suggested- also as most restaurant food is packed with salt and oil- and maybe try ordering some potential winners to share with baby, like creamed spinach, mashed potatoes etc? I used to ask for unsalted food at restaurants as much as possible!

  • Joneen Driver
    Feb 09

    My son used to eat everything until after his first birthday. Now he’s picky and won’t eat meat of any kind. We usually order vegetables, fruit, or fries and Mac and cheese mainly.

KZR💛 posted in Behavior Feb 06

13 mo old boycotting food- used to be a major foodie!

I don’t understand what happened to my baby. She would devour an entire piece of salmon or turkey burger like she hasn’t eaten in days, obsessed with mashed potatoes and baked sweet potatoes. And breakfast was her favorite time— sometimes she ate more than I did I think!! Now I can barely have her drink a 4 oz pouch and eat a couple of peas or blueberries. I’ve thrown out plates and plates of... More

  • Julie
    Feb 07

    Sounds like teething!!! Keep offering:). She should come around soon!!

Who Bakes??

I need diabetic friendly sweets made for my husband’s birthday! Like barbershop themed cookies etc.

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Feb 05

Feeding issues - picky eater

Long story short, our daughter has some weight gain issues at 15 months and my mother in law moved in for the next month. We’ve been told to try not to make meals “about the baby” and stare at her and clap when she eats etc... While it’s cute and clapping make she smile and she claps as well this could also being causing more issues since she is like on display or performing. I know it’s amaz... More

  • Anonymous
    Feb 05

    @ Julie... thanks! Yes, our daughter is home with us but we are hoping to do meal play dates since she liked to watch other babies. She really enjoys it! I think I’ll be looser with the idea of cheering with meals as I know she gets happy and loves to clap and be playful with us all. I just need to adjust to having a MIL living with us for a month... small house, limited time alone with me ... More

  • A
    Feb 05

    Ultimately you are the parent and have the right to raise your child as you please. Maybe gently (or if need be add some firmness) talk with MIL and express that you want to teach your daughter that meal time is for family to interact and not just fun and games

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Feb 04

Snack time

Do you stick to a schedule and give snacks at the same time everyday, or, do you wait for the child to say they are hungry or ask for a snack?

  • Elle
    Feb 05

    Schedule, with exception if the kid is going through growth spurt, is sick, etc. Kids being a part of the family structure means, for me, being on similar schedules, like sitting down together and sharing meals.

1 year old boy

What ideas for play time and learning time and snacks and food do I do for a one year old. I’m a new mom and would like any helpful tips. Thanks

  • Amanda
    Feb 02

    Check your library for kids groups. They are great! Favorite snacks are veggie and fruit packets, frozen peas, ohs that melt, green juices frozen in small ice cubes for teething.

  • Debra
    Feb 04

    Play groups at your local preschool Often if you volunteer you can take your child for free

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Jan 31

One year old won’t eat

Anyone have/had a one year old who basically refuses to eat anything? It’s been almost 3 weeks and my sons usually a good eater but he suddenly refuses almost everything besides yogurt. He won’t drink water or milk too. He hasn’t been sick or anything. Advice please? How can I get him t eat more

  • Julie
    Feb 01

    Right around 11.5 months to almost 13 months my daughter started cutting all 4 remaining front teeth. Then starting at 15 months for another 4 weeks she cut all of her first molars. So it’s possible it’s teething but I would have him checked out. It could be an ear infection associated with teething or something like that, and for me I’d just want to know for sure that everything is okay. Good ... More

  • Anonymous
    Feb 01

    Have you tried distracting him with your phone? When my 14 month old goes through phases of refusing food I’ll put Daniel tiger or Sesame Street on my phone and it distracts her long enough for me to feed her

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Jan 31

How do I help my 15mon old drink using a straw?

My 15month old doesn't seem to understand how to drink from a straw. Any advice?

  • Frida
    Feb 01

    I bought my baby the munchkin cup that has a straw I gave it to him when he was about 6.5 months old, be patient it is something new to them, it took him like a month to get the hang of it but he did, just keep offering and he she will get the hang of it

  • Caitlin
    Feb 03

    I did what K did, with the finger over the straw end, with liquid in the straw. At first I dropped water right into her mouth by taking my finger off. Then I started keeping finger on, so kiddo had to suck to get water. She then figured it out in a cup.

My five year old won’t eat any type of meat :( any suggestions? Thanks everyone!

  • T
    Feb 10

    I make the legumes into burgers and patties and pan fry them like a pancake. That’s the way my kids will eat them. Lentils Egg Flour Whatever seasoning 🧂

  • Solmary
    Feb 10

    Thank you so much I have been trying all the different things I must say it has helped a great deal ☺️


What is your favorite easy to do breakfast? These days I feel hungry very often. May be because don't have much time for breakfast in the morning dur to busy schedule. What are your options for breakfast that gives you energy and feels good to go? Plus that's easy on the prep? 😀 Any vegetarian/vegan people out there? Share your ideas/suggestions. Thanks in advance..!!

  • Aipery Usenbaev
    Jan 31

    Oatmeal, avocado, banana, boiled eggs all are very filling. Apples with peanut butter always help me out. Yogurt for kids and toast

  • Mom
    Feb 02

    Steelcut oats made in the crockpot are great. I do steelcut oats, vanilla, cinnamon and apples or banana. Put it in before bed in a small crockpot. House smells awesome in the morning. Or cold overnight oats in the fridge in the summer.

Breakfast for that 15 months old

Hey everyone What are the choices for your kids breakfast? My son is 15 months old and we just started to give him milk in sippy cup. He adapted it well. But he is not finishing it at once. Usually he was able to finish 6-8oz at once in a bottle. Now from a cup he hardly drinks 4oz at a time. Then he doesn't want it anymore. But I feel he is hungry because the same time he asks for some... More

  • Anonymous
    Jan 28

    What about smoothies? You can do milk, Greek yogurt, peanut butter, a little honey or maple syrup or agave nectar, or fruit, and even veggies! Just get it all in there!

  • Pad
    Jan 28

    To make sure our LO gets all the vitamins she needs.. “we have a picky eater” the doctor recommended FlintStone Vitamins. She’s 18month so we cut them in half then crush them into a powder..from there into peanut butter or applesauce. We use the immune booster FlintStone this one doesn’t include IRON which causes her constipation.


Hello I have a one year old and she will eat the bare minimum in her high chair. I think okay she’s full? But then once she goes about playing she comes back to me and wants to be fed while walking around. This is something I want to avoid!! Please anyone have suggestions on how I can keep her in the high chair for her full meal???

  • Anonymous
    Jan 27

    I’ve seen people who feed in the Walker- putting food on the little tray part. Maybe when she starts asking for food plop her in her chair. Let her down when she wants down. Repeat. I’m sure it won’t take long for her to see that’s the one and only place she’ll receive food. Remember- YOU run the show, not her :)

  • Elle
    Jan 28

    Sit down and eat with her, model the behavoir you want to instill in her. She probably doesnt see eating in the highchair as personally enjoyable /interesting as eating while exploring, interacting with things around her. Sit down with her, eat with her, and interact with her while she's in the highchair to instill the behavoir.

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Jan 27

Refuses any meat

My almost 2 year old daughter hates meat. I’ve tried different types of meat, different seasoning, baked, breaded, grilled, even Mc Donald’s chicken nuggets. Wants nothing to do with it. Her diet consists of veggies, noodles, and potatoes, and yet she’s been the same weight for the past 8 months. She’s just such a picky eater I don’t know what to do any more. Any ideas?

  • Anonymous
    Jan 28

    Thank you all for your ideas ❤️

  • Ruth
    Jan 28

    My one year old is pretty much vegetarian (we are both pescatarian) Some good protein options we eat are Beans and things made with beans options are endless stuff from bean salad sandwich’s to brownies. Chick peas (Gabanzo bean) Falafel is delicious! Tofu she loves it surprisingly, I hated it as a kid. Peanutbutter or other nut butters. Cheeses, yogurt, cottage cheese. Even some veggies lik... More

Anonymous posted in Developmental Disorders Jan 25

I need reassurance and you tell me what you think??

So my in laws have been watching my LO for a couple of days and they seem to think my son has autism/some type of eating disorder. He doesn’t like eating solids, and he’s really picky with what he eats but he does love sweets 🤦‍♀️ because of his dad. (We still encourage him at home to eat solids/healthy food etc.) he loves those pouches that are like purée foods (apple sauce pouches) etc. so he... More

  • Kait
    Jan 26

    It’s horrible of them to say that to you. Your kid is still very little and sometimes kids are picky. Always trust your momma intuition over people who don’t know your baby like you.

  • T
    Jan 26

    From 15 months until 3 years old my daughter went through a Costco size jar of mixed nuts every week. She ate a variety of other food, but she lived off mixed nuts. Her pediatrician said it was fine. She met and exceeded all milestones. Wasn’t lethargic. Etc.

Looking for recommendation.. best finger foods for an 9month old baby ??? 👀

  • Anonymous
    Jan 25

    Banana, Cheerios, cheese, steamed veggies, avocado, fig newton bars, fruits like blueberries, raspberries

  • Crystal
    Jan 26

    My baby loved those teething wafers. Avocados are good. Breakfast cereal bars, puffs, goldfish crackers, and fruit.

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