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Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking 57m ago

Eating food

My 18 month old has recently stopped eating food that he used to. He has been on soild foods since before a year old and now all he wants is pureed food. Do I just puree everything or try and get him to keep eating solid food?

  • Kieli
    43m ago

    Yes keep trying! It will get better! I’ve noticed my daughter goes through phases with food. I think her taste buds are changing and she’s trying to figure out what she likes

  • Jessica
    7m ago

    Definitely what Ashley said! My son only ate purées veggies and still sometimes only eats them. St least they’re getting the nutrients!

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Monday

Protein Bc of low thyroid from blood test

For your 15 month what proteins did you give him. He loves peanut butter so that’s good and he drink milk mix with a 4th of chocolate pedicure. What other stuff can I give him to up his protein. He likes chicken but idk what other meat I can give him without spitting it out?

  • PK


  • Diana

    Beans and legumes, fish and so on

My toddler doesn't have an appetite.

My child hasn't been wanting to eat the past coupe of weeks. He will eat yogurt and drink milk along with some fruits. But he will not easy an actual meal. Not even his favorite foods. Have any of you experienced this?

  • Kimmy

    Going through the same thing atm

  • Kait

    Yup. Toddlerdom at its finest! Offer dinner for breakfast and vary what you offer. Still doesn’t work all the time though!

How to get a toddler to eat veggies

  • Laura

    I read that sometimes picky eaters need to see a vegetable multiple times on their plate before they will try it. It's fine if they want to play with the food, but not to try and force it. It's helpful if they see you eating the same foods. I started presenting the same vegetables on my son's tray multiple days in a row, and now he's eating a few different veggies.

  • Diana

    Does your toddler see you eating veggies?

My 4yr old son wont eat anything not processed! Help.

My youngest son used to eat really well. The last year and a half he has refused to eat anything that isnt processed foods. I have tried every thing. Tricking, bribing, spanking, grounding, taking things away, letting him go hungry, maki g it a game... Nothing is working. I am so tired. I cant afford to keep buying the pediasure shakes to fill in thebhokes in his diet to keep him from being mal... More

  • Anne

    Head to the library and get the book Child of Mine: Feeding with Love and Good Sense. Its a life changer! Very simple rules to avoid food battles and I swear it works.

  • Christina

    Also get him involved in cooking. My daughter would “sneak” broccoli when washing it. Or grab a piece of carrot when I finished cutting. We also have the rule of take a bite of something not eaten to get more of something desired.

Hi all! My 8 month old is refusing to pick up wet foods (like broccoli or spinach).

I haven’t been so good with starting her off on that food (she is only now having two front teeth coming in, and I figured it would be too hard to chew those type of foods but her daycare teacher is now saying otherwise). Any recommendations on how to make her start picking up that food?

  • Spencer

    Make sure its organic, my son can tell the difference. Loves spinach sautéed in light butter with lil salt and dash of pepper. Its one of his staples

  • Aje

    My son insisted on using utensils since 11 months. He would only eat broccoli or other veggies in purée form but he ate whole chicken and everything else. He just refused to eat the veggies not puréed. I wanted him to eat them so I started giving it to him in both forms (as others said I steamed the broccoli florets). Eventually he was curious to try it and I don’t have to purée anymore. I woul... More

Real foods

My almost 2 year old won’t eat any kind of food that is like for a meal 🤦🏻‍♀️ he will eat junk all day long & cereal, but when it comes to mealtime he wants babyfood. I’ve even tried not giving it to him but I couldn’t let him starve & he refused to eat what we gave him. Any advice?

  • Anonymous

    He isn’t going to starve. You are the parent. You set the tone of what and when food is served. He is not walking his little tushie to the store and buying junk. You’re giving it to him. Take the choice away and replace it with something you’d rather he ate.

  • Lulu

    @Bree what kind of cup do you put smoothie in?

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Thursday

foods for one year olds?

my daughter just turned one and hasn’t tried much other than baby food. She’s also had pasta, but i’m afraid to feed her more table foods in fear she’ll choke. Any tips?

  • T

    We did baby led weaning from 6.5m. Feed baby the same things you’re eating sized so they can pick up & feed them self.

  • Jessica

    Avocado for sure! Teething biscuits and puffs, steamed veggies, tofu, diced chicken pieces, scrambled eggs!

My girl turned 1 today what are some new foods she could try on her birthday? 🎉

  • Rebecca

    What hasn’t she tried? Honestly, if you don’t know of any allergies so far, go for it! I made chili last night and my 15 month old was totally into it. She didn’t have it as her main meal, but she had several bites of mine. I get a snack pack from the internet sometimes and she loves trying new crackers and things. If I try it, she does too!

  • Laura

    Honey, since that's the only food you can't eat until you're one

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Thursday

Eating solids

I have a 6 month old who will be turning 7 months in a few days she’s been on solids for about a month and a half all ready . my husband and I were curious if eggs were ok for her to eat. Any ideas?

  • Rebecca

    Yeah, as long as you wait a couple days after the eggs before trying something else new, you’re good. Scrambled is best, no runny eggs. We let our LO try everything but honey before 1. We even started the whole milk around 11 months- a gradual switch. Now she loves peanut butter, eggs, strawberries, you name it.

  • Rivi

    Our ped said to introduce them earlier. (Around 7/8 months) also w peanut butter. ❤️

Child won’t eat

My child is almost 20 months old and the past like 2 weeks he won’t eat more than 5 bites of anything or won’t eat it at all. He only will eat like chips or crackers between meals and wakes up 2 or 3 times for a bottle during the night. Tried letting him cry it out but he absolutely won’t give up. Any ideas would be great!

  • Savannah

    Cut out the snacks and only give him healthy/ nutritious foods. This way if he isn’t eating much you know he at least had something healthy. I would also suggest taking him off of the bottle completely... at that age there is no need for a bottle anymore and could also be the reason he won’t eat, he simply wants the bottle. We had a similar issue with my daughter when she was younger, and cutti... More

  • Z

    Kids won’t actually let themselves starve, so if they don’t eat for a bit (or only eat a little), there’s usually a reason. They’ll eat when they get hungry enough.

Help with feeding solids!

Hi new here, I have a 13 month old boy and need help with feeding. He eats solids, but all he really eats are carrots and peas. How can I get him to eat actual heaviest foods without him throwing it on the ground and not trying anything?

  • Michelle

    I feed mine baby food still as his main form of nutrients....or whatever I’m eating which he readily tries more of every day.

  • Christa

    I would caution at 13 months being on tons of baby food, because of recent recalls... though they have been kept pretty hush hush, I would start offering more of a solid food base than not. Your pediatrician should have given the clear to go ahead on solids of some sort by now. The more you can introduce now, and the wider varieties will offer him a better and healthier relationship with food. ... More

Reintroducing food

My son ate apples (at 5.5 months) one time and broke out in a rash on his upper body and really red cheeks. I told the pediatrician and he told me to reintroduce apples to him again soon. Has anyone done this with a food baby was allergic to? How long should I wait? He will be 7 months old tomorrow.

  • Julie

    My sister had the same reaction 37 years ago when my mom gave her applesauce for the first time! I grew up on a farm and we had an apple orchard there that’s never seen a pesticide so in her case it was the apples themselves. At the time the pediatrician told my mom to try again in a month. She did and still saw the same reaction. She waited 6 more weeks and my sister was fine:).

  • Amanda

    The same thing happened to my son when we first introduced him to apples. After a while it stopped happening. I think it's because of the acid in the apples. It seems common to me so don't worry. 😊

Cake smash substitution ideas??

My boy is 1 in a few days 🤯 Any ideas on cake substitutions for a cake smash photo session? He’s not allergic to anything, just don’t want to introduce artificial sugars yet.

  • Cassandra

    I’ve seen a spaghetti smash and a pizza smash!

  • Michelle

    We made a small cake using banana as the sweetener and used blueberries with Yogurt as frosting. None of it had added sugars. She loved it!

Scrambled eggs...

At how many months did you start giving your baby scrambled eggs?

Shruti posted in DIY Nov 30

Gingerbread house kits

My four year old is all excited to build a gingerbread house. But every other brand I look online has horrible reviews. Most of them seem to have problems with the “glue”. Are there any brands that Winnie parents have had luck with? I would hate for my little boy to be disappointed.

  • Jennifer
    Dec 01

    Bought ours from target and it was already put together. My 5 & 7 year old loved decorating it.

  • AdamAnt
    Dec 01

    We use the kits, but make our own royal icing to compensate for the small amount of “glue” provided in the kit. It also sticks better as long as you make it thick (Google for recipes - it’s basically confectioners sugar & water).

Home made baby foods

I usually give my baby fruits, veggies, baby oatmeal / cereal . I want to start expanding it more to mixing / blending different things together . Any fruits & veggies I can mix and still taste good ? Or any baby snacks / ideas you do ? P.S : my baby is 6 months .


My daughter just turned 6 months so I am going to start giving her purred foods. How much do you start off with? I have the baby bullet and already made some food for her and each of those containers are 2 ounces.

  • Dai
    Nov 30

    I started off with the same amount of oz as he was drinking in milk and went adding if I saw he wanted more

  • Brenda
    Dec 03

    When I started solids I only did 3 spoonfuls from the kids spoon n I went from there.

Picky eater

My son is almost 14 months and a very picky eater. He eats fruit, cereal, yogurt, crackers, and cucumber. Occasionally some pasta. He absolutely refuses meat of any kind. Any suggestions on how to get him to try more foods? He hates being hand-fed; he wants to do everything independently. I can’t even trick him by hiding a new food amongst the preferred. He finds it and picks it out. Then hands... More

  • Skye
    Nov 30

    You can try beans in place of meat for now. Will he eat tuna or eggs?

  • Anonymous
    Nov 30

    My son is also like this. He eats cherrios (any kind), peanutbutter cackers, otmeal and apple sauce everyday Bc that’s what he want. Sometimes I can get him to eat chicken nuggets or carrots and pees. Or even corn and Mac and cheese. But sometimes he don’t want to try it Bc he thinks it’s something new even though he had it before.

Amount of solid food for six month old

What is a proper amount to feed a six-month-old for solid foods if they have been eating solids for around a month and a half (mostly purées but a few “regular” foods). Normally I give solids twice a day once at lunch and one for dinner 45-60 minutes after BF. Should I just feed him until he’s full?

  • Rinker
    Nov 28

    Its been a min since my kids where 6 months old but I think I started them with the gerber stage 1 around 6 months n that's the puree jars. I gave half of a fruit n half of a veggie for lunch and dinner with bottle after and breakfast was whole jar of fruit and bottle after. They didn't always eat it all so I would put it up for next meal but it really depends on your kid. I wouldn'... More

  • Jenn
    Nov 29

    My Ped told me to give my 6 month old as much as she wants, from a few bites to a whole jar. She also told me to feed her twice a day for a week, and if she tolerates that well, go to 3 times a day. I generally give her about 2 oz of a puree and then however much she wants of little bits of something at a meal.

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