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Anna posted in Cute Mar 25

Why We Want To “Nibble” Our Babies 😜

I think about this article I read some years back whenever I am worried I might give my baby a hickey on her face from so much squishy kissing...😂💜

  • Anonymous
    Mar 25

    I saw something like this on fb. They called it cute aggression and it supposedly makes us better parents in a way, I don’t know how but it’s hard to resists lol

Alan posted in Cute Feb 23

Best friends in the making

I guess they like the breeze. Lol

Alexis posted in Cute Jan 11

Mommy and me

I’m 5 months pregnant I wanted to do something with her before it’s all about big belly and baby. she had a outfit malfunction so her bow had to hold up her dress. 😂 Jcpenny was having great deal. We are having another girl. I can’t wait to pictures of those two. 🥰

Kieli posted in Funny Jan 01

Happy new year!

Well we started the new year this morning with my 18 month old deciding she wanted to eat a piece of the dogs food 😂 🤦🏽‍♀️ how’s your new year going?

  • Julie
    Jan 02

    So funny!!! If you consider finding a teddy bear face down in a toilet a good thing, then our new year is also on point!!! 😳😱🤦‍♀️.

Marie posted in Cute Dec 23, 2018

Which one is better?

  • Amanda
    Dec 23, 2018

    I like the black & white pic

  • Elle
    Dec 23, 2018

    The black and white. Suggest flipping the image.

Look whose talking!?

So now my daughter is starting to talk a lot and says the craziest things. What are the most jaw dropping things your kids have said or done!? For us, at first it was bra! My daughter would grab my bra and say bra while trying to show random strangers my bra. Then this weekend she ran up to me while I was going to the bathroom (because shutting the door and having a moment alone is now agai... More

  • Opal
    Jan 15

    This one isn't about my kids, it's about my nephew. when he was 5 years old we were at the Zoo looking at all the weird animals. We came upon this funky looking animal and were trying to figure out what it was. And out of the blue, my nephew yelled "what the hell is that?!?!". Lol. My sister was horrified.

  • Opal
    Jan 15

    When my daughter was 5 we were in the grocery store and my daughter spotted a black lady with an adorable baby. So very loudly, my daughter said "Mommy look, it's a chocolate baby!". Lol. We left right then and there. Lol

Hey everyone. I just wanted to say hi. I am new here. This is my son, Kaliki. Hes 15 months old.

Craving Onions. Husband thinks I am going to turn into an onion lol. I am 5 weeks.

  • Ivy
    Dec 26, 2018

    American spaghetti is my favorite food, but each time I got pregnant, I would find just the smell and sight of it repulsive!!! I also love spice in general, but during pregnancy, it’s like I cannot have enough because I gain such a high tolerance for spice that it’s never spicy enough! This pregnancy, I have UTI that won’t go away though, so I have to limit my spice intake and the withdrawals ... More

  • Lauren
    Jan 04

    I had a love affair with fried chicken for sure. Ice cream, fruit, chocolate milk, oh and I once had an entire watermelon to myself.

Jokes for my 3 Year old!

My 3 year old is mad on jokes right now, but I can only think of so many he would find funny so drop any good jokes in the comments!! Please! Right now his joke he tells is "Whats a banana good for?" The punchline is him screaming "A BANANA!!!"

  • Carissa
    Nov 15, 2018

    What’s a tomato’s favorite dance? The salsa!

  • Josh
    Nov 16, 2018

    Q: Why can't you ever trust a lion? A: Because they're always lion!

Heidi posted in Cute Nov 12, 2018

Couple of laughs

Figured after a long Monday we could use a few laughs. Here is one of my son being stuck in his toybox. Gotta love how they get stuck in some places! He can turn a frown from the worst day at work into the biggest laugh with one hug/look/action. #boymom #lovingit

Jade posted in Cute Nov 08, 2018

“Please spit that out!”

Ok parents, let’s have some fun. What phrase do you find yourself saying way too often lately? I never thought I’d spend my days saying “please, don’t lick the toilet” but alas, here we are. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • MsJen
    Nov 21, 2018

    “Did you hear what I said?”

  • E
    Nov 24, 2018

    “In what world is that ok to do?” “Why did you do that?” “That’s one. That’s two. That’s 3. Time out.” “Stopppppppppp!” “Paw Patrol is asleep right now.” For the positives: “Good job! That was challenging.” “Thank you for protecting the baby. You kept her safe.” “You’re my baby. You’re my na-na-nin (a word he made up). You’re my big boy” “I love you.”

Sara posted in Funny Nov 02, 2018

Is it a bad sign that my 3 year old keeps accidentally calling her sister Margaret?

I was trying to figure out why my 3 year old kept calling her sister Margaret (her name is Aubrey) that thinking she might have a friend named Margaret. Then I realized it's the name of Daniel Tiger's sister. We may need to lay off the Daniel Tiger for a bit... 😂😂

  • Margaret
    Nov 03, 2018

    Speaking as a Margaret I kind of think this is awesome 🤣🤣🤣

  • Elissa
    Nov 09, 2018

    My cousin watched so much curious George, she stopped talking (strong talker too) and went to only making monkey noises.... 🤦🏼‍♀️

Aida posted in Funny Nov 01, 2018

Holiday Excitement is stinking contagious!!

So my son will turn 4 right before Christmas, today we discovered Target’s toy catalog/ad in the mail. He is just so excited, circling all the things he would like. Mom and Dad have been smiling all day and remembering how that feeling of anything is possible felt like at that age. Just wanted to share with all you as I know all the daily stuff can sometimes make us forget to enjoy the little ... More

  • Anne
    Nov 01, 2018

    My favorite time of year!

Anonymous posted in Cute Nov 01, 2018

Terrible twos or Threenagers?

Poll- I have the most adorable and sweet, funny, kind, amazing little two year old who is about to be three in a few months and he’s definitely learnt how to give mommy anxiety, heart attacks, and gray hairs this year lol Everyone I talk to either says, terrible twos are the worst and it gets easier from here OR terrible twos don’t have anything on threenagers. So...what year do you think is mo... More

  • Rose
    Nov 22, 2018

    I have 4 kids. Ages 28, 14, 5, 10months. So far I would say the teenage far!

  • Christa
    Dec 09, 2018


Pandamonium living with a toddler! 😂

  • Lulu
    Oct 31, 2018

    That is so flippin adorable!!

Vicki posted in Cute Oct 24, 2018

Hard to explain...

Just had to explain jousting to my inquisitive toddler. . That was some mental gymnastics but we both ended laughing! What’s something crazy you had to try and explain to your kiddo?

  • Emily
    Oct 24, 2018

    How the fridge stays cold. She was 1 at the time and I got into the whole technological aspects and all. She just looked at me like I was dumb then said so it’s magic right?

  • Jas
    Nov 15, 2018

    I tried explaining the concept of infinity to my 7y; that numbers continue forever. He said that was dumb and we don’t need numbers that large.

All dolled !

When she got caught she tried to save herself by offering me a touch ! I was beyond livid but things are just things #terribletoddler #riplancomelipstick

  • K
    Oct 27, 2018

    Have gone thru the baby powder mess. This one yesterday

  • MsJen
    Nov 21, 2018

    Yep. Left for 2 minutes. Came back to a room full of baby powder.

My daughter got into the Vaseline this afternoon 🤦‍♀️

I’ve washed her hair, but it still looks like this hours later. And it feel greasy. Help? Do I just keep washing it an hope for the best or is there something specific that gets Vaseline out of hair?!

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