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Santa: Real or fake?

I've been conflicted with the idea of telling my 4 y.o. that Santa isn't real. It's been a big struggle for me. My husband and I want our son to understand that "Jesus is the reason for the season". It feels like with today’s society kids expect SO many presents and gifts are becoming obnoxiously expensive. We're not wealthy, but were not poor either. We want to better... More

  • Alexis

    We plan to tell our kids the truth from the beginning. Our boys are 2 and 10 months so they dont really quite understand or care yet, but we also dont like the idea of lying to them. A good friend of mine has the perspective of she didnt want her daughter to ever doubt her. She wanted her daughter to know that she will always be honest with her and never mislead or lie to her about things. She ... More

  • Christy

    My daughter is 2, and we've decided to teach her that "Santa" was a real person a long, long, time ago. He was saint that helped save many children, and family from being sold into slavery and gave them gifts of freedom, new hope, and new life. He followed the example of Jesus so others could find their way to Him. Research the history of Saint Nicholas with you son. That way you... More

Anne posted in Flying Friday

Best holiday movies for 4-5 year olds?

Help me pick some good ones to bring on a long flight!

  • Hollie

    Rise of the guardians

  • Ricky

    Polar Express, Scooby Doo Christmas, Muppets Christmas, Olsen Twins To Grandmothers House We Go, Shrek Christmas, Ice Age movies

Daycare teacher gift card amount?

My son just started daycare last week. He only goes Tuesdays and Thursdays ... so he’s only gone 3 times now. With the holidays coming up, I’m thinking about getting one of the teachers a gift card. First of all, how much do you think is appropriate? Secondly, is it weird to only give one of the teachers a gift card? He’s really taken a liking to one of them so I don’t know the other ones ver... More

  • Ricardo

    I think all his teachers from his classroom should receive a little token of appreciation. There isn't a "I" in team. As a infant teacher, if this ever happened, I would make sure to keep it fair for everyone and if I get the gift card, I would split it with my team. 💓

  • Andrea

    Oh jeeze! I’m glad I asked because I definitely didn’t think of it like that. Thanks for the feedback!

Liz posted in Holidays Thursday

New Year’s Eve baby

Anyone else have a New Year’s Eve baby? What time were they born? Do you celebrate the day of or the following weekend?

  • Andrea

    I have a Christmas Eve baby, if you consider that pretty similar circumstances. We have a friend party either a week before or 2 weeks after, and always have something small, just us, the day of.

  • Victoria

    I am a Christmas Eve baby. As a child I don’t remember too much. But I do know that we only celebrated it on my actual day a few times. Not a huge deal but it sucks being clouded around the holidays. With New Year’s Eve that (at least in my house) is more of a holiday we celebrate in the evening since you stay up till midnight, so you could try celebrating her birthday earlier that day to wher... More

Christmas ideas

I have no idea what to get for my 7 month old daughter. Not wanting to get random toys that will pile up or clothes because she has enough. Any ideas are appreciated!

Anonymous posted in Holidays Dec 05

Gifts under the Christmas tree

How do you handle that? If Santa only delivers the gifts on Christmas Eve, then do you leave the tree bare until then? I have friends and family buying gifts and wondering if I should let them put the gifts under the tree now. And if so, how do we explain that to kids?

  • Austin
    Dec 07

    growing up, i had three siblings so we put our gifts to each other and our parents under the tree as soon as they were ready to go, which made for a decent amount of gifts. we were one of those families that opened one each on christmas eve. then christmas morning all the gifts from our parents and santa were set out, which made for a big exciting moment. as a father now, i still don't know... More

  • Jessica
    Dec 07

    I make a big emphasis of wrapping gifts we buy for others and setting them under our tree. Then, as I have time, I’ll wrap gifts for my kid and sneak them under the tree. Sometimes she notices and sometimes she doesn’t (she’s 6). By Christmas Eve, all but Santa’s gifts are under the tree. It’s fun to look at a tree full of gifts, but I know my daughter isn’t going too rip them open.

Kristen posted in Holidays Dec 04

Christmas present

I told my husband I wanted storage totes and a day to clean the house for Christmas. He just looked at me like it was a trick. We have a 2 yr old and I just want a clean house!!!! Instead of piles. Am I the only one?

  • Heather
    Dec 06

    No your not! I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with the shear amount of cleaning/weeding out of stuff no longer needed or wanted/sorting through items my lo no longer needs,wears,and toys!!! But I’ve gone off the deep end, and am looking to do something other than what else am I going to do with the time??? 🤭😆🤗

  • Nathan
    Dec 07

    It’s taken me too long to understand how much a clean house means to my wife. I’ve also sometimes been slow to implement her wishes. If she was asking me for time to clean the house, then for me it would be helpful to get a couple of suggestions on how I might give her a day by herself (Take our child to the zoo for the morning, stop by a fast food restaurant with a play area for an extended lu... More

Mandy posted in DIY Dec 04

Looking for ideas for a crafty gift my 3 year old can make for our newborn for Christmas.

  • RaeJean
    Dec 04

    Some type of colorful mobile to hang above the crib. Maybe butterflies or birds from the craft store? Maybe let your little take a trip with you to pick out supplies. Or maybe one of those knotted fleece blankets. No sewing just basically tying two pieces of fleece together.

Anonymous posted in Family Life Dec 04

Nervous about vacationing away from baby

I'm considering surprising my partner with a cruise for Christmas since he's never been on one and we desperately need a quick vacation. However, my LO will only be 7 months by cruise date and I am terrified of being away from him. Is there any way to feel comfortable about being away? Or should I consider a different gift?

  • Anonymous
    Dec 04

    You hit the nail on the head, Caroline. The point is for us to have a getaway because I have been total focused on my LO.

  • Caroline
    Dec 04

    Yes!!! I recently am a stay at home mom for a little and as much as I love her.. I needed some time away and I love my husband to and your relationship with your husband has to be healthy.(not saying yours isn’t) lol just you have to take care of yourself and your relationship with your SO. It’s healthy for everyone! :)

Lindsey posted in Holidays Dec 03

Has anyone ever ordered a photo canvas from Walmart?

Getting some canvases done for Xmas gifts and I usually get from Shutterfly or Mpix but Walmart is so much cheaper, has anyone ever gotten one from them? If so how is the picture quality? Is it worth it or do I go with one of the better websites? Thanks!

  • Raychelle
    Dec 03


  • Stacy
    Dec 05

    Idk about Walmart but I bought some metal art prints from Shutterfly and they are Amazing!! I will definitely buy them again! Plus Shutterfly always has sales and coupons so it’s not to bad!!

Anonymous posted in Blended Families Dec 01

Pictures with Santa

My mother in law told me she wanted to go take a picture with her Santa my daughter and step son. Is that weird? Should I?

  • Anonymous
    Dec 03

    They are included in a lot of stuff. They have sleepovers every week if not twice some weeks. She’s over almost every other morning and we do Sunday dinners quiet often

  • Tyerra
    Dec 04

    Well if y’all do all that then it sounds like y’all are close so why not especially if she is paying lol

Anonymous posted in Holidays Nov 30

Please help with choosing Christmas gifts for friends and their kids!

We are celebrating our first Christmas in the US, so please help me with choosing Christmas gifts for our new friends here. Most of them are families with toddler kids. Do I need to give presents to each family member separately or just gifts for kids? What is usually given - store gift cards, toys, or what? What value should they be? Thanks!

  • Amanda
    Dec 01

    How close are you to these friends? When I had a lot of friends nearby before we moved, I would get my super really good girlfriends a few small gifts totaling around $30 each (this year, some French chocolate and pretty travel makeup bags for 1 friend). For less close girlfriends, a cute pair of earrings, something small $5 or so. Nothing for the men. But if the really close girlfriends had ki... More

  • Anonymous
    Dec 01

    Are you actually have a party and celebrating with them? Otherwise I’m not sure you need to give gifts...of it were me, I’d talk to the friends and ask if you are giving gifts for kids or not. In the past we’ve done a secret Santa with the kids, or a book exchange

Jade posted in DIY Nov 30

Eco-friendly gift wrap ideas?

I recently learned that any gift wrap that is shiny or has decorative foil on it isn’t recyclable! So I’m looking for some creative materials I can use to wrap gifts and reduce waste this year. Newspaper is always a classic, but can be a little dirty. Any ideas? 💡

  • Angel
    Dec 01

    I like to wrap in fat quarter chunks of fabric. Many of my friends sew, so I wrap their gifts this way... We also use kraft paper, or recycle newspaper and add bags we make.

  • Carla
    Dec 02

    We have actually used newspaper/ comics to gift wrap. We topped it off with a red bow and it looked pretty cool.

Ali posted in Family Life Nov 30

Holidays got me down

My husband always works on the holidays as does his sister and her husband. His family lives about an hour and a half away from us. We always try to see his side of the family for Christmas. My in-laws won’t plan something if his sister can’t be there, but his sister has the attitude of "if I work, I work, if I don’t I don’t." Do other people have this issue? To make matters w... More

  • Ali
    Dec 04

    Luckily my mom loves all her grandkids equally and puts family as #1. Not saying she is perfect but she is great in this regard. Unfortunately my in laws remind me of my grandma who definitely had favorites and uneven treatment was common. Maybe this is why my mom is so great with this issue and I am sensitive about it. I don’t want my kids to feel how my siblings and I did growing up. I... More

  • Jessica

    Everyone has such great advice on here. Your heart is so in the right place and I think I’d feel the same way you do. My in laws are alcoholics and only care to play with my kids (their only grandchildren) in between a few cocktails, and we even live in a different state than them. Try, try, try not to take it personally. Maybe start a new family tradition just you and your husband and kids. (B... More

Any advice on a holiday gift for our full time nanny?

  • Anne
    Nov 30

    I always gave a Christmas bonus of one week's salary.

  • Chara
    Dec 01

    Money and a Pampering gift certificate

Holiday bonus/tip for daycare provider

What’s the standard for gifting the woman who watches my son one day a week? She operates a daycare. There is also another woman who co-runs it. I was thinking $25 to each plus a gift card for another $25 each... I’m new at this so any insight is appreciated.

  • JeimyW

    25 Gift card of her favorite store

  • Anonymous

    I’m a preschool teacher and I can assure you that I don’t keep handprints and hand drawn pictures given to me by other people’s kids. If you can’t afford anything, write a card, otherwise gift cards to a store that you know a teacher frequents, is very welcome. Amazon or target, you can’t go wrong with.

Deanna posted in Holidays Nov 29

Present for not so active 8 year old

I told my 8 year old no games this Christmas so what are some good outdoor or interactive things I can buy that'll get him up and moving around? I'm thinking a hoverboard, but I need more ideas.

  • Erin
    Nov 30

    Laser tag is always fun it can be played indoors or outdoors

  • Jessica

    Search on Groupon for some fun experiences instead? My nephew is 10 and he is obsessed with games and has a million toys so this year I got him and a friend a pass to the trampoline park for a day. Toys get so old!

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