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36 weeks and cervix is still not facing the front. Should I be worried? Baby's head is down low.

  • Lori

    Very true Megan! The team I see usually doesn't start checking until 38 weeks but i was curious so they did it for me. Yeah, i probably shouldn't have because it really didn't help.

  • Megan

    I feel like once women hit 36 weeks we are all sitting around googling how/when to get the baby to come out.


Currently 37 weeks and 3 days and I'm currently 50% effaced 1cm dilated and my cervix is soft how much longer?! Everything is getting so uncomfortable and I constantly think she's falling out. Can someone give me any pointers?

  • Katrina

    Old injuries can make these times so much harder! Do you have any options for seeing a Webster certified chiropractor? They can often help your body feel less uncomfortable.

  • Jessica

    Agreed with the sleep thing Hahahaha. I’m 35 weeks with #2, I feel your pain! Hang in there girl. Bouncing on a big ball while binging Netflix helped me the first time around when I didn’t have a toddler to run after. If you don’t have other kids sleep and bounce and Netflix 😊👏🏻

This Wednesday I am being induced and am trying for a VBAC. I have never had one. Any advice?

  • Victoria

    Girl pooping for the next two months is going to suck!! I would spend 40 minutes trying to poop, even with stool softener. It would be hard to poop! I threw up during my csection. Which was horrible. But I’m glad I did that instead of pushing I was scared to push. Lol but through the whole experience the IV in my hand hurt more than anything else. And I had an epidural!

  • Marie

    I always throw up during. Pooping during is easy but after? The worst

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery Saturday

PCOS/ C section problems.

So I have PCOS and I gave birth to my first in the beginning of 2018. I had an emergency c section at 35 weeks because she was unresponsive (got a 0/8 on the ultrasound) I almost had a blood transfusion and also became anemic from the birth. I had/ have problems with the area they did my c section, it still gets red/ inflamed, sometimes hurts on the inside really bad. Now that my daughters turn... More

  • Emily

    I have pcos. I've had 4 miscarriages that they believe are tied to it. My best advice is take the hormones on time and relax. Relaxing is the biggest thing. Stress and worrying about it is really bad while trying to get pregnant. Every time I get stressed when I finally get a positive I miscarry shortly after. Losing weight has also helped me.

  • Emily

    My c section area becomes red if I get a yeast infection there try Nystatin. Or bring it up to your doctor.

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery Sep 17


Hey moms.. so I’m due Wednesday. My vagina is starting to hurt a little.. I haven’t dropped yet, but I heard some women don’t drop while they’re pregnant... I also am having a hard time going number 2.. bottom of my stomach is getting some awkward feeling pains.. does this mean I’ll be going into labor soon? I have an appointment at 8:45am with my midwife.. Wednesday morning.. my husband has t... More

  • Destiny

    Thats normal at times but i would give another 2 days if the baby is not born untill then you should go to the hospital for a force born and congrats for the job im happy yall are able to take the opportunity

  • Megan

    Yay!! Congrats for your family! I will do a baby dance for you!

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery Sep 08

38 weeks

Anything I should know before I give birth?? I’ve done a lot of research I want to see if you guys say anything else ❤️ thank you

  • Destinee
    Sep 09

    Don’t pay too much attention to online horror stories. They had me so anxious about being post-partum and it wasn’t even bad. For real though, if you have a vaginal birth the hemorrhoids are the worst. Use the squirt bottle they give you with warm water in it when they hurt, and fold a tucks pad and put it between your cheeks. Change it every hour. And sitting on a Boppy pillow helps

  • AmandaRyan
    Sep 15

    I am probably not the best person to give advice in one way because pregnancy, labor and delivery are extremely easy for me I am 33 and have five children my oldest is 15 my youngest is one month I’ve always gone all natural and had my children with one push no tearing no stitches no post-Partom depression or any negative experiences and each of my children were also a bit early ranging from 3w... More

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery Sep 03

Is my belly too small

I’m due in 20 days (September 23rd) and I look 6 months pregnant. I didn’t get a belly at all until I was 7 1/2 months pregnant. My midwife says I’m measuring normally but I just look so little. I have huge stretch marks but my belly is just so small 😑 My original due date is October 3rd.. I think I have a whole month a head of me still 🤷🏼‍♀️🤰🏼

  • JJ
    Sep 03

    Is this your first? Women generally start showing sooner with each additional pregnancy. Every body is different. You’ll pop, then you’ll drop, then you’ll wish you still had that small belly. As long as you’re healthy, try not to fret.

  • AmandaRyan
    Sep 15

    I’ve had five children and they say you tend to gain and keep on weight more with each pregnancy but I don’t have a single stretch mark and I never gained more than 26 pounds at my biggest weight gain I never looked pregnant by month nine I usually popped out and looked five months or so but I go to the local convenient store daily up to days before I have birth and when I went in for the first... More

Currently Pregnant 🤰

Anybody due in October? 💙

  • Amanda
    Sep 15

    I have two girls, both in October. Yay for October babies 👶🏻

  • Sara
    Sep 18

    Due November 5th!

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery Aug 26

Epidural or natural

I’m horrified of needles and I’ve seen the epidural needle and the thought of it makes me sick to my stomach. I don’t want an epidural. My best friend almost died from it because she was allergic to it.. I know that’s extremely rare but I’m just so scared and don’t know what to choose. I’ll definitely know once I feel the pain but please help.

  • Clarissa
    Aug 27

    It depends on the situation. If the pain is unbearable and the labor is getting longer and causing distress to the baby, you can consider epidural. After i had it, it made the latter process easier. However, the side effect post partum is will cost your back pains especially in cold seasons. You got this momma! :)

  • AmandaRyan
    Sep 15

    Let’s be honest people like the thought of the epidural but the fact is that by the time that they give it to u you would have been done having the baby without it in most cases’ it numbs you from the waist down which honestly makes it more likely to tear etc when you go all natural which I’ve now done five children in a row you feel everything which is completely bearable trust me I wouldn’t l... More

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery Aug 24

36 weeks

I haven’t felt Braxton hicks contractions this entire pregnancy. No nothing. I feel the baby kick but that’s the most I get.. should I be worried?

  • Bethany
    Sep 02

    Nope! I never really got them either. I got very mild BH due to dehydration a few times. Just drank a bunch of water and they passed. No need to worry.

  • AmandaRyan
    Sep 15

    Do NOT worry I have five kids and never had Braxton Hicks it’s totally fine not to have them and possibility is that you’re just not feeling then but it’s just your body practicing contracting those stomach muscles so you may not feel it especially if your body is typically in pretty ok shape otherwise aside from pregnancy then your muscles are probably already well enough trained on contractin... More

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery Aug 09

External Cephalic Version (ECV)

Has anybody had this procedure before? I’m scheduled for one next week because my baby is still breech, and I’m nervous about it! Also if anyone had a C-Section and would care to share anything about the experience, I would appreciate that, too. Thank you!

  • Anonymous
    Aug 16

    Just FYI, had the procedure. It hurt really badly and it didn’t work, so we scheduled the c-section. I’m nervous but hopefully it will go okay!

  • B
    Aug 16

    Good luck! My csection recovery almost hurt less than the ECV...stay ahead of the pain with meds for the first week

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery Aug 05

Losing your mucus plug?

I’m 37weeks pregnant with my 2nd and I’m pretty sure I lost my mucus plug Friday morning but the discharge has still kept coming. Is this normal, how long does it take to lose? Because I don’t remember it at all with my 1st

  • Anonymous
    Aug 05

    Thank you, but that’s good to hear, because I’ve been contracting pretty bad since Friday evening and it coming and going

  • Sara
    Aug 05

    Sounds like you are very close to having the baby! If the contractions start getting regular and close together go in. I went in at 15 mins apart and had the baby a few hours later. Second children come quick!

C-Section Experiences?

So I’m due with my second baby soon, and this baby is frank breech and has been pretty much the whole pregnancy. This means I could be heading toward a c-section. I’ve never had one, and I’m terrified!! Can anyone tell me their experiences—hopefully positive—to help me through it?

Anyone have this at about 37 weeks?!

I’ve been have bad migraines, nausea and crazy swelling in my feet and ankles! I went to the hospital yesterday where the tested twice for preeclampsia and nothing but it’s just gotten worse today. Anyone else had this struggle this late into pregnancy?

  • Chelsea
    Jul 31

    I had a very similar thing at 37 weeks and for me my doctor said it’s really common around that time! It helped for me to get extra iron / eat a steak!

  • Andrea
    Jul 31

    I did not have extreme swelling until after my first son was born. And while I had what I would consider normal swelling with my 2nd, I didn’t get the huge feet after my 2nd baby.

I don’t have health insurance I’m 2 months in

I am Two months pregnant without any health insurance. I can’t afford a delivery. If I didn’t have insurance today will it cover my delivery and a baby under any circumstance? Does anyone have any recommendations on what I should do? How much did your deliveries cost.? Do you have insurance or did you pay out of pocket? Does anyone have advice

  • Hailey
    Jul 30

    Get Medicaid! I didn’t know I was pregnant for 3 months. I didn’t have insurance but I immediately got Medicaid as soon as I found out :)

  • Pam
    Aug 11

    You automatically qualify for Medicaid because your pregnant. You should apply for WIC too

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery Jul 21

Disagreement, advice needed!

So my husband and I have been having the biggest argument over where I’ll deliver. Unfortunately, we currently live overseas due to my husbands work. I’m still in my first trimester but I was planning on delivering in Florida (where I’m from and where I have family) instead of delivering in a foreign country. I want to deliver in Florida because of the comfort of feeling at home and being in ... More

  • Anonymous
    Jul 22

    I know the local hospitals I just don’t feel comfortable the way I do in Florida. During my delivery and the week following he could try to take 10 days off and I plan on following him a month after

  • Anonymous
    Jul 22

    It’s up to you guys, but since people often deliver a week or two early or late, I’d think about him coming when babies due and staying for more time with baby.

C-Section or Natural?

I’m 5 months pregnant with my second baby. My son is 13 months and I delivered him csection due a drop in his heart rate when I had contractions. I have the option of choosing to deliver naturally or schedule a csection. The doctor said I could deliver this baby naturally but there’s a tiny percentage that my uterus could rupture. They don’t know the extent to how much I have healed from my las... More

  • Callae
    Jul 21

    I had a VBAC with my second when my first was 24 months old. One of the biggest reasons I wanted to was so that I could still lift and take care of my older son after birth. I knew there was no way I could go 6 weeks without lifting him, etc. Also, we want 4-5 children so my doctor highly suggested trying for a VBAC since csection risks go up each time.

  • Mia
    Jul 26

    I tried for a VBAC with my second but About 2-3 weeks before scheduled the c-section - she was breach and big (they were saying 9-11 lbs) and turns out also sunny side up (which wasn’t know until pulling her out). It took me a long time to get over the fact that I would never know what is was like to give birth vaginally, it still gives me pangs sometimes (I am now 3months post my 3rd c-secti... More

Essential oils for labor!!!

I’m wanting to have a diffuser going to help keep me relaxed during labor at the hospital. What are some of your favorites from your labor experience?

  • Anonymous
    Jul 24

    What’s a diffuser.. sorry ugh first time mommy :(

  • Hollie
    Jul 24

    It’s essential like a humidifier

PSA for post delivery comfort

I wanted to share the best piece of advice I've gotten for just after delivery... bring depend adult diapers in your hospital bag! With my first son, I used the hospital ginormous pads and sexy mesh undies. Uncomfortable, leaky, cumbersome. Then I read somewhere to bring adult depend diapers. What a difference with the delivery of my second son! They're just like underwear in terms of... More

  • Ashley
    Jul 11

    I so wish I had done that!

  • Victoria
    Jul 13

    I did this! Was probably the best thing besides making padcicles for postpartum!

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery Jul 10

Does easy pregnancy mean really hard labor?

I’m 30 weeks pregnant and I’ve basically had a really easy pregnancy, no morning sickness.. haven’t puked once.. no cravings... I just have sciatica, and I get acid reflux and sometimes I can’t stand for more than a 1/2 hour because of the sciatica.. I’m thinking since the pregnancy was so easy for me that I’m gonna have a really hard time during labor.. thoughts?

  • Jenn
    Jul 16

    Nope. I had an eventful pregnancy (early ovarian cyst, passed 1 kidney stones at home, admitted to hospital for another kidney stone, had gestational diabetes, terrible acid reflux at night) but I'd personally classify it as pretty "easy". In comparison to most people, I'd also classify my labor as relatively "easy". It was much much harder than I expected but I thin... More

  • Hope
    Jul 27

    I've assisted in many deliveries they were all different. I had a very easy pregnancy despite being a twin pregnancy and never once had a contraction. 🤷🏾‍♀️ There's no way of telling how labor will go if it goes at all.

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