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Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery Aug 08


I’m 35 weeks pregnant and I’ve constantly been feeling a ton of intense pressure on my area and I never had this feeling with my first son. I’m not having contractions, haven’t lost my mucus plug or anything.. it’s been going on for a week or two and I asked my doctor and she had no clue what I was saying..

  • Kieli
    Aug 10

    Yes I had this with my second as well. And I agree with Sara that it was intense at times that I felt like she was going to break my water! The day that she was born I was overall feeling different. Like my body knew it was the day and was preparing me for it too

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Aug 10

    Yes! This is a normal feeling that for me increases with each pregnancy (almost done growing baby 4 now). It’s very weird.

Been having bh contractions for at least two months now but for the last couple days

For the last few days they have been happening all throughout the day an much more intense I lost a big part of my plug a couple weeks ago also the last few days been having dull aches in back an hips had bad diarrhea an very sick to my stomach two days ago still having the bh contractions am getting nervous an anxious wondering how long after all this did you go into labor? I also had a energy... More

  • Michelle
    Jul 20

    When are you due? Have you contacted your doctor?

Anonymous posted in Babies Jul 11

Induced labor

So I’m a first time dad and almost 2 weeks from our expected due date. Our doctor has mentioned induced labor at our last visit and my girlfriend (first time mom) is very eager to get our baby boy out due to her pains and excitement to meet him. We’ve scheduled to proceed with this process a week from now, meaning a week before our initial due date & I’m starting to have some second thought... More

  • Megan
    Jul 12

    With my first I went into labor on our due date. Tried laboring at home for an hour looking for all the signs the doctor says to look for but i never had them. Called the Dr an hour after first contraction and they said go to the hospital. Had an hour drive to the hospital. When they checked me to make sure it was true labor I was 8cm... insane. So everyone rushed around like crazy hooking me u... More

Love this!

"I love the framing of a “good birth,” because it removes the false dichotomy of "natural" versus "unnatural." The outcome everyone wants for their delivery is a healthy baby and a healthy mother. Health includes emotional health, too."

  • Sara
    May 08

    Yes! I will add though that of course a healthy baby and healthy mother is the outcome everyone wants but it's not always the case that all babies are healthy and all mothers are healthy after birth and it's not your fault. Ultimately this isn't a process that you have a lot of control over and a lot of times you just have to accept the cards that are dealt.

Last Minute Advice

Hi, all! I'm getting induced for the first time Tuesday Morning. All my other kids were born on their own within 8hrs each shorter than the last. I'm getting nervous excited scared not sure of my emotions right now. So tell me any helpful advice or stories or suggestions, please! Thanks.

  • Kristen
    Apr 01

    I was induced for my first pregnancy and it took 3 days- which was fine by me as I didn’t want them to rush things and result in a C section. The doctors and nurses said that inductions go way faster for second time moms and I’d guess with your history, it could be very fast. If you’re getting an epidural, make sure you have enough time to get it before serious labor sets in. You’ll be fine! Go... More

  • Lily
    Apr 01

    I was induced for my first because of preeclampsia, start to end was 4 hours! With the first dose of meds my body just took off, didn't need any more meds. A lot of women get sick from the meds, but I didn't at all. Over all it was good for me. Good luck!

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery Mar 25

Thoughts on elective inductions around due date?

First time mom and would love some (judgement-free) advice, especially from moms who have been there. I’m a few weeks from my due date and starting to think about possibly scheduling an induction close to my due date. I don’t currently have a medical reason to do so, but I’m worried about going super late and having a tough labor/greater risk of c section with a large baby and I’d also like to ... More

  • Hilary
    Mar 26

    I had my first child without induction and everything went smoothly. I waited until 40 weeks to get induced for my second child. My doctor really wanted me to induce since I was 41 years old. I actually had an ok experience with the induction (I had a bigger issue with the hospital staff). I know giving birth the first time can be scary and there are a lot of unknowns. My advice - do what feels... More

  • Lily
    Mar 27

    I had to be induced because of preeclampsia 2 weeks before my due date. Would not want to do that again, my baby was really tiny and ended up having jaundice. If I had a choice I would have wanted her to stay in as long as she could. I think she really needed that extra time to grow more. Something someone told me was you can't plan everything for having your baby, and nothing ever goes to ... More

Hospital birth or a birth center for baby #2. Anyone done both and which was your preference?

Approaching 24 weeks on baby #2, I have white coat syndrome and get anxiety during each prenatal visit. I didn’t enjoy the hospital birth for baby #1 as much since I was induced. I am debating on a birth center. Anyone done both and which was your preference? Appreciate your insight.

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Mar 11

Any moms who had complications at birth? Specifically hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy?

I have a 7 month LO and she’s starting to be very difficult in a sense she stiffens her who body when I carry her a certain way or calm her down on my chest last, jerks back with her neck, starting to jerk her body when we feed. Not to mention she is a cat napper so she ONLY sleeps 30 mins/3 naps a day now. She’s sometimes cranky because I know she’s still tired.. After birth they had her in... More

  • Anonymous
    Mar 12

    I was in labor for over 18 hours, pushed for 3, and doctors suddenly discovered that baby was sunny side up (why did it take the docs that long to figure it out? Topic for another conversation). Anyway, that resulted in me having an emergency c-section bc baby's heart rate was dropping and my blood pressure was rising. It was complicated (for me), but did not require any time in the NICU.... More

  • Anonymous
    Mar 12

    Thank you for sharing. I dislike that doctors/midwives take long to discover when baby is in distress. I had a similar situation that I believe is the reason why my lo resulted in being delivered without any oxygen. 36 hours in labor, pushed 1 hour 20mins. I should have had a c-section vs a vaginal delivery. I will check with her PT tomorrow, we have an appt with her and see what she suggest.

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery Feb 14

How soon did you go into labor after..

You started losing your mucus plug? Mine has been coming out the past few days and I’ve had lower back pain and cramping. Just curious about other labor experiences! 38wks+5days. TIA.

  • Kieli
    Feb 15

    With my first pregnancy I lost it weeks before my daughter was born. I thought for sure she would come anytime after that but no, and even a day after her due date

  • Tiana
    Feb 16

    I lost mine 30 min before going into labor. Mucus plug. Massive dramatic water breaking like in the movies, and then contractions hit me like a truck. Absolutely no doubt that it was labor! My friend drifted back and forth from the hospital with false alarms for 3 days. Funny how we’re all unique in our birth journeys!

Preterm labor

Hey mommies i need some advice... I had a wee fall a couple days ago, slipped on wet concrete snd landed on my side. When i came in to the hospital They said I was in preterm labor because at some point in the last five days i had lost my mucus plug and dialated to 3 cm. Im 34 weeks and 4 days today. They did an ultrasound and said the baby had settled or "dropped" into my pelvis. Con... More

  • Lily
    Feb 14

    My baby was 2 weeks early because I had to have her because of health reasons. She was 6lb 5oz. She was just fine, and is a huge toddler now! Don't worry, just rest a lot and get ready for your baby:)

Nearing my due date; what goes on after baby is delivered?

Im 4 weeks away from my due date and just a little curious on what will go on after little one is delivered. will there be a million tests done on baby? I know they will do the heel test, hearing test and carseat test before releasing us but are there more im missing? Will i have to worry about blood/ urine testing while in labor? No one seems to post about what goes on after baby is delivered ... More

  • Kieli
    Feb 09

    So my daughter had her first bowl movement before she entered the world. So after she was born they had to cut the umbilical cord right away and clear her mouth and nose. Since they took her away already they weighed her, got her height and cleaned the rest of her up as well. Then they gave her to me, and told me to start breastfeeding if that’s what I wanted. So I did. And she was born at 9:44... More

  • Raji
    Feb 09

    For my daughter’s birth it was just husband and I... had no family near by. She came out crying and was cleaned up a bit and was put on my chest. We did delayed cord clamping; husband cut it. Then she was cleaned up( we opted for no bath for her as the white stuff on her skin is good for it) and she was measured and given her eye drop and couple of other exams. Then I tried to breastfeed her bu... More

2cm dilated at 37 weeks

Expecting second baby and first one came a little early, and I know being dilated does NOT mean that the baby will come quicker at all but I’ve been having so much pressure and cramping I just have a gut feeling this baby will be here before her due date. Any other mommas give birth before the due date with similar circumstances? Just curious to hear other birth stories 🙂 TIA

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Feb 08

    My first baby I went into labor three days before his due date. My second I dilated faster but then sat at 2cm from 37-39 weeks. Then the morning before his due date, I was climbing into bed and my water broke. So he came a day early. My third, I had to be induced 9 day early because I was almost 6 cm at a dr visit. Anything can happen. I advise you (as impossible as I know it is) not to think ... More

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery Feb 02

Labor soon????

Please tell me that nights sweats towards the end of pregnancy is a sign of going into labor soon?! Ugh I’m so over being pregnant. I’ve been pregnant for a year and a half with only a 10 week break in between both pregnancies.

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery Jan 29

Should I write a birth plan?

Hi all- FTM here. I’ll be giving birth in a hospital and I’m very pro epidural. I plan on basically just listening to whatever the medical staff tells me as things progress. I’m wondering if it’s worth writing a birth plan? Curious what others in a similar situation did. If you did write a plan, what went in it? Thanks!

  • Aipery Usenbaev
    Jan 31

    Hi, congratulations! It is a good idea to have a plan. But no one i know ever used it. Maybe some prioritization would help. Familiarize yourself and your loved ones that will be there of how you would like everything to work out ideally. Also educate of possibilities and if something happens what would you like or entirely refuse to do.

  • Alexandra
    Feb 11

    Hi, I think it could be quite worthwhile to read a few examples and take a stab at writing your own birth plan if only because it will really help you think through all that will happen on this journey! No matter how prepared you think you are and your willingness to put your trust in your medical team and just go with the flow, things about this special amazing experience are going to surprise... More

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Jan 22

Going into labor while having a cold!

One of my biggest anxiety is going into labor and having a cold. What does one do in that situation. I keep imagining a newborn with no immune system, who only knows how to breathe through it’s nose. And here I am with all these cold symptoms. What happens then? Help.

  • Lily
    Jan 25

    Agreed, breastfeeding!!!!!!!

  • Hope Brown
    Jan 31

    Breastfeeding for sure. I didn't even do it that long and my twins got their first cold at 16 months. Breastmilk antibodies are the business.

Worried about heart failure

Okay so I have a question. When I was in labor I had gotten the epidural which my body didn’t react well to. When I got it I was numb in like 1 minute and my legs were basically dead I couldn’t lift them for them to put the catheter in. But that’s besides the point, my whole body got numb and I couldn’t breath which lead me to getting a panic attack and an emergency c-section because baby and I... More

  • Anonymous
    Apr 01

    Of Course call the doctor, BUT: My personal experience has taught me that: An epidural can affect your blood circulation causing low blood pressure for yourself and in turn your baby. In this case doctors WILL panik and try to order a c-section. They are trying to get the baby out asap to regulate your blood pressure and baby's. There could be a point in which they "zap" you to ... More

  • Shanili
    Apr 01

    Thank you

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery Jan 19


Has anyone had both a vaginal delivery and a c section? Which did you prefer? Would love to hear your experience. I had a c section with my first and now I have to decide what to do about my second! Both have pros and cons in my opinion.

  • Anonymous
    Feb 04

    I’ve never had a VBac I wanted one after my first emergency csection which was 19 months prior to that. I was told by my doctor I hadn’t been enough time for my body to heal. It wasn’t until I had my third baby 8 years later I found out other moms who had gotten pregnant right after a csection went on to have vbacs. With my third I switched doctors to one who supported the idea of trying for a ... More

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery Jan 10

Birthing classes

I am pregnant with my second baby and with my first I never got around to signing up for birthing classes and I ended up having a c-section. Is it worth it to do some birthing classes or no?

  • Anonymous
    Feb 04

    They probably can be. For me personally no I ended up having a csection, I’ve had 3 now. They spent two seconds talking about this so when I had my first I was extremely unprepared

  • Cryzana
    Apr 01

    I wanted classes for myself (prego #4) and hubby (1st time in labour room). But it COST so much here in my area! I found these videos online (YouTube) that are FANTASTIC! AND legit! Maternity Care Midwives They have 3 part Prenatal Class on their HomePage of YouTube. Great because my hubby's schedule & mine conflict right up to the date of induction. HeeHee

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery Jan 05

What did you do with kids when you went into labor?

I have a week left till my due date!!! Finally! But I have a 10 month old and I’m super nervous about things when it goes down. I know my mom could watch her while I’m in labor, but I don’t want to be away from her 3 days while I’m in the hospital. Plus we co-sleep. I thought about taking the pack and play so she can sleep there with us. What did you guys do?

  • Steph
    Jan 15

    My mother is great with kids and especially with my daughter who was 20 months at the time of my delivery. I was also worried because I was cosleeping as well at the time but my kid was fine and ended up being a “big girl” when I was in the hospital. I cried but it was better that she had the full attention from grandma while I focused on the new baby for the first day. Did you give birth yet? ... More

  • Anonymous
    Jan 16

    The baby came in the middle of the night so I did end up leaving LO with my mom, it sucked but it did allow my husband and I just to focus on the new baby coming and have bonding time alone.. thankfully I only had to stay that night and another so it wasn’t too bad 😪 plus with the nurses checking in and taking care of the new baby I’m glad my mom had her, else I wouldn’t have gotten a wink of ... More

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery Jan 02

Music during Labor

Did anyone who has had a baby before play music in the delivery room? Or is anyone planning to make a delivery playlist?

  • PK
    Jan 03

    I had a playlist set up and we listened in the car on the way to the hospital. I labored all through the night so my husband didn’t feel comfortable turning it on for me in the room since we weren’t sure how sound proof the walls were.. and he was nervous and music doesn’t help him.. and I had to try to sleep after I got my epidural.

  • Lauren
    Jan 04

    If you are going to make a playlist have a few ready to go. I though we’d listen to the ‘coffee house’ mix on Spotify. All I wanted in the moment was gangster rap which left my husband scrambling 😆

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