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Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery Jun 11

Thoughts on delayed cord clamping ?

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery Jun 11

Squeamish after labor

I am a little nervous that I am going to be grossed out by the baby being bloody / gooey when she is first delivered. Is anyone else squeamish and have experience with this? Did you hold the baby right after or wait for her to be cleaned off?

  • Teddy

    Okay, so my first baby was born very fast (10 pushes) and I had a 3rd degree tear and there was blood everywhere. She shat all over me as thy laid her on me- 9 months worth of sticky black meconium poo that I didn’t get to wash off me for 2 days after. They did not wash her or anything, just handed her to me. WHEN THEY DID MY HUSBAND AND I BALLED CAUSE SHE WAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CREATURE IN TH... More

  • George
    40m ago

    If you can watch Game of Thrones you should be prepared.

When did you pack your go time bag?

I’m about 30 weeks with my second and just can’t remember packing ahead with my first!

  • Jane
    Jun 12

    packed around 35 weeks i think, minus some candy for the hospital staff i packed around 38-39 weeks. i packed two bags, actually - one for a short stay and one for my partner to pick up in case of a longer stay.

  • Teresa
    Jun 13

    I packed around 37-38 weeks. I packed two separate bags. A small bag that I took with me to L&D when it was time. And a larger duffel bag that I left in the car and my husband brought up to postpartum after the delivery. In my small bag I had a nursing tank top, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, chapstick,phone charger. In my larger bag a couple of nursing tank top, Depends for postpartum ble... More

Prenatal readings

I’m taking my vitamins, I’m drinking water, I’m exercising, and not eating any of the foods I shouldn’t eat. Now it’s time to beef up that reading list. Any prenatal book suggestions for first-timers?

  • Karla
    Jun 06

    Any recs on books about the fist 6 months? Bonus if it has good tips about managing the pumping process when you go back to work

  • Chelsea
    Jun 11

    Really liked Happiest Baby on the Block

How early did you deliver and your baby not have to have a long stay in the NICU?

I'm 31 weeks with preeclampsia and the doctors have warned me that they might have to deliver at any time going forward. I was induced with my daughter at 37 weeks due to preeclampsia and she was 7lbs3oz and perfect. I'm so nervous that this time will be different.

  • Alisha
    Jun 01

    My baby boy was born at 25 weeks and spent 10 weeks in the NICU. We had 3 other kids at home. Some days it was very hard, but try to just live one day at a time, finding things to be thankful for, leaning on friends and family for support. It is something that you can’t imagine having the strength to do, but if you have to, it will become your “new normal” and you will be ok. Now, he’s been hom... More

  • Rebecca
    Jun 03

    Twins: 36 weeks, 4.3lbs, he didn’t have to go at all. 5.1lbs, he stayed for 12 hours because of “wet lungs”. Everyone went home together after 4 days..

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery May 10

Cervical checks during labor

Mom's - How many cervical/internal checks did you have while pushing? During my labor I had an OB doctor student (being supervised by my Midwife) and she would do an internal check while I pushed every single time I pushed to check position of my baby. Granted I did push for 3 hours with little progress and ended up having a c-section. I'm wondering: is that many internal checks (A LOT ... More

  • Katrina
    May 11

    I had one when I started pushing to confirm full dilation - hospital policy. Grand total of three checks during whole labor. Many women with care providers who are comfortable with birth alternative methods of assessment have fewer or none. I read the story of one woman who checked herself - her midwofe checked once to make sure that their numbers were lining up and then let her be o charge of... More

  • Meri
    May 11

    Although they wash their hands and use gloves, it's always risking introducing pathogens to a very sensitive area, so the fewer checks they have to do, the better. I had probably two, I felt like it was too few because I was curious of what is going on, but it's better that way. I can understand that your midwife was teaching at the same time but it seems teaching took over patient car... More

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery May 08

Any tips for a Strep B diagnosis?

I am pregnant and recently found out I tested positive for Strep B. I haven’t met with my doctor yet to discuss but will talk to her in a few days. From what I’ve read online, it sounds like I’ll need IV antibiotics during labor. Has anyone else experienced this and are there any complications I should expect during labor as a result?

  • Anonymous
    May 10

    Don't worry too much. I tested positive but because I was only in labor for 3 hours, I had only just gotten antibiotics in. My doctor said they typically do one round, wait a little, and do another. Ideally they wanted me to have both rounds in for 4 hours before giving birth but my daughter had other ideas.

  • Kimisha
    May 13

    My best friend was positive and she gave birth on time and vaginally. They just gave her an antibiotic. Good luck mama!!

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery May 07

Words of encouragement from c-section mamas

Can't help but feel a little disappointed (also read scared) about having to have a scheduled c section (next Monday). Husband and I discussed and decided on natural birth long before I was pregnant. Baby is measure at 9 pounds so I understand, but maybe just coming from a place of discomfort/unfamiliar with surgery and being in a hospital. Any support/encouragement/uplifting stories would ... More

  • Teresa
    May 13

    I had a great planned schedule c section for medical reasons. I had a date set, but when into labor before my schedule date. Arrived at the hospital in labor, my prenatal had my c section plan, my physician was called and away to the OR we went. I got a spinal and it felt like a pinch and I could feel the cold medicine going in. They OR staffed prepped me for the C section while I talked with m... More

  • Kristen
    May 21

    The important thing is that your baby is alive and well. Vaginal birth versus C-section really makes no difference you are still an amazing woman. Also you get two weeks longer on maternity leave I believe which is awesome

Labor and delivery the second time around

What was your experience with due date, and labor and delivery for your second baby? My first was born at 40 weeks 1 day, I was in labor for about 36 long hours with contractions that would stall every time I sat down, so I ended up having to get induced because of low amniotic fluid, and i pushed for 2.5 hours... They will be 2 years 3 months apart. Just wondering how different it was, if it w... More

  • Katie
    May 10

    First labor was a lot like yours. Really long with 2 hours of pushing. He was ten days early. My second was 4 days late but I only pushed for 15 minutes. Labor was really fast. My husband, my sister and I all said, “That’s it?! She’s here already?” My husband and sister were both in the delivery room for my first. That was exhausting.

  • Alexa
    May 10

    1st - membranes swept day after due date. Went into labor 12 hours later. All back labor. Epidural. Born 8 hours later with only pushing for 45 mins 2nd - a week late. Induced. Epidural. Born after 8.5 hours and pushed 16 minutes

Second kid

Hi im 34 weeks pregnant with my 2nd kid and im little scared because with my first kid i didnt have any signs of labor no braxton hicks no contractions no water breaks i was induced on my due date and after that i was only dilated to 1. So i am concerned because i have no clue what contractions feel like or what its like to have my water break. I am scheduled for a c section on may 29th and im ... More

  • Julie
    Apr 27

    Ok thanks.

  • Eliza
    Apr 30

    Contractions feel like period cramps, if period cramps were tiny nails stabbing you form the inside lol. Yes, I agree with your friends. You will know!

Any symptoms or stories before going into labor ? My legs are aching for the past few days and I’m going into 38 weeks. Is that a sign of me being tired or her making her way?

  • Michaela
    Apr 24

    Im 37 weeks and looking for everything to be a sign of labor too but like Sara said, I think the only real thing is to wait for the contractions... no matter how much we don't want to wait anymore 😂

  • Kari
    Apr 24

    So aching is normal lol longest it’s normal and seems I’m in the right track.

Anybody did placenta encapsulation? I’m debating if i should do it or not, but would like to know other people’s experiences with it. I’ve heard all good things so far.

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery Mar 18

I currently have a 6.5 year old girl and I’m currently 20 weeks expecting my little boy 😍 . I had my first child in the hospital and as time goes on I’m wanting to have an at home birth for more personal time with my fiancé and daughter to bond with baby when he arrives. I didn’t like my experience in the hospital with my first because nurses would constantly interrupt my bonding time asking ... More

  • Christine
    Mar 22

    I switched from an OB-GYN and planning to have a hospital birth to a midwife and stand alone birth center at 30 weeks. There was really no “transition”- my OB was not on board with a “natural” birth, so I contacted the only birth center in our area and had a consultation with the midwife. Since I worked for the hospital where I originally was planning to deliver my baby, only the hospital and i... More

  • Virginia
    Mar 22

    To each his own but my wife, a 30 yr RN-C (Ob/Gyn) chose the hospital for both of our kids' births for one simple reason: in the 1 in a 1,000 where something goes bad for the Mom or the baby, you are the best possible place for you & the baby. A good OB will work with you to make it the kind of birth YOU want but in the safest possible environment. I fully concurred with my wife &... More

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery Mar 09

Anyone give birth at home here? Can you share your experience? Anything you'd do again or would change? We have just a few weeks left to decide on which spot in the house we'll settle on and tidy up/organize the last few things.

  • Anonymous
    Mar 12

    To the above poster, clearly, the person who posted the OP isn't asking whether or not to home birth. They've already made up their mind after presumably doing their research, understanding what 'risk category' they're in, and discussing their particulars with their health providers. If you read the OP, they are asking for very specific input. I'm sorry to hear you had a... More

  • Anne
    Mar 12

    Hey guys, Winnie admin here! Let's try to stay focused on what the poster was asking for, and please be respectful to each other even if you do not share the same opinion.

Absolutely stunning birth photography! (These are uncensored photos of mothers in labor and delivery, so... NSFW)

  • Eric
    Feb 24

    I’m impressed

  • Kate
    Feb 25

    Rose, I wondered the same thing, but they're in fluid for 9 months. Breathing it in, swallowing it, etc. Until the mucous is sucked out of their nose and mouth, which the nurses do right away, they're still OK in fluid. So birthing into water is the same to them as where they were the whole time. And they don't stay in the water long. I couldn't do it but I kno a few people who have.

We’re expecting our first girl in about 5 weeks although we’ve been told we may need to be induced early at 39 weeks (the baby is measuring an average size though). What are people’s experience of getting induced early and any tips/advice?

  • Stephanie
    Jan 20

    I was induced with my daughter and full disclosure, I really regretted it. I am 22 wks with our little boy now and I am set on going into labor naturally, unless it is harmful to baby boy. My daughter was born with terrible colic and to me, just did not seem ready. They scheduled me only 3 days before my original “due date”, but I wish I would have let her come on her own. I don’t know why they... More

  • Amanda
    Mar 10

    If you're induced and baby isn't ready - which, at 39 weeks is a very real possibility - you may be guaranteeing yourself a section. If that's what you want, that's one thing but if it's not....

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery Dec 15, 2017

Anyone want to share labor and delivery stories? Just because I’m bored!

  • Erin
    Jan 02

    Gigi that is a HELLUVA cool birth story! Damn!

  • GiGi
    Jan 03

    Haha thanks Erin! It’s diffidently one we won’t forget.

"There’s a space on the hospital’s template form to write down your “cultural traditions.” Okay. Our cultural traditions include nude gay beaches, a lot of glitter, and rejecting the gender binary. Is that the place to explain that my partner doesn’t identify as a woman? Should we give them our VHS tape of Gender Trouble and ask them to watch it in advance?" More

  • Katie
    Dec 14, 2017

    I think the suggestion in the comments that they hire a duola is a good one. They shouldn't have to, of course, but given the current climate the lbgtq+ community currently faces, it can't hurt to have an experienced advocate in their corner.

  • Caitlin
    Dec 15, 2017

    I love this post! At our birth ed classes, they used the term “birther” rather than “mother”. I know this doesn’t really matter to 90% of the population, but for me it made a huge difference in feeling welcome as a queer parent.

For those of you who had the experience of giving birth in both hospital and a birth Centre, which would you recommend ? Please avoid scary stories but would love to hear an advice , thanks

  • Rachel
    Feb 21

    I ended up giving birth at saint joes with the midwifes and it was great! They were very supportive on my needs. I took hypnobabies course and my course instructor as my doula and t was amazing . I was able to give the natural unmedicated birth I wished for. Recovery was so much easier! Note that hypnobabies is different from hypnobirth. I found hypnobabies a lot LOT BETTER !

  • LisaAC
    Jun 14

    I gave birth at a birth center which I loved:) No invasive monitors and not many people, and undivided attention from a midwife! Peaceful lighting, atmosphere-big difference from my observations on an L&D floor::/

I'm 8 months pregnant next week. I'm really anxious about labor and how everything will turn out.

  • Joey Carlton
    Oct 19, 2017

    See if your doctor or midwife will do perineal massages during labor. I had a 21 hour labor and almost 2 hours of pushing... the stretching/massaging kept me from tearing AT ALL. Hallelujah. I didn't need stitches and I felt normal (down there) within 3 days. I credit my midwife helping me stay stretchy and open during labor, for sure.

  • Joey Carlton
    Oct 19, 2017

    Also, they always say you'll forget about the pain right after and it's all worth it. I never believed them. But it's true, you feel 10000% better as soon as the baby is out. You will have so much adrenaline and within a month youll likely be ready to get pregnant all over again no matter how bad your labor is. 💗😉

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