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Does anyone have kids with anxiety- how do you handle/deal with it? Help them deal with it?

  • Lanna

    Yes, i definitely do. My family has a history of anxiety. I was deathly afraid that my son would get it, and i believe he has!! I deal with it, (when need be) just like yourself would! Right now, actually- i have been trying a new way lately, and just staying more like; cool, calm & collected about the situation, I’ve also been trying to be more patient... and explain things to him a lot be... More

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Apr 13

Am I the only mom who is still tired and exhausted all the time 3 years later after giving birth!

I have a 3 year old and I have been exhausted since the moment I gave birth. I'm always tired and sleepy. When time permits it on my days off from work I will sleep 9-10 hours through the night but even then I feel exhausted. Does this feeling of exhaustion ever go away and when?

  • Teddy

    Two things I wanted to note: First: everybody is right about motherhood just being F-big exhausting no matter how much sleep you’re getting. Second : Get that blood work done ASAP. It is super common for you to have some vitamin deficiencies or maybe anemia. Sleep can’t cure any of that. Somebody else mentioned it, but you need to request that they check your ferritin levels when they do your ... More

  • Sarah

    I have had many struggles with my exhaustion since 2008 when I had my firstborn. After 4 children, I still found that nothing was getting any better, and I started to feel lost as a person, like I would never even get close to who I once was, or aspired to be. I decided to become a stay at home mom in Sept of 2017 and it almost seemed worse. I am posting this, because it truly, sincerely helped... More


My son is nine and doesn’t want to leave the house. Not only that but he doesn’t want to play with toys, hang out with friends and is a lot more withdrawn than usual. This is a very new thing going on with him but he also suffers from anxiety. I feel like he’s depressed, what do you think? Should I bring him to a doctor? Therapist?

  • Rebecca
    Apr 07

    Hi. I am a LCSW. Definitely would check with your pediatrician first. When these are signs of depression, it usually presents a bit different in children with more behavior and irritability. Lots of possibilities could be considered. I would try just talking with him seeing what he may say about the difference in his behavior and also would definitely check with dr and maybe also set up a th... More

  • Rachel
    Apr 11

    I’m a clinical psychologist and an expert in child and adolescent depression. These are certainly signs of depression, and I would recommend making an appointment with a child psychologist to have him evaluated. I do not recommend play therapy as there is no empirical evidence of its effectiveness. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a better option for a 9-year-old. There are a ton of great resour... More

Anxiety about death

Recently, my own Dad has been facing some health issues. Very serious. I’ve been reflecting on loss, grief, “what-ifs,” and most importantly my own death. It fills me with such heartache at the thought of losing my own parents, but also should something happen to me or my husband. Is this normal? Does anyone else think about the loss of themselves and how it would impact their family? Every c... More

  • Bee

    I found that becoming a parent instantly jettisoned me into all types of fears, mostly surrounding my children's wellbeing, but it seems your fear of death is directly tied to that. Honestly, I think it's pretty normal, but I'd still be on the lookout for anything that's keeping you from functioning "normally" (whatever that means for you).

  • Ana-Maria

    I agree that it‘s a common theme after becoming a parent (or maybe mother). Its good to share your concerns, your fears with other mothers who are going through a similar experience. The fact that there are others out there feeling what you feel might hopefully make the hardship more bearable. and can we all please practice honesty about our experiences as mothers and once and for all demystify... More

Anonymous posted in Marriage & Partnership Mar 26

BEING a SAHM causing problems for my relationship.

I am a STAY AT HOME MOM and I don’t drive due to serious anxiety problems so I’m literally stuck at home. I’ve thought of getting a job but I’d pretty much be working just to pay the baby sitter so that’s out of the question. I have no clue what to do at this point I’m starting to feel tired of my relationship and have started arguments for no reason because I feel like my husband is just free... More

  • Liz
    Apr 07

    Hi dear you need time for take care about yourself and your relationship put your baby 2 days a week in a daycare and take that time for you, exercise, nails, friends and so and so and maybe go to lunch or dinner with your husband . If you don’t feel good first nothing is going to work! Have a good luck !!

  • Devon
    Apr 11

    Find somewhere where you can get a professional to teach you how to drive. Find the local autocross, they can help. You do not want to be dependant on your husband, and you shouldn't have to be. I am extremely familiar with getting over debilitating anxieties and if you are struggling because you are stuck, it sounds like that is the first place to start. Your husband may feel helpless know... More

Olivia posted in Behavior Mar 22

3yo Anxiety Concerns

Hi again, I'm back with another request for help/ideas/collaboration. Background info - I am a recovering perfectionist stemming from childhood trauma of my own, and I've lightened up immensely in the last couple years. Having a daughter has taught me a lot about priorities. It's also taught me that perfection will kill me if I don't make changes. Anyway, back to the main reason... More

  • Stacy
    Mar 28

    I can’t tell you how much I can relate to your post. I was diagnosed with OCD when I was about 16. I have a 3 year old daughter who I was afraid would develop my anxiety. I am very open about the OCD with my friends and family and I can tell you that so many of my friend’s kids as well as my own have displayed the same behavior as you are seeing. My daughter has to have things a certain way... More

  • Anonymous
    Mar 29

    My four year old has been diagnosed with anxiety. I can tell you from what I’ve researched and heard from our drs: it’s difficult to diagnose kids at a young age (3.5 is usually earliest) because most of the troublesome behavior is in the range of normal for kids that age (eg I was concerned about my daughter’s meltdowns. Meltdowns are normal for a toddler, but hers were more severe). We initia... More

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Mar 20

Anxiety or depression?

So lately I have been dealing with i dont know if it’s anxiety or depression but I have a fear of losing my son. Like I have fears of getting out the car and forgetting him or taking him out the car and forgetting I took him out and walk away n he gets hit by a car or taken. Also me just walking with him and having a fear of someone grabbing him or him running into the street. I’m not sure but... More

  • Anonymous
    Mar 21

    Thank you

  • Jessie
    Mar 21

    “Did I remember to bring my kid?” That question flashes through my head a lot, but that doesn’t always mean anxiety or depression; it’s being a parent. But it’s hard to say what you’re feeling, maybe my experience can help. After I had my first, I’d say, I felt extreme anxiety all the time. My anxiety stemmed from the same thoughts you have. My anxiety even went as far as me avoiding going out ... More


So I am about 27 weeks 6 days pregnant and during my the start of my pregnancy till now I have been having strange dreams of my SO. The dreams always consisted of him leaving me or cheating on me but it was with always someone I knew. I feel like it can be me not feeling confident with myself due my body changing with it being my second pregnancy. But when I had asked people and even asked like... More

  • Julieann Dela Cruz
    Mar 20

    Okay thank you guys for your help! I love my SO and I know he won’t ever do what it dreaming about and he always reassured me all the time

  • Anonymous
    Mar 20

    Yea, I’m on pregnancy four and I consistently get very vivid dreams when I’m pregnant. My dreams swing a full spread from my other children being hurt, my husband cheating, and also wonderful X rated dreams. Lol.

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Mar 20

Lost identity

So I’m a pretty young mom. 22 with a 2 year old and I’m a sahm while my husband works full time. And as much as I love my child and my husband I can’t help but think that I have lost who I was. I moved away from my home out of state to be with my husband and started a job. Shortly after I found out I was pregnant but I still worked full time with two jobs while my husband did work here and ther... More

  • Nicole
    Mar 20

    It IS normal but it isn’t ok! As in this is a universal experience but it shouldn’t be. Patriarchal society penalizes mothers. I feel your pain. Acutely. But have faith: COMMUNITY changes everything!! After a decade of my ex making all the big choices for us and moving me and the kids from place to place as he lived his life, I learned to court women. I started looking at making friends like da... More

  • Mom

    Find and join like minded moms groups

Terribles twos

Tantrums, daughter getting sick & starting a new job 😩😩😩Im a single parent and I feel like I just want to cry. It’s so over whelming... 😔

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Mar 16

    Ps, you are working hard and doing a great job. It’s okay to cry and be overwhelmed. I’ve done that. I hope somehow you get some time to yourself and feel proud of all you are doing for you and her!!

  • Ashlie
    Apr 08

    My daughter is almost 2 and throws fits but I just let her throw them and she quits pretty fast bc she knows she. Isn’t going to get attention from momma doing that’re doing great

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Mar 04

Managing my sleep anxiety

Now that my 15 month old is sleeping better at night, I’m struggling to get to bed. When I’ve had a relaxing bath, a glass of wine and gone to bed early, then baby would have a bad night, and I’d feel triply exhausted. On nights I stay up working/ tidying/ watching Netflix and snacking, he sleeps his personal best. Am I being overly pessimistic? Is this a form of anxiety? Baby was EBF up u... More

  • Jen
    Mar 14

    I hope the nights have gotten a little easier for you. It’s hard being sleep deprived. ❤️

  • Anonymous
    Mar 14

    Thanks for asking Jen it’s slowly getting better-

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Mar 02

Not enjoying motherhood most of the time☹️

I am lucky that my son was always a very easy going child, but ever since my daughter was born 2 years ago, I really do not enjoy being a mom. She is an extremely challenging toddler to say the least, I reached out to child therapists and her pediatrician out of concern several times. She bangs her head violently on the floor probably 10 times a day because she snaps if she doesn’t immediately ... More

  • Sabrina
    Mar 04

    I’ve been there!

  • Sabrina
    Mar 04

    That is my 3 year old and 2 year old right now. My 5 year old was my easy child and when my 3 year old was 1 1/2 years old, he would bang his head on the floor out of pure frustration because he couldn’t communicate. Kids can pick up on your vibes and yelling only causes them to feel like they have to walk on eggshells around you or else if they mess up, you might yell. They are still figuri... More

Lack of support/ Unwelcome criticism

A few days ago I decided I didn’t want to continue breastfeeding my son anymore...he’s 2 months old and I just feel like trying to keep up with feeding him has drained me physically and emotionally...I honestly probably would have stopped sooner if I didn’t feel such pressure to do it. Ultimately the decision came down to me dealing with PPD and realizing I need to start taking some kind of med... More

  • Christine
    Mar 15

    I’m so sorry you have to deal with this I only could last three months with both of mine. I was so done! There is a you in this picture not just baby. Baby is safe,full,and loved then that’s all that matters. (personal experience) I also with my second I have PPD and needed meditation. Which helped so much. Just stay connected with other people and please don’t feel guilty with not breastfeedi... More

  • Gina
    Mar 20

    My son is 7 months I really want to stop but I’m feeling like maybe I will be depriving him. But I’m so tired I’m a single mom of two.

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Feb 26

Did my prenatal stress and anxiety affect my baby?

I’ve been so anxious during pregnancy - it wasn’t planned and it’s def taken until 26 weeks pregnant to bond with the baby, I’ve had a hard time coming to terms with adding to my family. Now I’m super excited and feeling great but I’m worried that what if this stress impacted my baby? Did anyone else have a really stressful pregnancy and late bonding but their baby was really relaxed with a goo... More

  • Lily
    Feb 27

    I think it is impossible to have a pregnancy without any stress, as long as your baby is healthy you are doing a good job. As for bonding, I didn't bond with either of my babies until very late in the pregnancy, once I really felt them kicking. My little girl and I couldn't be closer! Don't stress, that first 1/2 of the pregnancy it is hard to believe you are even pregnant! Haha

  • Nicole
    Mar 20

    I had severe depression during my second pregnancy while I had a one year old; my husband had cheated on me on my daughter’s first birthday. I wanted to die for 9 months. Today, that baby I feared I was screwing up in the womb for life is an 11 year old brilliant fiery angel. You’re an amazing woman for asking honest questions! Keep it up✌️

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Feb 25

Advice & tips on postpartum depression

My LO is 7 months & I still struggle with postpartum depression. I would really appreciate any positive feedback and tips on this topic. I do have a doctor who I see for this. However, at times I just need more advice and tips. Thank you

  • Anonymous
    Mar 21

    Gina, my 6 year old motivates me too. I know that deep inside somewhere there is a happy spot and I’m looking for myself again, & something I’ve learned through out this PPD is that we’re not alone. Sometimes I feel like I am but I remind myself that I’m not. I really hope you get through this. I like to think we’re amazing as women who give birth. We put our bodies and emotions through so ... More

  • Gina
    Mar 21

    Thank you so much.

Anonymous posted in Family Life Feb 21

Sudden sense of being overwhelmed ? Mood swings maybe just venting

I’m 6 weeks pregnant with our second baby, and over the last two days I’ve had MASSIVE mood swings. Like happy one second and snapping at my husband who did not do anything wrong the next. From laughing with my son, to being totally ticked off because he threw his crayon to the floor... I know they say each pregnancy is different, but I NEVER had this with my son when I was pregnant with him. I... More

  • Nicole
    Mar 20

    You are a human before you are a mom. This moodiness is not a defect in your parenting or personality. It is hormonal but only to the extent that a pregnant human’s body reacts to a totally shit situation! Your feelings are real and reasonable. Kill the guilt and listen to your body. Your in law sucks. BOY BYE. Been there. Bum bro in law “visited” for months... kicked him out🙏🏻. Your husband’s ... More

  • Anonymous
    Apr 06

    Well, as much as I would give anything to kick the brother in law out, I can’t. It’s his house, we are here helping him- which we just had to uncover $500 worth of utility bills he failed to take care of- yeah that sucked. Yes I am a human but I am a mom, and as much as I need to vent, I am a mom, and a moms job is thankless, and sometimes hard and unforgiving, but it’s not a job id trade for... More

Dealing with PPD

Been having a tough time doctor keeps suggesting starting me on Zoloft but I’m hesitant to take it for numerous reasons. I am breastfeeding my son and even though the doctor says it’s okay for him I just don’t feel comfortable with it. I feel more anxious than depressed even but I do get frustrated to the point of crying a lot. Just feeling really overwhelmed with a toddler and a ba... More

  • Kellyn
    Feb 21

    Carissa do you have any help with the kids? If not can you hire someone?! Or have a relative visit? A few days a week, even if you are also home. Having a toddler and a baby is overwhelming especially if you are doing it yourself. I know this doesn’t address your concern about ppd and the meds, its just an alternative that can offer a lot of relief. I’m sorry for your struggle.

Trevor posted in Behavior Feb 18

My 5 year old is angry...

My 5.5 year old boy is growing increasingly angry. There haven’t been any major life or environmental changes, my wife and Have a strong relationship, and we don’t see where it comes from. The anger shows up randomly and often without warning, and sometimes fades just as quickly, but at times not and it lingers. We’ve tried many things to calm him (calming methods, breathing, drawing, talking,... More

  • John
    Feb 19

    He may be losing interest in his normal routine. This leads to boredom as he cannot find something that satisfies his time. My boy has this sometimes. It's normal for kids to feel emotions and they come and go randomly and suddenly. New emotions can be hard to cope with. With my 4 year old we use distraction and praise methods. If he gets upset we have him talk it out and explain what he ca... More

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Feb 18

Caring for a newborn and toddler

Please shine some light for me. I seem to be losing it wondering how I’ll be able to take care of a toddler and a newborn. I’m exhausted. Does it get better, and when? I’ve seen other moms do this effortlessly. And I am amazed, and baffled. Tell me how to make this work.

  • Lkffy
    Feb 21

    It DOES get easier, and FAST! I struggled for the first year after #2 was born (Also had a 1.5 yr old). But then things got so much easier after the first birthday! Not only did the nighttime sleeping get a lot better around that time, but now they are old enough to play together, they can eat the same things, and generally are less demanding (currently 3 & almost 2). Hang in there. I start... More

  • Erica
    Mar 15

    OMG I remember those days. It gets easier, just take naps when you can and remember you can’t do everything. I struggled with #2 and #1 was 1.5 yr old. Currently have a newborn with a 6 and 7 yr old and would be a complete zombie if it weren’t for my mom. Hang it there!!

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