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Anonymous posted in Mental Health Wednesday

Anybody here hate winter??

Hi everyone. I feel like I already have the winter blues and it's only the beginning of the season. I feel like all I want to do is sleep/ watch tv. I've been going to bed at 8:30. I feel so old and lame! I think this is partly because of the antidepressant I started taking for my anxiety. The pills have helped greatly with my anxiety so that's why I don't want to stop taking ... More

  • Daniel

    Your body is missing sunlight. Take Vitamin D and change the light bulbs in the spaces you spend most of your time in to daylight white. It helped my Seasonal Affective Disorder a lot.

  • Anonymous

    Go to library or mall. Kiddo can get in some free play, you can walk, and a tad change of routine. If no access to get to these places, just go for a quick walk around block or play on porch (all bundled up of course) for maybe 10 mins a day. Fresh air and sunlight do wonders. Sometimes when I’m in a fog with the kids and don’t feel like doing much, I make sure to just take them out and drive a... More


What can I do? I started online college courses while on maternity leave. I have A 2 year old and a 2 month old baby. I feel like I don’t give enough attention to them now. I can’t even imagine going back to work as active military... then I feel like my husband doesn’t give me enough attention... but I know he tries hard. There’s a lot of days that I feel very alone, sad, angry, and anxious...... More

  • Holly

    I would recommend seeking out counseling. I struggled with this as well

  • Julia

    Thank you both I spoke with my husband about it too and we will be looking for a doctor

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Wednesday

Seeking advice...

I am a mommy of 2, 2 years and a nine month old. I have about 6hours of sleep a night, most times interrupted. I can’t put my babies to sleep or eat at a schedule because the older one need to have his dad around at night in order to sleep through the night. Dad has weird work schedule. What I am seeking for is to remind myself of who I am, it’s like I don’t know who I am anymore. I give 95% ... More

  • Emily Barlow

    My biggest advice would be to set a schedule, it will be hard on your older one at first but in the long run it will help him and you! I need my alone time at night and some days I count down the minutes until bedtime so I can have a little time to myself to relax and breath before I go to bed. Being a mom is hard! Some days are good and some are really bad and everywhere in between so you need... More

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Tuesday

Parental Compassion or Postpartum Anxiety? Triggered by Tragedies in the News

I have a 1 year old and am a news junkie... or at least was before the baby. Here’s my problem- almost daily some tragedy involving kids or babies makes the paper (including the migrant caravan seeking asylum, etc). I honestly didn’t give it much thought before having a kid. Now it’s devastating- I carry these stories around with me (for months), imagining what the parents are going through. ... More

  • HR

    Yes! Absolutely! I found that leaning heavily on my faith, talking it out with my husband, limiting my exposure to any and everything that could set me off (news, books, movies, some days social media...), and helping when/where/if I could (donating things and funds to children’s charities, mainly—it’s hard to do much more “hands on” with a new baby, right?) helped immensely.

  • Ashley

    Yes! I am also dealing with this. I can’t even express how heart broken and painful it is to just see a headline dealing with a child tragedy. I can’t even look at the headlines of the news to see what’s going on :( I’ve always been sympathetic but I’ve become very empathetic since having my kids.

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Monday


So I legit had a breakdown in my sons doctors office. He hasn’t been sleeping he started daycare 2 weeks ago the day before he started he broke out in a nasty rash (roseola) has 4 teeth coming through he’s not taking the bottle at daycare(he’s breastfed) it’s just me always has been and the constant crying and screaming is killing me I had a final in school today that I really shouldn’t have mi... More

  • Lindsay

    Does he like oatmeal or anything that you could put it in instead of a bottle? That’s liquid-ish? Is he teething or has he had any dietary changes recently? Such as recent intro to dairy or whole milk or something else he’s never had before that May presenting as a food allergy? That being said my babe started daycare at 12mo and at like 13/14 had like a two week gastro upset and was like NOT e... More

  • Mell

    Hi Mama, I'm sorry to hear you're going through this. Hopefully by now, your precious little one is doing better. My son had the same thing (roseola) after fevering for a week and not sleeping. We gave him chamomile tea and it worked like a charm, got him calm enough to relax and fall asleep at night and his naps. Id mix some chamomile tea with your milk and give it when he's hungry... More

Anonymous posted in Fitness Dec 05


Any ideas that could help me out this slump I’m in? My husband has this company Christmas party that we are invited to and I was trying on all the clothes I had and NOTHING FIT. All I could do was cry because I never had this problem before I was pregnant. I know it sounds dumb but it’s been three months now shouldn’t my body be going back to normal? I work out and eat healthy now and still not... More

  • Val
    Dec 07

    Your body did something amazing, growing a baby! Weight gain is normal and it can take over a year to lose the weight. And even if we do lose the weight, like others have said, our body shapes have changed. It’s an adjustment but I urge you to celebrate the changes. Treat yourself to a new outfit that fits you perfectly the way that you are now. I went through the same thing, except it was nine... More

  • Marlen
    Dec 08

    Someone mentioned pumping. How can i forget! Breastfeeding really takes a lot. It is surprising how tired i would get after feeding.

Am I TOO attached to my son?

Is there a such thing as being too attached to your kids? I have a 3 year old son and we are inseparable! I love him so much! I don’t go many places without him. We go on mommy and son dates all the time. We just went to see the grinch musical and had a blast! I see my other friends with children who often go out and party and I don’t understand how they leave their L/O behind so often. I also ... More

  • Anonymous
    3h ago

    I wouldn’t say your to attached. But I also wouldn’t say your friends who go out care about their kids less than you do. I enjoy spending time with my kids, I enjoy spending time without them. I do think we you stop everything and don’t spend time with just yourself or with your significant other it effects those other relationships and you eventually get burnt out

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Dec 02

I’m depressed. And need advice or to vent so I stop treating my husband badly.

I got laid off last week (but will keep working through Christmas). There are no jobs I’m excited about. I’m so sad and feel worthless and alone. And I know I’m taking it out on my husband. And we were fighting a lot before this. I just want him to step up and be more supportive. To show me that he cares. He keeps asking if I want to talk (and I have, but don’t always want to) and what I need. ... More

  • Anonymous
    Dec 03

    Thanks all. I appreciate the advice!

  • Tamisha
    Dec 04

    If you are in Howard or Montgomery county. My spa is looking for jobs. It might not be what you want but I was in your shoes not that long ago.

How do I take care of my babies when I can’t take care of myself?

I had an awful day and night. Had 3 breakdowns where I just hysterically cried. I have a two year old, a one year old, and am 9 months pregnant and I was with the kids all day while my husband worked. It was fine for the most part except my one year old gets into EVERYTHING that it’s just too much to baby proof. And it blows my mind I can’t get a single thing done such as washing dishes for 10m... More

  • Coley
    Dec 02

    A big part of what you are feeling, especially with the breakdowns, is due to hormones- talk to your OB. Remember, this too shall pass! Being a mom is super hard, and it sounds like you're both doing the best you can with your family. I don't know if you're on base or not but there are mom groups available and lots of other kinds of help available. You might be able to find a teenag... More

  • Rachael
    Dec 02

    Could you get any of the moms you know who have older kids, to come over with the lure of free coffee? Like “hey I’m having a rough time, could you come over for coffee sometime while your kids play with mine? I’d so appreciate it!” Idk it’s easier said than done but I wish I were closer and could just give you some relief! 💗

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Nov 29

Prenatal Depression?

Have any of you suffered from prenatal depression? I’ve dealt with anxiety and depression throughout the last few years, but this is different. Almost how it was before my doctor and I figured out the right meds/dosage way back. I’m almost through the first trimester with my second pregnancy so I know my body is changing and my hormones are crazy right now. I’ve talked to my doctor, and going t... More

  • Kieli
    Nov 29

    Just because I know my husband and I need our own place, whether that be our own apartment again, or with other family. Lol. It’s all okay, I know everything will be okay it’s just some days get me bad. And I understand, I am the exact same way. My emotions are everywhere too and they weren’t this bad in my first pregnancy. At least you have talked to your dr and are trying to get help. Sometim... More

  • Anonymous
    Nov 29

    My depression got really bad when I was pregnant. I remember one night crying and telling my husband that I wish there was a way that I could die without our baby dying. I just had to keep reminding myself that these feelings were temporary and they would pass, but I understand how it can be hell sometimes. Hang in there, you're not alone.

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Nov 26

Postpartum depression or anxiety...

Do any of the other mommies on here suffer from or did suffer from Postpartum depression or anxiety? My ppd was at its worst when my son was 6weeks old or so & has since gone almost completely away but sometimes I still feel it sneaking up when I’m away from my son for too long like at work or such things. Also, when he’s not with me I have major anxiety about if he’s okay, how he’s feelin... More

  • Anonymous
    Nov 28

    Thank you all so much! I really appreciate all the insight!

  • Heather

    This happens to me still after 15 months since giving birth. The flashes of images in my head of terrible things happening has been horrifying. They have been less frequent as the months pass but it still happens and it’s very upsetting. I feel like this is PPA and the images are a manifestation of that. Unfortunately it has made me feel that I can’t be out of sight of my child and since she wa... More

My boyfriend's complicated + expensive divorce stresses me out. How do I live with this?

I posted a few months ago and it made me feel so much less alone in my situation... so now I'm back for more. For over a year I've been dating a single dad. He's the best. He's raising 2 kids mostly on his own. The kids seem to like me and I've been getting to know them better. My boyfriend and their mom are in the process of getting divorced. It is complicated for many re... More

  • Teena

    You are on the right track!! I am in the same situation and I was so stressed out until someone said something that changed my whole outlook....His divorce is none of your business. I know it seems harsh, but truly it is not. His marriage was not your relationship and neither is his divorce. If he wants to come to you for support, then support him, but you cannot and should not be making any of... More

  • L

    Yessss! Thank you Teena. I agree. It is none of my business.... Also I know this baggage isn't really going anywhere so a lot of it is about how I relate to the situation. He's started sharing less of the details with me and that has made it a little easier.

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Nov 25

Postpartum? What’s it like?

I feel like even after a year I may still have the baby blues... I am holding my feelings back and not really talking to anyone about how I feel. If I get close to talking about it, I get an “I’m sorry” from my husband. He doesn’t seem to understand. I don’t want to do anything sometimes except just be lazy. When I think about cleaning it just make me feel blah, like why bother when it’s just g... More

  • Gina
    Nov 27

    I have suffered from anxiety and depression for most of my adult life. The postpartum version of it was extreme: I had very high highs and extremely low lows... there was rarely anything in between. On most days, I struggled to be motivated to do much beyond taking care of my baby (and even that was hard); on good days I cleaned the house and got outside. On bad days, though, there were time... More

I need a break

My daughter is cutting her first two teeth at once, we are both snotty sick, she screams to high heaven when I put her down, and my husband is hunting and has been all day. Our day has been nonstop torment for us both. I need a break. I need a shower. I need help.

  • Chelsy
    Nov 24

    Update: hubby came home with a deer roast, an apology for being gone all day and immediately snuggled the baby while I showered and decompressed my mind. I guess in the thick of it it’s a mountain of worry but now it’s just another day. Thank you so much Lulu for responding!

  • Lulu
    Nov 24

    That's why there are two parents :) I've been there! You're doing great mama!

JJ posted in Mental Health Nov 14

Mommy SOS

I need to know how parents stay energized and motivated. I have a toddler, three dogs (one is a foster that I’m still trying to find a permanent home for without having to take to pound or something else) and a cat.. I work 3 whole days and two half days a week and I have no energy to do anything even clean up the house most of the time.. I have severe anxiety so I’m trying to stay away from co... More

  • Allison
    Nov 16

    I work full time and have a 2 year old and this may sound counter-intuitive, but working out helps me with energy levels so much. I work out on my lunch break at work and also do a stroller class 2x week after work. When its warm out we run with the stroller or I run on the treadmill in the basement. I had a couple bad weeks and had to stop working out and my energy levels plummeted. Also, ... More

  • JJ
    Nov 16

    Thanks everyone. Everyone’s comments have been helpful and insightful. Also thanks for the support.

I just need a break and for things to go right for a day or two.

Every time I think things are going ok something else happens as if to say nope life doesn’t get to be easy.

  • Kieli
    Nov 14

    I’m glad to hear that, is there anybody that can try and help you a little? Give you a little self time? Go get your nails done, get a massage, spoil yourself a little! :)

  • Lily
    Nov 15

    Life isn’t easy with a baby. It is so so hard, and people without babies just don’t get it. Just remember it gets better!!! I learned I just had to let a lot go!! And enjoy my little one. Good luck!:)

Sandra posted in Fitness Nov 12

Body change

I went from 165 before pregnancy to 230 while pregnant ...I gained so much weight with my twins and I can’t lose it. I’ve tried dieting and I can’t really exercise because I have no one to watch my girls. The gyms that offer child care are out of my budget. I want to do at home workouts but my daughters are alway at my side ... I can’t remember showering or using the bathroom without one of t... More

  • Hayley
    Nov 20

    I used Beach body after I had our daughter and I plan to use it again after this one comes. I think 3 months was $40-50 but you can purchase a whole year and get a discount. I absolutely loved it, over 600 workouts so you will never get bored of the same routine. I highly recommend checking it out! Good luck!

  • Elle

    Squata with babies as weights Lunges with babies as weights Situps with babies as weights Pushups, planks, and moubtain climbers, come down to kiss babies Arm curls with babies as weights Etc

Depression and baby

Hello I'm a 27 year old single mom with an 18 month old toddler. I recently moved in with my brother and I'm still a stay at home mom. My depression is getting worse every month and I'm having anxiety and I guess if there is a term for grown up separation anxiety. Everything my brother would leave for work I just break down and cry. I feel like I just want to run away and I hate it ... More

  • Abby
    Nov 16

    The best “advice” I can give to you being a SAHM for 4 years now is get outside and take your baby with you. Enjoy beautiful brisk walks - find new spots to view gorgeous sunrise/sunset views. Go to your local library and meet other Mamas and Papas going through the same thing. Most people are there for the same reason as you. Take your baby everywhere and involve them in everything you do. Nat... More

  • Shannon
    Nov 16

    I've been a stay at home mom for four pregnancies. I dealt with some of the feelings you had with my first and second child who are now teens. I also have a 5 and 6 year old now. My best advice is what my mom told me (can apply to any difficulty really..) say to yourself "this too shall pass". The situation is temporary. As they get older your life that seems challenging at the ... More

First time mom

I am almost 21 weeks pregnant with my first child, and it's starting to get overwhelming. I won't be a single parent, my boyfriend is the dad and is definitely excited. This is not his first child. He has a 2 and a half year old boy. But I'm getting scared about how much there is. I am only 21, and I have been excited about having children for years. This was not a planned pregnanc... More

  • Kendall
    Nov 08

    Girl I know the feeling! All I ever ever ever wanted in my life was to be a mom. I even went to college so that I could feel ok with myself to stay home and raise kids. But the desire to be a mom doesn’t make it less scary. After all, if they go hungry it’s on you, if they get hurt it’s on you. There’s no bigger fear in life! It’s silly when people say “oh your mom instincts will kick in” but i... More

  • Lily
    Nov 08

    You will be fine! I became a mom at 19, I worked as a nanny but never for a newborn! I had no idea what to do with such a little helpless thing! It will all come to you! And you don’t need a bunch of stuff, all they really need is diapers and mom. Just enjoy being pregnant and all the new things! Because you won’t remember 1/2 of it in a year! And just take in every moment of it:)

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Nov 03

Life is Chaotic

My daughter turned 1 last month. On her birthday, my boyfriend was in a motorcycle accident, breaking both legs. I work 30+ hours a week. I go to school full time. Her father has never met her (cut all communication 1 month into pregnancy) and dodged parental responsibilities until she was 10mo, when he started paying child support. The weekend after her birthday I recieved a letter from her fa... More

  • Jessica
    Nov 03

    Nothing you do now is going to prepare you for the emotions youre going to feel handing her over. To make it easier on me i would get her really excited to see dad. When she isnt crying its easier. So i would remind her often that daddy loves and miss her and that she is going to have so much fun with him. When my kid saw that i was excited it was ok for her to be happy.

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