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Extremely depressed

I am wreck at the moment, my 8 week baby sleeps too much .. almost through the night and then during the day as well... I have had her after years of struggle through IVF.. seen many DRs they say it ok and wake her up for feeds and some says feed her on demand.. she lifts her head when he is on my chest for burp.. not on tummy time.. just once on tummy.. sleeps only on left.. which she manages ... More

  • Harsha

    And how is your son doing now?

  • PK

    Well we did both.. feed on a schedule and feed on demand. If he woke up and wanted milk before 3-4 hrs, we would give it to him. If he was sleeping but not waking, then we woke him up. We just did this until the pediatrician said it was ok to let him sleep. He wasn’t underweight but he was small. Why does she have two drs? I would talk to both drs and ask them why they recommend what they do an... More

How can I control my temper tantrums?

My 3 yo son is very hyper. The most hyper child I have ever known. Just yesterday alone he climbed and got biofreeze giving it to his sister, he wouldn't listen to ANYTHING I say. He does the opposite, he threw food on the floor, he spit in my face. There's more but I dont quite remember everything. He is just bad. But what is worse is that I lose my anger. I snap. And not just a little... More

  • Sam

    My daughter is doing this as well. And it is frustrating but I just tell her when you are ready and calm down I’ll hold you and she throws a fit and things but I ignore her and eventually she stops. At this age they are testing you and they don’t like authority figures (they love you but you being an authority figure makes him upset) because they want control. The hyper thing maybe he needs to ... More

  • Mrs. HHH

    I 💯 relate to you Klarissa!! I had anger issues big time toward my toddler too. After one particularly bad episode of me screaming and seeing his terrified face I decided no more! I told my doc everything and she gave me some medication to help ease my anxiety which was manifesting as anger. I was not interested in medication let me tell you but it was a last resort. It helps a lot because th... More

Y posted in Mental Health Jun 10

Feeling Blah

With 2 kids (a toddler and infant) I have no time for myself. When they are both down for the night, I am exhausted. I always have these big plans- movies, wine, facial..but then I pass out. Feeling like I look drained, dull, boring..curious how you guys would spice up things for yourself. I want to feel alive again. Lol

  • Aya
    Jun 13

    I have 2.5 year old twins and a 6 year old. We have a weekly babysitter that comes every week no matter what. We use that night to do date night, go out with friends, go get a massage, etc. Because it's set as a weekly thing with the babysitter - it forces us to do things (in a good way).

  • Jenn

    Mom’s helper, join or start a babysitting co-op, or babysit trade with a friend.

Antidepressants while pregnant/breastfeeding

I am due with my first baby in June. Anyone on any antidepressants that are safe for pregnancy and for breastfeeding? My therapist wants to start me back on one before baby is here in case I have post partum depression.

  • Anonymous
    May 29

    I was on prozac but cut off all medications the minute I found out. For me, having a baby born and going through withdrawals wasn't worth it. Luckily, with my pregnancy my severe depression went away. My daughter is now 19mo and I have yet to deal with depression again (after having it for 7 years).if you go on medication, do an extremely low dose. Weigh the pros and cons.

  • KB
    May 30

    My ob/gyn put me on 50mg of sertraline (Zoloft) at the end of my last pregnancy. For me, being in a healthy state of mind to care for my sons (I have a two year old as well), and to still be a tolerable companion for my husband was of utmost importance. I recall her saying that starting the medication later in the third trimester lowered the chances of the baby having withdrawals. Fortunately f... More

Elena posted in Behavior May 28

How to discipline a two year old.

Hello moms and dads I have a two year old that is out of control all the time. Hes only good at home. We just can't go anywhere any more. The minute we step out the door tantrums start. First is refusing the car seat, then once we arrive at our destination it's the stroller. We try walking but he'll hit and scream his head off. I just picked him up and got my lip split from his squ... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior May 19

I feel like I spend a lot of time yelling and I hate it.

My kids are 7 and 4. Weekends can be hell. We’re around each other every day, they fight, ask to watch TV 100 times a day, etc. Just today my 4 year old pulled a coffee cup off the table and poured cold coffee over her head, dropped her bowl of pudding on the ground (I yelled this time) and finally, stepped on the glass panel to my large photo frame. It was a project I was finally getting aroun... More

  • Amy
    May 23

    I’m currently trying to improve on this too. I really like the podcast Celebrate Calm. It’s hard to find time to listen to it but he has such great advice.

  • Anonymous
    Jun 07

    I highly recommend to read "Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting" by Dr. Laura Markham. She has a web-site that is helpful too - Yet the book did wonders to my temper and it really works.

Does anyone feel alone now that they haves kids ... I do

  • Kieli
    May 19

    I just had my second baby 2 weeks ago, and I forgot how isolated the newborn life is. It’s even worse with an almost 2 year old now. I want to so badly get her out to run around and interact with other children, but if she does then I risk getting my newborn sick. Thankfully I have family in town visiting until a little after June, but after then I will be home alone.

  • Kaitlyn
    May 19

    My son is 9mo old and I experienced something similar. I didn’t recognize how lonely I had become and how isolated I was until recently. I believe I had a bit of delayed postpartum depression because I was fine initially and then got progressively worse. I felt as though nobody cared and loved my baby as much as my family and I did and felt as though nobody wanted to be around us once he was bo... More

Anonymous posted in Mental Health May 17


Have any of you mamas experienced PPD? Or any form of it? I was recently diagnosed with postpartum anxiety and depression and my doctors are planning on doing more tests for postpartum OCD as well. I’m not sure what to do or how to feel. I know it doesn’t make me a bad mother but i can’t help but feel lost and ashamed. Every little thing gets to me, a small mess on the counter, shoes not in the... More

  • Diana
    May 24

    Hi! Yes I am on the same boat with you! Everything literally bothered me. I got on medication and instead of one on one therapy I did group therapy with other moms. It worked better for myself. Honestly for me I just go out. I plan little trips everyday so that I can honestly distract myself. If I stayed home I cried and just felt really angry and my baby bothered me but now that I am doing t... More

  • Sara
    May 28

    I’m with you in the PPD boat. I was diagnosed around six months, and am now at eight months and things are starting to look up a bit. It’s totally brutal, right? I’m sending you so much love. Try to be patient and hang tight with your treatment - as I’m sure you know, it takes a really frustratingly long time for medication to start working enough for you to feel a difference. What really helpe... More

Anonymous posted in Mental Health May 17

Any suggestions on how to relax?

I’ve been a little stressed out lately by the end of the day Any suggestions on how to relax and build up my energy level for the next day?

  • Jennifer
    May 21

    Or a nice walk outside around the neighborhood on a good sunny day to enjoy the outdoors.

  • Samuel
    May 25

    Download the Calm app, learn to meditate and do it daily. Exercise, even for 15 minutes a day.

Anonymous posted in Behavior May 14

Always Screaming and crying!

My son is forever crying! He’s crying while crawling, eating, sitting, bathing, playing just all the freaking time! I am with him 24/7 and it’s literally driving me insane! The only time he isn’t crying is when he’s being carried and even then he still cries at times! I just can’t handle it anymore! He’s honestly starting to make me feel like I wasn’t and still am not ready to deal with him.

  • Lizzie
    May 19

    Yeah if he is 8 months old, then that's likely the case. I know our pediatrician told us that it takes about two weeks before you break the cycle of them crying to get their way. I know for my first son it really helped to teach him some sign language so that he would be able to better communicate what he wanted without having to cry. It also took just not giving in to him, so if he wanted ... More

  • Lizzie
    May 19

    Believe me, we treated #2 a lot different than #1 cause I didn't want to go through all that again. Just take baby steps and the best thing you can do is be consistent and make sure that you and your SO are on the same page and create a united front. It is hard and I will say that there are times you will want to give in, but it will set you back so you just have to stay strong. Maybe try t... More

Anonymous posted in Holidays May 12

Mother’s Day is hard

To all my fellow moms out there struggling with postpartum depression and realizing that Mother's Day, and motherhood, isn't living up to what they were hoping and is really, really hard. Try to take some time today for yourself and do something you enjoy, even if it is without your kids for a bit. Much love.

Anonymous posted in Making Friends May 02

Need encouragement

Not sure why but I've been feeling very lonely. A lot of my friends are single and not a mom, so it feels like I'm unrelatable and hard to connect now. I don't have anyone to talk to. I've tried reaching out but no one really responds or can talk for very long. I just wish I had mama friends. Please send some encouragement here. I just feel so alone.

  • Ev
    May 05

    Your park district or local library may have “Mom and me” activities or story times, that are great places to meet Moms. Local churches sometimes have “Mom’s Day Out” activities, where you could volunteer to provide breaks for other Moms and have a chance to meet and connect with other Moms at the same time. Good luck! You’ve been very intuitive about sensing a real need in yourself. Visualize ... More

  • Jennifer
    May 21

    I feel the same but was able to make 2 good mommy friends from my daughters preschool recently. If you are located near the San Gabriel, CA area please message me so we can be friends.

Anonymous posted in Child Care May 02

Worried mom of 2 year old

I feel like parents always worry about SOMETHING... and being a first time mom, there are many things that I know I overthink. I’m seeking advice on my son going to daycare. He started going to a daycare center 2 days a week around 18 months old. Before that he was at grandma and grandpa’s 5 days a week. He’s transitioned into going 3 days a week.. and at the end of summer will be going 4 (ma... More

  • PK
    May 02

    Kids move around so much and their attention shifts. You just might have an independent player on your hands or an explorer. The time that they take the picture just might be bad timing. I would ask the daycare about what your son plays with or really does. See if they can take notes for a day. I wouldn’t worry about his socializing as long as he seems like he gets excited to see other kids w... More

  • Fodder
    May 19

    You are doing the right thing by having your radar on. Trust your mommy instincts. Maybe make a surprise visit and watch where he doesn’t notice you? Talk to staff to get their impressions. Good luck!

Anonymous posted in Divorce & Separation Apr 30

Single co-parent depression

Any single parents with joint custody that could give advice on depression while away from your child? I do understand this can be personal but when I’m away from my daughter it leaves me with no motivation to do anything. I’ve tried activities, burying myself in my work, gym, dating (made it worse) and even getting a puppy. Nothing can break this void of missing my daughter To make it wor... More

  • Anonymous
    May 03

    We have an agreement that we follow closely between us adults - video chat at 7 pm every night for the kids and the “away” parent. It helps everyone catch up on news, say hello & I love you, & helps keep away the loneliness a bit. It’s not perfect but it’s something.

  • Sj
    May 03

    I get a court ordered call each night at 7:30 which he doesn’t allow most days. It’s the not raising my babies half the time. Such grief and loss... like a half death


My baby is nine months old and I’m starting to feel depressed I think I don’t want to do go out and do anything I don’t have an any interest in anything besides taking care of my kid and I was just wondering if postpartum depression could happen this late in the game

  • Anonymous
    Apr 30

    I’m not a doctor but I would say that post partum depression could happen anytime after giving birth. All of our bodies are different and react differently whether it’s physically emotionally, hormonally, etc. For myself, I’ve dealt with depression for most of my life with its ups and downs. Being pregnant I was worried about how I would be affected post partum but it actually has made me do so... More

  • Lacie
    May 11

    Thank you


Does anyone else get super frustrated at the end of the day? I’ve been trying to wash my hair for four days now. I have so much dry shampoo in my hair my fiancé thought I was getting grey hair. And honestly I totally snapped at my man for suggesting we go to a lemon festival and bless his heart he knew I was upset so he said “I’ll just ask you tomorrow” . But between my toddler still not talkin... More

  • A
    May 05

    I agree with everyone - 30min of screen time is totally worth clean hair. 😂 Also, have you looked into local rec centers? Honestly, the YMCA was a life saver for me, a mom of twins. My kids go to child watch for 2 hours a couple days a week. I workout, I shower, I have a cup of coffee in peace. And I am SUCH a better mom when I’m done. Also, I think it’s good for them, as well. They get some pr... More

  • Kerry
    May 06

    When my boys were babies (twins) my husband worked in Boston so he left the house at 4:00am and got home at around 6:00pm. Long day for a 40 year old first time mom of twins! Well every Friday night we had what we called "boys night". My husband would take over as soon as he got home, until I woke up on Saturday morning. I would take a bath, binge Netflix and chill out in the guestroo... More

Rinat posted in Child Care Apr 23

Anyone else with 3 kids under 4.5 and have no family around ? What do you do for help ??

What do you do for help around the house and kids?? Multiple tries to trust strangers in my house failed!! Would love to get some HONEST and EXPERIENCED comments Thank you

  • May
    Apr 25

    Have you thought about daycare? We signed up for assistance (low income family) so we only pay $260 a month. When I get off from work early enough I’m able to do more around the house because I don’t have to pick them up right away.

  • Jennie
    May 02

    What exactly are you needing help with? I'm happy to share my methods of chores/routines/etc. I have 4 kids and 1 on the way (when I had 3, they were 3.5, 2.5 and baby) so I've been through several stages. Let me know where your struggling and I'll see if I can help!


Does anyone have kids with anxiety- how do you handle/deal with it? Help them deal with it?

  • Lanna
    Apr 18

    Yes, i definitely do. My family has a history of anxiety. I was deathly afraid that my son would get it, and i believe he has!! I deal with it, (when need be) just like yourself would! Right now, actually- i have been trying a new way lately, and just staying more like; cool, calm & collected about the situation, I’ve also been trying to be more patient... and explain things to him a lot be... More

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Apr 13

Am I the only mom who is still tired and exhausted all the time 3 years later after giving birth!

I have a 3 year old and I have been exhausted since the moment I gave birth. I'm always tired and sleepy. When time permits it on my days off from work I will sleep 9-10 hours through the night but even then I feel exhausted. Does this feeling of exhaustion ever go away and when?

  • Teddy
    Apr 20

    Two things I wanted to note: First: everybody is right about motherhood just being F-big exhausting no matter how much sleep you’re getting. Second : Get that blood work done ASAP. It is super common for you to have some vitamin deficiencies or maybe anemia. Sleep can’t cure any of that. Somebody else mentioned it, but you need to request that they check your ferritin levels when they do your ... More


My son is nine and doesn’t want to leave the house. Not only that but he doesn’t want to play with toys, hang out with friends and is a lot more withdrawn than usual. This is a very new thing going on with him but he also suffers from anxiety. I feel like he’s depressed, what do you think? Should I bring him to a doctor? Therapist?

  • Rebecca
    Apr 07

    Hi. I am a LCSW. Definitely would check with your pediatrician first. When these are signs of depression, it usually presents a bit different in children with more behavior and irritability. Lots of possibilities could be considered. I would try just talking with him seeing what he may say about the difference in his behavior and also would definitely check with dr and maybe also set up a th... More

  • Rachel
    Apr 11

    I’m a clinical psychologist and an expert in child and adolescent depression. These are certainly signs of depression, and I would recommend making an appointment with a child psychologist to have him evaluated. I do not recommend play therapy as there is no empirical evidence of its effectiveness. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a better option for a 9-year-old. There are a ton of great resour... More

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