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No sex drive for over a year? Is This Normal or Happening To Anyone Else?

My beautiful daughter turned a year old in September and yet I have yet to get really intimate with my partner and it's been a whole year.A few times we had been intimate I felt great but later on I was disgusted by the thought of what I had done.I am very much attracted to my partner but I am disgusted 85% of the time when he try's to make sexual advances or even at the thought of doin... More

  • Anonymous

    I went through something similar. It turned out, there were some underlying issues with our relationship that took me several months to figure out. But once we both acknowledged the issues, and tried to change, I felt more willing to be intimate. Maybe see if there is anything that could be bugging you underneath the sex?

  • meghan

    Went through something similar and it ended up being the birth control I was on. Switched brands and had a much better reaction. Worth taking a look at if that’s your situation too.

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Nov 12

SAHM Issues

I’m at SAHM mom and I know I should be grateful but these last few days I’m mostly just annoyed and tired. My son is 10 months old and some nights he sleeps great others not so much. My spouse leaves home around 6am and is back around 5pm so it’s a long day. Some days I seem to have a hold on things but the days where I don’t omg it’s horrible. My son does well when we leave the house but after... More

  • Penelope

    I work and take care of the baby all the time. I went from one cup of coffee a day to four. And I literally do everything from pick up to drop off to cleaning and shopping. I also worked graveyard and now I do swings. And my kid is still up till 3am sometime later. I usually don’t sleep more than two or three hours and sometimes not at all. And my baby daddy comes home maybe ever couple days an... More

  • Penelope

    P.S. stay at homes moms that keep a clean house and do all the cooking etc, work the equivalency of two and a half full time jobs. Once again, women rock!

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Oct 31

Any parents out there with ADHD or other mental health challenges?

I feel like parenting as a person with ADHD comes with new and different experiences, and I've been wondering if any other parents have been through anything similar :)

  • HR
    Nov 07

    As a person with life-long depression & anxiety, I sometimes have a rough time (I want to be the best for my kid, I don’t think I’m being the best, then I spiral), but I feel like parenthood has helped me try harder to do more to manage myself & push myself out of my comfort zones to help him have a more ‘normal,’ loving childhood (not one where his memories are tainted with Mommy being... More

  • HR
    Nov 07

    ALSO: Anonymous’ post on the 31st reminds me to let others know that it IS possible to have a healthy baby while still taking medication during pregnancy. Definitely work with doctor on this—they can help you find something that will work while carrying if possible, then to help you readjust after birth. For example: I was on Zoloft & Lexapro. My baby was born healthy, & I was alive &am... More

Anonymous posted in Making Friends Oct 26

Feeling down

Sometimes I get so down about myself. I work at home and work a schedule which is opposite my husband’s. I am either alone working or alone with my kids on nights and weekends. I live near family and we get along but aren’t super close. I feel down about not having any friends. I am not much closer to having a friend than I was when we moved 6 years ago. I go weeks without anyone checki... More

  • Mandy
    Oct 28

    I feel the same way sometimes. I also work from home and my husband has a swing shift position. It's hard, beacuse sometimes it feels like you are doing things all by yourself. I have found getting out of the house, even if it's a short walk around our neighbor helps. My young ones loves it too. Hang in there. You've got this

Anonymous posted in Making Friends Oct 23

The topic of loneliness

I’ve been a stay at home mom on & off since my little guy was born ( he’s 3 now ) due to some surgeries. I’m only 23 & lately I’ve been feeling lonely. What I mean is that literally I have no friends since everyone just kinda walked away when I told them I was expecting. I don’t hold grudges , but I can’t seem to find mom friends or anyone I can talk to about even mom topics. Yes I ha... More

  • JEaton
    Oct 24

    It's hard making regular friends, let alone mom friends - be it differences in parenting styles, the kids are on different nap schedules, etc.. I'm a sahm to my 2.5 year old and have been since he was born. It's just my husband and I and the only friends I had were the ones I worked with, but it's hard to keep up when they're still working full time. I made the few mommy... More

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Oct 02

Honestly, I’ve been feeling like crap

Is it possible to have postpartum depression over a year later? I just got a new job that is physically demanding and I haven't been sleeping well and thought maybe that was it but now I'm crying all of the time and just feel like a piece of crap and a terrible mother and wife. Sometimes I regret having my child and just look at her in annoyance and then I regret thinking that. I don... More

  • Anonymous
    Nov 01

    Thank you all for your support and comments. I'm doing a bit better now. Pretty sure it was due to my mom being in a different state taking care of my grandma that has since passed. My mom and I are very close. I started getting better when my mom gave me a date of when she's coming back to Texas and that made me feel a bit better. I also got some good news at work today! Y'all are amazing❤

  • Tina
    Nov 21

    I think it’s just comes with being a mom and you may just be in a funk. Whatever you are thinking just remember it happens to every mother and you are doing amazing. You grew and birthed a human. You are a bad ass. I agree with getting a house keeper. I have someone come twice a month for deep cleaning and she comes one day a week on top of that to do laundry and the other tedious stuff. It’s a... More

Have you heard of mental health first aid kits?

I read a really interesting article about putting together first aid kits designed to help during a mental health crisis. I thought it was such a great idea! Especially with depression and anxiety levels increasing in kids and teens. Here is a link to the article: What are your thoughts? Would you put one tog... More

  • Momof2
    Sep 19

    I love this idea thank you for sharing!

  • Anonymous
    Oct 31

    That's very interesting

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Sep 18

I desperately need a hobby!

I need something positive to do with my spare time. What are your hobbies? I need to find something where I can have time to myself and unwind doing something I enjoy. I feel like I lose my temper because me and my 2 yr old son spend 24/7 together. And his dad is always on his computer after work so I honestly feel like I’m in a shared relationship with his computer games. I told him I’m findin... More

  • Aaron
    Sep 26

    I am a stay at home dad of a two-year-old boy and eight-month-old girl, sometimes when the opportunity doesn’t present itself I try to make sure I engage in my personal development while I’m taking care of my kids I even like listening to an audiobook on the TV while I play with them so I have something progressive going on in the background, naptime rolls around as tired as I might be I try to... More

  • Vonda
    Sep 29

    I am a stay at home mom and I started hand sewing and embroidery. It’s something my son has noticed and has started mimicking. So I bought him an embroidery board (my son is also two) and we sometimes embroider together. I like it because I can do it myself and if I am needed suddenly I can just set down and pick back up easily. I hope this helps. I’ve also thought about getting back into fenc... More

Two year old scared of his room (dead ghost cat)

So I have a two year old (3 in October) that suddenly hates his bed room. He has always liked sleeping next to someone since he was born but he will normally sleeps in his own room 5 or 6 times a weeks. However the last week he comes and sleeps with me after just being in his room for a few hours. I figured it because he's getting new teeth. Well I told him he had to sleep in his room becau... More

  • Rebecca
    Sep 18

    i would use a magic potion( of water in a spray bottle) and spray it in his closet. Tell him something he needs to hear to calm him. Acknowledge his fears. Give him a out and do something to make it better.

  • Ganz
    Sep 19

    We went through same thing. He got his molars & also completely normal to have those fears. Validate his fears because they are very real to him. I also can’t co-sleep (so much kicking!) so we got a kid cot for him to sleep in our room if he needs us. I also started wearing earplugs when he’s in our room. It dampens sound of snoring but can still hear if he cries.

I have no patience

I have no patience! My son is seven years old and in the second grade and I find myself constantly yelling at him, sometimes even screaming and I absolutely hate it. I grew up with parents that yelled and screamed at my siblings and myself. I never wanted to be that parent. It is so incredibly frustrating to communicate with an extremely intelligent child and have them act clueless or “stupid “... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 30

    So I remember my oldest brother in a similar situation... my mom ended up hiring a tutor for him and doing a reward/punish system for his grades. Below average - something gets taken away for the summer. Average - nothing happens. Above average - he gets a treat. I remember talking to him about it once, because he had a tutor all the way until he got to high school. And he told me that he just ... More

Helicopter mom?

I need to know thoughts. My son is four and has been going to a preschool for the past 2 years. He loved his teacher last year and loved going to school. This year he has a different teacher and she is very strict and can come off mean. My son is a really good kid and so far she has told me he is a very sweet boy but my son does not like going to school anymore because she is mean. He cries eve... More

  • Jenny
    Aug 22

    You are his advocate, switch teachers. He should not hate school at 4yrs old. I don’t see this as a teachable moment - who teaches their kid to suck it up even though you are miserable at school?! School may not always be fun for a kid but being brought to tears daily is too much.

  • Jennifer
    Aug 22

    I agree with Jenny. Your son is too young to be hating school and sucking it up. The teacher shouldn't be this strict when the kids are that little. He should enjoy school and come home happy. I definitely suggest switching teachers as you don't want this to affect him going into kindergarten and being independent later on. It's going to traumatize him.

Anonymous posted in Grade Schoolers Aug 07

How can I reassure my anxious child that she is safe?

My very sensitive 7 year old saw some of the recent news coverage of the mass shootings while watching TV with my husband. She ran out of the room crying and later told me about it when I got back from swimming with her little sister. The next day at summer camp, some kids were playing cops and bad guys and that evening she ended up sobbing uncontrollably and unable to sleep. She told me she is... More

  • Momof2
    Aug 12

    I’m so sad this is the world we are raising our kids in! I think it’s most important to validate her feelings of fear around it. It is super scary as an adult (and even more so as a child I’m sure) to think about somebody coming into school (or any place really) and shooting people. I might avoid telling her things like you live in a safe neighborhood. I’m sure most of the people who sent thei... More

  • Rhiannon
    Aug 21

    Hi! I came across another book post and thought of y'all. It's about anxiety in general. As a worrier from a young age, I understand how crippling anxiety can be. As an adult, therapy and mindfulness have helped me. At her age, I hope something like this book about worrying could provide some of that helpful framework.'m-wor... More

Anonymous posted in Making Friends Jul 18

Making mom friends

Hey everyone I am feeling a bit isolated after having my baby. Any tips on making some Mom friends? Also going back to work so advice for a working mom would be great too.

  • Suz
    Aug 10

    Our daycare provides a class list with parent emails. I emailed and invited the other moms to a dinner out to get to know each other and every single one was interested - I think we were all in the same boat! It was lovely and easy to keep in touch because our kids are together in daycare and we have something in common. Not everyone was able to come to the event/subsequent events but some have... More

A posted in Mental Health Jul 08

I feel disconnected and depressed

I love my son and my family but lately I don’t know how to be around them. I work 8-12 hours a day at a job I’ve grown to hate, I come home and clean and cook and my 18 mo old gets unruly to where sometimes I just don’t know what to do. I’ve literally been laying in bed for 2.5 hours,dad and son got home about an hour after me and when dad left I put son down for a nap.... I want to be that mom... More

  • Anonymous
    Jul 09

    I'm so sorry you're going through this. Because you mentioned affording therapy is an issue, I wanted to share this link: NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) has a huge network of local offices you can call to learn about affordable mental health resources in your area. There is almost always a free or very low cost option and all it tak... More

  • A
    Jul 09

    Thank you for the tips I’m going to reach out to my therapist and see what kind of payment plan I could possibly do. I will definitely look into NAMI that sounds like a great resource. Dad works late so I try hard to have dinner taken care if so we don’t eat at 930 every night. I try hard to practice self love and take care of myself, it’s just such a balancing act. I also sit out side and try ... More

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Jul 01


Anyone else out there lonely? I’m a SAHM and have 3 young kids and a great husband but could really use a friend to chat with whether online or in person sometimes. Am I the only one feeling this way?

  • Ashlee Leal
    Jul 28

    Yup lonely here. Have a husband in the oilfield with 4 kids u see the age of 12

  • Genesis
    Oct 12

    SAHM with 3 young kids and a wonderful husband. If you need a friend. I'm here to talk.

Why do I feel so helpless..

SO, I'm not sure if I'm just venting or if I'm seeking advice... Husband and I both work retail... he is a store manager and his job is so demanding. I work FT and I am always struggling with child care, I dont leave my 2 daughters 5, and 1 with just anybody, and Daycare is so pricey and closed on weekends... I feel so much anxiety from this o cant even sleep, I feel like I'm always worrying...

  • fehk
    Jul 10

    I feel very similarly. I don't make enough to afford most of these places, but I make to much to get my son enrolled in a lot of the programs. I was on a waiting list for 1.5 months only for them to have me come in to finish the enrollment, then to be told I make too much money to qualify for the school. Now I'm stuck scrambling to find the right program, on more waiting lists and tryin... More

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Jun 25

Angry a lot

I am having a hard time controlling my temper/anger since having my second child. I have a three year old and 8 month old and I have been having a really hard time with my temper. It seems like the littlest things upset me from my baby fussing to my three year old not doing exactly what they are told. I can’t help but yell at the situation and just feel angry. I feel bad once I calm down and ap... More

  • Mel
    Jun 27

    I have two, a 2 yr old and a 4 month old. My 2 yr old sleeps through the night (sleep trained at 6 months old) and I am still overwhelmed so I can’t imagine how you feel. It’s probably time you sleep train both for your sake. Look into the book Healthy Sleep Habits Happy child. And into the book the Sleep Easy Solution. Sleep training really does work... and you will be much better rested and l... More

  • Megan
    Jul 01

    Same! I have a 2 year old and a almost 10 mo old and find myself getting easily frustrated. My husband is amazing but he deployed just over 2 months ago and we still have at least 5 months to go! Hoping they don’t extend him a second time! 🤞🏻 But my patience get pretty thin from time to time (meaning time to time everyday) but both my kids sleep through the night so you’ve got to be way more ex... More

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Jun 24

PPD round two?

I had some hard ppd after my first... expecting number two and wondering your experience the second time around? I’m worried I’ll have to go through all of that again.... which really scares me. But I also think maybe I know what to expect this time so I can catch it early, or try to avoid it all together?

  • Jennie
    Jul 04

    I had PPD with my 1st and 3rd, but not my 2nd or 4th. I don't know if it's a coincidence but the ones I had itv with are boys. Maybe there's a hormonal difference? But either way, every time I'm pregnant my husband and I talk about the possibility of it happening and what signs to watch for and what help I think I'd need.

Hannah posted in Behavior Jun 22

First baby, third trimester, hormones, and a four year old

I want to start this off by saying my hormones are raging so please watch how you word things or I will cry from your responses. This is my first baby. He's due July 30 (any day now he could be coming). I currently live with and care for my boyfriend's child whom I'd taken on as my own. He calls me Mom, my boyfriend and I share responsibilities together, and sometimes it feels like ... More

I love my children but hate my life

I have two young daughter 30 months and 2 months old. The transition to number two is a struggle. I catch myself everyday crying and don’t know what to do. Don’t get me wrong imnt a bad mom actually everyone thinks i rock motherhood but no one seems to care about my struggles. My 1st is very stubborn and won’t listen to me she hits me and won’t say sorry or if we go to the park she won’t follow... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jun 26

    I bet giving the two year old more power will help. I know it seems horrible to let your child wear warm clothes in hot weather, but just throw shorts and a T-shirt in the diaper bag, and let her wear what she wants. My guess is her behavior stems from Feeling powerless so the more you can let her make the choices the better she’ll be. Ask yourself before setting a limit why you are doing it an... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jun 26

    Also all that being said, it is so hard and overwhelming and easy to lose yourself. I feel like that often. I’ve found that reclaiming a few of my interests or passions in a limited/modified basis has helped a lot. I do volunteer work that is remote and very flexible that gives me intellectual stimulation. I do workouts at the park whenever one is playing nicely just to get one in. This one is... More

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