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Toddler Talks

So I’m new to this but I’m kind of hoping someone will have some advice. My daughter will be three may 31st but she doesn’t talk. Mostly just grunts and whines. But I also lost a daughter 7.7.17 and being a year old I didn’t think it’d affect her. Am I just stressing for no reason?

  • Ozie

    My daughter was the same she’ll be 3 in November however the only thing that saved me was placing her in what we call an educare it’s a school for toddlers. She doesn’t say anything in school just yet (they think she doesn’t speak) but when she comes home she says everything they have gone over in school. From colors, to counting, she can now count to thirty as opposed to three months ago when ... More

  • Maxine

    So sorry about your loss, Sarahh. 💔 Your local school board will usually evaluate your child for free. If your child qualifies for one, she will receive an IEP (Individual Education Plan) and be referred to a preschool that offers therapy for free. You can take that referral and get a full diagnosis from a neurologist if there’s a diagnosis to be had.

Anonymous posted in Behavior Apr 15

Sharing is caring!

How do you teach your children how to share?

  • Mrs. HHH

    Books videos about sharing help us. Also we make a big show about sharing around the house e.g. “oh dad would you like to share some of mommys muffin with me?”

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Apr 10

15 month refusing spoon

I’ve been trying for months to teach my now 15 month old how to use a spoon but he either tosses it aside and continues to use his hands or takes the spoon and chews the handle. I haven’t pushed it and just let him play with the spoon but as he’s getting older I know I really need to let him know that we use silverware and teach him how to use utensils. Any advice? What’s worked for you?

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Apr 10

    Watching other kids eat with spoons is the best as far as I can tell. It really comes with time too. I wouldn’t spoon feed him, but you could prep the spoon with food and place it in front of him, and then sit next to him while you eat with a spoon. If you have any good play date friends with kids a bit older, I would see if you could get them to all eat ice cream together or something fun so y... More

  • Elle
    Apr 11

    Honestly, my little guy is 2 1/2 and he still eats with his hands most of the time. It can be frustrating to try and use the spoon for him because the food falls off a lot of the time. One thing that gets him interested in using it is having different types and shapes of spoons and letting him pick which one he wants.

What can I do for tummy time?!

I’m a first time mom and I need serious help! I had a premie and she absolutely hates tummy time! I have tried everything! She hates laying on your chest on a play mat on a c pillow everything. I’ve tried putting toys out and a mirror still nothing. I’ve even tried putting a warm rice bag on her back to kinda stable her. She will not lift her head up or push in any sort of way. She is 6 months ... More

  • Bree

    Thank you all so much! She doesn’t cry anymore but she still doesn’t lift her head up or push up on her arms. Is there anything to help with that?

  • Sabrina

    A boppy would help a lot. They’re only $25 at tjmaxx compared to regular retail price of $30 and up

What age did you begin potty training?

  • Julie
    Apr 10

    I bought the oh crap book but never seem to have time to read it😭. Story of my life. I read How to Charm a Llama a thousand times a day but don’t have time for the crap book. Anyway, my daughter is 20 months and I plan to start soon.

  • Ian
    Apr 10

    Our daughter was over 3 when we finally buckled down and got it done. That was after two attempts months earlier. This is the time that you should potty train: when it works for you. :)

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Apr 06

What happened

How do babies go from eating everything they see to becoming picky eaters? And why is it that they’ll eat stuff off the floor even if it’s a bug but not things you feed them

  • Anonymous
    Apr 10

    She’s 13 months, she’s not so much of a bad eater but it can be a hassle sometimes she constantly puts things that aren’t food in her mouth but plays with actual food

  • Jenn
    Apr 10

    That's completely normal at that age. What is her feeding schedule? Are you giving her milk before meals?

Interesting video on the benefits of risky play!

Thoughts? Would you let your kids play with tools?

  • Anne
    Apr 05

    Wonderful!!!!!! There is so much evidence that giving kids more credit for learning risk management pays off. The example I think describes it best is the old fashioned porcelain tea sets. When they were popular, how many girls were reckless with them?

Anonymous posted in Milestones & Development Mar 28

First words

When my toddler was 12 months he was saying “uh oh” then over time he stopped saying it. Later he said “mama” then over time he stopped saying that. Now at 14 months he says “apboo” (apple), nevertheless I was under the impression that once they know a word they would continue to use it and build their vocabulary by adding more words but my little one seems to only use one word at a time; is th... More

  • Jess
    Apr 01

    Definitely bring it up to your pediatrician. He’s probably just getting board with it but early intervention for any speech delays or problems will make it sooo much easier for both of you in the long run.

  • Haley
    Apr 01

    We recently spoke with our pediatrician about this because I felt like my daughter was forgetting all of these words and things that she knew. She would give kisses out to everyone for like a month and now acts like she doesnt know how to give kisses. She knew how to say mama, go, dada...and then just quit. Her pediatrician said that a lot of times when they are learning new things, their mind ... More

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Mar 25

Not bearing weight on legs

Hi everyone, I am really worried about my 9 month old. He will be 10 months next week and he is not bearing weight on legs nor stands. I know his legs have strength because he kicks and moves his legs all the time but when I try to make him stand he just lifts them up. He is also not sitting unsupported. At his 9 month check up his pediatrician said she wants to have him evaluated and I’m reall... More

  • Anonymous
    Mar 25

    He is not crawling yet either. I do feel better about getting him evaluated now. Thank you for the replies ❤️

  • Christa
    Mar 25

    You might consider getting like a baby jumper one that hangs in the door way, and then baby can learn to use his legs that way, and have some sort of independence. As far as the sitting by himself goes, just lots of practice, and as many opportunities as possible to build that core! But if he’s not sitting on his own, walking isn’t going to come first. What helped our kiddo was using the bounce... More

Feeling sad :(

My son is just over 2 and sometimes I feel sad that I can’t remember when he was a baby! Thank goodness for photos and videos. I feel like I’m trying to take in this phase that I can’t remember the way he was when he was younger. Anyone else?

  • Anonymous
    Mar 24

    My daughter is 3 ,I can’t seem to remember the first year of her life.Its a blur.As you said thank God for photos and videos.

Speech and Developmental Delay at 20 months

Hi! My son was just diagnosed with a speech and developmental delay. He is 20 months and only says a few words. He also has a little bit of a developmental delay because he can’t feed himself with a spoon yet, drink from a straw, or drink from an open cup. Does anyone have any experience with this type of delay? How long does it take to catch up? Did they seem to be at the same level as the oth... More

  • Joanna
    Mar 24

    Pediatricians should be giving screenings like the Denver or Ages and Stages Questionnaire. And that's where it seems as simple as, does he have 6 words. When you meet with the speech therapist, physical therapist and/or occupational therapist, they will give an exam and recommend treatment. They look for a lot more than 6 words. Tongue movement, sound formation, pointing, nonverbal communi... More

  • Karla
    Mar 28

    Every child develops differently. You might see a catch up by age 3, if you don’t see any improvements talk to his doctor about getting help. My son had a language and speech delay, and is doing better.

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Mar 22

Wondering at what age do kids start chewing with mouth closed?😀

  • Micki
    Mar 27

    I don’t know if there’s a particular age, but I just remind my little to keep her mouth closed while chewing her food and explain that no one wants to see her food in her mouth. Lol

Connie posted in Behavior Mar 22

4month old doesnt like laying down unless its bedtime..

My daughter always wants to stand or sit up but she doesnt have strength to do either yet... what can i do?

  • Janna
    Mar 22

    Get a sit me up seat

  • Raji
    Mar 22

    Do more (supervised) tummy time so she builds the strength to do other things

I need ideas on how to help encourage my three year old speak clearly

  • Gina
    Mar 21

    And reply as well

  • Brittney
    Mar 23

    Call your school district and ask to have tested for Speach. If Your LO is behind they should put her in speach.

Anonymous posted in Milestones & Development Mar 20

When will everything stop going straight to his mouth??

I’m SO tired of saying “no! Not for eating!” It’s literally everything... especially paper products. I gave him a board book while in the car when we arrived to our destination I discovered he’d taken a whole bite out of it! He’s 10 months and I just want to know if it’s normal and if it will stop soon...

  • Lulu
    Mar 21

    My lo is 19 months old and still does this lol

  • Ivy
    Mar 22

    My eldest son never put things in his mouth til he was 2, go figure!

First steps?!

Hi mommies! My little is almost 8 months, and I know some babies start early, some late, but I think my baby WANTS to walk. What age did your babe start moving on their own??

  • Janessa
    Mar 21

    I’m so excited for him to start being more independent, but also very reasonably comfortable with where he’s currently at, as well. Thanks, ladies!

  • Wenonah
    Mar 21

    My daughter started trying to walk at 8 months now at 10 months she’s running around the house lol

Anonymous posted in Activities & Enrichment Mar 10

How did you start teaching your child to talk?

There’s so many informations, books, opinions, etc out there. I just wanted to hear from other parents, your experiences, on starting to teach your child to talk & if you could recommend books, websites & other resources, it would be very helpful. Some would suggest to keep talking, singing, reading & interacting with your child. Others include sign language. Which one works best fo... More

  • A
    Mar 13

    I’ve read that you should just constantly talk to them. It seems silly but tell them what your doing during the day. “Mommy’s putting laundry in the dryer, what color is this shirt? It’s red.” I used to count our steps name colors etc. Also, we did a lot of singing in our house. And though listening to Twinkle Twinkle for the 100th time may be obnoxious I feel like they picked on speech really ... More

  • Jennifer
    Mar 14

    I talked to my son all the time. Always telling him about what we were doing. Also read lots of books

Anonymous posted in Milestones & Development Mar 10

18 month sleep regression

Help. What did it look like for you? How did you get out of it? How long does this lasssssst😭

  • Nikki
    Mar 18

    It was the worst! I was soooo sleep deprived. But it only lasted two months thank goodness.

  • Amanda
    Mar 21

    We did the ferber method for my son when he was 8mo old and since he would sleep 7pm to roughly 7am. When he was 8mo we did intervals of 2min 5 min then 8min. Whenever he had a sleep regression we'd just go through it again and it typically would take one or 2 nights. Since he is older we started with 5 min then 10 and 15 and he is always asleep by the time we hit the 10min mark. We were lu... More

Anonymous posted in Activities & Enrichment Mar 10

reverse the effects of too much screen time

Ok so since November I have been pretty depressed and I'll be honest, I didn't really know it til now. But I've been on serious auto pilot concerning everything, even my 18 month old. We wake up and I have basically stuck her in front of the tv till it's time for sleep again. Something clicked into place and I realized this. I'm taking the tablet away except for an hour a d... More

  • Anonymous
    Mar 15


  • Erica
    Mar 25

    Weather is starting to be nice. Enjoy the sun when you can and the screen time on the rainy, snowy, chilly, or " I just dont wanna days" out side time is good for both mama and baby.

Katie posted in Behavior Mar 07

Time out....what age did you start?

  • PK
    Mar 07

    Around 22 months. We follow the rule of a minute per year.

  • Katie
    Mar 08

    Thanks. I think we are about to have to start. We do one minute per year as well

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