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Anonymous posted in Milestones & Development Nov 10

Receptive language delay

I have a 2 year old who doesn't seem to be able to follow simple commands. It's like he doesn't understand what I'm saying to him. He's very smart in other areas. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Anonymous

    Thank you all! @Cathy that's the normal issue I think, that they can understand and follow through with commands but talking is not there yet. Mines the trickier one. @anonymous and HR: part of me thinks it's a selective hearing kind of thing bc if I say "go out" he will run to the back door. Or "get shoes" and he will get his shoes. He will stop immediately what h... More

  • Cathy

    Repetition is key for children. With words, routines, anything. If the speech therapists aren’t worried about the repeating than I wouldn’t either. Children repeat sounds and actions to understand and to master what they are learning. I wouldn’t sweat it!


My son is almost 11 months old and not standing yet. Should I be worried?

  • Newmommy
    Nov 02

    Mine started walking at 11 months

  • Anonymous

    My son would only stand if he was holding on to something or someone around the time. Shortly after his first birthday he finally had enough confidence to let go and took off walking. Every child is going to learn at a different rate which is okay.

Any tips on keeping the baby safe at crawling

Hi parents, my 8 months old son is crawling 😂, and my daughter never crawled, she went straight to walking, so I don't have any experience with crawling. Whenever I look at him doing it, I'm freaking out that he will hit an edge of a wall or a corner of any sort and hurt his head. Any ideas how long this phase will last? My heart can't take it lol. And any tips on what I could do to... More

  • Mandy
    Oct 28

    Our son crawled for about 4 months prior to walking. If corners of walls really scare you, you could get this foam protector. Once our son got the hang of it, he took wide turns around corners, so we didn't worry about corners. Just kept all the things I didnt want him to get off the floor. Roving Cove | Baby Proofing Edge & Corner Guards | Safe Edge & Corner Cushion | Child... More

  • Nousa
    Oct 28

    Thank you so much, I hope mine doesn't take that long lol.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Oct 23

How to stop breastfeeding

My son will be one in a couple of weeks and I am looking forward to start the transition to no longer breastfeed him. Right now he nurses about four or five times a day for about five minutes. He is great at eating solid foods and does not nurse to sleep. I am not sure how to transition him to cows milk (has never really taken a bottle) and stop breastfeeding him. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  • Anonymous
    Oct 24

    Thanks for the idea. He will take a bottle just fine. He just doesn’t get it often since I am home with him. Wondering if I could just cut one feeding a day and try a bottle of warmed cows milk in place of that to start to get him used to it...

  • Kieli
    Oct 24

    Oh I see. You could try that, I tried my daughter with just cows milk and she didn’t like it too much. But every kid is different

Anonymous posted in Behavior Oct 10

Hitting problem

Hello parents!!! I'm having trouble with my two year old son with hitting and kicking. I try to say no hitting, or grab his hand. He doesn’t talk yet because he has a speech delay. Any techniques I could try with a non verbal child?

  • Vicki
    Oct 11

    Diana, I love giving the choice of a hug or a minute to themselves!!

  • Alexis
    Oct 13

    I have a 4 year old girl with autism and she has huge temper tantrums, they get very bad and what my husband and I do is we make sure we are speaking in a calm voice and look at her in her eyes and tell her that we want to help her and that we love her very much. We notice she calms down greatly and very quickly as well! She tends to hit and does it a lot less now. She’s quick to get upset abou... More

Anonymous posted in Milestones & Development Oct 01

Help! My 1 year old still isn’t sitting!

My daughter turned 1 last month and still isn’t even sitting. She’s in physical therapy but they don’t think she needs it often so they only work with her once a month. I’m worried and wondering if anyone else has a baby that wasn’t sitting at 1 and what they did? She can sit for minutes by herself but then she screams the entire time and then just gives up. TIA!

  • Cathy
    Oct 02

    I’m sorry - but I would be pissed. Your child is 13 months, won’t sit and they think PT she doesn’t need it often? Who is they? The physical therapist or your pediatrician? You should definitely put a call into your pediatrician or find someone else to evaluate her. Check with your State programs because she might be eligible for services at a lower cost or more often. Is the PT giving you exer... More

  • Beth
    Oct 03

    Yeah seriously, get her spine checked, I'd look into better physio, get another opinion, check out chiropractors (that have kid/baby experience) the screaming sounds like pain!

When to switch to toddler bed

Our baby is 16 months and has a convertible crib. Just wondering when to transition her to the “toddler” stage. She sleeps through the night with only cry-outs when she can’t find her pacifier (separate problem) and sleeps with a blanket but no pillow. Our second is due Feb 1st and I was just wondering if it would be better to try the transition now rather than after the new baby comes.

  • Jenn
    Oct 01

    My LO is 16 months and I have another one on the way, due in May. I am going to wait til after the baby is born and she has adjusted before switching her to the toddler bed. She has to switch rooms and with all the other changes, I want her to have some consistency. My LO is a great sleeper and doesn't try to climb out.

  • Lindsey
    Oct 16

    Ask yourself 'why?' why transition and why not... Make a pro/con list. For my 22m old, she's still in a crib because a) it's what we have b) it allows us to know she's safe and not swallowing that one small thing on the ground we didn't vacuum up and c) she's comfortable in it. So, why transition now?

Help! How do you deal with dropped naps?!?

My son is turning 2.5 this weekend. Yesterday, he finally learned he can get out of his crib and cut out napping entirely all in one day. Day 2 and we're down the same path. I'm a sahm and really need that time to myself to recharge. How do you deal with naps being dropped entirely and transitioning to a toddler bed all in one shot? The way our door handles, are my only real option w... More

  • Anonymous
    Sep 26

    That’s what most blogs I’ve read about transitioning to toddler bed says to do. Put them in their room (very child proofed) and lock the door. They say to put them in there 20/30 min before “nap time” so they have time to play and what ever and will (should) eventually fall asleep, even if it’s on the floor. I’ve read it helps a lot to have those green light clocks that turn green when you can ... More

  • Beth
    Sep 26

    We've made it into quiet time. My 3 yo has recently dropped the nap but we still have the same time shes always napped 1-3pm blocked off as sacred. I live for quiet time. She plays in her room with a few books and toys and I tell her if she feels like she wants to go to sleep she can. But it's quiet time. It took a few times of really making sure she knows that she needs to stay in her ... More

Anonymous posted in Milestones & Development Sep 25

18 mo talking

Hello! I’m concerned my little one may have a language delay. He says like 6-8 words clearly. But still a lot of babbling. Thoughts? IMPORTANT NOTE: I’ve been a stay at home mom, So it’s been just him and I for a long time, and not a lot of interaction with other kids

  • Vonda
    Sep 29

    My son didn’t start saying more words till a month or two before he turned two. You have plenty of time. I just read and talk to him a lot. Even just describing simple things you are doing help create that vocabulary. I’m also a sahm.

  • Lisha
    Oct 02

    I am going through this with my 19-month old little boy. I am a stay at home mom too but i put my son into daycare so that he can be around other kids. Plus i want to go back to school too. But he absoultely loves daycare. We are in our 2nd year there and he has formed some safe relationships with kids and adults that aren't family.. not that anything is wrong with family. He knows what... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Sep 13

Extremely verbal 22mo

My LO is extremely verbal for her age. She is not yet 2 and can chatter on to me, herself or anyone about anything for hours on end. It is amazing! However I find myself forgetting that she is not even 2. Sometimes i think that my husband and I think that she understands more than she does and possibly expect too much her. I also think she knows what she is expected to say and does not understa... More

  • Anonymous
    Sep 14

    Children reach different milestones at different times. Dont limit her due to the expectations of others. My daughter will be two in October. She speaks in full sentences. When we go out in public people comment on it and are shocked by her age. I dont expect her to act like a 4 year old, but I do expect her to use her words and the abilities she has.

  • Imani
    Sep 15

    You definitely are already on the right track. My now 3 year old has always been very verbal. I understand you don't want to discipline her like a 4 year old or treat her like a 4 year old but it doesn't hurt to intrigue her mind. If she says something just out of habit and you think she doesn't fully understand what she is say ask her if she understands or just tell her. Ask probin... More

Advise on helping baby speak.

Baby is almost 18 months old and he only speaks mama and papa. How do I help him improve his vocabulary?

  • Abigail
    Sep 15

    Thank you all for sharing . If I may ask ? What are some of the titles of the books you read to your toddlers and where can we get some to buy. Thanks

  • PK
    Sep 15

    The best books for toddlers are the books about stuff they are interested in. My son loves dinosaurs, animals, trucks, trains and Halloween. So we have a lot of books about or related to those topics. What is your toddler interested in? Another way to discover new books to love is to go to your public library, get a library card and make it a point to go at least twice a month to check out som... More

Anonymous posted in Milestones & Development Sep 06

Test for speech delay? Test for autism?

My 20 month old son still isn’t talking. He’s only said “Mama”, “Apboo” (apple), “uh oh”, he babbles and makes noises. My pediatrician keeps telling me my son will talk soon and that there’s no need to get him tested but I’m just not sure. I guess I just feel alone and wanted to read other parents’ experiences ... good and bad ... with this.

  • Amanda
    Sep 08

    I would go for it if you're worried. Mother's intuition is always right. My doctor advised us against it too, but my son made it into the program after he got evaluated. The therapists are super nice and fun, and he's learned so much in only a few months. It's also free in my county.

  • Melissa
    Sep 09

    I needed to see this my son will be two next month and is babbling and saying minimal words...his peditrician suggested early intervention he didnt qualify for any services but i feel as though he does need a speech therapist i will be going through my insurance to find him one

Brushing teeth

My 1year old has 2 teeth and 4 more coming out. How do I start brushing his teeth?

  • Mary
    Sep 06

    We watch the Elmo toothbrushing video on YouTube while we brush. Keeps them distracted!

  • Holly Garnett-Pedreira
    Sep 10

    They have wipes for mouth and finger tooth brushes ❤

My LO is 11 months old.. till now only one little tooth has popped out .. should i worry??

Only one small part of tooth has come for my baby (in front below).. no more teeth at all .. her gums are very hard.. should i worry that no more teeth yet?? For so many kids at this age 3-4 teeth pops out..

  • Anonymous
    Aug 26

    Don’t worry my LO’s teeth also came out late.❤️

  • Monda
    Aug 26

    Don’t worry my best friend is daughter had no teeth until she was 16 month old and all the sudden they all started coming out she’s 18 month old with almost all her Messing teeth in

LO not cruising nor walking

My LO will be a year next month. Not yet cruising but can stand holding something. Any need to worry?

  • Vee
    Sep 02

    My tiny one didn't start walking until he was 15 months! I worried a lot and panicked and even brought it up at his 1 year check up but his doc made me feel better. Few months after, he was walking! Every child is different!

  • Grapes for brains
    Sep 04

    Mine is 17 months and isn’t walking though I see that changing in the next couple weeks. He’s a super fast crawler though

Occupational Therapy

Has anyone put their child in occupational therapy for sensory disorder? What types of things do they teach there?

  • E
    Aug 15

    Often it’s things to help the child better understand the sensory information from their environment. Most therapist work with the family to help improve the child’s everyday function in the home/ community. The types of interventions will differ on what the child’s needs are. It is almost always play based and works on integration of the sensory system to increase performance of everyday tasks... More

  • Momof1
    Aug 16

    Thank you!!

Oh Crap Potty Training

Hi! Has anyone tried the Oh Crap Potty training book with a daycare that requires pull ups or diapers until they are potty trained? I am curious how long it would take to be potty trained if you are doing it just at home only.

  • Laura
    Aug 04

    We did a 4 day weekend of Oh Crap when she was 28 months, then she had accidents at school and wasn't telling the teachers when she needed to go, so she wore diapers at school for about 3 months. They'd offer her the opportunity to pee at school, but otherwise she always had a diaper on there, but no diaper away from school (I'd put it on after taking her to the bathroom when I drop... More

  • anonymous mom
    Aug 05

    We didn’t do the oh crap method. At least I don’t think so. I bought the book because I’d read so many good things about it here on Winnie but I never had time to actually read it which is on brand for my life right now. What ended up happening with us was she got a potty chair for her first birthday and I had it set up in the bathroom. Over time as she saw me, my husband, and other older kids ... More

When do kids start to recognize themselves in photos? Just curious to know.

My 19month old recognizes everyone but herself; she either says baby or doesn’t say anything.

  • PK
    Jul 22

    Can she say her name? My son wouldn’t say anything either at that age but I think because he struggled to say his own name. Around 2 was when he finally said his own name and actively pointed himself out in pictures.

  • Raji
    Jul 23

    She is verbal and can say her nickname but can’t pronounce her first name.

Does anyone’s toddler stutter?

My son will be 2 in a few weeks. He’s had a large vocabulary for his age. He usually speaks with two or three words at a time. But sometimes he will go “mama mama mama mama mama mama drink” It takes him a long time to get that next word out and sounds like he’s really struggling. Or every now and then it’s the first sound of a word repeated. Like “want m m-m m m m milk”. I’m just curious if thi... More

  • anonymous mom
    Jul 22

    I think it’s not abnormal if that makes sense. Talk to your pediatrician, but overall I think the key is to not show concern or frustration when it happens and calmly answer his requests and it should pass.

  • Katie
    Jul 23

    Mine is 2.5 and goes through brief phases where he gets stuttery, usually related to lack of sleep or other stress. He is a precocious talker, so it really alarmed us when he suddenly couldn't seem to get his words out. BUT. This can be a normal part of speech development for this age group. Odds are good your kid is fine, keep an eye on it, and check in with your pediatrician.

LOW MUSCLE TONE? Please help

my LO is 10months+, yet cannot bear weight on his own, not crawling though sitting but sits bending with spine obvious. Any cause to worry? Anyone experienced this with LO? What did you do? Thanks

  • Jennifer
    Jul 19

    See if you can schedule an evaluation with infants and toddlers. My LO due to medical issues has low muscle tone and qualified for PT from them. We also received physical therapy and occupational therapy. So your pediatrician may have some recommendations. With this services we do see a lot of improvement in her ability.

  • Crystal
    Aug 09

    Yes, you should speak to your pediatrician and get referred to CDSA (Child Development Services)- I’m sure most states have it. The evaluation is free and the my can arrange a physical therapy session- sounds like he might need a little coaching :)

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