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When did your little ones start talking? My 15 month old says no real words although he babbles non stop. Just wondering because my oldest was saying like 10 words at this point.

  • Raji

    My daughter started saying mama and dada before 10 months. She says about 7-8 words now at almost a year old but she isn’t crawling, standing or walking yet, so?? They work on different things I guess

  • Ricardo

    Every child is different and blooms differently as well. I work with children (3 months - 5 years old) I usually see our little friends start talking 2-3 words in a sentence when they are in the toddler stage 1-2 years of age.

No way to crawling.

Hey mommies, my 7 month old doesn't want to crawl he rolls, or shall I say he tries to stand. Well what he does is he pushes up on head and toes to try to stand if he is laying in my bed. When he is in his bed he wants to stand. What can I do to help him stand on his own, at only 7 months I don't want to do more harm than good if it's to early. He does have a Walker which he loves.

  • Aje

    My son started pulling himself up at 6 months but didn’t really start crawling until 8 months. My son learned to pull up to stand by playing peek a boo in his crib. I put him in his crib and kept popping my head up and then hiding. He wanted to see me and that was incentive enough to get him to pull up to stand. I just showed him he could hold on to the horizontal top bar for support. After tha... More

  • Jessica

    Let him lead the way but keep it safe with baby proofing, and making sure he can’t stand up in his crib and get out. (I had to take extra blankets and things away from the side of the crib because my son would use them as leverage to get out!) My son also scooted on his bottom, never crawled, and when he started walking he never stopped. Now he runs everywhere 🤗 Whenever the Pampers commercial... More

Foufou posted in Babies Wednesday

Rolling baby

My son looooves to roll!! He’s 5 months but he’s been doing it for quite sometime now...the difference? It has gotten more and more and “difficult” for my self. For the past 4-5nights he wakes up in his crib crying because he has rolled to his stomach and can’t roll anymore...happens multiple times at night. Didn’t have this issue with his sister, was wondering if anyone else experienced it and... More

  • Lauren

    My daughter is 4.5 months old and has been sleeping through the night since 8 weeks and has started rolling since 3 months. When she wakes in the night I do nothing, she soothes herself back to sleep. They have to learn to sooth themselves and the only way to do that is to let them figure it out. My daughter usually only cries 5-10 minutes and goes back to sleep. If she wailing like she hurt I ... More

  • Foufou

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments. For the ones asking if he rolls or gets tummy time...he does most of the day. I usually have him on the rug or on a play mat and he manages to get to the other side of the rug pretty quick. So I don’t think rolling/tummy time is an issue here. I understand that having items in his crib is consider hazardous but I have snuggle me organic he sleeps in...... More

Is it true, if you let your 2 month old stand (with support) too early it will make him/her bow legged?

  • Anonymous

    Rachel that isn’t true either. It’ll be fine. As he gets older help him learn to support more and more of the weight.

  • Anonymous

    My mil told me that too 🙄 my son is now one and has perfectly normal legs lol

Anonymous posted in Milestones & Development Dec 10

Tummy time

Hi Mommys my daughter hates tummy time. Are there any toys or tricks that can help her to start liking it?

  • Patricia
    Dec 10

    I would hold my son like this but laying flat on the floor or bed and talk/sing to him play peek a boo etc and he started to do better at being on the floor by himself doing tummy time. I would also get toys that get his attention and lay on the floor facing him and move them around to get him to move his head side to side.

  • Ashley

    My daughter hated tummy time I would get her play mats with toys in her face connected to play mat now she loves it make sure the toys make some kinda noise or is bight or shinny so she or he is interested in the toy. We would let her stay on her belly for about 10 mins at a time flip her over cuz she got mad then later do it again

Almost 8 months and barely responds to his name. Help!

He barely responds and I'm not too sure how to get him to at least LOOK when I call his name. A little afraid he isn't comprehending his name. I mean he has looked but probably after 15 attempts.

  • Bailey
    Dec 04

    My daughter is the same way. Before she was mobile she would look at me every time I called her name. Now I think she’s just to busy exploring to care.

  • Stephanie
    Dec 04

    I agree with Bailey, my baby is almost one and she doesn't ever respond when I call her name. She is definitely comprehending some words, but I think she loves exploring and playing so much that she doesn't want to be bothered 🤣

Anonymous posted in Milestones & Development Dec 03

Daughter doesn’t talk yet, need advice.

Hi Everyone, I have a 21 (almost 22 month old) daughter and she does not speak whatsoever. She babbles here and there, points to something she wants while making noises for me to grab it for her. She points to her body parts or people or things when I ask where they are. (i.e “where’s your nose?”, “Where is mommy?”, “Where is the tree?”) She refuses say any words and I have enrolled her in Earl... More

  • Amy
    Dec 04

    Also just want to say that I was also really reluctant to get him into the therapy... thinking it would label him early, when I know how bright and quick he is. But speech therapy isn’t at all like that. It isn’t a label at all, kids around two are just so darn smart that it’s easy to correct a minor issue before school or a behavioral issue can compound things. Kids who can’t talk yet can get ... More

  • Sunee
    Dec 05

    They are a lot smarter than we think. There are “norms”, but all Littles develop differently. So, please ease your mind & meditate on it. She will talk when she’s ready.

When do you start doing tummy time?

  • Jessica
    Dec 03

    The hospital and our ped said as soon as the umbilical cord stump falls off- makes sense

  • Kayla
    Dec 03

    as soon as u feel their son is 2 weeks and my doctor said hes ready

Omg the word “Mine”

Omg my daughter has officially started saying the word “mine” and I’m losing my mind! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Cinthya
    Dec 03

    Yes she is but I’m still trying to figure out how to teach her the meaning of the word, and also how do I teach her to share because she is an only child. 🤔

  • Elle
    Dec 03

    Have her practice sharing with you!

Anonymous posted in Milestones & Development Dec 02

20 months old pointing skills

My 20 month old son doesn't point with index finger if we ask some object; but he turns around and looks at it. Any idea how to improve and teach him he should point with finger. We are always lifting his hand and showing then if he looks at it. Please suggest.

  • Anonymous
    Dec 02

    Why does it matter if he can point?

  • Priscilla
    Dec 02

    Try to make it a thing to start pointing at everything yourselves and eventually he should pick up on it. We adults usually don’t point that often yet we expect kids to suddenly start, lol. At least you know that he understands what you’re referring to... so maybe he prefers to bring you the toy to show you instead of pointing at it? I think if he uses some other form of communication to get hi... More

Anonymous posted in Education Dec 01

Sign language

How long does it take for baby to pick up basic sign language and when do you teach it? Do you teach your kids sign language? Why or why not?

  • Wenonah
    Dec 02

    I started teaching my daughter at 5 months. She 7 months now and knows about 4 words

  • Anonymous
    Dec 02

    At 12 months my son started getting whiny and frustrated since he couldn’t communicate other than pointing. So I tried sign language and it’s been AMAZING. He only knows four signs but it took about 3-5 days to REALLY use them on his own. Once he got one, I taught another. Please, thank you, more, all done is what we taught. I kinda do blanket cause he loves his blanky but he hasn’t picked up o... More

Letting Baby Feed Herself

Is anyone else completely terrified to let their baby spoon feed themselves? Finger food, I’m completely fine with and she’s a pro. I just dread watching her create a huge mess out of purées 🙈🙈 Is it’s reall necessary for babies to do this?

  • Anna
    Dec 04

    My lo is 6 months and he uses a baby fork and spoon sometimes to feed himself we don’t use purées he eats everything I eat

  • Bailey
    Dec 04

    Anna, I’ve said like a million times I’m DONE with purées. Lol. She eats what we eat for dinner and I feed her eggs and purées for breakfast and the puffs and purées for lunch just because it’s easier on me. But I am soooo done! She takes the spoon while it’s in her mouth and just plays with the food. And I dinner we have no problems at all she gobbles down her food as fast as she can feed hers... More

Two year old doesn’t talk much

My son just turned two years old. We just had our well visit and the doctor is concerned he is not talking much. She referred me to Early Intervention. As a mom, I feel like a failure. Has anyone gone through this or is living it now? Help, tips, ideas, please!

  • Stacy
    Dec 05

    As everyone else said, you are not a failure! In my option, speech is not going to hurt! It will only help! If your son qualifies, he will be able to practice his speech with direct instruction, and you will be given terrific tools to help in his development as well. If he ends up needing more speech services after he ages out of Early Intervention (EI), then being in the program makes the tran... More

  • April
    Dec 10

    All I can say is in addition to the services is always be talking about your surroundings. Counting the Cheerios pointing out colors etc. Even if you don’t think he understands do it anyways bc it will click one day and you will wake up and miss your baby :/

How to encourage baby signs

Ok so I’m like 95% sure my son has picked up the sign for milk. HOWEVER, should I be feeding him every time he signs it? To encourage his understanding? Because sometimes he does it after a feeding or when I don’t think he’s actually hungry. I don’t want to confuse him though by leaving the sign unassociated

  • Caitlin
    Nov 29


  • Nessa
    Nov 29

    I used to just say yes... you just had milk (and signed it) and we will have milk again in a little while ...

Navigating the staircase

How did you teach your child to use the stairs in your home? What age did you begin teaching? My baby is a year old and we have gates at the bottom and top of our carpeted stairs but I’m getting antsy to teach him how to safely use the stairs (with my supervision of course). Just wondering how young I can start this. He has been walking for about a month now.

  • Ivana
    Nov 29

    Like the others said, up the stairs as soon as they feel like it with you closely behind. Down the stairs, my daughter really started closer to two. They are carpeted and zig zag so it’s not a straight line down, which I like. Even now at two and a half she holds the railing and climbs up and down no problem (but still with us a few steps ahead or behind, because toddlers get distracted :)

  • antigrav_kids
    Nov 30

    We started at about this are. We had a coffee shop with stairs so the second kid got to practice there with one of us right behind him. There were also there or four steps leading up to our library that he loved. Sam Francisco haa tons of stoops with stairs. The third kid practiced there and on the stairs into and out of our subway stations at the same age. We just went in front of her on the w... More

Anonymous posted in Milestones & Development Nov 26

When did your kid start talking?

When did your child really starting talking? Mine is 15 months old and all he says is dada repeatedly maybe Mama not sure on that one. He saids fafa. We also got him so do mooooo. He said bye bye once but can’t get him to do that no more. I think he understands me when I said oh look or go get your toy. But should he be trying to say more words? Why can I do to help home understand more?

  • Anonymous
    Nov 27

    Ok I mean I wasn’t to concern but nice to know that he’s not alone I would say? Just be nice if he can tell me what he want lol

  • Dai
    Nov 28

    I’ve read that if you are a bilingual household they develop a little slower since they are assimilating both languages but when they start talking run! Lol

Anonymous posted in Milestones & Development Nov 26

My 24 month still not speaking

My son just turned 24 months and he still isn’t speaking. He just now started saying mama and dada and responds with “yeah” whenever we ask him if he wants something. He’s communicating by pointing to what he wants and can point out all objects, toys, colors, shapes, numbers and letters. I tested his development with the doctor and they suggested speech therapy. Only thing it requires me to... More

  • Rachel
    Dec 01

    My 24 month old is going to get his hearing checked and will also start speech therapy. Our pediatrician referred us to ECI, they come to your house or daycare. We did signing when he was younger but have slacked off lately. It was very helpful.

  • Valerie
    Dec 01

    By age two he needs to have close to 100 words. Please seek speech evaluation as soon as possible. Your son is not lazy, but he may need help beyond just reading books together.

My son is 20 mo but not talking. Should I be worried?

  • Kelsey
    Dec 03

    Janelle u mention about baby sign time on youtube, is it the one w volume 1 and so on?

  • Anonymous
    Dec 03

    State interventions are free. You don’t need a referral. Didn’t want to worry you. Just to say that it is easier to catch early, and seeking additional help for the little one can’t hurt anything. Ya know :)

Anonymous posted in Milestones & Development Nov 24

20 Months Old Boy Development Milestones

My son is now 20 months old. He is yet to start talking words but he does babble a lot. He is yet to call momma or dada. How to make him to call people? He can say mom by word but doesn't call. He understand few items and if we ask he looks at them but doesn't point with his hand. Any suggestions how to improve his pointing skills? He started making few sounds. He tries to imitate e... More

  • Joanna
    Nov 24

    Ask your speech therapist for exercises to do at home. Something we did based on my son's therapy: Sign language. Start with More and All done. Withhold the item until he makes a sound. Like hold milk in front of him. Say milk three times, exaggerate it. Wait for him to gesture or grunt or ask for it. If he doesn't, don't give the milk (if he's not hungry) or I would take his... More

Anonymous posted in Babies Nov 24

Baby always wants to stand!

He can stand up if if grabs my hands, but he is always trying to stand without me and while he used to sit really well, he face plants now because of it. Additionally I used to sit him down and fold laundry or do smal chores next to him but he won’t stop trying to stand so I can’t really get anything done. I’ve read walkers are dangerous, so are there alternatives to helping him with this? He g... More

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