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Anonymous posted in Child Care Mar 24

Do you think it is right that daycares are charging Parents full price when the daycare has closed?

My child's daycare closed starting yesterday 3/23 but we have received a letter stating that we are still required to pay for tuition costs because they have utilities and the workers to pay. I know this is a tough time for everyone but why should I keep paying for services that I am actually not receiving. I love his current daycare but once this is all over, I may be switching because it ... More

  • Anonymous

    I’m in the same situation except even worse, not only am I not receiving tuition or partial tuition but I’m also an employee of this facility and only getting partial pay through March ... nevertheless I don’t see top leadership sacrificing their 6 figure salaries to pay their employees and/or help families whose lives have been financially upended. I’m in a weird spot where if I say something ... More

  • Anonymous

    So daycare opens back on Monday but my son won't be able to attend because I am not considered essential personnel but I won't have to pay anything while he isn't there. I am happy that he will be able to stay at his current daycare. I wouldn't had mind a partial fee but full price for no services is asking a lot. His daycare is a small intimate daycare & as a teacher, I oft... More

How much is daycare for a newborn?

Curious if anyone has experience putting a newborn in a daycare, and how much it costs? I am in the Bay Area in California would love to hear how much is daycare for a newborn in various areas. Thanks!

  • Pianpian
    Mar 12

    Thanks both! How was your experience and your babies' experience in the daycares? Did you feel comfortable putting a newborn there?

Stressed mom

Hi I’m 8 months pregnant and have a son that lives with me that is about to be 6 I just went on maternity leave but also got the flu and so did the rest the family so my bf who is the provider now has missed so much work and I’m so worried how we are gonna budget everything when the baby gets here next month I stress over everything any advice

Anonymous posted in Money Feb 24

Infant or convertible car seat?

I’ll be having my 2nd baby soon and I’m debating on whether to get an infant car seat or a convertible. Are infant seats safer than convertible seats for infants or something? I’m just trying to think ahead budget wise and where money will be best used on the long run BUT I also don’t want to compromise safety. Any tips would be appreciated!. Tia!

  • Anonymous
    Feb 24

    I was told that car seats across the board are just as safe as each other (as long as there are no recalls) because of the safety standards in place. I think infant car seats are just designed to be easily taken out of cars and transported around as a baby carrier or to attach to a stroller. Because you don’t want to wake that sleeping baby right? Do you still have the infant car seat from yo... More

Nousa posted in Money Feb 20

Second Baby's first birthday

Hello everyone, I'm a little depressed as I'm planning my second child first birthday here. I brought the pictures and videos from my first child first bday and watched them. I feel like there was so much attention to her on that day. Everybody dressed up, so many gifts and decorations, balloons and bday cups and tissues. There was a big cake with her name on it and she was the princess... More

  • Anonymous
    Feb 27

    That is so awesome! I sincerely believe your son will grow up and appreciate that you gave him the same care and attention as his big sis got.

Tipping the Sitter

I am scheduled to babysit for a family tonight, and one of the parents just let me know that they will pay my base rate plus a tip at the end of the night. I've had other families give a tip, but most of the families for whom I babysit don't offer tips in addition to my hourly rate. I'm curious to know if tipping the babysitter is a relatively common practice? I'm also curious t... More

CP posted in Child Care Jan 09

What is too much?

My in-home daycare is on the more expensive side ($375/week, 8-5, no meals). They charge for all holidays, and take 4 weeks of personal time (unpaid) that amounts to over 6 weeks off a year. They use to give us 2 weeks a year worth of "sick time" where you don't have to pay if you aren't there. (This at least offset some of the incredibly high price) They just announced that t... More

  • Anonymous
    Feb 11

    Thanks Everyone for your comments. They really help and show that I'm not crazy for feeling taken advantage of/thinking they are outrageous. One clarification for the few providers- its $375 per week per child. That means I am paying them $750 a week/ $36,000 a year for just over 10 months worth of 8 hours a day care and no food/etc. This means that they are making approximately $250,000... More

C posted in Money Jan 07

When to teach children about money, and how?

I want to teach my son financial literacy as soon as it’s best for him to grasp the concept. He’s 16 months old currently. I’ve got three questions: 1. What are some signs to look for that it’s the right time for him to start? I don’t want to start too young or too late. 2. What are your recommendations for techniques and reading materials? 3. Perhaps more pressingly: what are your recommen... More

  • Momof2
    Jan 08

    I am working on learning financial tips myself. There are lots of podcasts. I have been listening to choose FI podcast and like it.

  • Sarah
    Jan 11

    My son has had a bank account almost since birth and we take him to deposit his money after he gets it for birthdays & such. We’ve also let him help with sliding credit cards or giving cash when checking out and put a dollar in the basket at church. He’s obsessed with “money” as he says, which pretty much means he just wants to go to the store. Not quite understanding it at age 2 but he’ll ... More

Cash gifts given to very young children

What are you doing with money gifts given to young children? Mine is too young to “save or spend” his own money Sometimes I put it in his 529 account but this year the amount was very minimal.... sometimes I’ve used it to buy kid supplies and needs. Wondering what others do with cash given to kids 5 and under.

  • Stacey
    Jan 09

    My 2 year old has a savings account. Any money he gets we put in there. He has a ton saved since he doesn’t spend any yet.

Anonymous posted in Child Care Nov 15, 2019

Getting underpaid by your employer: How to go about a money conversation.

I’m a Nanny for a wonderful family. I usually never keep track of my hours because I have a lot on my plate and my Nanny family is usually keeping track. I recently started tracking my hours as to better budget myself before my paycheck arrives. Today I received my paycheck to find several hours worth of pay missing, I went back to my written hours and recounted them and the math was correct, s... More

  • Ashley
    Nov 17, 2019

    There’s An app for tracking your hours look it up and you should definitely bring it up... u should get paid for all the hours and if they’re not paying you for your time then they r taking advantage of you best luck to you!

  • carrie isaacson
    Nov 17, 2019

    Or lo-fi also works. Print out a few paper timesheets, start keeping a binder at their house. Fill it in *as you arrive* and *when you leave*, clock in / clock out style. Take a pic at least on Fridays for your records. The suggestion above to send texts also works. Do you have a contract with your employer? Strongly recommended so everyone is on the same page.

Anonymous posted in Money Nov 13, 2019

SAHM feeling unimportant

Before my 10 month old son, I was very financially independent and never relied on anybody for anything. Until I became a stay at home mom. My husband is always very supportive with my decision to stay at home but financially it’s getting difficult. Always having to ask him for money for my and the babies needs makes me feel so worthless. I feel like my decision to be a SAHM has put us in the h... More

  • Anonymous
    Nov 14, 2019

    Is this post more about finances and what to do or is there something else going on about feeling appreciated for what you do at home? Details seem to be about finances but the title of your post suggests otherwise. As far as the finances, I would sit down and budget out what can be spent on needs each month and find out where you can cut costs. My husband and I have our own personal checking... More

  • Anonymous
    Nov 14, 2019

    I was in the same boat for a long time. I had never known a time when I was unemployed and not working at least 60 hours a week...until I had a baby. The reality is that since I’m a SAHM, I work 24/7. My husband and I agreed that financially, it was more cost effective for me NOT to have a job. We don’t have a big surplus of cash lying around but we recognize where we can spend money - we love ... More

Anonymous posted in Money Oct 26, 2019


Does anyone use coupons for grocery shopping? I feel like this is a dumb question, but I’ve tried websites and looking in the mail for flyers before and think I may be missing something because I rarely find coupons or they don’t seem to offer significant savings (usually I see promos for sales, but not a true “coupon.) I’m not trying to be an extreme couponer, but if it’s easy enough I’m inte... More

  • Jessica
    Oct 31, 2019

    I had the best luck couponing when I was part of a group that did a coupon swap. We would bring coupons that we didn’t use and it helped the rest of us get ones we actually needed. I saved 10% regularly! That being said, you can’t be very brand loyal if you want to maximize savings. It’s work but can save you.

  • Tina
    Nov 21, 2019

    I use rakuten. I get money back for shopping online and I like my credit card to my account so when I use the card in any store I get cash back. It’s great.

Anonymous posted in Money Sep 29, 2019

Home Renters, Help!

My husband and I are having trouble with renting a house. It seems we don't meet the standards needed to rent and although we make enough to pay for a nice home,[my husband and I each own our own companies for over 3 years now, makes $$$ steady income] no-one will give us the time of day because of our low credit. We are young starting up and our family is growing fairly rapidly to still be... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 15, 2019

    UPDATE: We were able to find a landlord that was willing to work with us and our situation.


What do you charge as a Babysitter? What are babysitters charging these days?

  • Karla
    Oct 06, 2019

    We have a family friend that was watching my son. She asked for $500 per month. She would watch him maybe 3 or 4 times per week at most. We got lucky when she volunteered since she wasn't working. He also got home cooked food from her. But definitely heard $20/hr minimum

Moving to a different state

My husband and I decided we want to move to Washington state from Kansas. It’s a lot more expensive there but we want to be closer to family! Any tips on selling everything/saving? Do’s and don’ts? What was your experience like moving to a different state. Thanks guys!

  • Beth
    Sep 12, 2019

    It's very hard living here near Seattle. As someone who wasn't raised here The Seattle Freeze is very real and very isolating. The people here are nice but unless they haven't been raised here they're not interested in making new friends or working on relationships. It might be better on the east side of the mountains like Spokane, but anywhere between the ocean and the mountain... More

Anonymous posted in Money Jul 30, 2019

How do you make extra money?

Hi all, Do any of you have any way of making extra money on the side?

  • PK
    Sep 15, 2019

    Achievement - connect with your health apps to track your exercise and steps to get points for gift cards. You can also earn points by taking their surveys or reading their health related articles. You don’t need to log steps or anything, it runs in the background with the apps you connect. However, I recommend logging in periodically to take surveys and read the articles to get extra points. T... More

  • PK
    Sep 15, 2019

    Let me know if you have any questions about any of them. They are all legit apps that I have cashed out on... except PintPass. I haven’t had a chance to cash out on that one quite yet so I can’t vouch for it!

Anonymous posted in Child Care Jun 26, 2019

English is my second language, what is the right way to ask a babysitter how much they charge?

  • B
    Jun 26, 2019

    Just ask like that. Ask how much they charge per hour

  • Genesis
    Sep 30, 2019

    1. How much do your baby sitting services cost? 2. How much is your hourly fee? 3. How much do you charge per hour? I hope any of these help. I believe these questions are respectful.

I’m considering home-schooling my kids.

How much would it cost to hire someone? I have four kids and seeing how bad the public school system is getting I want my kids to have a bright future and public schools I’m afraid is not a viable option today.

  • Flutegal64
    Jul 04, 2019

    Everyone talks about how bad the schools are but have you viewed the school and talked to parents? In NY teachers need a Masters and have a high standard. I’m ok with home schooling for some kids who do better with one on one, but the reality of life is people need to work on teams. I’ve seen a lot of group work and teaching interactive skills. Schools follow a curriculum that’s tough and all p... More

  • Lynn
    Sep 12, 2019

    I grew up in the NY public school system. Moved to AZ with parents during high school. The difference in education was night and day. NY education is in another league. It’s unbelievable how low the standards are in AZ. Its an absolute joke and am terrified to raise my daughter in this school system. I plan on hiring a tutor to work with her on her homework after school everyday. I’d do it myse... More

Anonymous posted in Divorce & Separation Jun 21, 2019

Scared to leave

I want to leave my husband, but I’m too scared to be on my own. I’m currently a SAHM with nothing but a high school diploma. I just don’t see how it’s possible for me to financially support my baby if I leave. I will be able to stay with my mom for a while, but eventually I’d like us to live on our own. What kind of jobs do you single parents have? I know daycare is ridiculously expensive. Thi... More

  • Wendy
    Aug 09, 2019

    you are scared of change.. there’s a difference. you say you don’t know what to do but you just said you can stay at your moms, “husband” can help out either through verbal agreement or child support. anything is possible!! just ask the single mammas out there.. i’m doing it 🙌🏽 trust once you get the ball rolling you’ll look back and say WHY DIDNT I LEAVE SOONER! ❤️ Kids are really not that ex... More

Anonymous posted in Money May 26, 2019

Single mom struggling.

Hi guys. I’m a single mom. I have SO much going on right now mentally that I feel like Such a mess. My daughters father was abusive so I worry about letting her see him. So far he’s been really distant with her but he says every once in a while that he wants to see her and of course my daughter wants everything to do with that. I don’t know how to handle it. I don’t trust him. I’m also living a... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 10, 2019

    Hi, I think you’re in a tough situation but this can actually be a great thing. Thank goodness you have your parents around and right now you and your daughter have a stable home. I’m sure you’re paying less rent there than if you had your own place. Budget, and save as much as possible right now. Have you considered asking for child or spousal support? Are you not receiving because you want to... More

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