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Anonymous posted in Marriage & Partnership Friday

Feeling Bad about Giving Gifts

I don’t know what to do anymore about my fiancé and giving gifts. We’re currently expecting our second any day now and we have an 11m old as well. I haven’t worked in over a year, so I try not to spend a lot of money on unnecessary items/gifts. Like I don’t even buy lunch food for me I just eat leftovers and cereal 🤦🏽‍♀️ but anyways, I made him a very special gift for Valentine’s Day and he has... More

  • Elle

    Goigle "love languages quiz" Both of you take it Discuss results w one another

  • Rachael

    This is abusive. Lavishing you in gifts you don’t want but then controlling all of the money and treating you shitty when you pour your heart into making heartfelt gifts out of the few crumbs he’s left you is not loving, it’s a form of control and objectification. That said, please don’t beat yourself up if you stay given the position you’re in. Whatever you do going forward you & your babi... More

A posted in Money Feb 14

Savings account options

What are some other savings options we could set up for our kids, other than a regular savings account? I know there are options for saving towards an education, but the kids are getting money as gifts, so I’d like it to be theirs to do with as they please when they’re older. It would be nice to have it grow more than .01% over the next 10-15 years.

  • Julie
    Feb 14

    I had a cd account when I was little that my parents always put monetary gifts in and matched each gift. It did really well and matured nicely to the point that I was able to cash it in for about half the down payment on our house!! However, I also like Antigrav Kids idea. My great grandmother always gave me savings bonds for every birthday and holiday as a child. My mom recently came across t... More

  • Beatrice
    Feb 14

    I opened a kids savings and a cd for my son both at .3% at capital one cd is 3 years and Kids savings is until 18

Life insurance on your LO?

Exactly like adult insurance; something happens to your LO then the insurance company pays out. Should you have it, is it weird to have it or should you not have it? Basically one parent thinks it’s a good idea and the other is totally against it.

  • Caitlin

    Erica, I’m so sorry to hear that. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Caitlin

    We have Gerber for our kid... and we don’t have it in case they pass away (God forbid). We have it so they will be able to take it over when they’re old enough. Your kids will be able to muddle through college (loans, y’all) if you end up not being able to put away money for that, but life insurance policies are expensive and being pushed to the side as kids grow up now. We don’t want our kid t... More

Anonymous posted in Marriage & Partnership Jan 31

SAHM’s and Money

How do other SAHM’s have their money set up? We currently have all joint accounts, but it’s just not working. My husband is the only one that makes money and he is very critical where his money goes. For example: When I get groceries or household items he will see the transaction on the bank account, then ask me, “What did you buy at Walmart? What did you buy at Target? What did you buy at Dol... More

  • PK
    Jan 31

    My husband and I each have our own personal checking account and then we have a joint savings. My husband’s pay check goes directly into his personal checking and he keeps the amount that he needs to pay certain bills and transfers the remaining to savings. He pays for utilities, cell phone, and mortgage out of his checking account. I pay for everything else - expenses on food, supplies or se... More

  • Lily
    Jan 31

    I found an awesome plan from someone on YouTube that has a great system for this! Because it is hard not making any of your own money. Look up Fun Cheap or free on YouTube!! But what she does is she and her husband agree on how much needs to spent on food and other things each week and she has that much to do whatever with. No questions asked after they agree on the amount.

Cheryl posted in Holidays Jan 01

Christmas gift with strings attached

My husbands grandfather gives his grandchildren $100 every year for Christmas. Since marrying his grandson, I have been included in that. This year, he asked everyone to tell him what we spend it on. I asked my husband why and the reason he gave me was “He likes feeling useful.” I’m a little grumpy about this ‘gift’. It feels like he gave money to all his grandkids so that HE could feel good. ... More

  • Cheryl
    Jan 03

    Thank you Christa. That’s exactly how I feel. I have since asked several other people in my family and they all agree that it’s just a way he wants to have control over people. The family dynamic I married into is ‘grandpa is right now matter what and nobody can argue with him’. It’s very irritating being the only one to see that in the end, he is just a person and he’s not perfect.

  • Robin
    Jan 12

    We send MIL a note thanking her for the “pedi-mani” or facial or something that would be indulgent for you and satisfy their wishes. I think he’s probably just wants a way to remain a part of everyone’s life- and keeps him in touch with you all.

Anonymous posted in Holidays Dec 18

How much do you spend on gifts for kids this Christmas?

Just looking on what’s the average costs per kid depending on the age & whether it’s your own, a godchild, a relative, a friend’s, etc. Please share your thoughts. I found the link below as I google it.

  • Anonymous
    Dec 21

    Thanks everyone for your comments! Just celebrating my 1st family christmas reunion w/ the in laws & their kids & also our almost 1 yr old baby’s 1st christmas so it’s a big pressure on my side but I know my husband & I have to stay true to what we can afford & at the end of the day, it’s more about celebrating it w/ your family, friends & loved ones. Happy Holidays!

  • Anonymous
    Dec 24

    I don't have any family or friends to spend holidays with so it's just my toddler and I. We didn't get to have a Christmas the last 2 years so I have some things that I bought but was not able to give him, so between that and a few newer things I'd say @$300. He's all I have and Christmas was always really special for me growing up, so I was hoping to make it that special fo... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Dec 17

How do I get my kids to respect their belongings?

I have 3 boys (8,7,2). My husband and I have been struggling mainly with the older 2 when it comes to their belongings. We bought my 7 year old a new pair of shoes a couple days ago and they're already destroyed. I understand that they're kids and that they are boys and they play outside and things will get dirty. But we are not well off financially and struggled just to buy them each ... More

  • Christa
    Dec 17

    I absolutely agree with fellow posters! Respect and responsibility. If their shoes, gloves, toys ETC are broken or lost or destroyed, than well it’s their own doing. I would let them know, that’s the only thing they are able to have or shoes or whatever the item is, and they can’t have a new set for a while. We tell our son if he can’t treat his things nicely, than we will give it to someone e... More

  • Anonymous
    Dec 20

    My boys especially my oldest is destructive and while I used to replace things I’ve now stopped doing that. My oldest is on his 5th ps4 remote, he’s broken 2 TVs, tore his shirts, ruined his shoes. Now unless it’s a need, or it broke just from being used so much and not being destroyed I don’t replace them.

Anonymous posted in Child Care Dec 12

Do you give your nanny a raise each year?

We plan to give our nanny a holiday bonus, but is it also common to give a raise each year?

  • Lyndsay
    Dec 16

    Kristin- 1-2 weeks of pay, usually

  • Lyndsay
    Dec 16

    Amy- you deserve a raise! I highly recommend you have a meeting with your employers :)

Holiday bonus/tip for daycare provider

What’s the standard for gifting the woman who watches my son one day a week? She operates a daycare. There is also another woman who co-runs it. I was thinking $25 to each plus a gift card for another $25 each... I’m new at this so any insight is appreciated.

  • JeimyW
    Dec 15

    25 Gift card of her favorite store

  • Anonymous
    Dec 16

    I’m a preschool teacher and I can assure you that I don’t keep handprints and hand drawn pictures given to me by other people’s kids. If you can’t afford anything, write a card, otherwise gift cards to a store that you know a teacher frequents, is very welcome. Amazon or target, you can’t go wrong with.

Kiarra posted in Money Nov 29

At home jobs!

I’m a stay at home mom and I miss working so I was wondering if anyone knew of any stay at home jobs hiring?! Please and thank you in advance

  • Shelby
    Nov 30

    You could be a homebased travel agent and make 80% of your sales

Anonymous posted in Money Nov 28

Stay at home jobs for introverts.

Hi All! Can anyone reccomend some stay at home jobs that doesn't involve sales or customer service? Thanks in advance.

  • Leah
    Nov 28

    Medical Coding. You need to go to school for it though.

  • Veronica
    Nov 29

    Fill out survey. Not sure about how effective or pay it is.

Anonymous posted in Holidays Nov 28

Standard wedding monetary present?

Is $100 check a typical wedding check present amount? My husband and I attended the wedding of a co-worker and I’m unsure of what amount is appropriate to give. Thanks!

  • Julie
    Nov 28

    Agree with Amy as well...when I was fresh out of grad school and just working my way up in the corporate world, $50-75 was what I could afford so that’s what I gave. I’m pretty frugal though and try to never give or spend beyond my means.

  • Anonymous
    Dec 03

    Agree with earlier poster “cover your plate.” Depends where you live/wedding is. I’m in northeast people typically give a few hundred dollars, but everything is expensive here. Been to weddings elsewhere and felt that much would have be almost garish.

Best Cyber Monday deals

Who's shopping online today? Let's start a list of the best deals! Here's what I've found: - 25% off - Plae shoes 50% off select styles - Gap & Old Navy 50% off - Dockatot 20% off with code GIVETHANKS - LunchBots 15% off

  • Anne
    Nov 26

    ModCloth 40% off everything with no minimum order

Anonymous posted in Holidays Nov 26

Stay at Home Parents and Christmas

This is my first Christmas as a stay at home did you stay at home parents cope with not having money to buy your partner or your side of the family Christmas gifts? I just want to cry. I feel so horrible. My family completely understand but it just hurts my heart so bad, I love being able to give during the holidays.

  • Anonymous
    Nov 27

    My side of the family is huge compared to his. He’s mentioned he wants to buy everyone on my side a gift but we realistically can not afford it. His side is just his mom, sister, and nephew. I don’t like asking for money because it’s tight and my side is pretty well off compared to his. We don’t keep money separate. He keeps it all and Venmo’s me money when I need it for bills and things like t... More

  • Anonymous
    Nov 27

    I know it feels like his money because he's the one out at work, but he's making that money at your expense. If you weren't staying at home he would likely have to work less to be with them or pay a baby sitter. You shouldn't be left with nothing because of that. Have you tried talking to him about this? Just explaining that you don't know what to do for your side of the fam... More

Looking for a job for a stay at home mom

Hi there, I have been a stay at home mom for 3+ years but I feel a huge urge to help my husband financially and I also feel like I’m ready to work a little with my youngest being a year. I was looking for any serges toons on jobs that are flexible with schedule and I can do from home. Any suggestions?

  • Autumn
    Nov 15, 2018

    There’s an app called Steady that you can download. It suggests several jobs that you can do on your own schedule. There’s lyft, Uber, UberEats, DoorDash, pet sitting jobs, teaching English to kids in China, dog walking, baby sitting, senior care, tutoring, etc. Truthfully though, I did some of those jobs and they helped at the time. Most of the stay at home jobs that have the real money comes ... More

  • Brienna
    Nov 16, 2018

    You could look into transcribing. I worked for a company called Telenotes from home, choosing my own hours.

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