Help and advice for parents of new babies 0 to 3 months old, including feeding, newborn sleep patterns, bathing and diapering.

1 month old has painful gas and bm. Drinks both formula and breastmilk. Any advice to help ease the pain?

  • Jai

    Our daughter was very gassy on Similac so we switched to Gerber Gentle and it made an immediate difference. That's all we use now.

  • Ava

    Dr brown bottles!

Practicing attachment parenting so feeding on demand and having great success with night time sleeping/feeds. 2.5m old and at least one 5-6 hour sleep cycles. Problem is... I get engorged when baby sleeps longer (I am not complaining lol) but then wonder if I should: -get up and pump -stir baby for a brief dream sleep if it’s close to when they wake -have my body adjust to feeding less frequently. I am exclusively breastfeeding so will save the milk if pumped, but there are nights I’d rather sleep... I have had mastitis, so also nervous to go that route. Tips and tricks or experience... More

Anybody go to Disneyland recently with a baby? Our baby is two months old. I am wondering how the experience will be for us.

  • Hanna

    We took our 2 month old to Disneyland and she slept the entire time, so it was fairly easy for us. It might be boring because you can’t go on a lot of the rides and you don’t have the freedom to go everywhere when you want to. You’ll have your hands busy with the baby if they’re needy. But you can people watch instead :) I’d suggest bringing a carrier if you want to go on small rides with the... More

  • Melanie

    We took our daughter at 4mo to wdw for our sons 5th bday. It was really not a big deal. Well I can say that now..... my most important piece of advice - use awesome diapers. Smh I got a deal on toys r us diapers before the trip and just took the whole box with us. It wasn't until we got home that I had realized my mistake. The diapers were so horrible that I just planned for her to have a... More

Hi mamas, My baby is 7 weeks old and has been breastfeeding just fine, until recently. Her latch has become much narrower and she falls off very easily. It’s almost like I have to keep my breast sandwiched in my hand and holding her face up into it in order to ensure that she’s eating. I introduced a bottle a day at the 4 week mark and she rarely ever takes a binky. Has anyone else experienced something similar? Any suggestions?

  • Ni
    Feb 09

    I’ve been breastfeeding for 10 months and in the past few months I’ve gotten a few milk blisters. My LO’s latch is changing or something. The first time I think it was because of this new bottle we used. I try now to use bottles that have a similar nipple. I also tried to re-train her and take her off when it felt uncomfortable.

  • Sarah
    Feb 12

    Have you tried different positions? I used the “laid back” position initially with son (stretched up your body as opposed to across your chest) and transitioned to a cradle hold in the last month because he started getting fussy. He’s 11 wks. Maybe she will latch better with a different hold. I also found using a boppy or support pillow helped him feel more stable. It feels tough sometimes - ke... More

I need some advice on ways to slowly help my son with his obsession with me Lol, All though I believe babies should always have their mother around Especially at 2 months of age, It's to the point where I can't even get up to do dishes or really even do anything without him freaking out. Has anyone else dealt with this?

  • cheryl
    Feb 04

    I feel like my baby slept so much I was able to do stuff around the house often enough. But when she was awake she was almost always in mine or dad's arms. We also had a baby rocker that helped when we both needed to do something at the same time. Either way, hold him as much as you can because they change so fast and one day they will no longer be your tiny baby wanting to be held.

  • Claire
    Feb 06

    Try baby wearing they are still not used to being away from us I wear my 3 month old when doing chores and he usually falls asleep

Advice for 3mo old that hates his stroller and car seat?! Will sometimes cry himself to sleep in the car or on a walk but when he wakes up again he SCREAMS and becomes hysterical to be taken out. We’ve tried different car seats and strollers and doesn’t seem to make a difference. It’s affecting naps and our ability to get out of the house!

  • Christina
    Jan 31

    Our daughter had to be in a carrier. She would cry for the 15 minute drive to the store and home and be completely happy in her baby k’tan while we shopped. She outgrew crying around 6/7 months. We also switched to a convertible car seat at 7 months and that helped too. She literally fell asleep once in her car seat where I took it out of the car. This was after I gave trying to get her down ... More

  • Nicole
    Feb 01

    I have a 9 week old with the same problem. We’ve had to go to a number of doctor appointments and he gets upset when he is strapped in his car seat. It all seems okay until he is buckled in. I don’t think he likes the feeling of being restrained. I will say though that as he has gotten older, the crying fits are getting less and less. Perhaps he’s getting used to riding in it. The one thing I ... More

I’m so excited! My 2 month old just rolled over from tummy to back! Unfortunately I didn’t get it on video ☹️ but she did so good! It might have been an accident... but I don’t care!

What do your 3 month old babies wear to sleep? Right now we do pjs and then a fleece sleep sack from Carters but I’ve read about Marlins Magic Sleepsuit or the zippadee-zip sleep sack. Anyone use those???

  • Liza M.
    Jan 30

    Mine wears a long sleeve onesie under fleece pjs/sleepsack. We live in an old house but it seems to do the trick!


Is it too early to start giving a 3 month old a set bedtime of 7/8 o’clock? Ours goes to sleep around 1030 but it takes a few times before she stays asleep and some nights up awake past midnight. I’ve read that sleep training is pointless until 4 months old but I’d love to get her asleep earlier! Thoughts??

  • Laura
    Jan 26

    Just a note, recommend to talk to your pediatrician before taking advice. I’m specifically concerned about advice to give cereal in a bottle with formula, as this is a choking hazard. Your ped can help tell you what your baby might be ready for, and what should wait. That said, peds don’t always give parenting advice that’s good for your family dynamic.

  • Ashley
    Jan 28

    Pump the brakes Laura... not once does my post suggest that anyone give their child cereal in a bottle. I simply stated that my children had cereal in their bottles, since that could have aided in their easy sleep habits, but I can see how some may mistake that as advice, so I will edit my post.

Does anyone know how long it takes to get your babies ssn? She’s almost 2 months old and I haven’t gotten it in the mail yet and so I can’t add her to any insurance and that’s stressing me out a lot.

  • Avanlea
    Jan 23

    I went to my social security building and they gave me her number, they told me that sometimes apparently if it’s weird name on the card that doesn’t go with the address they might not ship the card to the house and then they send it back or something. The lady didn’t explain very good.

  • Avanlea
    Jan 23

    I’m currently on Medicaid and my dads insurance, my dad said he could add her but he needed her number and then I called my case worker and let him know that my daughter was born and he sent me a paper to add her and said once you get her number add her. Everything is all messed up haha

Looking for advice on offering bottles to a breastfeeding 7 week old. She will start daycare at 12 weeks and we want to make sure she has learned that skill. Her sister struggled and I almost lost my mind! Thanks in advance!

  • Lina
    Jan 20

    I was fortunate that my son goes between breast and bottle easily. I did look for a bottle nipple shaped as much like me as possible and I think that helped a lot.

  • Sheila
    Jan 22

    I would offer a bottle of expressed milk at night time when your wee one is all cozy, swaddled and ready for bed! Then introduce again mid day. And I used a como tomo bottle that worked like a champ with my son when he rejected so many others lol. Good luck!

What’s the best sling to wear at home (for 7 week old) whilst doing chores and running after a toddler?

  • Tiffany
    Jan 23

    Maya Ring Sling. They are less expensive on eBay.

  • Kaci
    Jan 23

    I use a Wildbird ring sling. It's super easy and I actually get compliments on how nice it looks. My daughter loves it and I do too.

I am a little anoyed...I have a 2 month old baby, I breast feed during the day and at night I leave her bottles ready for night feeding. My husband agreed to help me taking a shift during night but every time is his turn to get up I have to wake him up and then stay awake during his shift because he cannot stay awake while feeding the baby!!! What is the point of him getting up if I'm going to be awake too? I am going back to work in a week and am thinking what is the benefit of having 2 tired parents? Ughh, I'm really anoyed! Help!

  • Anonymous
    Jan 19

    I honestly don't know much about the cosleeper but I will research. It looked it works for you ladies and I need something ASAP! I do not have a cosleeper but I will look into one. Thanks!

  • Jess
    Jan 26

    My husband did the same thing. I just gave up. He is such s heavy sleeper most the time he wouldn’t even hear her crying. So instead of stressing my self out try to get him up, I would just do it. My daughter is two and she prefers me over her dad putting her to bed. I don’t mind 😘

Traveling overseas with a newborn... it can be done! Lessons learned: We’ve been making friends with strangers through strategic baby positioning (face out in carrier). Wish we had left our stroller at home- see pic of stroller and me barely fitting in an elevator. We ended up deciding that parental leave was the only foreseeable time in the future to head out of town... if you’re considering, I say go for it! We’ve been in France and Italy, both have been super family-friendly places (like people insist you go ahead of them in line kinda friendly).

  • Amanda P
    Jan 15

    Oh I loved Europe. If you ever get a chance you should visit Norway 🇳🇴 or Iceland 🇮🇸. They are my favorite trips so far. Europe is usually anti elevator and anti air conditioning (especially Germany) so I'm glad you got it to fit.

  • Laura
    Jan 17

    Oooh nice !! Where did you go in France ? I’m from Cannes and I just moved here in June 2017...

Since we had our daughter, I feel like my husband and I are strangers. Were all of a sudden on different pages. Shes 1 month old now. When we finally do have some time together, he's on his phone, totally checked out, I always have to repeat myself because he doesn't hear me I don't know what to do.

  • Sara
    Jan 14

    My best advice is to give it time! In the beginning it's especially tough because you're in this new mode around a newborn so when you do have a moment to yourself, it can be extremely difficult to focus on anyone BUT yourself. You're exhausted and you just need to zone out. I found like a walking zombie in the beginning. As they get older and their schedules are more consistent (a... More

Has anyone had problem with snore-like sound? My new born been making some recently.. its not long or disturbing, but i was curious is it gonna get better by it self or i need to inform the doctor?

My youngest (2months) has been fussy from day 1. I think it’s upset tummy troubles, but don’t know for sure. My mom has recently heard about gripe water and is insistent I should try it with the baby. Has anyone used it with heir children? What are some positives and negatives?

  • Jess
    Jan 16

    Like Nia said, you may want to look at your diet if you are breastfeeding, or soy formula. I was having gas issues with mine while he was EBF and then had a lot of cheese one night and it got much worse. I paid attention to it and it turned out every time I consumed dairy he was fussy, gassy and spitting up. When I started supplementing with formula I didn’t think about it and the same thing ha... More

  • Erin
    Jan 18

    It helped us

Anyone have advice for a 2.5 month old babe to nap more independently? He naps on me for almost every nap with the exception of stroller or car seat for short cat naps. We haven’t started sleep training yet but plan to soon... he just hates being put down so much! Especially on his back... will rarely just “chill” on the floor, bed etc..

Best pacifier for a three month old? Have used soothies 0-3 up to this point which he likes. Curious what other mamas do. My guy is pretty easy going. Wondering if anyone has experience with rubber or other brands. Has anyone tried the smileo? I saw ads on Facebook and was intrigued. Thanks!

  • Gretchen
    Jan 16

    MAM! They are the best.

  • Kelly
    Jan 16

    mam worked best for my little guy! They stayed in his mouth the best overnight too!

Anyone deal with colic/digestive problems with their baby? How did you manage? Has anything worked? Help, please!

  • Sara
    Jan 18

    Thanks Julie. It’s interesting you say that. I swaddled him for the first time in forever today, closed the blinds, turned on the white noise and put him down for a nap. He slept for THREE hours!!! He has never done that before! He had been colicky all day long. Then that was the he has ever slept, ever.

  • Ariana
    Jan 29

    Nighttime gripe water is great, even just for nap time. While it doesn’t fix any allergies or long term digestive problems it is a quick (and natural) fix

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