Help and advice for parents of new babies 0 to 3 months old, including feeding, newborn sleep patterns, bathing and diapering.

Lilina posted in Newborns Aug 22

LO will only stop crying when held or on top of mom or dad

My LO is 7 weeks, turning 2 months on Saturday. It’s been a struggle getting things done around the house and having a second to myself as my LO is only comfortable being held or on top of mom or dad. We have tried the swing and longest he will stay without crying is a few minutes unless asleep. I have tried a bouncer chair which he cries as soon as he’s put in. We also have him play on his bab... More

  • Ivy
    Aug 22

    My first was very much like that. I had to baby wear him a lot. He grew out of that need very quickly, as soon as he began moving around on his own. It really was so hard getting anything done when all he wanted was to be held. Carrying him on my back in a wrap or carrier made it easier to do things

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Aug 22

    You cannot build a bad habit by holding a baby who wants to be held, especially that young. That is an old wives tale that older parenting generations tell us for some weird reason. You could wear baby (definitely a life saver for me), so you can get more done. You are coming up on the “period of purple crying” so it’s likely just part of his development. I have 4 under age 5, and I have worn a... More

Stacie posted in Babies Aug 21

Won’t sleep more than 50 minutes, refuses crib

My 11 week old won’t sleep more than 50 minutes unless she is lying next to me. I’ve tried everything, different swaddles, putting down awake, putting down drowsy, putting down asleep, rocking, feeding to sleep, giving a bottle, a pacifier, swaddling, not swaddling, spacing out feedings. using a shirt with my smell, bassinet, a warm heating pad- everything. She will not sleep in the crib at nig... More

  • Suzzie
    Aug 23

    Use a pillow hahaha I used to put a pillow between me and my son when I would snuggle him to sleep. Then I’d slowly push the pillow off me and on the bed with my son on it. Totally fooled him every time. But also keep in mind they need skin contact. They love you. Embrace the attention they seek, its going to improve you mother/son or mother/daughter relationship

  • Ivy
    Aug 23

    My first was very much like this and had reflux as well. Had colic for months too. For the day time, I wore him a lot. Like A LOT. Also, I reclined with pillows and held him to sleep on my chest at night times too, until he was about 4-5 months, then we started walking him to sleep in the stroller every night, and transitioned to a bedtime routine. By 6/7 months, he was putting himself to sleep... More

Anonymous posted in Newborns Aug 15

Can a toddler and NB share grooming kits?

Things like thermometer, nail clippers, the nasal aspirator? I feel like they should each have their own but my husband thinks otherwise?

  • Carissa
    Aug 21

    Yeah my kids share nail clippers, thermometers, combs, etc. they have separate ones but my daughter likes using ALL of her little brothers stuff. Even tries fitting into his clothes sometimes 😂 her things are hers and his things are also hers 😂

  • Molly
    Aug 22

    We share everything. Sterilize the nasal aspirator and thermometer after use but you should be doing that anyway!

Anonymous posted in Newborns Aug 06

Super clingy 3 year old just before new baby

My 3 year old has always been a mama’s boy, but these past couple months he’s been extra clingy, and now with less than a week before my due date with baby #2, he literally does not want to leave my side. He doesn’t want his dad, or anyone else, but mommy to do anything with him. He only wants mommy to change him, get him his food/drink, put him in his car seat, give him his bath, etc. Of cours... More

  • anonymous mom
    Aug 07

    Give it Time, he’s sensing the upcoming changes and he’s having a hard time understanding and processing. I only have one child but I used to nanny for big families. Those first few days, weeks, and months can be so hard but so rewarding. I found the older siblings who fared best in the transition had parents who were always there to acknowledge their child’s feelings and found ways to still gi... More

  • Ivy
    Aug 07

    My two and four year old love their baby sister dearly, since the first night. But I did notice my 2 year old regress a lot and has been acting out a lot more as I assume he desires more quality attention from me. What has helped, is having him be as involved as possible with his baby sister. When she cries, I tell him to check on her and when he makes her smile or stop crying, he gets lots of ... More

Constipation, continued - 1 mo old baby

Here is the situation. We've been struggling with a constipated baby, per the last few posts i've made. We've added probiotics, gas drops, gripe water from time to time. The pediatrician approved prune juice to test so we've been doing one ounce of juice added in two half portions throughout the day. It's been helping - but not without struggles! Poor girl cries and cries a... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 07

    my daughter had the same issue, she’s 8mo now and we mostly just did the q-tip and vaseline method and it worked like a charm for her. eventually she got used to the formula and as of 4mo she poops regularly. we started her on formula when she was 1.5mo and had issues at first. the prune juice didn’t really help her as much, more so just doing the q-tip trick every other day if she wasn’t poopi... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 07

    oh, we also did bicycle exercises with her legs to help get things moving, that helped a ton too.

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Jul 25

Tummy troubles with formula?

My LO is 3 and half weeks old and we just transitioned him to full formula from being full breast milk since he was born. With breast milk, he pooped almost every single feeding but now with formula he poops maybe once a day. During feedings though he is constantly pushing which frustrates him because nothing comes out. Is this normal? When he does poop it’s not hard. Is this his tummy getting ... More

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Jul 17

2 and a half week old eating every 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours, anything we can do stretch that out?

Newborn has just started to eat every 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours from the start of the feeding and is eating between 2 and 1/2 to 3oz of breast milk. Anything we can do to stretch this out? Is this temporary?

  • Kieli
    Jul 18

    Yes, baby’s will eat more when going throw a growth spurt. My 2 month old (EBF) cluster feeds, feeds about every 1-2 hours during the day and then sleeps longer stretches at night. Definitely not a bad thing

  • Samantha
    Jul 22

    This is completely normal. Nothing you can really do to stretch out the time between feedings. Baby’s stomach is so tiny right now.

Anonymous posted in Activities & Enrichment Jul 13

Swimming with a newborn

Just curious on when everyone took their baby swimming. I have a 5 week old and was curious when it was alright to put them in the pool?

  • Anonymous
    Jul 15

    I started both of mine at 3 months. No real reason just worked out that way. I would also ask your doctor about sunscreen, and how much you should or shouldn't use. There are a lot of terrible ingredients in them!! I've heard recommendations of none until 6 months to none until 2 years, but I live in the south and it feels like the surface of the sun right now so there are times that it... More

Constipated two week old, continued

I've written before about our struggle with poops. Our baby is 15 days old and has only pooped on her own twice since bringing her home. I cannot keep up with breastmilk demand so i supplement with formula (1oz breastmilk 1oz formula) and not every feed, maybe three feeds a day or i'd be glued to the breastpump which is unrealistic. So most of her feeds are 100% formula, shown below as ... More

  • Elle
    Jul 12

    Anna--check with your doctor, but ours suggested we add a little bit of extra water** to the formula to help with constipation. People are all a little different, and some people need just a little bit more hydration to not become constipated. In our case, it helped immediately! **meaning no more than appx 2 oz total additional water over the course if the day (depending on age).

  • anonymous mom
    Jul 26

    Hi Anna!! How are things going? I would say this is almost 100% an intolerance issue. If the pooping hasn’t become regular yet, consider trying an alternative type. I would avoid soy based formulas but maybe goat milk based can help. Or the partially or fully hydrolyzed types given to kids with cow milk intolerances (similac alimentum is what I ended up supplementing with). Another thing tha... More

Anonymous posted in Newborns Jun 21

Don’t feel as bonded to second baby

Anyone not feel as bonded to their second baby? I was obsessed and thought she was the cutest baby with my first daughter from the moment she was born (she’s 2 years old now). Since bringing home my second (she’s 2 weeks old) I just don’t feel that same emotion as I did with the first. I am definitely not depressed- I’m otherwise totally fine (a bit overwhelmed having 2 but that’s natural). I ... More

  • Megan
    Jul 01

    With my first I didn’t feel bonded for the longest time! I’ve always wanted to be a mom and thought it would come so much more natural than it did... but it took time. I think for me it was more just transitioning into being a mom and the entire mindset. But once I got it, I had it immediately for my second born. Immediately bonded in a way I didn’t with my first. Again may have just been now I... More

  • Anna
    Jul 04

    I didn’t feel as bonded with my first, but I also experienced a lot of trauma, PPD, and anxiety-but in my case, I don’t think I realized it until much later. How was your birth? Was it traumatic at all? I think sometimes that has something to do with it. As you probably remember, the newborn stage is very overwhelming. Also, was your first a good sleeper? My first was horrible at sleeping from ... More

Anonymous posted in Newborns Jun 20

I’m due with a baby boy in September and I need names that start with a Tr..

Most of the guys names on my fiancé’s side start with a Tr... most of them are unique.. I’m looking for either or ☺️

  • Samantha
    Jun 22

    Travin (trey-vin) or Trace

  • Elle
    Jun 23

    Travis Tracey Troy Tristan Tevor Trey

Anonymous posted in Newborns Jun 16

Help! Baby number two is coming in the next six weeks. Should we spell his name “Miles” or “Myles”

  • Emily
    Jun 17

    I like Miles.

  • Kieli
    Jun 18

    Depending if you want “unique” Or not. Does first baby have a “unique” name? When I was looking to name my second I wanted it to blend well with my first. My firsts name is Willow, so we sought all kinds of not so common names to go with it. We almost named our second Hazel, but didn’t like how Willow and Hazel sounded so, ultimately we named her Scarlett. We didn’t want to have one child with ... More

Harsha posted in Newborns Jun 12

Sleep pattern

Can babies sleep throughout the night by almost 2 months..

  • B
    Jun 13

    Some babies can, most won’t and will wake to feed.

  • Samantha
    Jun 14

    My 2 month gets up once a night to feed for about 10 minutes between 2 and 4 am. However, he has slept through the night twice this week. Oddly enough, I’ve been up more the nights he sleeps through the night wondering why he’s not up. But, they can do it.

Harsha posted in Newborns Jun 02

Long naps

My 6 weeks at times sleep for 7 hours, unless I wake her up for feeds? Has someone experience this? Is it ok to let Them sleep that long.. she is more than her birth weight

  • Jackie
    Jun 03

    I agree with Jenn. If she’s sleeping that long during the day you will need to help her get her days straight. After about 1 month I stopped waking the baby during night to feed. I let her wake me instead so mama got some rest!

  • Harsha
    Jun 04

    During nights also I have to wake her for feed, but yes at that time when she is up for feed she doesn’t sleep easily after feeds during night.. I am super stressed since I don’t know if someone has experienced it and if it’s ok, since most of the kids do not sleep beyond 2-3 hours and get up for feed

Week 8 growth

My baby is 3 days short of 8 weeks, doesn’t hold her head for long... not on tummy time... but when I hold her for burp, she manages to keep her head up for few seconds.. she doesn’t smile at me or follow object yet and Internet development milestones suggest this as a concern.. should I be worried?

  • Suzy
    May 31

    My mom laughed at tummy time. “None if you did tummy time and you all came out okay!” Albert Einstein didn’t walk or talk till almost four. We don’t all develop at the same rate. Your concerns are normal.

  • Harsha
    May 31

    You made my day!!!

Spills the milk

My 7 week old baby spills a lot of milk from her mouth. Whether she’s being bottle-fed or breast. Has anyone faced this issue before or does it get better with time? it’s not tongue tie.. I have checked with doctor

  • Makayla
    May 29

    My baby seemed like she was spilling milk out of her mouth a lot at about that age. I think my milk flowed too fast for her, so I pumped then fed her. That helped a bit. I would also try to make sure their face and body are positioned right.

  • Sara
    May 30

    I definitely am not a lactation specialist so take it with a grain of salt, but my son was a major milk dribbler really until pretty recently - and he’s eight months old. We just do bandana bibs when we feed him and sometimes a shirt change. He has a very high palate, so I don’t know if that had something to do with it? We tried several different positions with both breast and bottle, and he ha... More

Harsha posted in Newborns May 26

Sleeping position

My 1 month sleeps only on her left side, literally curves her leg and back from day one and sleeps on sides at best she can sleep on her right if I put her that way... I am really worried has someone exp this with their baby.. doctors don’t seem to help or give a clear response... please help

  • Harsha
    May 28

    Thank you so much.. I am So relaxed.. read some horrible stuff on google and never slept well after that.. feels much better ♥️

Looking for daycare advice

My son starts daycare on the 20th of this month and I’m super nervous! I’m a first time mom and my son will just be turning 8 weeks old when he starts daycare. I’m looking for some tips from other parents who have been through starting daycare with an infant. How many bottles a day do you send to daycare for your child? I am breastfeeding and started pumping about 2 weeks ago. I’m getting mysel... More

  • Megan
    Jul 17

    How has the first month been? I’m dropping my son off in the morning and already in tears haha

  • Samantha
    Aug 19

    Megan - I’m so sorry!! I just saw your comment. I haven’t opened the app in forever because I’ve been so busy. First day was so emotional. I bawled like a baby. Second day got better and so on. My son is now 4.5 months. He loves daycare but nothing beats the big smile I get when I pick him up. How has your first almost first month been??

Anonymous posted in Newborns May 08

Unique boy names

Im due in September and I don’t like any names I’ve seen. I need help! I would like the name to preferably start with a ‘T’ but it’s not a big deal if it isn’t.. please help 😭

  • Rita
    Jul 05

    Add a little twist to some of the names you have seen or heard by changing a letter. For example: Tristan could be spelled Tristyn. Tyler could be spelled Tilor. Add a silent letter in. Teagan can become Teaghan. Take a name you like that has a T in it and rearrange the letters to come up with something else. Please let us know what the name is. Also, sometimes, even with a name in mind, when y... More

  • Yoana
    Jul 10

    I named my first born Theodore Andres. We call him teddy. It's a beautiful name. Don't hear it often anymore.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Apr 22

When does breastfeeding get easier?

I’m 5 days post c-section and seriously struggling. My baby is a great eater and my milk came in on day 2 so I should feel incredibly lucky, however, she has a very painful latch so I need to use a nipple shield, which is annoying, I struggle to find comfortable breastfeeding positions that don’t hurt my incision and I’m just. So. Tired. I am lucky enough to have help from my husband and family... More

  • Loris
    Apr 27

    Breastfeeding is incredibly time consuming and it probably will be until baby starts on solids and starts eating less milk. And you’re definitely making a sacrifice for your LO. You’re nipple will get used to it, definitely use a salve after - it helps! And there’s these things by Lansinoh called Therapearl 3 in 1 that you can use to warm up your breasts and make the milk come out easier. It wi... More

  • Lily
    May 09

    Get some of this, Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream for Breastfeeding, 1.41 Ounce Tube also, they have classes you can go to where other mom and a lactation consultant will help you get your baby on there right! Breastfeeding is hard, but don't give up just yet. Also put your own breast milk on your helps! But... More

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