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Safety tips for co-sleeping with 12-week-old

We started out with a side sleeper, and I found myself nearly falling out of the bed to be closer to our son. We switch between an in-bed bassinet and him sleeping next to me. He rolled over today for the first time so we need to ditch the bassinet. I’m nervous about going to 100% co-sleeping. Can anyone share safety tips or even products that made you feel comfortable?

  • siham

    I agree with the mattress on the floor comments not only does it help the mattress feel firmer but if you line the bed with extra cushions or throw pillows baby won't hurt him/her self when she /he rolls off the bed. Take it from a parent who had their baby fall off the bed while sleeping it was absolutely the most frightening thing.

  • Jane

    SIDS may have been called crib death, but it includes babies that weren’t sleeping in cribs. please practice safe sleeping options. there are many great sleep options where you don’t have to share the same bed if you find that you can no longer do so. i loved my halo bassinest for that purpose.

Gi posted in Newborns Tuesday

Difficulty putting baby to sleep at 9 weeks

Do my baby is 2mo, and throughput the day I just feed him, say goodnight and put him on his crib. He does great and put himself to sleep. No crying at all. Every single time. If I sing or swing him he stays awake. Now, at the time that I have to put him again at 8pm, after he slept from like 5 until 6:30/7, he doesn’t. He not only doesn’t do it by himself but cries his head off. I don’t think i... More

  • Hillary

    When they're that young, they usually go to bed much later! This guide has helped me a LOT

  • Gi

    That’s awesome Hillary!! Thanks for that!! I’ll keep a track!

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Monday

Delivery at 29 weeks

My cousin had an emergency c-section at 29 weeks, any advice/tips on having such a little baby and an extended NICU stay?

  • Beth

    Tell her to definitely take care of herself . My daughter was in NICU a week and even that short time I felt helpless and lost. I finally had to tell myself that to take care of her I needed to take cafe of myself. I was pumping and sending my milk to her but I made sure I got rest, food, water, and love and support from friends and family was pivotal. The NICU is full of amazing people and c... More

  • Katelyn

    My baby was in the NICU for a month. Others have said this, but making sure your cousin has food at home for easy quick meals is a huge help for a NICU mom. You are constantly on the go between home and the hospital and also having to make time to pump. If she is pumping, I would suggest getting her some premier protein shakes. They were so easy for the mornings and you need a lot of protein wh... More

Jenny posted in Newborns Aug 08

How do I clean the bellybutton?

My son is 9 days old and his umbilical cord thing fell off. Am I able to clean the skin underneath where it was with anything? I don’t want to hurt him. His onesie ripped it off when he was sleeping so there is a little bit of blood dried blood in the area but I don’t want to rub it if it’s going to hurt him.

  • Alicia
    Aug 09

    Dr told me not to touch it still and my son is a month old

  • Nicole
    Aug 09

    If it’s an inny, my doctor told me to pull the skin apart and blow into the belly button with each diaper change so it could dry out completely and scab back over in there. He said we could use a qtip and alcohol to clean it out if we really wanted to but not necessary

Anonymous posted in Newborns Aug 07

Cosleeping safely

For those of you that choose to co sleep / bedshare, how do you get comfortable that the baby is safe?

  • Beth
    Aug 09

    We have the Swaddle Me co sleeper. I've also used the pillow trick mentioned above when she just wanted to be held or next to me. SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper

  • Stefanie
    Aug 11

    We always put our daughter at the top of the bed on a flat burp rag under her head. Her dad and I slept a lil down and never had blankets above the waist. It also helped that we have a California King bed.

Anonymous posted in Newborns Aug 05

Sleeping issues

Hello mamas, my 1month old fights with her sleep everyday at a certain hour, the last few days she falls asleep with me in the rocking chair but when I get up to put her on her crib she wakes up like she knows what’s going on and when I manage to put her down, she wakes up in the next ten minutes. I don’t know what to do , what do you recommend ? FTM here so I don’t know what to try, let her cr... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 05

    Thank you so much I’ll try that :)

  • Chrissy

    Never ignore a baby's cry. Aside from the stress it has terrible ramifications for the long term. Its her "4th trimester" and technically she should be on you 24/7. They even say they should sleep on your chest. Look into a good wrap to baby wear her.

Caitlin posted in Newborns Aug 03

10 week old cries before bed

Is there anything we should / shouldn’t do when our son has big cries before bed? We currently try to soothe him but it’s hard to tell if it does much for him - perhaps it’s more so for us to feel like we’re doing something - but we hate to “give up”. Would love some thoughts!

  • Lulu
    Aug 04

    @Cara it's true. When I was a new mom, all these people told me to use CIO and all the traditional methods and it felt SO wrong to me. I found that blog and she really gave me the confidence to be a mom by instinct:)

  • Sarah
    Aug 07

    You may want to check out "the 5 S" by Harvey Karp for comforting a crying baby. When ours starts to cry we swaddle, shush, rock and in less than a minute he's calm. We do this before bedtime as part of preparing him to sleep, then put him down (drowsy). Hope this helps!

Lisa posted in Newborns Jul 30

Best thing for constipation for a nine week old?

  • Carly
    Jul 30

    If baby is breastfed, babies can go upto 10 days without pooping before a ped will get worried. And just because baby is pushing or not pooping doesn't mean constipation, it is only true constipation if when baby does finally poop it is a harder stood.

  • Mattie
    Jul 31

    Definitely probiotics. You can mix them in a bottle and they do wonders for a baby’s tummy! They make Infant Probiotics and i use them for my son. I highly recommended trying it. Its called Evivo

Alexis posted in Newborns Jul 26

How early can u start taking a newborn around outside?

  • Cherish
    Jul 28

    After a week we’re we out n about. With my second it was as soon as she came home. It’s better for them to get fresh air in my opinion.

  • Haley
    Jul 28

    With my first, I was the typical overly cautious mom. We didn't take him anywhere for a month or longer. My second, HA!!! We went out for Mexican with all of our family the day we were released from the hospital (she was 2 days old). She's 4 months old now and has been on vacation to the beach 4 times, yacht riding, hiking with us, Disney, lake days...she's extremely healthy, has ne... More

Chelsea posted in Newborns Jul 24

Any tips on getting my 3 week old to nap during the day?

How often should she be sleeping? How do you manage with breastfeeding?

  • Andrea
    Jul 24

    I would focus more on cues then “amount of sleep”. For example, i know my little guy (now 4 months) needs a nap when he is fed, burped, has a clean diaper, and still fusses if i try to interact with him. Don’t try to force a nap otherwise cause he is supposed to nap x times a day (like i did with my first son). It just stresses you out. At three weeks he is still in the newborn phase anywa... More

  • Elle
    Jul 25

    Don't try to force naps. Best thing is the step back, analyze baby's cues and rhythms, and enable baby to learn days from nights. They can start catching on to this around week 4/5. We did this, and it was key to helping baby learn to sleep thru the night solidly early on. Just like feeding, the daily matter more than the interval. Try to shoot somewhere in the 16+ range for total ho... More

Anonymous posted in Newborns Jul 23

It’s been a long while since I had newborn so I need a little help/ reminder. My daughter is 3 weeks. She kind of just wakes and sleeps in different intervals on different days. Should I try to wake her from sleep around 7 and keep her up so she can sleep longer at night. Or is she too young for that right now! Should just let her sleep and wake on her own terms?

  • Gabrielle
    Jul 25

    At that age she should not be on a sleeping schedule. Don’t wake a sleeping baby! Let them wake themselves. You shouldn’t even try to establish a set schedule until 6 months or so. You can always start routines to make them sleepy around the same time but never force it and never wake a sleeping baby! Lol

  • Crimson
    Jul 26

    Let her sleep

Karla posted in Clothes Jul 22

NB vs 0-3

What’s the difference between NB size and 0-3 size? I’ve been advised to get 2 new born onesies and 2 0-3 onesies, but when I shop for NB online, they always say “new born 0-3”. I’m confused 😅

  • Liz
    Jul 24

    Whatever brand of baby clothes I received I would always check the weight of the size. We were all anticipating a 6/7 pound baby but baby boy ended up being 9.8lbs ! Good thing we brought two outfits! One in Newborn Size (usually for 7lbs and under) and another in 0-3 (also usually around the 7-10 lb mark) Always keep a couple different sizes around. Especially some sizes up. Baby boy only l... More

  • Claire
    Jul 26

    Newborn is usually 7lbs and under. 0-3 is 7 and up. You will definitely need 0-3, but you might not need newborn at all depending on how big your baby is. Some kids stay in newborn for months though.

Anonymous posted in Babies Jul 20

Baby sleeping left side

My 11 wk baby always sleeps on this left side..when i try to put him straight he cries ..i am really worried and my PED says it's normal and if anything happens we will treat it later...i really did not like her reply..

  • Hope
    Jul 31

    If they can roll to the side if you put them straight they can roll out of trouble. My girls were rolls pros by 3 months. One daughter would lay long way in the crib until her feet hung out the bars no matter how many times I moved her. The other constantly sleeps with her butt in the air. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Just check in them and try to get some sleep yourself.

  • Michelle

    My son preferred his left from day 1. He has torticollis now and sees PT twice a week. Luckily it was caught early enough, its easily corrected. I agree with the advice of moving them around and once asleep try turning their head gently to the other side, switch arms when you can, etc.

Anonymous posted in Activities & Enrichment Jul 20

How much did you play (talk, sing, read, etc) to your newborn?

I’m worried that I’m not interacting with my newborn enough if I’m not constantly talking or singing to him. How much did you interact with your newborn vs just quietly holding the baby.

  • Laurel
    Jul 28

    I found the games on baby centre really helpful 2 new games each week based on my baby's age. Helped me with fresh ideas.

  • Mackenzie
    Aug 04

    So glad you asked this question! I, too, feel neglectful if I don’t narrate EVERYTHING that I’m doing or dance or sing for him. It’s tiring, especially for someone that is not a talker. I’m learning that sometimes I can be quiet and just let him absorb the world around him. I watch for his cues as well. He’s good at letting me know when he’s overstimulated or bored.

Leaking milk

When I bottle fed my son ive started to noticed that he leaks milk out the sides of his mouth and ive tried different bottles with different nipples cuz he was a preemie so I'm using that size but no matter what I do I cant get him to latch on good enough. What should I do?

  • Lavinia
    Jul 20

    Mommy of 2 preemies. Baby could be trying to coordinate reflexes. I have to make sure my son's tongue is not in the roof of his mouth. If his tongue is in the roof of his mouth we get a lot of milk dripping out the sides of his mouth. Once we make sure he is latched to the nipple correctly we don't see milk dripping anymore. Hope this helps. Good luck

  • Becky
    Jul 21

    NICU mom of twins here, our nurses said preemies don’t have the strength to keep their mouths closed around a bottle nipple and to place an extra finger under their chin to help hold it closed around the nipple. I used a pincher grasp around the neck of the bottle with my middle finger under their chins. Remember to use a side lying position when feeding to prevent baby from respirating the mil... More

Heidi posted in Newborns Jul 18

We are going to a family reunion this Sat and our baby will be a month old! Any advice?

  • JJ
    Jul 19

    I myself would not let anyone hold my child. That’s just me though, I’m an overprotective germ freak.

  • JK
    Jul 19

    Baby wearing is amazing solution. Don’t be afraid to say no . Good luck

My baby boy just turned 3 months and it’s been a very hot summer here. I’ve noticed he gets clammy sometimes and sweats in his under arms- I didn’t realize babies can perspire this young. Any suggestions on how to deal with it?

  • Sam
    Jul 18

    My 2nd son was a super sweaty little dude when he was a baby, now he is 2 1/2 and still is! Baby powder helped, he was a chunky baby and the rolls looked sore sometimes. It's hard at that age cuz they are held, or down in a seat that's hot. I did a wet towel on the floor so he could wiggle on that too.

  • Fabiola
    Jul 18

    Corn starch helps keep them dry.

Wenonah posted in Newborns Jul 17

3 ounces

It seems like a lot of babies are up to 5-7oz a feeding for a 3 month old. My 3 month old is still at 3 oz every 2-3 hours. I tried to give her 4 oz a feeding about 2 weeks ago but she would throw it up. Is or were your LO past 3 oz at 3 months?

  • Judi
    Jul 18

    My son is turning 4 months on the 28th and is drinking 5oz every 3-4 hrs. I also agree that the consumption of the entire day is more important then each feeding.

  • Katrina
    Jul 18

    3oz per feeding is a very common amount for a baby receiving breastmilk with paced bottle feeding. Many babies never eat more than that during their entire time with bottles. Breastmilk-specific, since formula doesn't change as baby grows and therefore fornula needs more oz if baby needs more calories. As long as your baby is growing and developing appropriately, 3oz every 2-3 hrs is a no... More

Nicole posted in Newborns Jul 17

Probiotics for newborn

Yay or nay? Brand suggestions? *Dr suggested

  • Mama
    Jul 18

    My son has been using culturelle digestive health since he has 3 months( hes 8 now). It was recommended by his surgeon when he was little and we started on half a capsule with yogurt everyday. After he turned 1 we gave him a full capsule

  • Alexa
    Jul 18

    Don’t know if they still sell this but Gerber Sooth drops worked well for us

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