Help and advice for parents of new babies 0 to 3 months old, including feeding, newborn sleep patterns, bathing and diapering.

Anonymous posted in Child Care Friday

Having hard time letting others watch baby?

I know this is going to sound terrible, but I have a hard time leaving my LO (still a newborn) with his dad,my fiancé. He isn't as patient as I am with him and gets frustrated so easy and it sucks to see him talk to my baby in a mean tone. I find it hard to let him take the baby somewhere without me or leave him with my in laws to baby sit.. I mean with my family I don't feel bad saying... More

  • Anonymous

    We had a discussion of do's and don't 's with the baby before he came. One thing was do not smoke anywhere near the baby, and he does it 3 feet away so if he does it then it's hard to tell his family not to either.. LO is only two months and and they've given him ice cream dipped him in a pool and I just don't feel comfortable but when my fiancé isn't saying anything... More

  • JJ

    YOU are your child’s advocate. If you don’t like the way someone is treating your child, say something. Your baby can’t protect itself and that’s why they have you. Doesn’t matter if it’s your partner, family, in laws, caregivers, who ever. Speak up! I do not trust anyone with my children except my partner, my mom, and myself. That’s it. I would never leave them alone with anyone else. You ab... More

Aye posted in Newborns Friday

Baby cries in the back seat of the car when alone. What to do?

So my two month old use to always fall asleep when she was in the car. She'd only fuss when we stopped at a light. But recently she doesn't really like the car anymore and will scream and cry and works herself up till she's bright red and sweaty and even loses her voice. I've had to pull over and calm her down and put her to sleep if I'm alone and need to go somewhere, or ha... More

  • Mommaof2

    Get little toys that attaches to the car seat. We always allow the kids to have a lovey it helps them.

  • Katie

    We got a mirror for my LO. It seemed to do the trick along with some toys.

Any tips on feedings when baby gets fussy after every feeding

After every feeding and during ,he spits out his bottle but gets mad cuz hes hungry his tummy rumbles while feeding and squirmsand after feeding he gets fussy and very gassy he will be 2 mnths on the 19th..also while feeding he sounds like he has trouble breathing because he looses his breath and has to catch it..idk any suggestions moms?

  • Brita

    Stand up and sway them

  • Lisa

    Sounds like gas just like my daughter finally got past. We used Gripe Water to help the air bubble cone out of her tummy, and made sure mid-feeding when fussy to stop and burp her no matter how much she complained. She also looses her breath, so we just pull out the bottle, let her catch her breath then give it to her again. She is a breast fed baby so I also cut out milk, and Sodas to help ... More

Question about newborn screening..

My son had his newborn screening come back abnormal for fatty acids. His doctor requested that we get the test done today again. He’s 10 days old. Does anyone know anything about this?

  • Julie

    A friend dealt with this. First though, remember that an abnormal result can mean that they didn’t collect enough blood and the retest may come back normal. If it does turn out he has a fatty acid disorder, it usually means he will need to be on a special diet in order to avoid certain foods. In my friends case, it was hugely difficult at first to adjust, but once they had adjusted it became ... More

  • Jen

    My daughter didn’t have this for fatty acids but instead an enzyme. Doc said sometimes for newborn screenings not enough blood is collected for accurate testing so a false positive happens. We got her tested a week later and it was normal. Good luck!

Is it okay for a breastfed 8 week old to sleep almost 6 hours at night ?

She did this last night, usually wakes me up sooner. Are my boobs okay to last that long? At 1 month her weight was in 85/90th percentile

  • Marilyn
    May 13

    Yes it’s ok! Truly a blessing. My son was like that and then he had a mini spurt and boom he decided to start waking up through the night. Enjoy it while you can

  • Celeste

    Our pediatrician wanted us to nurse through the night, at least every 3-4 hours, but if baby does this every once in a while it’s not a big deal enjoy it haha. You’re lucky!!!

Dajhona posted in Newborns May 11

When do you start putting your LO on a sleeping schedule my daughter is 2 months old is it still too early she is sleeping a bit more through the night now

  • Yoeun
    May 12

    We started at two months. After talking to other parents who are still struggling with their baby sleeping through the night with their 6 and 9 month olds because they waited too long to sleep train, we knew we made the right choice. Now at 6 months he puts himself to sleep. You’re going to try a lot of things that fail and frustrate you. Then you eventually find something that works and your... More

  • Anna

    I would ask your healthcare provider about it—many doctors recommend that a baby be a certain weight before you start sleep training, and want to be sure the baby is getting enough calories throughout the 24 hour cycle.

Cass posted in Newborns May 09

Stroller/Car seat

Any recommendations on a stroller car seat combo for a newborn? Are there any good car seats that fit newborns-toddler? Just looking for recommendations for anything quality!

  • Gee
    May 10

    I just got the chicco bravo plus stroller today. Haven't used it yet but I like how easy to use it seems. You can fit chicco car seats in it too. Just don't get the evenflo pivot combo. The stroller is huge, heavy, and bulky.

  • Cass
    May 11

    Thank you for all the helpful responses :)

Edjah posted in Newborns May 09

Hi, any advice on traveling with a newborn in the car?

She’s fine putting her in her car seat and even the stroller. Just happy. But once she is placed in the car, she screams all bloody murder! It kills me but I can’t stay trapped home all day. Has anyone else dealt with this?

  • Edjah
    May 09

    Thanks everyone for the helpful tips! I do have a mirror and I do explain to her each step of the process as we go through it. As it happens today, she wasn’t as frantically mad as she used to be (yesterday!). So hopefully progress in the right direction! Fingers crossed!

  • AW
    May 09

    :) this is great!!

Wonder week 1

Did anyone’s baby spit up way more than usual during their first leap? My baby is 5.5weeks old and she’s fussier than ever: screaming, crying, scratching, on the breast all the time but unlatching and screaming at it, falling asleep for 5min to do it all over again, and on top of everything spitting a lot. I’m wondering if the spitting up is part of the fussy period of the leap or if there’s so... More

  • Anonymous
    May 06

    Ely - I would just relax about everything! Take it easy and don’t think too much. They are babies, they cry, scream and it’s perfectly fine :)

  • Elizabeth
    May 06

    Mine did this it turned out to be tongue and lip tie. We got it revised and it was like she was a new baby. A pediatric dentist will be able to diagnose

Sleep issue

So, my newborn has a very weird sleep habit. She’s fussy and refuses to go to sleep in her bassinet or on the bed with us at night but sleeps well on daytime. I have to hold her if I want her to sleep or calm down at night but once I put her in the bassinet she’ll cry. But around 7-8 AM in the morning she’ll easily fall asleep for about 3 hours without problem and it will go on until 8-9 at nig... More

  • Andrea
    May 06

    Sounds like she has her nights and days mixed up. While unfortunate and exhausting, it’s totally normal. Lee at it and eventually she’ll get on track. It does get better, I promise! Just hang in there!

  • B
    May 06

    I agree with Andrea. Sounds like she’s flipped. Try feeding more during the day, and getting her into the daylight a lot. It’ll help her flip over. Totally normal.

Emilee posted in Newborns May 04

Sleep training. Any methods that don’t use “cry it out?” LO is 15 weeks and sleeps 10pm-7am, eats then sleeps again until 10-11am. However last few weeks she hardly goes down for a nap and if so with a fight. Can also tell she’s tired at night and would like to put her down earlier but she wakes up if we try (after nursing her to sleep).

  • Meri
    May 05

    Yes, the problem with very small ones and crying it out is that they do usually cry for a reason. My daughter had a phase where she would only nap on my chest. I just napped with her. I heard other parents talk about the same issue with babies about the same age and was assured it was normal. With my son, he started fighting at diaper changes and nap time at some point and it turned out he had... More

  • Megan
    May 05

    Sleep changes for babies around the 4 month mark. The Precious Little Sleep book was super helpful for us. There is also a Facebook page and a podcast. The Facebook group is super supportive—-those ladies LOVE TALKING ABOUT BABY SLEEP and will help you troubleshoot. Love that book because she provides multiple ways to help baby learn to fall asleep on their own and takes into account your start... More

Refusing Bottle

Hi mamas. I’m a FTM and my little boy was always so good about taking a bottle of breast milk in the morning while I slept. My mother would watch him from 5am-8am so I can get some sleep. Then suddenly a week before turning 3 months he STOPPED taking the bottle. He just plays with it and maybe takes 2 sips. I’ve tried different bottles and different nipple flows but nothing is working!! He goes... More

  • Liz
    May 05

    They change so quickly. Recommend the ComoTomo bottles. We also used Dr. Brown’s glass bottles & theses baby bottles were the only one we use now. Your baby will get hungry enough that he will eat so don’t worry

  • Ariana
    May 11

    I know this is a late response but my son did the same exact thing and I started warming up his bottle and he drank it like he was in LOVE, hopefully you worked it out already if not try this 😊

Anyone dealt with acid reflux?

My 9 week old son has it terribly. He is prescribed to omeprazole and zantac 2x a day. We tried similac alimentum and it made him worse, like scary symptoms. We went back to similac pro sensitive for a while without any issues. We saw a pediatric GI doctor on April 20, who gave us samples of elecare formula, and said if we need to start it to try it. About a week ago, he pretty much refused a f... More

  • Erika
    May 01

    My little one (now 18 months) was similar to your little guy. Enfamil AR was the winner for us as well. We also used Mylicon drops quite a bit which helped him too. Something else that can help is feeding smaller amounts more frequently... so if you are giving 3oz every 2 hours try 1.5 oz every hour. I’m sure you’re doing all of the other things like feeding him upright and making sure he rema... More

  • Sara
    May 01

    We had thought he wasn't tolerating the milk protein but first alimentum and then elecare both made things worse, we are past that. I am so happy that I tried the enfamil. Thank you for sharing, ladies!

Janelle posted in Newborns May 01

Newborn bathing..... does anyone like any baby bath and want to recommend??

  • Jennifer
    May 01

    I like the boon soak... I have been using it with my second baby from week 1 to now 4 months. I have used it on the countertop and in the bathtub. My toddler still has plenty of room to play when the baby is in the bathtub with him. With my first I used the flower sink thing and hated it because my sink was too large.

  • Aida
    May 01

    We used the 4moms Infant tub, first in the sink and then moved to tub. Loved the temperature gage and padded area.

Anonymous posted in Teething Apr 27

Tips on teething for a little one that can’t yet hold a teether herself? She’s 3 mo and I feel/see a bottom tooth coming in. She’s super unhappy and I feel so bad for her since I can’t really give her a teether to chew on. Thoughts on the freezing of breastmilk for pacifier popsicles?

  • Maggie
    Apr 28

    My guy also teethed before he could hold toys. The only thing he liked was chewing on the bottle nipple. So I filled a few with formula (or we use chamomile tea because he's old enough) and freeze them. Just assemble a nipple, put the cap on, turn it upside down and fill it with liquid. Freeze it then attach it to an empty bottle when you want to use it. They're able t... More

  • Anonymous
    May 06

    This and frozen strawberries. You hold it to help find the right spot.

Elle posted in Clothes Apr 27

Help! We're headed to the beach soon, and I am having trouble finding a *small* beach hat to help shade our *small* baby. I'm looking on Amazon, searching specifically for NB sizes, but just getting "0-6mo" which are just huge on her. - Looking for something on Amazon - The "size 0-6 mo" hats don't cut it; they're too large. Baby is not preemie, but a preemi... More

  • Dana
    Apr 28

    I bout an iplay and twinklebelle. I really liked the twinklebelle. Both from amazon.

  • Elle
    May 04

    Thanks, ladies! The iplay (with the head circumference cinch) did the trick!

Arianna posted in Teething Apr 24

2 month old teething?

Have anyone experienced teething at a young age? My baby just turned 2 months and she's become more irritable and sleeping less and not as consistent as before. She's also rubbing her face a lot and biting on her hands even though she's already been fed or rejects food.

  • JJ
    Apr 25

    Definitely a possibility, a couple of mine did. Do you feel anything in her gums? Do teethers soothe her? If you do see or feel anything pop up, it’s a good time to make your first appointment with a dentist. We have a pediatric dentist and they’re amazing with the kids!

  • Arianna
    Apr 25

    Yeah I can feel something hard on her top gums. And I've been freezing her pacifiers and teethers and she absolutely loves them. Calms her down a lot

sondra posted in Pumping Apr 24

What helped your milk supply? Im exclusively pumping right now for my baby in the nicu and im not getting much. Im eating lots of oatmeal, greens, water, milk, and granola as well as taking upspring fenugreek+blessed thissle supplement. Not really doing much...any other suggestions?

  • Joanna
    Apr 24

    If available, try the hospital grade pump.

  • Kristin
    Apr 26

    I rented out the Medela Symphony hospital grade pump since I gave birth, I’ve been using that. You can call Medela directly & inquire where you can rent one ie Medela retailers near you. We used to rent from the hospital but was very expensive.

Leslie posted in Newborns Apr 21

6 week old constipated, can I give him anything? Or should I take him to the doctor?

  • Ryan
    Apr 22

    Gripe water is a marketing gimmick. Water won’t do anything. Prunes will and are the most natural remedy. And are recommended most commonly amongst physicians. Relying on forums such as these however is going to gain a wide variety of opinions and many uneducated and untrained. If you are concerned go see your pediatrician....

  • Jenn
    May 09

    Water w/a drop of (REAL) maple syrup or chamomile water. Or if they’re really constipated, there’s always manually stimulation.

Anonymous posted in Newborns Apr 19

3 week old goes ballistic when pulled off the breast! She is been feeding more often and after she is done eating and is just sucking (and hurting me) I unlatch her and she starts crying, shaking, scratching her face and scratching me. WTH is going on? She only stops when she is back on the breast and this time she loses the deep latch as soon as I put her on and goes on to that shallow and pai... More

  • Anonymous
    Apr 19

    She won’t take the paci either, she just wants boob tonight

  • Megan
    Apr 19

    This was my life. So so painful. He’d slip to the shallow latch within minutes of latching and sometimes instantly. I honestly thought my nipples might detach. Also, yup, just hours upon hours of wanting to be latched, even when not hungry, just for comfort. I just let him do his thing for a long time, causing nipple trauma that took forever to heal completely. I ended up with vasospasms for mo... More

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