Help and advice for parents of new babies 0 to 3 months old, including feeding, newborn sleep patterns, bathing and diapering.

Hyperactive during night feeding

Anyone experience their baby acting hyper active during or after an early (1 am-5am) feeding? My partner & I just had twins (3 months old) and the only way to calm one of them is breast feeding her after her feed. SN: I do offer extra breast milk in her bottle but she doesn’t take and cries for her moms teet (milk boob). Since I am back at work, Early mornings is my only shift to help my p... More

  • Anonymous
    Nov 13

    Agree with pacifier! If she doesn’t like the one she has, try a different type!

  • Xris
    Nov 13

    Yes we have 4 different kinds and they don’t care for any.

Anonymous posted in Newborns Nov 12

Only sleeps on my chest

My five week old baby only sleeps on my chest. He’s still eating every 2-3 hours so he naps on my chest in between feedings all day and night. Loves tummy time though and has even fallen asleep on his stomach (I didn’t leave his side, nobody panic). I love the snuggles and how peaceful he is, but would also like to be able to get up and eat... or use the bathroom or change a load of laundry! We... More

  • Bex
    Nov 13

    In the same boat with my 6wk old, I’ve put him in the swing again and again and he would only last 5-10 min but slowly he’s gotten more used to it and will last longer in there. At night my little sleeps on my chest to fall asleep then I slowly place him in the dockatot next to me in bed and he fusses for a while but he will usually eventually fall asleep! Do what works for you, don’t worry a... More

  • Anonymous

    Thank you ALL for your tips and kind words! We’re still chest sleeping but he’s at least allowing me to put him down for a little while when he’s awake now. Thanks again!

Krabbe disease

Newborn son was just tested for this disease and it came back with him having 2 markers. The doctor then said could be false positive and needed to get blood work done. Now waiting for results. Has anybody dealt with this before or currently? What should I expect or be doing as I wait.

  • Christy
    Nov 05

    I have zero advice for you.... I had never heard of this disease before and found myself curiously researching it. I found this: I hope it might help you as it was founded by parents who's child had the same disease.

  • Ashley

    I am so sorry ❤️ praying for your family. Krabbe Disease is very rare. It’s a nervous system disorder passed down by genes. This is a lack to create a substance that surrounds your nerve fibers. Without the protection brain cells become nonexistent and nerves will begin to not work properly. Symptoms in babies are feeding issues, fevers, vomiting, irritability or excessive crying, poor movement... More

Lauren posted in Newborns Oct 30

Sleep fighter

Our LO will be 12 weeks on Friday and for the last few days he has begun to really really fight sleep for naps and bed time. We follow a feed, wake, sleep schedule. Lately when it is time for sleep he will start winding down and seem to come close to falling asleep but right when he is about to surrender to sleep he starts fighting it (kicking, fussing, arms) and then it just goes downhill from... More

  • Meg’s
    Oct 30

    I have a 13 week old and sleep is rough! They’re developing and growing and it interrupts their sleep. If he stays asleep when you nurse him, I’d say do it. Try different ways during the day.

  • Kristen
    Oct 31

    My 3 month old used to really fight sleep hard. Not as much anymore but what I noticed was we were putting her to sleep too late. She was over tired and that makes it much harder to put her to sleep. So I’ve been watching for her rubbing her eyes and yawning. As soon as that starts I get her ready to go to sleep. Also her newest thing is she loves sleeping with a super fuzzy blanket and she act... More

Alyssa posted in Newborns Oct 30

Teaching big brother to be gentle with new brother

I have an 18 month old and I need help teaching him to be nice and gentle with his new brother. Little brother is only a week old. Today big brother threw his sippy cup at little brothers head. Thank goodness he is ok, but I really want to avoid anything like this in the future. Please help!!

  • Sonia
    Oct 30

    I guess he’s jealous of little brother who’s taking all the attention from him. I would try being -even more- loving towards big brother and let him help with baby’s activities (putting diaper in trash can, handing you diapers and bottles, etc..) and make him feel part of the babies development. Good luck!

  • Jennifer
    Oct 30

    Yeah I think big brother is jealous the little brother is getting all the attention and plus knowing that he's not the baby anymore! Give him more love and attention and see how things goes.

Sleep Routine for 2 month old

Hi, Parents! I’m still pretty new on here but really do appreciate that I’ve only seen positive discourse between parents unlike what’s unfortunately seen on other platforms. A couple of weeks ago my son slept 5.5 hours one night and then...that was over 🤦🏻‍♀️ It seems he’s developed colic so the schedule I was trying to introduce during the day has been temporarily put on hold. Any suggest... More

  • anonymommy
    Nov 03

    Thanks, mamas! Bethany, I agree—sometimes it feels the routine is more about me getting accustomed to it 😆 Again, thanks!

  • Elle
    Nov 12

    It is VERY easy and doable to schedule an 8 wk old. It's all about consistency. At 5 wks, baby started trying to sleep throught the night (with inconsistent results - 8hrs one night, then 4 the next, then 10 the next, then 5 the next, then 8, and so onl. By 8wks, via gentle leading, consistency, and very very clear signalling from us about what was going to happen next, baby was sleeping 8h... More

Anonymous posted in Newborns Oct 28


Tips to get 2 month old to stop cosleeping and have them sleep in their own bed

  • Catharine
    Oct 29

    Does baby like to be swaddled?

  • Kristina
    Oct 29

    Put one of your shirts with your scent on it on her crib so she can still smell you. That’s what I did with my son and now he loves his crib.

Bryan posted in Newborns Oct 27

I have a two month old that becomes very fussy and refuses to sleep when my wife and I put to bed.

Any advice would be more than welcome

  • Hillary
    Oct 27

    Babywise helps with scheduling and Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child for sleep training and napping. Both were game changers.

  • Sarah
    Oct 29

    Is this something that just happened? If so it could be that your baby is going through a leap. Check out the wonder weeks app. It helps me understand why my little ones have been fussy or trying to develop new skills.

Any one have experience with tongue tie?

My 2 week old might be going for his second cut :(

  • Carlos
    Oct 26

    Hi Natalia, that’s helpful to know. We are going through something very similar. We cut his tongue tie a few days after berth too.

  • Anonymous
    Oct 29

    My daughter had a tie release and upper /lower tie release. Her mouth was bad. I attached a homeopathic remedy my dr. Provided us instead of tylenol.

Alexis posted in Newborns Oct 23

When do u start putting a baby into a crib?

  • Lulu
    Oct 24

    @Alexis because babies feel safer when they are held. She was with you for 9 months, she doesn't understand why you need to separate just because she was born

  • Katherine
    Oct 25

    We made the move with both (from our room) to the crib upstairs @ 6mo. They slept SOOO much better and through the night once we booted them from the pack n play next to our bed. You can always start the transition by putting them in the crib during naps until you both are used to it. Just go with your mom gut! God gave it to us for a reason 😁

Anonymous posted in Newborns Oct 18

Is it possible to over feed a newborn?

Our doctor said that our son should be eating 24 ounces in a day. He is almost 2 months and is eating around 34 ounces! We try and hold off feeding him, but he is always hungry!! I feel like he eats too much, but I read it’s almost impossible to overfeed a baby and if he wants it give it to him. Anyone else have this experience?

  • Sam
    Oct 24

    Feed the baby, tell the doctor to shove it.

  • Cynthia
    Oct 29

    My 4 month old was the same way he eats alot to be 4 months he eat 6-8oz every 2 hours . Some babies just eat more ❤️

Hiccups... What do i do??

I am a new mom .. my baby is almost 2 weeks old... She won't burp for me and even when she does burp for me she still gets the hiccups .. she won't let me put her down when she has them... I am breastfeeding... How can I prevent them...?

  • Meg
    Oct 10

    Hi! FTM here, too! My lo has had hiccups every single day...since 25th week of pregnancy. It was cute because my belly would jump, but now that she is 8 weeks old (omg) sometimes they bother her. If they don’t seem to be bothering her, I just let it work itself out. However, if she seems upset by it and they won’t stop, I’ve used GRIPE WATER. Worked like a charm.

  • Anonymously
    Oct 20

    Use gripe water it works every time you don't have to give them the full amount just a couple drops usually works good luck

Vitamin D for infants

Does anyone have any recommendations for vitamin d drops for infants? My son is almost 3 weeks old and the doctor wants him to start taking them since I breast feed. Thanks for your help!

  • Candace
    Oct 08

    I just ordered the Carlson’s drops. Thanks for everyone’s help!

  • Candace
    Oct 08

    Rachel, the ones the pediatrician gave me has that in it too. We used up one and a half of the sample bottles we had. Is he going to be ok if we used some of it?

Anna posted in Newborns Oct 06

Baby Awake for Long Periods??

Anyone else have a newborn that for some reason isn’t sleeping well during the day? This is a more recent phenomenon. She’s about 5 weeks. She isn’t super fussy during these times, has had enough to eat, is just...awake. She had some small stretches of sleep this morning, but has been awake all mid-morning to afternoon and this isn’t the first time. Help!

  • Anna
    Oct 06

    I have a Boba! It’s nice, but I never feel like I have it quite right. I suggest the one that’s already tied (in wearing position), I hate tying mine every time! She’s been doing okay so far tonight...I’m going to try to log her patterns so I can have some frame of reference and see the ‘bigger picture’.

  • Juliana
    Oct 07

    I have a 6 week old baby girl and she’s sort of similar. She has her good days and some days she’s real fussy or just won’t sleep very much during the day. She’s pretty good at night overall but she does have those bad nights once in a while too.

6 week old constipation

My 1 month old hasn’t pooped in almost 2 days now. (breastfed) She’s in pain 😞 makes grunting sounds when attempts to push. She has pooped everyday for the first month and this is the first time she cannot go (she’s 6 weeks tomorrow). This is the third time within this week it is happening. Each time it finally does come out it’s so thick and sticky like silly putty/peanut butter. We did a Qti... More

  • Morgan
    Oct 07

    Mother’s bliss constipation

  • Brandy E.
    Oct 07

    It sounds pretty normal. We were told if there is no bowel movement after 7 days to bring our baby in. Our doctor ended up telling us to give her an ounce of prune juice.

Jenna posted in Newborns Oct 05

Car seat problems

My daughters just over a month old and still screams bloody murder when she’s in the car seat. Red face screaming to where I have to blow in her face to get her to breath and she is just SO mad and won’t stop. Then she puts herself to sleep after because she’s exhausted from screaming. Does anyone else have this problem? Or know why it may be happening? I feel so bad and it breaks my heart to ... More

  • Jenna
    Oct 14

    I did! Had to adjust the seat, put a nice comfy insert in there and a toy to hang above. She’s great now

  • MG
    Oct 18

    try putting one of your shirts or sweaters next to her where she can feel and smell, that way it can male her feel secure and comfortable... try it and if it doesn’t work then it might be she is just uncomfortable

Jenna posted in Newborns Sep 26

Laughing in sleep

My baby is almost 4 weeks old and since 1 week old she would sometimes laugh out loud in her sleep. This usually only happens after I finish feeding her and she’s nodding off (fighting her sleep) into sleep. What does this mean? and is this something normal that happens ?

  • Jenn
    Sep 27

    My baby did the same at that age. We loved the little sleepy smiles and laughs!

  • Stephanie
    Sep 27

    My baby is nine months and still does this on occasion. I love it.

Ashley posted in Newborns Sep 19

1 year old baby boy doesn't like to snuggle and fall asleep with mom anymore

Since my son was a newborn I always held him and let him fall asleep on me until he was about 10 months old I started putting him in his crib for naps and bedtime. He had started to fight me for sleep if it was on me. Turns out he likes his own space now. Wondering if it is because I over cuddled him and if he will ever want to cuddle with me again. He is sick right now too and I tried to get h... More

  • Jenn
    Sep 20

    No such thing as overcuddling! It's just the age, they want to be moving at all times. I finally got my daughter (14mo) to start cuddling with me again before nap time while she drinks her milk. It's only 10-15 minutes but I'll take what I can get. 🤗

  • Donna
    Sep 21

    No overcuddling at all... Kids are different. My mom had 4 one of my brothers had to be pladed in a room all by himself to be able to get to sleep while I was a huge cuddler. Some kids just want space.

White stuff in my son's mouth

I've started to notice white stuff is left behind in my babys month like around the tops of his lips and ppl think its thrush but I've read it comes in like bumps and you can't wipe it and there's not bumps and i can wipe it out if his mouth so what do I do?

  • Destinee
    Sep 20

    Went in and found out that he has thrush

  • Anonymous
    Sep 20

    My babe had thrush and I got it too from breastfeeding. If pumping boil all your stuff once a day until the thrush clears. I changed my diet and that helped clear it for me and babe. I also used Monistat cream on my nipples once a day. Babe hated the antibiotics they prescribed her and would spit most of it up.

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Sep 16

Eating Question?

How much should a 2 week old be drinking every 2-3 hours?

  • Cynthia
    Sep 18

    I'm not sure how to explain it. You can find a video on YouTube.

  • Erin
    Oct 21

    I would offer 2oz of formula to a 2wk old, if im breastfeeding I would let them feed for as long as they wanted, usually 15 min per side. When they go through growth spurts they will nurse longer, this also tells your body to produce more milk as your baby eats more.

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