Whether you have a picky eater or a kid who eats anything, proper nutrition is key to a healthy childhood.

Amazing healthy eating trick for pre-K and up

So my kids (3 and 5) are pretty normal when it comes to eating; not super picky but they certainly prefer “kid foods” like chicken nuggets, pasta, hot dogs, etc. I give them veggies every night but often they ignore them or have to be nagged into eating them. Then my 5yo did a nutrition unit at school. Somehow his (brilliant!) teacher managed to teach a bunch of pre-K kids about vitamins, macr... More

How do I make healthy foods fun? 🥦

One child eats everything and the other just won’t eat healthy.

  • Jennie
    Jun 13

    A few things we do... try to offer non-healthy foods sparingly. Allow substitutions from the same food group. (don't like tonights chicken? Have a handful of almonds or some scrambled eggs <i only allow substitutions they can make themselves, I'm not a restaurant 😉> ) and the 3rd thing we do is play animal ("Does anyone see a giraffe who wants to nibble these trees *aka brocc... More

  • Deandra
    Jun 13

    Oooohhh! I love the animal idea Jennie! My boys are 4 & 5. They would love that! Thanks a bunch 😊

Maca root while breast feeding?

My energy levels have been crazy low recently. I used to take maca a couple years ago and I LOVED it. I want to get back on it to help me wake up a little bit, but I am currently breast feeding my 4 month old. Does anyone know if this is safe, or have any personal anecdotes to share? Thank you!

  • Isabelle Ames
    Jun 09

    Hi Megan! I was researching why my energy was so low while breastfeeding- essentially I found out because of the hormones it makes not only them tired but also the mommas! Also- until about month 6, breastfeeding takes a toll on our calcium & literally takes it from our bones. However, at month 6 it is supposed to regulate as far as the hormones and calcium levels and you should see increas... More

What do you feed your non-animal (aka vegeterian) eating kids for main meals/protein? She hardly eats vegetables as it is... bean quesadillas are our go to. I need new ideas.

  • Adark
    May 30

    Think Indian food! Lots of tasty dishes with no meat. Garbanzos, dal, etc just need some spices to come alive.

  • Khris
    Jun 04

    Hello! Tried and true meals of a picky vegetarian toddler: 1. Quinoa rice: 75% rice 25% quinoa mixture (doesn’t like straight up quinoa) 2. Miso soup with lots of tofu and spinach. Can also add seaweed in small pieces. Just check miso for no fish ingredients. 3. Beyond Burger - slider size (think it’s called Beast burger and it’s at almost every grocery store) with some ketchup to dip. 4. P... More

PK posted in Nutrition May 27

Does your child get the recommended 2 cups of dairy a day?

I stopped tracking how much milk my son is drinking since we just got him off the bottle but he likes to tip his milk cup (straw tumbler that isn’t leak/spill proof - the only cup he will drink milk from) and play with it. I try to give him cheese and yogurt to supplement but by ballparking it... we are far from reaching the 2 cup recommendation. What are your experiences? Did you have to give ... More

  • Jesika
    May 27

    There’s ways to sneak more in if you feel like it..... Use milk in place of water when making pancakes, oatmeal, or pudding. Put yogurt in smoothies and use it as a dip for fruit. If he likes eggs serve him cheese eggs! Melt some cheese into mashed potatoes. Oranges, leafy greens, and beans are all great calcium sources.

  • Hannah
    May 27

    Almond butter is an ok (not great but better than peanut butter) source too! Don’t worry, 2 cups is a maximum guideline, not a minimum.

Jade posted in Fitness May 25

Wanting to lose the weight!

Alright, so I’m currently 2 months post partum. I’ve already lost all my baby weight and then some, but am now struggling to continue losing the weight. I always have this vision of eating healthy, exercising, and just becoming a better healthier me. I’ll do it all day long but then once nighttime hits I am starving and begin to binge eat. So basically everything I accomplished during the day i... More

  • Carmen
    May 28

    Keeping only good choices around (skinny pop or fruit or fruit juice popsicles or veggies & hummus would work as healthy bedtime snacks) or just go to bed earlier. Or have a glass of water. But also make sure you’re getting enough calories—breastfeeding is no joke! Hunger at bedtime may mean you really haven’t had enough during the day.

  • Anonymous
    May 28

    When my mom lost a lot of weight she chewed a lot of gum! She said when at a get together for example and there was a table of food she'd chew gum because you can't eat while chewing gum. Or if she had a sweet tooth she'd chew a fruity piece of gum.... I think she primarily used it as an excuse to say "no thanks, I have gum in my mouth" when offered food/snacks etc. she al... More

Anonymous posted in Nutrition May 24

My 21 month old is a super picky eater. I can’t get her to try other foods. Advice needed.

  • Clarissa
    May 25

    It’s so hard to get kids to eat. Here are the things that worked for my son when he was a baby: Minimize snacking. Only when necessary and something very light- fruit, nuts, etc. When he’s hungry he’s a better eater. Serve his meal in courses. Veggies first, then meat, then grains. My son is picky about textures, so I played a lot with cooking different foods in different ways. I learned ... More

Anonymous posted in Nutrition May 24

Anybody have a toddler that skips meals every now and then?

I know it’s sometimes hard to remember that they’re just like anybody else where they may have low appetite days and hungry days but it’s starting to become a 1-2x a week thing for my son to skip dinner completely. He’s barely 1.5 years old so I can’t even reason with him. Anybody else have this happen? What did you do? What was your experience?

  • Amber
    Jun 01

    Our son is 3 yrs old, and has done this ever since he’s been out of infancy. Our son is, what I call, a grazer. He LOVES to eat a large morning meal, eats good for lunch, but does not like to eat dinner. I mean ever! As the day wears on, he wants to graze more and just grabs things from us as he runs by. Our son falls in the middle of the ADHD spectrum though, so he’s got a LOT of energy. He us... More

  • Christy
    Jun 12

    I have a picky eater, so I confided with my daughter's pediatrician. His response is very similar to all the previous comments. However, he said to avoid grazers, make a schedule and specific times for both meals and snacks (With snack time being between meals, that gives them the option to eat 5 times a day). Now I feel your pain... So with my daughter, I make her smoothies everyday to ma... More

Any other parents out there doing the Keto diet? Or even just trying to cut down on carbs?

Here’s a great recipe I just made for tortillas for salsa chicken tacos tonight. I gave my baby a cut up tortilla with some baby food purée on top and she is currently loving it!! (This is modified from a recipe I found online.) One egg white 1 TBSP melted coconut oil 4 TBSP arrowroot starch (or equal amount cornstarch) 2 TBSP water 1/2 cup fine almond flour A few punches of Real Salt Butter ... More

  • Cathy
    May 24

    If you are on Instagram try following Living with Landyn. She does Keto!

  • Geena
    May 24

    Thanks! I have a bread recipe that’s not eggy because of the arrowroot starch. Let me know if you’re interested

Zelmi posted in Fitness May 11

Exercises for kids

Any suggestions for daily exercise and meal plans? I have an 8 yo with celiac, already small for his age and the doctors say it’s likely he’ll stay at this size for the rest of his life. He is a shy and timid child with a beautiful heart. I don’t want his physical appearance to bog him down as he grows. I want him to grow strong despite of it, even if he doesn’t grow taller.

  • Cindy
    May 14

    My son love Geo Caching. Download the free app and give it a try. You can walk, hike, or bike to the location. Just like a treasure hunt.

Kaity posted in Nutrition Apr 30

What are some of your favorite healthy snacks? My son is 1 and loves cheese doodles, Oreos and ice cream . I go to Aldi and Walmart primarily and I’m overwhelmed with choices, I don’t know where to start .

  • Erin
    May 02

    Raisins! Our son loves raisins. He also loves dates, any kind of fruit, he loves my smoothies and soup. Oh and dirt. Can't forget the dirt lol.

  • Ann
    May 12

    Yogurt, lots of fruit, applesauce pouches, cheese sticks. I also make my own popsicles with yogurt and fruit and the occasional puréed veggie

*FOR THOSE WITH ANEMIC BABIES/TODDLERS* So, I found out that my 1 y/o is anemic. He’s not very anemic, but he’s a little past the borderline mark.. He’s taking iron drops as supplement, but I would like to give him iron via: food & drinks. What kind of foods can I feed my little one in order to give him the iron his body needs? **I’ve also found that his anemia is not caused by health iss... More

  • Alexis
    Apr 24

    When did he finally grow out of his anemia?

  • Kristin
    Apr 24

    He was identified as anemic at 12 months and had normal hemoglobin levels by his 15 month checkup

My daughter is 1 and she has no problem eating a wide varieties of food, but when it comes to drinks she's so picky! She doesn't like really like to drink anything other then milk and water. I have tried almost every brand and flavor of juice and she just won't drink it. I maybe thought she could dislike cold drinks, so I tried juice room temperature and still a no go. Anyone els... More

  • Brittany
    Apr 23

    Juice is horrible for kids! Water and milk are best

  • Jackie
    Apr 23

    I agree, count your blessings. My daughter only drinks water and milk and “juice water” which is fruit infused water lol Juice is terrible for their teeth!

Feeding my toddler

My daughter is 3 and now she doesnt want to eat. I've tried everything but I'm out of ideas. Thanks!

  • Tiffany
    Apr 25

    Pedisure, my 7 year old is picky and my step daughter refuses to eat altogether for periods of time. They seem to like the taste and I know they are getting what they need.

  • Chantalle
    Apr 27

    I give very limited snacks something small if anything otherwise her real meal times are like pulling teeth. My desperate go to measure is I give her YouTube kids 😫 I know not great but she loves it (i don’t know what baby crack is in those videos) but when she’s really refusing to eat and I know it’s just stubborn bx I wait a little while then sit her down again and give her the iPad and she... More

Jackie posted in Nutrition Apr 23

DAIRY OR NOT? It seems that the pediatrician and studies contradict each other. I’ve heard that dairy is harmful, yet the doctor says that toddlers need the fatty milk for brain development and what not. What’s your take? Is dairy (milk especially) harmful or helpful??

  • Karla
    Apr 25

    This was tough for us at home. My husband and I don't do dairy at all just because of intolerance. My son is 1 and we went with grassfed milk. Also went with this because he's very hard to feed. So while yes we have all these other options for healthy fats and calories and what not milk is one thing he does like. It never crossed my mind that we would be struggling this much to get him ... More

  • Thoai Anh
    May 03

    Dairy if your kids like it. If they don’t, you can always choose almond milk and soymilk . Moderate ratio of course , because they get more nutrients from food and fruits too

Dana posted in Nutrition Apr 22

Anyone have any advice for getting a 4 going on 5 year old boy to eat more vegetables?

  • Erin
    Apr 29

    I make zucchini soup and a cauliflower soup. He gets to hold the immersion blender and blend it all up. He also seasons it w spices. He loves it and the soups are pure veggies.

  • Lynn
    May 10

    If you use any kind of reward system, give points or stars for eating them.

Cathy posted in Nutrition Apr 22

My 16 month old son used to eat everything under the sun and is now boycotting his meals. I absolutely refuse to keep giving him alternatives because I don’t want him to think it’s a restaurant lol. He’s drinking his milk and water and doesn’t seem like he’s starving. Please tell me this is a phase. My goal is to keep offering what is given and keep plugging on.

  • Kayleigh
    Apr 23

    I know that it is very common for toddlers to have periods of not eating as much! Offer snacks between meals. It will be ok!

  • LoJachimo
    Apr 24

    My daughter became picky at this age. I try to feed her what we eat but will offer her either lunch or dinner with something I think she will like but we will eat too like pasta with purees veggies as the sauce or meatballs with sweet potatoes or quiche . So she is at least eating 1 good meal a day.

What age did you start your Kids on juice ?

  • Anne
    Apr 22

    Never. Juice is really bad for you. It’s all the sugar from fruit with none of the fiber. We do water exclusively with juice or milk as an occasional treat.

Liz posted in Nutrition Apr 16

When my son was born he was 9.8lbs. Everyone including myself were SHOCKED. So whenever someone would jokingly ask me what did I eat, I always tell them CARBSSS. Pizza, pasta, sweet potato/yams, & fries were the main things I wanted and craved for (yes I did eat a lot of vegetables too) On both sides of the family (mine and hubby) no one was a big baby. All pretty average. which makes me w... More

  • Anonymous
    Apr 18

    My firstborn (and only child) was 10.4! I was 7 but hubby was 9. Son was also 9 days overdue and I only gained 30lbs. It’s a mystery.

  • Jess
    Apr 19

    My first son was 8.8 lbs and my second son was 6.11 lbs. Totally different! They won’t all be big babies!

Help!!!! I need all the advice I can get. My son who is now 15 months refuses to eat fruits and veggies. We have no problem in the protein dept. he loves chickens and meats. I’ve done the whole mixing in his food, for example he loves chicken salad so I’ve chopped up veggies very small and he’ll eat it. But once he realizes there are veggies in it, he’s done. I don’t know what to do at this p... More

  • Stephanie
    Apr 27

    My 2 year old is obsessed with “dip” he wants to dip all his food in something so I started making a sweet potato purée and letting his dip his chicken nuggets and other foods in it. He gets so excited about it he practically licks the bowl lol

  • PKS
    Jun 05

    Try freeze dried fruit it’s crunchy and sweet

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