Whether you have a picky eater or a kid who eats anything, proper nutrition is key to a healthy childhood.

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Thursday

My toddler is not getting enough nutrients

He only wants to eat mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, milk, scrambles eggs and yogurts! Thats all he eat every day. I feel like he doesnt eat what he should. But when i introduce him to other foods he refuses them! Anyone else on this? What should i do? Thanks :)

  • Cristina

    My son (almost 3), is the same way, so I take advantage of what he does like and try to make them as healthy as possible. My son loves yogurt (regular and Greek), instead of buying the kids yogurts, I buy big the big tubs of organic whole milk yogurts. I usually stick to Greek since he likes it and it has more protein. I buy plain Greek and just mix it with honey and cinnamon, and he eats it up... More

  • Kathie

    My son is picky too, and that pretty much sounds like his daily diet. To get him to eat some veggies, we usually season them very heavily. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. We also give him broccoli or sweet potato tots. You can buy them frozen at the grocery store and they taste pretty good. Its not the best thing in the world, but it’s a start! Also, if you have Facebook I would sugges... More

Donated breast milk for a one year old? Could it help him stay healthy?

Is it weird to consider seeking out donated breast milk for a one year old? For some unknown reason my body produced less than two oz of milk a day so I combo fed my LO for a few months before he gave up on nursing altogether, after which I couldn’t maintain any supply. I considered donated milk for a while but the forums always seemed to be full of mothers who’s babies needed it more (formula... More

  • Anonymous

    Diana, none of what you wrote is true in every case. Donated milk isn’t pasteurized usually, unless you get it from a company. Breast milk isn’t much healthier than formula at this age. Studies haven’t shown immune differences after the first six months, and formulas should have the same nutrients. And depending on if the kid is in daycare or has other exposure, lots of kids get sick.

  • Amber

    I wonder if a probiotic might help. Also, elderberry syrup or gummies. It’s a great immune booster.

Snack Ideas Please for a Toddler...

Hi to the parents how there...I have a 2 year old that turns 3 years next month, shes slowing outgrowing her dairy allery and has a egg Allergy and so i could like new snacks ideas for long car rides hot or cold that are healthy for her example slices of apples and not cookies or poptarts which are her current snacks plus they can get super messey... Please help!!

  • Jenn

    Pumpkin seeds, pouches, cheese if she can tolerate, blueberries, cooked peas (in a ziploc or one of those toddler snack cups).

  • flieskarina

    Thanks, Jenn for your help 🤓

Kabrita goat milk

Hi Everyone! Hope you’re all well. Is there any of you guys have tried Kabrita goat milk for 6 months old ? My baby is suffering from eczema, the ped told me that to try other type of formula, because it might be the milk that causing his eczema. Was searching all over the net and seems like Kabrita is the one that most get good reviews. TIA

  • Ro
    Aug 03

    Oh and EWG has a phone app that you can scan products too see what they are rated at. I find very handy😉.

  • Shey
    Aug 07

    Thank you Ro !

Any recipe of home made cereal for 4 month old ?

  • Kate
    Jul 30

    Grind oatmeal and soak

  • Melisa
    Jul 31

    Cereals have minimal nutritional value. Besides being a choking hazard the world health Organization recommends to exclusively breastfeed /formula for the first 6 months. Cereals on infants do more harm than good

Tara posted in Nutrition Jul 27

No milk, no food Good news My 22m old self is weaning off her nap and bedtime bottle Bad news She’s already an Uber picky eater, and this doesn’t seem to have expanded her appetite for more food. Just less milk! What’s more, she’s noticing what others eat at the playground and that chips and snacks are much nicer than the food I make for her at home. I make healthy snacks too, but these... More

  • Aggy
    Jul 30

    I make smoothies using full fat organic coconut milk, cucumber, kale, spinach, fresh mint, basil leaves, and either apple or 1c organic home-frozen berries and my kids LOVE them. Or pancakes using one mashed ripe banana and 2 eggs beaten all together. Makes about 4-6 small pancakes and that natural banana sweetness is delicious even without syrup. You can also add cinnamon or vanilla or both. S... More

  • Lulu
    Aug 07

    Ooh, kale chips! You can make pretty much anything into a chip :) and there are all kinds of healthy sweets.

Anonymous posted in Nutrition Jul 23

Milk problems

My daughter is about to turn 2 & the dr. says too much milk can cause iron deficiency, but she won't reduce the amount she drinks & also still wants it in a bottle when it's nap time. Any advice?

  • Jade
    Jul 24

    I mix it with water. Mostly to save money because my kiddo LOVES milk. I think it sounds gross but he doesn’t seem to mind and he’s getting water out of the deal. :) I do probably 2/3-3/4 water and the rest milk.

  • Ashley
    Jul 26

    I also have started mixing water with my kiddos milk. I'm hoping that once he starts school in September I will be able to get rid of his bottles and cut down on his milk intake as well.

Alla posted in Nutrition Jul 22

Did anyone have their infants probiotic?

Did it work well? Any recommendations on particular brand?

  • Erika
    Jul 22

    I’ve been giving my son a probiotic daily since he was two months old. Keeps him very regular and helps his immune system. My ped said to buy the culturelle kids and put half a pack in his bottle once a day. Now that he’s 1 I do a full pack daily. Definitely has many great benefits!

  • Torr
    Jul 23

    Mommy bliss probiotic my lo is lactose too its free of everything. She has also been going to #2 more regularly.

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Jul 21

Do you give your kids dessert every day?

My 10yo stepdaughter insists on having dessert every night. It isn’t right after dinner, but late at night, usually right before bed. Often we will tell her it’s time for bed and she will then say, “What about dessert??” Then her dad tells her to go ahead and have a dessert which not only delays bedtime, but she also has trouble sleeping at night and will cry every night for hours and say that ... More

  • Angela
    Jul 24

    She’s putting off bed time! Give her dessert WITH dinner after she’s eaten enough. It doesn’t have to be loaded with sugar either. Fruit would be good, but before 7! My kids always went down at 9 until Middle & High school. We have dessert on nights whenever the boys want something! Could be daily could be a few times a month.

  • Anonymous
    Jul 24

    Not dessert every night. We have dessert every time we go out to eat (maybe once or twice a month). If I make a dessert that will last a few days we will have it more frequently but then we cut back on sweets for a while afterwards. I give out small things with sugar during special weeks like as rewards or if we are on vacation. I don't like the way my kids act on sugar so we try not to ad... More

Juice options for toddlers

What type of juices do you offer your toddler? I’ve tried the honest juice because I feel like it doesn’t have as much sugar and it’s already pretty watered down. I also use v8 juice and add water. Do any of you recommend any other juices that are healthier alternatives?

  • Anonymous
    Jul 24

    I just avoid juice because it's so sugary. What about kefir as an alternative to water? A

  • Mia
    Jul 30

    We allowed juice at dinner time and it was always watered down and not all the time. But knowing they only got it at one time of day (not counting eating out or birthdays) helped with the only wanting juice. I also didn’t give it until they were about 2.

Good foods to eat while breastfeeding

I’ve seen so many lists of what to avoid (for gas, etc) but are there some key foods to eat?! I feel like a list of foods I CAN eat would be easier for my sleep deprived brain to remember, ha.

  • Diana
    Jul 22

    @nicole I took probiotic for my self because since I breast feed it passes to the baby I didn’t start giving my kids probiotics till they turned 8 months... a doctor recommended probiotic is always good and also make sure it has a minimum of 40 cfu count and multiple strains but you def want high count of cfu if you want try Garden of life probiotic for woman

  • Anonymous
    Jul 24

    Eat energy balls for snacks. The first couple months it is hard with their gassy tummies to eat anything but after the first few months usually you can start eating anything again. Or try gas drops if it's a bad night.

Mom posted in Nutrition Jul 19

How old was your baby when you introduced solids?

Just had our 4 month check up with lo and her pediatrician recommended that we start introducing solids? What do you think? Is 4 months too young?

  • Crystal
    Jul 24

    4 months old with both my kids with avocado and banana. One was pretty ready but baby #2 didn't care for it for several months later.

  • Hope
    Jul 31

    My kids were giving us the stare down for food at 3 months. Our pediatrician said it was okay because they were sitting up, had good neck support, wanted solids and were losing the tongue reflex to push food out. 4. 5 months is when we started and they're eating like pros now. They barely want milk.

Going to cow's milk

My daughter has been really struggling with the transition (formula fed since 3 months). She's always fussy, is spitting up, painful gas, can't sleep well. So we asked her Dr and he said to try soy or almond milk. I've been reading on both and know that soy has more protein than almond. I just wanted to see what other's experiences were and how your LO dealt with the change and... More

  • Kate
    Jul 20

    Ripple is the best non dairy milk - more protein and less sugar

  • Stephanie
    Jul 23

    I highly suggest trying a lactose-free formula! Not soy or almond- but a formula that removes the lactose (which is the sugar in milk). Most babies and even adults simply can’t digest the lactose- so it’s not that their allergic or having issues with COW milk, they’re unable to break down the MILK SUGAR! We found a great organic brand at Whole Foods (can also buy on amazon) that worked wonders ... More

My daughter is overweight

That’s right, I said it. As much as it hurts me to admit my 11 year old daughter is overweight. She lives with her father during the school year and me during the summer. This makes it so hard for me to help guide her eating habits. Also ever since she was a toddler, our main bonding activity is baking (I was a baking major in college). I’m concerned because she gets winded easily and also beca... More

  • Angela
    Jul 24

    It starts with how we eat! At school we all made our own choices, but the foundation of our diet starts at home! I have to ask what are the things she loves? What I’ve been working on- Start with ‘water before soda’ and limit the amount of soda! (That one simple change has seen me drop 30 pounds.) This has been a summer for arguing about that one! I will persist! Also fruit before fruit juice ... More

  • Sophia
    Jul 31

    We do the "S diet" diet = what you eat, not something you do temporarily to lose weight. No Sweets/seconds except for Sat/Sunday and Special occasions. and even then only 1 Serving. e.g. cake or ice cream, not both. or 1/2 servings if you do both.

Nicole posted in Newborns Jul 17

Probiotics for newborn

Yay or nay? Brand suggestions? *Dr suggested

  • Mama
    Jul 18

    My son has been using culturelle digestive health since he has 3 months( hes 8 now). It was recommended by his surgeon when he was little and we started on half a capsule with yogurt everyday. After he turned 1 we gave him a full capsule

  • Alexa
    Jul 18

    Don’t know if they still sell this but Gerber Sooth drops worked well for us

Anonymous posted in Nutrition Jul 13

My 2yo isn’t eating much. Help

HELP! My 2yo(2y 3m) just got completely weaned of boob and it’s been 3 days now. She’s been doing well except in the eating dept. She was relying on milk for almost all of what she consumes daily. (She is a hefty 40lbs). But now I can’t get her to eat much. All she’s eaten is mac and cheese and pizza. I offer her other foods and make sure she’s at least hydrated. I must add that she had some te... More

  • Melisa
    Jul 13

    If she was breastfed that means that she know how autoregulate her hunger, meaning that she knows what, how much and when she needs it. The best way to encourage healthy eating habits is by eating healthy diet in the table as a family. Kids learn by example. Also kids appetite is very irregular and no always as we adults hope or think should be. So its important respect their ways.

  • Kelly
    Jul 13

    It's pretty normal for kids to not want to eat much in times of transition. I wouldn't stress about it too much. Try to stick with offering healthy foods and snacks and eat along with her and she'll probably pick it up soon enough. I'd also give it a few extra days due to the tooth extraction. That's fairly painful even in adults. Just keep her hydrated and continue to offer... More

Breastfed baby needs liquid with meal time but won't take bottle or sippy cup

My son is 6 months old and started solid foods, I puree them and add enough water for the correct consistency per his pediatricians recommendation. He needs to drink prune juice or water or else he gets constipated, he won't take a bottle or a sippy cup so I've been using a syringe to get the liquid in his mouth. Has anyone else had a similar problem/solution?

  • Jenn
    Jul 21

    Pureed apples or pears always helped us with constipation.

  • Ana
    Jul 27

    Grapes work very well too if u cut them up in small pieces

Anonymous posted in Nutrition Jul 10

2 year old refuses milk

So my daughter (2 yrs old) has completely refused milk. I noticed ever since I took the Nuby sippy cup away, she won't drink it with any other cup. She will drink water or juice in her regular sippy cups but refuses milk. This has also caused a major delay with bed time. I sometimes debate if to give her the Nuby sippy cup back because I know after some time, those sippy cups can delay spee... More

  • Laura
    Jul 11

    Was she breastfed? If so, she may "feel/think" that a "nipple" should be involved with drinking milk, hence only drinking it from that cup.

  • Crimson
    Jul 26

    Is she lactose intolerant? Call your Pediatrician for good substitute.

E posted in Food & Cooking Jul 10

My LO needs to gain more weight

I’m trying to incorporate more protein and fat to my baby’s diet. Has anyone tried adding olive oil to their baby’s food as a healthy fat? Also tips for adding cheese? She’s 9 months and her second set of teeth are starting to come out. It sure if that is relevant but just something I wanted to share! 😁

  • Trisha
    Jul 12

    I say lead by example. Eat something, and let your kids see you eating. They will almost always what you have!! That was how my sons got to be such good eaters. My oldest would sneak up and steal my mug of tea off the counter and drink it...and i would find an empty mug. I used to put honey in my tea; so much for honey being toxic to babies under 18 mos old! They were drinking whole milk excl... More

  • Anonymous
    Jul 12

    @Trisha, honey isn’t toxic to kids under 1. They just have a way higher risk of getting botulism from it. Yours didn’t, but statistically it is a risk.

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