Whether you have a picky eater or a kid who eats anything, proper nutrition is key to a healthy childhood.

Anonymous posted in Blended Families Jan 03

Overweight child

At what age do you stop pretending to your child that their weight isn’t an issue and that “they will grow into it”? I have a 10 year old step son who weighs 150lbs and is starting to become even more inactive then he previously was. His height is normal height for his age. I feel like his parents just keep pushing it off in hopes he will thin out but this has been going on since he was 6. ... More

  • Anonymous
    Jan 04

    Sounds like your husband is the problem. Get him fully on board first. Just like anything new, it’s hard at the beginning but if you make it routine it will get easier (increasing activity, evening walks, etc). Just make a point to create a schedule/routine that includes exercise Diet on the other hand - you just have to get rid of the foods that are bad. Just make it completely unavailable.... More

  • Leelee
    Jan 30

    From one step mom to another. You're screwed until your husband does something and even then, you may be screwed if Mom isn't on board too. I've dealt with this exact situation. He's now 21 and discovered he likes keto and lost 40+lbs his senior year in college. But I can't stress enough how little power you have as a step mom. It's not personal, it's just hard to ha... More

Creative ways to eat nutritiously?

Hi All! Post-holidays, I know that there is a lot of talk about eating nutritiously. I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for "stealthily healthy" and creative snacks? Ways to encourage kids to eat greens and other nutritious items? Previously, I've baked avocado and spinach/kale into brownies, and "hidden" greens in fruit smoothies. Then there's always the cl... More

  • Catherine
    Jan 08

    I tried a version of energy bites, they were a hit for 2 days. I also liked them as a snack. I just used what I had at home. Blended toasted coconut, Cheerios, oatmeal and some blueberries. Once ground into a bit of a flour consistency, I hand mixed some maple syrup and peanut butter - just enough to bind it without making it too sticky. I used a cookie scoop and rolled them into balls. Keep r... More

  • Amanda
    Jan 08

    Catherine - yes!!! I used to make these all the time & I’d throw in chia seeds/chocolate chips/dried oats. I’ll be bringing these back into a regular snack rotation ASAP! Thank you!!

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Dec 27

My 16 month old

Hi first time mom here. And I’m having a hard time getting my 16 month old baby girl to eat anything all she wants is a milk bottle all the time. I’ve tried different foods different sipping cups fruit and she is determined not to eat or drink anything other than the milk. She will literally sit in the high chair for maybe 20 minutes at the most and still eat nothing. How can I get her to eat a... More

  • Anonymous
    Dec 27

    Have you talked to your pediatrician about this before? At 16 months they should be weaned off a bottle and eating mainly solids. They should only be getting about 16 oz of milk a day. There are many nutritional needs that need to be met by just milk. Don't want to scare you but there was just an article about a 2 yo who wound up with milk annemia. She should see a doctor.

  • Anonymous
    Dec 27

    Is this something that’s always happened or did it just start happening? I ask because if it’s a fairly new thing, she might be teething. Keep offering foods, I breastfed my daughter until 2yo and there were many times when she was happy to just nurse rather than eat food. She started eating a lot more once we were able to wean, so perhaps limiting the bottles might give you some success. I wou... More

C posted in Child's Health Dec 19

Training little palates during the holidays

Any tips or experiences to share? I’m resigned to the fact that my 1 year old will not be eating as healthy as he usually would during the holidays, when he’ll be with grandparents who have been looking forward to feeding him every indulgent treat. We’re already seeing the folks as I type this, and despite all my precautions and requests, they’ve already fed him cheesecake and deep fried food... More

  • Cathy
    Dec 20

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  • Vonda
    Dec 27

    Things happen over the holidays. But once you get home and get back into routine; with possibly a few requests for what he liked; it’ll pass. I just tell my son we don’t have it. Cause we don’t. And he lets it go. Just try to keep it in moderation and you’ll be fine.

Daycare lunch ideas

Hey everyone! I’m looking for some new ideas on what to pack my 2 year old for lunch for daycare. He is somewhat of a picky eater so I feel like I’m always packing the same things every week and I’m sure he’s probably sick of the usual chicken nuggets, pasta, rice, pizza rolls, etc. Also, I can’t pack anything with peanuts/peanut butter or egg as some of his classmates are allergic. If anyon... More

  • Fidan
    Dec 12

    My little boy is a little picky, and he likes fruits and veggies better. So I put cucumbers, peppers, baby carrots, berries, grapes, and other fruits. Stick cheese, chocolate milk, graham cracker, little sandwiches with cream cheese or Nutella. Basically those are the main food for his lunch. He always has breakfast (egg, milk, bread and some veggies) so I am fine with the lunch.

  • Shannon
    Dec 13

    Thanks everyone! I do always include a side of fruit or veggies as a snack, I just struggle with the main dish lol But I’ll definitely be trying all of these helpful recommendations, thanks so much!

Anonymous posted in Books & Reading Nov 19, 2019

Books on toddler nutrition?

Hi everyone, I have a 2 year old picky eater. I know it’s not uncommon, but I am stumped on how and what to feed her. I feel like she rejects 90% of what I offer, and today I realized she started losing weight. I am looking for book recommendations on how to feed her, and what to feed her. It doesn’t have to be the same book. TIA! 💗

  • Anonymous
    Dec 06

    Thank you all for the replies and suggestions

  • Anonymous
    Dec 06

    Penelope I have tried not offering anything else, but she started losing weight because she won’t eat. I definitely don’t want this to become a battle, I’d like for her to look forward to meal time. Toddlers are headstrong little creatures.

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Nov 14, 2019

Sleeping and eating issues.

I have a two and a half year old and an almost four year old. They’ve been sharing a room for almost a year now. Recently they’re both suffering from sleep problems and eating issues. We can’t get them to eat much of anything. My husband and I are exhausted, so are they. They both walk are all day with dark circles under their eyes, neither one has half the energy they used to, and the emotion... More

  • Anonymous
    Nov 14, 2019

    Oh that looks cool. Does it make sound or does it just change color? As far as not eating, I’ve never been one to push that they have to eat a certain amount. They are both expressing that they’re hungry and then when we sit down they refuse to eat anything. I’ve even stopped the “you have to eat what we eat” thing because I’m legitimately a little worried. We moved six months ago but I can... More

  • PK
    Nov 16, 2019

    It has a buzzer and it changes color. You can turn the buzzer off though. I don’t really have advice for the food issue... as far as the sleep, I’m glad it worked out for your 2 year old. I only have an almost 3 year old so I don’t know what to say about your 4 year old. Could it possibly be teeth related too? 🤷🏻‍♀️ hopefully someone who has older kids could chime in with their experience

Anonymous posted in Nutrition Nov 04, 2019

Time for preschooler to eat

What’s a decent amount of time for a 3 year old to have their lunch and dinner? I am worried my lo won’t finish his meal on time when he starts full day school as he is a very slow eater at home.

  • Jeanette A.
    check_circleChild Care Provider Nov 06, 2019

    Most preschools allow the children 30mins for lunch time. Sometime makes the portion size smaller encourages him to stay focus and finish eating.

The dreaded veggie phase

Any one have any ideas to try and get your LO to eat their veggies? I’ve tried sneaking it in a bunch of ways but my baby girl can always tell. She’ll eat the rest of the bite and spit the veggie out or just avoid it completely. I know she needs to eat them. She knows she needs to eat them. How did you all get your kids to eat the greens?

  • Anonymous
    Nov 07, 2019

    Mine loves frozen mixed veggies (plus edamame) defrosted, and mixed with feta and olive oil and balsamic!!

  • Jessica
    Nov 09, 2019

    I let my kids squirt whipped cream on anything they wanted when they were little and now they’re massive veggie fans! I cringed when they used to put whipped cream on broccoli (why?!?), but they loved it and ate the broccoli and now they eat broccoli without the whipping cream. A little squirt of cream was only like 25 calories and I figured it wasn’t all that bad for them. Fun dips can help... More

Anonymous posted in Fitness Oct 14, 2019

Are there any diets or fitness tips to help you get pregnant?

And how do I stay positive and calm while trying to conceive?

From formula to milk

My son is about to be a year old in a couple weeks and I’m freaking out about the transition from formula to cows milk. I’ve already tried introducing him to some dairy products like cheese,yogurt and other foods that might have dairy in it. He hasn’t had a problem until recently I gave him American cheese, he pooped 5 times in one day causing him a diaper rash. Is he possibly allergic to cows ... More

  • Marilyn
    Oct 06, 2019

    I would make my boys baby cereal with regular cows milk before introducing just straight cows milk.

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Sep 23, 2019

21 month old not gaining weight!😔

Hi Parents, I need your advise/suggestions please... my 21 month old daughter has been stuck at the same weight of 19 lbs since she was 12 months old, her pediatrician says she is ok... but for some reason I'm worried cause I don't think it is normal. She is a toddler so she is very active and she is also a very picky eater. Did any of your kiddos go through this... I'm thinking of ... More

  • Anonymous
    Sep 24, 2019

    My son is 22 mo and has been the same as his 12 mo appointment weight!!!! He was a super fat baby so I feel like it’s now just filling in as he’s getting taller? My doctor didn’t seem incredibly concerned about it, she says toddler years are tough with weight- every kid is really different but as long as I make sure he’s eating enough and healthy then we won’t really worry. She said in the firs... More

  • Anonymous
    Sep 24, 2019

    Thank you! Glad to know my kiddo is not the only one :)

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Sep 17, 2019

How long does it take your kids to eat dinner?

My almost 21 month old kiddo takes more than an hour to eat, every single day. She sits for good 15-30 minutes and then walks around or reads and one of us have to feed her. It just delays the bath and bed time. Just wondering how long other kiddos take..... we do family style dinner everyday.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 18, 2019

    Anonymous 1: ya we kinda passed on the booster seat, so hard to keep her contained. We are working on spacing out her last snack and dinner.

  • Anonymous
    Sep 18, 2019

    Anonymous 2: ya we are working on her knowing if she is full or not. I guess it’s hard as we wanna make sure she is full for the night and not go hungry, hence the feeding her part. The thing is she keeps eating if u keep feeding her so not sure she is still hungry or she eating cuz she is getting bites. Maybe, we’ll just try a few days of her feeding her self and then stop. She does eat and ta... More

Low carb while pregnant

I saw my primary care doctor today and he put me on a low carb diet to help me lose weight and i was wondering how i can do that when i get pregnant and if any other mothers who were expecting or are expecting right now ate low carb was it hard???? was it easy????? did your obgyn ok it???? FYI i am educating myself for pregnancy and motherhood i am not pregnant right now or even trying i am ju... More

  • Mindy
    Sep 17, 2019

    I had to eat low to no carbs my third trimester because I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Keeping sugar to a minimum prevented the baby from health issues and growing too large in my womb. It was tough and I was very sad to cut out rice bread cake and eat mostly meat, lots of veggies, lower carb fruits, cheese, etc. it’s possible and I did it for two months. It was tough but I did it f... More

  • Jenn
    Oct 27, 2019

    Similar to Mindy, I also had to eat low carb due to gestational diabetes. I'm very thin and struggled at various points in my pregnancy to gain weight, despite eating a crap ton of ice cream pretty much every day (oops?) Getting lots of calories was very important for me but I had to cut the carbs drastically as my 1 hr test was at 205 (so high they didn't even have me do the 3 hr). I a... More

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Sep 04, 2019

Hi does anyone have any tips of tricks on dealing with an extremely picky eater?

My son is so picky he’d rather starve and he really hasn’t gained much weight because of this! Anyone have any tips or tricks? Thanks.

  • PK
    Sep 06, 2019

    How old is your son? We have used distraction methods (toys, books, music) to help get our son to try stuff. And then once he realized it was yummy then he would pick it up himself (some times!) Also.. if your son is old enough to use a fork or food-pick to eat with, sometimes that can be fun for them too. Eat with him. Eat off the same plate as him. What is your son’s feeding schedule? Does ... More

2.5 year old stopped drinking milk

My whole family moved to another country. All of a sudden, my 2.5 year old girl looked disgusted with her milk. I don't know any reason why she stopped. She has the same milk. She is allergic to cow's milk so she has almond milk since after 1 year old.

  • Anonymous
    Aug 26, 2019

    Could be a lot of reasons, maybe she's just realizing she doesn't like it 🤷 I remember when I was 3 or so I just had a realization one day that I didn't like cheese ( I know, weird) and I stopped eating it. Since you aren't really getting vit. D or calcium from almond milk it shouldn't be a big deal to switch it to something else, or just plain water is good too

  • Stay-At-Home Dan
    Aug 26, 2019

    My 23 month old decided she hates milk (from all sources) as well. It’s normal. Sometimes they just decide they don’t want something. My daughter will only drink water and sometimes juice (but won’t finish, no matter the volume).

2 yr old refusing dinner

My 2 yo is an extremely picky eater and mealtimes are always hard but dinnertime was usually the easiest. Lately she has been refusing to eat any of the meal I prepare for dinner. I don't want to get in the habit of making a second meal just for her, i usually always make something i know she normally likes. Any tips on getting her to eat what i make? She is very stubborn and sometimes jus... More

  • Anonymous
    Aug 23, 2019

    If you are on Instagram follow @mamaknowsnutrition she gives a lot of good meal ideas, portion sizes, and how to help your kid have a healthy relationship with food. Limit snacks, offer what you want her to eat and don't give in to treats or rewards. Also don't offer juice or milk with or before a meal because they will fill up on it. And if you don't offer new things or things she ... More

Switching to Whole Milk

At what age did you switch your little one to whole milk from formula? Did you start little by little before they turned one?

  • PK
    Aug 16, 2019

    The days leading up to drinking only milk, we tried mixing formula and milk but he didn’t like it. He didn’t like drinking plain milk by itself too. Rather than wasting formula, we just finished the formula and tried to find ways for him to drink milk (smoothies, chocolate milk). We just dropped bottles at that point too since he was drinking smoothies and chocolate milk. So we just offered m... More

  • MOM
    Sep 16, 2019

    I started whole milk from 1.5 years and it worked great.

Toddler addicted to fruit snacks.

My little man is addicted to fruit snacks. I’m looking for healthier options and before cavities became and issue. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Jenn
    Aug 14, 2019

    Try to find recipes for your own fruit leathers. I think you just puree and then bake the puree, so it doesn't seem that difficult

  • Cathy
    Aug 17, 2019

    We save “desserts” for weekends only.

My baby won’t eat. She is 16 months old

I don’t know why she is not eating properly nowadays. She was a good eater until 15 months. And now she loves to eat snacks rather food. I am worried she will lose weight if this thing continues. What should I do?

  • Anonymous
    Aug 05, 2019

    Limit the snacks, and milk for an hour or more before meal times so they are hungry, otherwise they will be full on snacks. And offer milk or water after dinner. These are things I still do with my 3 yo. But they eat when they are hungry, and some weeks will be less food than other weeks. Toddlers are busy, too busy to stop and focus on things, but they do eat when they are hungry.

  • Jenn
    Aug 05, 2019

    My LO doesn't eat well when she is teething. During those times, she only will really eat snacks or preferred foods. Try making her smoothies with fruits and veggies to get those nutrients and see if it gets better soon.

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