Whether you have a picky eater or a kid who eats anything, proper nutrition is key to a healthy childhood.

How to keep daughter hydrated?

My 16 month old daughter won’t ask for water; even if I leave a cup of water around. She’s not a big milk drinker either. Now that it’s getting 🥵; how do I help her to keep hydrated? How do you keep your kiddos hydrated?

  • Liza M.

    Wondering the same thing regarding my 17mo old...I try to offer it as often as I can but she doesn't seem to be interested. I admit I am also not great at remembering for myself so this could be a factor. In the meantime we push foods with high water content and always make sure to drink drink drink at meals...

  • Alexandra
    51m ago

    I use water enhancers. I will use koolaid sugar free envelopes to make 1 gallon of drink and sweeten it with stevia. No cavities or sticky messes and my kids drink a lot more water that way. Blue lemonade stains less than red colored ones if there is a spill. Also for on the go they have koolaid squirt flavors that are sugar free. I just give my 2 year old a sippy cup and she drinks it up.

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Thursday

16 month old not eating

My almost 16 month old daughter is not eating very much...maybe like 3-4 bites on her own, and then I have to feed her and most times it's such a struggle, she is so distracted!!! on a good day it takes about atleast 30 minutes to feed her, this has been so frustrating for me but I need her to eat so I've been feeding her. I spoke to her pediatrician about it and he suggested that I jus... More

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for your advice, I really appreciate it. According to her pediatrician she should be drinking about 24 ounces of milk at her age.. she drinks around 15-20 ounces.

  • PK

    We were told 24 oz is the maximum and aim for 16 oz of milk after 1 yrs old. I think you are doing great!! We are struggling with meals too. Some times when he’s really hungry he will feed himself. Most times though, we have to play music and I have to feed him. If I don’t feed him, he doesn’t eat at all. He actually asks me to feed him 🙄. But.. if he says he’s full, he is full and I take the... More

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Apr 12

PAMF fremont - what does it say on 1 year old appt handout?

What does the PAMF pediatrician handout say about whole milk transition? My baby is still 10 months but I’m curious what they say about milk transition.. any moms been told they don’t need to give whole milk and alternatives were okay (incl yogurt or cheese)?

  • Anonymous
    Apr 13

    I’ve not had the best experience with PAMF, in terms of the advice they give and the reasoning for it. I suggest you do your own research and make a decision that makes sense to you, and you’re comfortable with. For what it’s worth, I transitioned my son to whole milk at 15 months. 50/50 breast milk to entirely whole milk. Some do it sooner, others do it later. I don’t recall having any conve... More

  • Shyann

    Idk if it helps but we transitioned to whole milk when she turned one

Jess posted in Behavior Apr 09

I could use some help! My son just turned 2 and has become extremely picky about food

Over the last 6 months my son has stubbornly refused anything new. He used to be a great eater and now he cries and screams if I even offer him something he doesn’t recognize. At breakfast and lunch i make things I known he likes but at dinner he gets what the rest of us are eating. At least 6 nights a week he doesn’t eat dinner at all and he’s under weight. The doctor said he needs a multi vit... More

  • Laura
    Apr 09

    Child of Mine is a good book about the division of responsibilities when it comes to food - you decide what and when, they decide if and how much. Guidelines from our doc were straight out of this book

  • Jess
    Apr 12

    Thank you! I’m going to try some of these strategies. Wish me luck!

Meal time 🥺😭😩

So it happened again I made my 15-month-old a nice chicken cutlet dinner with vegetables and she had one piece and considered herself full. I honestly don’t know how she makes it through the day, she lives on milk. yes I know it might be teething but I’m wondering do your one-year-old eat a healthy amount or are you too just getting by on whole milk??!! Also whenever I do cook her a nice dinn... More

  • Lily
    Mar 27

    Dinner time is so hard!!! It is still hard. I let my 18 month old play in the sink while I cook dinner if she is being annoying. If you want her to eat dinner you have to make sure she isn't sanking too close to dinner. Also don't let her have sanks or anything but what you made for dinner after if she wants more to eat. She will learn to eat what you made

  • Daniela
    Mar 28

    If your baby is teething it definitely alters how much they eat. That’s probably why she wants to drink milk instead. My son is a very good eater but when he’s teething, especially this last time all he wanted was soft foods that were not hard to chew. In regards to cooking dinner. It’s tough to cook with them around. Several things that have worked for me is giving him light snacks like bluebe... More

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Mar 25

Am I feeding my baby enough food?

I’ve been looking up sample menus and recipe ideas for feeding my now one-year-old boy but the samples I’ve come across seem to add in wayyyy too much food for such a little person. My baby eats more now than ever but it’s like a handful of berries for one meal and some milk. However, some of the samples I’ve seen out there suggest a whole grilled cheese sandwich plus 1/2 cup of veggies, etc. I... More

  • Raji
    Mar 26

    I feel the same but my kiddo is over the average weight for her age and height. I usually feed her toast and milk for breakfast sometimes fruit. Then, lunch or a banana and dinner. I don’t usually do three meals n two snacks. Otherwise I feel like all she does it eat all day long; she takes a while to finish eating.

  • Stacey
    Mar 27

    We have a big kid (he looks like a 2 year old at 15 months) but the doctor thinks he is doing great. We just let him decide how much to eat. He let's us know when he is done by playing with his food or waving his hands and says "Doe" (His word for done). Sometimes he eats a few bites and other times he will clean his plate. Both are fine. We will sometimes save extra food for an... More

Anonymous posted in Behavior Mar 22

1 year old refuses everything

My son is 14 months and ever since he turned 2 months he’s become very picky if not straight out refuses any food or liquid. I don’t know what to do, I’ve tried tricking him and switching his food when he doesn’t expect it but he’s caught on, I’ve blended his food and tried giving it to him through a syringe bc he won’t take it any other way but he’s started to spit it out. I bought him multivi... More

1 year old still hungry

My one year old is on solids now. She’s loves the purées and infant oatmeal. Recently after I finish feeding her oatmeal and one jar she’ll cry when it’s all gone. So I open another jar and she finishes the whole thing and she’s satisfied. Then about 10 minutes later she throws up half of what I just fed her. So I’m question is should I just let her cry instead of giving her more food? I’ve tri... More

  • Julie
    Mar 23

    I agree with others, it sounds like she’s ready to eat “grown up” foods!!! Basically anything you eat you can feed her, as long as it’s soft and in small pieces she can gum and swallow. Also my daughter had only a few teeth at that age as well, it didn’t hold her back though, she would chew food up and swallow.

  • Nina
    Mar 28

    Seconding Becca on healthy fats (esp. omega 3 EPA & DHA; ALA converts too inefficiently), which should provide nearly half of a baby's calories, as the brain is made of fat. My baby loved salmon when he was under one. After one, he still likes a little a week.

Healthy eaters

My almost 5 year old is in love with his Mac and cheese. He loves carbs. That’s the issue. Any creative ways to get your kids to let go of the carbs? If we have to, a little tough love will be the last resort but let’s hear what you’ve tried :)

  • Stacey
    Mar 27

    Our son is exactly the same. We found these broccoli and cheese filled tator tots which he loves. We also found Harvest Snaps. They have carbs but are made out of peas. They are like a cheeto in texture. My husband will make eggs with veggies on the weekend. He also loves rice so we can sometimes sneak some veggies in there and he ate all the carrots in his curry the other night. I think a lot... More

Lulu posted in Fitness Mar 17

Baby body blues, ie spring fever

18 months pp and it seems like trying to get myself healthy and work on fitness is becoming even more difficult. What are your favorite tips for making healthiness a priority when your hands are full 24/7 and what are the easiest things I can do to make it happen?

  • Elle
    Mar 17

    @ Lulu, apologies, I thought the post was hinting at ppd. All the best!

  • Kieli
    Mar 17

    I wanted to lose weight when I stopped breastfeeding. I started the keto diet, low carb and low sugar. I started out the first week or two exercising almost everyday. I cheated some too, every Saturday I would cheat all I wanted not just one meal. And even during the week sometimes. I ended up losing 11 pounds the month I dieted. Then I found out I was pregnant again so I stopped dieting. Keto ... More

Anonymous posted in Child's Health Mar 16

Really frustrated... toddler eating issues

My 15 month old daughter does not eat much... she is a very very picky eater.. I have tried different types of foods, I've heard that sometimes they have a to try a food for about 30 times before they like it... my back up is Annie's chicken noodle soup which she does eat most of the time... don't really want to give her soup all the time...not sure what to do at this point, I feel ... More

  • Amanda

    Hi! Im sorry you’re struggling with feeding issues. I’ve been there (still am), so I truly empathize with your frustration and fear and feelings of helplessness. My response is a bit more on the dramatic side-worst case scenario-but I’m speaking from personal experience, and, identifying with you, as I remember my now-5-yo son-at 15 months. Everyone-including us, labeled him a picky eater. H... More

  • Anonymous

    Amanda thank you so much for sharing your story, I will most certainly keep an eye on this, sorry that you and your son have to deal with this. I can't even imagine, Best wishes and Good luck!

Anonymous posted in Child Care Mar 06

Need Help Talking to Daycare About Sugar

My toddler recently started daycare. Her provider texted a picture today where she was eating a dessert. I know, most people wouldn’t care. But I’m actually pretty angry because we intentionally don’t let her have sugar yet. (The book The Case Against Sugar makes convincing arguments about its addictive and epigenetic impacts, and recommends holding off until age 4 of longer if possible.) ... More

  • Elle
    Mar 11

    Simply ask for a copy of the meal plan ahead of time and mark what they are alowed to give and not give her. Its a standard practice for daycare centers. (For what it's worth, I would be annoyed too!!)

  • Kathy Patterson
    Mar 14

    I am a Director of a daycare and it is required to post our weekly menus for parents to see. We don't offer "desserts" but do have fruit with every breakfast and lunch meal. We also allow parents to request no sugary foods on their child's information papers. I would just tell her you prefer your child not have any sugar and maybe suggest fresh fruit instead.

Anonymous posted in Food & Cooking Mar 05

Snack time all the time?

My 16 month old knows the sign for hungry. And he does this sign often, that, or he goes over to his highchair and asks to be put in it. He asks for food often, 90% of the time he’ll actually eat an entire snack and the other 10% he’ll nibble and be done. I want to keep him on a good schedule, but I don’t want to deny him food if he’s actually hungry.... I know he’s growing like a weed so I’m n... More

  • Lindsey
    Mar 10

    My daughter can be like that too. Some days she will actually eat a lot then others she eats next to nothing. I always offer no matter what but I feel like I’m wasting so much food lol

  • Julie
    Mar 10

    Yup!! Same. Lol.


Our daughter is underweight and our doctors are hoping we can find ways to add calories to her diet. She is 16 months and has been on the bottle via breast pumped milk from day 3 on. We are trying to transition to a soy free version of pediasure. The problem is she doesn’t like the formula. We were also told we could do carnation instant breakfast. A cup of this a day with whole milk would add... More

  • Natasha
    Mar 09

    Hello! I definitely understand what you’re going through. We have trouble gaining weight too. Pediasure is great as well at pediasmart. There is another type of formula that I’ve noticed a drastic change for my son with. It’s really expensive but totally worth it. I give him just a little bit and it’s enough for the day. Here is their website: . The formula goes up to 13 year... More

  • Jess
    Mar 10

    @imdakine1 - the doctor didn’t suggest a feeding tube because he started to gain weight despite not getting taller. He was in the 98 percentile for weight and height and then that started to plunge. I think because he was so big to start it took a little too long for our doctor to become concerned until she saw he had not grown at all height wise. The smoothies helped us with weight since he to... More

Not eating 9 almost 10 month old.

Hey mommas!! I am super stressed as my little one is not eating the same as he used to.. he used to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and now barely eats anything except his cereal snacks & some of our food. He is breast fed but I feel like (I bet any mom feels) that he Is not getting enough. ALSO! What do I do with the purées I’ve bought that he won’t eat?? ive tried many times and he still ... More

  • Julie
    Feb 13

    I would say it’s teething or a purée strike!! My daughter eats way less when teething but right around this age she also refused ALL puréed foods and only wanted regular food!!!

  • Aleksa B.
    Feb 13

    Lol it’s gotta be both of those and I’m so glad that it’s not something uncommon! Thank you!


Anyone give their toddler the zarabys elderberry gummies? If so do they only get it when they are sick or can you give them one a day like a vitamin?

  • Aaron Thompkins
    Feb 13

    I Understand with daycare being involved.

  • Stephanie
    Feb 13

    The research I’ve done is mixed but from my point of view I don’t think it can hurt her because it’s all natural right

Refusing Milk

Help!!! My 16 month old won’t drink milk unless it is from a bottle. I’ve tried everything! Different types of sippy cups, cups with straws, the 360 cups, plain cups, her bottle but with a sippy cup nipple. NOTHING works. I’m getting concerned because she isn’t getting her milk. I give her yogurt and cheese to help with the lack of calcium. I also have tried almond milk. She just won’t take any... More

  • V
    Feb 07

    Hi there, i tossed out all my son’s bottles out and did cold turkey style... it’s been 4 months and he’s still refusing milk from ANY cups. I’ve even tried adding chocolate syrup. Nothing. If he knows there’s only milk, he will refuse it and run away from me. He’s currently eating cereal with milk from a bowl with a built in straw (you can get them from amazon). He also eats a lot of yogurt, ch... More

  • V
    Feb 07

    Arrow Plastic Sip-A-Bowl 22 oz, Assorted Colors - Pack of 4

Who Bakes??

I need diabetic friendly sweets made for my husband’s birthday! Like barbershop themed cookies etc.

Ten month old won’t eat.

My ten month old has lost interest in eating. I open a four ounce container and he doesn’t finish it. I’ve tried feeding him different types of food; purées, Puffs, fruit, etc. No interest in eating. Then around dinner time he’ll eat about eight ounces of food. His molars are coming in and I think another tooth is breaking through. Is this due to teething?

  • Kieli
    Feb 05

    I agree with Kerry, teething definitely affects appetite. I also have noticed my daughter will go through phases. One day she is a bottomless pit and will eat all day then a week later she won’t hardly eat at all. You can try giving him cold things to chew on to help the pain

  • Anonymous
    Feb 05

    My son definitely eats a whole lot less when teething. If it continues through and gets closer to the weekend I’d maybe call the ped if you’re worried


Hello I have a one year old and she will eat the bare minimum in her high chair. I think okay she’s full? But then once she goes about playing she comes back to me and wants to be fed while walking around. This is something I want to avoid!! Please anyone have suggestions on how I can keep her in the high chair for her full meal???

  • Anonymous
    Jan 27

    I’ve seen people who feed in the Walker- putting food on the little tray part. Maybe when she starts asking for food plop her in her chair. Let her down when she wants down. Repeat. I’m sure it won’t take long for her to see that’s the one and only place she’ll receive food. Remember- YOU run the show, not her :)

  • Elle
    Jan 28

    Sit down and eat with her, model the behavoir you want to instill in her. She probably doesnt see eating in the highchair as personally enjoyable /interesting as eating while exploring, interacting with things around her. Sit down with her, eat with her, and interact with her while she's in the highchair to instill the behavoir.

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