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Apple cider concern

Should I be concerned the I drank this and I’m breastfeeding?.. Saw the warning label (that is flipped under mind you) after I drank the cider..

  • Pegi

    It can’t be passed through breastmilk. Food borne illnesses don’t cross the digestive tract so you’re all good momma

  • Jayden
    2h ago

    Thanks guys!! 😄

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Monday

Natural deodorant

Has anyone come across a good brand of natural deodorant. I loved the Native brand but found out I am allergic. I have tried Toms and kai and haven’t loved them.

  • Ali

    I use Nature Love deodorant.. it is hard to find but works great!

  • Alison

    I love Native deodorant. You have to order on line, but it’s free shipping.

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Monday

Anxieties of parenting

Due to a close friend with two very young children passing away from ovarian cancer, I have developed a very unhealthy fear of the C word. Especially ovarian cancer since it is difficult to detect and diagnose and usually at the end stage when found. How do you all cope with the anxieties of the unknown? I never gave any of this much thought until I became a mother and now I am terrified of lea... More

  • Tiffany

    Same feelings of leaving my babies behind. Too scary. I have anxiety all the time about this.

  • Kelly

    100%!!! Agree with JJ. Commit to doing the legal stuff (wills, directives, etc), buy the best life insurance you can and be very clear about what you want to happen if one or both of you should pass on. It won’t change the future or buy you any guarantees, but the peace of mind of knowing they’ll be taken care of how you wish goes a long way.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Monday

Low milk supply

My husband is deployed and I have a one year old and a one month old. Between pumping every two to three hours and feeding him bottles at night I wasn’t getting enough sleep, my supply dropped over the past week and I’m trying to build it back up since my husbands coming home in the next week Any tips or advice on bringing it back??

  • oohhhruth

    Milkmaker cookies are the truth! I LOVE THOSE COOKIES they are expensive but I promise you that they work. IMMEDIATELY dont knock it till you try it :-)

  • Anonymous

    Thank you all!

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Sunday


What is something to help with severe bloating during first trimester?

  • Anonymous

    I think it more bloat, than swelling. I’m only seven weeks and I feel like I’m already showing because of how much I’m bloating

  • Megan

    I have to eat many tiny meals during pregnancy. That helps. And tons of water.

Anonymous posted in Fitness Sunday

Calling All Formula Parents: How much does your kiddo weigh?

Four questions for all the formula parents out there: 1. How old is your kiddo? 2. How much does s/he weigh? 3. What percentile (for weight) did his/her doctor tell you s/he is? 4. How much did s/he weigh at birth? I'm trying to figure out how much I'm going to need to build up my upper body strength. This kid isn't getting any lighter! Thaaaank you!

  • Anonymous

    @JJ - that's great! Do you have number and figures? (The Q was limited to formula because my kiddo is also formula fed, so numbers and figured from BF kids wouldnt be relevant for my needs.)

  • Kelly

    10 months 21 pounds 56% 7 lbs 1 oz

Energy for mom and good meals to make for family (for Adults and kids)?

What are ways y’all first time moms keep up your energy? I am lazy and sleep most of the time when my baby sleeps and they don’t nap long so I don’t get much sleep. Drop some meals that you make for your family. I’d appreciate it! Thank you!

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Thursday

Sleep consultant... for my husband!

My husband has a physically and mentally taxing job. He’s on his feet 60hrs a week. He’s drained when he gets home at 7pm. We have a young child. He takes his “winding down time” very seriously. I let him do his thing! But he is unable to fall asleep without watching TV and without drinking wine. Since I’ve always been adamant about no TV in the bedroom, he hangs out on the couch and subse... More

  • Elle

    Music and headphones might help him? Going for a hard run and then hot shower afterwards to clear his head and decrease aaaall those stress hormones will usually do the trick, too.

  • Samuel

    Meditation and yoga.

1st trimester blues 😷

I can not hold anything down!!! I’m a SAHM with a 1 year old and every time I just stand up I get sick! Help me please 😭

  • Jenna
    Sep 20

    I’m so sorry! I was sick my entire pregnancy. I was on diclegis and zofran to make things manageable. Mints and green jolly ranchers helped me. That’s my biggest fear with getting pregnant again is that now I have to still function because I have a baby now. Good luck :(

  • Kieli

    Jolly ranchers sound like a great idea!! Thank you!!

Is there anyone on here that have done the tube surgery after 3 kids? I am considering it.

  • Anna

    I did it after 2 kids. I was happy with it. I was very certain that I DID NOT want anymore kids and had felt that way for a long time. 2 was my number. Had it done 4 months after my youngest was born. Recovery was soo quick and mostly painless


My wife has gallstones and is very worried about getting her gallbladder removed today. She knows it’s a minor operation but she is still nervous any advice for her?

  • Caitlin
    Sep 17

    It’s a routine surgery GI doctors do multiple times a day. Most are done laparoscopically (like mine) with 4 tiny incisions. You feel nothing and sleep the whole time. The best advice I can give is to stay active, even when you’re achy and sore, and do the breathing exercises. Eat a light bland diet for a couple weeks and slowly ease in fattier foods. Water is your friend, drink tons of it to ... More

  • Matthew
    Sep 19

    Update! Everything went great and she was reunited with our baby girl this morning 😁

Anyone PP with thyroid condition?

Weight gain was SUDDEN and significant. 12lbs in less than 2 weeks.... And, hair loss ... also unable to produce enough milk to feed. I just had to commit to formula 100% no matter what I did( supps/pumps/rx) nothing worked... Anyone else going through this???

  • Meighan
    Sep 17

    If u don't mind. Let me know what they say... my doc wasn't very helpful... But I an having the same problem

  • Jess
    Sep 17

    Will do !

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Sep 16

Newborn FTM

I’m a First Time Mom and a heavy sleeper so I don’t sleep when my newborn sleeps because I’m afraid I won’t wake up when they cry. I haven’t slept the last 24 hours. I have no one to help me. I’m in desperate need of a nap 😴 what do I do?

  • B
    Sep 16

    Do you have a monitor? Crank the volume way up if you’re in a different room, or nap near the baby. You have to sleep or you’re doing the baby more harm than letting them cry while you quickly nap.

  • Christa
    Sep 16

    I was a heavy sleeper prior to my baby being born, and I now wake up when he even breathes out of “normal” when I am in another room. But he slept in a big boppie pillow when he was really little, and his crib was next to our bed too for months. You have to get sleep- obviously!! Try and build your trust with her and yourself! It helped me when my husband was gone at work, I would put baby on... More

Hives during pregnancy anyone have this problem. If so, did you take meds every time it flared up?

  • Kaitlyn
    Sep 17

    Definitely ask you doctor, but this could be PUPP...I had it and it was honestly miserable. Not much you can do but you can try calamine lotion and oatmeal baths. I used the Aveeno skin relief body wash, shower in cool water - heat makes it worse - and apply ice packs when really itchy. I swear by the ice packs for itch. I would even go to friends houses and ask for ice haha.

  • Violet

    Is she on Zofran by any chance? I had Hyperemesis and was Zofran for the nausea so I could stay out of the hospital. I ended up developing a delayed hypersensitivity to it after months of being on it and had hives all over my whole body. My doctors couldn’t figure it out. Finally a dermatologist who took on my case pro bono took a skin biopsy and found that it was the Zofran. Worst time of my l... More

6 months PP. extreme amount of cavities (10+!). Is this at all pregnancy or breastfeeding related?

  • Nandi
    Sep 15

    See you still taking your prenatal pills? We have to still take them and get the extra multivitamins we need. My took cracked and feel out during my pregnancy 😪 I was pissed

  • Jennifer
    Sep 15

    Could also be a calcium deficiency that made your teeth weak! My doctor specifically told me besides prenatal I needed to have 1XXX-XXXX mg calcium daily. My friend didn’t take calcium (or monitor calcium in her diet) and it led to a bunch of oral issues—her dentist mentioned her body was probably leeching it where it could and pushed her to take a calcium supplement on top of her prenatal.

Baby and me have had runny noses and now...

And now my throat aches. I am still breastfeeding baby and know with these types of colds it’s best to just wait it out but does anyone have any home remedies to suggest?

  • Erika
    Sep 16

    Turmeric has also amazing healing properties. It can be added like a seasoning to any foods or I like adding a little to some hot coconut milk and add a dash of maybe cinnamon as well.

  • Leslie
    Sep 16

    Thank you so much ladies!! I can’t wait to try some of these remedies, my little one seems to be doing a lot better than me handling the cold😅

Chapped Lips & Breastfeeding

I mean, I'm talking about the worst chapped lips I've ever had. Anyone else experience this while breastfeeding? Give me your thoughts. Are the two connected? Is it hormonal?

  • More
    Sep 17

    U need to stay hydrated

  • Nina
    Sep 19

    For my husband & I, food-grade lanolin has been better than any chapstick or oil on our lips. I put a tiny bit on every night before bed.

Postpartum Joint Pain

Has anyone every heard of this or had this? I believe that is what I am experiencing. I need to go to the doctor for an official diagnosis but....I'm very sure that is what is going one. Comments, thoughts. help?

  • Elle
    Sep 17

    Yep! The most effective way to minimize joint pain is PT. Strengthening up all of the muscles surrounding the joint for 1) better stability, which in turn 2) lessens the amount of and frequency of swelling and flareups. A PT will modify exercises particular to your body's own mechanics so that you don't end up injuring anything or making flare-ups worse by aggravating the joints, mus... More

  • Mrs. Robinson

    nice! thank you

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Sep 14

Single SAHM needing health insurance

To fellow single SAHMs, How do you get health insurance?

  • Sara
    Sep 17

    She's in fl and WIC doesn't give herself insurance and has Medicare for the baby and food stamps

  • Vee

    I’m not a single SAHM, however I applied for health insurance for my daughter & I through our local department of social services. We got Medicaid. It depends on your income.

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