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Anonymous posted in Child's Health Yesterday

Going into labor while having a cold!

One of my biggest anxiety is going into labor and having a cold. What does one do in that situation. I keep imagining a newborn with no immune system, who only knows how to breathe through it’s nose. And here I am with all these cold symptoms. What happens then? Help.

  • Destinee

    Breastfeed! Even if it’s just until your cold is over, it will contain antibodies for the sickness you carry to lessen the chances of your LO getting it

  • PK

    ^^ I second the breastfeeding, if you can (no pressure, I struggled and my milk didn’t come in for a week). Ask for a face mask for yourself so there’s at least some physical barrier.

Worried about heart failure

Okay so I have a question. When I was in labor I had gotten the epidural which my body didn’t react well to. When I got it I was numb in like 1 minute and my legs were basically dead I couldn’t lift them for them to put the catheter in. But that’s besides the point, my whole body got numb and I couldn’t breath which lead me to getting a panic attack and an emergency c-section because baby and I... More

  • Shanili

    Thank you I will make an appointment with my ob

  • Yo

    The best thing to do is talk to your doctor to see if there is any tests that can be done to check if there is anything abnormal. Oftentimes they put general information in the hospital discharge papers. Also not every explanation you find online applies to your personal case. There might be different factors that can cause such condition, so please check with your doctor.

Nine months ago...

I had a beautiful baby boy. My periods returned in June (April delivery, formula baby) and have been regulat since August. They've been livable after the first one which makes sense to have been worse, I mean, hello, lol. But this one right now... Never have I ever had one this bad. The cramps and the flow (replaced one regular tampon that was soaked only to soak through another onr within ... More

  • Ashley

    Catholic hospital 🙄

  • Amy

    Ashley Ah that makes sense!

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery Saturday


Has anyone had both a vaginal delivery and a c section? Which did you prefer? Would love to hear your experience. I had a c section with my first and now I have to decide what to do about my second! Both have pros and cons in my opinion.

  • MsJen

    I had both and if I had to choose which one I would prefer it was the vbac. Recovery is quicker but I was still in a lot of pain going into week 3 post partum . They said take ibuprofen which didn’t help. While with a csection at least they gave me prescription pain meds to help deal with the recovery. C section is major surgery so it come with its own set of risks that I didn’t feel were ... More

  • Anonymous

    I also heard once you do cesarean all births after must be the same way. I had a vaginal birth and I was in very minimal pain

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Thursday

Breast pain right side

I’ve been having pain in my right breast. My nipples have white dots on the tip. I’m just concerned cause I never had this happen before. I’m gonna make a doctors appointment after I get back from vacation. Has anyone experienced this before?

  • MommyDear

    Clogged milk ducts if you’re breastfeeding, I had that problem once or twice and it definitely hurts! Warm compress throughout the day, express the milk by massaging the breast outwards and breastfeeding as often as possible to help reduce the pressure. Hope it’s nothing mayor to be concerned about, best of luck!

  • Anonymous

    It was a cyst in my breast I’m gonna have to get it cut out cause it’s extremely inflamed

Struggles of an older dad

Hey all, I’m a 50 year old father of 4 year old twin girls and I feel a little alone in my position. I’m very self conscious about the fact that I’m an older dad. We just moved to New Jersey (from Brooklyn) and we are in a community with tons of families. I find myself constantly looking at other dads and being jealous of their youth. My mind is always calculating how old I will be for all the ... More

  • Michael

    I am an older dad as well, and I have similar concerns. However, when I look around at the playground I see a lot of younger parents who are way too busy with themselves instead of enjoying time with the little ones (as I would have been), so I reckon don’t overestimate age, enjoy the time.

  • Lulu

    Hi had my son at 44 i'm now 51 and his dad is 61, 10 yrs my senior. Our son is 6 in first grade. Only regret is we didn't have a number 2. Your girls will be fine they'll have each other. Don't listen to what comes your way only make those memories thats all that really matters.

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Jan 11

Thyroid disorders

Anyone here with a thyroid disorder? Was it discovered postpartum? Please share your symptoms and diagnosis. Did the two standard TSH tests reveal the disorder or did you have to have further testing to get a definitive diagnosis? I suspect a thyroid disorder for myself (mom, sister and niece all have one) although my tests each year come back normal. Is it time to search out a naturopath?

  • Amanda
    Jan 11

    I’m in the same boat as you. I get mine tested every year and they are usually fine. I just got them test this yr and my TSH3 came back not normal and they want to recheck in 3 months.

  • Jade
    Jan 14

    I have Hashitmoto’s hypothyroid. I was diagnosed officially about 5 years ago now, but I had symptoms for a long time before. I think because I was very young the Drs hadn’t thought to check my levels for a thyroid problem. My main symptoms were hair loss, severe exhaustion and depression. I was sleeping up to 20 hours a day. It was pretty bleak! They finally checked my TSH, T3 and T4 and put... More

Pregnancy weight gain

So my first pregnancy I gained about 40 pounds. I’m currently 23 weeks and have only gained 5 pounds in total. I’m not restricting my diet at all, or cutting out sweets so I’m wondering if anyone else experienced this?

  • Lily
    Jan 13

    I went from 145 to 200 at the end of my first. On my second one now (16weeks) before I got pregnant the 2nd time I was 155. I am still 155, and have been eating as much as I want. I think it's just different Everytime. My doctor didn't like how much I put on this time, and will probably be mad I am not putting on weight this time! Haha

  • Kieli
    Jan 14

    Thank you! Yes I was just a little thrown off because I wasn’t expecting that. But thank you both Lily and Jennifer for your replies!

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Jan 07

Morning sickness

I was sick my entire pregnancy with my first. It was really bad in the beginning and eventually just turned into puking twice in the morning and occasional nausea during the day (still not fun!). My question is if you had a similar experience to mine in one pregnancy were all your pregnancies like that? I am so excited to have another baby but scared I am going to have another awful nauseous pr... More

  • Anonymous
    Jan 07

    Yup, nausea and vertigo. So I take it you were medicated for it if it was that bad? (I know I was). Diclegis was great at taking the edge off so I could at least function.

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jan 07

    I’m on my fourth pregnancy and true to what I’ve read, each one first trimester seems worse and lasts longer. It’ll pass. And if you have enough babies you get really good at multi tasking while gagging. ;)

Acne ugh

My face has been breaking out with some mild acne but all on the lower half of my face and this never happen until now with my second pregnancy. I was wonder if anyone else has dealt with this and what helped cleared up the acne

  • Julieann
    Jan 07

    I don’t really touch my face due to breaking out. Would only touch to like scratch my nose or eyes but for the most part I avoid touching my face.

  • Kate
    Jan 07

    Yes! I’ve had it more with my second pregnancy, but it did calm down a lot after the first trimester. Not sure how far along you are. (The lower part of your face, especially the sides of your chin, are where hormonal breakouts occur.) I found I had to exfoliate more than usual to get the dead skin cells and other junk off.

Busy SAHP: what do you eat during the day???

I feel like I need quick things because baby is on the move, or his naps are short, but I don’t want the food to be unhealthy or boring! What are your go to meals during the day (for you!) when it’s just you and your kid(s)?

  • Pila
    Jan 01

    My go to food is something simple n yummy I like flour tortillas w an avocado spread n a pinch of salt rolled up like a burrito

  • molly
    Jan 01

    egg sandwich, green smoothies, frozen quinoa meals, soups made in large batches, omelette, pbj, fruit yogurt parfaits, chia seed pudding, lots of salad

I am 7 months pregnant with my first and have been fighting extreme exhaustion.

So this is my first baby, and I've been feeling tired pretty much since the start. I had severe morning sickness (not keeping food down at all for several days at a time) for 5 months before my ob finally put me on an antacid that leveled it out. So I'm used to being tired. But even though I'm eating more now, my energy hasn't improved. Everything I read says I should be feelin... More

  • Amy
    Jan 06

    It's normal! I needed naps all the time in first and 2nd trimesters. But that doesn't mean it's hopeless that something might help you feel at least some better. You might try another brand of prenatals to see if you can tolerate them now - low vitamin can sap energy. I felt a huge energy difference the days I drank a ton of water vs only normal amounts. My tests came back only slig... More

  • Anonymous
    Jan 07

    I would say it’s pretty normal. You’re growing a human and That’s a TON of work for your body. Especially if you are an active person. It’s really okay to rest up. Try to get 9+ hrs at night if you can take naps. Don’t push yourself.

Stomach flu

I woke up this morning feeling terrible! Stomach pain, runs,Nausea, headache! My little one is 7 months how can help her not get it? Any recommendations or remedies for me? Thanks

  • Lindsey
    Dec 28

    I had a terrible stomach bug when my son was 3 months. I would puke and nurse on the floor after. It was horrible but my son never got it. Clean with bleach, wash your hands, and nurse. You definitely need to keep hydrated if you can’t keep any liquids in you should call you obgyn or doctor they should be able to prescribe you an anti nausea med. that’s what I had to do. I am thinking of ... More

  • Jessy
    Dec 28

    Thank you all! I’m feeling much better today. My little one has a mild cough now..


Is it okay to take a multi vitamin while breastfeeding?

  • Paige
    Dec 23

    Yes. And it’s actually highly recommended. Also taking vitamin D pills are needed as well.

  • MommyDear
    Dec 24

    My OBGYN suggested that I continue taking prenatal as long as I was breastfeeding. You can always give your Dr a call to verify. Otherwise, multivitamin is usually an ok, as Paige mentioned, taking vitamin D should also be added to your daily dose since breastfed babies don’t get much vitamin D except whatever amount our breast milk provides.

Baby & toddler sick!

Unfortunately whatever nasty virus that has been going around has hit my household 😩. My 5 months old baby ended up having bronchitis and my 3 year old has a sever cold! Baby has finally gotten over that “worst” part of the sickness but he still has a nasty cough same and his older sister. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for home remedies especially for nasty wet coughs! As a... More

  • Foufou
    Dec 28

    Thank you for the Advice! My poor baby was getting better and I think it’s more my fault that I stopped doing his albuteral early than I should because he is back to coughing up storms :/ @Bhavana did you drink the Luke warm water? What about the baby? My baby is a week shy of 6 months so I’m not sure how much water to give him.

  • Valerie
    Dec 28

    Elder berry syrup in water in a bottle. Put a tiny little splash, 1/2 tsp in 2 oz water. No honey for the baby until baby is over 1 year

Postpartum Blues?

Hello! I’m a first time father to a 5 month old baby girl. I’m new to Winnie but I wanted to express my feelings about being a dad. About 2 months after she was born, I started to experience increased anxiety and even some physical symptoms, like sweating/loss of appetite etc. I’ve always been susceptible to anxiety and have seen a psychiatrist for many years and for the most part I’ve been... More

  • Tim
    Jan 08

    Such a good point Molly. We as parents need to stay happy or else the baby will suffer. I feel like I do a good job right now, and I hope you are right as the months move along things get somewhat back to a normal routine. Thank you for your input! Much appreciated!

    Jan 09

    Hey Tim, I didn't go through postpartum but I was scare. Having to care for another person is life changing for everybody. So is understandable what you going through.I salute you for even asking for help. My wife had it I know it can be tough and it was tough on us but what worked for her. She meditated daily and always told herself "I Can Do This" to be a parent. After a coupl... More

BV and Breastfeeding

This is my second baby and she is just about 5 months and we have been exclusively breastfeeding. I’ve had a bunch of issues postpartum but, now that it’s all resolved I have developed reoccurring BV. I stopped breastfeeding for 7 days to treat it and and so happy baby went right back to the breast but now I have it again and I refuse to take more meds and potentially lose our breastfeeding rel... More

  • Lisa
    Dec 21 says Tea Tree oil (5-10 drops) diluted in a carrier oil like Olive oil or Coconut oil (1 oz), works well. They recommend testing on your arm for a couple of days to be sure you are not allergic. If not allergic, then soak a tampon in the mixture, and insert in vagina for an hour, then removing the tampon, repeat several times a day. The same site says it could be caused by wea... More

  • Kate
    Dec 21

    Thank you!!! I really appreciate you looking into it for me! 😊

Anonymous posted in Fitness Dec 20

New Year weight loss

My baby will be 6 months in January and I’ve been promising myself I’ll make a conscious effort to lose the weight then. I don’t do well left to my own devices, just watching what I eat and exercising. Anyone have a diet/program they like? I’ve had success with weight watchers previously and have heard great things about intermittent fasting. Bonus points if there is an Apple Watch app!

  • Jennifer
    Dec 27

    My husband and I did a diet together. Chicken and veggies for like 4-6 months he had more weight to loose than I did so he went a few months longer. In went from 165 to 129 and he went from 260-190. Also Walked/ran 3-5 miles a day and stopped drinking pop. Unfortunately we both did gain some weight back so now I’m about to be back at it. Eating out ruined it so that will definitely have to go a... More

  • Danielle
    Dec 27

    My daughter is now turning 3 I have not been able to get back to normal both mentally and physically this can’t possibly be post pardon 😩

Have you been a victim of medical identity theft?

A reporter from NBC news is putting together a story on the rise medical identity theft (stealing people's identity to access their medical benefits) and wants to hear from parents who have been victims. Apparently it is on the rise! If you have been a victim of medical identity theft, it'd be great if you could share your story in the comments.

  • Anonymous
    Dec 19

    When I was 22 I discovered a hospital bill in collections on my credit report. “I” had gotten a CAT scan when I was 18 here in the Bay Area. In reality I was down at UC Irvine for my freshman year with no car, and had only ever been to the hospital once in my life when I was in middle school. I never found out if it was a mis-billing or someone willfully using my insurance info. It took me ... More

  • Anonymous
    Dec 27

    They had a huge thing that a lot of names, etc where leaked from the children’s hospital my son goes to because an employee opened an unknown email that ended up being a hack to get into their system and steal medical information and social security info.


I’m almost 11 weeks pregnant. Yesterday we went to the park with our 3 year old and I started having a headache. It literally lasted all day and night til I woke up out my sleep at 12 and finally took Tylenol. (I don’t like taking meds while pregnant which is why I waited so long) but naturally once the medicine wore off it started again around 3. I have work today but my head feels like it’s u... More

  • Anonymous
    Dec 17

    Talk to your doctor but I had terrible headaches while pregnant. Have never had migraines before but had them during preg. I would sit in dark room and a warm heat pad on my head helped.

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Dec 19

    I never got migraines until pregnancy either. But def talk to your dr. You could suddenly be deficient in something causing the headache. Our bodies work so differently during pregnancy. Are you staying hydrated? I find it extra hard to do that when chasing toddlers.

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