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Food poisoning or flu?

My husband and I went to a baby shower last Saturday, our daughter ended up ill Tuesday along with a couple other kids that were at the baby shower and my husbands sister. We also had some leftovers on Monday. Last night my husband ended up ill and I’m 15 weeks pregnant and have been sick a few times this morning. Nothing sounds appetizing, which I had just gotten over that stage in my pregnanc... More

  • Lulu

    Sounds like mild food poisoning to me

  • Kieli

    Great 🤦🏽‍♀️ thank you Lulu! I’ve never had food poisoning before.

Mommy SOS

I need to know how parents stay energized and motivated. I have a toddler, three dogs (one is a foster that I’m still trying to find a permanent home for without having to take to pound or something else) and a cat.. I work 3 whole days and two half days a week and I have no energy to do anything even clean up the house most of the time.. I have severe anxiety so I’m trying to stay away from co... More

  • Allison

    I work full time and have a 2 year old and this may sound counter-intuitive, but working out helps me with energy levels so much. I work out on my lunch break at work and also do a stroller class 2x week after work. When its warm out we run with the stroller or I run on the treadmill in the basement. I had a couple bad weeks and had to stop working out and my energy levels plummeted. Also, ... More

  • JJ
    5h ago

    Thanks everyone. Everyone’s comments have been helpful and insightful. Also thanks for the support.

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Tuesday

Is lower back/tailbone pain normal with Braxton Hicks?

I’m currently 31 weeks and lately have been getting lower back pain with bh’s. Never had that happen with my first pregnancy. When I brought it up to my nurse practitioner (I don’t get to see the actual ob/gyn) she said it’s probably due to my weight gain. I’ve only gained 40 lbs but apparently that’s too much (went up 5 lbs in two weeks) and told me to just keep hydrated and cut back on eating... More


Hey mamas! I am seven months postpartum and not breastfeeding. There are so many choices, what one do you use?

  • Joanna

    I take a prenatal because I can use my FSA to pay for it.

  • Lily

    I have been on prenatal since 2016, just kept taking them. I was trying to get pregnant then, and am on the third pregnancy now. Breastfeeding the whole time. I plan on using them as long as might get pregnant. Just to be safe

Sick with a baby 🙁

I have a cold and a 6 month old. What are ways I keep her from getting sick? Especially with her being so dependent on me. She hardly wants me to put her down. I put on a mouth mask this morning so I don’t breathe on her and she freaked out 😳 she was literally scared of me. So no mask then. I know to wash my hands thoroughly but I do that anyway even when I’m not sick.

  • Christine

    Babies will get sick despite your best efforts. Just continue washing your hands and maybe avoid kissing her face and hands until you feel better. Most importantly, take care of yourself. Don’t push yourself, rest when you need to, drink lots of fluids and you’ll be better in no time.

Copper IUD questions

To the ladies who’ve had a copper IUD or currently do. I just recently got 1 after my second child. It’s been 2 1/2 almost 3 months since I got it done. Before kids I had a 7 day very heavy painful period. After having my first the throwing up was gone and pain wasn’t as bad and not as heavy. I knew getting an IUD meant I would have heavier, longer, painful periods and I didn’t mind because I f... More

  • Foufou

    @kristina thank you!! long are your periods now? I just started one today and the one before that lasted 14days. Between that one and this one I was only “clean” for I say about 4-5 days before the spotting happened and now period :/

  • Brittany

    The longest before ParaGard was 3-4 days and with it, my periods last between 7-10 days now. My cycles are also longer... 40+ days between periods. But, when they arrive, it's with a vengeance haha

Lower Abdominal Pain

Hi, I am 17 weeks pregnant and all of a sudden I got this lower abdominal pain on my right side. Its not constant but a mild pain that has been on and off all day today. I am not sure why I got this, but I am visiting my brother and have been sleeping on the floor as there’s not enough beds.

  • Lana

    Everything should be fine don’t lift anything heavy and try to rest you are pregnant buy a mattress and return it when you want to leave As long as there is no unbearable pain in your lower abdomen or bleeding then go straight to the doctor

  • Gopali

    Thank You All for your replies! Makes me less worried now.

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Nov 10

Period or pap smear bleeding??

Hey mamas, I’m just confused and a bit worried and want to see if any of you experienced something similar.. so i finally got my period 14 months after delivery (im breastfeeding) month ago, it lasted for a day, then again 3 weeks later and it was like my old regular periods, lasted for 5 days. I did pap smear a few days later and now I’m bleeding again. I wouldn’t say very heavily bit enough f... More

  • Lilly
    Nov 10

    This can be very normal. Often after having children the tissue on the cervix remains a bit sensitive and can bleed easily to touch. If it bleeds longer than a week or two then give your doctor a call.

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Nov 08

Nausea tips

I’m 7 weeks along and the nausea is killing me! I don’t want to eat anything. Is there any tips and tricks anyone has that have worked for them? During my first pregnancy I never got this nauseous so I didn’t need to try to find something that helped.

  • Jess
    Nov 10

    I'm 9 weeks and I know your pain, I didnt go threw this with my boys. I found that chewing gum or sucking on mint candies help.

  • Abby

    Ginger Brew from Trader Joe’s! I swear by this drink. It’s very very gingeriffic so not too much added sugar or carbonation which means less bloating. A large bottle is about $3.99. Please, try it. Nothing else works as well for me. I’m drinking this as we speak because I’m 6-10 weeks (won’t know for sure until Nov. 27th) and nausea is all day every day.

Mirena reviews?

I’m thinking about getting the Mirena. I just had my 2nd child 4 months ago and I’m currently on the mini pill, sometimes I forget to take the pill so I’m trying to get on something I don’t need to remember and something that is more long term it was between the Mirena or the shot. Thinking more of getting the Mirena..has anyone tried it or is currently on the Mirena? What are the side effects ... More

  • Sarah

    I got the mirena for little over a year now, and I love it! I haven't had my period in almost 8 months now. I would definitely recommend it! (But some of the other reviews are right, it can depend on the person- same with the shot, but I would recommend the mirena though)

  • Abby

    I had two rounds of 5 years with the Mirena IUD after 2 successful pregnancies. No periods after the second month. No cramping. Just ready for more kiddos after 10 years. Took about 4 months to get pregnant after my OB removed it but, I wasn’t tracking anything so it may have happened sooner. After this baby is born (4th) I will be going back on IUD until my husband is ready to get snipped. ;)

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Nov 02

Preventing Mastitis

So yesterday I realized my breast was tender, we are 13 months strong with breastfeeding and working on causally weening. Last time I had a tender/ hard breast was months ago. He still nurses just not as long & mostly at night or for comfort. So I’ve been Massaging the lump & trying to nurse my son in different positions. About to try a hot shower as well. Just in case I made a dr app... More

  • PK
    Nov 02

    Lecithin!! On top of all the other things you’ve been doing. Massaging, nursing, pumping, hot shower, hot wet towel.

  • Vicki
    Nov 02

    If you have something that vibrates... you can use that to help break up the clog before and after hot shower.

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Nov 01

Help me

So I found out I was pregnant Monday. Today I started having sharp pains in my right side. I went to the doctor and did blood work and have to go back Monday to do more blood work. I have endometriosis and that’s the same pains I’m having. But I also read that ectopic pregnancy’s make one side hurt. Anyone experience either of these?!?

  • Megan
    Nov 01

    Yes to christa. Do not google it. Easier said than done, but just skip it and call your provider. It’s what you pay them for! I feel like I’ve been calling my midwives more with my second than I did with my first. Partly because I’m more aware of all the pains, but also because they’d much rather talk to me than have me stressing out on my phone in the dark 😂

  • Meaghan
    Nov 08

    I had this too! Was told it was a ruptured ovarian cyst at the hospital and that it was normal early in pregnancy to get a couple. Does not affect baby. Later in pregnancy one sided pain was informed is ligament pain, basically growing pains. Scared the daylights out of me!!!

It's incredibly difficult to get pregnant

I have never been pregnant and this is my first time trying. I went to the obgyn about a year ago and she said to wait until I have been trying for at least a year. it's been off and on of trying with my fiancé since then, because of his child from his previous relationship, going to court to try for equal time- sharing for both parents and the stress that comes with that. We aren't m... More

  • Lily
    Nov 09

    Stress is something that can make it harder. Start taking ovulation Test, tracking your period. I use Clue, it’s an app. And yeah, it’s hard, because it really is only like 24 hours.

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Oct 30

Exhausted with a toddler

Any of you just feel EXHAUSTED? all the time, any time? I have a two and a half year old, a full time job, and I drop her and pick her up from daycare close to my work (40 min drive to home) everyday, along with cooking and household chores. Even if I come home and not do the chores, I just feel TIRED. Any tips? Help, suggestions? I’m 35 but I feel like I’m 70! No energy

  • Sarah
    Oct 31

    Oh yeah... I just gave birth to my son a month ago, had a tubal ligation, 3 daughters ages 11, 2, and 1. When I say I can not wait to start working my 3rd shift job!! Love my kids but not only do I need rest, I need some adult interaction as well.

  • Anonymous
    Oct 31

    I have three, 20 months, 7 years & 11..... I am always tired, I’m so tired😫😭😞 before my toddler I was fine. The baby & toddler phases are the most exhausting. It gets better, A LOT BETTER lol for now just hold on for dear life😢

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Oct 30

How to deal with engorgement pain when trying to dry up.

I recently decided that for my own health I would stop pumping. I was exclusively pumping for my baby. She is three months tomorrow and I have felt so much guilt about stopping. But I am under so much stress at work and just about having to pump all day. I felt like that was the only thing I was allowed to do was pump. I barely slept through the night because I would always wake to pump. I only... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 31

    When I try to hand express it hurts because I am so engorged. I have been using ice packs on it so far.

  • Julie
    Oct 31

    I would call your obgyn or a lactation consultant and ask for advice. But you can also try taking antihistamines. I know they will decrease supply for some women so it may help now too.

Loosing weight hating it!

7 weeks prego started at 115 (I’m only 5ft) and now I’m 110. I’m not vomiting anymore and slowly eating more but I cannot for the life of me gain weight or keep the weight on. I need like a daily meal plan (super bland cause I have horrid morning sickness). Any suggestions. I stay at home and I’m an amazing cook so I can cook about anything. Suggestions are so welcome I’m running out of ideas!

  • Megan
    Oct 29

    You’ve got lots of time. I didn’t gain a pound until 18 weeks with this baby. I lived off black bean quesadillas and protein smoothies for a long time. Mmmm maybe some butternut squash soup would be nice on the tummy. Im making some tomorrow 😂 Probably a nice way to get some nutrients in.

  • Zendy
    Oct 29

    I didn't gain weight til 6 months. As long as you are eating right and baby is growing healthy that's what matters. Am 35 weeks now and am 160

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Oct 29


Not long ago I found out I was pregnant.. i’m between 6-8 week but I’m already sick & super tired. Any tips for regaining energy or even to make this sick feeling go away. I work and have 2 little ones already so I need help!

  • Amanda
    Oct 30

    My midwifes have me taking this powder supplement called Amazing Grass. It is great for energy... It's nasty though. I mix a spoon with some juice and chug it in the AM with a chaser of water or plain juice.

  • Casey

    My husband bought me Preggie Pop Drops when I was constantly nauseous, and they did wonders.

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Oct 29


So... I didn't have my period last month , and I missed it again this month. I tested last month and I did so again today and it's negative... Was it too early ? Or could it be something else ? I googled , and pretty much Google said I'm dying ... Soooo?

Kikipooh posted in Fitness Oct 27

I need to lose weight

Hello mamas, i have 17 months twin girls and i go to school and work full time.. my time feels very limited and no matter what i do i can’t seem to find time to lose weight .. is there anything i can take to knock the weight off or anything i can do???? ALL suggestions ARE WELCOME

  • Jenn
    Oct 27

    If you don't have any health issues that will interfere, I recommend eating a ketogenic diet. It's relatively easy to do after you get the hang of it and you can pretty easily add carbs for the rest of the family.

  • JJ
    Oct 28

    I recommend ZERO diets. Just make healthy, common sense choices, cut your portions down, and stay as active as possible. Plus lots of water and a good nights sleep.

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Oct 27

Normal bleeding in pregnancy?

A few weeks back I went to the ER with some heavy bleeding and everything was okay. Baby was moving around, had normal heart beat. My husband and I had intercourse that night, and we’ve done it once since then and I had light bleeding the last time. Not even close to the amount I had last time. I read online that it could be due to changes to my cervix. I haven’t had any other bleeding since. I... More

  • Andrea
    Oct 27

    I think it depends on how far along you are, but I also think that any amount of blood is worth a call to your doctor at the very least.

  • Lulu
    Oct 27

    ^same here. Call the OB for bleeding. You can never be too careful.

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