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Kimberly posted in Parties Friday

First birthday party tomorrow!

Trying to find activities and games for us adults but all I can find are baby shower related ones. Any ideas? Looking for stuff like this..

  • Andy

    For the 2nd or 3rd birthday with just the adults we had a Daniel Tiger song contest with rules similar to Hollywood Squares. The lyrics to a Daniel tiger jingle were given to one of the teams and they had to sing the song with the right tune or confidently the wrong tune. The other team had to decide if they sang it right. It was ridiculous and very entertaining.

Cake smash substitution ideas??

My boy is 1 in a few days 🤯 Any ideas on cake substitutions for a cake smash photo session? He’s not allergic to anything, just don’t want to introduce artificial sugars yet.

  • Cassandra

    I’ve seen a spaghetti smash and a pizza smash!

  • Michelle

    We made a small cake using banana as the sweetener and used blueberries with Yogurt as frosting. None of it had added sugars. She loved it!

Anonymous posted in Parties Nov 28

Baby shower for 2nd baby?

I just found out I am 10 weeks pregnant. For my first baby (who is currently 16 months), we had a huge baby shower with family and friends. But, for this baby, I don't think it’ll be right to have another baby shower. For one, we moved out of state & secondly, everyone always judges those who have baby showers back to back. I was thinking of only doing a registry if anyone wants to get ... More

  • Valerie
    Dec 01

    This is why for our first child we only requested gender neutral clothing. A: to be able to reuse or regift the little clothes that they literally wear ONE time sometimes. And B because I do find it a little tacky to have another baby shower for every subsequent kid. To each their own. I’d bring a small gift to a second or third baby shower, but would pitch in more for the first one.

  • Anonymous
    Dec 01

    Thank you ladies! As I said in my previous comment, we moved to a different state so we gave away a lot of our little ones clothing and etc. I feel like every baby should be celebrated, whether tacky or not. Hubbs and I decided on just 2 kids so its not like we will have a baby shower for every kid. I wanted to do a registry just in case family members or friends would like to get something.

Daniela posted in Parties Nov 26

First year!

My daughter will be 1 next week! What did you moms do for your little one's first birthday?

  • Kieli
    Nov 26

    My daughters first birthday was in June, and I wanted to do a park get together but it was way to hot. So I just invited immediate family over to my (small) apartment for lunch and cake. Mostly so they could see her

  • Aje
    Nov 27

    We had a Curious George party in the backyard. It was just our siblings and their kids and our parents. Most of the decorations were pretty generic and purchased from the dollar store. Despite that it looked really great. I made some decorations as well. I bought two plastic pools and we filled one with sand and one with rice. I put out a small ball pit for the babies and some balls of various ... More

Lindsey posted in Parties Nov 21

Small house for a 3yr old birthday party

We live in a 2 bedroom house and having my son’s 3rd birthday party there in December. My husband had the idea of friends with kids to schedule the party 12-4 and have relatives come 3-6pm. Or just have everyone come? Last year it got really tight. Has anyone ever done this?

  • Victoria
    Nov 24


  • Lindsey
    Nov 25

    I ended up making friends at 12-4 and family 2-6. Most of my friend have kids his age and my nieces so they will be there that time. The only person I need to tell what’s happening is my father-in-law. He comes over an hour early. But even when I tell him I assume he’s going to disregard it and come anytime he wants. 😂but he’ll be the one dealing with 12kids screaming and running around.

Anonymous posted in Parties Nov 19

Holiday Work Parties

The holidays are coming and that means work parties! But for anyone who is pregnant and still not out about it, that means making excuses for not drinking. My boss is already talking up the amazing wine he bought for our party and how he can’t wait for everyone to try it. I am not sure what excuse I will use yet, so give me what you got!

  • Kelly
    Nov 19

    That you’re being the designated driver?

  • Ivana
    Nov 19

    Bring some cranberry juice along in a flak and pour it into an empty wine glass. Worked for me :)

Shanili posted in Holidays Nov 17

Is a first birthday party necessary?

So I’m going back and forth on if I should waste money on a big birthday party for my daughter. However, I’m thinking “is she really going to enjoy this?” “How much money will I spend?” She would most likely be cranky or sleeping ,clueless, and probably stressed about it all. What should I do other than a party or should I do the party idk 🤷🏻‍♀️😩

  • Shuishuipanda
    Nov 19

    They won't understand or remember... I did not do any party for my son's first and second birthday

  • Amy
    Nov 19

    We did a family get together at chick fil a. Simple and a playground.

Dawn posted in Holidays Nov 16

Birthday near Christmas?

My son's birthday is December 23rd. This is problematic because it's 2 days before Christmas, which is already hectic regardless of birthdays. My question is: how do you plan for it? We've been doing the close family and friends route so far, but I want him to be able to have friends come and celebrate as well as he gets older. We have also separated his birthday from Christmas so f... More

  • Erin
    Nov 20

    I've got two kids, born the 29th and 25th. Their birthdays are usually just cake with family. But, we do a big party with friends for their half birthday. So far, I've been able to combine the half Birthday party (4 times so far) but I suspect we may be hosting two half birthday parties next year.

  • KM
    Dec 01

    My daughter's birthday is Christmas Eve. Last year we had a family celebration the weekend before, then invited all her friends for her half birthday party in June. Everyone thought the half birthday party was a good idea and it gave us a lot more venue options.

Emily posted in Parties Nov 09

3 year old birthday

My daughter is doing an alpaca party. Her party is December 2nd it’s going to be at park and it’s gonna be cold. 🥶 I want to do hot coco in a crock pot and pizza. Does anyone have good winter party ideas?

  • Elle
    Nov 11

    - make paper snowflakes - decorate your own snowman - bounce castle will keep them active and warm (if the park allows) - pinata - warm cider in croc pot - bubbles (kids like bubbles)

Any ideas for baby shower prizes for games?!

  • Mia
    Nov 07

    When I had my baby shower we did , candles , frames , vases and kitchen stuff , mostly cute stuff from the dollar store .

  • Brittany
    Nov 14

    We did a shot bottle with a can soda for guys and bath and body works small lotion and body gel for women also made 3 gift baskets for the diaper raffle one was coffee themed one was movie themed and the last one was a liquor bottle with mixers

Jasmine posted in Parties Oct 18

My daughter will be 1 in two months

My daughter will be one in two months idk what to do for her birthday???

  • Jasmine
    Oct 20

    That's too cute

  • Sahra
    Oct 21

    What does she like? When my son turned 1 we did paw patrol. Though the only thing that was themed was the cake which was shaped like a bone

Anonymous posted in DIY Oct 16

Small wedding ideas?

Really frugal way to throw a very small intimate wedding. No outdoors I live in Louisiana :p we’ve already had 2 of the 4 seasons just this morning haha. The only reason I’m anon is because it hasn’t been announced yet :p

  • Christina
    Oct 16

    We had family out to first cousins. Dinner and reception in a restaurant in their private banquet area. Ceremony we did outside, but I know you said you can’t do that. With an open bar and photography we spent about 5k. We skipped flowers which was a big cost saver.

  • Joey
    Oct 16

    Don't do wedding favors. They're a waste of money and usually get thrown away afterward. Silk flowers are usually much cheaper than real. You could do grocery store bunches for the bouquets and just baby's breath for the centerpieces (really cute in mason jars). DIY doesn't always mean cheaper! A lot of wholesale websites can offer up cheap alternatives.

Anonymous posted in Parties Oct 15

Last minute goodie bag

Hi! So my soon to be 3 year old is having a birthday party this Sunday. I have no idea what to put in her friend's goodie bags. Its Sesame street theme..Any ideas??

  • Caro
    Oct 16

    Earth's Best brand has some relatively healthy snacks in small packages that have Sesame Street characters on the packaging... I remember seeing some with Elmo and Grover at least...

  • Beckiie
    Oct 16

    Gold fish, fruit snacks, crayons, small coloring books or note pads.

Farm birthday party treat bags

I’m looking ideas as to what to put in treat bags for my son’s 2nd birthday that is farm themed. Thank you!

  • Victoria
    Oct 15

    Go to party city they have tons of goody bag treats toys and candy

  • Victoria
    Oct 15

    They have a whole isle that is specifically for goody bag

Anonymous posted in Parties Oct 13

Baby shower

My husband and I have been trying for a baby for awhile. We have over time gathered a lot. Like most things. But I still want a baby shower when the time comes. This was brought up at a get together. I was chewed out by multiple people that it was dumb and unnecessary. That a baby shower is for people who need things. I wouldn’t like make a registry or anything or expect a gift. But I would lov... More

  • Lulu
    Oct 15

    I think the only thing you're doing wrong is sticking around those horrendous people and taking their actions to heart. Cut those ties and let it go! If you need to talk about it, get the Wysa app. It is like an interactive journal. I love it, it gets me through so much negativity I receive from others!

  • Anonymous
    Oct 15

    I’ll give that a shot! Thank you! And you are right I do just need to let it go and move on

Vicki posted in Parties Oct 11

Too scary?

My daughter is having a Plants vs Zombies themed 5th birthday party so all of her guests are somewhere between 3 (her little sister) and 6 years old. I’m making a piñata which was originally planned to be a Walnut from the game but my daughter wants it to be a zombie head instead. If you’re familiar with the game, the zombies don’t really look scary but I’m wondering if, regardless, a head hang... More

  • Lulu
    Oct 11

    Yeah probably lol that may be a bit much for some skittish kids but I would say use your best judgement

Danette posted in Holidays Oct 11

First Birthday

Is it necessary to have a huge first birthday for my daughter?

  • Valerie
    Oct 30

    Our first birthday spiraled out of control. My son is 22 months and we’re STILL opening presents from his 1st bday. ( were big believers of rotating toys, for our sanity and for the kid to have new toys every few weeks) For his 2nd were just going to have a big park play date, with the presents being hand-me-downs. I have so much guilt that our kid got so many brand new presents when he would p... More

Yo posted in Parties Oct 09

11 yo home party

I am planning a little surprise for my big guy turning 11 in Nov. now, I am thinking to bring in some kind if entertainment for the kids ..... but dont know what to look for ? 🤔 I was thinking a clown show is kinda too kiddy .... haha maybe I can bring somebody with a bunny for petting ? Help me out here... im clueless. Thank you all

  • Lisa
    Oct 10

    Or a video game truck

  • Yo
    Oct 10

    Great ideas, thank you all

Anonymous posted in Parties Oct 08

Need help for 1st bday (this December)

Hi Mommy’s and daddy’s, My first sons bday is coming up in December and I have no idea what to do. I live in Orange County ca so it’s not very cold and outdoors is okay ( although I really prefer indoors). It’s really just going to be family, friends and a few kids- Maybe 5 kids total ranging from 1-5 years old. Our house is tiny and I don’t want to use my parents place because then my pare... More

  • Jordan
    Oct 09

    Agreed! Your in-laws will just have to get over it.

  • R
    Oct 12

    Atlantis park in garden grove, ca it's an enclosed toddler park

Justice posted in Parties Oct 08

Ideas for a baby boys first birthday?? Gifts, things to do, etc. Thank you!

  • Brittany
    Oct 08

    Not doing it for my son when he turns one. Will have smash cake and maybe do a beach day since it’ll be summer lol ideas for gifts is vtech toys, movies, take him to get a pumpkin 🎃

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