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Anonymous posted in Parties Tuesday

Bday party goodie bag?

Im having my daughters 1st bday party where there will be mostly adults and then about 10 children ages 1-8. Are goodie bags expected at parties now? Any thoughts on what to put in a goodie bag for this age range? Silly question, I know, but I have no idea how this works!!

  • Hannah

    Don’t buy junk because you feel like you have to. You’ll hate it as a parent yourself. Applesauce pouches, temporary tattoos, mini play-dohs. Those are the only things that I give because they’re enjoyed by wide age range, serve a purpose, and then go away without much guilt.

  • Dani

    Are you doing a theme for the party? Look on Pinterest. I’m not into goodie bags...I’ve managed to leave all of my friends’ kid’s parties avoiding them. For my son’s first birthday a few months ago I threw him a dinosaur themed party and went with an idea I found on Pinterest. I ordered some small-ish plastic dinosaur toys and had an “adopt a dinosaur” cage. Most of the kids took them home and ... More

Yammi posted in Parties Jul 30

First Birthday

What did you do for your little one’s first birthday? I have less than a month to prepare, and I don’t even know what I’m going to start! I’m definitely going to bake a smash cake for him, we’ll sing and (of course) take tons of pictures! But my creative mind is shot, and I can’t seem to think of any brilliant or fun things we can do to make this special day extra special for my little one 😭 An... More

  • Mia
    Jul 30

    My oldest we did a cake and it was the first time she had sugar really. (That went out the window with number 2), just some friends and family came over. The 2nd child shared a party with big sister since their birthdays are only 3 days apart. Any celebration you choose to do should be about you surviving the 1st year of parenthood. The baby will have no clue what’s going on and no memory of... More

  • Jenn
    Aug 01

    On my daughter's first birthday the three of us (her, dad, & I) went to the zoo and a random restaurant on the way home. We had a birthday party for her on the weekend that was entirely too big but she loved it. We hosted at our house and had a theme (jungle). After the craziness was over, I took her to build a bear and we built her a bear together. That will be our tradition. The firs... More

Elvie posted in Parties Jul 23

Baby Sprinkles

I’m going to have my second son in November. I was thinking of having a baby sprinkle. My baby shower with my first was a surprise. Is it inappropriate if I throw my own baby sprinkle?

  • Angelica
    Jul 25

    I planned my own baby shower too!! I did everything everyone was like I’ll do it and throw you one but the months came and went my baby was almost due so I did it myself. I was very happy with he results but it is stressful so I would recommend do it with time months ahead.

  • Lulu
    Jul 26

    Psh, do what makes you happy! There was so much drama from the ladies throwing my baby shower about who I could or could not invite that I took over! These days it's every woman for herself, normalcy and etiquette just don't have a place anymore.

Anonymous posted in Parties Jul 21

Bday ideas

Looking for ideas for my husbands 40th birthday coming up. We’re on a tight budget so trying to find some affordable ideas and still make it special. Should we go out of town small family trip or bbq at our house with some friends, need ideas please. Thanks.

  • Crystal
    Jul 23

    I would totally do the bbq! You can have everyone bring a dish or drinks and then have your Spotify playlist of all his favorite songs and/or songs from his childhood

  • Brittney
    Jul 23

    If you’re on a tight budget I’d say do a bbq and you can do potluck style and make a theme to make it a big deal still. Pinterest always has great idea for themes.

Anonymous posted in Parenting Culture Jul 18

Birthday parties

Having a party for my son! Inviting his school friends, the children’s gym has a limit of 15 kids for the party! Inviting exactly 15 kids. 1 parent replied back saying the whole family will be there with both kids, how should handle this situation?

  • Brandi
    Jul 18

    I'd say, we'd love to see all of you, unfortunately the gym has a 15 child limit and we're at our max. If we get a cancellation, you'll be the first to know. Thanks for your understanding! We look forward to playing with (insert kid's name here) 😁

  • Angel
    Jul 18

    Tell them the invitation is extended to the child invited and one parent since it’s coming out of your wallet, then anyone else will need to pay separately it’s common courtesy. My husband accompanied his niece to a Bday party at a really fun pizza/arcade place here in Houston, but we paid separately for my son and I without thinking about it bc it would’ve been rude you know? Just saying from... More

Anonymous posted in Parties Jun 29

Hi! What goes in bday favor/swag bags?

I’ve never done this before so I need ideas on what to put in the goodie bags for my son’s first bday. It’s a barnyard theme and the guests will be from 1yr-10yrs old. What are some fun things you’ve added in bday goodie bags?

  • Kay
    Jul 02

    Kids love balloons. I recommend a few mylars that the bday child gets and each child gets a regular ballon yo take home. That way you get a lot of balloons to decorate with and a party gift all in one! Purchase a few extras in case one pops...or if you’re short a few start offering them after the first few kiddos leave.

  • Kristin
    Jul 22

    We did Sesame Street coloring books and small pack of 4 crayons (dollar store) for 2nd bda (Elmo themed). For 3rd bday - (princess and superhero) party we gave wands and masks. And for 4th superhero party we gave capes and masks. We found them cheap on Amazon (direct from China so it took some time). I'd rather give/receive 1 cute "goodie" item instead of a bag full of cheap litt... More

Anonymous posted in Parties Jun 25

What’s the best time of day to host a first birthday party? Most kids are same age or around with a few between ages 3-5. Some adults thrown in. It’s an outdoor venue in July. I was thinking 10am-12pm but husband thinks 10 is too early. Or should I do 4-6pm?

  • Mari
    Jul 16

    10 am is a popular bday start time in our area. We did 4pn for our 2 yr old this yr because we are not morning people so hosting in the am would not work. But attending a party at 10am is fine@

  • Kristin
    Jul 22

    Always prefer the 10 am party! You never know what cranky kid I'm bringing to a 4pm party! 🤪

Ashlay posted in Parties Jun 24

We are celebrating my daughter's birthday this afternoon but now it looks like rain! 😔 now what?!

  • Anonymous
    Jun 24

    Bring it inside and try not to be bummed! Can't control weather. Bring out some card games?

  • Marta
    Jun 24

    Just do it and have a plan b it’s happened to us and it either rains and by then it’s over and we just dry it up and keep it going

Anonymous posted in Parties Jun 21

Party Planning Questions

How far in advance did you start planning your child's party? Was there something you didn't do that you wish you had? What did you do at the party? Favorite foods for birthday parties? About how much did you spend on the party? Trying to plan my daughter's first birthday!

  • Ashley
    Jun 21

    I think it really depends on how big of a party you're planning. For my kids' first birthdays, we just did a family party with lots of decorations so the babies would know something special was going on. I planned lots of appetizers for the family to snack on and got a regular cake and a smaller smash cake. The first birthday is really for the parents, family, and friends since they'... More

  • Vee
    Jun 21

    I get overly excited and plan early and like to send out invites like 4 weeks in advanced after I plan it out... or telling people about it early to keep from worrying about other people making different plans that day...for their first bday, it can be simple and nice for the fam and close friends like Ashley said. I agree with her answer. For my sons 1st party, we went to the lake, had picnic/... More

Victoria posted in DIY Jun 18

1st birthday decoration ideas for a boy (Elmo theme)?

Birthday outfit ideas and gift ideas?

Anonymous posted in Parties Jun 18


Do you prefer an actual invitation in the mail or a group on social media? I hate social media groups and would much rather send out actual invites, but I'm wondering what is more practical and easy to remember.

  • Anne
    Jun 19

    Email invitation for me! I miss stuff on FB.

  • Ashley
    Jun 19

    Email or paper invitation. I also love instructions to text or email to rsvp because I hate phone calls lol

Victoria posted in Parties May 30

Need suggestions and ideas.

Good birthday ideas and birthday themes for a first birthday?

  • Jennifer
    May 31

    My son had Sesame Street my daughter is getting super hero’s.

  • Rachel
    Jun 01

    we had a garden party theme at the park for my daughter’s first birthday. i made lots of paper flowers! it was very floral and pretty.

Joli posted in Parties May 30

Birthday idea?

My son will be 2 and I’m stuck between keeping it small because he will not remember or going big just to accommodate the whole family. 🧐

  • Candace
    May 31

    My son turned 2 a few weeks ago and we took him to the Aquarium rather than throw a party. I only invited my mil to the Aquarium. We had lunch afterwards and a few other family members joined us there. We went home, had cake, ice cream and opened some presents. It was so much easier than all the planning/decorating we did for his 1st.

  • Mary
    May 31

    There is no such thing as small in my family. I have 5 brothers and sisters, 4 bro/ sis in laws, both set of grandparents in town and 7 nieces and nephews. 8 sets on Great Aunts/ Uncles in town. We do a party at home everyone is invited, everyone brings a side dish the more the merrier. I want my daughter to always be surrounded by people who love her and want to celebrate her. Also doesn’t hur... More

Anonymous posted in Parties May 25

"Your presence is your present" - Navigating no-present birthday parties

My 2.5 year old son was invited to the birthday party of a girl in his class. On the invite it says, "Your presence is your present". Do the parents really mean this? Am I jerk if I follow the instructions or am I a jerk if I bring something anyway? If it was a relative or a close friend, I would ask and maybe give something, possibly a gift card? I barely know the parents, but mom is... More

  • Janelle
    May 29

    I agree with just bringing a book in this circumstance.

  • Anonymous
    May 31

    Oh Kate! That sounds horrible. Did it say specifically “no gifts” or did it say “your presence is your present”? Ryan is making me think twice about the wording!

Sara posted in Parties May 19

Cute idea: “birthday” party for older sibling

I’m going to be induced in a couple days to deliver my second daughter. My aunt who has been helping watch my 3yo daughter made her a whole birthday party to celebrate her sister being born. She got presents and everything. My 3yo felt really special!

  • JJ
    May 19

    We did something like this for our kids each time I got knocked up. Since I loathe showers and absolutely abhor getting gifts, we did a “big sister/big brother” party each time rather than a shower and focusing on silly stuff like that. Everything was centered on becoming an older sibling and their favorite things instead of the new sibling. Those are some of my favorite days.

  • Alana
    May 20

    So stinking cute! Love this idea. Will definitely do this when we have number 2!

My oldest is finishing elementary this year. Thoughts on a 5th grade graduation party with family?

  • Sarah
    May 17

    I like it! In my opinion any reason to get cake and celebrate your kiddos is a good one!

Victoria posted in Parties May 15

Any suggestions on a 1st birthday party for a boy (elmo theme)?

  • Sara
    May 16

    Elmo theme is great because there’s so much stuff available on Amazon for it.

Amy posted in In-Laws May 14

Birthday party planning!!

I want to plan 1 single birthday party for my son. But my fiance says 2 seperate parties would be better. 1 with my parents and 1 with his parents. We live in the same state...30 minutes from his and an hour from mine. He was originally going to plan the whole thing until he gave me the reins to plan it all. His mom doesn't like being around alot of people. We've had a few issues but we... More

  • Ana
    May 15

    Im in a similar situation my family lives in Mexico and my mom doesn't have a visa and my in laws live here but they are too sick to travel so I have to do 2. However our guests on both sides are about 15-20 each so it's a little different. If you just have a handful of guests I would do 1 party. An hour isn't that far specially for their grandbaby.

  • Geraldine
    May 15

    One party. There’s no need to strain yourself financially to make everyone comfortable. It’s supposed to be about your little one anyway.

Kylea posted in Parties May 09

First birthday

We still have ways to go for is first birthday but we still don’t know what to do for it. Everyone usually has a house party but our place is not big enough and we are not big on entertaining people. We looked at events but my mom feels like that would be a waste of money. Any suggestions?

  • Jordyn
    May 10

    We just did a potluck/BBQ at my moms (my place is small too), or maybe a park? It’s cheaper, easy, and we just got a cheap cake for my son to destroy. Worth it! He loved it! He enjoyed crinkling the wrapping paper more than the presents and we just put him in his jumper. It was fun. You don’t have to get all crazy with a theme. We didn’t do any decorating or buy anything except some burgers and... More

  • Tammy
    Jun 24

    You could do it at the cape May zoo They rent pavilions for like $70 with grills just pick up some burgers, hotdogs chips and drinks That is what I am more than likely doing it would be an hour drive for most my guest but we would spend the whole day there and it’s free pretty much.

Anonymous posted in Parties May 07

Birthday party HELP!

Hi all, I really really need advice. I have a 3 yr old boy who’s birthday is July 10 and a 9 month baby girl born July 11. He will be 4 and she will be 1. How can I combine it together? I can’t even think of a theme. This will be the first time I’m throwing a bday party 🤦🏻‍♀️😕 and I don’t know what to do. I’m really stressed out. Please help me...🙏Thank you!

  • Kay
    May 08

    I my two younger children are 4yrs apart but there bdays are only 3 days apart this year we got a cake from Sam's Club with both of there pictures on it, and did a bounce house party with a super hero/ princess them and everyone loved it! Good luck and remember to just have fun because the kids sure will no matter what do😊😉

  • Hannah
    May 08

    My niece and nephew are a day apart and they did Minnie and Mickey last year. They just had a picnic at the park and it was perfect!

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