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How to determine if my son is allergic to dogs

im worried that my son is allergic to dogs. We have three at home that he absolutely loves and they love him. He dosent break out when they lick him or hes playing with him. However he does rub his head alot and has a horrible cough (which got noticably worse after crawling on the carpet) and a tendency to rub his eyes. Hes only a year old, how do I know if hes allergic? And could it be asthma?

  • Vanessa
    Dec 08

    My kids did the same thing at our old house and runny nose. It was the carpet. Dr said carpet is one trigger for children with allergy and asthma. You will probably start noticing other times as well if it is allergy’s

  • Vanessa
    Dec 08

    Mowing, rain during pollination season, anywhere with dust and dirt I had to make sure he had allergy meds and asthma medicine

Anonymous posted in Pets Dec 03

Pet loss

If anyone is dealing with the loss of a family pet and wondering how to comfort their children during this process the book “Dog Heaven” is great to help them grieve and somewhat understand the loss of their pet. Also what helped us to communicate the death of our dog to our 3-year-old was to be honest and upfront, use the words “he died,” and say it’s ok to be sad or mad about it.

Mira posted in Pets Nov 21

Large dog at grandparents

We have a 4.5 month old and want to be able to spend more time with her at her grandparents. They have a high energy curious golden lab and for now she stays in one of our arms, but as she starts wanting to play and roll and later crawl and toddle we aren’t sure if we should lug the pack and play to their house, or dedicate a play blanket just for their house (the rugs have plenty of dog hair) ... More

  • Vicki
    Nov 21

    Leave a pack and play at their house but let them know as baby grows you would appreciate if they would secure the dog in another area and vacuum before you get there. That or they can come to your house. And if your baby is not allergic to dogs, the fur won’t hurt her but it is disgusting if she’s crawling around in it and putting handfuls in her mouth.

  • Diana
    Nov 23

    I have a large dog and my baby is around it all the time - I would ask that their dog be on a leash and not within reach of the child. (large playful dogs are much more likely to step on a child than bite one, but that’s not something you want either!). Also, I would lay down a large clean blanket for the baby to crawl on - not the floor the dog was on.

Anonymous posted in Pets Oct 07

Cat Smell

I know this isn't about kids but I need help... Does anyone own cats that can give me some advice on getting the smell of them out of my house?!? I have three [fixed] male cats. The litter box has gotten away from me sometimes (Lesson learned!) and they have peed elsewhere . I have tried, carpet powders, sprays, and my own Bissel Carpet Cleaner (which actually made it worse. Because unknowi... More

  • Amanda
    Oct 08

    I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. With our cat, we tried every solution and nothing got rid of the stench completely. My husband even pulled up the carpet where the cat peed on the edges and cleaned the carpet pad underneath. Still no fix. We ended up making our cat an outside only cat, and (because we wanted to do it anyway) we had hard floors installed. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Leah
    Oct 08

    Clorox Urine Remover

Anonymous posted in Pets Sep 28

Has anyone had to rehome a dog after a baby?

  • Holly
    Sep 28

    I guess it really depends on the circumstances. If the dog was being overly aggressive to the baby and it can’t be mitigated by more walks etc, and the vet’s help doesn’t work, then rehoming could be on the table. But it’d be a process to try to make things work, first, and I’m assuming you’re doing that?

  • Gretta
    Sep 29

    Oh man I've been tempted. After my son was born 3 months ago, my dog would not stop peeing and pooping all over the house. She was trained before, just stopped all the sudden. She's gotten a lot better, but still not as good as I'd like her to be. And we can't give her walks because we live in the desert and the sidewalks are too hot but she is fully able to go out back and do her business

Anonymous posted in Pets Sep 18

Adding a new member to the family that isn’t a baby !

Hi all! So I’m a young mom of 15 month old twin girls. I’m single and don’t really have much of a social life (which I’m ok with) but I’ve become sort of lonely and isolated especially since I just moved from a neighborhood I was comfy in. I want to get a dog to keep me company and make me feel a since of security especially at night. I have really bad anxiety from past trauma, so at night is w... More

  • Kate
    Sep 23

    There are many Rescues that have the animals go thru tests to insure that it is good with kids. Many smaller rescues have foster families (many have children) and you can go and talk to the family about the dog you are interested in. Please I encourage you to adopt don't shop. It will not only benefit the animal but it will also make you feel great to know that you saved a life, it would al... More

  • Ashley
    Sep 27

    LABS are great kid dogs.

Dog mom advice.

I have two big dirty dogs that roll in the grass (and who knows what else), eat dirt, and then come in our house. I’ve recently kicked them off our furniture except for an area on our couch with a blanket but I’m starting to freak out since my son can’t stop sucking on his hands. Once he starts really picking things up and moving around I’m just worried about what he’ll be putting in his mouth.... More

  • Jackie
    Sep 17

    I have a dog as well it’s helps so much with their immune system but maybe getting a habit of taking the dog for a bath and just keeping wipes around for your child toys will help as well

  • Gabby
    Sep 19

    I have 2 big dogs and a 19 month old at first I thought the same her putting her hands in her mouth and the dogs on the furniture but she’s fine I designated a area for her with a play mat that the dogs aren’t allowed to go on so she always plays there they don’t touch her toys - I do clean her toy once a week have a little spray bottle with alcohol so I just wipe her stuff down - they do hav... More

Mom posted in Pets Aug 16

Pet Interaction Advise

My LO is 5 Months and has started interacting with our pets. Typical infant, when I try to teach her to pet the cat or dog she grabs a huge chunk of their fur. My furbies (lol) are pretty amazing and just take it, I also understand that this is a baby thing and she’s still learning. Any advise on how to teach her to interact with them appropriately as she grows?

  • Ranya
    Aug 22

    Thank you so much , i though its because he is not comfortable that he wakes up that often

  • Nadia
    Oct 04

    Hey mama! I have a 23 month old & she’s grown up with fur babies. At first like yours, she would grab bc at that age that’s all they can physically do. So, what I did was if she wanted to pet or hug my dogs or cat is take her hand and pet them with her hand. While saying gentle & nice. I did this until she could pet them herself without grabbing. At 23 months she is now so gentle with ... More

Michelle posted in Pets Aug 07

Cats and Babies

Transitioning our 4 month old from a bassinet to a floor bed by our bed this month. (We also have a floor bed.) Should I worry about cats trying to sleep with him? Has anyone any experience with babies and cats?

  • Anne
    Aug 08

    3 cats 2 kids. The cats typically ignore them as babies. Now that they are bigger kids, the cats sleep on their beds sometimes. Never had any issues with biting/scratching or anything.

  • Mia
    Aug 08

    We have 2 cats and a dog. The cats aren’t particularly interested in baby, but do like her crib and bassinet (we try to keep them out.) They have the crib nets you can get to keep cat out while they are sleeping. My friends used them and worked great for them.

Anonymous posted in Newborns Jun 24

How to introduce our dog to our newborn?

Our Dachshund is a few years old and has been with us over a year now. He has pretty bad anxiety so we’ve been trying our best to get him used to all the baby’s things and baby noises. Is there anything else we can do?

  • KC
    Jun 26

    My Dad was a Police K-9 Officer so he's endured tons of dog training and psychology around dogs. My mom was a dog groomer, so again, more dog psychology thoughts, and I was raised with tons of pets, and I now have a 4 year old and a 4 month old. The suggestions above are right on point, get the pup used to the scent. The first thing I did when I walked into the door after leaving the hos... More

  • Capri
    Jul 07

    We have a mini dachshund who also has some anxiety and behavioral issues. We brought home items from the hospital before the baby came home (blankets & hats he wore) and she loved his scent. When he came home, she was obsessed with him! This picture was from the day they met! (She stayed at my parents for the first 2 weeks to help us adjust with the baby, but we visited her to ease her way ... More

Anonymous posted in Pets Jun 19

What’s everyone’s opinion on a guinea pig for a small child’s pet?

  • Christina
    Jun 20

    My friend had them and yes to pairs and also you have to find a vet that can care for them. Much more difficult than finding a cat or dog vet. Do you want the weekly cleaning maintenance? Obviously a small child can’t care for a pet.

  • Khris
    Jun 20

    Highly recommend fostering one from a rescue first. Then you can find out what to expect without the permanent obligation. Fair to you and to the animal. :)

Heidi posted in Pets Jun 19

Our family dog passed away tonight suddenly. How do I explain this to our almost three year old?

  • Superdad
    Jun 21

    Good old Daniel saves the day again! Lol Just don’t tell them that All Dogs go to Heaven... 🙄

  • Jason
    Jun 21

    Best book I've ever found to explain death to kids is this one: . Three might be a touch young for it, but as I wrote in my review on Amazon: "It's sensitive and sweet, yet still very matter-of-fact - it doesn't shy away from the truth about death: a life has left a body and gone somewhere else. It offers multiple ideas... More

Anonymous posted in Pets Jun 11

Kids and dogs

My son is almost 2 and he is usually an angel but he is always trying to swat at our one dog. I’ve tried telling him no that’s not nice. Telling him no then getting him distracted. Always blocking him and telling him that it’s not nice to hit and that the dog loves him and he should be nice. Should I just be diligent and keep doing the things that I am doing? Or does anyone have any advice? *n... More

  • PK
    Jun 12

    We have a cat.. we did what Stacey suggested and modeled good behavior. I’ve brought my son over to the cat and showed him “soft pets” and grabbed his hand to show him how to do soft pets. Now whenever he walks up to the cat he will pet him nicely but not always the proper location - which won’t be an issue with dogs lol.

  • Kristina
    Jun 16

    You are at the amazing age of toddlers hitting 😍 I started referring to my son as a sour patch kid because he would just give his baby sister a slap on the head or push her over when she wasn’t even bothering him. I completely agree with Stacey, model that good behavior and offer positive reinforcement when he does well! Just when you think they will never let up one day they will 🙌🏼 Hitti... More

Anonymous posted in Allergies & Asthma Jun 07

Toddler allergic to our dog!

Just learned that my 18 month old is allergic to our dog. We have had our dog for 10 years, she will be 11 this fall. His symptoms are mild, including a running nose, and his skin does reacts with a rash when she licks him, which we prevent. He has had an asthma symptoms as well, but only in combination with other illnesses. Has anyone else had this happen, and if so, what did you do? Our dog ... More

  • Claire
    Jun 19

    I'd keep the dog in your situation, it can be managed.

  • Valerie
    Jun 19

    Weird idea here, but check the dogs food! I’ve heard of kids being “allergic” to the dog when in fact there’s an ingredient in the dogs food that triggers the child’s allergies. The case I recall was eggs as the protein source in the dogs food and the little girl was super allergic to eggs and thus the egg eating dog.

Daniel posted in Pets May 28

Death of a Pet

Hi everyone! Our old pup, Charlie, passed away a few weeks ago. We've tried explaining to our two year old that Charlie was really old and in pain, and that he's not in any pain anymore. Even though he seemed to understand initially, he still seems to ask for him all of the time. Would anyone have suggestions about how we can explain this better to him?

  • Kim
    May 29

    I just went through this with my 2 year old last month, we purchased a stuff animal that looks very similar to our dog. My husband and I had a very similar talk to him about our dog no longer in pain, etc and explained that when you miss ‘Blu’ to hug the stuff animal and Blu will feel that in heaven. So far it was worked and has not asked why Blu is not home. My heart is with you and your famil... More

  • Ann
    May 29

    While it is such a sad time, the death of a pet is an important opportunity to help children really understand death and what it means. We have let our children see the dead pet, help us bury them in the backyard. We have taken apart the box that ashes come in so that they could see what it really means. It sucks to have to keep reliving your grief but it such an important learning opportunity

Claire posted in Pets May 25

What do you get when you cross a mischievous toddler + a curious Labrador + a hamster that’s let out the cage when mama isn’t watching? Three hours and $300 of vet time to establish that Hamilton is actually not going to die. 🙄 #guiltyparent #kidsnanimals #memorialdayweekend

Sarah posted in Behavior May 21

Teaching Gentleness?

My youngest is a battle tank. She charges into every situation, which really freaks out our small dogs. Does any one have any good picture book suggestions about being careful or gentle?

  • Cody
    May 21

    I do the same thing as Andrea with my niece who is indestructible. She is full throttle all the time. The more I reinforce it the more she repeats it. I also do tend to look back on some of my medical school books and their newer editions to brush up and see what they say vs what works. It’s mostly positive reinforcement.

  • Cherrie
    May 23

    We just got a new puppy. " Be gentle" and "Please stop running over the puppy with your truck" has become my mantra as our son just barrels over everything in his path. I'm going to try being more specific with gentle hands and feet. I like that suggestion. ❤

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