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Discussions about health & wellness for women who have recently given birth, either by c-section or vaginal delivery.

Anyone PP with thyroid condition?

Weight gain was SUDDEN and significant. 12lbs in less than 2 weeks.... And, hair loss ... also unable to produce enough milk to feed. I just had to commit to formula 100% no matter what I did( supps/pumps/rx) nothing worked... Anyone else going through this???

  • Meighan
    Sep 17

    If u don't mind. Let me know what they say... my doc wasn't very helpful... But I an having the same problem

  • Jess
    Sep 17

    Will do !

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Sep 15

Postpartum Depression?

I feel so alone. I see my baby in her bassinet next to my bed. I see my husband laying next to me. This is what I wanted... I wanted my baby, I wanted my family... so why am I not joyful? Why do I feel alone - like I just want to cry... In the beginning of my pregnancy my SO (significant other) wanted to abort or give our baby for adoption (our baby was unplanned) but I said no because I k... More

  • Elle
    Sep 16

    @anon - can her dad care for her *most* of the day? Or take her solo half of the day? Several hours? Even if you can have a few hours solid to yourself to just get out if the house, get a massage, go for a swim, do whatever helps you feel relaxed and whole... Do any of your neighbors seem friendly? Having a baby is like getting a puppy... It helps with befriending the neighbors, some of whom a... More

  • Anonymous
    Sep 16

    You are brave, you went through pregnancy, and child birth successfully. It’s SO easy as a new mom to doubt yourself...heck I think every Mom has her doubts but understand that we all are doing our best...even thought we all think we might be screwing up. Know that you are capable of loving that helpless little being. Know that she is depending on you to sustain her, protect and love her. You a... More

6 months PP. extreme amount of cavities (10+!). Is this at all pregnancy or breastfeeding related?

  • Nandi
    Sep 15

    See you still taking your prenatal pills? We have to still take them and get the extra multivitamins we need. My took cracked and feel out during my pregnancy 😪 I was pissed

  • Jennifer
    Sep 15

    Could also be a calcium deficiency that made your teeth weak! My doctor specifically told me besides prenatal I needed to have 1XXX-XXXX mg calcium daily. My friend didn’t take calcium (or monitor calcium in her diet) and it led to a bunch of oral issues—her dentist mentioned her body was probably leeching it where it could and pushed her to take a calcium supplement on top of her prenatal.

Anonymous posted in Fitness Sep 15

Not breastfeeding, postpartum weight gain?

I'm on a medication that's unsafe for breastfeeding, so it's been formula from day one. I say this only because I've heard so much about how nursing affects weight loss. I gained a total of 30 lbs in the pregnancy. In the first 2-3 weeks postpartum, I lost 17 lbs but by 2 months I had gained 7 lbs back. I had never heard about postpartum weight gain and have felt very dishearten... More

  • Elle
    Sep 15

    Hormones may still settling into new normal. Don't be too hard on yourself. Most people lose muscle mass during pregnancy. Focus on strengthening around those joints (yoga, pilates, free weights, planks, clamshells, wall sits, modified crunches), staying hydrated, reorient your diet to lower carbs and sugars and increase vegetables, protein, and fiber, and try to not sit for sustained pe... More

  • Erika
    Sep 16

    It took you 9 months to put it on and at least that to lose it. Be kind to yourself and yours.

Postpartum Joint Pain

Has anyone every heard of this or had this? I believe that is what I am experiencing. I need to go to the doctor for an official diagnosis but....I'm very sure that is what is going one. Comments, thoughts. help?

  • Elle
    Sep 17

    Yep! The most effective way to minimize joint pain is PT. Strengthening up all of the muscles surrounding the joint for 1) better stability, which in turn 2) lessens the amount of and frequency of swelling and flareups. A PT will modify exercises particular to your body's own mechanics so that you don't end up injuring anything or making flare-ups worse by aggravating the joints, mus... More

  • Mrs. Robinson

    nice! thank you

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Sep 13

Postpartum Rheumatism

Anyone out there develop rheumatism postpartum? About 3 months after I gave birth, the joints in my body have swollen repeatedly. I’ve had to get my knees drained multiple times and now the swelling is moving to my elbows. I’ve seen some specialists who have made recommendations on ways to cope, but it’s frustrating to feel as though I can hardly care for my daughter during these flare-ups. I’v... More

  • Elle
    Sep 13

    That is so so grueling. I'm sorry. I experienced severe (and I mean severe) swelling post partum. And youre right; you really are limited during all that swelling because you need to rest, relax, and hydrate. Have the doctors monitored your blood pressure? Are you on BP meds? Have you been cleared of post-natal pre-eclampsia? Suggest pushing off thoughts re any future pregnancy once you... More

Is it normal to still have post partum hair loss almost 2 years after giving birth?

Lately I have been pulling out hand fulls of hair out when I shower and when I wake up. It seems to be most when I’m on my monthly.

  • Katrina
    Sep 12

    If its constant, it's a good idea to check thyroid function. It can also be due to hair type - different hair types have different shed rates, and pregnancy can permanently change your hair type. But a monthly cycle would seem more normal since early postpartum hair loss is hormonally driven as well. I'd keep a eye on it. Id also expect this to be more likely if you're breastfeedi... More

  • Angela
    Sep 14

    Did you breastfeed? Your hormones may still not be regulated to "normal" after nursing.

5 Months PP Rib Pain!

I have been lightly exercising because I finally feel ‘all healed up’ after my c-section, but after doing more strenuous exercise, my ribs feel bruised and my incision feels tender. I feel like it shouldn’t hurt like this anymore this far out...? I’m finally feeling motivated to get back to my Pre-Pregnant size(15lbs lighter), but now I feel scared to work out.

Anonymous posted in Family Life Sep 11

Is this beginning signs of postpartum?

I have a 1 month old and a 7 year old step son. My husband and I work at 3am with different days off. We have my step son mon-fri with sleep overs 3 times a week. He also does a good amount of sports and with school starting he’s been extra busy. I try to get to bed by 9 since I have to be up by 130. My husband has been giving me a hard time since he doesn’t get to spend much one on one time ... More

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like you're a tad jealous of his relationship with his son. Maybe you should speak with a therapist. Its tough for his son having you and his new little sister taking his fathers time, remember, hes only 7 and his fathers time was once all his. Your daughter will have time to bond with her father but for now its an adjustment for your stepson and he needs his dad. You should take a s... More

  • Anonymous

    His son has adjusted very well and enjoys helping out and feeding her. I believe he’s starting to get a little more independent and my husband doesn’t know how to handle it

Anonymous posted in Postpartum Recovery Sep 10

Period return?

When did your period return after baby? I’m 9 months PP, still breastfeeding and no period yet!

  • Cheri
    Sep 11

    I recently got mine at exactly 10 weeks! Oh well. Supply dipped a bit and baby seemed to nurse more frequently but supply has nearly gone back to normal a week later. I just stayed hydrated and kept nursing even when I felt I was limp and “empty.”

  • Anonymous
    Sep 11

    I got mine 2 weeks after I stopped breast feeding at 7 mo

I don’t know what I need

My fiancé and I have decided things would be easier if I got a job. My son is now 7 months old and I suffered ppd pretty bad after I had Christopher and still suffer from it now and then. All I see online are moms who feel guilty being away from their baby and I know i would feel the same way. My biggest fear is that going back to work will send me in a spiral back down into a bad place when I ... More

  • Lucia
    Sep 11

    That journal idea actually sounds really positive for me because with my ppd i never struggled with taking care of Christopher i struggled with taking care of myself and my fiance. I was always negative towards him and so down on myself and angry all the time. Im really thankful he stood by my side through it until i could find my way through. I might have to pick up two journals now. Thank you... More

  • Whitney
    Sep 11

    Of course! My husband was also really patient and that makes all the difference. The way my therapist explained it was just like when your body is sick it throws up to get out whatever is ailing you. Writing down your negative thoughts and then throwing them away is the same idea. Your mind is sick and you need to get out the bad thoughts for it to work right. I don’t go to therapy anymore, but... More

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Sep 09


So I just had my second baby yesterday morning! With my first I only breastfed for 4 months and I dont remember my nipples being so sore! Now my newborn feeds and it hurts so freaking bad.... Is there anything to help the pain?

  • Sara
    Sep 10

    Talk to a lactation consultant! My first had tongue tie causeing cracks and infection, and the second had a shallow latch causeing blisters. Both were very painful. The shallow latch we worked through but tongue tie required medical intervention. The tie while painful early on took a while for there to be enough notable damage to be diagnosed. Also please be wary of using a nipple shield too fr... More

  • Kelsey
    Sep 10

    Personally our issue was the latch. It looked right, she moved her mouth right, but ended up hurting so bad and turns out she wasn't positioned properly. Mines now 3months, and bottle feed from my supply, but if we could do it over I would have seen a specialist. Its hard work. But no that there's no perfect way, what ever works best for you and baby!

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Sep 08

Dealing with PPD

Any moms who have seen the other side of PPD, please tell me it gets better. I'm starting therapy soon but I need some ways to cope in the mean time. I barely have the mental or emotional capacity to care about myself in the slightest. I have a 16 month old and a 1 month old who need their mama. The best version of their mama. Any tips or advice would be great.

  • Caroline
    Sep 10

    Hey I am going through it too. Do you have a support system in your home? How much sleep are you getting? I spoke with my Doctor and I’m doing much better. Please please don’t suffer in silence. Hang in there it’s hard to see now but There is light at the end of the tunnel. The PPD will start to go away. You are doing an Amazing job be proud of all you have done. But please please reach out to ... More

  • Anonymous
    Sep 10

    Thanks everyone. I have a pretty decent support system at home. My partner is helping as much as he can with his busy work schedule. My family helps with my toddler by taking her out to do activities. I already have a psychiatrist and therapist for other issues so I am talking to them but I will bring it up at my 6 week PP appointment as well. Thankfully I recognized it as I had it last time as... More

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Sep 08

Separation anxiety - in parents

I see all these articles and stuff about separation anxiety in babies, but what about in the parents?? I have some separation anxiety when I’m showering and she’s with my husband, or when friends/family are over/we are our with them and they are passing her around. Though, the anxiety is through the roof l when my in laws are around (ugh!!). When friends have her I’m less anxious, more that ... More

  • Rachel
    Sep 08

    First question, how old is your little one?? I think this is totally normal unless you feel completely overwhelmed. My girl is 8 months, and I still feel like this to a certain degree. But in the beginning, probably the first 3 months or so, it was BAD. So much so that I had it out with my Mother-in-law 😂 I couldn't stand how she was around my LO. But it has gotten SO so much better. Give y... More

  • Lindsay
    Sep 13

    My baby is 17 months. I still get this feeling at times, especially with MIL. It seems to improve with time. I think hormones has a lot to do with it and also the attachment. Seems like the more independent or busy my son is the less this gets to me. You're right, they really don't talk about post partum anxiety much but should. Hope this improves... very normal to feel that way though!

Postpartum depression for dads.

Has anyone’s SO dealt with depression after the birth of a new baby? Looking for advice. I know men don’t have all the hormonal shifts that new moms have but it’s a lot of change and is overwhelming for the dads too but I don’t hear people usually talking about it.

  • Daniela
    Sep 09

    My husband was there with me suffering it too. I think he acted way worse than I did. You guys just need to be there for each other through this rough times

  • Anonymous
    Sep 10

    Sometimes even the best support person isn’t enough to combat mental illness. Don’t be scared to seek real help.

Anonymous posted in Postpartum Recovery Sep 07

PPD 10 months after?

Is it possible that I'm experiencing postpartum depression even though my son is already 10 mo old? I've always felt like I had ppd but never wanted to admit it I would just make myself believe that I'm a horrible person/mother and that I don't deserve to be a mother or wife. I have reached a point where I'm crying atleast 4 times a day ...i feel angry and frustrated all the... More

  • Evelyn
    Sep 08

    Well I’m glad you’re brave enough to share on here. My son is almost a year now, but the first 3 months I had severe ppd. It was very obvious in my case. I just couldn’t connect. I also had previous history with depression. But I wasn’t depressed during my pregnancy and couldn’t figure out why so many negative emotions/feelings came about after his birth. I used to tell my husband what was on m... More

  • Giannina
    Sep 08

    It’s ok Mama. We put too much pressure on ourselves. Thank you for sharing. You aren’t alone. Please reach out to your hospital or Ob and ask for support groups or hotlines. They will let you vent and give you advice!!! Don’t stay quiet.

Paige posted in Fitness Sep 07

Rib and bikini line pain 5 months PP

I’ve been trying to workout finally, 5 months after my c section, and it felt great!.... until the next day. I woke up with my ribs feeling bruised and my scar area aching. Anyone else have pain this far off? How did you exercise after c section?

  • Angela
    Sep 14

    I had two c sections and with my first I would still get twinges over a year after. My mom said she still gets them from when I was born 32 years earlier. I would ease into the workouts you do, especially core work. Soreness is normal especially considering if it has been a while since you last exercised. Just listen to your body.

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Sep 06

PPA Post partum anxiety

Anyone with PPA? Please share your experiences. Have an appt with a psychologist in a month, but go back to work a week before the appt so, naturally, feel anxious!!

  • Nan
    Sep 10

    PPA is so horrible. I was honestly not informed I had never heard of PPA only PPD. After giving birth I had lots of anxiety just really bad ongoing thoughts to the point where I’d get bad headaches. I’d sit there and cry and my husband would ask me what’s wrong and I’d tell him I don’t know I’m just sad 🤷🏻‍♀️ and he was so confused as well. Talk to someone! Get out of the house occupy your mind... More

  • Yasmin
    Sep 10

    @savvi thanks for your post. I struggled with this my first pregnancy. And it’s eased up with lots of prayers, exercise, lavender oils, water, no coffee or alcohol. But I’m always so insecure of myself and the feelings creeping in again. I’m expecting again and nervous of experiencing PPA again. Can you tell me what you did exactly? Where do I get CBD, from doctor?

Birth control

I had the nexplanon (arm implant) placed in at my 6 weeks post partum appt. I have now stopped breastfeeding and am having constant weeks long periods. Doctor said it was time to think about a different type of birth control since this one was messing up my hormone levels to much. Never loved taking the pill everyday. What did you decide to do for birth control?

  • Sule
    Sep 05

    I had the same problem. Now (a yr later) my period is regular. Only once a month & slightly lighter. Any BC will unbalance you in one or another way. Whatever you end up getting good luck 😁

  • Noel
    Sep 11

    Not sure how long it's been for you but you might wanna just give it some time. The nexplanon contains enough hormones to last for 3 years so it might take a little while for your hormones to even out. Also I take prenatal vitamins and extra prenatals because the nexplanon does mess with my hormones quite a bit, mostly with hair loss, but the prenatals counteract the hormones a little

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