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Discussions about health & wellness for women who have recently given birth, either by c-section or vaginal delivery.

Anonymous posted in Fitness Tuesday

Postpartum exercise videos online?

Any know of good ones? I have diastasis recti and can’t motivate myself to go to physical therapy, so want to do some videos at home. Ideal if they’re quick! Busy mama of two :p

  • Aida

    Check out She has a great program to address this and get you started back to exercising.

  • Jessie

    I’d suggest speaking with a professional first; however, I’ve enjoyed They’re online and there’s one called, “Pre & Post Natal Fitness” Good luck!

Anonymous posted in Postpartum Recovery Mar 13

What to bring to someone in hospital on bed rest/for a preemie baby?

A good friend has been hospitalized with severe pregnancy complications far ahead of her due date and will be there for weeks. She’ll likely be induced soon as well. I’ll be visiting her this weekend, and wondering (especially if anyone has been there) what I should bring for her to make her stay more comfortable (maybe comfy PJs/food?), and also for the baby (maybe preemie sized clothes)? An... More

Lack of support/ Unwelcome criticism

A few days ago I decided I didn’t want to continue breastfeeding my son anymore...he’s 2 months old and I just feel like trying to keep up with feeding him has drained me physically and emotionally...I honestly probably would have stopped sooner if I didn’t feel such pressure to do it. Ultimately the decision came down to me dealing with PPD and realizing I need to start taking some kind of med... More

  • Christine
    Mar 15

    I’m so sorry you have to deal with this I only could last three months with both of mine. I was so done! There is a you in this picture not just baby. Baby is safe,full,and loved then that’s all that matters. (personal experience) I also with my second I have PPD and needed meditation. Which helped so much. Just stay connected with other people and please don’t feel guilty with not breastfeedi... More

  • Gina

    My son is 7 months I really want to stop but I’m feeling like maybe I will be depriving him. But I’m so tired I’m a single mom of two.

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Feb 25

Advice & tips on postpartum depression

My LO is 7 months & I still struggle with postpartum depression. I would really appreciate any positive feedback and tips on this topic. I do have a doctor who I see for this. However, at times I just need more advice and tips. Thank you

  • Anonymous

    Gina, my 6 year old motivates me too. I know that deep inside somewhere there is a happy spot and I’m looking for myself again, & something I’ve learned through out this PPD is that we’re not alone. Sometimes I feel like I am but I remind myself that I’m not. I really hope you get through this. I like to think we’re amazing as women who give birth. We put our bodies and emotions through so ... More

  • Gina

    Thank you so much.

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Feb 21

Multi-day headache postpartum?

I just had my LO three weeks ago, and for the last 3 days I’ve had some pain and sensitivity on my left ear and left side of the head. I read headaches are common postpartum, but I don’t know if this is normal. I’d hate to deal with arranging a doc appt and taking my baby to the doc where other people may be sick to only be told it’s just a common postpartum issue and to take Tylenol. Any one e... More

  • Sarah
    Feb 21

    It might be due to the after effects of your epidural (if you had one). I’d call the nurse line and ask. You never know! I had shallow breathing right after and wasn’t sure if that was serious but called just in case and I ended up needing a blood transfusion that saved my life.

  • Rachel
    Feb 23

    Try acupuncture! I had the same thing happen. Sorry mama :(

Anonymous posted in Postpartum Recovery Feb 17

Best cream for stretch marks, cellulite, skin discoloration?

Post pregnancy

  • Kee
    Feb 18

    Aloe Vera and coconut oil mixed together apply everyday day and night

  • Elle
    Feb 18

    Also, drink appx a gallon of water/day to make sure your skin stays hydrated.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Feb 14

Postpartum period help!

I’m 8 months postpartum and got my period back at 5 months and they have been regular ever since. This month I am now 7 days late and have taken pregnancy tests and all negative. Has anyone experienced just a missed period. I am still exclusively breastfeeding my daughter

  • Lily
    Feb 14

    Mine came back about a month after I had my baby. I never missed a period, until I got pregnant at about 7 months postpartum. I never missed a period before being pregnant as well. If you are for sure 7 days late, you are probably not pregnant. You might just be really stressed or something like that. Also, I have been pregnant 2 times all while breastfeeding, so you can get pregnant while brea... More

Nearing my due date; what goes on after baby is delivered?

Im 4 weeks away from my due date and just a little curious on what will go on after little one is delivered. will there be a million tests done on baby? I know they will do the heel test, hearing test and carseat test before releasing us but are there more im missing? Will i have to worry about blood/ urine testing while in labor? No one seems to post about what goes on after baby is delivered ... More

  • Kieli
    Feb 09

    So my daughter had her first bowl movement before she entered the world. So after she was born they had to cut the umbilical cord right away and clear her mouth and nose. Since they took her away already they weighed her, got her height and cleaned the rest of her up as well. Then they gave her to me, and told me to start breastfeeding if that’s what I wanted. So I did. And she was born at 9:44... More

  • Raji
    Feb 09

    For my daughter’s birth it was just husband and I... had no family near by. She came out crying and was cleaned up a bit and was put on my chest. We did delayed cord clamping; husband cut it. Then she was cleaned up( we opted for no bath for her as the white stuff on her skin is good for it) and she was measured and given her eye drop and couple of other exams. Then I tried to breastfeed her bu... More

Hi ladies does anyone know or experienced kidney pain after vaginal birth?

What’s the cause? Did it go away fast? Thank you.

  • Jess
    Feb 01

    Definitely if I don’t drink a ton of water, I immediately feel kidney pain. I am also breastfeeding.

  • Elle
    Feb 03

    Dehydration. How much water are you drinking/day?

Anonymous posted in Postpartum Recovery Jan 29

Tampons uncomfortable now after giving birth

I had my first child 4 1/2 years ago and I noticed every period afterwards I could only use tampons the first and 2nd days of my period. I just had my 2nd child 7 months ago and now trying to use tampons during my period and I end up pulling it out minutes later. They are so uncomfortable that it hurts! I never used to have problems before I had my children. Has anyone else had that problem?

  • Alexis
    Feb 02

    Yeah I found them uncomfortable after having kids too. I just went back to pads. No big deal.

  • Liz
    Feb 10

    I had this issue too. I was thinking it was because I’m breastfeeding so I’m super dry down there. I was thinking of switching to the diva cup or something more natural

How long did it take for your period to return after delivering?

I gave birth to my son November 4th. I’ve had very light spotting for two days a few weeks ago but nothing since. I could only nurse my son for a month because of milk allergy.

  • Baian
    Jan 28

    I am still currently breastfeeding my 1 year old and my period returned 6 weeks after giving birth. (Lucky me) it really depends on your body, everyone is unique. Breastfeeding unfortunately did not delay my period :( lol

  • Lily
    Jan 28

    Breastfeed mine full time for 6months, and still going at 16 months. I got my period back about 6 weeks after she was born. And have been pregnant two times in the last 16 months. Everyone is different is what I have learned!

Nine months ago...

I had a beautiful baby boy. My periods returned in June (April delivery, formula baby) and have been regulat since August. They've been livable after the first one which makes sense to have been worse, I mean, hello, lol. But this one right now... Never have I ever had one this bad. The cramps and the flow (replaced one regular tampon that was soaked only to soak through another onr within ... More

  • Ashley
    Jan 23

    @myrtle thanks for the concern but no I haven't been active so no chance of pregnancy.

  • Ashley
    Jan 23

    It's beginning to be a little bit less, thanks to the Motrin I've been taking I believe.

Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Jan 11

Period double time?!

So I’ve been breastfeeding my little one since she was born and only just got my period 2 weeks ago. I finished last week but then it started AGAIN today. Anyone else go through this?? 😩

  • 2Boys&aDog
    Jan 11

    I am going through this. 6 weeks pp started taking Nora Be mini pill and continued with nursing and never got a period, insurance changed brands to Jolivette back in September and as soon as I started that brand I was having periods nearly every ten days. It was insane. Went on like that for three months until I just finally stopped taking it altogether. Still waiting to return to normal cycles... More

  • Crystal
    Jan 12

    oh yeah.. the first period when you've been breastfeeding is brutal! I had mine for like 4 weeks last time I stopped breastfeeding.

About to have 2 kids. Any advice?

I have a 15mo daughter and I’m currently 34weeks pregnant with another girl. Any advice on tackling two kids postpartum?

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jan 08

    I’ve got three now, 17 months apart and 20 months apart. When feeding baby (since it happens a lot with a newborn) try to include the older one as much as possible. Sit on the floor and nurse/feed so you can play blocks (I balanced baby with one arm and a boppy) or read a book on the couch next the child. The goal is just to make sure the older child still gets the cuddle time with mom and dad... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jan 08

    Oh and like the first responder said give yourself time and do not scramble when baby is sleeping to always do chores. Rest yourself and play with the older child.

Can anyone help me with this?

My mom just lost her baby girl, 6 DAYS before she was going to give birth. My mom had a nuchal cord is when the umbilical cord becomes wrapped around the fetus's neck. Symptoms present in the baby shortly after birth from a prior nuchal cord may include duskiness of face, facial petechia, and bleeding in the whites of the eye. Complications can include meconium, respiratory distress, anemia... More

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jan 04

    I have no advice but I want express my sincerest condolences for your loss. It is so thoughtful for you to be seeking advice from those who have similar experiences. Maybe you can help her find a group near you. I had a miscarriage early in pregnancy (definitely not trying to compare the experience) but it helped me a lot to speak with people who had similar experiences. Helping your mom find ... More

  • Eileen
    Jan 27

    I’m so sorry for what you and your family are going thru. My baby girl passed away on November she was 6 months. Losing someone that you were so eager to see grow and love is not easy. Be there for one another, never blame yourself. Know she will always be with you. Have a support system family, beliefs, therapy or hobbies.

Almost 5 months PP and my hair has been falling out like crazyyyyy for the past 3 weeks. Any advice?

Im still taking my prenatal vitamins but is this normal? I mean my hair had thinned out like it never had before and I’m begging to worry when this is going to stop 😔.

  • Beatrice
    Dec 29

    It’s gonna happen usually for 3-4 months n stop out of nowhere really not much u can do

  • Lily
    Jan 01

    It happens....and you will get a bunch of short little hairs. mine are still really short, and my little one is 16 months

3m postpartum and my milk supply is drying up. What can i do to increase supply?

  • molly
    Dec 29

    I had that too. I tried mrs patel’s chocolate bars. really helped. also stay away from stress. drink 2-3 liters of water. drink tea made from fenugreek seeds (just add 1 tsp fenugreek seeds in a cup of hot water ). Couple a day. After all this I was able to Bf for over a year. good luck!

  • Heather
    Dec 31

    I took fenugreek. It worked great. I also made lactation cookies. My dr suggested dark beer but I didn’t want to try that although others did.

Postpartum support band

Any recommendations on postpartum support band? Is there something in the market that, in addition to help keeping everything “in place”, also helps adjust your posture after months of curving your lower back?

  • Karla
    Dec 22, 2018

    Thanks! That’s a very thorough review, I really appreciate it

  • Nicole
    Dec 23, 2018

    Your so welcome hope it helped you make a decision. These bands are amazing!

BV and Breastfeeding

This is my second baby and she is just about 5 months and we have been exclusively breastfeeding. I’ve had a bunch of issues postpartum but, now that it’s all resolved I have developed reoccurring BV. I stopped breastfeeding for 7 days to treat it and and so happy baby went right back to the breast but now I have it again and I refuse to take more meds and potentially lose our breastfeeding rel... More

  • Lisa
    Dec 21, 2018 says Tea Tree oil (5-10 drops) diluted in a carrier oil like Olive oil or Coconut oil (1 oz), works well. They recommend testing on your arm for a couple of days to be sure you are not allergic. If not allergic, then soak a tampon in the mixture, and insert in vagina for an hour, then removing the tampon, repeat several times a day. The same site says it could be caused by wea... More

  • Kate
    Dec 21, 2018

    Thank you!!! I really appreciate you looking into it for me! 😊

Best Postpartum wrap

I’m 25 weeks pregnant and want to do some research before I buy a PP wrap. I did buy a belly bandit that was a really good deal but I’m hearing they aren’t the best and I want to get a really good one.

  • Kelly
    Dec 18, 2018

    I have the mother tucker corset from belly bandit. I had my baby almost two weeks ago and am on the second to last notch. It’s comfortable to wear all day and works great

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