Postpartum Recovery

Discussions about health & wellness for women who have recently given birth, either by c-section or vaginal delivery.

Breast Engorgement! Help!!!

Day 3 after birth. We were discharged last night from the hospital. My breasts are so engorged as I have chosen to not breastfeed I am reaching out for HELPFUL suggestions to relieve pain other than ice/heat compresses and pain medicine as I have already been doing those.

No sex drive for over a year? Is This Normal or Happening To Anyone Else?

My beautiful daughter turned a year old in September and yet I have yet to get really intimate with my partner and it's been a whole year.A few times we had been intimate I felt great but later on I was disgusted by the thought of what I had done.I am very much attracted to my partner but I am disgusted 85% of the time when he try's to make sexual advances or even at the thought of doin... More

  • Anonymous

    I went through something similar. It turned out, there were some underlying issues with our relationship that took me several months to figure out. But once we both acknowledged the issues, and tried to change, I felt more willing to be intimate. Maybe see if there is anything that could be bugging you underneath the sex?

  • meghan

    Went through something similar and it ended up being the birth control I was on. Switched brands and had a much better reaction. Worth taking a look at if that’s your situation too.

Cervix pain after childbirth

I had my daughter over a year ago and since then nearly every time my husband and I have intercourse it hurts my cervix, it even hurts to use tampons. Anybody have this issue also or know what could be the cause of it?

  • Megan Fradley-Smith
    Nov 21

    Hi! Have you ever asked your doctor about prolapse? It sounds scary, but nearly all of us who’ve been pregnant/given birth vaginally have some degree of prolapse. See if you can get a pelvic exam and get a referral to a pelvic floor PT. I saw one after my third baby was born, and she was a lifesaver. Good luck!

Low libido

Anyone know of what gummies/vitamins to take for low libido? I’m not talking about once a month low libido. I’m talking about straight up no interest low libido. I haven’t had sex since approx the baby was 6-8months old, and now he’s turning 2 in January. My husband doesn’t pressure me into having sex cause he knows my “situation” but I think it’s time I do something about it otherwise the rel... More

  • Anon
    Oct 29

    Nope I am not nursing. Stopped when the baby was 7 months or so...

    Nov 17

    Dealing with the same thing in my household!

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Oct 02

Honestly, I’ve been feeling like crap

Is it possible to have postpartum depression over a year later? I just got a new job that is physically demanding and I haven't been sleeping well and thought maybe that was it but now I'm crying all of the time and just feel like a piece of crap and a terrible mother and wife. Sometimes I regret having my child and just look at her in annoyance and then I regret thinking that. I don... More

  • Anonymous
    Nov 01

    Thank you all for your support and comments. I'm doing a bit better now. Pretty sure it was due to my mom being in a different state taking care of my grandma that has since passed. My mom and I are very close. I started getting better when my mom gave me a date of when she's coming back to Texas and that made me feel a bit better. I also got some good news at work today! Y'all are amazing❤

  • Tina
    Nov 21

    I think it’s just comes with being a mom and you may just be in a funk. Whatever you are thinking just remember it happens to every mother and you are doing amazing. You grew and birthed a human. You are a bad ass. I agree with getting a house keeper. I have someone come twice a month for deep cleaning and she comes one day a week on top of that to do laundry and the other tedious stuff. It’s a... More

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Two periods after weaning

Expected my third period since ending breastfeeding. I’m a few days late. At what point should I expect my periods to normalize? I had been very regular prior to having my son 6 months ago. I’m wondering if I should be expecting weirdness with my period, or if I should be buying a pregnancy test?

My wife isn't producing as much milk as she would like. Ideas for increasing production?

Background - My wife just gave birth a couple days ago. Our 4th child, she is 44, never had an issue with the others. Thanks

  • G
    Aug 19

    I had the same thing and was told it was normal in the beginning. My supply started to come in around 3 weeks but it was still low. I increased it dramatically by taking in more calories, pumping and breastfeeding, sleeping as much as possible and taking a lactation supplement. Many supplements on the market contain fenugreek which actually decreased my supply so I switched to fenugreek free su... More

  • Erica
    Sep 19

    I had similar issue, lots of water and BabaBella's organic lactation cookies helped a lot.

Anonymous posted in Postpartum Recovery Aug 13

Anybody have a home birth?

I am considering a home/water birth this time around as I'm pregnant with my second. Would love to hear other people's experiences.

  • Gretta
    Aug 15

    I did and it was amazing! Although I can't compare it to a hospital birth, as both my births were at home. But home birth midwives are great at letting you control just about every aspect of your birth, and it's a very low-stress way to do it. For our second, he was born at night and our 2 year old slept the whole time so we didn't even need a babysitter

  • Jennie
    Oct 29

    I've had 4 hospital births and 1 home birth. I'd absolutely choose home birth when it's in my power. My last 2 I had to transfer care at the least minute due to breech position and going past 42 weeks (both rule out home birth). But I totally love how comfortable home birth is, midwifery care (including postpartum) and the ease of not having to leave in labor.

Anonymous posted in Parent's Health Jul 22

Were you prescribed oxycodone?

I was prescribed oxycodone after my C-section. How did it make you feel?

  • Sherrie
    Sep 26

    They gave me oxycodone after my C-section with ibuprofen, but the nurse told me try not to take it if I can manage the pain, but I had to take it at the end for the first few days. I didn’t experience any side effect.

Anonymous posted in Postpartum Recovery Jul 11

What are some things to know about postpartum

My friend is having a baby and I was wondering what are some things everyone wished they would have known about after giving birth? I have already shared with her my experience just kind of curious what others thought on the subject as well.

  • Caroline
    Aug 08

    Coming in late here, but echoing the thing about formula! A fed, healthy baby is the goal. Give yourself and your body time and take care of you so you can then care for your baby. Tell people what you want and need; we have amazing friends who organized a food train—incredible!—but they all brought insanely carby comfort foods that lacked protein and fiber. By the end of week 3, I thought I wa... More

C-section pain 3 years later

Lately my scar from my C-section has been hurting (like a pinching feeling) is this normal? My son will be 3 in October so it was a while ago. I noticed it is fading away. My husband Google it and said it was probably nerve damage healing.

  • omosama
    Sep 10

    I had pain too at my c/s scar .. even when I waxing dowen there I felt very painfull at the scar ..and when I get pregnant again it was very painfull time

Could I be pregnant??

I'm 6.5 months postpartum and I have no sign of a period still. I breastfeed as well. I took a few pregnancy tests, all digital and they said no. But I'm experiencing severe nausea like I did at the start of my previous. With my daughter it took me being over 3 months along to get a positive on a home test, and I'm wondering if it might be the same here? Is It possible I'm preg... More

  • omosama
    Sep 10

    ok it could be ... or may be that is high prolactin levels which is very normal at breastfeeding

Anonymous posted in For Moms Jun 26

Hot flashes/chills at night

I didn’t experience hot flashes/chills after my first pregnancy, but I am with my 2nd. He’s 3 weeks old, and I have them at night while in bed. The nurses at the hospital said it’s my hormones changing. Have any of you experienced this? How long did it last?

  • Brooke
    Sep 21

    It's crazy I been getting my period or if that is what u even call it but I haven't gone more than 5 days in 8 months without bleeding its aweful..never again..I hate this and I swear to God after I get it taken out next week it better b gone forever

Anonymous posted in Postpartum Recovery May 24

Body image issues after having my baby

I feel so embarrassed for even posting this (that’s why it’s anonymous) but do any of you mamas feel like fat ugly blobs after having their baby? I look in the mirror and practically cry at how I look. I lost all of my baby weight (and more) but I’m not as toned out and smooth looking as I used to be. Are there any easy work outs y’all recommend for toning out the fat? Any remedies to make stre... More

  • A
    Jun 20

    Wow I needed to come across this post actually started to comment and got upset and went to bed...I was always strong never skinny but comfortable in my skin and now it just sucks. It sucks getting ready for work, it sucks getting ready to go out on date night and to put a swim suit on is just miserable. I’m not over weight but I’m not ‘me’ and it’s horrible. I miss that person I miss being str... More

Anonymous posted in Mental Health May 17


Have any of you mamas experienced PPD? Or any form of it? I was recently diagnosed with postpartum anxiety and depression and my doctors are planning on doing more tests for postpartum OCD as well. I’m not sure what to do or how to feel. I know it doesn’t make me a bad mother but i can’t help but feel lost and ashamed. Every little thing gets to me, a small mess on the counter, shoes not in the... More

  • omosama
    Sep 10

    after my first baby born I become very senstive and craying from everythings 😭.. I even felt that my husband isn't loving me anymore😣 and I lost the little self confidence that I had b4 .. but I just focus on my little baby 😍😍not to mention that I was in the middle of final medical exams that started since I was 7 months pregnant and ended with my son age 4 months😤😤 .. can you imaging the p... More

Side sleeper after cesarian

Looking for recommendations on the best bed side bassinet that has drop down sides or is a co sleeper. Not wanting it in our bed but rather right beside our bed that would make it easy to access the baby for feedings without having to move or sit up anymore than necessary to lift the baby over the edge as you would from a traditional bassinet

  • K
    May 13

    I had the Arms Reach for my twin girls, it was great. But, going to be honest, the first few days are pretty rough no matter what. Best thing you could do is wear a belly belt. Make sure you ask the hospital, they may give you one that works well for the first week or so. I also had a belly bandit, it really helped me feel put back together.

Hello... anyone else get palpitations after delivery .... i have 5 months baby girl...

  • Anonymous
    May 21

    With anything regarding the chest cavity/heart to include palpitations, I would take that seriously and consult a medical professional immediately.

Postpartum thyroiditis

I was recently diagnosed with a postpartum thyroiditis. The dr said in most cases it’s treatable and should go away in 2-4month but I’m still worried. Anyone else was diagnosed with it? What was your experience?

Has anyone had postpartum knee pain?

Has anyone else experienced postpartum knee pain or notice it gradually with baby wearing? My 5 week old is about 12 pounds and I wear him kangaroo style in a Moby wrap about 4-6 hours of the day. I also have been strength training for the past two weeks, with appropriate rest days, and cardio via incline walking and elliptical use everyday. (No running). Any thoughts before I make a trip to ... More

  • Sara
    May 28

    Yes! Postpartum is so brutal on your body! I did a lot of damage to my knees and feet in the first months after having my son by not being careful about my posture and form throughout the day. Bouncing and carrying them around are very physical activities (especially while relaxin is still in your body), but I didn’t treat them as such. Be sure you’re wearing supportive shoes and watching your ... More

  • Elle
    Jul 07

    Try building up muscles in your quad. Will help stabilize the knee. My pbysical therapist also has a vendetta against the ellyptical for how many ppl come to him for knee pain after swearing by the ellyptical.

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