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Upper back pain

Hi I had a c section and my kid is now 19 mnth old. My breast size has reduced several sizes after breastfeeding. I have done tonnes of PT exercises, got bra fittings done, tried everything but i still have upper back pain. any tricks or tips from fellow sufferers?

  • Jay


  • Keri-Anne

    I had upper back pain for the first time in my life after having my baby. Mine was from sitting and holding her for long periods of time. Just putting her down as much as possible helped (tough with newborn though because they always want to be held!). Having a firm sleep surface and a traction pillow solved it for me. I also do qi yoga which is absolutely amazing for all over strength


Hey mamas! I am seven months postpartum and not breastfeeding. There are so many choices, what one do you use?

  • Joanna

    I take a prenatal because I can use my FSA to pay for it.

  • Lily

    I have been on prenatal since 2016, just kept taking them. I was trying to get pregnant then, and am on the third pregnancy now. Breastfeeding the whole time. I plan on using them as long as might get pregnant. Just to be safe

Sandra posted in Fitness Monday

Body change

I went from 165 before pregnancy to 230 while pregnant ...I gained so much weight with my twins and I can’t lose it. I’ve tried dieting and I can’t really exercise because I have no one to watch my girls. The gyms that offer child care are out of my budget. I want to do at home workouts but my daughters are alway at my side ... I can’t remember showering or using the bathroom without one of t... More

  • Geena

    Healthy eating and High Intensity Interval training (will only need 30 min of your time 3-4x a week and the rest of the week you can consider it an exercise as you walk your little ones for a stroll. Consistency and commitment is the key, this without fully compromising your time with your little ones ❤️

  • Camila

    Do a low carb diet

How long should I wait to carry my 16 month old after c-section??

I had my second c-section almost 3 weeks ago and I am feeling much better than after the first one. I have a 16 month old that weighs about 21 pounds. We are both suffering because I was told not to lift anything heavier than the new baby. I don’t want to tear or hurt myself but I just can’t wait to have my baby in my arms again. Does anyone know exercises that might help to gain back strength?

  • Anna
    Nov 09

    I honestly picked my 25 lb toddler up 2 weeks after, and I was fine...but I think it depends on the person and rate of healing. Def agree with asking your doc!

  • Jennifer

    I’ve had 3 csections. First two where miserable I waited 6-8 weeks to lift anything over the baby weight my recovery was bad. Third I had 3 years ago on 11/17 I was cleaning my house lifting stuff I shouldn’t have been a few days after getting home from the hospital and was totally fine! Everyone is different but I would say listen to your doctor maybe have your kiddo climb up and sit in your ... More

PPD and baby 2

I had some pretty intense PPD with baby number one, and only really got back to myself when he was close to 8 months... what is your experience with ppd and baby 2? We’d like to start thinking about our next, but the ppd worries me 😔

  • Lauren
    Nov 07

    A good support system means the world with ppd. I was okay with my first son it stopped pretty soon but my second son I was a mess. My husband and friends and honestly my oldest son played a huge part in helping me get back to myself. A therapist could also be a huge help but I'm a very reserved and guarded person so I never tried. We have just decided to try for another and I am very conce... More

  • Kendall
    Nov 07

    Lauren- thank you for sharing your experience!!! I was just curious if it’s typical to happen again if it’s happened before?? I’m glad you were able to bounce back! My husband is in the military so being without friends and family is what played a giant roll in it I’m sure! I should really do some research to get a therapist on my side for next time:)

Did anyone get the baby blues or postpartum depression 6 months after?

I've been doing great, I feel like. Throwing a newborn into your life and everything is completely different. We have hit the 6 month stage, which has been amazing. Her personality has kicked in, she's learned to sit up and army crawl. But I think, personally, maybe I'm not doing so well. Tired, obviously. I have no desire to do anything, hang out with friends or family, clean, find... More

  • Aye
    Oct 31

    I feel like people expect you to go through ppd in the beginning that sometimes they don’t realize it can hit anytime or last long. I read somewhere that our hormones are still heightened 18-24 after the baby. So you’re not the only one, let it out and vent to someone even if it’s here.

  • Christa
    Oct 31

    It sometimes won’t hit mommas til a year later. I went through a spell of it bad, my baby boy was 5ish months old and I lost my mind! I was mad at my husband because he got to work and I had to stay home. I wanted to divorce him, and he could go talk to adults and I was well stuck at home. And don’t get me wrong I love being a stay at home mom, and I did then too, it I just hated that he got to... More

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Oct 30

Advice on how to be there for someone?

My cousin in law has post partum depression. We are gonna visit her weekly now. Any advice on how to be there for her? Today we started off with walks and a take out lunch, and simply be there.

  • Bri
    Oct 31

    Call her, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with asking her if she could help you with your hair or any beauty advice. That might actually help her get her mind off of things.

  • Anonymous
    Oct 31


Anonymous posted in Mental Health Oct 27

How do I get the nightmares to stop?!

I’m nearly 7 month PP and have had multiple nightmares reliving my traumatic birth of my son and scary hospital trip a month before he was born. I used to get them once in a while, but now it’s every time I go to sleep.. bed time and naps. Every. Single. Night. I wake up crying every time and if my son is crying too I freak out and can’t even pick him up without calming myself down first. I can... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 28

    Absolutely! If you need some accountability, keep us updated. Knowing you “have to check in” with someone often keeps us motivated during tough times like these.

  • Anna
    Oct 28

    So glad it was helpful! Didn’t mean to come across as bossy but seriously, I have been there with anxiety and depression and if someone hadn’t insisted I get help, I wouldn’t have.

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Oct 26

PPD seeking professional help-disappointed

I finally (after almost 7 months) decided to call and make an appointment with a therapist to deal with ppd and pp-ptsd. And they don’t accept my insurance. I feel defeated. There is no way I can afford $150 per visit.

  • JJ
    Oct 28

    You need to call around to different places to see who will accept your insurance. Or call your insurance and ask if they know of anyone in the area.

  • Anonymous
    Oct 28

    Good job taking the step to call and make an appointment. Yes call your insurance. They should be able to give you a list of in network therapists. And also keep trying to call around. If you find one that is covered but doesn't have availability, you can offer to be called if they have a cancellation. You can do this

Anonymous posted in Postpartum Recovery Oct 26


I am six months postpartum and no period. I have heard it can take a year. What has everyone else’s situation been like?

  • Anonymous
    Oct 27

    I breastfed/pumped for 13 months. Weaned off the pump extremely slowly - last day was 5 minutes in the morning and 5 at night. I got my period 2 weeks after stopping. It seems to be pretty close to normal so far. I dreaded it coming back but I really missed this estrogen 🤗 . My husband did too 😆 hahaha.

  • Yanis
    Oct 28

    My daughter was EBF until 6 months when I started introducing solids. I got my period back at 7m pp

Any moms feeling blah!

Any ladies having trouble feeling like themselves after baby and/or breastfeeding? I’m pretty petite (4’11”) and my pregnancy was quite difficult due to the size of my baby (born at almost 10 pounds). Then I breastfed for 1 year and now I’m really having a hard time feeling like my ol’ self..I’m assuming I’m not the only one?

  • A
    Oct 26

    Hi! You are not alone. My birth went totally the opposite direction of what was planned and it’s been difficult to deal with. I think I’m holding onto some sort of disappointment towards it.... I snap about the dumbest things and am super emotional about everything ( which is hard for someone who didn’t cry in front of people for many years). I feel neglectful because I feel like I’m never “ p... More

  • Paige
    Oct 27

    Totally normal! I think most feel this way. I had two pregnancies back to back, and my youngest is about to turn 1. I would love a mommy exercise FaceTime buddy! Someone that can totally understand having to schedule things around nap time and that understands even some exercise is better than nothing!

Anonymous posted in Family Planning Oct 25

Nervous if pregnant again

I just had my 2nd child 4 months ago. I am currently on the mini pill because I’m exclusively pumping. I did well with that birth control after I had my first child so I decided to just be on that again. I got my first period in August then mid September I had a little slip up and forgot to take my pill so I had to double up that day ..I got really nervous because husband and I had intercourse ... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 25

    Do u remember cramping really bad when you were supposed to be getting your period?

  • Julie
    Oct 25

    I would get cramps on some months without any period! It was weird. But other times nothing. The worst for me was when I stopped pumping and my periods came back insanely heavy and I would get nausea for days. But while I was pumping the cramping was bad but not terrible by any means and the period itself was light.

Anonymous posted in In-Laws Oct 24

How can I help...

My sister in law had a very traumatic birth, plus she’s home by herself almost all day in a small apartment with baby... she expressed some thing’s to her mom (my MIL) that just made it obvious to me that she’s suffering with PPD. Getting counseling or even talking about things like depression are not common in their culture, so I’m not sure how to help. When I ask her how she is, she says she’... More

  • Ashley
    Oct 25

    Ok, I had a traumatic birth 2 months ago and I am very fortunate to have a doc who picked up on my PPD within 2 weeks of delivery. I'm no where near 100%, but through my short journey there are quite a few things that have been really helpful. And for the record, the only people who know I have PPD are my husband and 2 of my close friends who are out of state. None of my in laws or even my ... More

  • Anonymous
    Oct 25

    I love and appreciate everyone’s suggestions! I will take them as I can because I have a son 1 month younger than hers (hers is 6 months and mine is 5 months) , so it is a bit difficult to be helpful to her in certain ways like taking her baby, when I have my own. Thank you all!

Anonymous posted in Labor & Delivery Oct 17

PTSD from c section?

I had a really traumatic birth with my first and had to have an emergency c section. Everything that could of went wrong did and I’m terrified it will happen again. I’m pregnant again and have a c section scheduled for may 13th. Its giving me so much anxiety and keeping me up at night. I’m terrified! Was your second c section any better? Does that fear go away? I’ve talked to my doctor about it... More

  • Megan
    Oct 22

    Rachel and Emily- there are perinatal therapists out there that can help. Your stories sound similar to mine (c section, feeling like you got robbed of that first few hours of bonding) get the help you need. You deserve the healing.

  • Sarah
    Nov 09

    The Catalyst Center specializes I therapy for exactly this. Also. Have you considered hiring a birth doula? This is pet of what I discuss with my clients to make sure they are emotional ready and supported to give birth again. Lots of healing light to you.

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Oct 16

Maybe postpartum depression?

So I’ve had terrible back pain for the past 3 month. It’s very hard to move even just sitting down or standing up is a struggle. It makes me want to be very lazy and it doesn’t really work because my son will be a year nov. 5 and has been walking and getting into everything. I try my hardest but it’s so hard to get out of bed every morning. Could this be ppd? Or depression from my back pain? Wh... More

  • Tammy
    Oct 16

    I think they are most definitely affiliated. Self awareness is the first step to getting help. Everyone’s ppd is different but mine is fueled from not feeling like my full potential. My girls don’t suffer from lack of love or attention but I struggle with the inadequacy to find the energy and pain free (back/hips/knees) life I once had. I once told a friend I wasn’t productive and they said ‘th... More

  • Hannah
    Oct 16

    Did you get an epidural? My back is messed up from mine.

Anonymous posted in Marriage & Partnership Oct 15

How long did you HONESTLY wait to have sexual intercourse after having your baby?

My sister is 3 weeks postpartum and she wants to have sexual intercourse and doesn’t want to wait anymore. I told her she already waited this long and if she can wait a few more weeks it’ll be worth it because she NEEDS to heal. She won’t listen to me though and I’m pretty sure she’s going to do it anyways. So have any of you had sexual intercourse before the 6 week mark??

  • Vonda
    Oct 19

    I waited till after the 6 weeks mark. I just didn’t feel comfortable emotionally as well as physically. At 6 weeks you generally talk with your doctor about birth control methods, make sure you are healing properly etc. you want to make sure to wait at least 6 weeks to heal properly. I had stitches so it was very important that I wait 6 weeks. Among all the usual reasons.

  • Anonymous
    Nov 05

    I had 4 cesarean sections. After 1st I waited 3 weeks, 2nd waited 5 weeks, 3rd waited 5 weeks and 4th was about 8 weeks. Dr. did not say to wait any amount of time. Just whenever we felt ready and to make sure to use protection until checkup and on birth control.

Postnatal Vitamins

Does anyone have a suggestion for a good postnatal vitamin for a breastfeeding mom? The one I’m taking now seems to be affecting my nails a lot.

  • Lulu
    Oct 15

    Yes! Perfect Postnatal by New Chapter. Found it on for the best price. I love it :)

  • Dana
    Oct 15

    I’ve been using Honest prenatals for almost 2 years and I really like them. You can get them at target, amazon and Honest website.

Anonymous posted in Mental Health Oct 15

Not excited about #2

I’m trying to get excited about baby #2 but I’m having a hard time. It wasn’t a planned thing and it was so hard to get pregnant with our first (lots of fertility issues) so every moment was so special. I just still can’t wrap my head around another baby and how hard 2 will be. I feel bad but I just can’t seem to get excited even through everyone around me is. I feel bad I don’t feel way that w... More

  • Hannah
    Oct 18

    You are not alone! Due in January and I definitely feel that way about my 3rd.

  • Anonymous
    Nov 05

    You may be going through prenatal depression. I’m pregnant with my second and have prenatal depression and felt all the things you’re feeling. It was really bad the first half of my pregnancy but I feel much more excited and better about it now. Try talking to a therapist? It’s important to have your feelings validated, especially when everyone else around you is feeling what you think you shou... More

So this might be serious stop reading, this post is about periods after pregnancy!

So my son is 8 months old, I had periods after I had him pretty regularly but then all the sudden about 3 or 4 months ago my periods stopped. Just nothing, and I’m not pregnant. I keep taking tests to see if i am and they all come up negative. I quit taking my birth control right before my periods stopped because my husband and I wanted to get pregnant again. Is this normal? Could this just be ... More

  • Katrina
    Oct 11

    There is a spectrum of normal, but a few thoughts. 1. If you're breastfeeding, that will often make returning periods less predictable and can result in a couple early cycles followed by cessation of periods for a time. 2. Cessation after regular periods is outside the realm of "common." If your earlier periods really seemed like regular periods to you, I'd definitely check... More

  • Elizabeth
    Oct 11

    Thank you both! I will definitely be contacting my health provider just to have some peace of mind!

Anonymous posted in Postpartum Recovery Oct 10

PPD/PPA & significant others

For anyone that has or had PPD/PPA, how detailed are you with your significant other about what's going on? Do you share every little thing? Share only the need to know? How do you go about starting the conversations?

  • Catharine
    Oct 10

    I was and still try to be as open as possible with my husband. It is scary to do. I feel super vulnerable telling him I had a bad day, because I have it in my head I should be able to handle things. But that’s why we’re partners, so I can lean on him when I go through a rough time. And I think if you would like your SO to help, let him/her know what you’re feeling so they can know how to help... More

  • Erin
    Oct 11

    With PPD/PPA it all stems from this horrible notion that our isolationist type of culture perpetuates which is we as mothers need to be able to do it all without any help (social media, I blame you!). Sadly, when we compare ourselves to others we think we need to be everything to our child. This is simply untrue and totally toxic to raising a healthy human. Mothers should not be the sole source... More

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