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Anonymous posted in Breastfeeding Monday

Delivery at 29 weeks

My cousin had an emergency c-section at 29 weeks, any advice/tips on having such a little baby and an extended NICU stay?

  • Beth

    Tell her to definitely take care of herself . My daughter was in NICU a week and even that short time I felt helpless and lost. I finally had to tell myself that to take care of her I needed to take cafe of myself. I was pumping and sending my milk to her but I made sure I got rest, food, water, and love and support from friends and family was pivotal. The NICU is full of amazing people and c... More

  • Katelyn

    My baby was in the NICU for a month. Others have said this, but making sure your cousin has food at home for easy quick meals is a huge help for a NICU mom. You are constantly on the go between home and the hospital and also having to make time to pump. If she is pumping, I would suggest getting her some premier protein shakes. They were so easy for the mornings and you need a lot of protein wh... More

Anonymous posted in Bottle Feeding Jul 09

Am I overfeeding my baby?

My son is 3 months old and was born a month premature. I’ve been trying to keep up with his appetite, but it seems to keep increasing! He’s already up to 36oz/day. He sleeps for about 6 hours at night and takes multiple naps everyday. Is this normal for a preemie?

  • Elle
    Jul 10

    I can't speak at all to preemies (that's probably a more appropriate Q for a pediatrician), but 36oz/day is totally normal and healthy for that age range. Our 3 month old sleeps 11 hrs (undisturbed) and takes around 4 short naps (30-45min) during the day. She eats 5 times during the day, each 6-7oz. Our pediatrician's feed guidance chart actually suggests the "average baby&q... More

Ollie posted in Preemies May 30

Have you all heard about Mother’s Milk Bank? I recently came across this place and found out that they helps out babies that are in the NICU. Basically, they are looking for mothers who have extra milk and willing to donate for premature babies. Please check out their website and let other mothers know about this.

How early did you deliver and your baby not have to have a long stay in the NICU?

I'm 31 weeks with preeclampsia and the doctors have warned me that they might have to deliver at any time going forward. I was induced with my daughter at 37 weeks due to preeclampsia and she was 7lbs3oz and perfect. I'm so nervous that this time will be different.

  • Alisha
    Jun 01

    My baby boy was born at 25 weeks and spent 10 weeks in the NICU. We had 3 other kids at home. Some days it was very hard, but try to just live one day at a time, finding things to be thankful for, leaning on friends and family for support. It is something that you can’t imagine having the strength to do, but if you have to, it will become your “new normal” and you will be ok. Now, he’s been hom... More

  • Rebecca
    Jun 03

    Twins: 36 weeks, 4.3lbs, he didn’t have to go at all. 5.1lbs, he stayed for 12 hours because of “wet lungs”. Everyone went home together after 4 days..

Jordyn posted in Preemies May 12

Does anyone have a baby with a trach?

My son just turned one and was a micro preemie. I was just wondering if anyone else has a child with a tracheotomy? It’s really hard for him to even attempt to crawl cause of all the machines cause he can’t sprint. Anyone else going through this?

  • Jordyn
    Jun 12

    I try, but due to all the major surgeries he pukes if he’s doing to much. Our physical therapists are working with him every few weeks and teaching me stuff. Hopefully he can sit up soon and walk next year. He’s working hard and doing great. We just got the new trach (flex 10) I’m super excited!

  • Jordyn
    Jun 12

    Thank u!

Does anyone have twins and/or preemies and when did they start to sit on their own? My girls a 8.5m and they show no real desire to sit. My bigger girl is just over 17lbs and my little one is just over 15lbs. Is it just their size? I mean, we are super active with them.

  • Katelyn
    Apr 30

    My LO wasn't born too prematurely but had a difficult birth with some time in the NICU. She started sitting on her own around 6 months. If they aren't showing any motivation I would see if physical therapy could help. My LO has been going since birth and it really helps. Otherwise my only recommendation would be to encourage it by playing more in sitting positions and teaching them how... More

  • Ashley
    May 30

    I have twins born at 32 weeks. They started sitting for more than 1 min at a time around 7 months, 5 months adjusted. My daughter was better at it quicker than my son. They rarely go from laying to sitting on their own

Anonymous posted in Preemies Mar 29

Any advice on getting a 20 month old to go to sleep on his own? BACK STORY- He was a preemie. Born 3 months premature. Spent 2 months in Nicu. After coming home he slept mostly in a rocker or his swing (he had acid reflux and couldn’t sleep on his back) when he got much bigger we started co sleeping. He’s over that. Once he’s asleep he will sleep all night. We finally got him off the bottle... More

  • Rachel
    Apr 23

    I heard a few moms swear by the sound machines like at walmart. I have a cosleeper so I can only go on what ive heard others say.

Starr posted in Preemies Feb 25

New mom to a preemie. Any preemie moms here?

  • Samantha
    Mar 01

    I had my son Hudson at 35 weeks. He was 4lbs 11oz now he’s like 10 lbs and growing. It’s been interesting these last 11 weeks...

  • Corissa
    Apr 27

    25+6 twins here just got out of nicu after 155 days. Both born at 1lb 10oz.

Has anyone tried either au pairs vs. nannies? I have a preemie baby and am not interested in taking him to daycare for at least the corrected age of 6 months. Any advice?

  • Erin
    Jan 13

    Also I’d like to add to Caroline that I made enough money last year to pay for Xmas presents just by selling stuff around the house on FB marketplace, Let Go, Nextdoor, Craigslist and eBay

  • Caroline
    Jan 13

    Thank you so much Erin!

My baby is 2 months old she was a premature and she just hit her 40 weeks gestation age. I wanted to know when should I start adding cereal to her milk? Does it make a difference because she was premature?

Anonymous posted in Preemies Oct 29, 2017

For those with preemie babies- did you find your baby reached developmental milestones according to their adjusted age or their actual birthdate? My baby was born at 36weeks 4 days.

  • Tatiana
    Nov 02, 2017

    My baby was born at 32 weeks and I found that she was hitting her milestones based on her actual birth date but I also found she pushed herself a lot which made her exhausted at times. I started breastfeeding her at 33 weeks gestation age and she latched on real quick. Now that she is almost 40 weeks she is speeding up quicker. But I believe girls are quicker than boys.

  • Daisy
    Apr 30

    My baby was born at 31 weeks and I reaching many milestones based on birthdate. However, some of them are aligned with his due date. So far no delays, just being lazy at walking ha!

Does anyone have a stay at home job? My daughter is a preemie. I can't just put her in daycare. I can't have kids around her yet so I can't babysit. I need to find a job to help my husband anyone have ideas what I can do?

I recently have birth to twin girls, premature at 33 weeks. I'm having difficulty increasing milk supply. Any suggestions?

Any Nicu or preemie parents?!!

  • Brook
    Sep 08, 2017

    My son was born at 23 weeks, 3 days. 1lb, 6.5oz. He turned two in June and besides the scars from various surgeries/procedures no on can tell! It was a tough ride but stay strong and informed.

  • Daisy
    Apr 30

    My son was a 31 weeker and had about a 5 week NICU stay. He just turned 1 and he’s reaching most of milestones. He had to monitored because he had two brain bleeds are birth, but so far they haven’t affected him.

I'm a child psychologist and hosting a webinar next week on #preemie development. Hope everyone can join 👶

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